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Play and discover tens of millions of songs and videos hand curated by music experts – totally ad-free.

TIDAL is a global music and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans together through unique music and content experiences.

• Listen to all of your favorite music
Over 56 million tracks and over 225,000 videos at your fingertips.

• The highest quality audio available
No compromises. Just pure sound. With our lossless audio experience and high fidelity sound quality, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended.

• Anytime & Anywhere
Enjoy TIDAL on any device, whenever and wherever you want, including offline.

• Artists at work here
Our content is hand-curated by music experts and the artists themselves. Original playlists, podcasts, video series & documentaries celebrate the creators and their craft.

• Exclusive Content
Be the first to experience music & videos you can’t get anywhere else.

•Be Our Plus One with TIDAL X
Whether we’re livestreaming a concert or hosting an exclusive event, TIDAL X makes sure our members get exclusive access to tickets, meet-and-greets and behind-the-scenes content.

• Import Your Playlists
Easily transfer your playlists to TIDAL from any streaming service and directly from your files.

You can of course also create playlists, share with friends, listen to artist- or track-based radio, check out artist bios, find similar artists, edit your play queue and much more…

Sign up for a TIDAL subscription in the app, where you can choose between Premium and HiFi. The price of the subscription in your country can be found in the overview below. You will also be informed of the price in the app before signing up. The subscription is automatically renewed and charged on a monthly (30 day) basis. You can cancel it at any time up until the day before renewal and you can at any time turn off the auto renewal from your iTunes account.

By signing up, you agree to TIDAL’s Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Mobile Terms, see http://tidal.com/terms

TIDAL Music - Streaming App Description & Overview

The applications TIDAL Music - Streaming was published in the category Music on 2014-10-23 and was developed by TIDAL Music AS. The file size is 66.80 MB. The current version is 2.6.5 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bugfixes.

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TIDAL Music - Streaming Reviews


Tidal Wave  Jai_Jai  5 star

I absolutely love Tidal, I’ve had this app since 2015. The new improvements to Tidal are great. I have no complaints. Keep up the good work.


Recently played  PhilipThomas  5 star

Thanks Tidal, for fixing the ‘recently played’ bug. Albums now show on iOS. Can we please add a genre radio option?


Music  Cordle101  5 star

I have a 5 star. Cause well i have no complaints for free music. I don’t care if there is a little problem. No ads and free music. Hell im all for it! Thank y’all. Keep the app going. I love it!!!


I ♥️ Tidal  HoodiesOn  5 star

This is by far the best music streaming app available. The interface is intuitive, the music sounds the best, it has all of my favorite HOV/Rocafella music and it’s not Spotify.


This is something to try out!!  Opaf02100  5 star

I appreciate the work put into this app. Way more fulfilling than other apps. With everything this app gives you it makes you wonder when your going to cancel your subscriptions to other music streaming apps and go for this one! Being a boost prepaid member i also received 6 months free service so this is big for anyone who is a boost customer.

The tall person

Horrible  The tall person  1 star

I installed the app to see if it was better then spotify, thinking “oh, this looks much nicer then spotify”. Then go to start playing music, only to find that you can’t do anything with paying to do so. Spotify is genuinely a better music streaming app.


Better than other streaming services  chyany  4 star

App is decent but can you make it where all the artists in our library go under the artists tab and we don’t have to add them. Thanks.


Best quality sound for streaming  Bubba61  5 star

If you care about sound quality, get Tidal. Simple


Has so much  Llamalopez  5 star

I’ve had all the music services ever and this one beats them all and plus it has nickiiiii


Buffer  718ball  4 star

I love HOV and all that. And I want to support a brother. But, the amount of time it takes to simply play a song sometimes is unbearable. Most times it takes up to 30 seconds to start playing a song after selecting it. I have an iPhone X with 4G LTE data. I Iike the sound quality the premium subscription gives me but if that’s means I have to sacrifice my satisfaction in playing music then that means something needs to be fixed! I’m still going to ride with Tidal but please folks at Tidal get it right


Quality  Spindlum  5 star

If you have headphones that cost more than $250 then you’ll need lossless steaming to gain the benefit. This does sound better than Spotify or Apple Music. The app is great and continues to evolve. Good music programming, if not a tad US centric. Love the new ‘My Mix’ feature.


PERRIAT.  Glindybear101  5 star

Best streaming platform out there. Includes videos and Tidal exclusive content. ABSOLUTELY worth your money 😍😍


Chromecast serious problems  geo226732  1 star

Chromecast drop-outs, disconnects and app becomes unresponsive. Spotify rock solid in comparison. Also tried Music Cast to a Yamaha streamer but Tidal app does not recognise Music Cast devices. Forced to access Tidal via Yamaha app which is useless. Spotify does not have this problem so I will stay with Spotify.


Excellent quality music albeit limited selection  1Penaeus  4 star

I love the integration across iPhone, CarPlay, Roon/Tidal, and the sound quality. Like many others, I would like to see more complete albums rather than just single tracks, but that is probably an issue with licensing.


Best sounding  Mus1945  5 star

Speechless the sounds is what the music should be.


Noticeable audio quality  chubefresh  5 star

Great service. Really notice the quality difference compared to Spotify and Apple Music. Tidal is a solid improvement in quality, especially with good headphones. Looking forward to their Masters service to come to iOS.

Lucas.Hedlund Cerantola

Really good!  Lucas.Hedlund Cerantola  4 star

This app is really good! The sound quality is amazing. However, they should add a remote control functionality, similar to Spotify. After that, they’ll get 5 stars!


So bad 😂  alberto396723;  1 star

I compared this app with Apple Music after getting the $40 a month thing for this app and Apple Music for $12 a month has totally better music quality and YES I HAD TIDAL ON THE BEST MUSIC QUALITY OPTION


Great app  Obiwanpeer  5 star

Great app. Would be good to be able to play numbers from all ‘my’ Artists .. random and across all of them that is... in other words all numbers in my entire collection without having to create playlist.. Missing some albums by some artists, especially Emma Shaplins first cd...


Room for improvement...  monotone  4 star

A great app for Tidal subscribers... constantly upgrading the quality of the app. Would be great if it supports Chinese (or other foreign language) text and a remote app to support Tidal desktop.

Mike the Duck Fan

Best ever  Mike the Duck Fan  4 star

I’ve been too many other music sites yours is the Best


Master quality  NikolausAlvarado  5 star

After years of bouncing in and out of a tidal subscription, they added Master quality to mobile. Can tell a huge difference in audio quality from the Google play music and apple music. Here to stay


I love Tidal!  ReedMeFashion  5 star

I would highly recommend Tidal to anyone love great music!


LOVE THIS!  Izlen  5 star

I don’t normally like writing reviews but i HAD to for tidal. My wife uses the Spotify account so i wanted to find a new music app myself. My cousin actually showed my tidal and i can say hands down the best I've used thus far. They have about 98% of the music i look for (i also listen to Japanese music so of course its harder to find). Definitely recommend this service 100%! Nicely done!


BEST MUSIC APP EVER!!  JoJoWhat  5 star

Beyoncé and Jay-Z has done it again! I have Spotify and I choose TIDAL any day. Not only is it “black owned” but Tidal takes you on a musical journey that no other platform could take you. A MUST HAVE!!

chav loves beyoncé

THANK U BEY & JAY  chav loves beyoncé  5 star

i live Tidal. except the one thing where when albums drop it tends to b the “clean” one first & i just need to explicit bc it changes the whooooole context is cool. also it would b great if we could BLOCK certain artist from appearing when we search/when we play the playlists. otherwise, love the app & playlist r mostly 🔥🔥🔥🔥


i gave it a one star is because of the explicit songs .  Lourdesita  1 star

Its a music service like all the others it has pretty much all the songs Only reason i gave it a one star is because of the explicit profanity laced songs constantly with no option to filter or choose the clean versions of the songs .Dont want to censor anyone but provide and option for others


Apple TV app too  BrandonR2785  5 star

The app has always been great. It’s better now that there’s an Apple TV app too. HOVA!!!


Tidal's UI is better than the rest  rlopez7110  5 star

The user interface for Tidal is the best out of all the streaming platforms. It has so many things that make sense while others hide their stuff and you gotta keep tapping to get to the general stuff.

ms khay

Love it  ms khay  4 star

Very good app and I love different types of music really enjoying the 90s R&B and gospel too!!!! 💕


App needs work. Badly.  luodonnell96  1 star

App is littered with problems, scrolling down playlists or charts and it pivots back to a fixed place every time. Laggy interface often. No one will change from Spotify or Apple Music as they simply don’t host these sort of errors. Concentrate on making the app cleaner less glitchy. Then you’ll be able to compete.


Duplication of songs  coco68734284  1 star

You guys need to sort your playlists out I have added songs to a playlist and they duplicate and end up all over the place so I now have a never ending playlist of different songs but each of the different songs is duplicated and further down in the playlist Not impressed as this is a basic feature you should be getting right

Glen Farrelly

Awful  Glen Farrelly  1 star

So apparently this music streaming site offers more sound that’s wrong there is no difference and the monthly subscription is to expensive what a terrible site.


Very disappointing  Bsuofasokndg  1 star

Crap. No charts. Awful playlists. Music saves weird.never updates. Spotify is ten times better switching back now (only moved to tidal for Beyoncés lemonade )


Not paying  AlfredSobakin  1 star

Not signing up to pay for something that won't even allow free playing, This is more about money than music. Don't care if it's exclusive


Came for bey  Hunxo  5 star

Stay for bey


Love it  Andrea1X  5 star

Love it


It's great!  Kriste294  5 star

Came for Kanye stayed for Rihanna. Really good app! Love it!

Chris 96 os

Tidal is great  Chris 96 os  5 star

Tidal is a great music stemming service yes it's more then the regular service but it is worth it they are all ways having bigger and better exclusive music and videos before any were else and u can hear the difference when listing to it much clear and HD I love tidal


Class  Hakeemg6  4 star


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