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Want to add some BOOM or shimmer to your Spotify music? Make your music pop with SpotEQ, the most advanced equalizer for Spotify!

** SpotEQ is updated for iPhone X! **
** Album artwork not blurred in app **

SpotEQ is an equalizer for Spotify Premium members.** A Spotify Premium subscription is required to use this app.

SpotEQ is the ONLY iPhone app to offer you both the precision of a 30-band EQ AND all of the Spotify features you know and love!*

Designed with simplicity in mind, SpotEQ's equalizer is intuitive yet incredibly powerful. SpotEQ doesn’t limit you to sliders — its curve editor lets you manipulate with ease and precision. With a few drags of your finger, you can create customized sound fit to your headphones and your tastes! Plus, when you find the setting you like best, you can SAVE it and come back to it any time you like!

With SpotEQ, you can:
- Stream your Spotify playlists
- Search for any song, artist, album, or playlist
- Control 30 EQ bands with one curve
- Set EQ gain level for loudness or headroom
- Save unlimited EQ presets
- Add to and Edit your Spotify playlists
- Create new playlists from albums or songs
- View and Edit your Play Queue
- Shuffle / Repeat / Repeat-One
- Enjoy a familiar, responsive interface designed with functionality first
- Share any song, album, or playlist with your friends
- Change stream qualities for WiFi and Cellular connections individually to save data
- Control SpotEQ's cache size

What are you waiting for? Try SpotEQ today— your ears will thank you!

If you have any problem or suggestion whatsoever, just send me feedback from the Settings menu! I respond personally!


* SpotEQ does not currently include Spotify Radio or Discovery tools, and cannot yet access tracks or albums in "Your Music" section (organize your music into Playlists for use in SpotEQ). "Full Spotify functionality" defined as searching, browsing, full-quality streaming, and playlist interaction.

** USE OF SPOTEQ REQUIRES A SPOTIFY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. Spotify does not allow free users to use third-party streaming applications.

This product uses music from Spotify but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trademark of the Spotify Group.

SpotEQ App Description & Overview

The applications SpotEQ was published in the category Music on 2014-05-08 and was developed by Zack Fletcher. The file size is 6.59 MB. The current version is 2.1.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

This critical update fixes the playlist issues that occurred after Spotify's Feb 28 update.

New: Swipe to dismiss the Now Playing screen!
Also: Crash fixes!

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SpotEQ Reviews


Playlists don't work anymore  KbaweSome24  2 star

I liked this app but now playlists that I've created don't work. The songs won't load. It's been like this for a couple of days now


Straight Garbage  Nest8087  1 star

Playlist from Spotify appear but no access to them at all. Garbage!!! But, you can search music on Spotify. EQ is straight garbage. Trying to boat bass distorts music. Don’t buy


Crashes with latest Spotify update  jryder60  3 star

Was happy with this but it’s no longer working after latest Spotify update. Please fix.


“Signs of the Time”  FARAMOR  5 star

Definitely, a simple “ equalizer ,” with so much detailing : “ High Definition on Sound”. I give it a 10.!

Msgt W

Give me offline use  Msgt W  1 star

Offline use is a necessary use if you listen to even a hour a day that’s 30 hrs a month that’s a lot of data I have to pay for to my phone provider for something that was free when I owned an android phone, was told not to by a iPhone maybe I can sell it and get a android again if I’m going to be forced to stay online all the time oh wait I’m a soldier and can’t stay online everywhere I am I’m in a lot of dead areas if you really knew my meaning you’d understand my anger.!

Andriod now iPhone

They don’t update!  Andriod now iPhone  2 star

This is a nice eq but it said 8 months since last update? I could be wrong? But that don’t change rating. Because they haven’t done update or listened to anyone. One of the few times I take time to email to suggestion. And why I don’t. One when you trying to pic Which eq setting you’ve saved, you can’t see the difference in adjustments. Let’s say you saved 6 settings 1. Car 2. Indoor speakers 3. Outdoor speakers 4. Shop 5. Shop Metallica 6. Shop 5FDP As you click which one you want, you can’t see the adjustments. The menu hides it all. Why? This is ridiculous. Specially if trying to find the difference between two sounds. Ain’t happening! Plus as soon as you adjust oh let’s say 5. Metallica It automatically switches to manual mode. Well then you have to resale a new setting saying #895. Metallica Black LP Smh! I’m about to buy a different eq. Oh and OMG! Forgot the worst part! It will shut off if using BT if you get ANY apple setting notification! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!


On its way to perfection  Aholasek  4 star

An excellent equaliser for Spotify, does exactly as advertised, but at present I prefer the Spotify navigation UIUX to that of this application. One comment: If you could turn your phone horizontally and edit the curve in that format it would be far easier.

leaving good reviews

Love it  leaving good reviews  4 star

Works great except it sometimes just pauses at random times I have to close the app then open it back up to make it work again. Also it would be cool if it would continue playing suggested tracks after an album or playlist is done


Eq  Dmanlb  3 star

The eq should turn with the screen so if you turn sideways the eq would too then you would have way more room and control

the true postman

Equalizer  the true postman  5 star

Seems to be better than it used to be


Gapless playback seems gapless  Riskyinvincible  5 star

I think you just need your device to be dedicated to the app. Don't go checking Facebook and expect your gapless playback to be gapless. The EQ is great. Makes my ancient stereo system sound pretty good Have recommended to friends.

Bromley Raven in Brisbane

Gapless Playback  Bromley Raven in Brisbane  2 star

Not good to pay up front and find that the advertised gapless playback is actually big gap playback - live albums and segued songs on albums are utterly ruined. Shame as it's a good app otherwise but this is a fundamental flaw! Fix please or money back.

Fur Yifu

Great cept Gapless playback gappy  Fur Yifu  3 star

Need to fix Gapless playback do it works at zero secs Also be good to have landscape eq view


Equalizer  Tonysfoto  2 star

Nothing new


Was great until it started crashing (IPhone 6)  SF_Homes  2 star

I came upon this app looking for an equalizer to increase my Spotify experience on the road or at home. Initially, it worked awesome and found the sound quality to be noticeably better than streaming from the original Spotify app. However, since October 2016, the app crashes all the time, regardless on wifi or not. This has disappointed me greatly. To the developers, please provide an update to fix the bugs. Fellow IPhone 6 Plus user.


Best EQ for Spotify  Woosatch  5 star

This is hands down the best option for tailoring Spotify music to your listening preference. Its not going to give you a THX experience if you have crap equipment but it will allow you to get the most from it.


App  KJR200  5 star

Love the app except for the fact that i dont know how to or that it doesnt allow direct access to my spotify saved songs. Good app maybe in updates to come it will improve!


Literally the best app on the App Store!  SLP TRaV  5 star

I was going to return my beats power 2 wireless headphones they were quiet and sounded poor! 3$ turned them into the best sounding headphones I've ever had! I'm so glad I looked this up 1st!! Not to mention the app interface is slick and looks nice! Thanks!


speechless.  Rickyallred99  5 star

This app is amazing. The equalizer that it provides its so exquisite and made to perfection. Providing a 10 band and 30 band frequency adjustments to equalize it to your liking and perfection. Such a worth investment. And the maker of this app cares for his customers which makes it 10x better. He definitely knows what he's doing giving the complexity of this app which by the way is very simple to use.


I am a barber  kennyhailey  5 star

I listen to music everyday and I sleep to it while I sleep but when I am in my car the eq makes a difference to my listening experience. Thank you guys.


Finally Found It!!!  Brianstl764  5 star

There are EQs and then there is this EQ App. Highly recommend this if you're streaming Spotify on the high end. Makes your playlists sound top notch. About as close as a parametric EQ that you can find for a I phone. And it's easy to navigate.


I like it  N-mad  5 star

It cured the crappy sound of a Bluetooth speaker for me so I like it a lot. I've not had any tech issues at all.


Great EQ App!  SneakyPeaky00  5 star

Very good app. Nice compliment for those with Audiophile quality headphones, wanting the most out of your iPhone. Currently using this with the 6S+ / Fostex TH600 headphnes. 👍🏼


Awesome, when it works.....  JakcsonDiamond  2 star

This would be my go to music app, if it worked. Constantly freezes, and crashes. Closed, deleted and downloaded again. Same issues. If they get fixed this app will be great.

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