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Make dance videos with your favorite sounds - show off your dancing skills with your fav songs, get trending on the Feed, and share with your followers and friends!

Dubsmash always has the freshest sounds and beats updated daily - find them in Trending, or check out the New and Hot Challenges on the Create tab!

Dance to your own Dub or start & join dance challenges, edit & add filters or captions, add hashtags, and share your Dubsmash videos to the Feed or Instagram, WhatsApp and iMessage!

Follow friends, the best dancers, producers & hashtags - watch some of the best Dubs in the Feed on the Home tab and LIKE the videos to let them know what you think!

Turn on Notifications to see when users Like or Follow you!

All of your Dubs are saved to your Profile for you to watch and share, or see how many others liked and viewed your Dub!

Want to add your own sound for others? Go to Profile Sounds to hit record and upload fresh new clips to Dubsmash.

/// Dubsmash is the funnest way to create dance videos with the world’s largest selection of sounds from your favorite songs plus movies & TV shows from around the internet! ///

Download Dubsmash for free today!


- Record a video with sounds from music, TV & movies
- Dance to your fav songs and challenge friends
- Add filters, captions & hashtags to make your Dubs shine and get discovered

- Search for sounds, @users, #hashtags and quotes
- Follow other users and get notified when they post, and see them in the Feed

- Post great Dubs to get Likes & Follows
- Let other users know about your @username so they can find you
- Turn on Notifications to see when others Like or Follow you!

- See the latest from Dubsmash users like you
- Get your best videos featured and trending
- Trending is updated daily!

- All Dubs get saved to your profile - your videos in one place to watch again & share!
- Control which Dubs you want other users to see
- Find your Favorites in one place
- Record and upload new sounds for your Dubs

- Share your Dubs on Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, iMessage, text messages and more
- All Public Dubs have the chance to be featured and seen in the Feed!

Dancers: we love you and want to hear from you - DM us on Instagram @dubsmash

Feedback? Email us at [email protected]

Dubsmash - Dance & Lip Sync App Description & Overview

The applications Dubsmash - Dance & Lip Sync was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-11-18 and was developed by Mobile Motion GmbH. The file size is 35.95 MB. The current version is 4.13.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- Discover suggested users and sounds throughout the app
- A sleeker user profile to show off your Dubsmash vids

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Dubsmash - Dance & Lip Sync Reviews


Real Fun  luvhoney_318  4 star

I like this app a lot and i have fun on it and its kind of like instagram the ONLY thing i would add is that they should have all the privates saved in one spot like how Tik Tok has it but other than that its LITTT🥢

Layla .A

App not downloading  Layla .A  4 star

This app is not downloading. I have found multiple apps today and downloaded them, but this one doesn’t seem to work. Other than that, I like it.

Kloie h.❤️

I LOVE DUBSMASH❤️❤️  Kloie h.❤️  5 star

Instagram, Tik Tok, ect. You can’t do as much as you can on dubsmash. On dubsmash you can show off how u dance and only how u dance. You don’t just post whatever is in your camera roll👍🏽

eat doritos

Not letting me download the app  eat doritos  1 star

Not letting me download the app

f f mvyhycyhrc

Girl hahahahaha  f f mvyhycyhrc  5 star

This app is really good


I LOVEEE THISSS💜!  shortkiddo.jai_  5 star



I don’t know how to get back my username and I don’t know my email  aga263),  4 star

I don’t know how to get back my username and I don’t know my email

my review on dumsmash😶

Overall  my review on dumsmash😶  2 star

Ok so when I had deleted this app then download it again I did all the things and it says my password is incorrect and I’m frustrated I feel like this is not a good thing


WAYYY BETTER THAT TIK TOC  jaedaisdaqueen  5 star

This is way better that tik toc it has a better variety of songs and EXCELLENT QUALITY


Dubsmash delivery  niyeupnext  4 star

After all Dubsmash is a really developed app it’s been getting better over time . But what I think would make it better if you could see how many likes you have in total kind like on TikTok but y’all can be creative and design the heart differently. Other then that I think the app is fine and pretty delightful


DO NOT DOWNLOAD!  Mark19742  1 star

I was on this and I thought it was amazing. It was no big deal and all. I left the app but a few years later and I was looking to check if my emails were pwned, and my email was! From dub smash! Don’t download so you don’t get pwned like I did! The app wasn’t as good as I thought it was anymore, and then I get pwned a few years later. Unbelievable.

strawberrry gal 4 ever & ever

Dub smash is the bomb  strawberrry gal 4 ever & ever  5 star

Omg !! Where do I start?? So many memories! Absolutely one of my favourite apps to just play on when I was younger. New update makes it a little bit confusing on how do you use but I haven’t used it since probably 2016 so I can’t really say much, but what I remember of it it’s the best thing ever! The other day I found some of my old dub smash videos and it just was so funny and it just brought back so many memories of me making videos with my friends and just overall it’s a really great app!


Ashley Yang  Pwincess_Yang  3 star

Can I get my likes up to 100 in every video


GDPR compliance  RhemyD  1 star

Dubsmash had their passwords leaked in a breach in 2019 along with other critical personal information. The company did not contact but rather haveIbeenPawned.


Dubsmash  PiscesAH  5 star

Literally amazing just quite a few ads I loved it and would recommend to kids that like tiktok/musica.ly Aged about 11 and up


Dubsmash  XxNourraxX  5 star

Dubsmash is one of the most fun apps to do when your bored you can post video you can like videos and you can follow people


For the people who think this is just “a copy of tik tok”  Dogeking4thewin  3 star

This is the og musically and tik tok, it was around like a year before these 2


Amazing  AHakit  5 star

Amazing game that everyone should play


BRING BACK CUT FEATURE  123bellajulz321  1 star

I used to love dub smash because of the cut feature but they took it away I recommend this app but its not as good anymore


Yay  ttllkkdd  1 star

Yay u did it thanks y’all


🥰  tyarrabrikk  5 star



It won’t let me download  sovidaa  5 star

I’ve had this app before but I deleted it .. I want it back & it’s not letting me download 💀..


Glitch  HeWasNumber1  1 star

When i tried to sign up, it Would not go past the enter email page ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ please fix Dubsmash ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️


Can’t block  someoneeeeeeeeeewee  3 star

I love dubsmash but I feel like it’s a bit unsafe because you can’t even block! What if someone wants to block someone who they don’t like or is harassing them?! When I press block all it does is make that person unfollow them but they can still the person’s page. If this doesn’t get fixed than I’m going to delete this app and I’ll make all of my friends delete it too. A bunch of my friends have dubsmash so fix it please!


Okay  Leah12131213  3 star

Dubsmash is a great app but the thing is I used to log in with facebook but they have gotten rid of that, I can’t remember my password and I’ve tried to change it multiple times. Every time i’ve changed it and tried to log in it tells me the password is incorrect. Am I the only one with this problem?


About how dumsmash is doing on my phone  slayalldaylol  5 star

Hey girls and boys I know things is loading so slow same thing as my phone is doing thanks girls and boys. Now dum smash is a really fun game but it loads slower than it used to that’s all I wanted y’all to know


Its bad  bot2323  1 star

It is horrblie this app is so bad alot of kids under 13 are on the app


Dubsmash’s database breached  YvonneMoreno  3 star

I got notified by my credit monitoring service that Dubsmash had an alleged database breach on December 2018. Passwords and usernames were exposed. I would check with CreditKarma or ask Dubsmash if your info was exposed too. Especially if you use the same password for multiple things!


NO... 😠  Scorpiōn  1 star

REVERT!!!!!! I hate the new dubsmash, deleting right away


Emoji  shykhia  4 star

Let elsnadd emoji like add an an emoji icon


Fun  rudolpino  4 star

Great fun!!!


Eliza ky  ellemoss88  5 star

Change the store my dear then u will be able to download. Kisses from crumlin area 🥂


THEY WANT ALL YOUR INFO  Leeman111  1 star

Redownloaded this as I had it years ago and remember it being a lot of fun. Now they want all your info before you can use the app! I gave them a bunch of fake info and then when I gave the app ago it’s just a pile of $***. Go back to version 1!

Eliza Ky

TRASH  Eliza Ky  1 star

It keeps saying the new version is now in stores. I pressed download and then it brought me to the App Store and it said new version isn’t available in the Irish stores😡😡🤬and then when I go back to the app it won’t get me off the ‘new version’ page and that means I can’t even use the app😡😡so trashhhh even most of my friends deleted this app😡🤦🏽‍♀️


PUT IT ON THE IRISH STORE!!!!!!😡😡😡  kevbonia  1 star

Put it on the Irish store !!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡


rubbish app  zozobiz  1 star

I have tried 10 times to download this app and ten times it failed because I live in Ireland WE HAVE LiVES TOO!!DO NOT BY THiS STUPID APP U WILL WASTE YOUR TIME!!put Dubsmash in the Irish store!!😡


Frustrating doesn’t work in Ireland  Ankitw89  1 star

Keeps showing new version available download to proceed. And after app store opens it says not available. Cant get it to work


The Worst and Most Frustrating App Ever😡😭👎🏻🖕🏼  LARFISH20  1 star

I spent ages trying to download it and deleted so many apps therefore losing the progress, and ten I try and turn it on and it says I need a different app and I'm like alright so I try download it and it says, "Has not been released in Irish store" ANYONE WHO LIVES IN IRELAND DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP!!!!!


Get it on the Irish store!!!!  ClaraCon  1 star

Can't get the new version on the irish store so I can't see any of the dubs that I made and I need some of them

Queen LDShadowlady

I hate ye  Queen LDShadowlady  5 star

Yer the worst

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