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Ring - Always Home [Utilities] App Description & Overview

Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras.

Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone.

Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home.

Ring Features

- High-definition video
- Wide-angle camera lens
- Two-way talk
- Advanced motion detection
- Infrared night vision
- Video recording
- Lifetime purchase protection

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Ring - Always Home Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Enjoy a fresh new Ring app update, including bug fixes and improvements. Your feedback helps us make the Ring app better for everyone. Send suggestions to help@ring.com

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- New idea, use AWS for motion tagging

Use the power of amazons AWS to tag possible motion that sets off my cameras. Simply place a blue or red box around the item triggering the camera detection. Take a still of the video with the item triggering my motion detector and send that image as a notification on my iPhone. That way I can chose to open the app and view the video or see that it was my wife pulling into the driveway. It takes too long for me to move from the notification to the video, even on high speed WiFi with my iPhone XS Max. By the time I view the live video, the item setting off my motion detector may no longer be in frame. Then, I have to wait for the motion history to load the video to your servers in order to view. I spend a minute refreshing the list, all the while the item setting off my motion detector has moved to a new location. I love the cameras and the system overall, but the time delay from notification to viewing my camera feed is too slow and cumbersome. This eventually causes me to pass on viewing some motions. If it happens to me, then I know it happens to others. One day my lack of motivation is going to cause harm and render your services null, the whole reason I’ve paid for cameras and video storage in the first place.

- Ring

The app is just amazing no glitches and modern updated features works great read bellow for a review of ring: The ring alarm has great features amazing Alexa and iPhone integration. The professional monitoring is such a reasonable price for anyone. Much better than my other provider and what I love about ring is the endless possibilities for smart home integration and the extremely customizable alarm. I have spent months researching different alarms and cameras no one even comes close to ring, the spotlight cams are one of a kind with so many features and amazing video quality ring gives a whole new meaning to home security. The customer support is superb with the shortest hold times and helpful representatives. Ring’s website and app offers so many help articles and makes setup so easy. I installed the alarm and four stick up cams solar in less than an hour. That brings me to another great thing about the ring cams is the many options for power supply, solar, battery, mount, wired it gives you the ability to mount your camera anywhere and still have power and the additional battery option is great. By far ring has the most modern and extremely easy to use system. As a result of the exceptional customization this system is perfect for anyone regardless of how ‘handy’ or ‘Technological’ You are. With both options for DIY’ers and fairly priced professional installation. Overall the best system by far on the market.

- Ring 2 not ready for prime time

I have a Ring 2 that’s almost worthless. I am receiving alerts but they’re several seconds delayed. My settings are set to be as fast and sensitive as possible. Same problem many other of your other customers complain about. I wish you would at least have the option of turning off the 10 minute timer that shuts down live view. Should be the customers decision to drain the battery in live view. That’s why I bought an extra battery. Also, one of the times I tried calling you I was given the option of making an appointment for you to call me back but you never did. And Kaitlyn@Ring, don’t bother to paste your typical reply telling me to email you because you’re so concerned. I’ve read your response back to other customers so many times that I’ve memorized it. Customers should realize if you have to paste that same cookie cutter reply addressing everyone’s concern then Ring and your customers have a really big problem. I’m connected to my 2.4 GHz network and hitting roughly 8Mbps at -53 dBm power. Being an engineer I realize that the business unit and marketing/sales have more say than the technical staff at most companies. The technical people rarely want to release the product before it’s ready but the business side always makes that happen which is why your commercials on TV are so great but your product has a lot to be desired. And you Kaitlyn, I’m not sure which side of the house you’re on but I hope they’re paying you well.

- Single blind mother

I am a single blind female with children. I Purchased the ring doorbell as well as to flood light cameras for safety for me and the children. Unfortunately I use voiceover on my iPhone and my iPad in order to navigate my telephone or the computer. My ring devices are not compatible with voiceover. I can’t get them to work as long as I have voiceover on at the time I am trying to view, here, or speak to someone, my cellular device will not work as long as voiceover is on! However, I cannot navigate any of the equipment without the voiceover on! Unless someone comes over and review it for me, I can’t answer my doorbell, or speak on any of them without the voiceover. I have spoken with several rang assist technicians and they keep telling me they’re going to develop a fix for my issue. It’s been almost 3 years now, and my struggles are still here and there have been no fixes! These devices were expensive. Can you please help me. I thought for me being a single disabled mother these devices would help me but, they only help me if someone comes and does everything for me. If I am home alone, I cannot speak or answer the doorbell. I still have to physically go to the door myself and try to figure out who it is or just yell and ask them! They should not happen when you spend this amount of money! Please develop a fix for blind people who want to use your devices with voiceover. Thank you

- Can’t chime and stops working randomly

We’ve had our Ring Pro for over two years and have intermittently had an issue where it would stop working right after someone rang the doorbell and wouldn’t work again until it was unplugged and plugged back in. This issue has been prevalent since a few months after we purchased. Any time I called customer service they would just have me run a reset and say it was working again and that there was nothing else they could do for me. Well finally a customer service person was unexpectedly helpful and had me do all sorts of tests to check how much power it was getting and come to find out it gets enough power, but there’s some sort of ‘fluke’ issue some of the doorbells have that prevent them from being able to operate all the time when the in-house chime is also activated. And wouldn’t it happen to be that we finally figured the cause of this problem out a few months after the warranty period expired. They were gracious enough to offer a discount on purchasing a new one, but if I didn’t want to buy another possibly faulty doorbell I would need to deactivate my internal chime, and just keep checking my app to see when it stops working so I can go home and perform another reset. I just got done with another reset because I realized today that my doorbell hasn’t worked for over a week. I would definitely not recommend this doorbell to anyone, and I will be searching for a replacement as soon as I finish posting this review.

- Gift from hell

We got a ring for Christmas last year and were so excited to set it up! It had always sounded like a nice idea to be able to check who was at the door and I park on the street in front of our house so I could keep an eye on that as well. I think the only time motion is detected is when I walk walk out the front door myself or if a car drives by. I’ve had deliveries arrive and people knock on the door and there’s no motion detected and no recording in sight. Luckily the doorbell function seems to work (unless the battery is dead which is every other week) and I’ll never know who is at the door because of all the connectivity issues and super long waiting times to load the feed (even after upgrading the internet several times). Our neighborhood has had several instances of car parts stolen and even a break in at our neighbors and of course every time the battery has either been dead, no connection during the time it occurred to record, or simply no motion detected. Don’t even get me started on the online community! I shared a video I did catch of a strange man taking pictures of my neighbors house (two days before the break in) and was repeatedly called stupid and a terrible person for not calling the police despite the first sentence of the post stating the police had already been called and this was a warning to others that saw him in the neighborhood. Save yourself the time, money, and frustration and keep it simple with a button and a battery.

- Major Glitch in This App

There is a major flaw in the Ring app for iPhones. Whenever I’m alerted of motion or the presence of a person in front of my Ring camera, the recorded video of the incident is visible but never available/clickable. I can see this most recent recording on the history page, but it won’t open, yet all of the other recordings can be opened and played. I then have to close out the app that I had just opened and access the recording after that. This is a waste of time that could be dangerous if someone were trespassing on my property and looking to break in. I even made sure to download the update for the app, yet this problem still persists consistently. What is the point of having a security camera if I have to twiddle my thumbs and jump through hoops to watch the video that alerted me of the presence of unexpected motion? Being alerted at 3 a.m. of motion and then having to open and close the app a couple of times before knowing what triggered the alert is nerve-wracking. This needs to be fixed ASAP. We spent a lot of money on three Ring cameras, which are only as good as the software that comes with them. I want to add that it takes forever to connect with the live view for one of my cameras, which makes that camera virtually worthless. I always have to walk to that side of the house and look out the window after receiving an alert about motion that was detected there.

- Connection error cannot load your locations. It’s been like this for a month. Ring can’t fix

Ring technical support has done nothing but make excuses for the past month. They refuse to refund my money for the monthly service they can’t supply. Refused to refund for the doorbells I purchased .they are not usable on their app Any longer . It reads the locations will not load. Bottom line they blocked me out of my account. But they continue to claim that it’s a bug in their system. I have spoken with several of their customer service reps. Each one has a different story and different line of BS. Appears they read off a 3 x 5 cards and have no clue what they’re really doing. Although based in the United States I still feel service is no better than what I get if you were calling overseas. My last two phone calls requesting supervisors were left on hold for over two hours. No one ever came on. Eventually I hung up . Very bad customer service. My first ring was original before they change their name. My current one is less than eight months old . The old one and new ones are still in service. We cannot access the system through any of the phones we own ,computers or iPads. With the lack of knowledge customer support has about their product in their inability to fix the problems. I would think very hard before purchasing any of their equipment. Also as a follow-up I am still waiting for return call for the last five days. Never came!!

- Ring Alarm

First off the Ring alarm is a great system if you’re looking for a basic alarm system with the added bonus of instant camera access. The system is easy to setup and additional sensors are available at a descent price. I especially like the tie in of the Z-wave Co2 and smoke sensors. The only issue I had was locating a place for the module so the cellular function would have connection (not sure what network ring connects to, I have several cell towers within two blocks that apparently don’t cover ring). I only get one to two bars at best. My other issue is the keypad. I mounted the keypad in a place convenient and was able to plug it in permanently through a plug on the opposite side of the wall in a closet. After a week the keypad locked up and I learned from ring that the keypad can’t stay plugged in. In my eyes that's a poor design. I understand what the thinking behind it is, being portable. Ring please upgrade so customers can leave the keypad plugged in so it won’t lock up. Both my issues can be worked around and the system works nice. Overall I would rate the ring five stars for setup and general use, just wish the annoying keypad issue could be upgraded along with better cellular connection.

- Updated review......Doesn’t always record.

Update! Ring sent me a new ring doorbell as well as a chime extender. Very nice of them. However, now when my videos record, it’s just a black screen 2 out of 3 recordings. The videos that do actually record, some of them are basically just a frozen screen shot but no video. So I’m paying to keep these videos, that do me absolutely no good. I’ve been troubleshooting with an Ashlei O. But can’t figure it out. I’ve done everything she asked. I’ve sent her 6 emails since her email telling me what to try. She just won’t respond to me. It’s now been a week since I’ve heard from any one that can possibly help me. Not sure if they sent me a refurbished ring which is why it’s having issues. My internet connection is great. My router is in a good place. I have no idea. But a few of my clients that have come to my home this last week have asked about my ring doorbell. I’ll continue to tell them to stay far away until someone actually calls or emails me to figure out the broken replacement ring doorbell that they sent me. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if I have a defective ring doorbell. It will only occasionally alert me when someone comes to my front door. I had a group of kids, on my porch, leaving a derogatory comment spelled out in rocks, and it didn’t record them at all. I would’ve loved to see who that was. But it’ll record a car driving by on the street in front of me. Not really worth the money.

- Ring is the answer to every mothers desire to have a doorbell that doesn’t wake a baby

I have many ring products that all tie together seamlessly into this app. The video doorbell, new spotlight cam, stick up cam, and the brand new security system. My family, pets and I feel safe away on trips and feel like we have a great prevention from break ins. With the low cost of the video storage for all of our video devices I am always aware of what goes on in or around my house at all times. I feel secure and never have any issues setting up, connecting or using their devices. They all integrate wonderfully and I could not be happier. I have recommended to many friends and family members to get just a ring video doorbell. As a new mom with dogs it was hard when anytime someone rang, packages, whatever, our dogs would wake our baby. Now with Chime, I set a tone that doesn’t illicit barking and am aware when anyone is at the door or rings the doorbell. The motion detection is amazing and really easy to customize to not get everyone hat walks by, or you can if that’s what you want. Absolutely love this company and their products. Every time they come up with something new I’m pleased with how well thought out it is and how well it integrates.

- Love and Hate Product

I love the concept of the product. The reviews about slow lag times are true. To make the cameras functional I have had to purchase two cameras per each location. For example I have a RingPro doorbell and a second camera facing 90 degrees off the other camera. One of the two cameras gets the intruder. I have the same set up for the driveway; two cameras at different locations. The cameras caught some fellow around 2 in the morning walking up into the driveway and trying the door handles of the locked cars. The RingPro extenders don’t have enough range. I have had to purchase a more powerful extender to get the speed and quality up on one of the cameras. The notification on the iPhone cannot be changed so the sound is like tinker bell. I have asked for a vibrate only notification but so far nothing. Bottom Line: don’t expect to purchase ONE camera and have everything work without problems. This product is still being developed. UPDATE: Ring keeps getting better...they have done away with the “tinkled bell” alert sound as the only alert sound and added voice alerts which are much better. Ring has also added a “snooze” function which will stop alerts up to 2 hours.


I love the concept of the Ring device and instant notifications triggered by motion or a doorbell ring. Unfortunately, this falls short when timing is critical. To only see the back of someone because of the delay in activation defeats the purpose of the device. Now for the recent update. I updated the app, as prompted, to ensure the best results for my security device. BIG MISTAKE!! All of my recordings were deleted! When I tried view even the most recent motion activation, I was able to receive the notification, but I had a message stating my plan was expired attached to every single notification (Motion, Live View and Doorbell). I spent an hour on the phone with customer service as my plan was not expired. The rep couldn’t explain what happened. On a whim, I deleted the app and reinstalled it, and tadah, everything came back. Ring People: if you are reading this, please correct whatever went wrong!!! I didn’t even know that my videos were deleted or that newer stuff was not being recorded until I went into the videos to delete the ones I didn’t want. This is potentially dangerous when homeowners think they are protected by surveillance and that surveillance fails from a flaw in the app without even knowing it until it is too late. Hopefully everything doesn’t get screwy again as I only discovered the issue today.

- Unreliable Security System

My husband and I have the Wireless Spotlight cameras. One on our front door for package thieves and one on our garage to watch over my car because we only have one garage. While the cameras come in handy in us keeping an eye on our packages while we aren't home, they're really good for nothing. They're inconveniently dysfunctional. The motion detector really isn't that great. There has been two incidents right in front of our driveway and the cameras caught nothing. One of our guest's car got broken into. When we looked back at the videos, it recorded cars driving by and all, but nothing of what happened. The front door camera captured a small glimpse of someone already walking right off so we have no idea if it was that person or not. So helpful, right? The other time, someone threw a glass bottle at our guest's car. Once again, nothing. I noticed that if there's continuous movement, the camera records the first 30 seconds and that's it. Basically, all it'll catch is someone walking up to your house and what they do is history. This makes Ring not a reliable security system at all. My biggest problem with the cameras is, sometimes the live video won't even load! And NO, it's not because of our wifi. We plan on getting rid of Ring for a security system that records 24 hours instead. If you are looking for some pros or special features of Ring cameras, that can be found on the product description.

- Newest update

Either something happened with the new update or idk what. I’ve been using my two spotlight cams for 9 months now. The doorbell for 20 months. I have a Wasserstein solar panel hooked up to one spotlight cam. The battery stopped charging two weeks ago. That’s another story. I haven’t used these cameras in the cold yet. We had a few cold nights in the teens. I thought maybe it was the cold so I brought them all inside, charged batteries for over 12 hours. Even tho the website says operating temp is like 4°. But that’s the operating temp or the DEVICE. I’m wondering what the operating temp of the BATTERIES are. Installed everything again. Solar panel still not charging battery. (I’ll deal with Wasserstein later). In all three products the video is choppy and pixelating and slow. I cannot touch the screen to dismiss the onscreen controls. Nothing has changed in my WiFi settings. The router is in the same spot it’s been for four years. This seems to have started after the recent update. I have 4 stars because while they do what I mostly want there is a LOT of room for improvement. If I could install a real security system I would but I rent and can’t be drilling holes into the house or the walls or floors for wires. Please check into this.


Every single time I try to live view it never connects or takes minutes to reconnect. By the time I am able to reconnect the thing/ person who turned on my alarm is already gone. Pretty much defeats the purpose of this doorbell. I’ve complained several times on the app but it just keeps telling me it’s my internets fault. I’ve checked my internet and it’s connection several times and everything else in the house works perfectly fine and fast. I don’t understand why this one device has such horrible connection to my WiFi when I could be on my laptop on the side walk with perfectly high speed WiFi. In the beginning it worked so fast and amazing I was telling everyone about it but after a couple months it just started to go downhill. Couple seconds turned into minutes, one time I had to repeatedly press reconnect for 5 minute straight, I gave up and just opened the door myself. If you want to be able to see whose at the door better view the live stream 5 minutes before they come or you’ll miss them. Update:THE WORSE “LIVE” APP EVER. Literally how long does it take for it to activate and connect. Whenever I’m on the app i see the word reconnect for than my own live footage. What is even the point of having this anymore? I can hear someone walking up and steps and knocking and my doors and the alarms are even late. This company seriously needs to update and IMPROVE their system.

- Floodlight Cam needs more control of lights

I own both a ring doorbell and a ring floodlight cam. Overall I am pleased with both. The cameras are excellent, day and night. The motion sensing is almost perfect (but occasionally does miss activity). Notifications are almost immediate (most of the time). I purchased the Floodlight cam to replace a motion sensing fixture that had a photocell for dusk to dawn operation year round at 50% intensity until it detected motion, then 100% intensity until no longer detecting motion. This was a great product that worked well. The ring floodlight cam was advertised to have a dusk to dawn feature but all I can find is to set specific on/off times, even though dusk and dawn change throughout the year. I have yet to find a way to program the lights to come on at dusk and off at dawn regardless of time of year. FAQ said that although dimmability was not available yet it would be offered in a later update. When I purchased the floodlight cam I was promised by the ring rep that it would be an available feature soon. I’m still waiting for the dimmer feature. I’ve tried to leave the lights on all night but my neighbors say it is too bright and shines in their windows. Please update the app with both the dawn to dusk feature and the dimmer feature as promised. Then I will be pleased to give 5 stars.

- Good, but not as good as we thought

We like that we get the chimes straight to our phones and we can talk to people through the chimes. Motion is great. Live view only worked once for us and it was bad quality and kind of annoying that we can talk and see people clearly when the ring communicates to the phone but not when the phone communicates to the ring. Night vision is very over exposed. Faces are not recognizable. Sometimes motion activation is very late. Not all the time but that takes things down a notch on the trust factor. Battery also died after a week after charging. Thought it would be at least a couple months before we had to recharge. Might have to find a better option as we don’t have a doorbell wire so we have to rely on battery power. We’ll use it for a while before we make our decision but as of right now we’re just kind of happy with what we got. Btw the chat bot for troubleshooting is very slow. Found articles online faster than it gave me answers. Waited 5 min for it to reply. Actually had to send a message to wake it up. Update: trying to setup “spotlight cam battery” but because of the live view issue above. Don’t know what it is but motion is working but live view can’t? Is there anyone from ring that can help? Assistance is lacking, main feature of device doesn’t work. Rating drop and almost ready to send back.

- Love It!

I’ve had my ring Video Doorbell installed almost 2 months. It’s been great! I live in a rural area and the only traffic I usually get are family members or deliveries. I had a digital doorbell prior to ring and although ring was simple to install, I apparently didn’t install ring correctly (because the doorbell no longer works), but I also have “Chime” and prefer Chime over the digital doorbell any day! I also love seeing pictures/comments from the neighbors with ring (there seem to be a lot of us) - ring makes a great neighborhood watch. I have two very small complaints (which is why I scored it a 4 and not a 5): I thought with power the battery would last a long time without requiring a charge. It lasted almost 2 months. The bright side is that I was sent an email warning me about the battery requiring a charge and the battery took seconds to remove/replace to charge it. My second complaint is that activation is supposed to be triggered by infrared activity and not motion, yet when it’s windy, ring goes off a lot. I could have gnats or something flying by, but I never see anything in the video. Overall - I love ring and think it’s a great product and am exploring other products in the ring family.

- App can't handle doorbell changes

I bought the ring doorbell and it worked good for about 5 months then problems. They switched out my doorbell but the app won't allow me to delete videos from the old doorbell. When I try to delete them it asks me to login again. I was told the next app update would fix this but there have been a couple since then without a fix. Also the company can see your battery status even if your doorbell is hard wired but you can only see battery status if it's not hard wired. Again I was told this feature was inadvertently removed and would be added back in the next update. No such luck so far. App needs some work in my opinion. There are better doorbells out there and when this one dies I will switch. The neighborhood feature places me in a city I have never lived at. I have talked to tech support and they know it’s an issue but two more updates later and still it isn’t fixed. Last is the doorbell “shows motion alert” at 3:47 every morning. Once again I was told they know about this bug but several updates later and it still is alerting me in the middle of the night to “motion” that doesn’t exist. What does tech support say? They will “eventually” fix it but in the mean time setup a time in the app that you don’t receive alerts. That defeats the purpose of having the door bell. So basically tech support hasn’t been any help at all.

- Latest update is disaster!!!!

Ever since the latest update was released video has been delayed. A person walks up to my door, the frame freezes. The camera is no longer recording the entire thing. It's pretty much only taking a snap shot. A get a motion alert and nothing is there because the camera is constantly freezing. I paid the yearly fee for video not pictures or nothing at all. Ring Pro is absolutely useless and like having no security feature at all if not doing what it was intended to do. I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one having this problem so support can't say it's on your end. Update: Almost a year later and this doorbell is still a disaster. It worked great for about three months and then the developers started rolling out updates and the thing hasn’t worked like it should since. I have been through four of these doorbells within a year. The last one just stopped working completely. I’m a software engineer for over 20 years and sometimes being on the phone with CS for over an hour can be insulting. The video stream is choppy and not consistent. I continue to get pixelated video and freezing. UPS rings the doorbell and the video shows the driver leaving in his truck. I just wish they would get these firmware updates right or allow clients to rollback. New hardware but the developers are constantly putting out new software updates that are obviously not ready.

- Works well

Hi, I have a ring spotlight wired. After reading tons of reviews it seems that most issues are caused by battery powered cameras. I did find out after that even the wired isn’t truly wired and has a battery. Regardless, I get really good video quality, the motion works 95% of the time, and as long as you set your settings for motion to say second bar over from left I haven’t had any problems. Also don’t set motion zone to the road or every car is gonna trigger it and drain battery. I would like to see an option for video quality in playback for when I’m not on WiFi. It’s just about impossible for me to watch a video otherwise. Possibly could add scrollable timeline pictures so we don’t have to watch the video and save data. The new live view feature I do not like. Maybe I haven’t had a chance to use it much but old one is much less complicated. Should have had some helpful emoji descriptions or similar over new buttons to help people understand better. Also when live viewing from new video feature I get awful feedback noise which isn’t very discreet. I had a squawk from time to time before but now every time so yeah I turned that part off. Was super easy to install as well. Thanks

- Good technology that needs work

I must say it is awesome knowing what is going on at home when your away. I gave this product only two stars initially because I have had numerous problems with it ever since I got it. I have had problems with WiFi connection, batteries and poor video quality or delayed play back when someone is either at the door or in my driveway. I contacted Ring support more than I can count and every time I did the same trouble shooting that never fixes the problems, you would be better off getting something that actually works, I am taking it down and replacing it with something that works. I may consider using Ring again when all the problems are fixed, until then better luck next time Update: After speaking with Sam from Ring headquarters, she did everything she could to help me. Sam offered a full refund for the products and stayed in touch even after I received my refund. Because of Sam, I may consider using Ring Cameras in the future. Sam know how to treat a customer and she made sure I was satisfied. I am updating my review to 5 stars because of the service Sam provided me with. This is what I call customer service, Thanks Sam.

- Worse, not better. Absolutely!

When I first got Ring it was the best thing I’ve ever bought. It was perfect and amazing, and always worked. Now, i think more users have overwhelmed the website, and the developers. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Ring support, who are very helpful, but the problems I’m having an not be fixed by phone support. I’m getting forced logouts constantly, which is not good when you need to answer an alarm. Then, recently, when I tried to exercise options during viewing, which you are supposed to be able to do, it started eliminating a whole series of videos, or freezing them. These are glitches that need to be fixed by developers, but I’ve been waiting a couple of months, already, and these issues still exist. I think they need new, or more developers, and deal better with expansion of their client base. Very recently, another “quirk” is now occurring: when I try to answer an event, Ring won’t let me see it; it’s just added to the dashboard. You can see it eventually, which obviously is not the point. I also want to say that, with all it’s faults, Ring does let me sleep better at night. And it is still an amazing creation.

- Spotlight and doorbell

I have both a spotlight cam and a doorbell cam. Both have issues picking up cars. Always the same box truck or fire truck, it’s consistent at least... the spot light cam has more customization in regards to the customizable area that you can set where it picks up motion. The doorbell cam is too simple and not customizable enough which is weird because naturally that’s where more vehicle movement will be.. the flood light cam was worth every penny even though I can only use on about 25% sensitive due to said issues, it still picks up everything I need. The doorbell cam I’ve actually considered removing other then it offers one simple function, when someone rings I can talk to them. Other then that I’ve turned it’s sensitivity all the way down on the doorbell, I don’t need to know every time a box truck or the mail man goes by. All in all the floodlight cam is worth the money! The doorbell would probably be worth it if you lived in a quit neighborhood will low traffic. I would also love if the loading time to get into the camera after it spots motion would speed up, sometimes it takes up to 30+ seconds before my view of the live footage is available. Add more functionality to doorbell cam, speed up connection times and I’d give 5 stars.

- Love the hardware, app annoys.

First let me say the app works well and is easy to set up. I like the neighborhood feature and the ease of integrating other Ring products. However, the app insists on being the most important thing going on. If you select banner notifications, they do not automatically disappear unless you do it manually. This becomes especially problematic when I am using my phone for directions and the banner blocks the next turn and how many miles until the next turn. If I’m driving and try to swipe up, oftentimes I accidentally tap the banner, which opens the app. Then I have to pick up my phone while driving and try to switch back to navigation before I miss my turn,and this happens all the time. I want banner notifications but not permanently. The other gripe I have is the audio notification. If you are talking on the phone and someone sets off the motion detector, it notifies you over your conversation and you miss everything that was just said. If someone God forbid rings the doorbell afterwards, you miss even more of the conversation. I’m in sales so it has hit me at a few crucial times. Me: “so what kind of budget are we working with?” Customer: “well we really like what we see so we desigMOTION DETECTED AT YOUR FRONT DOOR and I think we will be able to commit to DING DONG will that work? Annoying. Fix it please.

- Not sure,mixed feelings

I started with the flood light cam. I like it most of the time. The camera is good on the videos when you go back to view, but this is my issue. The live view is not great, in & out, stalls, video drags. Also, at night the alerts go off constantly on some evenings. When i view, there is absolutely nothing there. I have it on the least sensitivity (people only), yet still goes off all the time, especially when it rains. Then I have the original video doorbell. I hate that thing. Battery is dead after a week with almost no use, but i could live with that if it worked properly. Works maybe 10% of the time. Most of the time I get a black screen on the videos. It is installed properly, Has good connection. Yet I’ll get an alert and when I view the video, yep just a total black screen throughout the entire video. Now let me end with saying there is nothing wrong my connectivity. I have very good speed (pay for the highest my cable company offers), and the app shows good connectivity. I wanted to get others for my side/back, but very hesitant. I also like that they now have the home security, but again very hesitant. The 3 starts is because the floodlight is not horrid, but if i was rating the doorbell, would be 1 star (negative if it allowed)

- It’s OK for a battery operated camera

The app was doing fine until the last update. Something is wrong with the motion schedule part. I had to disable my schedules because the app was getting it all wrong. For instance if I had a motion schedule to disable motion alerts between 6am-12pm the motion alerts would stop before 6am. In fact they would probably never turn on if I didn’t delete all the schedules. So now I just manually turn motion on and off until there’s a fix. Everyone seems to be having problems since the latest update. UPDATE: I got help from their support team. What I did and I believe it worked was delete the app. Reboot the phone and then installed the app again. So video alerts are working fine and since I got my RSSI to about-42 it works really good. Another update: ok I’ve got the same problem again. The schedules seemed to work until a certain day. Like one other review said it seems that days are off. So if you schedule your device to not alert you on a certain day it will likely turn off the day before you had it scheduled. So until they fix this I will have to not use the scheduled alerts. If you have this problem you will need to delete the app. Restart your phone and reinstall the app. And don’t use the schedules.

- More iPad support

I’m mostly satisfied with the app but I use an iPad mounted on the wall as a central hub for security/home automation and would like to see a little more done to improve the iPad experience. The iPad is mounted horizontally and it shows the different cameras all in one line down the middle of the app with unused space on either side, it might be better if while in landscape mode on iPad it would show one camera view beside the other or at least take up more of the unused space on either side. I would like to be able to use the split screen feature with this app on iPad so I could have this open and any other home automation app. Finally, I would like the ability to have the app be open but not unsecured. What I mean by that is I would like to have this app open with the screen on so I can see the cameras but also be able to quickly arm/disarm using my PIN. I would like to leave this app open at all times on the screen but currently if I were to have an intruder and have the app open, they could just tap on the Disarm button and completely negate the security system altogether. I don’t think this change would be right for everyone so maybe just a toggle in the app for “require PIN to Arm/Disarm” might work. Happy so far!

- Love it.

I love my Ring. The only thing I would like in the next update is the ability to schedule to disable certain motion zones rather than all of them at once. My street gets a lot of traffic during the day so my alerts are constantly going off. I have 3 zones (street, directly on my driveway, and then another with a tree that is always setting off my alerts with the wind). I would like to be able to disable the tree all together and the street part of my zones during the day but have it on at night for security reasons. My doorbell has almost my neighbors entire yard with kids constantly running around. I would like to disable that during the day then on at night. I hope Ring considers this in their next update! Other than that, no problems at all. I do notice my phone takes longer to pop up after motion is detected than my iPad does. My tablets come up almost immediately whereas my phone takes a good 20 seconds. Doesn’t seem long, but it is when you’re trying to check what is going on outside. I’m assuming it’s my phone since the other devices are fine. 🤷‍♀️ I have the Ring Doorbell Pro and Wired Spotlight Cam.

- Definitely getting worse

I’ve had ring doorbell for couple years now unit used to work as advertised after many updates that just is not good. After the last few updates I’ve been having trouble motion alert by the time the app opens up the person’s already gone. The lag time to open live view is so long I could leave wash dishes feed the dogs Mow the lawn and it might be open by the time I get back. The cameras have recently started to only show in black and white even when it’s full daylight outside. I don’t know what happened but the developers have totally ruined this product for me and to charge you money to have the videos on their cloud storage is stupid might as well just buy a NVR. Anytime you contact customer support it’s always the same thing it’s something wrong with your network it’s something wrong with your router it’s something wireless interference in your area well needless to say that’s not true I have 100 meg Internet service it works flawlessly I have a top tier router all my other networking products work just fine and I’ve done site surveys to prove that it’s not a congestion issue on the 2.4 GHz network I seriously hope they’ll fix the app issues or whatever they done or these things are going in the trash can or letgo and be some else’s problem.

- Worthless Product

There is truth in you get what you pay for! I purchased my ring a little over two years ago. While my home is very modern, it is very old and never had a door bell. Ring doesn’t tell you, even with the app, if users do not have an existing door bell they will have to buy a chime, and external power pack from Ring. Oh boy, more money to spend and more time to wait on using something you purchase! Another thing they do not tell you, the thing quits working if someone rings your door bell. Apparently a common issue if you bothers to read feedback comments on here. To reset it, users must unplug the “Ring power pack “, wait a minute or so and then plug it back in. Very much rendering it useless and time consuming. In addition they do not tell you the lag time it takes the app to open and show video if someone does ring the bell or sets off the alert, plus they have this new feature that makes even that more complicated by opening in past time forcing the user to advance to live. Now, I’ve change my internet provider and have no way of changing my WiFi setting in the App and when I pull the stinking cover and push the rest it never shows in my WiFi as an available connection so I can add it to my WiFi Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks and purchase something other than Ring

- $100 for this? Are you serious.

When I first downloaded the app and saw it was at a 3/5 stars I was a bit surprised but now I know why so many people are complaining. - Iv recently bought the Ring doorbell and I get notifications like crazy. Every couple of minutes or so I get notifications saying “There is motion at your front door” I check and nothing is there. This happens several times throughout the day. In the past 3 days Iv gotten 70+ notifications saying there is motion when there is absolutely nothing. I check every single notification because now I can’t rely on Ring if there actually someone at my door or not. - Second when there actually is someone at my door I don’t get notifications? Iv recently asked my aunt to take care of my dog while I am away. She comes in and out of the house several times a day and only once I got a notification saying there is someone at my door. When I received a notification it was after she went to check on my dog. I even had to ask her if that was her car in the driveway because like I said before it doesn’t give me notifications when she is actually there. What’s the point of paying hundreds of dollars to secure my home when it doesn’t work?

- Wonderful concept! Just one quirk...

The app is very intuitive and works just the way I need it too (with the exception of some people posting things that aren’t a security concern [one person posted a video of it snowing in my city two years ago because it was pretty... Really?]). The only problem is when I go to look at either my floodlight camera or my doorbell camera from a notification that I get on my iPhone, it never works... the app never gets to showing the actual video of the camera in question. It stays on a loading screen with a blurred image of something recorded on the camera previously. When I press the red “hang up” button (downwards facing phone symbol) and manually try to view the camera again, however, the camera works. This retry works 99.9% of the time. I don’t think it can be a coincidence. It now takes too long for me to view something potentially dangerous. I’m not sure if the problem is with the camera or the app, but because I can always view my camera the second time I try to open it, I’m going to blame the app. :-( So i can’t give this app more than a 3-star rating. Would definitely change this app rating to 5 stars if this were fixed, however!

- Live Video Lags after ring, HomeKit never coming

I have owned one of Ring’s best product offerings in the ring video pro. The problem with Ring is 1.) they ALWAYS promise features and updates that never show up. For example, If you own an iOS device and keep falling for Ring’s baloney “we are working on HomeKit” story just keep in mind they’ve literally been saying that for almost three years and they haven’t even been testing HomeKit in public beta yet so it’s not showing up anytime soon. 2.) The most important function of the camera is the ability to quickly access the video when there is motion or someone rings the doorbell. For some reason, whenever either of those events happens, the live video freezes up and won’t let you access it. I believe this is because the camera starts automatically recording (which is good), but it’s incapable of recording and letting you access the live feed at the same time. It’s extremely inconsistent. What is the point of this if you don’t get to see and talk to the person until two mins after the event? So bad. And it’s NOT my internet connection. I have several other far better WiFi cameras in that area of the home that works flawlessly and I have a 1,000mbps internet speed (regularly 300+ over WiFi). Ring over promises and under delivers. Save your money!


I’ve had the doorbell for just about a year and a half now. The battery needs to be charged about every two months and has a super grainy image. The actual motion detection and doorbell feature don’t work half the time and go out with out warning. After being told by neighbors the doorbell wasn’t working, I called in to find out the doorbell had been offline for about a week and a half. Not very good security if it goes out and doesn’t tell you it’s out. I called in to fix the problem after getting stuck in an infinite loop of trying to reset the device. Turns out it’s a common problem “that the team is working on”. Thanks for the heads up, glad to know someone could have broken in and done what they wanted and I’d have been none the wiser. They have no idea when the problem will be fixed but it will “automatically fix itself” after an unknown amount of time. Not sure how the device will update itself when it can’t connect to the network but sure, ok. They basically brushed me off the phone and said sorry, not sorry. Thanks for the $200 paperweight Ring.... I’ll be going with a better product and a company that cares about its customer security next time. With so many options on the market please do yourself a favor and go with a different product and a different company people.

- Unreliable product, bad customer service. Don’t buy.

Have had multiple problems setting up devices. Had them working intermittently. We have one doorbell and 2 chime pros. Originally the doorbell would open to view a person at door when they rang and I could talk to them. Then we lost that ability and they wanted us to pay extra for that. So I accepted just having a doorbell and not able to see or talk to someone. But the doorbell and chimes keep disconnecting themselves. And when I last has it working, the connection for voice was scratchy, inconsistent, one-way and basically useless. The core problem for me is that the product is continually unreliable and I have spent hours trying to get things reconnected. Calling customer service has been a poor experience. They are not patient. They redirect me to the instructions, which I have already tried. I am an older man and they have not taken time to walk me thru things to completion. Even my children have had problems helping me and we were ultimately unsuccessful. If RING only wants millennials for their product, fine. But this type of product could be very helpful for older people for many reasons. However, not if the product is unreliable and the customer service is so poor. In fact, I can’t recommend it for anyone of any age.

- Works pretty well with one bug

I’ve been using a Ring doorbell for 3+ years and have been happy with it and the app until today. Today I went to the website and changed my password. After changing out the website immediately logged me out, so I logged back in using the new password. Everything worked as I expected. Then I opened the app on my iPhone and it also asked me to log in again. I tried repeatedly, but consistently was told “invalid credentials” and after a few tries got a new email asking about the failed logins. So I logged into the website again, with no problem. After thinking about the situation I decided to try a different password, one with no special characters in it. Now I can log into both the website and the app. Why do you accept a different set of characters in the passwords used on the website and app if you’re going to share the same password between them??? For what it’s worth, the characters ^$@! work on both. On the web you can use an asterisk (*) in your password, but then you won’t be able to log into the app. Why do you permit that without a warning?

- Great Idea, poor support, and mediocre product!

When I first got the ring doorbell I was beyond pleased with the idea of what it offered for the price. After installing learning about the monthly fee for something that seemed to me implied with original purchase. I paid over $100, I don't remember exactly but would have tolerated surprise small monthly fee etc if it was reliably fuctional. Mine only works half the time and the battery life is poor at best. The failures are literally across the board, with the most consistent and frusterating LAG!!!! For example I'll come home with grocies and come through the front door with my ring doorbell; literally I've almost out all groceries away by the time I get the notification of motion detected. Those 2+ minutes could be very crucial in am emergency. Which brings me to my final complaint they should update software so that the devices registered as "owners don't set off the notification bcbitnknowsnits you. I don't usually leave reviews and even fewer negative ones I just feel like potential customers ought to know. With modern technologies are given the opportunity to improve and adapt their product through software updates and unfortunately"Ring," seems to have not only missed the opportunity but gotten worse!

- Latest ring update!

I installed the latest update and this is absolutely horrible! It had worked perfectly at door location and without any changes...unchanged router/network or devices. All kind of issues. It starting draining battery even though it was hard wired. I took off connection and charged 100% but it drained down to 70% in a couple hours. It wouldn't detect motion nor could you ring the doorbell..I called ring support and had to remove device reset and then reload on iPhone...very nice but it took at least 20min. It is now charging at door but wireless signal is poor. The reset made it work briefly then now it's back to poor signal and can't view device. Even when you can get a view on the camera it is very delayed and pixelated. I have 3 other camera none of which are having issue. The other camera devices were acquired prior to ring and considering switching if this is NOT fixed ASAP. Just wanted to warn everyone prior to agreeing to update. Is this an attempt for the company to try to get users to buy new devices....sort of like apple slowing down iPhones.. just wondering... Now doorbell won't connect and battery low and not getting email alerts as support promised would happen. Looking for new camera door bell and will place complaint with BBB. Any recommendations on new devices?

- Too many pixels

We received the Ring doorbell through our security Company and had it installed professionally. The ring door bell has too many pixels in the pictures or images that you see on the video. I don’t understand why there is a wide range option up to 30 feet when you cannot clearly see a face without thousands of pixels blocking an image. Especially at night on the Night vision we just can’t see whatever the sensor is picking up clearly. We know there is someone there but we cannot see the face just a bunch of pixel blocking the image and face that is there. Unlike the advertisement on television where there is a perfect image day or night of people trespassing and talking to you through the ring doorbell but in reality that is a lie you cannot see people clearly like that and then the mic is not that clear either when talking to someone. And We just don’t understand why there is an option for the sensor to span out to 30 feet when you can only see a bunch of pixel images or face. Were is the security protection in that? The police cannot help you if they cannot see a face The only time you can see a clear face or image of someone on the ring doorbell is if the person is 1 to 4 feet up on your mailbox or ring doorbell. Unbelievable!

- devices are excellent, app is getting worse

The Ring devices I’ve had over the years have been excellent. I had my doubts about solar powered cameras in winter but I’ve only had to swap batteries one time. The app on the other hand, which is what this review is about, has gotten progressively more complex, annoying and cumbersome. Internal ads (for “new features”) distract from real camera views. You told us once about modes and motion verification, we don’t need to see a reminder about the “great new features” every time we open the app. The device settings screen now has more tiles than fit on the screen without scrolling. Either organize this stuff better or let us remove things we don’t personally need - for me it would be “mode settings”, “linked devices”, and “shared users”, for others might be something else. And the message to “Add a Ring solar panel to Extend Battery Life” (their caps not mine) continues to appear for cameras *which have a solar panel attached*. Is there anything more useless than that? If this keeps up, after another few updates I’ll revise this review down to two stars. It’s a shame, you’d think they could afford to hire app developers who have some sense.

- Won’t update and lags

I have one of the very first Ring doorbells and have been using it for a good while. I loved this app and device when we first bought it and recommend it to many friends. For the past six months or more, it lags like crazy. I thought maybe it is my WiFi but after reading reviews (and checking my WiFi setup and speeds many times), I’m convinced it’s an app problem. I have turned my app notifications off for the last 3 months because it does me no good to get a doorbell notice and not be able to respond to someone at my door because it’s refreshing and unable to catch up. By the time the video starts playing the person is gone or leaving...same with motion detector mode. I also receive notice about an update for the app every time I open the app but the app seems unable to update—starts and never completes. I have an iPhone X with newest updates so it’s not because my phone is too old. This app is not well supported on the development side. Needs to improve or this product will go away. I’m currently looking for a better alternative. Disappointed because I was completely sold on this product and was considering expanding into the other products until it went downhill. Glad I didn’t waste my money.

- Ring 2 upgrade disappointing

We upgraded to the ring 2 and have more trouble with this one than we did the older model. The voice function is worse and barely audible, it has large gaps and delays and sometimes just doesn’t pick up a thing for hours. It is vital for us to have this work for protection of our Airbnb guests and our property. It seems that almost every time we’ve caught something that needs reported to Airbnb the video stops working and won’t pick up a good portion of it. Recently we had an attempted break in and our front door lock ruined. The ring picked up the activity around 10 pm with showed them messing with the door but then the ring had a long gap of no activity and it never picked up them leaving or any further activity until some dog ran through the property 4 hours later. So much for security. We’ve lost income due to the ring not functioning like it should because Airbnb won’t reimburse without a video or picture. The first ring never shut up & captured every fly or moth but had a good picture and voice. This new ring just times out of the blue, delays to record before or after, the picture isn’t as clear as the first one and just got forget being able to hear any voices clearly.

- way too slow, just doesn’t work that well

my ring devices and app NEVER work when i really need them to. i’ve had my ring doorbell and driveway floodlight camera for over a year and i still have not even once been able to answer the doorbell ring with my phone. at least ten times i’ve pulled out my phone to see ‘someone was at your door’ or ‘you missed a ring’ or some other nonsense. i bought a new iphone and router when i bought the system so it’s not my phone or connection. it’s like another review says maybe it’s the way ring buffers when it opens? i don’t know about that. and also, seems like it only records motion i don’t care about. every time i want to see who got out of an unknown car in front of my house.....nothing. and the neighborhood comments are only good for spreading fear. what a joke. we are creating a society of worried watch out for that car driving by your house nellies. ‘reports of a fire in the area’. okay, don’t we have a fire department? like, reports of clowns running around the neighborhood. there were no clowns people. i have countless hours of recordings of random cars driving by my house. when i really want to see something....good luck, the ring misses it. ring is just another frustrating phone app.

- Not good for Night Video

Ring makes a decent product for Alerting you of motion, 2 way convo and Day video. However for night video the ring is seriously lacking. This is why I purchased the ring because of frequent vehicle and home break ins. I wanted to be alerted when there was a motion and to share the video with authorities and neighbors when needed. This night video is a complete joke. The video is pink when it should be black and white. (Google “Ring pink video”) I’m not asking for clear color at night. But the option to manually set color or black and white would be great. At least black and white. I opted for a real 4K security camera with a built in microphone and records to an as card. No monthly/yearly cloud storage which ring banks on again. It also alerts me via mobile app of any motion and allows me to save crystal clear video and audio to my phone for sharing. I’ll use the ring to scream at them seems to be all it’s good for. Their support is also worthless. Asking for tons of info and never getting the issue resolved. Over a year of “the next update will allow this or that” they just read or type from a script no real resolution. Don’t waste your money on this product. Buy the Nest Hello or a real security camera.

- Picks up vehicles but not people??!!

We have had the doorbell since January, and have waited to leave feedback hoping it would get better, however, sadly, that is not the case. First of all, it was well into February before we could even use it as it was “too cold” where we live! After the weather warmed up to an acceptable temp, we tried again. The Ring doorbell is supposed to be designed to NOT pick up vehicles, except for very large ones, however, on multiple occassions delivery people and solicitors have walked all the way up to our door and left before it ever picks them up, and we can pull into our driveway and pass the front of the house before it alerts, yet every single vehicle that passes on the road is picked up?? It has become so unreliable that it is of no comfort knowing we have it. The only thing that works reliably is the doorbell feature, I didn’t pay $200 for a bell !!! On the occassion it actually records activity, in the daylight, it is bright white for several seconds before the camera focuses, so by the time it engages, all you see is the person’s back as they are walking away! At night, unless there is a light on, all you see os black, picks up nothing but darkness! So VERY disappointed with this expensive doorbell !

- Very good overall, but one major flaw.

Overall, the app is excellent, easy to use, and very informative. But it has one major flaw. When the doorbell is not being powered (like when the battery is being recharged), the app still shows the device is online. It should show the device is offline. UPDATE 11/24: I should have updated this earlier. My Doorbell 3 was working great until the last update where they added customized motion zones. Good feature to have, and it may not have contributed to the problem, but before the update (which I think was 5.32), it was only detecting stuff within the old “on and off” zones. Now, even with the customized zone not even near the street, it’s detecting every car that passes by, and without changing any settings or installation configuration. They sent a replacement and it did the same thing. So why the difference ? I would say a combination of iPhone app and device firmware. I reinstalled the original device and noticed it did a firmware update. And now, they’ve released app update 5.33, so wonder if all this will fix what they broke. Many commenters are saying that devices were working well until the last update, we’ll see if this latest update fixes things.

- Ping to phone

If you’re upload speed is less than 5.00 u will not get a ping to your phone . Though you’re camera and flood lights will work but won’t notify you , and that’s the whole idea off this Camera Cam . If you’re having a problem your net work speed is to slow ! PS Do not use a Pro Chime that they offer for free , this will use all your internet speed and shut the camera cam down from working ! The chime alone they offer u for free is good and works but only if you’re internet speed upload is at least a range of 5.00 . I have that speed now that my carrier gave me for free . Though I have the speed I still had to move my modem closer to the camera cam . They sent me a replacement Camera cam after the Pro Chime stopped it from working! But good luck sending the old one back if you’re printer is down. I asked for a return label for 15 days to be mailed to me , and got sure no problem, I had to go to STAPLES and print the label ! Nice people at this new Ring company, but all the did for me was YES me to death ! Finally got it working, but would never purchase another item from them again , 2 stars for customer service keeping there promise. Check your internet speed before you purchase anything from this Ring company !

- It was a 5 until Ring had a crash and then update their system!

Yesterday Ring had some kind of major crash and I can understand that these things can happen. But what I don’t like is that Ring decided to change things and NOT let anyone know what they were going to change. My MAJOR issue is with the dashboard preview. Before this I could be in “Home” mode and I could use the preview to look what was going on around my house and also to check how my son was doing playing outside(He is 8 and we have an enclosed property). Now I have to either change the Mode to “Away” and trigger the motion sensors and have my entire house chiming just to either see what’s going on around my house or to just check on my son. The ring app for my family and I WAS perfect! It was to use and espically how USER FRIENDLY it was! I hope that Ring will change that what they did with that “Home” feature and let us just open the app and there would be a few screens showing what was going on outside. And the next time they decide to “update” their system and make changes, I hope that they would tell use first or get an opinion On what we think about what they would like to do. It’s OUR sense of SECURITY and OUR SECURITY that Ring has to take into account when making “updates”.

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- Awesome, with proviso’s, needs good wifi!

The Ring doorbell and app are brilliant, IF you have good internet. It really is that simple! I have about 1.5 mbps up which is I think about the minimum needed. If you have slow ADSL, or in fact ANY problem with your internet service including weak WiFi at the front door- you’ll likely have major issues. I have found there are also problems which affect many of my devices including another brand of security camera, when used with my Telstra cable modem- ended up changing to a different, better quality router, and switching the modem into “bridge” mode which solved all my issues. Blame the crappy Telstra modem, not the Ring! Three other family members have them as well, and all have good internet, and all have almost zero problems with the Ring Doorbell. (I don’t have hard wired power to my Ring Doorbell, yet still get months between charges. For those experiencing less time on a charge, or poor connectivity, I’m guessing it’s more than likely a wifi problem, with the Doorbell struggling with the internet connection.)

- Great concept & product, requires solid BW.

I have installed a first generation Ring door bell (720HD) and remote chime. Could not justify the additional cost for the higher definition camera. This would also only increase the demand for higher BW. Both products work very well. I did find that the battery life on the door bell is significantly impacted by the duration and frequency of video streaming/recording. The chime runs off mains. I have since wired the door bell to mains, note if you do not have an old doorbell that was powered from mains via a transformer, you will require a fair amount of work , but it can be achieved very well with sourcing the required components online. I personal find the system excellent as I have installed it into my aging parents home to ensure they are not bother by unsolicited sales staff and scammers. It provides them and me a level of peace of mind ,that someone(me)/something(Ring) is watching over them. I am located interstate. GREAT IDEA , RING.

- Something very wrong!

I purchased my ring door bell yesterday and set it up without a hitch. HOWEVER! There is a bug in the notifications! I have managed to figure out why notifications where not coming up on my iPhone when the screen was off and the doorbell rang. Every time I turn the Bluetooth off on my phone so my Apple Watch didn’t connect to the phone. The notifications would work fine when the doorbell was pushed. If I turn Bluetooth on and my Apple Watch connected. I push the door bell and my phones screen would not light up and I wouldn’t see the notification on the phone. However the notification would come up on my watch and alert me. I would then pickup my phone and see the notification once the screen light up. What in the world? So I did some more testing and discovered, if you turn ring notifications off in the watch app that it actually fixes the issue! Push the doorbell button and the phone screen light up and the notification works perfect. So it would seem that the notifications will only work on one or the other. Either your phone or the watch but not both. Would have been nice to know this from the beginning and saved me like an hour of testing. This can be easily fixed with a small bit of coding in the app. But it’s going to take the developer to do it. Until then it’s notifications on one or the other. I hope this helps someone if they can sift through all the other feedback.

- Concept great but could be better

We have had out Doorbell pro and floodlight cams for 9 months. The idea behind them is great! However, I find the nightvision on our floodlight cam to the front not so great. I’m sure it used to be better. We have our floodlights in the eaves which the device has limited flexibility to accommodate at this angle. This could be improved for versatility. The “cloud” facility requires improvements also. A search criteria section should be added for ease. If it can’t be accommodated in the app, it should definitely be added to the website dashboard! There was a glitch on the online dashboard today that couldn’t narrow down my “starred” clips because they were from 22 days ago and said no data. So I scrolled through 22 days of thousands of clips to find the ones I wanted (that were starred). Opening the app on my iPhone 7plus (not an old phone) with nbn FTTP at WiFi speed 75/35 when someone has rung the doorbell is time consuming. It’s not instant and the person is ready to walk by the time it opens. Sometimes you just want to see who it is from the comfort of your couch before deciding to get up or not. Still very happy with the decision to purchase and will probably make purchases in the future but it needs some fine tuning

- I was hesitant due to price too

But it is totally worth it. It's exactly what you're looking for, don't waste your time umming and ahhring about whether it's worth it. It's worth it and this is my experience. Installation? A breeze. Literally comes with everything you need (e.g. diodes if you're hard wiring, hammer drill bit for masonry, screws, handy little quality screw driver, anchors... Everything. You don't need anything else unless you're going into brick.. Then you obviously need a drill. Setup? A child could organise this. The only thing you need bring to the table is the ability to read or listen or watch, and your wifi password. Image quality? Yes. It's subjective I know but I'm blown away by my ring doorbell 2 - esp the night vision. The app? Amazing so simple to use, share with other users in the house, and even the defaults are great. It automatically begins a trial subscription to the protect basis plan for 30 says and saves your videos to the cloud for your review whenever you need. Subscription!? Come on its 4 bucks a month really, there's no way they are making much money on that service considering the video transfer and storage. I bought this to give my wife and I some piece of mind in what's been a troubling area lately. It is serving it's purpose perfectly; and I hope this review help others.

- Useless ‘feature’ in latest App Update

I notice the latest update of the Ring App now includes a “Solar Panel Status” option under the Power section which appears to be little more than a shameless marketing gimmick as it does NOTHING other than recommend adding one to “Extend Battery Life”... I have already purchased and connected one so this ‘feature’ would seem redundant. Come on Ring, show your valued customers some respect. We’ve forked out big money for your products and you treat us with contemptuous Protect Plan pricing, useless ‘features’, functions that don’t perform as promised (like Chime Pro tone changes that don’t work properly under iOS) and STILL no Apple Home connectivity after announcing it some time ago. Stop treating us like fools for having invested in your product, these are security devices intended to protect and prevent, not some child’s toy with flashing lights, bells and whistles!

- Pros and Cons

So, the actual quality of the footage is fantastic, it’s very clear and the night vision is great- but there are a few cons. 1. When you get a motion alert it can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a whole minute to load the live feed. When I’m at home it loads within a few seconds, but when I’m out and on 4G it takes forever. 2. When I purchased the camera, I saw nowhere on the box nor was I informed by the salesman that I would need to pay a monthly subscription to view footage. I found it a bit sneaky and although it’s not too expensive I would have rather opted for a more expensive camera without a subscription had I have known. 3. I get ring notifications on my Apple Watch which pop up with an option to snooze for 30 minutes or snooze for 1 hour. Regardless of what I click it does not work and if I’m in the area the alerts just keep coming through until I unlock my phone, open the app and change the settings. Yawn. If you want cameras to put in areas rarely frequented then sure, otherwise it’s just frustrating. They really should remove the subscription fee too.

- Need Specific Conditions to Work, Then Amazing

For all those reading the negative reviews, I think what is happening here is that Ring isn’t doing a good enough job of alerting people to the minimum requirements for the Ring. We have had our Ring Pro for over a year but have moved into a new development in Australia where the Internet is quite good. We have 40Mbps up and about 100Mbps down. Things work very well and very consistently and this is despite all communications needing to go through to the USA and then back again to Australia. There is some lag time to make the connection. It’s around 5 to 7 seconds. It’s not long enough to have people leave the door so it’s not a problem, though I do wish it weren’t so long. The key is enough upload bandwidth. If you don’t have at least 2Mbps up consistently, it doesn’t seem like ring is a good option. I would say 5Mbps up would be a more realistic minimum, especially for the Ring Pro. If you don’t know how fast yours is, you can test your connection online. Please note that a very large portion of the US, Canada and Australia wouldn’t have enough upload speed so you must understand this before buying and installing.

- Great product

It’s working fine since installed (4 months) ,, as I noticed from the comments I would say most problems mentioned here related to the internet speed,, how close your wifi to the device,, the only disadvantage I found was the life of the battery which not suppose to recharge before 6 months but not sure about that as i used to test it a lot since bought it ,, recharged the battery second time weeks ago will see how it goes now,, but after all it’s working perfectly,,, just read properly the settings instructions and make sure your internet strong and close enough.

- Not as promoted

The delay to get "Liveview" is terrible. I have a great wifi signal and the modem is only 2 metres away from doorbell, however, it takes nearly 2 minutes to get any picture and that only happens ever second time, it is "processing video" every other time and I have to cancel and restart. The subscription service is terrible. We were charged twice and then they unsubscribed us (mid month) without any notification by the Ring company and they immediately deleted every single video taken during the subscription period that we had paid for. The "help" team admitted it was their mistake. I contacted their "help" service within 3 minutes of the service going down and ALL video lost even though the problem was their end. Do not trust them! The app "improvement" now takes three options to tap through to get to the "liveview" it used to be only two.

- Take it back to the shop!!

After a month with the the ring system, which in theory is a great idea. It simply doesn’t work, very well. The lag in connecting to the cameras is laughable! I hoping that this is read before anyone decides to purchase the system. Their support is almost non existent.... and basically read scripts back to you. If you do randomly get an alert, then you can’t live view the camera until it finishes the recording (if and when it chooses to do so) which basically means this product operates on false advertising. To use all the features you have to pay a hefty annual fee. If you have just bought it, get back in the car and take it back. Save yourself the insanity of attempting to get this thing to work as advertised. Ps I’m very techy. And even after analysing all the frequencies of my local and neighbouring wifi networks and adjusting my modem channels accordingly, nada!

- Don’t bother

I’ve had two rings now as the first one broke, the button to connect it to WIFI stopped working. I got it exchanged from the place of purchase no worries but ring charged me straight away for another subscription even though when I spoke to them they said they wouldn’t, sure enough they did. Plus, the second year they charged me the annual fee had gone up more than $7 with no formal notification of this. Plus, it never connects properly to my modem and it’s not a modem issue as I have had it checked. I have a fast 5G connection the only device in the house that won’t connect is the RING, it connects at random times but when I need it to it never does. All in all, I can firmly say I’d not bother with this product. It’s poor and not worth the money. Best advice, find an alternative product.

- Unreliable

Usually very slow to respond, and almost every time I’m rushing to answer the doorbell, especially remotely, it churns and churns and I end up missing the person completely. It happens too many times that I can’t recommend. It also no longer stores more than a months worth on the monthly $5 subscription I pay, it also no longer records for as long as it used to when motion is detected, and the night vision is only ever in black and white now when at first it used to be colour if the front light was on, now it is very dark too and barely worth it for night. It’s helpful during the day when you’re not in a hurry to check or review something. I’ll be looking at alternative products to update and definitely checking if they require ongoing subscriptions attached to it. Updates have been useless.

- Where’s apple watch support?

Like it so far but one thing thats really letting it down is no apple watch support. Now it does show the alert on watch (u cant turn that off) but u cant interact with ring from your apple watch which btw apple watch takes over alerts so u dont even get the sound/ringtone alert u have selected for the ring app. Plz make a watch app that lets u check the camera at the door because as it works on watch atm is annoying as u can only dismiss alert on watch then u have to open ph rush to live view & by that time people have left so only work around i can do is have alert noise turned off for motion . Plz make apple watch version eould make this app & product so much more intuitive😊

- Bit slow

We have the ring and the ring pro extender installed and it is good, but there is a lag of when the doorbell is pressed and the notification on your phone, it also lost one star as it only works on the 2.4gb band of wifi and having to pay for a subscription every year, overall it is great has worked every time we have no problems with video streaming to the app and the battery lasts around 3 months before needing to be charged again.

- Ring Doorbell 2

Love knowing and having the security and piece of mind 24/7 with my Doorbell 2 and Doorbell after some issues I had a few weeks ago and very happy to help out in anyway while I was having trouble and it turned out the problem was with our internet connection and not our doorbells but yes do have one small problem with the items and that is video quality with the wi-fi as picture is not clear and that is no matter how far away it is from the wi-fi other then that really recommend the Doorbells

- Too much lag / unreliable motion / doesn’t record more than 30sec / poor playback

Seemed like a great idea but is fairly problematic. If you’re in Australia you can forget about live view... I could make it home from work before it opens. The lag between motion detection or door bell press and the time it takes to open on the app is so bad that the average delivery driver or visitor has turned and left before the app even opens. I can make it to the front door, collect a parcel and say goodbye to the driver before it opens... if it opens. Worse still, it only records for 30 seconds. Not long enough to see what happens and no way to adjust. Hello guys? Some motion events are completely missed by the hardware. There’s obviously a set time before it detects another motion event... but what is it and where can you change it? Certainly not with Ring. 70% of the time the recorded 30sec won’t even play on the app. Thoroughly disappointing. Have had it almost a year. No worthy improvements to the app or hardware / firmware. Give me a call @ Ring if you want a product that works. Everyone else you should probably wait for a better product.

- Notifications won’t work!!

All notifications have suddenly stopped working since the update. I have followed all troubleshooting instructions (deleting and reinstalling the app, removing the device from the app and reinstalling, checked all notification settings on my phone and app, reset my phone and checked internet connection) and still do not receive ANY notifications on my iPhone! Very annoyed as I have only had a few months and have spent $350 on the doorbell plus the chime! PLEASE FIX!!!! Update: After speaking with a Ring support member, the issue was somehow fixed by them updating the doorbell firmware which is apparently supposed to happen automatically. 3 days later, notifications have once again stopped. Very annoyed!

- Product is only as good as your internet speed

A great cost effective security measure for your home. Ring is a fantastic tool for security and communication. There are times when you cant log on but that happens when there’s an issue with your internet not the product. If you have Pro it records the times you miss a ring or a motion sensor so you can always view the recording later. I highly recommend this to all my family and friends. Hey Ring, can I get another camera for this glowing rating? 😉

- Great Potential - slow loading notifications to iphone & ipad

I like the Door Bell and Chime Pro devices and had really intended to purchase the spotlight cam, but have been holding off until they rectify the load time on devices - very slow, with the cause well gone by the time the app opens, this despite the fact that my modem/router is only 10 feet away and outputs 23-24mps. Also, on occasions I receive notifications that appear, but do not open on my devices. I think their devices have great prospects, however there's a few bugs they really need to iron out first, then I'll have no bones about purchasing the spotlight cam.

- Saves on overseas calls!

I love my doorbell. Sit it on live view on my desk at work and watch as my kids arrive home. Initially had alert delays but put plugin Wifi extender near the front of my house and now works great. Doorbell paid for itself when I was overseas. My kids would ring the doorbell when they wanted to talk to me and I would answer halfway around the world. They would then take the doorbell off and go and sit down and we could chat for free for ages. It is a bit like one way Skyping! Amazing product for the price.

- Great stuff when it works

I like the concept of ring2. But can’t agree more to one of the other reviews. Used to work well but since last 2 months does not get connected when you need it most though my wifi and mobile coverage are at its best. Also the battery life is around 40 days if you access live video 5-8 times a day to answer calls or check when there is a notification. I suspect that the new version of the app or the bell itself acts funny if the batter charge reduces to 25%. There is no intuitive way to subscribe the cloud storage through the app.

- Dont buy if your in Australia

I have never written a review bc of the hassle. However I am so frustrated that I feel I need to warn any potential Australian buyer. Here is some info bf u purchase. 1 - There is a monthly fee for live video views (you have 1 month free subscription and then u need to pay monthly). You will not see this called out in their marketing or packaging. It is false to assume you can live video view without $$ monthly fee. 2- the time lag for a notification that someone is at the door is ineffective. They are gone bf u can connect. It does not function properly. I have high speed internet and bought the ring wifi booster. Doorbell is 1.5meters from wifi booster...Still non functional. Video feed needs to bounce from US server to Australia. Ring has not spent the money for effective bandwidth. 3. The battery life is appalling. I dont have ring wired directly to power (rely on battery). I have to recharge battery twice a month. Save your money. Invest in an Arlo system for security and safety and a normal door bell for visitors. Hope that helps T

- Never works well

We bought one of the original ring devices and it’s never worked well, jittery, blurry, freezes, lags etc, we put it down to a slow connection and thought it was “us” not “them” however we have since updated to the NBN and gotten a faster modem but nothing has changed. I do wonder if it was faulty when we bought it? Surly the new ones couldn’t be this bad right? I kind of wished I exchanged it a while back. I do want to point out the exceptional customer service though, probably the best I’ve seen, responsive and fair.

- Ring Doorbell

I am profoundly deaf and cannot use a hearing aid, so this RingDoorbell is fantastic I have it paired with my Apple Watch as well my iPhone. Every time someone rings the doorbell it vibrates on my IPhone as well my apple watch telling me there is someone at the door. Besides that it will pick upon my iPhone and watch so Far it has covered over 15 kms away and I can also open the ring icon and speak to the person at the door as soo as they ring what a lifesaver it is to me

- Has some bugs but on the whole love it

Generally works really well (metropolitan Perth AU) occasional dropouts. The is some time lag between start of activity and start of ring doorbell ie HD camera catches start of activity but doorbell often misses so I know someone has been there only because the camera has caught activity before they reach the door. Great customer service Would love Ring Protect in AU

- Great Brand - Great App

You couldn’t get a more “Apple-like” experience. The Ring 2 Doorbell I bought was beautifully packaged with clear easy to follow instructions, setting the product up in this app was very straight forward and it works as described. Although performance has been slightly below expectations from time to time, I’ve established that is just a limitation of my home WiFi. I can’t wait to build on my Ring collection of devices.

- Great App needs an improvement or two

I love your app and your product however we need to be able to set how long the recording is for so not just 30seconds. Also after 5seconds there is a glitch where it pauses and then movement starts again on the other side of the driveway. Also can only go back two months into the passed. Should be able to go back as long as we would like!

- Improvement Required

I’ve been using 2 Ring door bells and a chime on a remote property for more than eighteen months, and found it quite useful. The batteries required recharging about every three months, so I connected them to a mains power source. Should have done it from day one! The negative I have is that they are triggered too readily, with many false alarms. The solution would be to include an infra red heat trigger as well as the movement (pixel image) sensor. That would eliminate all the false alarms caused by movement of branches, reflections, and shadows. Keep working on improvements Ring. Cheers

- Doesnt meeting expectations

The Rings battery wastes very quickly, and often without warning. it doesnt always respond on all devices when someone rings the doorbell. Cloud recording (only saving option) costs $50 a year, this cost is not advertised. Video quality is very low and doesnt even fill the screen, lots of black around the edges. (Yes that means all advertising of this product uses a super-imposed image.) For the same price you can get a swann setup with 4 cameras recording locally, no internet required. With free online monitoring. I feel very ripped off (also, i have NBN 50, so internet speed is not the issue) Ultimately its too unreliable to do the job it's meant to. The chime sound is very annoying and not customisable, this is absurd for a digital product in this price range. The battery has never shown an accurate reading since purchase, and takes 16 hours to charge, not very useful when it's designed to have to be removed to charge...

- Not working since I updated

Been offline since update 2 days ago ! Every update seems to get worse - it gets longer and longer to load the camera & now it cannot connect to the wifi AT ALL GET IT TOGETHER RING AND btw - the 'help' button on your app always goes to a dead page - 2 years now and I'm still getting a dead page - unbelievable I'm about to add a bank fence camera and 2 security lights and I will NOT be using the Rng system -- I'll be moving on - such a shame as I liked the device but it's useless if it doesn't work --------//-- I love my ring! Have had it for 6 months without a hitch ( other than having to turn off motion sensors due to battery life) BUT - since this update it takes AGES to connect & sometimes it doesn’t get there — need to see who is at my door in a timely manner - not 3/4/5 minutes after they ring the bell Please fix this - it’s happening on both my iPhone and my Echo spot so it’s not a device issue Thanks

- Unreliable.

I like gadgets and often get things that take a bit of patience and tolerance for bugs. This gadget is on the very low end when it comes to reliability. I have the Video doorbell pro with a Chime. As a doorbell it works ok but I could get a normal doorbell for way less. The video part is absolutely useless. I have even upgraded my internet connection to get the recommended upload speed and it still works less than 50% of the time. I find it hard to admit that I spent $400 on a doorbell. It provides non of the benefits over and above going ‘ding-dong’ when someone presses the button.

- Terrible ring community support

Very disappointed with the set up in the app..I had trouble with my ring and was seeking help from the agent. However, whenever there is a motion detected, my chatroom will be closed off automatically and I will have problem going back to the chatroom..many times, the agent just close off the chat while I was doing the test. There is no notification from the app to inform you incoming message from the agent. How to do testing and reply message at the same time when the app is unable to handle it and resulting in closing my chat and getting a lot of people involved with me repeating my issues

- Fantastic and a suggestion

Fantastic application and fantastic devices especially after adding the person detection feature in the last version. My suggestion is to differentiate in the notifications between person detection and unverified motion as many including me would like to silence the unverified or general motion and enable only persons notifications to increase effectiveness and reduce nuance alarms.

- Cloud server very unstable

The first few weeks of Ring2 usage great experience. However, after removing batt to recharge, things goes haywire. It seems the cloud server is very unstable. Tried for days to isolate the problem without any helpful advice from support. They keep saying is our internet problem. Finally found out myself that you need to remove the device from server, wait for 30 minutes or so until the cloud server flush out data properly then re setup the device all over again. Problem finally fixed.

- Best piece of security

This is the best piece of security I have ever had. I have my 90 year old mother living with me and it fantastic that I can be miles away and still answer the door bell. I never go to the door now until I have seen and heard who is there. I don't subscribe to the video system, the security of knowing who is at the door is enough for me. Well worth the original $$$$'s

- Nice idea with modes but no value

I expected modes to help me making it easier for when I leave home to enable notifications. But no! The only thing this does is enable/disable recording. Further if set to home and you look at the dashboard there is no refresh of the camera image any longer. So modes are pointless to me. Please let modes support notifications on/off overriding schedules + give us back the refresh of images on the dashboard at all times when it is opened. Then modes will add value to customers.

- Always Home - But Can Rarely Answer In Time

The issue is that this app requires you to open the app at least every 7 days or else you have to re-enter your credentials when the door bell rings, which of course can be a massive problem if you are not quick enough to login and the caller/delivery person walks away. This “feature” renders the entire ring solution useless if you have infrequent visitors. There is not even an option to change this. Listen, find a better way and please fix, Ring. As it is, my partner wants me to “bin” your product!

- Needs updating

The motion detection is lagging. I have never experienced this issue until recent updates to IOS. There is a delay of 40 secs to a minute before I receive the notification on my device. My internet speeds are way above the min required. I have fibre to the premises at peak times my internet runs around 180mbps uploads of 42mbps off peak it will almost be 3 times faster. I have reset the device to no avail. Please update this app and I’ll give it the 5 stars again that I previously had rated this app/device.

- Video doorbell

I love my video doorbell when it’s working but half the time it won’t open on my IPhone The signal rings on the phone but I don’t get any vision There is plenty of wifi signal but the little circle in the middle just goes round and round and no pictures come up I’ve tried everything to fix it to no avail

- Terrible product. Won't be purchasing any more

These ring devices are so unreliable for the cost layout! I find they take forever to load on iPhone. Someone can ring my doorbell and be gone before it loads as the app just takes forever. Battery seems to go flat fairly quickly also. Good that I can see and speak to people at my front door if they wait, while I'm at work, I just wish it would take a photo of the person at the door when they ring the bell so I can see who came. Even worse than before with the newly upgraded app!

- Great design

I have the floodlight and was working fantastic when 1 st installed a few months ago, I then updated the app and it is very slow and not as good quality picture, and takes longer to view notifications. Put it back the way it was, it was very easy to use but not is more confusing with the tap to view live, I don’t like the last update about 1 month ago. Hoeing this update will fix it.

- Worst purchase

I paid $400 for this product from Bunnings then paid a licenced electrician to install. I am an old age pensioner and thought this would be a great safety device. It actually cost me over a weeks full income, this was a huge purchase for me. The device picks up motion well and chimes ok but if you try to view what is happening you get a black screen with a spinning icon. My lounge is only 6 metres to the front door and 1 metre to my wifi modem. I am so disappointed as how can I see who is at my door? it is distressing to here the dingle of movement without knowing what it is.

- App is stupidly slow to load, subscription is too expensive

The app takes forever to load (iPhone XR) so by the time I’m actually in the app and loaded the video, people are walking away from the door - the doorbell is within 2 metres of a Wifi AP and has full signal The subscription is overpriced for 1 device, and only available in USD so you have to pay a conversion - there is very limited functionality without a subscription and no option to record to a local network device like many other options out there

- Poor user experience

Great concept with lots of potential but not quite there yet. Biggest issue is time it takes to load the app when someone is at the door. The lag can be so long that they leave before you know the doorbell has rung. Battery life is short so you are frequently recharging the battery which is slow. The doorbell doesn’t work whilst battery is being charged. The pricing is way too high both in terms of original purchase cost and ongoing cloud storage costs. I would not recommend this product.

- Too slow fails to deliver what you might expect

Yes same as others have said! Expensive product that lets you down just when you need it most ! Ie in the area you paid and hoped would work . A person at your front door is long gone by the time your app responds . Great concept fails in the real world . Hopefully will improve. Oh and being asked to pay a subscription to keep videos of motion at your door is a bit rich on top of a product that falls short of delivering on its promise .

- Brilliant and easy

Ring doorbell and Ring chime are brilliant products, easy to configure and install. Doorbell even comes with a masonry drill bit, screwdriver and a tiny spirit level to help you install it straight. The app is very easy. Whole thing exceeds my expectations. I might get another Ring doorbell for the side gate to improve security there. Double thumbs up!

- Watermarked in your video file.

Bought this product for security purposes but RING watermark on the footages, really? Why? I bought the product so i should have the capability to turn it on/off as I please. But alas, there’s no way you can’t turn it off. It’s not like a trial software where you can put watermark until you buy it - you already bought it.... then you have to pay again for subscription to keep footages in the cloud, again with watermark. Take it off. My camera takes video with no watermark from the manufacturer.

- Early Promise But Poor Performance

My initial review of this product was glowing. However having added another Chime Pro I am having similar problems to others. Even with the door bell adjacent to the wifi router I no longer get viewable or recordable events. I'm often told there is difficulty accessing the door bell due to poor wifi signal or internet issues. It's as if recent updates in the app or iOS has screwed with what once very reluable. I'm no longer recommending this product.

- Support

I am on my second Ring Pro as the first one died within 6 months. I got a replacement from where I brought it but if I had the opportunity I would have gone with a different option. Why you ask well when I purchased my original Ring Pro it was compatible with google home even stated that on the box but false advertising prevailed as that feature was removed. NOT HAPPY 😡 bring back the ability to use google home !!!!!!

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- Pretty good, just a little slow

It is slow to connect, and display the video feed. I can understand Wi-Fi and internet connectivity might be a factor. It is also very slow to ring the app physical doorbell, even though mine is hard-wired. I think it may be set up not to ring the doorbell until connectivity is established. Sometimes, I just need the bell to ring as soon as guests press the button!

- Slow

I have the ring doorbell, the app is way too slow at opening, when there is motion notification by the time the app opens the person has already left, same with live view. Way to slow, I'm using iPhone 5S, with no apps open to slow down my phone. I had to mention that cause manufactures always blame the users equipment to justify there faults. The app is slow and the app is slow and that's all there is to it.

- Bring back the older time line view

Everyone in this family hates the now fixed new time line view. It was great when you could chose but now the app just sucks. Sorry Ring you got this totally wrong. The amount of times also this app is “refreshed” is way to much to fix minor bugs when the real bug they need to fix is the big lag in time between th actual ring and the app then the door bell ringing. I have the pro and that in my opinion should be professional with little latency. My door bell rings much later and I have fantastic internet speeds. That and the new direction of this timeline leaves me with little to like about the direction Ring is taking.

- S L O W

Great for reviewing things that happen during the day, but trying to respond to anything live? good luck.

- App and device have become very unreliable.

The app isn’t consistent (likely the device). Sometimes it connects to the camera, sometimes it doesn’t. I have tried changing routers, resetting device, uninstalling app. Very frustrated.

- No connection

Good evening I am having a problem with my back door video doorbell not being able to stream a live view. I have removed the doorbell from the exterior connection and charged it but it seems that it will not charge more then 44%. I have also reactivated the wifi because of the loss of connection. So after trying all of this I still am unable to get any kind of stream or recordings.

- Very slow

Very slow to load, half the time it glitches and doesn’t even record the video.

- Uesless

We have ring door bell and alarm system. Door bell(camera) is very slow. Half of time doesn’t event record properly. Cant talk to ppl front of our house. Feel almost useless having it. Not happy at all.

- Slow and useless

I have a 250 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up internet connection, and even with that this app is way too slow. My mobile service is also fast. As others have complained, by the time this useless app opens (takes forever) the person at the door has left. Useless.

- Constant streaming errors

Not sure what is going on. But over the last 3-4 month I have had constant streaming errors. It simply won’t connect anymore. However it does say the camera is connected to the wifi and speed is good. I also have made no changes to the wifi that could have caused this problem. So that leads me to believe it is on your server side.

- So slow it’s almost useless

So slow it’s almost useless. If there is motion at front door or other cameras it takes so long to load. Also sometimes it doesn’t even load. I know it is not my wifi because the Rssi on all camera is below 45 and I get more than 80 mbps download speed where each cam is. I thought I bought quality cameras for around $300 per camera. And $14 for cloud recording. RING YOU HAVE TO FIX THIS.

- Very good system, get it’s done, just a wee bit on the slower side, but overall pleased

I love this ... simple , effective , does what it supposed to do...thanks, keep up the great work...

- Ring pro

Completely agree way too slow. Someone rings the bell and by the time it activates they left. You can never go live if motion detected. You have to wait about 3 mins yo review. I and my friends are looking elsewhere

- Way too slow

The time it takes the app to open and actually get to live feed when there is somebody at your door is unreal. By the time it actually loads up the camera, whatever you wanted to see is gone. And then there is the option to view a clip of the motion afterwards... however half the time the app will not let me open it. I would definitely choose a different make/model/manufacturer if I were going to buy a doorbell camera. This one is incredibly slow and almost useless. I would also like to point out that I have a new iPhone, it is only a month out and one of the ones released just this past fall. My phone is not the problem. The app is.

- The app is slow

I can never get to who’s at door because the app is too slow. It’s very frustrating!

- Newest update is disappointing

Not being able to scroll through your timeline in landscape mode on iPad is disappointing. Please restore this option!!

- Hate it totally

It is super slow. By the time I’m able to connect (if it could sense the motion at all), the person at the door is long gone. Waste of money!!! Do NOT BUY.

- Sad for my purchase

I bought this ring doorbell cause I thought it was good. But I’m very disappointed with it , not only was it pricey and on top of it I have to pay a monthly fee if I want to see who was at my door a few minutes before. By the time it connects the person is gone and can’t even go back to see who it was unless you pay the monthly fee. It sucks , I won’t recommend it to anyone. Don’t make the mistake a made.

- DL

Don’t know if it is my WiFi, it appears after catching the motion of a person the ring is delayed. It is not simultaneous like a ring sounded right after someone rang a bell. We had a courier walked away thinking there was no one at home.

- Glitchy

Good when it works / obviously useless when it doesn’t

- It’s ok need improvement

It’s ok as app but missing a lot of features need a new look.also the subscription per month is so expensive and ridiculous more than that the subscription is per device not per account. So it’s kind of theft.i regretted not buying the SkyBell.

- Who’s There?

Terrible app. Worked fine until free trial was over. Now it takes forever to load. Communication with doorbell is garbled. And no, this isn’t a network speed issue.

- Stop auto play video

The new version introduced new feature, when I launched the app, it auto plays a video. This is SO ANNOYING! There should be no video auto play, at least without audio. This is a basic common sense. I love the hardware, but this app needs to improve.

- Why not just open to live view???

If I have just one camera the app should open to live view right away. Just an extra delay in pressing the camera.

- So slow it’s useless

Please change your slogan to ‘Always home... with a short five minute delay👍.’

- Slow response

Since the update approximately 4 days ago the door bell response time is extremely slow or sometimes just does not work. Good news for porch pirates and criminals that know these cameras are now defective.

- Slow

Terrible and slow by the time you get the connection is person at your door is gone.

- Read the reviews please

Ring please read the reviews on the app. It needs a lot of improvements. Slow camera loading, laggy, crashing...so many things need to improve.

- Disappointed

First few days was fine.. Now none of the history can be opened, played back.... Essentially a LIVE camera (that part works!), that has zero history available, none of this can playback.!?

- Waste your money on Ring

App is extremely slow, it never opens to the doorbell camera view so you have no chance of seeing who is at your door or answering a ring. The battery runs out quickly so you have to charge it constantly which means uninstalling it from your front door every 2 weeks just to charge. This doorbell has a knack for capturing every car that drives by on our street but people will come to the door and no footage is captured. Complete waste of money, do not bother with Ring!!!

- New app version but still sucks !

Hello, Just wanted to let you guys know that the new Ring app really isn’t better. It takes long time to load , very confusing interface , cant really do a batch delete of videos , seem to get lost within the app not sure where a feature should be, so bad I might remove it and get a Nest doorbell ... Big thumbs down sorry guys

- Too slow when opening app

The doorbell itself is fine, and the camera and recordings are ok. The biggest issue is how slow the app is when there is motion or if someone rings the doorbell. It takes to long to open and by the time it does...the person is leaving.

- New update is not working properly

Constantly getting disconnected with the update.


This app is much too slow to open when motion is detected. I use because I already bought it but will not recommend it.

- This is sad and disappointing

We spend money on 3 cameras almost one year ago but the service and this mobile app is so disappointing. Using this app feels like wrestling in the mud with someone twice your size. You are never going to wind and you will always eat mud. I think its about time they make it work or buy back cameras. I see Ring ads everywhere online and I am afraid that all they care about is selling more and not caring about the service and existing customers.

- Very slow, going backwards with updates

First of all with the most recent update I can no longer zoom in when I am in live view. Second the 1 out 5 times the green answer and red hang up and other buttons do not show up while in live view. Home line also does not appear on newer iOS devices without the home button. Also this was always the case the app takes too long to open and goes into loading mode to never to show. Need to force close app and reopen. This defeats the point. Need ro make the app quicker to respond. I have amazing wifi signal everywhere with a strong mesh network but for some reason Ring devices have a hard time catching a strong signal. These are things that need to be fixed before constantly adding useless features, and redesigning the app for no reason.

- I wish there is a class action

I have 2 cameras and I wish I could say one good thing about this app but I cant. It just doesn't work. Out of 10 times someone rang on it, i was able to connect maybe once and that one time audio was very choppy. By reading reviews here i see that i am one of many to complain about same issue. We invested a lot of money in the cameras and you need to fix this and if it is hardware improvement you need to provide users with new devices fee of charge. I wish there is a class action to motivate you.

- Ridiculously slow

By the time someone comes to the door, I click to open the app, and it starts to load the live view, it takes well over 2 minutes ! I have extremely fast internet and brand new phones and iPads. No excuse. Unless the app is open at all times to live view on a dedicated iPad for example, this app is useless. Which makes the ring devices useless as well. FIX THIS APP !

- Very slow to open the app

I have an iPhone XR. Fastest phone on the shelf. When someone rings the doorbell, the app is way too slow to open. 90% of the time I get the spinning circle and the doorbell pro locks up, saying there is no internet connection. My internet connection Is very very fast and solid. Works ok to review detected action but that’s it. I always miss the ring. The doorbell ring software is too unstable and unreliable. Amazing Ring is still in business with all the negative reviews. Time to move on to a better product!


Wow! Ring used to be a good company untill amazon took over! This app is so crappy! Half the time it doesn’t work, Most times live view Doesn't work, You get maybe half your notifications, I’m really pondering getting rid of RING! If you bought a Ring product I’d advise you to RETURN IT ASAP!! THIS APP IS USELESS!!!

- Horrible

No matter how many updates they come out with, the performance is dismal. WiFi is fine, it’s hard wired, etc. No history today and it has detected motion at least five times today. Update: I still have the same issues. The latest app has all kinds of new features, but having the unit itself work properly should be the priority. Building on a poor foundation. Fix that first.

- Way too slow !!!

It never connects to the live camera or view It’s just keeps on spinning , so far not even a once I have succeeded .

- Don't bother updating

The latest version is broken and non-usable. Please fix asap. (Hardware: ring doorbell 720dp)

- App signs you out often

App is fine but I don’t open it often, and when I do it’s signed out. Pretty sure it’s happening during updates. This kind of thing shouldn’t be happening with an app you rely on to provide security alerts.

- Pleeeeeeaase.....

Please stop turning off event history timeline with every update and put advances settings in with settings. Why would advanced settings be found under account. ...and adding dark mode would be nice Making all that happen will truly give you a 5 star rating from me Thanks

- Great new update

Love the new snapshot notifications. Firmware update on cameras should ask permission before. My cameras went offline making me wonder what was going on.

- External Lights issue!!

I have been almost 3 weeks waiting for ring to respond to my issue with my spotlight cam mount issues with the app! I'm not able to access the external light control toggle...spoke with several CSR’s and no further ahead. I am told to send back for refund.

- Not working anymore

After the latest update, the app simply stops working. I can't do anything from the app.

- Wth - your double verification code always fails

New Update has so so many bugs. I should have listened and NEVER bought this!🤬

- Slow

I don’t understand why is it so slow and WHY this bug is still not fix!!!! WHYYYYYY???

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- Love the view feature...

I love having the ability to see what is going on outside my front door without having to open the door first, thus it provides more safety for me. However, I am still trying to perfect the settings to get the alerts that are truly a concern. I have a suggestion for the motion sensitivity setting to the Ring doorbell. I wish I could adjust the depth of motion sensitivity to EACH zone. As of now, each zone offers only the turn on or turn off feature. Prior to that step it does allow you to backoff the sensitivity to the WHOLE view, but that does not fit well for my needs. Please consider this as a possible feature in your app. BTY I think the black screens (or some that is) could be occurring bc of a delay in WiFi loading the video slowly. I had a black video, could not figure out why. Left it on the app for days, today went back and it finally loaded what was captured. So this told me that the issue maybe with a slow response by my WiFi connection. My guess, I’m not very tech savvy. Hope this helps.

- Pretty good but too slow

Edit: the rapid ring app is a huge improvement but I still have to give ring 1 star for reliability. Notifications stopped coming to my phone altogether. My chime pro failed. What’s the point of a video doorbell that doesn’t notify you when someone is ringing it? Ring needs to halt all new product development and put all effort toward fixing their buggy software. The core experience is broken. Old review: As others have said Ring needs to work on the core experience of using the app before adding features. When you click a notification or answer the doorbell it is a minimum of 10+ seconds before you get a picture. I always find that I can just walk to the door faster than I can load and connect to the Ring app. I have an iPhone XS Max and 150mbit fiber with Ubiquity WiFi so I know the lag isn’t due to my hardware or connection. This core experience is one of the most important parts of the product and Ring needs to improve it before I can really recommend their cameras. The slow response time really makes the doorbell and cameras pretty useless for any real time monitoring and communication. The recorded video and motion detection parts work well, but Ring markets these things for their real time functions and that part doesn’t work very well.

- Ring missing basic features

Giving only 3 stars for missing features that I have been asking through emails, Twitter, Facebook and phone calls for almost two years! One basic one is ability to turn off or at lest snooze recordings. Currently it is a nightmare with tons of videos both ring doorbell pro and floodlight camera is producing. I taking about my activities like cleaning the front porch, daily watering my plants, or just hanging out on my own porch - I don’t want to be recorded, I don’t need additional 100 videos for that hour. The same with my backyard floodlight camera. Cutting grass, any yard work, any activity my own produces 100s of videos to manage and sort through. Ring doesn’t have time to add feature to add ability to better control recordings but do have time to add linked devices!! I tried it and guess what now both of my cameras produce twice of junk videos instead of 200 videos now I’m getting 400. Ridiculous, seriously I’m thinking about switching to different product, I hope ring support is reading this review!!!!

- Was great

The app has always been a little slow. Not a big deal. It also interrupts your music even if you don’t watch a video which is a little annoying. I rarely get push notifications about a low battery till I pull the app up and then all the sudden a notification comes through (yes push is enabled and background app refresh). Since Ring has opened this to the public, even without ring, it’s a joke. I get daily neighborhood notifications from the paranoid recluses that live in bomb shelters. They post comments like “the leaves on my tree were moving but there was no wind”. People now are posting videos of solicitors. Not to mention when something’s actually happening people don’t post cross streets or a general vicinity so somewhere in my 12 sq mile neighborhood somethings happening. I use to appreciate the helpful videos with actual crime prevention. Now I have to shut off these notifications because they are so frequent. This started great and is just going down hill. Of course there’s a delay in recording from your camera (even with the motion recordings) so you tend to get the back end of someone or nothing at all when it really matters. You’re better off getting an actually CCTV system if you’re concerned.

- Posted concern to neighbors was deleted by staff

We have a number of cameras around our property in an urban area of mostly single family homes. In the past several months “protests” have come very close to our home. Family and friends nearby have experienced property damage, theft, threats and intimidation from “protestors.” Around the country violent and aggressive groups are taking their activities into residential neighborhoods. Around 12:30am a couple nights ago a vehicle with a bullhorn drove down our street. We woke up, but I didn’t catch what they said. All I caught was the word “incomng.” I went to the ring app and posted an “unusual activity” asking if anyone heard what they said because I was afraid for my family given ongoing tensions. I received a notification the next day that staff decided my post wasn’t of interest to neighbors and deleted it. I responded upset saying I was concerned for my family’s safety. They responded,”We’ve reviewed your post and we that it’s not quite right for Neighbors. We need to ensure that posts focus on issues that affect the entire neighborhood so that everyone can benefit from local crime and safety information... We hope you understand our decision and continue to engage with your neighbors in an effort to create a safer environment for your local community.”

- Needs more features and better organization

First things first this app needs a panic button. Don’t do anything else until this has been accomplished. Most people are going to keep their phones on their bedside table, not a keypad. How is this most basic feature missing? Secondly the app is not at all intuitive. It takes forever to perform common tasks. I should be able to view and modify which sensors are active in which mode directly from the dashboard. The mode buttons are RIGHT THERE. No, they want me to be sure so they made the process take 95 steps. And how come I can’t change the chimes for the entire system? It had to be individually? Really!? I have 14 windows and 3 doors in my house. For heavens sake. The activity logs are individual as well. And please don’t get me wrong there should be an option to view each sensor’s log individually but it would be extremely convenient to be able to view a list, and to sort for what I need. I could go on but it’s 1 am and I’m sleepy, plus you get the picture. Make it better. I know it’s a new system and app but this stuff is obvious. Especially the panic button. It’s a good start. Hurry up with an update.

- Product isn’t ready for market

Update: product is now worse. This company has figured out that cheerful customer service is cheaper than selling a product that works. Now that there is competition, and the Nest actually works, there is no reason to waste your time with the Ring garbage. Here’s the thing: people really, really, really want this to work. But like asking for a birthday pony, it isn’t ever going to happen. This company will take your money, spend hours on customer service calls, then blame the internet for the Ring Pro’s failures. Hopefully an attorney will sue this company. Old review.....Warning: it takes 20 to 30 seconds from when someone pushes the doorbell until you hear it on your phone. By then, they’re gone. The video function is spotty and the device needs troubleshooting every 2-3 days. Many times it doesn’t start recording until after we’re in the door or the person has left. I’m sad to say that after spending hours dealing with this device, it just isn’t ready for prime time. Save your money. The doorbell doesn’t work, video doesn’t work, doesn’t consistently connect to wifi, the motion detector is junk.......This company needs to be sold to a company with sufficient capital to make the necessary capital improvements.

- The good thing is...Ring provides security

My issue is not generally with the security, but with the impact of having a primary and shared account. My wife has the primary account, and I have the shared account. We need separate accounts because we have very different notification settings. However, as the primary, she has more options than I do. For example, she can get low battery notifications and I can’t. But I’ll change the batteries. How does this make sense? Our schedules are different and her work is demanding, so the fact that I can’t receive those notifications is an inconvenience at best. I also can’t add devices as a shared user. I have to log into the app as my wife to do so. If having a primary user is a security thing, why does ring keep suggesting I log in with her email and password? So while the app can be problematic, the root cause may be that the design of the system having a single primary is flawed, and it makes the app look bad. But like I said, despite these issues, at least we have security that works. That does improve the app score though. I’m tempted to add a star because what functions in the app does a good job...but I’ve been so aggregated with Ring after spending close to $1000 that I can’t bring myself to be that gracious.

- Zero Complaints with Ring

I’ve hade the original Ring doorbell for almost 3 rears and really like it. I have had no issues that weren’t resolved within a few minutes by their OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. A couple of weeks ago it helped verify that the Post Office mis-delivered 2 packages and I got no argument from them when I told them I had Ring that video recorded, showing my postal delivery person did not leave any packages at my door. They found that my neighbor got the delivery by mistake and interestingly the, one package came from a pharmacy and IT HAD BEEN OPENED!! Of course the package clearly had my correct name and address on the label. I just can’t imagine why someone would open a package that was so obviously medication for someone else. These neighbors live right next to me. Incidentally, I live in a very small town and everybody knows everyone else. I took them off my Christmas card list. Incidentally I just installed a ring 2 and love the improvements. I moved the original Ring to my back door. It’s great for keeping an eye on my dog.

- Update...

Everything worked great and we were very pleased with our Ring Pro doorbell and even paid in advance for a year of the video saving option. In addition, we recommended this product to multiple friends, family & neighbors, who in turn also purchased one. However, after this update, the video does not work and after contacting customer support they told me I’d have to take off the cover and reset the doorbell and start from scratch as we initially did at installation. Since we can’t locate the special screwdriver enclosed with the installation box, this is not possible. Would have been helpful with all the guides included in the box if it was noted, “Don’t lose this tiny obscure screwdriver or you will not be able to reset your doorbell video camera each time we update the app.” Update: After contacting Ring about a replacement screwdriver, they shipped one to me and it arrived today. I was able to recalibrate the doorbell and as of now, it seems to be working. All of our saved motion perimeters were lost and had to be reset, but hopefully this will not happen again. Customer service was fast and prompt.

- Poor poor service

Just bought my ring pro and other than getting it installed and the chime constantly repeating its in set up mode and go to the ring app its utterlyvuseless at this point! I’ve downloaded the app and cant even get past the set up stage of just trying to create an acct!!!! After entering my password and hitting done it just keeps saying no internet connection! I’ve done all its rec steps for IF it doesnt work. My internet signal is fine, I can go 75’ into my backyard and still get signal and I have the newest iphone!! I’ve even tried another phone. After going around and around with customer service they say its the app itself ( contact apple ) or my internet ( which is working FINE for all other devices ).. Customer service basically said sorry its not the system its your app or internet. But doesnt this system work hand in hand with the app?? Wasn’t that the whole purpose?!?! Just an I’m sorry is not what I’d expect after reading the inventors story on the packaging.. you can’t see anything else on the app without setting up an acct so how do you get help with the app?? I’ve just purchased the ring pro, 1floodlight and 2 smaller cams which are all getting ready to go back! Thank goodness I DIDNT buy for our other home too!!

- I just want it to work

I live in an apartment building in NYC and purchased this along with about 20 other neighbors. It seemed like the solution to our security worries with the ability to screen visitors via video. We have have super high speed internet and the ring chime. And we all have the same problem. Despite having fully lit hallways, the video is in black and white. Basically, it’s stuck in night mode. Only 5% of the videos are in color. One neighbor thought the night vision view was normal and was shocked to see color one day. This creates multiple problems. The red LED lights come on every single time and the device clicks to indicate that it is recording. The video is basically garbage as we were promised high quality color. The battery drains quicker because of this. This problem is well documented (google it) and common among ring users. We have all tried customer support and while they have been responsive, we still don’t have a solution despite multiple factory resets and replacement units. This problem could BE EASILY SOLVED if they just added the ability to turn off night vision. I cannot understand why this simple solution cannot be implemented immediately. What use is this if the thing doesn’t even basically work.

- Really disappointed

My daughter purchased the ring doorbell for us for Christmas and were excited to install it. We were all very disgusted when we found out that we had to pay for a yearly subscription to use the doorbell after the first month. Nothing on the packaging said anything about this being the case. We did pay for this year but will not renew because we are finding it to be very unreliable. When there is a ring or motion, the first thing you see is a white light that lasts around 10 seconds. When the light goes away, usually there is nothing there. We live in a quiet neighborhood and a car goes by maybe once an hour. We live around 30 feet from the road and the only thing we can see are the garbage trucks stopping once a week. If someone is walking by the house, it doesn’t record that. If someone is walking or parking in our driveway, it doesn’t record that either. We have it set up for all the “zones” and it doesn’t record most of them. I was snow blowing our sidewalk right in front of the ring doorbell one day. I went to check if it was recorded and it wasn’t! Have had several people ask us how we like it and have told them how disappointed we were.

- Highly disappointed. I hate I spent my money on this doorbell

I purchased this doorbell a while ago. It’s probably been almost a year. I have been trying to deal with the product because of where I live. I understand that my internet connection my not be the greatest. Well because of that I bought the extender. Only to find that the doorbell doesn’t work any better with the extender. Every since I’ve had the ring doorbell my videos come out clear whenever they want too. The majority of the time I have a black screen. I’ve only been able to see a live view maybe 3 times. Let’s just say 5 to give the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been paying the monthly fee despite all this hoping things would get better. For the past 2 weeks my doorbell and chime extender have been offline and I have tried numerous times to reset them. I’ve reset my internet (which works fine with everything else I need in the home) and there’s still no change. Finally I’m giving up and I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. Maybe the Ring Pro would work better for me, but I’m not taking any chances. It’s just not worth my time or my money. I am highly disappointed. I wish I had just returned it in the beginning like I started to.

- Ding Dong Dummies!

I really love the Ring I am disabled and home a lot who ever invented it gets 5 stars from me and two thumbs up, however I think people use it as another Facebook and post non emergent things on it like for instance, seen two people underneath a tree talking and laughing don’t know who they are, or seen brown dog walking down the sidewalk with no human companion, just really silly things. I get notifications all day and maybe 1out of 50 posts are serious, I wanna hear things that are useful to me that are true emergency like I seen someone on my ring trying to get in my house or lost child please be on the look out, it’s just so abused by the elderly woman and men or noisy neighbors who just sits home all day with nothing else to do but get on the ring and start posting miscellaneous things. So I say start using the ring for what it was invented for, not to use it as another Facebook or Instagram, the apps are already out there for them, if I offended you then that just means you’re the one out there abusing the Ring Door Bell

- Too many problems

I get a lot of false motions which makes the battery die fast. Wedge didn’t change anything, made 0 difference. The live view never connects when I need it to. It takes about 3 or 4 minutes and multiple app restarts to connect if it decides to connect at all. I have 250mbps internet and the modem is not that far away from the door where the ring is. It’s honestly caused more of an annoyance than anything. Having a video door bell doesn’t do much good if I can’t connect to it when someone is at the door. I’ve been using Ring since July of this year (2018) and have had to recharge it 4 times already after it draining to critically low. I’ve adjusted every setting and have tried every combination and nothing makes a difference. I still get motion alerts every 5 minutes and the worse part is each motion notification comes twice. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this. Update: September 2019.. Over a year later and if anything the app is even worse. There’s no volume more times than not (assuming live view loads at all). Ring does a lot of updates for the app but I’ve seen zero improvement. What’s an update if it doesn’t do anything, now I have the same problems as before and then some.

- There’s a mute button? I think not

So I have my own ring doorbell because there have been many people coming over and I’m not tall enough to look through the peep hole, so I bought the ring doorbell so I can just check on my phone whenever I see someone at the door. May I also add that I have 2 dogs that bark every time when they hear someone knock/ring/or hear someone’s footsteps it’s just what my dogs do so every time I hear someone knock/ring on my door I look on ring but it takes FOREVER TO LOAD and when it does finish loading, I put myself on mute BUT, the mute button doesn’t even work! So I thought I pressed the wrong button so I clicked it again it still didn’t work so I tried all the buttons none of them muted me I can hear myself talking on the ring that’s how load I was... so they hear me talking or by dogs barking I keep telling them to be quit but they can’t understand me there just 1-3 year old puppies so I have to walk all the way to a quiet room in my house just so I can tell that person to LEAVE or tell them “I’ll be right there!” So I either just bought a $200 broken ring Doorbell or it’s just the APP.

- It’s a scam!

The technology is well engineered but after 30 days you pay for video storage. The service is not terribly expensive at $30/ year BUT if you don’t buy their service the camera is nearly useless. There is apparently NO local memory on the camera to record even a microsecond of video events. Clearly there MUST be a video buffer that holds the data before it is transferred to Ring’s remote servers. Ring has intentionally prevented consumers from accessing locally recorded content. 😡 Also, once my trial subscription ran out I suddenly started having connection problems with the device. I would receive notification of motion but then could not open the video camera - it says “temporarily unavailable”. Nothing has changed in the local network and there is NO reason I should suddenly start having this problem. Ring has clearly engineered the device to fail if you don’t give in to their extortion. I know this may sound a little ridiculous over $30/ year but as an engineer I know the company has intentionally designed this device to extort money from consumers and it really makes me mad. Okay, rant over. I will now pay the extortion money and think about starting a competing company that has morals.

- Great idea but the service doesn’t always perform as expected

I have many of the ring products and love it when it works. The app takes a long time to open and when it does it’s too late to see what triggered it in the first place. I have many false alerts some days and none on other days. I hope they fix these issues. It’s great that all devices are covered for a great price for an entire year subscription. It is also great that your devices will be replaced if stolen or damaged. The app also needs reconfiguring. It’s a hassle to look through all the devices to get to the one you wish to view. Having to hang up on the live view setting is also a drag. I have nest products and get in, out, and around the app very easily. Customer service is amazing. I have already began purchasing YI products as a back up as they are extremely inexpensive and offer free internal and paid cloud storage options. Ring has a new home security system that I’m interested in but will wait a while on deciding to purchase. They should first work out the problems on their current products and not rush into other services.

- Could be much better

While this app does what it is supposed to do, it needs major improvements. Let me explain you... When watching video playback from other people’s post, there is no scrubbing; you cannot fast forward or replay portions of the video. You can only ‘jump’ to sections of the clip. Why is this important? Because when you watch a video and want to identify a person, their clothing, their actions, their car, etc. you need to be able to replay that specific few seconds of the clip, but you cannot. You have to replay the whole clip or keep jumping to that ‘area’ of the clip. This is not a smooth user experience. Additionally, maybe it’s my iPhone X or iOS version, but when i get a notification and get redirected to the message board or Live video, It doesn’t load properly unless I exit out and re-navigate to that message board or video shot. It’s like it is not fully loading and i always have to go back to the ‘start’ to reload the the section. This app gets 3 starts because it’s got those performance issues and the lack of functionality in video playback.

- Stranger ID not possible

I have struggled with Ring since March 2018 initial set up for the Spot Lite Cam Battery. I have had several units replaced to no avail. Getting someone to answer the phone is next to impossible. Plan on spending along time until someone answers. Courteous people but that doesn’t cure the performance woes. These units cannot process detected real time without intermittent blank spots in the video that ranges for 5 second gaps to 15 second gaps which results in the loss of facial recognition. The units detect motion of cars moving perpendicular to the camera but rarely detect and / or record anyone walking directly at the cameras. Alarms go off and yet no video! Because of delays for video recordings, the intruders in and out are missed completely which seems to be related to alarms (when you get an alarm) with no video. These units need a flash memory incorporated to ensure recording of the video, then after the 30 seconds upload to the Ring Cloud. I question the cloud to efficiently upload existing videos as many recordings never reach the cloud. Ring-fix these issues. Essentially I’m unprotected after buy 3 of these units and spare batteries. Also, there is no way to directly save any critical recording to my iPhone. Outrageous

- Waste of money.

The ring camera that I have is a useless paperweight. During the trial period I observed that the camera seldom picked up cars in my driveway. In fact an accident happened in front of my house on our country road. My driveway is 35 feet wide so the tow truck pulled into my driveway while it loaded the crashed car onto his flatbed. This truck was in my driveway for over 30 minutes. The camera did not record any movement in my driveway. Several times UPS delivered packages to my home. The camera did not record the truck on most of the occasions. It never captured the UPS driver delivering packages to my home. On a few days days the camera recorded the truck leaving my driveway. Additionally, the camera never recorded my wife or I coming into our drive way. We would pull in, open the car doors, get out, grab groceries from the trunk, close the trunk before the camera began recording us walking beside the car towards the front door. The camera was positioned where we could see on live view both vehicles and our camper clearly. The distance was set to record approximately 20 feet behind our vehicles. The battery charge lasted just over 21 days. This was a wasted purchase that never worked up to my expectations or the hype.

- Great product/app/and customer service

I have a couple Ring Doorbells that require the use of the app. The app is easy to use, has step by step instructions and videos for set up and various functions of the app. There is the option to "live view" or watch playback of motions and/doorbell rings. Within the app you can change the range the doorbell detects motion and also turn off certain "zones" if you feel you don't need to watch that particular area. You can also turn off notifications for both motion and doorbell rings and it will still record. As for the customer service at Ring, each rep I've spoken with has gone above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. I have two Ring doorbells and a Chime Pro and am currently looking into their other devices to add to my existing home security. If I could change one thing it would be to add the option make motion recording last longer when I haven't answered the alert on time. Maybe a minute vs the 20/30 seconds.

- Super Slow App; Motion Doesn’t Register

I’ve had the application for about 7 months and it’s been the most frustrating seven months. My application is consistently not loading live camera views and will stay stuck in the “loading” screen. I try to exit out of the application and do it over and it still does it. My SO has the same application since we live together and he has never had a problem with his until recently and it started doing the same thing. It also is terrible with registering motion literally right in front of our door. People will deliver packages to us, park directly in view of the camera, come to the door and it won’t register that someone came until they’re back at their car. Numerous times I’ve been told there’s movement and when I try to pull up the view, it gets stuck. Luckily no one has done anything suspicious or else I wouldn’t be able to do anything since the application fails to load within a reasonable time frame. I’m supposed to feel like I can trust The Ring to do its job but I’m starting to think it may not be the best product anymore and will soon switch to something that is way more reliable unless they can fix the bugs cause it’s getting ridiculous.

- They work really well

I deducted one star because there is a considerable delay before the re cording starts and if there is continuous motion, it stops recording for a short period, then starts up again. I have missed a few events due to this delay. Would be nice to be able to select delay (obviously less delay would use way more battery power). Second star deducted was for the lack of ability to adjust the motion zones. Only being able to do a low arch across the bottom of the video is pretty lame. The video quality is a perfect blend just enough you can zoom in a bit to see a face and low enough to keep the monthly/yearly cost low. They are pretty reliable. There have been a couple occasions I could not connect or took a longish time to connect. The solar panel+Spotlight cam is a perfect combo! I have two and being completely wireless, these are fantastic, a little pricey but well worth it...If in full facing sun, only need one rechargeable battery, if solar panel is facing north/west in back of house, it’s marginal (due to mostly in shade 1/2 day). We also have the Ring doorbell which works very well.

- Almost perfect

I started off with a Ring Pro Doorbell and have since added a floodlight cam and, just recently, several spotlight cams. I've already been pleased with the build quality, ease of setup and performance of the Ring products. I also like that it's a company which works on innovating and improving the user experience. The app is one place where there's something left to be desired. I had Arlo cameras before replacing them with Rings (lag, poor motion detection and battery life were the deciding factors) and their app was far superior. It provided a home screen with thumbnails of the last image captured by each cam, and tapping it started the live view. You then had a timeline of motion events to browse. Best of all were the rules, schedules and geofencing. This is really where Ring is lacking. I'd really like better control over when my cameras are alerting. It'd be a dream if they had some api-level access available that would allow integration with smart-home platforms. Then the cameras could "arm" when the smarthome arms, etc.

- Horrible!

I feel like I wasted my money buying the ring video doorbell 2 because it only works when it feels like it and not when it’s really important to work. I purchased the ring video doorbell 2 because we have no peek hole on our front door to be able to see who’s at the door. Once someone rings the doorbell and I go to open the app to see who’s at the front door it stays on ACTIVATING DEVICE and by the time the camera decides to activate so I can see who’s at the door the person is gone! This happens A LOT! It also happens if I want to look at a live view. I could be leaving my home and one second I’m on the video then I disappear. The sound quality is horrible and has a lot of static. And, The video isn’t working like it’s supposed to work. I’m at the point where I feel like giving up on the ring video doorbell and just ask visitors to call me when they’re at the door. It’s ridiculous how something so expensive turns out to be a waste of my hard earned money! I tried getting help with ring which worked for a few days then it went back to working the way it was before and it still continues to not work properly. I wish I never bought the ring video doorbell 2 and I do not recommend it to anyone.

- Easy to use, but would like more features

**Long/extensive review** Love this product! It’s so nice to be able to see who is at your front door before you open it!! The subscription service is a nice option for people who need the ability to watch recordings of who has been at the door. Motion detection could be easier to set up. Not all homes will need the wedge to help keep motion alerts within the alert area. The wedge is really most helpful for areas with status. Where there are no stairs & your door faces the street, the motion feature will send you notifications whenever cars go by. After trying to fix this issue & having no luck, I finally decided to turn off my motion notifications for good. The unit comes with one battery, but I would recommend getting a second for easier use. Here are the features I would like to see added in the future- The ability to silence notifications from specific zones, an in app panic/emergency button & the ability set up a series of recorded messages/other features that would provide users with more ways to respond to doorbell.

- Ring Flood Light Camera

We are completely happy and satisfied with our ring purchase. We have had our system up for about a year now and have not had any problems. Absolutely love the night vision update from black and white to color! Our friend down the road purchased the Nest system a few months before us and unfortunately they experienced problems with their system and now it doesn’t work, so we are very happy we chose this product. We are so happy that we will be purchasing the new Ring alarm system to protect our entire house. Being able to access our camera and our system from anywhere even out of state when we are on vacation has been one of the best parts of this system. Simple things like being able to turn on your lights outside for security or like we do for our fur babies and being able to talk to them from the two-way-talk/voice has made us feel more at ease on those unexpected nights we arrive home late.

- Works With Ring “tedious app problem”

I recently purchased door locks and dimmer light switches that are certified by Ring. I haven’t installed the locks yet since they are going to be at the new construction. I installed one of the dimmer light switches in my coffee bar area so that I can wake up early without jarring lights in my eyes or waking others. It installed easily. My pet peeve is that you have to go thru too many steps to dim them from your phone (before you wake get up). If I have to go thru the motion of “devices, alarm base station, then my different light switches” so early in the morning; I might as well just switch on a jarring light. The brand I chose was GE. I had previously owned controlled light switches through another vendor; and I changed them because I wanted to change everything to ring control. I am used to opening my app to favorites and hitting and off/on switch. Will this improve soon? My only solution right now is to leave this light on very low at night as a nightlight, then ease it up manually as needed.

- Ring Saved Our House

This past Sunday night, my husband and I were watching TV in our family room when we received a Ring alert on our phones. My husband checked the alert and jumped up from the couch to look outside the window that overlooks our driveway. Sparks shot from an outside light as smoke rose, obscuring the light and Ring camera. The sparks quickly turned into bursts of flames. “Call 911!” My husband yelled. I ran for my phone and called 911. A fire truck rolled into our driveway a short time later as my husband tried to douse the flames with water from a hose. Within an hour, the fire marshal told us that the fire had been extinguished, contained to an area that abutted the laundry room. An inspection of the house, which included the attic, confirmed that the fire had been isolated to one area of the house. We were extremely lucky the house didn’t burn down. If we hadn’t received the Ring alert on our phones that detected motion from the smoke, the outcome would have been the opposite of our good fortune. We were able to call 911 within seconds of the alert on our phones. Timing is everything in life. We knew within seconds that a fire had started in the wires connected to the outside light. Had we not acted as quickly as we did, our house would have been engulfed in flames. I’m certain of that. But, thanks to Ring the fire was quickly contained. It didn’t have time to spread and consume our house. Ring saved our house!

- Need to be able to adjust amount of time video records for

I’ve had my ring doorbell for about 6 months now, and like it but what would make it better is if Ring would give the customer the control to how much time a recording goes for. When motion is censored or when soemone rings the doorbell it records for 20 seconds and then cuts off, most times i want to see a larger quantities of time though. It would be best if you could let the user adjust how long you want the video to record for. Only way for it to record for linger is if i answer the notification and watch it live. Most times I’m Busy and can’t do so, but want to see where the ups guys went with my package or when someone drove by my house and parked in front of it for more than 20 seconds did after that. You guys need to give the power to the Consumer to choose how long we want the video to record for when these alerts happen! Please! Until then i am underwhelmed and left wanting to get a full security system with cameras. All that needs done is literally a software upgrade to solve my issue! Please help!

- Durable cameras in the cold

I purchased two Ring spot light cameras for my 2nd home in Idaho mountains. I purchased Ring products because of their ability to get down to -20F, the temps get there in Idaho once in awhile but consistently -10F. I have had them for two years and they work very well without issues. I also purchased the alarm system that works with my Schlage locks & sensors throughout the home. This is a 2nd home for us and we do short term rentals. Being 1000 miles away I have been able to lock the doors remotely because a tenant left it unlock or know when the windows has been opened and let the housekeeper know to check to make sure they are locked when they clean the home. It’s a peace of mind, I pay $99 annually to get the Professibnal monitoring that includes lifetime warranty on all my cameras, sensors and alarm system. They have a phenomenal technical support. I have a different system where I reside permanently and will be changing it to the Ring system.

- Waste of money for me

When I originally bought this and it didn’t work good, I was told my wifi upload speed was too slow. I switched to a faster internet provider and it seemed to be a bit better but was still having problems. Ring was very good and sent me a new video doorbell pro and a free chime pro. Again it was somewhat better but was still glitchy and I still wasn’t satisfied. The video would actually freeze up although you could hear the sound. My home got several inches of floodwaters due to Hurricane Harvey and I was having internet issues but recently got it ironed out and got my Ring doorbell back up and running. It’s worse than ever, in fact it’s completely useless now. For some reason I have no video now, just sound. The video is just a black screen with sound. My internet speed is over 100 with an upload speed of 12, way more than required yet when I try to pull up Live View, I get the dreaded spinning circle for sometimes as long as 20-30 seconds before it comes up but now of course it’s just a black screen. The video seems to be gone. I will not be buying anymore Ring products. I hate wasting money and this product for me has been just that!

- Virtually Useless

I have the video doorbell pro and two stickup cams with solar panels installed. The physical equipment, i.e. the cams and solar cells, work fine and have survived two years of extreme summer and winter weather. However, the wifi connectivity between the cams and my devices (iOS) is so bad that the cameras are virtually useless for real-time monitoring. I am able to quickly call up live video about one in six or seven attempts on a good day. On the doorbell, it never works. I can look at video clips well after the fact, but I have effectively zero ability to see or interact with people on my property in real time. It is NOT my wifi or internet connection, which is the dodge Ring’s support people always fall back on. I have better than 400 mbps download and 30-50 mbps upload speed (which I test every time I have trouble with this app) and every other wifi device I own works perfectly. I can be standing within five feet of my doorbell or stickup cams and be unable to view live video on my phone or tablet. There simply is no excuse for such incompetence, especially at the prices Ring charges. I have had enough of this and am switching to another vendor for my doorbell and outdoor security cams.

- Regretful that I Bought 5 Ring Cameras

Absolutely having regrets that I bought 5 Ring cameras. 👎🏻 Delayed connection (ALL THE TIME) when using live views after getting motion alerts, even with strong wifi connection. Main point of having these cameras becomes useless! 👎🏻 Setting of motion parameters does not work. We have more than one camera that we have adjusted to the lowest motion sensitivity settings possible, yet they still detect motion far beyond the set points. This, of course, leaves us with outcomes of false alarms (AGAIN ALL THE TIME). We end up ignoring these alarms, and again, like previously mentioned, another supporting fact that the main point of having these cameras becomes useless! 👎🏻 One of our cameras powered by solar, suddenly stopped charging the battery. Solar panel is only about a year old. The battery was just recently sent as a replacement after I called customer support for the problem. Replacement did not solve the problem; new battery still doesn’t charge, keeps on losing its power. I don’t think solar power is scarce where we live especially this summer! Bottomline is, the main point of having these cameras simply becomes useless given these reasons!

- Good hardware, so-so software

It took me sometime to setup this unit to my router at home. It’s a fairly modern router with both 5g and 2g antennas. Initially I could not get it to connect at all to my main router until I connected it to an old router I have laying around. I let the unit update itself while it was connected to the old router. I changed the WiFi setting to connect to my main router and finally it connected. The other big issue I have is that when The camera is only showing black and white (night mode) all the time once installed on my front door. I am in an apartment that has a well lit hallway. When I tested this inside my apartment, the video showed color so I know the hardware is good. The fact that the software does not have a setting to turn night mode off is an annoyance. The black and white is in such a high contrast that there facial features are washed out. Pretty makes it useless. I am keeping the unit in hopes that this last issue gets addressed soon. Otherwise, I am looking to return it and just get something other than Ring. Putting up the unit is super simple. Everything is included that you need to install it.

- Pretty good so far

We just got this last night so this is our first full day using it but so far it’s been a good addition to our home. We live in an apartment complex and I like to keep an eye on things from time to time and now I can do it without people knowing. I recently caught a kid trying to mess with my car and after finding out that it was a group of teens attempting to break into tenants cars I told my fiancé to go buy a ring doorbell. I feel a little safer now that I can keep an eye on things. Haven’t had anyone ring it yet other than my fiancé as a test but it’s very cool that I can communicate with people without opening my door. I don’t trust people anymore so I’d rather not open my door for just anyone. I will update my review after a few weeks of use. We’ve now had this about two weeks and I love it. I have been able to send solicitors away from my couch without opening the door. It really has given me peace of mind knowing who’s out there and not having to always open my door to deal with a person.

- Issues with doorbell 2 motion settings

I have a Ring doorbell 2 and a few spotlight cams. The camera quality is awesome and it was a breeze to set up. I’ve been pretty happy with the products but I do have a problem with the Ring doorbell 2 giving a motion alert on hot days when a car drives past my house. I have the motion alert on the shortest distance of about 5 feet and the street is about 30-40 feet from my doorbell. The smart alert setting is set to light. There are a few updates I wish you would add in the future. One is the ability to motion snooze all devices at the same time. For example, when I cut my grass I motion snooze each of my devices. It would be nice to be able to select all of my devices instead of having to snooze each one individually. The second update would be for the motion zones on the Ring doorbell 2. It would be easier to adjust the distance if the actual camera view came up just like it does for the spotlight cam instead of the top view with no camera live view.

- Lacking internal smarts

My ring doorbell is wired yet the battery still drains and makes the ring loose the live view functionality. When the motion recording starts it only records for 40 seconds regardless of whether the person is still there or even when the person rings the doorbell after the motion recording has started the recording will cease at 40 seconds and shut off. A couple of times I've had the video shut off at the most crucial moment when someone has barely arrived at the front door the video shuts off. 2 years later Make the video recording longer. People approach the doorbell and the motion detects them and starts recording, they walk up the entrance up to the door, they ring the ring doorbell and stand around talking about how my dog is barking and the video goes black because in 42 seconds the recording has ended and I don’t know what happened after that. Two minutes later the motion detector activated again and catches the foot of one of the guys leaving and keeps recording nothing for the next 41 seconds. If someone rings the doorbell make the ring recording at least 2 minutes long.

- Recent update has “Solar Panel Status”

The update which they added “solar panel status “ under the device health shows does not detect my solar panel at all and tells me I need to add a solar panel when I’ve always had one attached to my spotlight cam. Not sure what’s going on, so when I contacted Ring support they told me to climb up to my cam and make sure the panel is plugged in and not damaged. Ok so I’ve had this panel for a year now and the battery didn’t have a problem charging but lately it’s not charging much. It’s not damaged either. So maybe the app is damaged and need another update. I deleted and downloaded the app again and it still says the same thing. Okay, what Ring has to understand is ppl don’t have time to climb and move or detach anything. Why would this even need to be done. My cam and solar panel has sat up high almost off top of the edge of the roof without any problems so what would cause it to get damaged all of a sudden or unplug itself. Not sense at all. Everything else works (Ring pro and spotlight cam), not sure why the panel and the app are inconsistent though.

- Unreliable power

We’ve had the Ring Pro for around a year now. It loses power steadily and consistently to where a reset of the breaker is required for it to pop back up to the power needed. We have installed the correct transformer (30va) and then upgraded the transformer again (40va) to supply a little bit more power to the doorbell. We have the pro-power kit bypassing the internal mechanical chime, as directed by ring. I have spent many hours with ring support over the last year and they have yet to suggest a fix that has worked and are unwilling to admit this may be a defect, as I’ve read it’s a problem amongst other ring users. It has been suggested to hire an electrician to rewire our home. I would rather buy a video doorbell that doesn’t require an insane amount of babysitting to work properly before spending money to rewire our house (that is not old and does not have outdated wiring). When the doorbell has adequate power after a reset, it works great with timely notifications and clear video. Then the power drops a few mv per day until it goes offline and it needs another reset, which is every 1-2 weeks.

- Good Equipment, Decent App

Right off the top I’ll say the ring equipment is pretty good at doing what it’s advertised to do. The connection to any wireless device can sometimes be a bit delayed, but that may be more due to internet traffic then Ring itself. When connected it works very well. The sensitivity settings are “OK” at best as they seem to be either non-existent, or to darn sensitive, despite your software settings. I have my Ring Doorbell hardwired into the doorbell wiring for power so I can’t speak as to the battery life. As for the App: very well laid out app and pretty simple and easy to use. It stacks up a mountain of detections pretty quickly which you need to delete if you don’t want to have a full storage setting. (NOTE TO THE APP TEAM HERE!!) It would be very helpful, actually extremely helpful if there were a “Delete All” button to delete the recordings of detected movements. All in all this has been one technology device that I feel was well worth the money, and I plan to expand my system with Ring floodlights.

- This review is about the app only

I love that more features have been added over time. The app is well thought out. The only thing I would love to see added is a vibration setting added to the sounds. My motion alerts go off even when I’ve turned down the sound on my the phone. I don’t want to mute the alerts because I need to know what’s going on at home. But, it’s annoying to have the app make noise when I’m in a meeting and I can’t quiet the dumb app. Please add a vibrate only option. Also, I have to agree with the previous reviewer. My cameras never captures any individual in front of the camera as the approach. They only capture a video image after the person is already leaving the camera view. I have worked with the tech team on multiple occasions to source out the issue. I have been told it is either that my Wi-Fi is strength is not stable enough even though the camera is located less than 5 feet away from the WAP or the angle of the camera is not correct. This fall I am upgrading my internet to 1gig fiber. Let’s the fixes the Wi-Fi issue.

- Works when it wants to.

I really wanted to love the Ring Pro 2, but it only works when it wants to. I’ve done every different variation of troubleshooting available. I’ve been in contact with customer service who blamed my connection. That is NOT the issue here - I test my internet speed and it’s always well above the threshold. I went as far as to move my router to be literally right next to my doorbell device - it still said “good” connection but still would not work, even after resetting everything. I’m not sure why customer service was quick to blame my connection speed instead of the doorbell not working as it was marketed to work but I wish there was a better solution. I spent good money on this thing and it doesn’t work near as well as it should. When the device does decide to work, it works ok - nothing spectacular. I feel the video quality has gone down from when I first purchased/set up the device. Overall, do some research and spend some extra money to get a device from a different company so you’re not constantly disappointed like I am (and like it seems many others are as well.)

- Don’t waste your $ on the peephole cam

I have the new peephole cam and it worked great for the first month...until the free subscription ran out. Now every time I get a motion notification detection the camera can’t even connect to a live view. So if someone is at my door or moving outside my door I can’t open the app to view live. The app shows an error like my internet is not strong enough. I mean it was strong enough to send me a notification of movement! Not to mention if you turn on notifications but you don’t check them for a day (because you know that all the notifications were of you leaving or entering your own house) the app automatically turns off notifications without notifying you. I’m so disappointed with this product. I refuse to pay for a subscription with any company that uses a breakdown in their products to force me into a subscription. On top of all this there are so many articles online about how Ring has had a breakdown in their own security of their customer’s private information. This product is worse than useless. You’d be better to spend the $200 on a guard dog to protect you. At least you’d have a shot of feeling actual safety.

- False Notifications

I have purchased 1 Ring Pro Doorbell and 4 Ring Floodlight Cams. My RSSI's are in the 40's and 50's which are considered good. I have 100 MBPS of Internet which is more than enough speed. I've upgraded my router and added extenders. I am constantly getting false notifications. I have my settings on people. That's as low as you can set it. At night it is even worse for some reason. It gotten to the point, I have to cut the switches off at night because they are going off every few minutes. It's here is now way you can sleep like that. The lights are like they are on a timer. They are constantly going on and off. They are on about a minute and then off about a minute. I called Ring support. They told me I needed to lower my RSSI, which I have done to no effect. Customer support is of little help. All they concentrate on is the RSSI's. They even told me because I have a brick house, it made it harder for the signal to pass through. I'm thinking seriously of returning them. It's pitiful that this is the best Ring can do. Also it takes forever for the app to open to live view. Someone could be in you house before the app evens opens. I would give them a zero if I could.

- Live View Hardly Works Updated

Seriously wondering if there are problems with the app. Sometimes live view works, but mostly doesn’t. Internet is good. Waiting for the Ring pro with hopes it will improve. If not I’ll be sending everything back. Upset that not only have I spent additional money, but can’t get back the money I paid the electrician to hardwire it. The more I look into this, the more complaints I see about the same thing. I have the Ring doorbell 2 by the way. Update: Got the Ring Pro and plugged it in about 7 feet from the door. Funny thing was it asked me if I wanted to go ahead with the setup because my connection was good. Tried several times and would not connect to the doorbell. Moved it to an outlet in our laundry room which was an addition to the house so it was closer and it finally worked. It has been working better, but still have trouble with live view occasionally. Giving 3 stars because I feel they should be up front about the fact you need the chime pro and you have to have it very close to the doorbell or nothing works.

- I hate ring

I hate the stupid ring app and all of their products. I have issues with my ring doorbell, driveway, and the app everyday. My ring doorbell stopped working and I can’t even get it to work. We’ve had the doorbell for around 3 years, so it should still be working fine. If 3 years is its lifespan, then I don’t recommend their products because that would be a waste of money. Not to mention, their help center on the app is so retarded. I can’t even talk to a real person, even though that’s who they claim you are taking to when you use the live chat. I was trying to get help, as I was having a difficult time with my ring subscription. Even though I had my payment on auto pay, they made me subscribe manually, which is very strange. Along with this, I can’t even view my recordings from when my subscription was expired, although they still show up on my dashboard. This is somewhat understandable, but they should maybe offer an option to where you can view them (by paying, of course). The camera quality is also crap, I sometimes can’t make out a persons face when I zoom in. Honestly, save yourself the trouble, the money, and the stress.

- Equipment works pretty good. App not so much.

So I have had this system for about a year and a half. The equipment performs well, even the outdoor solar cameras work well except in sub zero weather which makes me have to recharge batteries manually every other week until spring/summer. Camera quality is good until you zoom in which is to be expected. Doorway sensor batteries are still 100% supposedly according to my app. All in all I like this system and recommend it. My only real complaint is that lately for the last 7-8 months. The app freezes after being in it for about a minute or so, doesn’t matter what I’m doing in the app(changing settings, viewing videos, live feed, neighbors alerts etc.) it just freezes and I have to restart the app every time. I have had this issue on both my IPhone X and my newer IPhone 11 consistently. My WiFi is good and reaches every camera, motion sensor, door sensor etc. Ring do you have a fix for this? I can’t be the only one having this issue.. giving 3/5 stars.. 5 once this is fixed.

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@1BlakGal Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Peace of mind is tied to always being able to see and hear whoever is at your home. If you could, please send us a DM with the model of Doorbell you have? We look forward to supporting you further.


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Do you recognise this male?? Christmas time always see a spike in opportunistic thieves and we want to ensure you and your property are safe. Ring doorbells have become a popular tool for securing the home and there are many cost effective alternatives.

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dean going out and buying cas a promise ring, finding the most perfect ring to match his. coming home, showing cas, and slipping it onto his finger, cas always touching it in some way, reminding himself that dean — dean winchester loves him.

🎄 🌟 🎅 Merry Christmas Suprun 🎄 🌟 🎅

I did have an uncle on my dad's side who volunteered at his firehouse behind his home. He turned 90 this year and I will always remember Nick letting me ring the bell on their blue fire engines. On my mom's side both her brothers volunteered for the local rescue squad.

Lady Z

@ReeInspired I agree with you, sis. My father is a pastor who never leaves home without his ring. He even thanks "his wife" from the pulpit. If you only knew how many women I've had to scare off in the past and occasionally today because my mother is busy and can't always make every service.


Yes they brought parang and knives. 🥲 my mom begged them not to take her wedding ring but they took it regardless. I will always remember the day i called my home, crying, asking if my parents are okay. No, i wont forgive those fuckers.. ever. Rot in hell.

Ring - Always Home 5.33.0 Screenshots & Images

Ring - Always Home iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ring - Always Home iphone images
Ring - Always Home iphone images
Ring - Always Home iphone images

Ring - Always Home (Version 5.33.0) Install & Download

The applications Ring - Always Home was published in the category Utilities on 2014-11-19 and was developed by Ring.com [Developer ID: 926252660]. This application file size is 585.12 MB. Ring - Always Home - Utilities app posted on 2020-11-24 current version is 5.33.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ring

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