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Lifeboat+ is a companion app for the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Lifeboat servers allow Minecraft: Pocket Edition players to compete in multi-player tournaments.

Owners of the Lifeboat+ app can see their statistics in these tournaments, and unlock additional functionality.

App Features:
- Individual statistics and leaderboards
- Upgrades page allows for extension of the game
- Get help with how to use the Lifeboat servers
- Manage your account
- View a server list to play with your friends

Lifeboat+ App Description & Overview

The applications Lifeboat+ was published in the category Shopping on 2014-02-10 and was developed by Hydreon Corporation. The file size is 21.11 MB. The current version is 3.0.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Updated to Swift 3
- More profile functionality
- Bug fixes

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Lifeboat+ Reviews


Give it back  bsnssmms  1 star

Ok I want my VIP back. I paid for it so give it back


FIX IT NOW  WorthItOrNot?  1 star

A long time ago I used this app and bought almost every thing! But then I stoped using this app and deleted it. A year later which is now it doesn’t let me back to my account and I tried making a new one but guess what I used my correct email and password and it still does not let me. WHY? YOU DO THIS TO ME I WANT MY VIP+ BACK

Stank doodie

UNFAIR  Stank doodie  1 star

why do you have to be like: oh! Sorry but you non-vips are nothing but trash because they won’t buy our stuff that’s nothing but CHEAP! and also: OH! SORRY YOU CANT USE OUR NEW EXTREMELY COOL STUFF BECAUSE YOUR A NON-VIP! AND ALSO WE JUST WANT MONEY!!! so earth to lifeboat creators: I WANT FREEDOM TO ALL PLAYERS ABOVE THE SERVER AND BELOW! Also bring the original OP kits back. But if you don’t do this and bring back the old freedom (except the landscape) I’ll SUE your company for making players angry frustrating players and making players MAD for stuff like: Making them buy GOAT for 10$ just for 8 toys....


CRAP 😡😡  jhowsm3O4  1 star

I BOUGHT I V.I.P. FOR 10 DOLLARS! AND GUESS WHAT IT DIN’T GIVE ME IT!!! ITS SO SO SO SO SO BAD! PLUS IT DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE!! ITS A DATA EATER!!!!! I HATE IT!! WASTE OF MONEY AND DATA!!!! Super super super super super bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CRAP!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡



Every other game I play, you always empty chests for me, no one else and set my hunger to 0. You only do that to me, so please remove that feature.


Help  Aeon9271  2 star

I make a new account i complete every thing it says no more lbsg register no more register plz help and freaking fix this


NO REFUNDS!!!!  Hdndndndjxndjizjdnxjd  1 star

I have gotten VIP+ and I requested a refund never got one help!

Aye you I saw that

I love it and hate it  Aye you I saw that  1 star

It always logs me out of the server I can’t play a single complete game. Hackers are allowed to just cheat that’s annoying. Also where the hell are kits for survival games tf?? I paid for that stupid kit. Fix this and maybe I’ll start to enjoy the game again


Y U SO ANNOYING  gyozagirl  2 star

*developer must see!* So me and my friend wanted to play mc together today (3/3/18)and we wanted the accs for mc.we TRIED to make a acc but when we hit register,it just said :"there is no registering Lb accounts,u must do so thr...".and that's all it gave us,it wouldn't even let us continue.just that.also,why so money hungry,WE ARE ALL KIDS!


PLEASE HELP  SaltyCrackers14  2 star

I’m only writing this hoping for a developer response. Whenever I try to make an account it says that I have to make an account through... And just gets cut off there. Please help!! Also, I can’t make an Xbox Live account so now I can’t play on servers which, in my opinion, is the best part of Minecraft.


I cant remember my password  Killeramn11  1 star

I cant remember my password so i click ‘forgot password’ and it goes to their home page on safari. Then it says for me to put my username and password in, and i don’t even know what my password is i mean this is ridiculous.


Signing in  Alichar659  1 star

I couldn’t sign in every time I tried it popped up with something, and I couldn’t even read the whole thing to figure out what I had to do pls! Pls! Pls! Fix this.


>:(  JOnAppStore  1 star

The new minecraft coin purchases idea was absolutely horrible. Now if I want to play, I need to have minecraft installed on one Apple ID and the money I want to spend on the purchase on the same one. This is really annoying and makes this app pointless and useless.


Stupid  Dixhed  1 star

So normally I play in prison, grade J and 36k gold, but the day after, IT ALL DISAPPEARED! I was back at the start and I felt disappointed and ANGRY,


90 MINUTES OF PLAYIN THE SERVER?!  HaruSKTeenYukine  1 star



VIP PURCHASES!!  awesomegirl837  1 star

Three days ago, I bought VIP+ on the lifeboat app. And today, when I went to go on lifeboat sg, it said that I wasn't a VIP!!! I really want you to fix this, it's soo annoying, I spent lots of money on that, and I would like it back please. My name is Bunnyface837 and I would really like my VIP+ back. It was so fun to play with it and so fun to get all the kits. Thanks for reading this, I really hope the owner can do something about my problem, and other peoples problems too.


Wow  AnimeI3aitch  1 star

wth i bought GOAT which was for like around 6-7$ and then the money applied but in the servers it didn't i don't know if this is a scam or a thing wrong with your password system.Well i think its a scam


Plz fix  Geniusmoon  1 star

Plz can u fix the VIP to free then $22.99 dollars plz so then I will rate five star

$4rm4d for ever $$$$$$

Good but...  $4rm4d for ever $$$$$$  2 star

This is good, but there is nothing to do. EVERYTHING is for money. If they made it free I would get everything.

The derpian

Cant  The derpian  3 star

Get vip


Plz no  Me12232456  1 star

So why create such a great app ...and then make people pay?!so just don't install it😡


Please do not buy  ThyPvpMaster  2 star

I've bought 3 Prison passes for 3 of my devices and only 1 worked. And also lifeboat kicks me for hacking when I join the game on the other 2 devices If you can be patient use this app and you will have to contact lifeboat to get it Overall this app is greatest rip off I've ever seen Don't don't don't buy Plz


I love Lifeboat  Taytotime26  4 star

Going on this app makes me me like playing! I'm in the diamond league btw


Why the time limit?  ThunderZvhal  1 star

I have played Lifeboat for a very long time which is when the first lobby was created for the server. But now I would try to make a new account so I could go back into the server when the time limit is up and it would disconnect me and then say I couldn't go back on until my limit is gone. And just to get VIP coats money. I understand you need money for servers but why the time limit? Sometimes I want to play SG and can't bc of the time limit ending. It annoys me a lot about how long the time limit takes to restart again and how long it lasts. If you take this away or fix it me and a lot of other ppl would love it.


Why??  Smokey17CC  1 star

I've played for a about 2 years and it was so cool when I first played. Then I stopped playing mcpe. I decided to play again and when I did I saw how for everything you needed VIP, so I was gonna buy it and it's $15? And it not even for all the games it's only for one of them?! You guys only care about money now.


Crashes every time  chingchongboi10  2 star

Ok, so I logged in then I pressed open servers then it crashed I kept trying but it did not work don't waste your time on this app

Painted Serenity

Terrible.  Painted Serenity  2 star

I've been playing your server for 2 years now, and as far as I can see, your updates have been getting worse and worse. 2 years ago when I played there was no lag at all, it was fine. I stopped playing for a few months, and when I came back to LBSG, I saw Zombie Apocalypse, so I decided to play. I made a new user, it told me to type in my email so I did, it said it wasn't valid! I tried many times but it still didn't work. I used my older user, and when I played there was a LOT of lag. I couldn't place down blocks or even get blocks. It was fine, it still worked, but then when I was in my house I couldn't move. When I did it would put me back to where I was in the first place. I had to refresh it and I lost all my data AGAIN. If you want to keep people playing MCPE, this is not the way to do it.


Wow.....  HorseHarmony  1 star

Lifeboat used to be a really fun, kid friendly server but it became a money draining way to play online. I'm not spending $15 on every game on lifeboat for a dumb VIP. I want to be able to play games. I didn't mind the VIP back when it was only kits or VIPs could join almost full games or games that just became joinable but a 120 minute playing limit for non VIPs??? Are you serious?!? Good job lifeboat... good job....


The Delay  MejesticWolfLex  5 star

Okay I understand the delay but it's been 4 hours when I had it and I went back on it and it still says delay what is going on and I can't buy VIP I don't have the money

Fishy war

#LifeBoatisDesperete  Fishy war  5 star

LifeBoat is so desperate for money!The Time Limit just crossed the line!!!!Make it unlimited!!!!Also I think there should be a command wher u can give others ranking points!!!!My name is AlexMC11 and I'm very good at the game I have over 55000 ranking points and have been in leaderboard couple of times!Please considering making a server all for murder mystery u will get so many people playing and so many people will wanna buy VIP cuz it's and amazing mini game!!!!This is why I give it a four star and here's some suggestions I have u plz read them.


Doesn’t work on 1.2  ItsFionn  1 star

After the Better Together Update on Minecraft Pe and X Box a problem appeared for this app. It used to be if your name had been used you could just change it (on Pe) but now to get on to servers you need X Box Live but with X Box you can’t change your name without buying it unless you haven’t tried the second name. But for those who have can’t use this app. Please fix this. 🤗😀😁


You should be able to play as long as you want  Jackleni  1 star

I was playing prisons having fun but then I bought me to to the hub and I couldn't play anymore because I can't get vip


Booooo bring back spleef prison sucks😡  DaTwistedStorm  1 star

Why did u take away spleen I wanted to log into it then I saw it was gone then I checked out prison it was horrible spleef is my fav game out of all your games and u take that away from me and give me your new crappy updates BRING BACK SPLEEF!BRING BACK SPLEEF!BRING BACK SPLEEF!😡


I need help with VIP  Kawaii_PlaysMC  3 star

So I decided to get a new phone for Christmas. On my old phone I got it. Then I got it on my new phone and it said I already had it so I can get it for free. I got it for free. It then said error and that it won't work ☹️I asked some people on sg17 and they said to review or contact😤☹️

Paige playz

It's Ok I guess  Paige playz  1 star

ok so Overall I love the servers and the app But U Really Should Add The VIP Back 🙊


Very expensive  shyRN  2 star

It's really expensive like €9.99?


Bugs/not usable settings  Lolgrandpa  1 star

The server is great and all, but when you want to send a friend request to someone it doesn't work, and on the lifeboat+ app the settings don't work, it keeps making me login again, and It won't let you add anyone, you need to fix this.


VIP Problem  Herobrine2314567  4 star

Hi im Herobrine2314567 i lost my V.I.P why i donated €9.00 or something i did donate so plz so something about this i didnt waste my money for nothing.At least check


Kits  Ndjrjrhrndnfurnf  4 star

I love the kits like teleporter but hey need to be more thinks like a enchanter kit amd gives u 69 bottle o' enchant or like zombie kit all iron armour and one iron sword 😚💞 Hope you understand My ign is destorm_slxysmc for any help

Lol lol lol lol lol!!

Needs fixing  Lol lol lol lol lol!!  3 star

My stats are stuck at 329 and deaths stuck at 117 And I bought VIP+ and never got it


Can't find my account  Ulterperior  1 star

Can't find my account! I signed in but it keeps saying 0 wins and 0 kills

Bianca Farah

It is ok  Bianca Farah  3 star

I can't become a vip even though I paid


its ok  okjasopuit  1 star

I like it just i cant get a vip on skywars even know i paid for it.

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