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Watch over your home from your iPhone, iPad or Mac with Ring’s Wi-Fi connected Video Doorbells and Security Cameras.

Ring connects to your Wi-Fi network and sends you instant alerts when people press your Doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. When you answer the alert, you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

All Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras stream live HD video and two-way audio straight to your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Ring devices also feature advanced motion detection, so you can focus on the most important areas of your home. And with a free 30-day trial of Ring Video Recording, you can save, review and share all your Ring videos at anytime with anyone.

Whether you’re on vacation halfway around the world, or just too busy with the kids upstairs, Ring lets you watch over your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home.

Ring Features

- High-definition video
- Wide-angle camera lens
- Two-way talk
- Advanced motion detection
- Infrared night vision
- Video recording
- Lifetime purchase protection

Ring - Always Home App Description & Overview

The applications Ring - Always Home was published in the category Utilities on 2014-11-19 and was developed by Ring.com. The file size is 463.24 MB. The current version is 5.14.1 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

This new update includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, and the following new features:

Two-Factor Authentication - Protect your Ring account with a new layer of security.

SOS for Ring Alarm - Request emergency help or sound the alarm with just a tap and a swipe, right from the dashboard.

Your feedback makes the Ring app better for everyone. Send suggestions to [email protected]

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Porch monkey!

Added another cam  Porch monkey!  5 star

Seems to work ok.


App needs moderators  Fresh801  1 star

The app has turned into a Facebook posting app.Nothing but worthless post. Example: kid walked across my yard,Lady knocked on my door. These are not crimes and they are not helping the community by making something out of nothing.Since this has a monthly subscription for premium users of ring devices,The app needs to have moderators to deem post worthy of crime prevention.This could fix the app back to 5 stars.


Not sure  Mortisha718  2 star

Having issues right now,1st my friend tested it but then it wasn’t active so I lost almost 2 weeks of the free trial,the motion is annoying cas it’s set off by everything I gotta figure out how 2 change that I mean would be great at my family’s house just my door is 2 close 2 the sidewalk,it tells me the bell is good voltage wise in the day but guess not at night so I dunno if that means I should return it,I also have WiFi issues got an extender seemed like it was working then I did the update now I’m having trouble so not sure what it is but I’m not getting live feed,I can’t see any playbacks it says “a server with specified host name could not be found”....... guess I’ll play around w it later,I heard a noise woke me up n saw a motion alert at the same time didn’t think it was from outside but wanted to check history now I just wanna go back to sleep


Loading Problem  Vain1988  3 star

Always acting up loading when you get a notification. But than again customer service always assumed it has to do something with the WiFi and the distance of rings. LIES!!!!!


Getting worse  Phatmax97  1 star

Ever since the latest update 5.14.1 my ring products and app have not been working right. Losing wifi signal constantly. Didnt start until i updated the app on 6/23/19. Please fix


App Added (Useless) Extra Steps  gsorum  2 star

The newest version of the app now requires 4 (!) steps to activate the camera! There were already too many steps to answer the doorbell. And now the screen is filled with notices that it isn't recording because our subscription expired. We are aware of that and choose not to pay for recording. Not helpful and makes using Ring remind us that it's all about more money and not about what I've already purchased.


Ringg  xxdreadheadxxx  4 star

Honestly so far the ring has been quite sufficient in supplying my needs to see when I am gone... visual qualites & audio aren’t all great but it’s still good, but one thing I suggest is when someone’s approach or near. Highlight that thing. Therefore something as a animal or a bug going by isn’t gonna make my worst nightmares come true.

James Sac

Ring is a scam  James Sac  1 star

When I purchased the product no where on the box did it indicate that you need to pay for a monthly service for the product to work. I complained to Ring and they gave me 6 free months of service and indicated that they were working on changing this. Now my 6 months of service is up and they have not changed their policy and I can no longer return the product. Do purchase the product unless you want to have a monthly fee to use it.


DO NOT UPDATE  Rdzins  1 star

When I pull my app up now it says it is offline. Even though the system is working.


Discouraged  TIMBERLAND  2 star

I don’t know what the hell is going on with this ring. After several updates my motion detection doesn’t work at all... hell u can wave your hand and nothing at all. Just brought the Chime with WiFi and still not working. This is making me upset


Back to feeling unsafe.  J-F-H  1 star

Wish I knew before purchasing that my internet/Nbn wasn’t fast enough. Visitors are long gone by the time I’m notified. I bought this as security device but going back to a traditional door bell. This was and expense that I really can’t afford. Also wish there was an option for a sound alert when there is a motion at the front door.


Amazing Product!  MissSJC  5 star

We have had our Ring for almost a year. Several friends also have them. I can’t speak highly enough as to how reliable and user friendly it is.


Useless if unit is to be on front gate rather than front door  dintbother  1 star

Useless if unit is to be on front gate rather than front door


Needs improvemen  somebodythatyouusrdtoknow  2 star

Although great in principal , the software let's it down. Motion sensitivity is a standard expectation which they gave tried to minimise. However, only offering three zones to ignore, negates the effectiveness of the intended purpose. The software needs to offer much more motion detection ignore zones. Especially horizontally across the upper half of the Field . Wether this is a limitation of the software or the product itself, either way, false motion sensing is a nightmare at present without seriously limiting it's sensing abilities rendering it void and unusable. I've had to resort to using a marker across the lens to make it work....not satisfied when a software solution word be a better fix


Doorbells  Whiterex1  2 star

Great when working, but I have waited 15 minutes so far and still cannot access!!!!


Good concept but slow  kmr2010  2 star

Extremely slow to open the app and I have an iPhone 10. By the time it opens the people are walking away. Please work on this


App is stupidly slow to load, subscription is too expensive  TisMe!!!  1 star

The app takes forever to load (iPhone XR) so by the time I’m actually in the app and loaded the video, people are walking away from the door - the doorbell is within 2 metres of a Wifi AP and has full signal The subscription is overpriced for 1 device, and only available in USD so you have to pay a conversion - there is very limited functionality without a subscription and no option to record to a local network device like many other options out there

wayne mudge

Best value and performance  wayne mudge  5 star

I was told of Ring by a friend. It was easy to install and works a dream. I was in N.E. Thailand and received notification that my doorbell had rung back in Sydney. From the other side of the world I was able to talk to the pest control man who had rung the door bell.

Gardener george

Great App  Gardener george  5 star

Ring are a very professional company, their iPad and iPhone apps work in portrait and landscape, they’re comprehensive and show all the features of the video doorbells, security cameras and chimes. There is a lag in the time the chime rings and the doorbell is pressed, and the security cameras drop out from the wifi so at anytime only two out of my three devices will give me a live view. However if someone trips the motion sensor a video is taken and is kept in the cloud, for perusal or downloading. The cloud facility costs me au$150 per year for all the cameras etc on our house. I believe it’s a must or the system is a waste of time and just a toy. Reading a review from JB HiFi I have a mesh system and make sure the 2.4Ghz is not on channel 12 or 13 as some of the equipment will not connect. As I said my wifi still drops out, it’s easy to reconnect but it shouldn’t drop out. The cameras are ok but the app is very good. I’m glad I bought Ring equipment, none are perfect.


Latest version is useless  yoursoftwareiscrap  1 star

latest version - video no longer works at all. live view and doorbell videos are just black screens.


Live view extra step  toonslow  2 star

The latest update added an extra step to get to the live view and slowed it way down. The time you get the live feed it takes so long what you wanted to see is gone.


Great Product!!!  Tubbyp003  4 star

The cameras are great, the only reason I didn’t leave a 5 star rating is because with the battery spotlight cameras the motion settings are not real clear. I can only turn on or off left, middle, and right zones for motion setting. Hopefully Ring will update the app so the user can see the camera view and mask out certain areas. In my case I have plants the move when the wind blows and sets off my motion. Please update App

Pat the Tiger

Not sending notifications  Pat the Tiger  3 star

I have notifications enabled on my phone and enabled for the Ring app but the app device settings panel says notifications are not enabled. Have liked this app but it has stopped working properly.


Use to be great, now not worth it  Drew&Jen  2 star

When I first got the ring about a year ago, it was awesome! If there was motion it would notify me I would open the app and see what going on. I could always go back to the history or open up the camera on live view. NOW after all these updates I don’t always get notified of someone’s at my door. It only shows events from yesterday and I can NEVER see the live camera! It just spins and spins and spins.


Slow  Rossking2  1 star

The have to many things loading I use for alarm and it takes 10 seconds to load the app I should get alarm panel instant and then let test keep loading


Updates 5.14.0 & 5.14.1 volume issues..  screammaker  3 star

Volume of a video or live view in Timeline is extremely low when app is initially opened. After a minute or so of watching a video or live view the volume increases to normal. If you close the app and open again, or change to different camera view, the low volume issue occurs again. This low volume issue is only in the Timeline feature. The History view of videos has normal volume. (iPhoneX)


Update  dittoaw  1 star

I would think that updates would make the ring work better and more efficient, but the past few updates have only made it worse, everything I get is delayed, what’s the point of getting the notification late? I know it’s not my internet connection either, I’m using the fastest internet possible for my area. I’m getting late notifications, live view screen sometimes goes blank, sometimes it won’t it connect and I can even see that notification even though it’s 5-10min late. To think if it’s that late you would at least be able to view it, but I guess not. I was really happy with my ring at the beginning and recommended it to all my friends, now I regret doing so, and hope they don’t face the same problems I do. Please fix this problem ASAP.


Using for about 18 months now  illtakeadadbeerplease  5 star

I have been using this app and the “stick up cameras” for about a year and a half. If I were to write this review a few months ago (with the original camera I purchased) - I would have given a 2/5 rating. Ring Customer Service not only honored the warranty, but replaced the faulty camera with a new version of the “stick up cam” and followed up to ensure the new one was working. The new one picks up motion almost instantly, and I am typically able to pick up to speak to the person in time. I also love the neighborhood blog on the app.


Floodlight cam  abmfic  1 star

From the time of an alert, to the time the camera view turns on.... big delay, it’s a ‘bait n switch’ ... on their ads they want you to think that this process from an alert to view is instant, it is NOT.... many times it will just sit and buffer. They tell you it’s your signal, your WiFi, your connections, it’s NOT, I have 3 other camera from a different company 2 of which are 20-30 feet further from my WiFi & they are almost instant on after alerts


Problems  Newjack115  2 star

I thought that the door bell was the answer. Man I was wrong I have ghost images of people coming in and out of my house you can hear them but you can’t see them you can’t talk to them but you can hear them it lags trying to get logged on and by the time it logs on there either in the house or they’re gone I enjoy the concept but it has a lot of problems


Very inconsistent product  RUIP71  1 star

I’ve got a Ring video doorbell and after a month what I think is: DONT BUY IT! It’s not a reliable product! A lot of times when someone hit the bell button or approaches the door the notification is late!!! By the time I get the notification, the person is gone! The other bad part is the 9 out of 10 times I select to connect to the live view it doesn’t show live stream as it just can’t connect even though the doorbell is less then 2 meters from the WiFi router and on the same network of my smartphone! Terrible product!


Not reliable  Irlcol  2 star

It used to work really well. Now every time I open a notification I just get a connection error. Wifi signal is strong. Only works if I close and reopen the recording manually or choose live option manually. Kind of defeats the purpose.


Good in theory not practice  RachelOB1  1 star

Even though I would constantly have very good health in my device and wifi this app rarely works in time and most people have left by the time the app actually connects to the bell


Love it !  Azpaddy  5 star

Got one for Christmas, just busted my teenage son trying to have a free gaff party while I was away. He’s grounded and my house is still in one piece. Whooop Whooop.


Still no HomeKit support  Johnny19w  1 star

Company has announced over and over on Twitter HomeKit support is “coming soon”, since 2016 and it was supposed to arrive in 2018. Bought Ringbell pro on this principle. We’re now in 2019 and others have announced support for HomeKit, not ring. Disappointing.


History  Skelliem1  1 star

I bought this about 4 weeks ago at first I was very pleased history of movement could be viewed that feature is gone my husband scooter was stolen from the garden and sad to say no alert and last but not least battery life is disappointing and it was expensive


Alert tones work intermittently  macrules2010  5 star

Contact does not work. Alert tones are hit and miss. Works after doorbell reset or deleting and reinstalling app and then stops. (Push notification alert works 100%) most other functions of the app work OK


Does not open notifications  Damo8353  2 star

The app is very slow to open, usually does not open notifications and gives an error. This needs to be fixed.

Paul k901

Well worthed the money  Paul k901  5 star

This app is well built, it allows to see whoever is at your doorstep both when you are in and where you are not. If I can make a suggestion I would allow more felxibility in the notification settings (e.g. allow for more sensobility during the day and reduced at night, or somehing like that). Overall great though


iPhone X support?  Nuphor  3 star

App is good, but could do with a refresh with iPhone X support

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