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Snap pixel-perfect photos from any video in your Photos library with SnapStill. Simply select a video, scroll to the frame you want to snap, and press the save button or double-tap the video.

For precise frame-by-frame control, drag your finger directly on the video. You can also use SnapStill's Suggestions feature to find great moments to snap; to hide the Suggestions bar, simply push up on the video. To reveal it again, pull down.

If you've upgraded to iOS 8, you can even use SnapStill directly within the Photos app—just pick a video and select the SnapStill extension.

We hope you love SnapStill, and if you have any suggestions or problems, you can email us from right within app.

Thanks for your support and enjoy!

SnapStill - Extract Photos From Video App Description & Overview

The applications SnapStill - Extract Photos From Video was published in the category Photo & Video on 2014-07-06 and was developed by Magic App Factory LLC. This application file size is 3.75 MB. SnapStill - Extract Photos From Video current version is 3.3.1 and works well on IOS 7.1 and high versions.

Minor improvements and usability enhancements.

SnapStill Extension release note:

- Your photos will always be saved next to your original video in Photos.
- On iOS 8.1, pressing the "Done" button while using the SnapStill extension causes the system to display an error alert about not being able to save. You can safely ignore this alert—your snaps will save just fine. The reason this alert pops up is that when you close the SnapStill extension, it doesn't change your video, therefore there is nothing to be saved, which the system misinterprets as a failure to save.

We read all your reviews—please let us know how we're doing (we especially love those 5 star reviews!). Thanks for your support!

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SnapStill - Extract Photos From Video Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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H. In PA   5 star

LOVE snap still. I have been using this app for years and it is by far the best app and my most favorite and most used. I have captured some GREAT photographs with this app. You really won’t be disappointed unless you have some unbelievably wild, outlandish expectations.

SimplyFrustrated   1 star

Crash!. I normally love this app but recently it started crashing after every snap. When I’m done with a video, I try do the next video and it crashes. I re-open the app after every video. Looking for another app.

Drawde99   1 star

Disaster. I have used this app for years. Loved it and highly recommended it. It has now quit working. When trying to select a video I get the following message. ((Error loading Video The operation couldn’t be completed (Cocoa error -1.)) Please fix!

FRANCISSR   5 star

The best still app in the store. Awesome app you’ll love it

Skl12340   5 star

Great App. Great app!

PAIRDX   5 star

EASY TO USE. Cue up the video, scroll through the action, choose the still shots you want, and they're immediately added to your photo album. Nice.

Ld4hair   5 star

I’m thrilled!!!. My husband surfs and we cool to pull a pic out of a video...better pic than a random snap of a smart phone picture!!! Hello!

Pawsreflect   5 star

Great App!. It's impossible to take good stills of dogs playing, but with this app, I can extract the frame I want! Highly recommend!

Daggerhund   5 star

Prize picture. It so easy to grab a frame from a video and discover you have a best picture of the whole shoot.

cabochica99   5 star

Great option for stills from videos. I needed a replacement for Vhoto to get great pics from my videos without going frame by frame myself. The recommended stills are handy, while the manual scroll helps you find the perfect moment.

Kay 477669   5 star

Awesome App. Greatest app ever !! Great app for extracting a photo for wall framing. Kay 477669

Scraplover551   5 star

Definitely worth five stars, would give more if I could!. I think I’m going to start videoing everything! It seems that I get some of my best shots from my videos by using this app. It is so easy to scroll through the individual clips and select which ones to use as a snapshot, push the arrow, and bam, a great picture! I love it!

Artset pro   5 star

Wonderful!. You can get stills with precision!

DOW23   5 star

Terrific app!. Use this app routinely to grab stills from videos … great tool.

Auntie mom   5 star

🤩Just what I needed. It’s a “snap”🤩. I had a different app awhile ago that allowed me to get photos from videos, but the developers didn’t update the software to work with iOS 11. I’m so glad I kept looking and found this one. Why? Because: 🔹It’s super easy to use 🔹I like that it also suggests photos 🔹Scrubbing to find other photos is easy 🔹Plus, videos NOT taken within the app can still be used. Way to go, SnapStill!!!

Jen8237   1 star

Broken. When I load a video and take a snap, it will display the number of snaps I’ve taken but the thumbnails never appear. If I click the top of the screen where the thumbnails should be, it will briefly display square outlines as if they are ghost thumbnails. The export button is also not functioning. Nothing can be saved to the camera roll. I suppose a fix is unlikely considering the app hasn’t been updated since November 2014. Delete. iPad Pro 9.7" 10.3.3

cyprienant   5 star

Easy and great. I was hesitant at first to buy it, but 1$ what do I risk and it turns out that the app is great, easy to use I have used it for almost 100 pictures now that turned out great. Your video should be really high quality too, I used it with a GoPro recording in 1080 and 30fps

RussB789   5 star

Excellent. Simple, quick, and easy to use. The app makes suggestions on which frame to convert to a still, or you can review the footage (with your finger) and select the frame. Works with the latest iOS system update. Made in America.

TDS1976   4 star

Amazing stills!. Super easy to use, beautiful stills. Tip that worked for me: use one hand to slide through frames and another to “snap” stills. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to stay landed on a frame when you pick up your finger to hit the snap button.

Marylu22   5 star

Great app!. I love this app and use it frequently. Extremely easy to use. I have gotten many surprise photos from it that I otherwise would have missed.

Lucy's Nana   5 star

This is such an amazing app. This app allows you to easily retrieve a still from a video. I use it all the time! You never have to take the perfect picture, just snap from your video! Used it for the eclipse and it worked great!! Love this app ❤️

RAJ Developer   5 star

works well. very easy to capture stills from video. scrolling through the video to find the right spot is very smooth, which is nice. recommended.

DH IPAD   5 star

Great app. Love this app. Can take a video and get a still shot. Recommend this

SKGull   5 star

Works Easily:). Do It

437289po   5 star

Divemasterpro. 5 stars for sure! I use this app all the time to pull still shots out of my videos. Luv it😎👌

Joe Glendale   5 star

Science project 5th Grade. This is important stuff. I have the ability to go from video to photo, frame by frame.AWSOME!! Super easy! I look like a techno-genius!!

BeachKitty   5 star

Capture every moment, super DoPE!. This is the best app I've ever downloaded! Imagine you are in the club dancing, shooting video of you and your crew, and then frame by frame pull out the most amazing shots with hair flying and crazy poses and wild expressions. So dope!

BobPettit   3 star

SnapStill. This program is GOLD ! But it is buggy. I would be more than happy to pay four times the $.99 to fix the bugs. Refuses to snap/store frames, FREEZES ! Please fix the bugs and I will rate this FIVE STARS, excellent working product when it works !

School of Fun   5 star

Love it!. So easy to use. Able to grab individual still photo frames from videos. Able to get nice "action" photos by grabbing them from this app! Few reviews written but had to toot the horn for this app!

Shanchubb   5 star

Pretty neat!. I can't believe this app and others like it are not more popular! Very fun way to get neat stills and enjoy the memories!

Advertorial    5 star

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Sid Arter   4 star

ENHANCED CREATIVITY. A whole new creative aspect in my personal use of video and photography in general. An excellent app that does what it does very well.

Catt0508   5 star

Does what it promises. No more blurry screenshots or spending five minutes trying to get that one perfect frame. Love this app for extracting pics for Instagram!

Muffinkc   3 star

Snap still. Like this app . One problem I have is it doesn't get all my videos , I have very few yo work with

Nick_7575   2 star

Freezes when capturing a still of slow-mo vid. The app feezes and gives me an error that its unable to grab the still. I then have to close the app. Regular video works. Devs please look into this.

Kookie16   5 star

Love it!. It's a great app and easy to use

Houseofjanzen   1 star

Crashes. Would be 5 star except keeps crashing

Houseofjanzen   1 star

Crashes. Would be 5 star except keeps crashing

agarawani   4 star

Very very cool!. :)

Bob-Bob107   5 star

Easy To Use, Quality Photos!. First time using it and it's so easy! And good quality photos.

westie manor   5 star

Outstanding. Excellent the photos pulled out are perfect.

Christineo5   5 star

Pleased. This is the app I've been trying to find. I am very happy to have it now and am enjoying its ability to search for the best shots within the video for you. Thanks

StephenBbbbbb   1 star

Hate the new version. You have me shopping for a new app that will do what your old version did. Where did the video play button go. I can't delete a photo I accidentally snapped in the app. I can't view all my snaps in one screen all by themselves. Go back in time a rerelease the older version or I am so gone and moving on. Totally unpleased.

Dood2944   5 star

Fantastic!. So easy to use. Love it

Madlylulu1221   5 star

Perfect. Works good!!

Jbird_1980   5 star

Love it!!!. I am in love with this app!! I have been looking for something like this!!

Ciell13   5 star

Works great!. Great app!

Guide on the Side   5 star

Exceptional - does what it says. I'm impressed with this developer's work. The interface is very intuitive! Well done. Folks who have issues with their iPad and this (or any other) app are well advised to restart, reset or restore their iPads before making performance conclusions.

Sum boOoOodiee!   1 star

Bring back the original!. It crashed when i try to snap a video, it does not work at all!

Advertorial    5 star

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Brucey bear   1 star

Frustrating and annoying. When it works, it’s good. It crashes continually. It works rarely. I’ve contacted developers and there’s been no response. Don’t waste your money until they sort out bugs.

Chloe8   5 star

Perfect for my needs. Excellent app. Easy to use, efficient movement through the frames, great photos. Just what I wanted.

Emilienne Lydia Laura R.   5 star

The best so far. This App is just Great....thank you

Kimmyjj_E   5 star

My favourite App ever. This app is so easy to use and makes me look like a great photographer! It is intuitive to use and gives great action shots.

Nemo d   5 star

Time saving. I've tried few snap shots apps but this on stands out with the suggested shots feature, It's really easy to use and time saving... It takes you to the corresponding location in the video and you can adjust it if you need to. Great app Thanks

Griegs   5 star

Brilliant. This is a truly useful app and the suggestions it makes on frames to lift are also really useful. Good job everyone on the Dev team.

Mccjordan   5 star

User friendly. Very simple to use. Luv it!

Buzzlanz   5 star

Great app do far!. Just downloaded. Quite impressed! Very user friendly and easy to use, just drag finger across screen slowly until you find the still frame you want to keep. Really like this app!!! Thanks!

bertud   5 star

Worth for my 5 Stars!. keep it up..!

Dave680   5 star

Outstanding. This program is awesome. I use it to cut pictures from video I make from my drone. I am taking more video now that I have a simple way to get pictures from it.

QnsBoy   5 star

Great App. Solves a difficult problem. How do you get a still out of your video? It does the job in an easy and powerful way.

CAoke   5 star

Awesome app. Love it paid for the upgrade. Worth it. Haven't had any issues with app.

Gssn19   5 star

QA19. Wow, this is must have app. Now I don't take photos, just videos and then use this app to get best photos out of video. Nice quality and its suggestion tool is awesome

Helltwotheyea   5 star

:). Love it so much

TaterTotShot   5 star

I love this app!. Just set up the camera and video away. When your done, just pick the best shots and there you are. Awesome pics without having to take a zillion for a certain look. Lovin' it to pieces y'all! Nailed it! 😜 👍🏼

Josh Alex Raz   5 star

Love it. It does exactly what it says it does. Perfect if you need a still from a video.

good. muy buena la recomiendo

Mark L W   5 star

Wow! Simplistically great!. Very simple in its execution, and provides flawless capture and saving.

Quita6107   5 star

100% worth it!. I have been looking an app that does this exact thing. It allows you to SLOWLY scroll the every frame and not miss a thing! It has EXCELLENT photo quality. Much more precise than taking a screenshot. Worth every penny!

Totoroslp   5 star

Minimal, but in a good way.. Dead simple-existing videos show up, you scrub through, and snap. Impressed! ETA: killer in combination with hyperlapse app!

MrOzumme   5 star

Totally Awesome, get the shots you'll never get with a still. Took stop motion w/ iPod at Christmas. Extracted totally awesome stills from them. set the camera up and then left it to do its thing while i enjoyed the festivities. Worked great! recommend for anyone wanting excellent stills without having to guess when to push the shutter. the automated recommendations were by and large spot on. i tried to find better selections but by and large took the app's recommendations. admiration totalled

Craftygeema   4 star

Fantastic app. I love this app as it is very easy to use for someone like me who is technology handicapped. I started using it again and twice it locked up my phone and had to shut it down to get out of the app. What's up with that?

mtechsanchez   5 star

Best Video to Photo App. Is the best video to Photo app.

Arwen Evenstar   5 star

Excellent!. Very useful

ervinpsd   5 star

Great app. The best

JThomas706   5 star

SWEET!!. This is the app you've been looking for. Works just great!

Momof3NeedSleep   5 star

Love it!!. The best of both worlds-- I can take a video and still snap a picture for scrapbooks!!

JadeAquarians   5 star

MUST HAVE!!!. This app is a must have for all who loves taking photos! It's easy to use!

Cashcow$$$$   2 star

KEEPS FREEZING!!. I luv this app. Used it all the time. Now it freezes and I'm stuck! Please, please fix the problem.

SalesMaven   5 star

Love it! ❤️. One of my very favorite apps. I can now get great shots I otherwise would only have on video.

Malone200   5 star

Snap still. Excellent program. Easy to use and intuitive.

Xyzabcsmith   5 star

PERFECT!!!. Easy to use. Does exactly what it is supposed to! Must have app!

Courtgrimshaw   5 star

All the good reviews are pretty spot on. This really does what it says and it is simple and to the point. No need for a bunch of setting learning - just pick a video and bam ; well worth the price; love it!!

Berry user   3 star

Used to be my favorite. Definitely the best of similar app...till IOS9 and problems started: it freezes. Bummer because I loved it...hope they fix the problem

Janny33   5 star

Great easy app!. Really easy to use! Captures any frame you want as a photo. Love it!

gmk2020   5 star

Snap Still. Love love this app!! Allows me to capture so many priceless memories!! ❤️❤️

Jkitche   5 star

Works with 4K video/iphone6s. I was hoping to find an app that would save full size still images (8mp) from 4K video. This app does just that and works great with the iPhone 6s+.

ISteve007   5 star

Does the job.. Good app. It snaps the photos I wanted from the videos.

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