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Meet Baby Lock.
Baby Lock is a touch proof video player that allows you to lock the screen while your baby is watching a video, so he/she can watch smoothly without accidentally exiting/pausing/skipping the video.


◉ Lock YouTube videos in full screen

◉ Screen stays on when the video is played and locked

◉ Tap 3 buttons in the screen corners to unlock

◉ Bookmark favorite videos and play them in an endless playlist

Baby Lock App Description & Overview

The applications Baby Lock was published in the category Education on 2014-02-26 and was developed by Ron Wiesengrun. The file size is 14.40 MB. The current version is 2.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Support for iPhone X and iOS 11!

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Baby Lock Reviews


15 month old unlocked in 3 minutes  estes4fam  1 star

Literally 3 minutes he had the iphone unlocked.


Great with guided access  Heatherpa86  5 star

For those of you complaining about the home button, all you have to do it use your guided access to lock those. Easy as pie and takes seconds to do. This app is great with guided access for my baby to watch her videos on! We love it!!


Pointless  britthud  1 star

This is pointless! Doesn't lock the phone buttons on iPhone 7... waste of money.

far beyond driven 666

So fun to throw away money I was stupid enough to 2 it twice  far beyond driven 666  1 star

Doesn't work I always read reviews and check out before I buy except this ONE time. I am now dumber for using it and worst of all infecting my girl with this crap starting from jenn Aniston to mama June and I from Brad Pitt to Lloyd Christmas never again will another app ruin so many lives as this one is KING CRAP!!!!


Don't buy this!!!  Missyfinaz  1 star

No point in this being called baby lock because the kids can still access the phone with the home button! COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!


Home button  o.elly  1 star

Dosent lock home button pretty pointless

Unhappy customer 11509

Complete waste of money  Unhappy customer 11509  1 star

I want my two dollars back.


Terrible for iPhone.  Kendrieeex  1 star

I don't know about on Android devices, but this app is GARBAGE. The app doesn't lock my home button, I'm mad that I spent money on this. App developers need to tell people it's not really made for iPhone users. If I cared that much about $2, I would be raising hell about a refund.


Waste of Money!  Suenette  1 star

Useless if baby can press the home button!


Home button  TMKDCD  1 star

Great idea other than it doesn't lock the home button, took 3 seconds and my grandson was out of baby lock. Totally useless app.

Grant's PC

Obsolete if you can use guided access  Grant's PC  1 star

iOS has a much better option that allows you to lock the screen when running any app. The option is called guided access. Don't buy this app if you have guided access available.


Baby Lock review  erin-84  3 star

Not really what I expected. My biggest issue is my son pressing the home button, this only locks the screen, he still presses the home button and closes down the app. I was hoping for $2.99 it was also going to stop the home button being pressed.


Unhappy  Sazivan  1 star

Started out well! Lost sound, 👎🏽


Don't bother  Lp790106  1 star

Doesn't play any sound. Waste of time and money


Doesn't play sound, where's my refund?  Bekster13  1 star

Waste of time, don't bother. Would be great if the videos played sound but NONE of them do! Not happy at all!


Home button  Rachyz007  3 star

children can't touch screen once locked but can exit the app through home button would be great if it Lucan figure out to lock that too still a good app


Would be great...  Frezyt  2 star

If you could add your own videos from your own library..


1 Star  Crapalappa  1 star

Baby lock doesn't lock out the home button.


Disappointed!  CatmeoB  1 star

I feel ripped off! This app doesn't lock the screen! Do not waste your money! :-(


Doesn't perform  JoshR1234  1 star

Yes can't play pause etc. but you can still pinch to close program. ie I'd doesn't actually lock screen like it is supposed to.


Not working  Atsikitan  1 star

My 4 mo old son can change app using his palm how can this happen???? I want a refund!


I want a refund  Brrratz01  1 star

Sound doesnt work and child gets out of it all the time


DO NOT BUY IT! It doesn't work at all!!  gallovich.felizola  1 star

I open the App and give the device to my baby and he will get out of the app in less than 3 seconds!! It doesn't work AT ALL! I want my money back! I will not give it even 1 star!


Waste of money  MandiNoel  1 star

So this app is essentially you tube with a locked screen. After buying this app and setting up my accessibility through the phone, I found out you can lock the buttons AND THE SCREEN on any app with apples accessibility options. Don't waste your money like I did. This app is limited to itself and does not lock the screen any other time.


Sound??  Momvan1  1 star

I have no sound. Is there a fix? Please help.


Don't waste your money  Natesmommy89  2 star

The volume does not work on this app the home button does not work the best thing to do is to enable your guided access found in settings if I would have know this I wouldn't have purchased.


Only works with YouTube  TeeEarls  1 star

I bought this with the intent to lock existing videos that I have, or videos bought through Apple. Nowhere does this state that this application only works with YouTube videos, completely useless and a misrepresentation by omission. Will be contacting Apple for my money back.


It's just okay.  Thenaturalyouth  2 star

Pressing the home button gets you out the screen so it half works. Videos freeze and buffer on and off. It does it job but honestly not worth it worth it. It's just okay.

tattoed Irishman

JUNK  tattoed Irishman  1 star

No sound on videos


Freezes a bunch  Glfr3267  3 star

Love this app except for the fact that it is constantly freezes up on us. And sometimes it will freak out and start playing other video sounds when your in one already. Makes me restart my phone in order for it to work properly.

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