Assassin's Creed Identity

Assassin's Creed Identity [Games] App Description & Overview

*Only works with iPad 3 and over, iPad Mini 2 and over, iPhone 5 and over, iPod 6. Requires an online connection to play.

Play now the first ACTION RPG game of the acclaimed ASSASSIN’S CREED Franchise.
Explore the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE through the eyes of your OWN ASSASSIN, complete dozens of missions and unravel the epic mystery of The Crows.

• “the graphics look spectacular”
• “a proper bonafide Assassin’s Creed game” pocketgamer
• “gorgeous graphics”

- Pick a CLASS: Choose between Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief
- CUSTOMIZE your Assassins: Use loot, choose your outfits and weapons like epic swords and the iconic hidden blade.
- Make your Assassin EVOLVE from NOVICE to MASTER!

- Experience the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Run, jump, climb and feel the thrill of the leap of faith on your mobile screen!
- Achieve an infinity of QUESTS, unlock new locations and hundreds of items.
- PLAY HOW YOU WANT TO with simple tap-to-move, dual virtual stick controls or with a gamepad.

- The Unity game engine brings STUNNING GRAPHICS through amazing custom-made HD textures, shaders, and models to your screen.
- Every place you visit in the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE will be an open map for you to explore: Santa Croce Area in Firenze, the Colosseum area in Roma etc.

**ASSASSIN’S CREED** is one of the most popular franchise of all time. Its success has been built through years with famous titles such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag etc.

This game is available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean.

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Assassin's Creed Identity Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Ahoy, Assassins! We now support iPhone X too! Download now! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news ! And thank you for your continuous feedback and support! Have fun! Your Assassin’s Creed Identity Team

Assassin's Creed Identity Comments & Reviews

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- Having difficulty

I am having difficulty of loading the game however it does not appear i try deleting the app and besides that it’s frozen the game

- Bad!!!!!dont buy

I paid money for this game a while ago, it worked at one point then it don’t work nomore. Every time I get to the main screen to start to play the game it won’t let me hit no buttons to start playing or nothing then it said you have to have iOS 7.0 or higher but I played it on my 6splus don’t get the game it’s a waste of your time and money $$$$!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡

- Gd game

But updaate

- Waste of money

This game was super fun! For about an hour. The campaign is super easy and takes about an hour to complete. After that, there’s nothing left to do in the game. It was a waste of money for only an hour of gameplay.

- The best mobile game ever.

I thought by the review it was bad but it isn’t.

- Where are the Bundles

Trying to purchase Altaïr and I can’t find anything what gives you don’t want my money?

- Come on ubi, dont give up on this one

Plz hella potential

- Great Game Until End of Campaign

Would be great to add more campaigns

- Great game put needs sandbox mode

I love this game but I wanted to do whatever I want a mode were you can do whatever you want it is kind of boring with just missions

- My favorite game!!!!!

This game is so awesome I love it ,you must download. There’s so many different weapons and supplies. Also the parkour is so cool I love it and it’s not a normal RPG game but it’s really addictive and fun you must play. I used to play it on iPad 3 and it wasn’t working so I switched to iPad 7 and it is now my favorite game ever it has so many great things that can get me to like the game. Please download!

- Please update

It is fun before the campaign ended

- Reboot for the problem

He didn’t work on iPhone 11 why??

- it doesnt open

i have an ipad mini 5gen, ipados 13.3.1 and the app doesnt open

- Add a new option

Add a no blood option please I’m a kid that can’t play blood games

- Okay game

This game has a hard time loading. Half of the time I can actually play it. I know it’s not my connection to the internet for I have great internet and service. A pop up tab comes up saying error. Please fix this. Also it freezes up everytime I try to use it PLEASE FIX THIS NOW! It has become very frustrating. You guys shouldn’t have released a game that has so many bugs you should’ve fixed this before releasing the game.

- Won’t open

Can’t play closes instantly deleted till fixed or refunded

- best game just fix but best

this is the best game I have ever played but its weard that you cant assassanet all of the popole its waerd thanks for reading

- Dosent working!!

I cant play The game !! why?!

- It’s good but has issues

It’s a good game. But has quite a few glitches

- We need a free time mode

Ok so this game is awesome but there is so much to do and I want a sandbox mode please .that would make a HUGE improvement on the game still great tho.

- Awesome

Waaaaaaay to many tutorials and no way to skip them so it makes me not want to play .

- Blood and gore plz

Blood and gore plz

- Fun Game

Only complaint is the controls are a bit wonky but great game all the same.

- No Connection

It keeps saying need to Connect I have my WiFi on and then my carrier and still no connection

- Great because its my favorite game ever

I actually wanted it to be more like the Ps and Xbox game so i can be free to discover places but its good in feneral

- Needs update for iPhone 11 screen with notch can’t see content

Needs update for iPhone 11 screen with notch can’t see content on that side of screen

- Don’t buy

I can’t get past the first loading screen. Won’t work at all.

- Please

Help please I have been on the main loading screen for what seems like hours and I’m connected to WiFi but it only shows the connecting circle up in the top left corner

- Clunky controls.

Everything you need to know: No jump, climb or much of any buttons at all. You have one AWEFUL camera stick where the camera always snaps orientation despite the player NEVER wanting that. You have one movement stick which doesn’t work half the time because you can also tap where you want to walk to so the game gets confused a lot on what you are telling it to do. You have one sprint button that you press to start or stop sprinting. And yes, they DO NOT give you the option to slightly tilt the stick to walk, full tilt to run. YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT. You have one universal button for: • Interacting • Attacking • Blocking • Sneak Attacking • Leap Of Faithing • Other Miscellaneous Actions. ALL OF THAT IS THE SAME BUTTON! So yeah, clunky doesn’t begin to describe it. Any skills you want to use LIKE THROWING A THROWING KNIFE is accessed via an inventory wheel. You press the 3rd of only 3 buttons the game gives you and that will open up an inventory wheel, from there you press the skill you want to use. . . you know, instead of just giving them their own individual buttons like any other decent mobile game would. To say it controls feel terrible doesn’t do it justice. So let me say it this way: The DESIGN behind the controls (or lack there of) is DESIGNED pathetically like they don’t know how mobile works. THIS IS NOT an AC game. It does not play like one so if that’s what you wanted, this is not that. It’s not even open world sandbox. It’s missions only quick ones. No free roam. Just get in, do thing, get out. Again, not AC.

- More people will buy it if controller support is added

And perhaps add multiplayer, or just make a more modern game.

- Excellent game, but

In my opinion all you have to do is add a few more levels and that’s basically it

- It’s pretty good

It fun but needs more things from the games such as the running double assassinations characters from earlier titles playable and customization that affects how your character looks

- It is a good game

It is a great game however controls still need to be fixed a little but it still playable and a fun great assassins creed game.

- Does not launch ! Waste of $$

Purchased the game 4 hours ago. The connecting wheel just spins forever. I know I have a connection as I can tap on the privacy policy link and they pop right up. Speed test is constant at about 150mbps wireless. I’m on an iPad mini 5, running iPad OS 13.3. After 3 deletes and reinstalls, I have left it “connecting” for the last 3 hours. Wheel still spinning. I was going to give it a 3 star no matter how it plays given the pricing of the in game purchases. Repurposed code on a game where the console in game prices are 1/2 the mobile version. Most everybody knows the quality of this franchise, so why not charge $9.99 (for the code conversion to mobile platforms) and leave the in game pricing the same across all platforms. Yet another big developer sticking it to the mobile player. But, since I don’t actually have to deal with in game issues at all, I guess I can’t do that. So here’s your 1 star for charging $1.99 to watch a wheel spin and read privacy policies. Even that is way over priced.

- You’re paying for a couple days of entertainment

If I’d known this was just going to be a few days of entertainment, I’d have checked out another game. Missions are really short. And the two campaigns can be completed in a couple days - maybe one of you binge. Save your money, and get some more bang for your buck.

- Please fix

Won’t load 😔😔

- Download now !!!!

It is a fun spy and ninja game with a pinch of blood but it is amazing so DOWNLOAD NOW !!!!!!!!

- Game stopped working

I bought the game. I open the game and it doesn’t load. I deleted the game and reinstalled it but still it doesn’t load.

- Love the game

I love the game good graphics and you might like it but I recommend you play this game it is so much fun and a great game.

- It won’t connect

I just download the game and it won’t connect

- Awesome game

The game is very good but I think the movement needs to be updated a little bit there are also some bugs like if I’m behind a guard they will see me

- Why can’t you play offline!

The game is fine. Fun missions and full controller support. But no offline play? I got this for my iPad that 90% of the time is offline. It infuriates me that I can’t play offline and that’s why this game gets 1 star.

- Needs Changes

- Add open world play - Add transportation - Maybe multiplayer - More levels that you don’t have to pay more for Thank you for your time!


I bought this app and now it’s saying there is something wrong with the servers piece of junk I want my money back NOW! I have not even had a chance to play won’t go past the server part I would NOT buy this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ps2 graphics

I’ve been playing the new call of duty mobile recently and it’s really made me think of how bad the graphics of this game are. It’s horrible. I’m not coming on here with ill intentions to crap all over this. It’s a great start, but I know you guys can do better. This has so much potential. Online playing, more realistic graphics, better assassins. More maps. The list goes on. I know that there are limitations for smartphones, but Ubisoft is a multi million dollar company. You guys could make bank off this. And I’d gladly pay for a decent assassins creed mobile game. Or one with in-game purchases. This is my favorite franchise. I just want you guys to do good. And I want people who don’t have the money to spend on a console to be able to play this game and not feel left out. That’s all I’m saying. I hope you guys take what I say into consideration. Much love. - a fan

- Help

Every time i open the game it just quits out of it. What do I do?

- Great but short

I love the game but it is pretty short, and you have to buy the second campaign for $1.99 and there’s only 4 more missions

- 我在iphone xr上玩这款游戏但是在游戏中一些讲话内容被挡住了

我在iphone xr上玩这款游戏但是在游戏中一些讲话内容被手机正面的浏海设计挡住了使我没法看到全部文字希望你们能修复下. I played the game on the iphone xr but some of the text in the game was blocked by the iphone notch The monobrow so I couldn't see all the text.

- Why I love Assassins creed identity

I love it because I never thought there was one on the phone and there wasn’t then soon I saw it and bought it I love it because the missions are great and customizable characters 👌 and levels 👌 I also like the updates that come in almost every day it’s insane but the biggest thing the season missions 👌👌👌 so this is why I love assassins creed identity P.S. All I do is play this game on the phone

- It’s about time

I’ve been waiting for you and I’m not disappointed. Love your work.

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- Freeses after the start. Want my money back

The darn thing freezes from the start. Cannot play.i have ios 13 on ipad pro.

- Love

My hole family loves to take advantage and go on an adventure

- Can’t create profile

Can someone help me when I create my profile and click confirm nothing happens!!

- Love it

I love everything about this game been a fan of the ac franchise this is a step down but still good👍. Good job creative

- Fun

Very good

- M

Doesn’t open this game and sometimes open then doesn’t working .. just show game graphics Fix this

- Hey

I downloaded game on app store Would like money back it, Wont let me play or log in

- J’adore !!

Mais il faudrait un open world c’est ce qui manque mais sinon superbe jeux!!

- Bite sized Assassins’s Creed

Worth the few dollars, but no more. Good value for money. Controls and size of world are simplified for mobile gaming, easy enough to play, but without the expected versatility of the full games. Good fun for a few hours playing through the storyline, but becomes repetitive afterwards.

- So much fun!

The only two things I recommend is a free play option and an offline mode. 👌🏻👌🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Free play

Really fun but needs a free play

- Great game! But...

It’s a great game but..the campaign is short and you have to buy the other campaign with real yea! But overall, this is great!

- 😕

Bogue souvent pas super mais j’aime le jeux appart sa ^

- Awesome

It’s my favourite game ever hard and fun (:

- Offline

i read saying that this game is offline and guess what it wasnt

- Love this game but it have some problem...

The game is constinuously closing by itself and for some items its almost impossible to see all the properties..

- Good game but has a problem

This game is good but then there should be a free roam where you can explore

- Très bon jeux

Stratégique, ingénieux, amusant, je me demande juste pour quoi il ni a pas plus de jeux de ce genre sur les assassin et comme toujours merci au studio Ubisoft.

- Open world and offline mode

It needs an open world mode with random missions and targets which you can take out for currency or xp It would also be nice to see an offline or multiplayer mode(s) It stopped working on my phone!!!!!

- Can't play

The game loads to the menu, but won't let me press anything. :/

- Free roam

It’s a great game but it needs a free Rome like the the original assasin’s creed

- Great game

Open world and more missions plz

- C’est nul

Pas travailler même pas à monde ouvert je peux trouvé mieux gratuitement

- Pretty good

Even though you have to pay for worlds 2 and 3, it’s definitely worth the money.

- Assasina creed identity

This version of assassins creed is jam packed with various contracts e.g. courier, assassinations, pillage, etc. bottom line this games makes you the ultimate Assassin to wreak havoc on enemies

- Can’t hear anything

It’s a good game, however, the audio doesn’t work properly and I can’t hear anything ever

- Pass

Boring, controls are sloppy.

- AssassinationMasters

Awesome game but I do agree with some people when they say we need a open world mode that would make the game even better

- Déçu

Jai payé pour ce jeux et il ne fonctionne pas sur mon iPad 6... je n’ai même pas pu jouer une fois. Vivement une mise á jour fonctionnelle que je puisse l’essayer !

- Loading

Mine keeps loading please help

- broken on ipad

There is a lot of lag and it kicks me out half way through the game

- Misleading

It seems like a pretty good game but it’s not very cool that nowhere in the in-app purchases section of the description does it say that you need to purchases additional levels in the game. If it would have been indicated beforehand that what you pay for is only for the first little section of the game I might reconsider this rating. I expected better of such an established franchise.

- It doesn’t work

This game isn’t good I really love it but I can’t play it just says error after making a name

- Support 2018 12.9 and 11 inch iPad Pro screens.

Please support 11 inch iPad Pro and 3rd Generation 12.9 inch iPad Pro. These models were released on November 7, 2018. Currently, “Assassin’s Creed Identity” cannot be in full screen on these devices.

- Confusing

After tutorial and the game gets me to choose a name it stops loading

- Ça beuge

Au début, on reste pris dans le menu assassins et c’est nul🤬

- Awesome!!

Very, very, very good, but when I do the tutorial for the second skill tree thing, it says error with the server(4000). Pls fix!!!!!

- Game freezes

After going through the tutorial and creating a new profile. Nothing happens after that. Please fix for iPhone x!

- Very fun, but…

It’s an amazing game, but it does not work with IOS 12, please make an update

- Reset progress

Like a lot of other people here, my account progress was reset with the recent update. After spending countless hours grinding, I’m hoping there’s a way to get the saves back; when I open the game now, it immediately resets to the tutorial.

- Bra

I spent money on this and then it got weird, it did not have a main menu. Other wise it amazing

- AC, deadly way to kill time

iPad air2 and loving it after I just got the black flag and odyssey for the ps4. Perfect supplement while away from home

- My account got reset after update...

Please help me get back my account, i spend a lot of time playing and grinding but this recent update deleted all my progress. :(

- Account

So, I loved this game until today, I went into the game and it brought me to the tutorial and made me restart. I had gotten really far. My codex entries are still there, but everything else just reset. Please get back to me or I will delete the app.

- I think it's really good game

Amazing game

- Don’t buy it

Only a few missions and then no more content unless you pay another 3 bucks. Sneaky and not that much fun.

- Needs update

Doesn’t seem like a terrible game but it needs to be updated to work with newer phones. Looks to max out at the size of iPhone 5 or SE screen size so you end up with a lot of unused screen on newer devices. Text is small and hard to read.

- Good but..

Can’t play with the Gamedevice controller... please fix it. Thank you!

- Best Action Game


- Open worldddddddd

The first version of this game i played was open world !!! What happened then?????

- 👌

Love being able to play an an actual assassins creed game on my phone

- Needs update

Assassinations from the top of buildings and the leap of faith are buggy and don’t work properly. Other than that, 4 years and I’m still enjoying it

- soo good

amazing graphics, so fun, like a console game!

- Really fun

This game is really enjoyable but one slight problem. The guards need better vision because I was about 10 metres away from them and they just stood there like, i thought I was invisible, and that was at the start of the 2nd mission. But other than that I don’t regret paying money for it.

- Awesome game very hard levels

The game is awesome I love it the only problem was I was up to the level where I was in Rome and I had to kill the Crow Master and it took me a long time to kill him but in the end I did it and I was thinking to myself wow no wonder this game is hard because it’s so good😁

- Great game

Hi this game has a very art graphic and who would not like this game


Ive has assassins creed identity for a few years now, and all i do are new missions which are so repetitive. The campaigns were so much fun because it was an actual storyline! New campaigns would make it so much better!


THIS GAME DESERVES A FIVE STAR (whoever rates 4 stars well their stupid)

- Not loading

I try to open the game to play it but it just stays at the “connecting” loading screen and doesn’t go forward. I’m on iPhone XR

- Great

Needs an update



- Omg I gosh dang love dis game

This game is awesome these are some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen I really recommend this game to anyone it’s a great game with realistic graphics it’s just like assasin s creed we can all agree the devs outdid them selves

- Can you

Get a girlfriend or go in the shops or do you just have to Wonder around and discover the world please reply and Tell me!

- Fun but difficult

Amazing graphics 1000 out of 10

- Won’t let me play!

I’m on iPad Air 2 and the game won’t even start I want a refund!!!!!!!!

- Almost awesome

Love the game, suffers from connectivity issues

- Game never worked

Since I download this game on my iPhone 7 Plus, it has never connected for one day, keeping saying error. Took my money and gave me nonsense....


Ubisoft thank you for making this game I love the sensation of jumping of towers and feeling like a real Assassin OMG for the love of GOD this is a.. BEST GAME IN THE WORLD😇🙂😉😌😍🥰😘😗😙😚😋😛😝😜🤪🤩 Thx Regards VmFamily

- Mediocre Gameplay

Gameplay: 3/10 One button combat, no combos Camera is hard to control (pan around character) Movement is awkward Misc: In game menus are detailed and confusing Graphics quality: 6/10 Music and sound: 9/10

- Doesn’t work

I can’t believe this. I have an iPod touch 6th gen but it won’t work. I open the game and it stays on the loading screen. And it said it was compatible with iPods. Please fix this so my money doesn’t go to waste. I really want to play assassians creed. Thanks

- Best mobile Assassin’s Creed game ever

This was worth the money. I would recommend this if you would like a good Assassin’s Creed experience without having to get a games console. There are a few glitches here and there, but nothing that would affect how good this game is. This is the closest mobile Assassin’s Creed game to the actual Assassin’s Creed games on the games consoles. 11/10

- Play this game!!!

Amazing gameplay and definitely worth the money. Absolutely loving it.

- Best game ever

YOU READ THE TITLE also update


The game is so good already, but maybe a new update and more campaign missions would make it just that little more better for fans. 👍⚔️

- Can’t make an account

It says processing and then does nothing

- Lost progress, restart, go back to old progress

Ok, so update comes, i lose my stuff right? So i made do and restart. A month later, with even better gear than my old account, new update comes. I update, but i lose my good progress and restart back to my old one. That was the last straw for me im uninstalling this trash. 1star updates are unstable, was fun while it lasted

- Can’t even make an account

I’ve play the tutorial and then it says “type ur name” so I type the name I want and it says error. Well R.I.P. $1

- Good but keeps crashing

Hi it is a good game but for some reason now when i get to the loading screen it wont let me do anything, I cant click on missions or anything. If this issue was to be resolved this game would easily be a 4 or 5 star game

- The best game I’ve played

I’m so happy to play the game the game is good but it’s not that bad it seems to be the same game I would love to add free rome to the game the add will be the most amazing part to the game I’m happy to be playing it is the best game I’ve ever purchased it could be better but it still good

- Good game but

Can’t get past the upgrade an ability part it keeps saying error 4000 and loads over and over again and again

- Offline and free roam

I reckon now that iPhones are getting better and stronger why not change up the whole story and make it an actual assassins creed story with offline and the ability to free roam around a city

- Won’t let me past the third mission 🤔😡

Look, I’m going to be honest and say out of the three missions I’ve been able to play I have very much so enjoyed this game, but i had to do an upgrade on one of my skills for this tutorial, and every time I go to upgrade said skill is says there’s an error connecting to my server no matter how many times I retry to connect. I can’t avoid doing this upgrade as it won’t allow me to press on anything else until I do it, problem is it also won’t let me finish said upgrade due to its ever reconnecting server which means I cannot press the back option to get out of it either 😡 My wifi works perfectly fine so I don’t understand why it’s having errors and cannot reconnect to the server, and I’m using an iPad Pro to play it so it’s not like I have outdated software either. I would love to continue playing this game if possible, but as of the current moment that is impossible.

- Great game

This is a fun and really enjoyable game! I am however annoyed that it requires and internet connection, it would be way better if you could make it offline. The gameplay itself is smooth but sometimes the movements can get confused and the assassin ends up doing the opposite to what I control it to do. Also, it would be better if you could jump from a rooftop to the side of a building, allowing the assassins to crouch whenever you want would also be cool as well. Still is a great game with great graphics and is lots of fun.

- Lost characters and progress after update

I lost all my characters, currency and equipment after the last update. It started the again game from being a beginner. 4 level 27 characters and years lost. Will be boycotting all ubisoft games including on xbox for at least 1-2 years because of this.

- Poor

So first up, the game was advertised at $2.99 on the App Store, when I actually purchased it I was charged $17.99?? When I try to open it on my iPhone XR, I get the connecting screen, then an error can’t connect message. SAVE YOUR MONEY DO NOT BUY!!!

- Great game

Great game I love how u go on the roofs of houses and you get to do lots of things but can u make your character a female or male if not ok but that would male is sexist no offense but plz add a female they can do just as much killing as males lol 😆

- Trash graphics

Boring missions, gay characters and random old lady’s with Tourette’s syndrome trying to manipulate me. Don’t get this game

- Don’t work

I know it’s cheap but it’s still money... and it doesn’t work... on the loading screen some sort of error happens and I need to reload it...fix

- Not happy

After the update that supports iPhone X I went onto the game and all of my progress had been completely deleted.☹️😡😑

- Ok game

A bit slow

- What a trash

Why I lost all my records after updating and purchasing a new chapter?? R u guys frauds??

- Yee

Can you make a mode where u can do anything u want, not like story mode. Overall game is great!

- ALL GREAT! except.....

I love this game. It’s relatively cheap, easy to play, hard to master and fun. Except how you need to pay to get extra campaign.also add an offline mode please, so I can play this game without data.

- Please make an OFFLINE mode!

Can you please make an offline mode! I love the Assasins creed series because it has no limits of jumping of high places and stealing things and it has really good graphics but can you please make an offline mode!!!😊

- Game

Downloaded think it will be great 😁😆

- Great game maybe add a free roam to the game

Hi Ubisoft I was just wondering could you add a free roam feature to assasins creed identity thanks- Ashton Vloggerz

- Preetty good

There should be a mode where you can free roam with out worrying about any mission when you first start the game

- Pretty good

Ver good game but takes a bit to long to load.


Add iPhone X support ability to whistle and different buttons rather than one multi middle button. The $3 for second campaign which only gives 4 missions which I thought were 4 tiers. Campaigns need a lot more to play. Contracts are great. Better graphics. Completely reminds me of the console versions quality. Hate come back tomorrow for free chests. The 24 hr cool down for free chests never seem to be exactly 24 hours more like 26 frustrating not knowing exact time. Sometimes I only get one chest for day or I get error you’ve lost free chest as it never shows in mail other times I get four and some days none. Then 3-4 days before another. I level up faster than I have enough cash to upgrade my skill points extremely frustrating what’s worse is that obviously can’t afford to forge endless cycle.

- In-app Purchases 😡😡😡

I brought this thinking once I paid for the game that would be it, but of course it turns out I was very wrong. I would be ok with it if it was for just the new characters, or money. However, I paid for this then I found out that I have to pay for the second chapter. Deleted the app. Don’t recommend wasting your money on it.

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- Short game

Paid for the game. Was able to get through all missions in 2 days then have to pay for more missions. Argh! Sometimes when hiding from guards, the game glitches on mobile and I lose all progress and have to start over. Limited locations. Graphics are decent.

- Not happy

So I log on for my 2 day playing and the buttons don’t work could you fix it or give me a refund please I can’t press campaign or any other buttons

- Doesn’t work

Glitched the entire time we tried to play. We will try again and will edit the review IF it works next time.

- Don’t buy this game

After the first couple of missions the game is unresponsive on the menu screen. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling a few times but it has the same issue.

- Horrible Always Online

I just purchased this despite my better judgment with it being an online only game, only to find out once I start up the game for the first time I cannot even play it because something is wrong with Ubisofts servers and it can’t connect. I just downloaded the game mind you, have been playing cod Mobile online just fine - it’s not on my end. This is ridiculous that I can’t play a game I just paid for.

- AC


- Games doesn’t work.

I would like a refund as the game does not work. Many people have posted about this and still no change or help. After completing the third mission, when I open the game, the main menu doesn’t show and the buttons are unresponsive. I cannot access the game. I have deleted and reinstalled the game, but came up unsuccessful. Some help, a fix, or a refund would be nice. Thanks


I got a gift card so then I got this game and the graphics were insane

- Free roam

Definitely need a free roam version but besides that very good game

- Don’t buy it until they fix it

I literally just bought it and I played 2 missions that’s it. And then when I try to get into the game it just doesn’t let me do anything, the background is still moving but I can’t tap anything. I have an iPhone XR.

- Amazing

This game is incredible

- Help

Umm it was working in the beginning but it hasn’t been working for me now and I’ve tried over and over something is disfunctioning update I have been letting it rest but the game will not load plz fix!! I just bought this game too !!!!

- Nostalgia all the way

Is a pretty solid game,from gameplay to the campaign to even the graphics.i feel like it is very innovative and new for the people who know what the series of early assassins creed games had to offer.thus I feel like this has to be said. Add more campaign and side missions. Assassins need an open world to explore,climb,etc so pls make it happen!also open world games also need more challenges as well and trinckets. all in all pretty good and keep on surprising us with more of what we know

- T

Fix it stop looking at other things

- I was not refunded my money back after having it downloaded for just three hours.

I did not like the quality of the game and it would freeze many time. After having downloaded the game for just three hours, i tried to receiving a refund. Most likely scenario from all the comments, YOU WILL NOT GET A REFUND. The game is not worth buying.

- Assasins creed

It is a really awesome game and the graphics are unbelievable

- UNACCEPTABLE, Ubisoft! What a cash grab!

First, the campaign is extremely short. The missions were mostly the same, and there is also a mission called Forli that you have to pay for. Ubisoft is already one of the leading video game companies! To add insult to injury, the campaign took me 30 MINUTES. The game is extremely glitchy, and it is honestly the laziest job on anything I’ve ever seen. There is no character development, partially because there IS NO SCRIPT. THERE IS NO SCRIPT!!!!! That is UNACCEPTABLE! I am a pretty big fan of the AC franchise, and it is a huge disappointment. Ultimately, this is not worth your time and money. It is a lazy effort from a company blinded by greed. This is a lazy, greedy, shadow of AC. You aren’t missing anything if you decide not to play this. Three bucks out the window. You can get a pocket sized laptop ( GPD pocket, or something else, also, 3,4 and Rogue are on switch. Also a Dell venue). Skip it.

- Get this game

This is the Fun I have ever had

- Refund

I want my money back, so not worth the purchase should be FREE. Total waste

- No me funciona 😢

La APP no me sirve tengo iOS 9.3.5 pero eso creo que no importa me gustaría una actualización para dispositivos menos potentes como un iPad 2 o iPhones inferiores, al menos que dejen reducir la calidad gráfica y acelere el juego.

- Help

Okay I love this game It worked until I finished my first mission then whenever I try to get on the game it goes to the newsletter part I hit next to be able to pick what I want and I can’t push any buttons whatsoever. Either I need to know what to do or I want my money back. I have an I phone6 so I know it corroborates with my phone.

- Great Game!

I love this game. I was at my friends house and saw her playing this game, and immediately wanted it. I couldn’t get it on our ps4, and checked if they had a mobile version. I downloaded the game and have been very impressed. The graphics mare really good, and I like the concept. I think you should add some more details, though. Keep working on this great game!

- More campaigns?

This is a great story line and a mash up of the Exil trilogy, the only thing is is that once you’re done with the 2 campaigns there is nothing else to do. This game is amazing I love that I can bring the Assassins Creed game with me on my phone, but I would love to see an update with at least one more campaign.

- Great but some bugs

This game is amazing, it feels like a real assassins creed game on a console but there are some problems. When I try to equip gear or start a mission I keep receiving an error pop up, it’s nothing bad all what you need to do is press try again and it’s fine. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but when I equip like body armor or something I can’t see it pop up on my character. Above all, this is a great game.

- Pls Bring cloud back up back

The game is good, I’ve been playing it since the moment it was released. The only problem I have is the backup cloud.the Facebook login was very useful since I was able to load my save data on any device but since they removed it I’m only able to play my account on my old phone which still works. I was thinking maybe they can bring the login feature back and use uplay(since that’s still a thing )and/or google. I hope the developers see this cause this sounds like a good idea and it could bring new players and maybe some old players back knowing they can back up their progress on any device.

- Timing?

What is wrong with timing? Mission requires me to follow a dude I can even follow, I either hide or follow him. If I hide I lose bc of timing, if I follow him I lose bc he see me

- This game is bad!!!!!!

It dosent load it keeps saying connecting for 10 minutes I swiped out and same thing happens btw I’m on iPhone XR

- A problem.

This may not be for other people, but after I completed the tutorial level, the game was stuck on the menu, without anything displayed. I don’t know how to fix this, so if anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

- Error at first time

This app is not working connection failed why ?

- Forge costs too much!

Please fix the forge. It costs way to much to forge an item, only to have to reforge it 5-8 times to get an item worth using and even then you run out of coin before you get anything good. I understand you want people to pay real money to buy in game coin, but I’m more likely to stop playing a fun game that I enjoy than spend real money on buying in game coin just to forge and reforge halfa$$ gear. If you really want to make money, offer better gear in the shop, something players can really use.

- great game...

but you should add a free roam, and make the missions spread out all over the map, like in every other assassins creed game

- Won’t load.

The game won’t load on iPhone 11 Pro.


This app requires internet to play, and Ubisoft’s servers are Garbage! I can’t even log on half the time. This is a waste of money!

- Super fun and interesting

Really cool that I can play it on my phone and not a PC. Cool missions help you improve, craft new gear, and learn a bit about Italy.

- Won’t load, help!!!

The game will not load, stuck on the loading screen.


This game is very fun and has had a lot of potential. Although I do feel that there are some rip-offs. For example you pay for the game itself to even download. Then it asks you to pay another 2 bucks for the other half of the campaign missions. That alone is VERY FRUSTRATING and honestly like I said before a RIP-OFF. Then if you want to change your appearance you can buy a Costume with the in-game currency which is great except for the fact that the cheapest costume is 35K and you only receive about 300 - 700 currency per mission. Do the math that’s a lot of grinding. But of course you have the option to purchase more in-game currency with real money. Hence where the other rip-off comes in. I’m really disappointed with this part of the game. PLEASE LOWER THE PRICE OF ITEMS or at the very least give us more in-game currency for each mission we successfully pass. The other reason I’m taking the time to write this review is because every couple of missions the game will freeze while trying to load the update data for the game after complete omg said missions. It gets EXTREMELY Frustrating to have to restart the app after this occurs. So please update to run smoothly with iOS 13. Don’t get me wrong, like I said before - this is a fun game that’s worth your time. But don’t expect to play this game and enjoy all its glory without making a least a couple of in-game purchases at some point.

- Bugged

My game is bugged and won’t even let me get passed the newsfeed to play. Im kind of upset, i payed money to play this game and i cant even play it. if this bug could be fixed i would be okay, but i cant even play the game anymore and it pisses me off

- Too glitchy

Too buggy and laggy, sometimes the assassin glitches when it hides in haystack and can’t move, overall love the game but I rated it low because it never got updated for a couple of years

- Please read

Is there going to ever going to be a free Rome mode or story mode like console??

- Crashes a lot

The app says something went wrong a lot. After every mission it takes tapping retry at least 3 times to work. Game controls are not very friendly either.

- Mine won’t play on iPhone 6s plus’s yet I payed for it

It won’t play

- Its great

Most games on mobile isn’t really good but this is one of my favorite. It’s not really like the Xbox or ps4 assassin creed games but it’s still pretty good

- Confused

About 2 years ago I bought this game, and it didn’t work. I came across it yesterday and it still is frozen

- Update

Cool game but u know what would make it better if u could go against ur friends and assassinate them without being spotted by other players

- Crash

The game was working perfectly now it crashes on start up I have iphone11

- Good game but I can’t play it

It’s a great game but after i got on the first time it won’t let me press anything now and i hope they work to improve this bug.

- I loved it but

Is the Special Event actually “Coming Soon!”? Also please add other countries other than Italy.

- Almost like the console game

Free roam and you can pick the type of assassin that fits your playing style

- Does this thing even work???

Bro I been trying to play and it won’t even connect just stuck on the connecting screen!!?

- Buggy

So the game is buggy as hell!! Every 2 minutes I’m getting an error message. I’m connected to WiFi. The error messages are causing none of the campaign I complete to be saved. I have done the 3rd campaign 3 times now because it keeps giving me an error message. I’m giving the game 3 more days before I completely delete it.

- IOS 11 update needed right now

This game need a update so we can play the game

- This game is super fun!

Love it!

- The like this game but.

I like be this game but I don’t think it’s legal to have ads in a game you paid for.

- What the actual hell????

This is a really good game, for the ONE TIME I could start it... I have a iPhone 7 and this trash game says connecting and never stops "connecting" DO NOT BUY

- Horrible game

Not worth it


Why do you need to do the stupid challenges to move on I’m stuck on burning papers because I can’t stay on frickin rooftops so I can’t progress so I wasted my money to not be able to play

- Not working😡😡😡😡😡

Was awesome best game ever made for a phone In my opinion , Until I paid money for a game that when loads won’t work Just sit on the screen where it says campaign, assassins, missions etc not letting me click anything frozen every time I load up the game , Frustrated . 😡

- Vraiment un superbe jeu

J'aime ce jeu parce qu'il faut rêver, et je décroche du stress



- Multiplayeur

Dommage bon jeu mais pas de multiplayeur donc on se tanne tres vite de jouer tout seul

- Does work iOS 11

It works on IOS 11 now.

- Awesome! but i have some things to say...

This is just awesome. Can you make a campaign in an other era? Renaissance is good but i want other eras. why not the french revolution? And multiplayer mode! That would be nice. but anyway, keep up the good work. And please, keep updating the game! Pleasssssssssse!!!

- .??

I don’t know how’s this app can’t even create my character keeps on saying error stupid app wasted my couple dollars

- Add non-mission mode

I like just run around the map and chilling

- Controller issues

I have a SteelSeries Nimbus controller and the only controls that work are to move around, none of the attach buttons work. I wish the controls would have worked.


Wow c’est super!

- Terrible and a big cash grab

It was fun for maybe 2 hours then I finished the first set of missions then asked me to pay 4$ for the second set of missions. Needs an update with more missions and gameplay.

- Need more places.

The game says that “animus is the first wonder to allow you to revisit famous places in history by simply scrolling through the interface.” What does that mean? Cause there’s only two places I can see Italy and the Caribbean. But I can only do missions in Italy. Where’s the rest of the game there’s an entire story about assassin’s creed. But there’s only one place you can actually go to do missions.

- Beware!

They say gamepad supported but it’s not!


Dear Ubisoft, First assassins creed identity is awesome and I love it pls add open world mode and pls pls pls pls pls pls add farcry 5 for mobile that would be awesome I know it would be hard but plssssss ps also resond Cool guy, Warren

- Don’t work for iOS 11


- Offline capabilities

Great game but would be even better yet if you could play it offline as well other wise I would have gave it 5 stars.

- Assasin creed

I want open world please

- How to fix

I played it once then I joined, it showed me the newsfeed I clicked next and when I click on campaign or codex nothing happens just the music plays

- Bon jeu

Mais il y a qu’une seule campagne, et sur iOS 11 ou plus ça ne fonctionne pas : je l’ai laissé charger toute la nuit mais le lendemain le jeu n’avait pas démarré.😠

- Needs fixing

Its an amazing game but could you please add a free roam map it would make it so much better!

- I love this game

Make a Nother one pls

- Great game but ridiculous amounts of space needed

Really great game just too big and way to short .Yea I love game but come 5.5 gigs that’s ridiculous especially if ur a phone gamer like me , also if ur phone is only 16 gigs and the stupid iPhone takes up 6.6 gigs no so that leaves room for 10 and ur game takes about half that come fix reduce it it’s insane get real stop wasting space. Also like I said it takes up to much space and the story is waaaay too short for sure and I’m positive others would agree wit me

- Good

Great graphics, nice control system, and storyline. However, you'd probably do well to make free roam without wifi connection a thing, as well as allow for female assassins. People like what they can relate to, and girls like me who play this don't like that they have to play as a guy. Also more customization: eyes, hair, skin, lips, nose.

- Offline

Please make this game offline

- Amazing game

It’s amazing, unexplainable.

- Best rpg

I do like this game just like others ones the support is really fast ( One class I can’t get is the theft one but works well )

- Great game, poor controls

The graphics are great and the game is appealing. The problem is that even if the description states that game controllers are supported, the Gamevice controller (an official Apple accessory) isn’t properly mapped and won’t work. And, frankly, touch controls aren’t great for this kind of game. The publisher’s support refuses to state which controllers are supported. I’ll give 5 stars as soon as my game controller is supported.

- I want my mony back

I payd 2,45$ en it toock my 4,90$+2,49

- Loved the game

When I first bought and downloaded the game it was fantastic the graphics were great, but I deleted it because I couldn’t get past a level and it was frustrating. Fast forward to today and I decided to download it again and give it another shot but now it won’t let me past the main page, it loads but that’s it nothing more. Please fix it soon

- I does not let me play

It does not let me play the game it goes to the loading page and its glitches me out of the game. Ubisoft can you please fix that because I really want to play the game. If you can't fix that THEN PLEASE GIVE ME REFUND.

- Why

Who’s dumb idea was it to only let you run away from fights sometimes. Like the second mission is practically impossible to do without getting into a fight and if you want to only kill the one guy like the game says to bad cause you CANT RUN AWAY FROM FIGHTS but other then that decent game

- Problem

I can't download and I'm going no where near games that require Internet

- Good game

Good game

- A fun game

It is a good deal 0’99$

- Addictive.....but

Its so awesome walking around Renaissance Italy in stunning detail and sounds. Every little detail is there down to find leaves hanging and blowing on roof. The only thing missing is smell and it is otherwise fully immersive. ------- UPDATE: None too impressed only A Murder of Crows campaign is the only one included. Once completed, which I have done, they want more money to play the next campaign. Sneaky, so I am taking back stars.

- Annoying bug

I redid the same level half a dozen time and there is always a sync fail. Not fun anymore.

- Déçu 😞

Le jeu n’ouvre pas. Il reste constamment en cour de connexion ☹️

- Great game!

Great game for a mobile version of Assassin's Creed

- It looks fun

I'm downloading it right now it looks very fun

- Internet connection!?

I would give it 5 stars if it didn’t need an internet connection and even worse it’s paid and it needs wifi to play. But overall, good game

- Awesome game

I am a fan of all the Assassins Creeds and this game just adds to the list of great games. I recommend this game for everyone. 5 stars.

- Freemium game that costs $1.50

Not much different than a freemium game except you get to pay for the honour of playing it.

- Unable to install on iOS 11

Needs update

- Open world

Pls make an open world mode

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- Best mobile game ever

I love it


I bought the game thinking if it would be a waste of money or if it was a good purchase and I’m proud to say it’s a good purchase. The quality of the gameplay and campaign mode is just amazing!

- Best game ever

This game is really fun and when I’m bored I just need to play it thanks for the best game in the world UBISOFT.

- Assassins creed


- Won’t let me in

It’s saying that there’s been a error and I have my internet on and it still won’t let me in. Fix it immediately please

- Can not play for thw money i pay

I have download and start playing the game , as i have start the first mission , i close the app and fro the next day the app did not run anymore , it’s just not responding to any of the commands

- Awesome but......

You already have to pay for the game then you have to buy more missions to do. I don’t think that you should have to pay £1.99 for another campaign but at least you get some items. You cannot use tricksters ability. -Alfie

- Sluggish combat and long loading screens. Good graphics and hay bales, thankfully.

Title explains it all. Writing this so I can actually post it.

- Doesn’t even start

I open the app and it just hangs on ‘connecting’ Refund please

- Disappointing

I thought I was paying for the full game. Not so. I’d done all the available campaigns within a couple of hours, bought the next set for more money, did them in half an hour and now it’s pretty boring. It’s far too easy, and I’ve never played any of the assassin games before, so it really shouldn’t be. I can’t increase the difficulty setting without either paying lots more money or playing it until my mind has gone numb with boredom. The 1998 game ‘thief’, of a similar genre, may not have had the same graphics, but the gameplay was far better. I’m disappointed.

- I don’t like doing this...

I have only been able to open the app once, enough time to choose my avatar, the game will no longer load and stays on menu trying to load but comes up with error message. I know it only cost £1:99 but if I pay for a product the least I expect is for it to work. There are no clear avenues to contact support, if the app is fixed and so it can be used I will know more about the game to give an honest review on the game.

- Assassins Creed Review

I Always loved this game I havent played it in a year so i would rate it out of 4 because it needs lots of storage

- Good but...

Good game but movement controls are trashy

- Scam

Paid for the get 10 easy levels (an hours play?). Then you have to pay for more (though you can only purchase 4 levels?!). Despite being a paid game, there’s in app purchases for two types of in game currency. Incredibly limited game.

- What’s happen?

My app stop work!?

- Worked for one day and now stopped

Doesn’t work after one day .. I’m on an iPad Pro 2018

- This game is so much fun

This game is so much fun but all good things must come to an end and sadly the end for this game is way to soon even after paying for the expansion.

- Horrible

Just bought it on iPad Air 2.The game won’t even start.Cant play it at all

- App not functioning

The app doesn’t run at all need help

- No I love this game

I love this game I spend 10 total hours a day

- Best assassin's creed experience in the palm of your hands

Great controls and a great amount of customising for your own assassin good for new players 😊10/10 for me!

- Never loads

Never loads for me and I have new iPhone 11 pro... although maybe that why.


Good graphics but could be better if the flori crimeson was for free it would be better if you could go inside the buildings especially the mansion in monteggori and if you could make the people talk and defend themselves also make an assassin brother hood with real assassins that walk with you everywhere.

- AC: identity

Excellent game. Well thought out. Very enjoyable game to play. More please.

- Amazing

Amazing thought after gabe to pass the time. Just liking playing on larger device !

- Gucci

Best game

- To many in app purchases

It would be so much better if there was a “free roam” sort of mode where you could go around the map and do what you want.

- Good game, but definitely needs some improvements

Now, don’t get me wrong, AC identity is a good game. Stunning console-worthy graphics and decent gameplay provide for an enjoyable experience. However, when you buy a paid game, normally, you’d expect to get all of the features. But In AC identity, you don’t exactly get that. The Advertised ‘4 available classes to choose from’ is a small lie. You have to either pay for the ‘thief’ class with real money or work extremely hard to get 300 heroic coins (which is the games version of ‘give us money to get better stuff!’). Second of all, you don’t really get the full story. I finished the Murder of the Crows in 2 days, which left me wanting more. So, when I went over to try and play the next campaign, it said that you have to pay another £2 to get the second story. Now, I know this is really nit picky, but why? This decision just left me feeling disappointed. Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘but £2 isn’t a lot!’ I know that, but why don’t Ubisoft just up the price to £4 to actually get the full experience? To me, this would make more sense. Slightly higher price to get the full story. But no. They gave you what seemed to be a minute of proper story in the game and then ask you to purchase another part to the story. This decision just seems so irrational, and limits gameplay. Also, I hate how the game keeps tempting you with in-app purchases to make your character better and cooler looking by making the outfits ridiculously pricey with in-game currency. This kinda bugs me. What I think would be a good addition is free roam. Rather than having to go back to previous missions to explore the map with the same objectives getting in the way of exploration, it would be much more useful just to be able to roam around freely and just explore without the missions you already did preventing you from enjoying the map. It would also be nice to also develop some more story in the modern world of AC, but I understand Ubisoft can’t put everything in a mobile Assassins creed. Overall, I still find this game really enjoyable, despite my complaints, and I would still recommend getting AC identity, so long as you’re prepared to pay for more storylines. P.S: Don’t worry, you can still get free outfits for your assassin. You just have to get to level 7 to get your first outfit and level 15.

- Amazing game

This game is definitely worth £2, it has simple and easy to use controls and the graphics and movement are amazing for an iOS game. I would recommend it to anyone who loves assassins creed or other games like it.

- I love this game but...

This game is so cool! I have been playing for about 1hr and it’s great. The graphics are good , the character is easy to move around. BUT... I have an iPhone XR and the game doesn’t really work with the screen so I can’t see all of the text on the left side of the screen. Please if you could fix this I would rate 5 stars! 👍

- Andrew

Should be free cause you have to buy things in the game. Not bad though. I prefer pay and play. I dislike in-app-purchase!

- Just one wee thing..

Plz make a mod in which you can go anywhere and kill anyone you want, because I don’t like games that have only missions and no free roam, because once you complete the missions, then you have to do them again..and again.. I know it would take a long time to make that mod but plz just start and making it..and just let me know, thank you 🙏🏻

- Updates?

Please update this game and add more stuff like missions and maybe online gameplay with other people. Due to this just being left for a long time I give 2 stars


Ok this is a masterpiece but I would really recommend making a special day when each assassin is born there set can be free I thought its a good idea to say this because it would be awesome also can you get a crouch mode and become invisible and kill people and everyone runs and ur target does not I really like ezio so plz give me a free birthday set and for everyone thanks Ubisoft also I love HUGRY shark hope you accept my offer I will be happy 😃 like literally I wish you make ezio and connor upgrade sets thank you so much for listening ubisoft! I love your games

- Not working

I played it only for 10 mins I closed my iPad then I started playing but when I went to the main menu it was blank . No lie this game is actually sick!!

- Disappointing

Paid for the game and it now won’t load..... some support would be great

- Pretty cool game

Overall it’s a good game for the price the graphics are decent and the gameplay is pretty fun but I wish there was like a big world that was like free roam like you get on black flag on ps3 as it would make the game more enjoyable as doing missions is pretty fun but they kinda start to get a bit boring... Overall it’s a good game for the price and I would recommend it:)👍😊

- Pleas add this

Would be a 5 star game if there was a free roam feature in the game or multiplayer missions he game can be repetitive playing the same missions and contracts.

- Great!

This game in my opinion is amazing! Especially for a mobile game. The graphics are incredible, and the maps are awesome! Also the storyline and character design is really good. The only thing that annoys my is that there are in app purchases needed to do more than one campaign, but there are still extra missions available for free. Over all I love this game and think it is definitely worth buying!

- Awsome

I love it it’s hard sometimes and cool

- Needs more levels

The game is really good but it needs more levels and a multiplayer mode

- Cool but...

Hey Ubisoft please make it more like assassins creed odyssey with Sparta and Athens because you can’t get assassins creed odyssey on iPad or tablet I would really appreciate it and like we could have Greek myths and please add weapons like clubs and axes and spears. Thanks a lot I will rate five stars if you do this seeing as you are my favourite app developer this would be very nice for the game.😀 please reply thanks.

- Not much of assassins creed essence

Disappointed.. What made assassins creed great was the free movement of the player and fast slalom between pedestrian with jumps between buildings and huge melee combat.. In this case the graphics are good but the controls are very limited and it’s make everything very slow giving a lagging sensation. You are very limited interacting with things and everything looks very lineal.. They use small caracteres like doctors or messengers as part of the action and it is forcing you to buy upgrades like blue prints etc in order to make the gane a bit better.. The price of 2 £ is correct (no more)but I suggest paying 4 pounds more in buying the Bully or the GTA.

- Frozen Screen?!?!

Just downloaded this game and only finished the second task and now the game is frozen on the screen where campaign and social tabs are available. I can’t get any response from the screen anywhere I tap. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, rebooted my iPad and closed out any active screens and still no luck!?!? Quite annoyed now! All my other apps are working just fine so I’m fairly certain it’s the game. What can be done OTHER than all the other steps I’ve already done? 😡😠

- Bugs

The app has bugs every time I enter the app it would go to the main menu and I wouldn’t be able to go anything on the navigation bar which means I am not able to enter the settings or campaign mode or anything else please fix!!!

- Better than looks

I thought it was well a rip-off but it is really decent. Would recommend for over 11s.

- Apple TV Support?

A fun game that I can play on my iPhone and iPad, but is missing Apple TV support. Would be great to play in 4K with my Nimbus controller!

- Epic

This game is so cool and fun

- Waste of money

I opened up the game and played the first few tasks but as I went into one of the menus on my chosen character the only option from there was to enter the button titled inventory, so I did the inventory didn’t present any sort of exit button so I tried swiping in various directions with no change, so now I’m stuck whenever I open up the game it comes to the first of the mentioned menus and when I enter the inventory the only way back is to exit the game and start it up again. This may only be a rare glitch but spending £1.99 on a game that does only these things is a waste of money.

- Looks good but is broken

Game won’t let me get past the screen to create a profile. I click confirm and nothing happens. Very poor, I have the iPhone XS.

- Always crashes

Assassin’s creed identity is a good game, but it crashes a lot that for me it has become a regular thing that happens for time to time. What makes it worst is that it usually happens when I’m about to finish my contract. Could you please fix this?

- Doesn’t work

I’ve downloaded the app, but it doesn’t work, when I tap the buttons, nothing shows up, it’s as if I’m not even tapping it even though I am, I am using an iPhone 6 on iOS 10, pls fix this and if it isn’t a bug, pls tell me what is wrong.

- Lags

Honestly one of my favorite games on Xbox and PlayStation but it lags way to much on mobile and it closes the game at unexpected moments. If you guys could please try fix it, it would be great.

- Plz make it support better for iPad mini 1/2

When ever I try and do missions it lags me out don't waste 4:00$ if you have iPad mini 1/2.

- Doesn’t work

I’ve got a iPad Air 2 it’s not working very unhappy I paid money for this app don’t get this app

- Great game

Controls are simple, gameplay is fantastic. And really restores my faith in the AC gaming franchise.

- Ok

Pls add offline and free roam or u eat potatoes

- Touch Screen not working

Would like them to fix this issue because I paid for this game and I wanna be bale to play it. Its in the hub and its the game, my IOS multitasking hubs and notification hubs are still responding on the screen. Pls fix ;-;

- Great game!

I only wish you didn’t need wifi to play, as there isn’t much multiplayer gameplay. Otherwise, it was a really great game and I would definitely suggest it to anyone looking for a great game that kills time and a good campaign.

- Great game to those assassin fans

Overall great game the detail is fantastic, so many things could make this even better it needs a free roaming option during or after missions 😁👌🏼instead of just mission based and returning to the animus after every mission


I would recommend getting this game but it needs to be online. so can you please make an offline mode, Also can you make the campaign longer. Other than that this game is very good

- Awesome but campaign so short I finished the game in about three/four days please extend

So awesome but really short campaign

- Pretty good

It is an amazing game and it has a really cool story but I think there should be a multiplayer option and better graphics. It has also been lagging for me for the passing days please try and fix it. Great game!

- Pretty good

It is an amazing game and it has a really cool story but I think there should be a multiplayer option and better graphics. It has also been lagging for me for the passing days please try and fix it. Great game!

- This game doesn’t work

I PAID for this game and it doesn’t work

- Great gameplay

Never asking for more money to access gameplay great campaign totally loving the game so far

- Limited and crash’s a lot

Having tried this for a couple of weeks now what looks to be great fun is somewhat limited unless you PAY on top of which whilst playing it does and will crash mid mission. You must start again from the beginning of that mission. So for me it can be costly and unstable..... be warned!!

- Servidor / Server

La verdad es un buen juego, me gusta mucho sus gráficos y jugabilidad; pero el único defecto es que en la mayoría de las veces el servidor tarde DEMASIADO y no me hace gracia ocupar +2gb de espacio en un juego al que necesito internet y debo esperar a su servidor de MAL SERVICIO. Me gustaría mucho que arreglen ese problema. La verdad que pena que no posean buenos servidores

- Amazing

At first it was hard but when I got use to it it was amazing but I would ask if you made the attacks a bit more responsive still a great game


Whenever I feel like playing this when there's no wifi I don't even see why you need wifi make it so u don't need to pls

- Good but

It needs new maps and free chests that you get every day also a multiplayer mode please please do it

- Great game but short campaign tho

I love this game it's super fun the controls are easy to use the mechanics are good not laggy and it's assassins creed

- Ubisoft’s best game on IOS

I rate this game so much.

- Good but....

The best game on app store(my opinion) but can you please do more levels thx

- It’s not working on IOS11

I have an iPhone 7 fully updated and it’s not working 😡😡

- Does not support controllers

Got this game for my iPad Pro, looks like it would be awesome but my Steel series nimbus won’t work with it. Blue Byte support confirmed that controllers are not fully supported and may only work partially, they recommended not using it. Fully add mfi controller support for more stars... or you can purchase more stars with a micro transaction... 🤪

- Forli

I bought the Forli campaign and I can’t open it or play it for $3 it should work better. SCAM!! Please help me Ubisoft

- Excellent

Amazing graphics, awesome missions and great game play.5/5

- Great game

I love this game but my only complaint is that the other campaign should be free I don't want to buy it

- Top Quality

Sooooo good Amazing game mechanics, very fun gameplay, but short campaign Otherwise 10 out of 10 ign

- Pure greed.

Charge you a lot for a mobile game then have pop ups asking you to watch ads. Disgusting- shame on you.

- Awesome no dislikes


- AC

Won't let me click on the campaign or the codex side

- Frozzen😡😡😡

Everytime i open the game it just froze i cant press any button. This realy pisses me of because i paid for this game. If your not going to fix it give my money back.

- Great game but there's only one prob...

Why aren't there be any new updates?

- Not good

I have played every assassins creed game and I love them. There one of my favourite game franchises, but this game just simply not good it has bad graphics, bad controls and a bad storyline.

- Greatttttt!

Just change it to offline

- Please add sign in Xbox option

Please add the option of signing in using your Xbox account to save your data on all assassins creed apps you made

- Impressive game, a few problems

I'm a big fan of assassins creed, it was actually the first game I ever played on the iPad. Identity is a great game especially since it's on the this type of platform, but, even great games can have setbacks. The controls aren't exactly the greatest, once I tried assassinating a guard ,but, I just ended up running off the rooftop and standing beside the guard, really I think there should be two circles that indicate the movement and the camera, I also think that instead of just running to a wall and climbing it, we should just be able to walk near a wall and press the interact button to climb the wall or jump off it.

- Wonderful Game

Assassins Creed Identity is great IOS version of the console games. Only problem is the camera.

- Great mobile version of the game

Controls are a bit ew, but overall fun gameplay

- The best

It is a very good game I hope more updates in future

- Nicejob

Good game !!!

- Really poor controls spoils this game

As someone who has developed UIs for decades commercially, this GUI fails because the developers can't distinguish a selection from an action. For example, you approach a guard. You tap the guard to select it. At the same time the program selects the guard. The program treats this as two clicks which means "do" (rather than select), even though you only clicked a player once! I have been caught out by this design flaw many many times. Also, the sensitivity of the movement is terrible. Rather than fixed zones, movement is relative. You can have your finger at the top of the screen and the player runs backwards! You've also got no idea if a player will jump from a roof or throw a bomb as there is no feedback. It's sheer luck. Summary: The controls on this game are the Windows Vista of controls. After playing about 300h of this game, the controls are still unbearable.

- Great game.

This is a great game, I would recommend it. You should add Female Assassin's just to prevent angry feminists losing their minds.

- awesome game

The game is now becoming more balanced after rework and updates comparing to the version back to 2015

- No Good

The game was too confusing, not worth the money

- Doesn't work

Don't waste your money on this game, it doesn't work. I've tried to open it over and over again but it always crashes as soon as it starts

- Bad Graphics and Gameplay

I've played every AC game and this has to be the worst. It's poorly done, i guess they tried to prematurely release this in time for the movie. Except for the cut scenes, graphics suck and the game play is too easy, easier than minecraft. After less than an hour I got bored and deleted the game. What a waste of time and money.

- Best RPG game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really great combat controls are a little bit difficult This game is so cool Thank you for the new campaign the crimson sunset campaign or (forli ) This game is so cool Parents : little bit of blood and gore that's it It's a really really great Game i'll give it 10-10 I really really recommend it

Assassin’s Creed Identity

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Assassin's Creed Identity 2.8.10 Screenshots & Images

Assassin's Creed Identity iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Assassin's Creed Identity iphone images
Assassin's Creed Identity iphone images
Assassin's Creed Identity iphone images
Assassin's Creed Identity iphone images
Assassin's Creed Identity iphone images
Assassin's Creed Identity ipad images
Assassin's Creed Identity ipad images
Assassin's Creed Identity ipad images
Assassin's Creed Identity ipad images
Assassin's Creed Identity ipad images
Assassin's Creed Identity Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Assassin's Creed Identity Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Assassin's Creed Identity (Version 2.8.10) Install & Download

The applications Assassin's Creed Identity was published in the category Games on 2016-02-25 and was developed by Ubisoft [Developer ID: 317644720]. This application file size is 2.44 GB. Assassin's Creed Identity - Games posted on 2018-12-13 current version is 2.8.10 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions.

Assassin's Creed Identity Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence

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