Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases [Shopping] App Description & Overview

Explore, buy and unlock the best of Nike sneakers. SNKRS provides insider access to the latest launches, hottest events and exclusive releases that Nike has to offer.

Learn about the inspiration and heritage behind your favorite pairs, the untold tales from top athletes and the style secrets from the SNKRS community.

See what’s dropping next and set notifications for the pairs you want most.

Get access to the most coveted drops and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Secure your pair in SNKRS and pick it up at your nearest retailer for a seamless launch day experience.

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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and enhancements.

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases Comments & Reviews

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- Nike SNKRS

I rate this App at 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Customer Service 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Delivery I rate at 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you , SNKRS From ,Michael Crawford

- 就是热爱!


- SNKRS!!!

Finally getting access!


Time after Time I log in to your launches and always lose out on the sneakers I really want. The resellers have the game on lock and don’t give opportunities to true sneaker heads.. Very disappointing for a company like Nike not to have the ability to control this issue. I’m sure you guys as a company are totally aware and are not doing anything. How is it that StockX ends up with the product almost instantly

- Ehh

Win some, lose a ton....

- 1st time I get a pair I want

So I’m just going to get straight to the point. This is the first time I get a pair that I want. I think that’s because of the size of my feet which is a very common size 8.5. I would really like to get more of your products because I’m a sneaker head born in the 80s. I own over a 100 pairs of sneakers which I will pass down to my son one day I hope. But I also think u guys think my account is a bout account which is not. All I’m say is I hope I’m able to get more opportunities to buy ur products that I love. Lastly thanks for the exclusive cope today. Stay safe in this epidemic but don’t stop dropping heat lol

- Can’t buy exclusive drops

Every time I try to buy exclusive or rare shoes at the time it drops it’s sold out within 3 minutes of dropping.and that’s buying it at ten on the dot, keeps declining my multiple cards with money and credit ,(S C A M )then (GOAT)gets them and it’s sky high. I think they are secretly doing business with GOAT or other resellers for mark up or inflation. I’m just saying ,geez

- Shoes show sold out

When certain shoes drop they show sold out on the website as soon as 10 hits. Then you have to sign into a computer and by then the show you want is sold out. I understand the call for demand, but I remember when shoes were able to be bought at anytime not only on a drop day.

- Purchase

I love this app a lot !!! All ways a daily look. Only problem I have I don’t win much. (Twice) Nothing limited. Wish I could buy every pair that comes up. Have the money but not the luck.

- Sneaker Head Must Have

Dope app that keep me up on my Nike Shoe Game!

- Aub blad

Nike snkr is the best sneaker app. Will always buy from this user friendly app.

- Snkrs app should be blocked

It is an app that just gets your info. Alway conducts fraudulent deals.

- Trash

I’m over the Sneakers app. This is the third time I tried to purchase sneaker at exactly 9am, and got the “pending” notification only to received the “sold out” notification a few seconds later. I’m never using this app again.

- Good idea but...

K so the idea of this app is great. It’s supposed to be an easy way to get only shoes and is supposed to be pretty secure. Now if your in the sneaker game you know your not going to get everything and that sometimes it’s your fault. The thing is though it seems like there is always something stupid that happens. Just today on the duck camo reverses I got error after error pages. Or sometimes you won’t get notified (which really if you are really trying to get the shoes that shouldn’t matter because you should know when they drop)or Touch ID won’t work. My account also had issues for a long time and would lock me out and make me verify my account at least 30 times. It’s ridiculous. you sneaker heads know how big February was and March hasn’t been awful either but I have took L after L on every single hype shoe you can think of. Now it’s not all SNKRS a lot of these were on adidas and yeezysupply as well so maybe I’m just bad luck idk. Also if you’re going to get this app you need to have at LEAST three accounts because that’s what I have and at least one of them every time will just get error pages. It’s also the only way you can be the slightest bit competitive. All in all I would say that this app is still probably more reliable than adidas but that’s not saying much. P.S. get your info on the shoes and if they are dropping on another website like footlocker or champs use those sites or apps.

- Too many L’s

Seems like this should be better than a foot race with Bots.

- Gotta W

FINALLY got 1 and a Grail... Thank u

- Why Bother?

When a sneaker drops and you’re watching it drop on your phone, and the second it goes live, it’s already sold out. How is that possible? How could a sneaker be sold out literally 1 second after it drops unless this just a hype machine? So frustrating.

- My first win

Thank you so much Nike. I’ve been wanting these air max 90 especially because I have the og Duck camo pair.

- It does not work

I have an iPhone 10 and the app doesn't work.! don't carry any shoes

- app auto closing

I have had this app for a while now however just recently whenever I open the app it instantly closes and will not let me use the app. I delete and redownload and the app will work fine for the first time opening it but every other time it will quit instantly once i open or try to use it. I want to be able to use this app normally again, please help.

- Urgente !!

Está página es un fraude no son productos originales y además no los Puedes regresar ya ordenándolos te mandan el size que quieren yo muy arrepentida !!

- Simple

Simple, fast and easy to find and purchase sneakers

- Worth a shot

With SNKRS you might get lucky you might not but it’s worth a shot

- This app is awesome

Awesome. That was Easy.

- Got em

Great app don’t get my kicks anywhere else... thank you guys much love

- Yeeee

Best app ever beats waiting in lines

- Bots and raffles

Bots make this an unfair process

- Sneakers 4 Life!

Sneakers app is fantastic! If you love kicks download this app now & get your sneaker life right!

- Best sneaker app

This app is the beast best app on the the App Store

- Thanks from OZ

Excellent go to spot

- 💯

Don’t got it? GET IT...

- The System

The system works sometimes

- Won’t load since update.

I really liked this app until recently. Tried to get a pair of Air Jordan III and they were in my cart and payment was processing them suddenly NOTHING. Now after the 3/16 update it won’t even load. I tap the icon and the orange screen comes up and nothing happens and the app fails to finish loading.

- Wack app

This app used to be great. Now it’s a bunch crap !!!As soon as it’s 9 am on shoes you are waiting for they are instantly sold out !!

- They canceled my order for the second time in one week

They canceled my order for the second time in one week. In the email it says “the order has been canceled as u requested” and I’m 100% sure that I didn’t cancel it and no one has my password to cancel it. Definitely not the best app to buy shoes from.

- Mid Fearless

So i have won my first pair of sneakers off the sneakers app! I am over joyed! So i decided to leave a review finally!

- Should be renamed oops something went wrong

Notify me gets reset - need to check like every day. App freezes a few minutes before each drop and you just gotta cross your fingers you can even get in. Not worth it. Been let down every single drop.

- Great app

Copping the freshest kicks lol

- Nike

Nike have the best looking shoe out there.

- I can never win

I’ll be on the app for 15 minutes before the sneaker drops. I’ll press the button exactly at 10 to order but I can never get a pair.


The app is great for letting you know when new releases will hit the market and reminds you when they do. Recently I’ve missed 3 releases due to the app force closing while trying to select the size of the shoe.

- Bots

I like the application but sometimes I feel like it is really laggy. Please try and control the bots. There should be some sort of policy

- Trash

Everything I click on it says it sold out even the worst shoes

- Should be called BOTS

How in the hell do you sell out in seconds??? I mean seconds not minutes... literally wait for 10am to hit and you immediately go to sold out.. trash. Straight trash.

- Bad

I deleted the app because it was not working then when I went to download it, it started saying purchase failed. Then after restarting my phone it just loaded and went back to the little cloud image

- ur servers r trash

ur servers are so trash that i had to start over like 6 times, only to not acquire the shoe on 2k, like how u gon advertise a shoe and then have have trash servers making it impossible to get the shoe, you dumb, u look pitiful, u look so stupid rn, u dumber then when fortnite took out run and buffed the mechs


Love this app. I wish I can win more hyped new releases.

- My SNKRS cam don’t work

I have iPhone 6 and my SNKRS cam doesn’t work it’s like a black screen and I’m trying to unlock Adapt bb 2.0 Chicago shoes

- Great App

Hard to obtain some releases as the app often either crashes or kicks you out during the buying process overall great app.

- Bot heaven

Good look trying to get any sneakers on here, I’ve never hit on a limited release on here. It’s ridiculous, bots attack this app like no tomorrow.Im just gonna use it to stay updated on what’s coming out from now on.

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- Bots

Need to fix this bot problem

- useless

what’s the point of having an app when people with bots checkout and you lose out on a sneaker and having to settle for the resale market.

- Sneaker Drops are horrible on this app. The drop was at 10

Sneaker Drops are horrible on this app. The drop was at 10 and I literally was on the dot on tome and still missed out! You guys have to do something about bots ordering shoes. Very very disappointed in this app

- Kids don’t get a chance

There are resellers out there that are using 4 computers at once or are managing “bots” When they use these they don’t give the kids a chance to get good shoes at a resale price. This is a huge problem and could be resolved but only letting people buy 1 shoe at a time

- Needs work

Good luck getting shoes with this app.

- Skip it.

All this app is good for is seeing what is coming out. Trying to get a release is a joke. Nike is doing noting to stop bots so the average consumer/sneaker head can get a chance at a release. I don’t even know when I got a chance to get a sik Jordan or Dunk color-way at retail. This app is a joke. Every release it freezes up and the shoe is sold out within minutes.


I love the app don’t get me wrong but the whole line thing is dumb I woke up 6:30 and was like the one of the 1st people to purchase the shoe and the line was 2 hours and I lost so there should be a Fcfs please.

- Majestic

This App is amazing. Great functionality. User friendly. The best for copping!

- The greatest snkr app

I love this app plain and simple the best

- Good app

Pretty good app. Wish I had more luck with the raffles but other than that i like it.

- No chance of getting shoes

This app is awful and the likely hood of actually getting a pair of shoes when they release is impossible

- Adidas App>

This app is the buggiest app I have on my phone. You’d think they’d get their crap together for being a BILLION dollar company. Shame on everyone else who’s given this a better score than 1. This crap doesn’t even deserve a single star. On the biggest releases this app will bug out, hell even the non hype releases

- Love it

It is the best The best

- Mr.

If you try to buy shoes it will kick you off to allow other people to buy them. It’s says pending sell and then 30 mins later it’s sold out

- One of the worst snkrs apps out

I'd give it 0 starts but it won't let me. Can't even enter mfor the shoes I want.

- Unreliable

It won’t matter if your waiting for shoes to drop and it barley hits the time all you will receive is pending then minutes later it’ll say sold out. The app can’t take all the traffic it gets and crashes leaving you wondering.

- Bots

Bots be eatingggggggggg

- I love snkrs

Snkrs is the best app simple.

- Good app

Very good app

- Terrible

You can never buy new sought after sneakers. You can buy the left over trash they have to offer. How can sneakers be sold out a second after they have been listed. TERRIBLE.

- Completely useless

Unless you are trying to watch the shoes that you are trying to get sell out as your payment Is “pending” as the bots grab them instantly then I don’t recommend this trash app I had this app for months trying to get dozens of pairs at retail with the same “your size has sold out “ message after I wait up to 5 minutes. Absolute trash app do not recommend

- Excellent

Love this app

- 🔥🔥

Always has the best items and comes through premium

- pog

poggers 🤭

- Best app hands down heat kicks always I love shopping with Nike and what there brand is all about


- Nike hates me!

I never win raffles for hard to get sneakers and only can buy sneakers no one wants that will sit for days, instead of hard to get hot sneakers!

- Got Em

It’s so easy. No raffle. No line. Just the press of a button.

- Botssssss

Y’all gotta do something against the bots fam

- Finally beat the bots

Got throughh on one pair

- Dope!

Anyone who likes sneakers should get this app! All the hottest drops are on here, well 90% anyways! Love the app


Y’all never let me down, I really appreciate y’all fr! #OFFICIAL

- Amazing app

Although I rarely win drops, the app is amazing.

- SNKRS is everything I’ve ever hoped for.

What a fantastic and wonderful app. Nike has done it again. Definitely not doing this great review for them in hopes that it will increase my chances of actually hitting on something they release on their app. Not at all.

- Unfair

It’s literally impossible to get a high class sneaker drop. For the past two years I have tried to buy a high sneaker drop and failed. I click on buy immediately every time but it will never work

- Goated

The best app ever

- Dope app

Love this app #kessthemc best cure for the #sneakerhead

- Snkrs Pass is cancer

Snkrs pass is literally the worst experience of my life trying to cop anything... I’m fine with it being in radius of NYC or Chi but the fact that its a speed game is ridiculous. No matter how fast you are everything sells out instantly... or you get network errors when you have perfectly fine wifi connection. NIKE! HOW ABOUT MAKING IT A 1-3 minute entry period raffle for those in the radius? That would be way more fair!!

- Waste of time

I have had the app for over 3 years and haven’t been able to purchase one pair of shoes. This app is a waste of time and effort do not expect to buy shoes on this app unless you are cheating!

- One of the worst things to happen to sneakers

This app just gives you the illusion that you would be able to purchase something sought after when the reality of it is that they are doing nothing to stop people from using bots to buy up stock only to resell. Anything that will have any sort of resale value sells out almost instantly. Nike- you are failing


almost every item is sold out. it’s rare when you find something in stock even if it’s a new release.

- I only win when no one else is bidding

I only eu. When no one is using their computers to get the good sneakers

- The best App

I love this app. Gotta get lucky sometimes but I love it. Nike is KING

- doesn’t give you shoe

I didn’t get Travis Scott 1s

- Waste of time

Never could get any of the exclusive releases. Can’t get anything I want now either. My son gave up on Jordan’s and Nike a couple years ago for Adidas,Vans and Puma, looks like I’ll be next. It seems pointless to even enter the draw or raffles and even when I try to make a regular purchase on release day it says you’re in line and then sold out. I’ve been buying Jordan’s with my own money since 99, my parents before that, never has it been this hard to get a pair of shoes. Takes the joy out of being a sneaker head and makes you feel like a fool for even wanting them in the first place after watching other fools pay 100%-500% mark up prices for the same shoes after their released.

- The app glitches frequently.


- Blessed but not too happy

Got the shoes, but I need more wins

- Best app

Love this sneaker app


Great sneaker app! Shoes readily available to you at the touch of a click. Preview upcoming fire sneakers. My only complaint is the “pending” caused by the high amount of traffic but great app overall!

- My app is broken

It won’t let me sign on it’s been months now and I haven’t been able to get any releases. Every time they ask me for any credentials I put them in and it says “we can’t connect to our servers right now” fix this ASAP

- Easiest app Ever to use

Great connection no lag only on really exclusive releases.

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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases 4.5.0 Screenshots & Images

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases iphone images
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases Shopping application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases Shopping application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases Shopping application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases (Version 4.5.0) Install & Download

The applications Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases was published in the category Shopping on 2015-02-12 and was developed by Nike, Inc [Developer ID: 301521406]. This application file size is 116.07 MB. Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Releases - Shopping posted on 2020-03-17 current version is 4.5.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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