Lifeboat+ is a companion app for the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Lifeboat servers allow Minecraft: Pocket Edition players to compete in multi-player tournaments.

Owners of the Lifeboat+ app can see their statistics in these tournaments, and unlock additional functionality.

App Features:
- Individual statistics and leaderboards
- Upgrades page allows for extension of the game
- Get help with how to use the Lifeboat servers
- Manage your account
- View a server list to play with your friends

Lifeboat+ App Description & Overview

The applications Lifeboat+ was published in the category Catalogs on 2014-02-10 and was developed by Hydreon Corporation. The file size is 21.11 MB. The current version is 3.0.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Updated to Swift 3
- More profile functionality
- Bug fixes

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Lifeboat+ Reviews


I hate lifeboat  smp1031  1 star

My friend and I lost everything we had he had enough to buy a plot he was P and I was Q and we payed $3.00 each to play your stupid game


This is a complete mess up.  KatluvKatm8  1 star

You guys never bothered to fix the lags on the servers, seriously?! Also, never bothered to fix your anti-hack system. You guys can't just banned people who aren't hacking. You need to banned people if they are hackers. Such as, Speed hack. Also, I'm just going to complain, WHY THE HECK DID U PUT A DAILY PLAY LIMIT, which is unfair for the non-vips. Some of them can't spend their money on VIP. Instead, you just give the VIP players to play whatever they want. That is horrible. I'm sorry but I might never play ur servers no more. Except on updates. Please fix this.


TRASH!!!!!!  punklxvato  1 star

i bought a GOAT subscription and now lifeboat won't let me play most of the games because they are for "non xbl players"


Worst minecraft pe server  Fart5577  1 star

This one of the worst minecraft pe servers I have ever seen. First off just to play for more then 1 hour and 30 per a day you need to pay for VIP which is ten dollars. That cost more than minecraft pe its self. Second I have been able to get VIP twice without doing anything! First time I just chose the VIP kit on survival games, wich you can use without VIP btw and gave me free VIP but wore off after I left. Second time I was just jumping around and I was flying and I checked my name and sure enough I had VIP so I play a game of survival games and mid game I was kicked for "cheats" when in reality it was their servers. In reality they don't care about quality only money so I would even advice to not play lifeboat. Just go play brokenlens.


Didn't work  Xlovespellx7  5 star

I'm not complaining about the app but It didn't work but I still play the server even though I can't get VIP from the app because it didn't work for some reason but if you could add a way to fix it like add a different code that each person gets that signs into the app and can put it in on the server

The Boyz!

W the heck?  The Boyz!  1 star

Hate it cost MONEY


I got ROBBED  JackIsBetterThanU  1 star

I've bought lifeboat way back and I clicked the restore button and it says nothing and I payed money for that I need VIP back


What I hate  thebunnybonbon17  1 star

Omg I can't even start see I bout vip+ with so much money and it dose not work for me I hate it and also there's a glitch I hate it makes my arms like boys arms I don't like it I don't like it one bit plz who ever can fix these things plz do I hate it 😡😤☹️😭


Terrible in sorry  Padomad  1 star

I know this isn't much but hear me out I keep on trying to go on server 14 and it won't let me i tried to get on for 20 minutes and here I am also I played for your stupid 2 hours then I waited for 1 in the mourning and it still didn't let me on oh yeah and why a time limit are you so desperate for that look some people are kids who don't have the money for that and their parents won't let them get VIP or goat I hate lifeboat


Can't login!!!  DiscoWolf  2 star

I log on the lifeboat app and when I open the minecraft server in the chat it says "this username is all ready taken" but it's an awesome server.


Melissa OgungbaderoMissy487733 star

@LifeboatHQ: New Recipe For Heating Nuclear Fusion Plasma Boosts Ion Energy Output 10 Times …


Mêxïcãn Félix🇲🇽M3xicanFelix3 star

El que tenga maikra pi ya la hizo en especial Si tienen el server de lifeboat Bueno aquí está mi gamertag M3xicanFelix


Missing youtarttgreg4693 star

@LifeboatHQ: Amat Farm: Amat farms (antimatter farms) consist of large banks of solar power collectors which power multicolliders https:…

xXThe Doctor 10Xx

This need less stars  xXThe Doctor 10Xx  1 star

Hey I liked playing this until one day it started getting me out of the app every time I tried to look at a server. I can't remember the server code to join, but as I said above, every time I try to look at servers it closes me out. Fix it and also refund everyone dude. Ps you guys need to learn to not spend money on apps.

Breana Vega

I want my GOAT back!!  Breana Vega  1 star

So i went on a life boat server and registered as Breana Vega and bought GOAT a few days ago and so today I went on again as the same username and all and suddenly I was a guest and I didn't have a pet or a Classic SG Vip+ kit or a fancy name tag and that stuff so I went to this app and it said I was subscribed to GOAT but I went back on the server and I'm still guest can some fix this or I am unsubscribing😡

Rainbow fox 102

no fusiona y es horrible  Rainbow fox 102  1 star

no funsiona y no quiero pagar para ser vip


You have to pay about 15 dollars for 1 server  JulieGia  1 star

It stinks


Why....  Goldenhoopa  4 star

Ok... DAILY FREE TIME?!? WHY IS THIS A THING... I just want to play and I was all good then BOOM it kicked me off because of the time limit I know It can be helpful to get rid off the people that freeze at spawn and fill up slots in the server but it also effects other players that are not frozen... Please change this....

I don't know about this app...

NOT EVEN?!  I don't know about this app...  2 star


seabunnehs ⛄️

So little time  seabunnehs ⛄️  3 star

I understand that you want everyone wants to play equally but $15.00 to buy vip?! And the time limit is so little ppl play for more then 3 hours I can't get in because of the limit

I hope you do

I don't know why  I hope you do  3 star

Whenever I try playing Survival Games, it says: "Unable to connect to world" I don't know what to do D:

Rin lover not my name

This skinks.😡  Rin lover not my name  1 star

I hate beeng a VIP i dont whant to waste my money on that! I just whant to play and have FUN. All though i like Zombie aco... i dont know how to spell it but yea.... It keeps sending me this red words that says some thing like this.... CONSIDER BUYING VIP. Some thing like that. Why VIP?! 🤤😰😰😤😡


Why??? {Please red for feedback}  Tverycherry  3 star

The Lifeboat servers are so much fun, and so great! But in you guys being so Money-hungry you've ruined it. Daily play for free time limit??? Yeah, I read your article, I do my research before opening my mouth, and yeah, I can see where you're coming from. The thing is, you say you can't lay off staff because then there wouldn't be any new maps, no new features, and no new game types. The game would be perfectly fine without those things! I would much rather be able to play for as long as I'd like than get new things that I, and lots of other players, wouldn't even notice! Now, I wouldn't chew you out without even attempting to understand. I get it, you have to pay for servers and stuff, but if I have tried to understand you, I beg you to try to understand me, and not just me, but everyone else. If you want people to buy your VIP that bad, then this isn't worth it. Listen, I'm aware you probably don't even read these reviews, but if you do, hear me out. I have pride. LOTS of it, too. And I know that most of the other players do as well, and my pride won't allow me to use TEN dollars on a game that I may not even play very much in the future, and the less rights you give to Non-VIPs, the less my pride is going to like the game, and the less my pride will think of VIP. I'm not going to beg any longer that you take feedback by the people who actually play the game and the people who could help improve it, but if you read this, think about it.

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