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Lifeboat+ is a companion app for the game Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Lifeboat servers allow Minecraft: Pocket Edition players to compete in multi-player tournaments.

Owners of the Lifeboat+ app can see their statistics in these tournaments, and unlock additional functionality.

App Features:
- Individual statistics and leaderboards
- Upgrades page allows for extension of the game
- Get help with how to use the Lifeboat servers
- Manage your account
- View a server list to play with your friends

Lifeboat+ App Description & Overview

The applications Lifeboat+ was published in the category Catalogs on 2014-02-10 and was developed by Hydreon Corporation. The file size is 21.11 MB. The current version is 3.0.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Updated to Swift 3
- More profile functionality
- Bug fixes

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Nate&Jake Mom

Confusing for x-box live PC users  Nate&Jake Mom  1 star

I had logged in using my x-box live minecraft on my PC. Was interested in upgrading to VIP so followed the directions and downloaded the app. Purchased VIP but--although they took my money--there is no VIP in my account where I play on my PC. Their Support website requires you to log in in order to address a purchase that does not work, yet it will not allow me to log in. If I try to register, the website says that my user ID is already taken (duh, that would be me) but it does not acknowledge my email address from my x-box live. Their support email says that if your email is not registered (apparently this is my problem although you would think they had it from x-box live on my PC) then your request will receive a response AFTER those with registered emails. So, I sent an email. I have not received a reply but I re-logged in on my x-box phone app and again on my PC. It appeared that I had the VIP I paid for but still cannot log into their website. After one match, the VIP went away. Changing my review back to 1 star and will re-evaluate favorably if I get a swift response from their Customer Service. Pretty angry that they took my money and I have NO VIP.


Used to be okay  FaZe_swagg  3 star

Was okay until Xbox live took over, it was better when we got to buy VIP, GOAT etc from this app, now it's all trash and the mc update is trash to. Change it back to how it used to be and quit making everything more complex and complicated. Combining Xbox live and multiplayer was a bad idea. Also the main reason I dropped from 5 to 3 is because I lost my goat account and now I'm only a VIP, I liked goat better


Really  Jffjfjjfhfh  1 star

I hate that you have to have an xbox live account to play the servers.I liked it better before.I don't have and xbox live account.


Wow  Cris50309  2 star

My VIP+ has dissapeared and I lost my old email so I can't get it back I'm still logged in it shows I purchased VIP+ for lifeboat survival games and capture the flag but when I go into the game I don't have them and there is no way to fix it. Plus on your prison servers your people with authority randomly ban me for no reason and other people.


I'm salty.  Deer-hunting-girl  1 star

Okay, so this used to be a server where people of all ages (obviously) could play without having to worry about a play time limit and having an XBL account. Like..really? This server went downhill fast.


Ok  Kirstenl2020  5 star



Where's my VIP  Rcooked  1 star

I bought VIP+ for $9.99 and it won't give me it. I expected a lot better. It also won't let me sign into my account. When I try to log in, it says Error Connecting To Server.

Amazing icons

Laggy  Amazing icons  4 star

Your games are fun,but there are 2 problems.First one is the amount of lag, it is very annoying. The second thing is the amount of hackers, many players fly or show they have hundreds of kills, a few deaths, and less than an hour of play time.


VIP purchase not working  Sandkkim  1 star

I've contacted them at least 5 or 6 times on email and twitter and no response


Just A Problem  H.J. GARDENS  2 star

I don't use the Lifeboat App for much since it can't do much except check status and buy VIP+ passes. My problem is with past purchases. In my first account, I subscribed to the MVP, and that was fine and dandy until the second month; then it stopped working, even though I kept restoring it. So I ended up creating a new account and since I only played on one server (Capture the Flag), I chose to buy the VIP+ for it. Literally less the four days after, I couldn't login into my account at all or change my account. So I decided to leave that account and make a new account and go on the app to purchase another Capture the Flag VIP+. And what does it do? It won't allow me to purchase it, at all; it says that since I previously bought it, that it'll restore it for free but then it says it wasn't verified by the server. I decided to wait it out, and it has been a month and nothing has changed. I'm stuck playing as a simple player, unable to enjoy the game I enjoyed so well a few weeks before because I can't purchase it again. I don't care if I have to purchase it again, I want to play my game with the VIP+ I bought or have to buy again. It's annoying because I was use to my VIP+ account before and I can't use it anymore because this app says I already purchased it and won't verify it.


sophie __sophiedixon 3 star

@LifeboatHQ: Why is it so hard to ditch Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook?


Dr.Naveed drluckeee 3 star

@Rumi_Quote: Be a lamp, or a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal.


Russell A. Davidson davidsonra 3 star

@Rumi_Quote: Be a lamp, or a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal.


TBHHHH  bbyalfaro  1 star

I love sg and all but every time I buy goat it says I have it and it was applied to my account but when I log into sg it doesn't give me goat smh 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


So annoying  Vercher654  3 star

As much as I love this app, it's kinda annoying at the same time. You can only play the servers for a few minutes, and if you want to play full time no stop, you have to buy VIP. I really want you to fix the servers and let you play full time. This probably would have got a 4 or 5 stars if you fixed this. Other then that I love how you can buy cool stuff for your games. Anyway, if your only interested in buying stuff, make sure you have 10 dollars. Most stuff cost 0.99 to 10. It's worth it though


It's okay  Superbok13  3 star

I really like playing all the servers and hunger games is so much fun, but are you kidding me. You only get 90 minutes per day which I think is really stupid. Also, it cost $3 per day to get MVP, and $5 for goat per day, and you have to pay it for a month. Why not just pay something like 10$. Okay but it could be better.

Ehh Itss OKAYY

PROBLEMS.  Ehh Itss OKAYY  1 star

I'm having a problem with not just the app itself, but also their servers. There is currently this new rule put in place where your "daily free-play time" allows you to only be on ANY of their servers for a maximum amount of 120 minutes. You are only allowed to play freely when you have purchased their overly-priced VIP. I believe that we, as the people, should be able to play as freely as we wish, without the annoyance of having a "free-play time". The servers are currently really buggy. REALLY BAD APP AND SERVERS. DONT PLAY!!


Bad app  hdhdgdufhhrr  1 star

When u buy VIP+ it doesn't give it to you. Btw if lifeboat team reads this I want my zombie apocalypse VIP+, I bought it and it didn't give it to me and it said SUCCESS well I guess the app lies too. My gamer tag is hdhdgdufhhrr

Scott ruth

Why  Scott ruth  1 star

Lost MVP sub


PASSWORD RESET  Augh!!!  1 star

I forgot my password and I have resent the email to get a new one multiple times but I can't get it. Now I can't play and it's really annoying because my cousins and brothers are playing on lifeboat servers and I can't.


HEAR ME OUT  eddie1413  2 star




IVE SPENT 10$ on this game and I'm done I payed for Goat now I can't Even Have goat anymore I lost it and I WANT A REFUND i Also am annoyed because I bought prisons and then I was Grade s And now I'm Grade a I hat you lifeboat trash company only wants money


Why can't you get VIP for a certain number of points  VIP FOR FREE  3 star

I love playing on lbsg servers and all,I do don't get me wrong.But when you add a 90 minute time limit it makes it no fun.When you can't get VIP it's no fun, so make VIP,MVP,or GOAT a certain number of points so everybody can enjoy the game.

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