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Wellsite Navigator Unlimited allows users to Search, Map, and Route to well sites in the United States. The Wellsite Navigator Unlimited version contains all functionality that is in the Wellsite Navigator USA version ($19.99) with one big PLUS! All well updates that are made available by SiteFinder GPS can be accessed by users of this App at no additional charge. With the Wellsite Navigator USA App ($19.99), users are required to purchase a monthly data subscription to gain access to the monthly well updates. With Wellsite Navigator Unlimited, ALL well site updates are included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Now available (via in-app purchase) is our NEW Show Wells feature. Customers are now able to use this additional feature to display all wells on the mapping within a specific geographical region. This feature also provides you with the ability to route to all wells that are displayed on the mapping.

The following states are included in the application: Texas, North Dakota, California, Arkansas, Utah, Wyoming, Alabama, Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia and Ohio.

Please contact us if you don't see your desired state on the list.

Users can save favorites and view recently searched well sites as well as export their Favorites list along with 'Share' (email) well site information with a friend. We are continuously looking for ways to enhance this very popular navigation app. Please feel free to provide your comments regarding how we can make the Wellsite Navigator Unlimited App even more useful!

We work diligently to provide as complete and up to date a product as possible however we are limited by data that is available for each State. Completeness of data varies by State.

WellSite Navigator USA Unlimited App Description & Overview

The applications WellSite Navigator USA Unlimited was published in the category Navigation on 2014-11-19 and was developed by Sitefinder GPS. The file size is 23.30 MB. The current version is 1.0.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Search results are once again sorted by distance from your current location

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Search  lethalyoyo  5 star

Just updated my review wells back to searching by distance yay can find well in my town now thank you so much love this app I've been using it since the start.

Unlimited for a reason

UNLIMITED  Unlimited for a reason  1 star

I paid for the "unlimited" version so I wouldn't have to pay for additional features or updates. Why do I need to pay an additional $9.99 for a feature to save my wells instead of clearing them every 30 min-1 hour like it does now? This feature should be standard, not a way to gouge your customers! I use this app all the time but I become extremely frustrated when I go back to look at all the wells I spent time searching for are gone and I have to search them again.


Please help me  Jose.Benitez1973  2 star

Hello I am Jose Benitez, I own a IPhone 6s. I recently purchased this app, but it is not working very well for me. Every time I need to find a well it has me park on a street instead of exactly where I need to be. If you can please contact me as soon as possible and help me it will greatly be appreciated. Thankyou


App is not working after 8.2 update  wtalley22  4 star

I absolutely love this application. I rely heavily on it everyday. But since I've updated to the ISO 8.2 it will not allow me to search. I paid $50.00 for the unlimited version. I would great appreciate if you guys would fix the current problem. Thanks!


No no no  Emanon428  1 star

This app doesn't even work! 50 bucks down the drain. How do I get my money back👎👎👎👎👎

West Tx Crude Hauler

Stopped working  West Tx Crude Hauler  5 star

Updated to 8.2 on iPhone and now app stopped working won't search! please update asap I rely heavily on this app to navigate around. Other than this issue it had been working fine!

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