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Now you can unlock a bike, buy a pass and find special deals all in the official Citi Bike app. This is your co-pilot for biking adventures in NYC.

Pull up the app and see up-to-the-minute bike availability. Search station locations and addresses, to find the nearest bike or dock. Save your favorite stations, and know the situation right away at your usual spots.

See info about your most recent ride, and all-time riding history. Know how long you’ve had a bike out with an accurate trip timer, and see confirmation of your completed trip after you’ve docked.

Pick a destination and we’ll show you where to pick up and dock your bike. Need a route suggestion? Tap a station pin or location and the app will sniff out the best way to your destination.

And of course, get your exercise credit when you pedal with a Health app integration.

Happy riding!

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Citi Bike Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Citi Bike! We update our app regularly to make your rides even better. Every update of our Citi Bike app includes improvements in speed and reliability. As new features are released, we'll highlight those for you in the app. Here is what you will find in our latest update: - Fixed an issue preventing users from entering required information during signup on iOS 14.

Citi Bike Comments & Reviews

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- My newest form of therapy

For years I’ve debated purchasing a bike. Not just to get around the city with ease, or to forego the hustle ‘n bustle of the MTA & cabs, but to explore areas of the city that I had not explored in the decade-plus that I’ve lived in Manhattan. With CitiBike, I can enjoy the best of the city. Now that it’s getting warmer, I take a ride from the gym to the river every morning. It’s therapeutic, gets my blood flowing AND it’s convenient. There are docking stations everywhere I turn. The ease of using the app makes for an added bonus. I recommend to anyone that wants to take control of their commute, explore the city at your own pace, or just want to break up the monotony of working out within the four walls of a gym (sorry, Equinox - still love you!). Oh! Small apartment? Who cares? You don’t have to store it. Win. Win. Win. Win. Tip: check to make sure the gear shifts & both breaks work to your liking. Also, seat before unlocking the bike of your choice, push down (hard!) on the seat to make sure it securely locks into place. BIKE SAFELY!

- Could not be more displeased

I think citibike is an awesome tool for people to commute and get places when the trains/buses/cabs, or walking, aren’t portions. I have my own bike but it’s been getting maintenance, so I decided to try out the citibike for the first time. The gear system on these things really isn’t that great, you can pedal very hard but not really cover that much ground like a true bike. Also on my second time ever, the bike would not lock in the was 3 am, and the subways and buses were not operating properly. The man on the phone told me to go to another station where there were 5 docks a few blocks away. I get there and there was only one dock and Again, the bike would not lock! I was starting to get charged overage, so I called again and asked what I could do, and I was told unfortunately I had to go to another station. I said that I was just told to go to THIS station but that the guy was wrong because there was only one dock and that I just wanted to be refunded and if I could just leave the bike but that I couldn’t leave the Bike because I would get charged for damages ....he then hung up on me. I called ONE last time and the lady said that she would send me an email, that, if I DO get charged, the email will basically cover me. I cannot wait to delete this app and my account...just waiting to make sure I don’t get charged some ridiculous fee....never riding citibike again.

- Cancelling Membership

It seems not possible or extremely hard to cancel memberships online. While logged in and going to Help-cancel membership, they tell you to log in and follow the link to - manage auto renew -, you go to that link and it tells you to log in and follow the link to - manage auto renew (again I was already logged in on then site). At one point it seemed I accomplished turning off auto renew but then still go auto renewed an month later and the next month............ Finally called after diving into the internet to find their hard to find customer service phone number on a Blog.... and asked to just delete me account. They said they couldn’t do that and had to hold onto my information which I assume also include my credit card they keep charging..... um Why?? I will never citibike again in my life long or short. Unnecessary to make this so difficult. U win this one. Seems like it could be a good company as it rent shares bicycles but to go to this length to just cancel my membership speaks volumes of why CitiBike one of the good guys. It’s over citibike, just let me go.

- Major systemic problems may trap you with a bike and extra payments

This sounds great until you try it. Rather than the awesome systems of other cities where you can leave the bike anywhere, here you must travel between docking stations even though the bikes are not electric. What this means practically is there MUST be an open dock or else you are stuck with the bike and paying for it even if you are done riding. If you are not lucky as we were not, every dock in the area was full or filled up just before we arrived. When you finally dock, it may be far out of your way negating the benefit of riding and causing you to miss you extremely expensive or important activity. We also had trips where because of docking issues, we had the bike for SECONDS over 30 minutes (didn’t even hit 31 minutes) and were charged the extra $4. This nickel and diming essentially easily adds up to double or triple the price until we found it would have been faster and cheaper to take an Uber. Suggest to avoid and make them come up with a better business model.

- Group share not available

The group share icon/option is suddenly not available!! I have seen several comments on the reviews about this. Went out this weekend and wanted to get 2 bikes but couldn’t. I called customer service while I was out but they could not tell me when it would be available again and could not help me get a 2nd bike. Tried to get a single day pass at the kiosk but if you use your credit card in file you can’t get a 2nd bike! That makes no sense. I can pay for it and was willing to pay $12 for the 2nd bike. Customer service was not helpful. They did refund the $12. f you go the “help” section on the app it shows you how to do the group share still but it’s not an option. I got my membership because I wanted to be able to use it on the weekend with my family once in a while. Please refund me a prorated amount of my membership! I’ll just start using the local bike shops again. Lyft has notoriously bad/subpar software/developers so this is no surprise!

- Not for commuting

This is less a review of an app than of the program in general, so take that as you will. I work in midtown and it’s impossible to dock a bike in the morning and impossible to get a bike for the evening commute home. I find myself wandering from station to station, chasing shadows, hoping the one or two bikes the app tells me are left are still available by the time I get there. It’s yet to happen. I’ve walked two minutes to a station that said it had 8 bikes to find it empty. There’s a “valet station” near my workplace—and this is more a legitimate criticism of the app—and three times now the app told me a valet was available only for me to fine the station as barren and neglected as my heart. I bought an annual pass and feel like a fool. You should try it out before committing. I won’t be using it to commute—only for the odd fun ride, which is probably what it’s best for anyway.

- Citi Bike is Revolutionary

I have lived in the city for 15 years. Traveling on the MTA and becoming increasingly discouraged as time has commenced during my time here with all the price hikes, yet conditions in the subways have not improved. I have only been a member of Citi Bike little yet the freedom it has provided has been revolutionary. A viable, fun, transformational - in that it also serves as an excellent source exercise which releases happy endorphins that flood your system(!!!) - form of transportation! I look forward to seeing how much money it saves me! And even if it doesn’t save me - even if not the change/trade off in what I get from being a Citi Bike member will be worth it!

- A step-bk update-I care enough to vent out my criticism

The enthusiasm of the whole crew at citibike(tech, the ever-improving ground crew...) and their prompt responses online deserve five stars in every way. As I read through the previous replies- I too am looking forward to the “plan a route” going out in full 4th in May. When ppl complain and want to voice concerns they write it here but seldom do they take time to express their appreciation... Ps Hope someday individuals could have the possibility of applying for an extended riding session-10,15mins without being penalized if going over 45 for like 30 seconds.

- Nice new features, easy to use, but ...slow...

I upgraded from a version of the app that was a few months old so I don’t know what I missed in between. What I do see, though, is that it takes a very long time to zoom and scroll the app, and when you’re out there trying to get somewhere quickly and want to find a bike or dock and get going, this is very frustrating. It also seems that the Angels point designations on the map are sometimes way behind (it appears that I am often seeing the points from the last time I used the app, even if that was hours ago). This also makes it difficult to use. Given that this is an app supporting a transit system, speed really should be a key priority.

- Help!

I see the comments dating back to November of last year about needing the “plan your route” back on the app. Do you have any updates on when this feature will be back?? It is very much missed. Also, I’ve noticed that searching for locations has been glitchy. I’ve searched for really well known places (that show up fine in google maps) and get zero results on this app. Not sure what the issue is, but makes it very frustrating since I had to go to Google, get the exact address and then head back to citibike app. The locations were: Century 21 Department store (I believe there are 3 in the city), West Elm (again multiple locations in nyc), Silvercup Studios (there are three main locations).

- Unbelievable, magnificent, stupendous (choose any synonym you like)

I used to pay $120 a month to ride the subway as my commute to work. Now, I can ride back and forth for only $60 a year through my company’s reduced rate. I now bike 8 Miles a day, and if I don’t do any other exercise throughout the whole day, I still feel good about my activity for the day. It gets me to work in the same time (or less) than my two subway trains might take. All the bikes work great, some are better than others but I’ve never had a serious issue with a bike. Some of handlebar grips slide over making the bell not work properly. Also, even though I ride up and down big slopes on the streets and over the Brooklyn bridge, I find that only 3rd gear is useful. I’ve tried 2nd gear going up difficult hills and it’s not strong enough. That being said, I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind ever switching to the first speed.

- It’s Horrible--still

Isn't it obvious? You want to know if there are bikes at the dock. Then you want to put in an address where you're going to be riding. Then, you want the best route. None of this happens on this app. And most of the time the information is inaccurate as far as number of bikes AND NOW addresses. I understand things change quickly in the city but at least get the map part right--- it's so infuriating! NEW~ the plan your trip feature is back, but won’t recognize addresses in the city- namely where I work, which is a major, well-know publisher. The other irritating feature is that the list of close-to additional options underneath gives addresses in New Jersey and OTHER states(!) Why? Shouldn’t that list be populated with NYC addresses first? It’s so frustrating.

- Functional and elegant

This is an excellent and versatile app which I use every day. Trip planning functionality is good (and takes into account which docks have bikes available), availability info is always current (and updates automatically), user interface is simple to understand. I only wish full trip history was available within the app as it is on the web, but other than that I’m very satisfied.

- Good but could be improved

Would be better if it had an option to select multiple routes like google maps might (going alone riverside park which feels safer than the street). Just to better estimate time of travel and maybe address level of safety as some areas are much safer than others due to where the bike lane is located in relation to cars. Also maybe adding a level of elevation feature/graph like google ? I could just pull google up but it makes more sense to keep it all in one app. Overall satisfied with the main features and functions of the app

- app, bike & service spotty at best

The app consistently mapped me a half a block away from the station I was standing at and wouldn’t unlock a bike. Citibike said I could get a key instead. However, they wouldn’t mail it to me. I had to find a key machine (a mile past my job) and get a key. The key works fine. Problem is, there are rarely bikes available in the two areas and times (in Midtown) that I need them. I’m able to get a bike about 45% of the time I get to stations. After giving the service a fair shot, I asked for a refund of my prepaid year membership. The refund limit is 14 days. It took 7 days to work out the key thing. How can a person judge this service in 14 days? It’s been 3 months and 18 emails and the situation hasn’t improved. Great idea, poor execution.

- Horrible for new users

We are tourists in New York and this system is horrible. I’ve already overpaid for either being a minute late to a docking station because it takes time is a tourist to figure your way around. I also learned later that you need to have the app in order to get single rides. So therefore we ended up paying for day passes. Unless you have the app loaded on every user’s phone you can get into a situation where you get an additional charge on your card and therefore pay more. 30 minutes is not a lot of time to get to another station and still get a decent ride through Central Park and arrive back on time without getting a late fee. Just got charged 12 bucks because we made it just a few seconds late.

- Years later, still no account access

This app want you to log in but provides no information about your account. Want to see your trip history? App can’t do it. Go to the website. Want to see your last trip? App can’t do it. Go to the website. Want to see your Bike Angels points total? App can’t do it. Go to the website. If you’re not going to build account management into the app they very least you could do is provide a WebView with access to the website. This app is good as a station locator, but that’s basically all it does. And you can get that from the website just as easily. Why even have an app?

- Waste! Get your own bike!

It started out good at first with the bikes in nyc. Until you find broken, empty, and malfunctioning docks. Alot of the bikes are worn out and almost caused me to have an accident with the breaks not working. Thats just the tip of the iceberg, one random day when you need it the system will mess up and flag you, meaning you cant get a bike until you call customer service. By the time you speak to an agent you will have already reached your destination by foot! And the worst part is they dont even give you a credit for their crappy system error!. Overall just invest and get your own bike, its cheaper in the long run and more reliable than this junk app.

- Great service

I don’t know about the normal pricing but since I live in housing it’s only $5.45 per month. That’s a small price to pay considering I get to fly down the streets, definitely beats taking the train for short distances 10/10 All that ☝️ And also the app itself is super convenient, and easy to use. Even has a helpful timer that keeps track of your ride. Just remember to properly dock it!

- Broken dock, broken support

Avoid. I just finished my ride and docked the bike. It was securely Iocked although the system kept thinking I’m still riding. The app has no chat, no phone numbers, nothing. It suggested me to send an email. Doh. Ok I left the bike locked in the dock still running and went home which was 15 min walk. At home I finally found a phone number in an email regarding my payment and called it. A support guy was keep saying I gotta go back to redock the bike. I wonder how given the fact it was dead locked and the most of all why should I take care of their faulty equipment. So here I am paying for the service I’m not using and having a zero support from the company.

- Great App - not good implementation

I’ve been trying out Citibike for my commute. But after 10 rides, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must find another option in the city. Bikes are very often: without functional shifters (or other mechanical problems) or unable to be removed from their docks. And when you’re in a hurry, or when the weather is such that you want to get underway, this proves debilitating. Also, for a commuter, to arrive during rush hour, you have to hoof-it to the nearest bike because all bikes near transportation hubs are gone - or full.

- Broken Bikes and No Support

In my three weeks with Citibike, multiple rides have been complicated by broken bikes (flat tires and broken seats). What’s more, you can’t report this using the app and the only way to ask for a refund is through a support page in your browser (not in the app) that crashes frequently on mobile devices. I am shocked that such a popular service is so low quality, and furthermore that the company makes it so difficult to report issues with their bikes (you’d think they would want you to do this). All in all, I consider my short time with Citibike a total flop. I will not be using this service anymore.

- Really good

Very cool convenient interface...seems accurate wrt bike availability, great feature that it tracks your rides. Would be nice if it synced better with Google maps...for instance recommending part Citibike and part subway routes. For instance: instead of “1 train to Times Square then change to the F” it could say “bike to 57th and 7th and catch the F train there” Would save time plus keep you out of crowded stations.

- Great service - but only when it works!

I joined citibike as part of their generous promotion for healthcare workers and at first really enjoyed using the bikes for some evening exercise after a stressful workday. However a few days ago I picked a defective bike that wouldn’t dock properly (the green light comes on but the ride doesn’t end) and have now spent hours over two different days contacting the help desk by phone (twice) and email trying to resolve this and end my ride. The reps are nice but their customer support system is really ineffective - user beware! If something goes wrong you’re in for a rough ride.

- Great.....but not so great

Just returned from a trip to NY and Boston where we rented bikes daily. App worked fine, bikes were in reasonable condition and we were off around Central Park! We then realized we had to dock every 30 minutes in order to avoid additional charges on top of the daily charge. In NY this really put a damper on enjoying the city at a leisurely pace because we were constantly looking for a dock (Central Park has only one at the entrance) before the mere 30 mins was up. Went with Blue Bikes in Boston - much better at a two hour window before the need to dock. Great way to get around busy cities.

- Very easy to use!

The app makes it very easy to check out a bike and ride. I love being able to turn bikes in at different locations. Makes getting around in the city so easy and convenient. I wish the app would send an alarm/notification when time is almost up...or give directions to a nearby docking station with open spots. Also, many stations are either always full or always empty.

- Gets the job done; room for improvement

Using it unlock a bike is quick and easy. The info about docking stations is pretty accurate as well my critiques are that it the map needs a legend to indicate what straight and dotted route lines mean, because I still don’t know. For a future release, I’d like to see a way to send the directions to google maps or Apple maps so I can get the turn by turn directions on my watch.

- Great app - Quick to use

I’ve found all the features great. The toggle between bikes and stations is particularly good. It’s really quick to take a bike out from the phone. Only thing I’m struggling with is planning journeys. Once you click a station you have to know the name of the next station. Often I have to start and then check out to find the name and start again once I know it. Otherwise really intuitive.

- Love the ebikes!

The addition of the ebikes has made longer distance travel SOOOOO much more doable. I’d love to see even more in circulation as I often have to take a bike to another docking station that has an ebike. It makes it unreliable for getting to work because there’s a chance it will take longer than the time I’ve budgeted for. Also, I’ve been having trouble docking my bike - what’s up with the dock rejecting my bike when I try and lock it in?


The promotion for 30minutes free is a scam. I tried the bike for 39minutes, so I only should have been charged $3.27 once for the additional 9 minutes I rode the bike. I was charged twice because of false advertisement. When I called the billing department of Citibike New York City, spoke with an extremely rude women who told me I was wrong. She was rude, raised her voice with me, and was very condescending. She could not explain how the 30minutes trial worked. I’m extremely disappointed with this service. The idea of the bikes is great, but if you have any customer service issues, good luck. You will just bet pushed aside so they can get their money.

- Great addition to metro

CitiBike is both a blessing and a curse. I love it when bikes are available but sometimes the pickup has no bikes (or the unlock won’t cooperate-to be fair that only happened once). Sometimes the destination has no slots to park. So, it’s sometimes a gamble. Overall though this beats walking any day. love that the app does show availability for bikes and slots.

- Rookie, second week, weather interference

Love the app’s foretelling if available bikes and open parking. I struggling to obtain a bike when there wehere clouds and light rain because the app satellite believes I was in a different location in Manhattan then where I was actually standing. Outside of this issue, after commuting to Manhattan for twenty years, citibike has improved my commute and my life by giving me ten minutes back in each side of my commute.

- App missing some key info

Unlocking a bike and finding stations is fairly simple and easy to use. However, I really wish there was a way to view past trips, discover how much money you were charged for a given trip, and see how long you have left on your 24 hour pass. Seems that these data tools would be a fairly obvious use of the app, unless Citi Bike’s objective is to keep the user in the dark regarding how they can get the most bang for their buck.

- Accused of stealing a bike

I dropped off my bike back at a dock and the dock immediately locked the bike in. Normally the light go off when you lock the bike but this time they did not. I called over 5 times explained the story and went back and forth with them. Today they told me they did not find the bike and charged me for the missing bike. As someone who uses citibike DAILY I find the customer service to be horrendous. They told me until I return it then they can help me. The bike has been docked for over two weeks now and they charged me and blocked my account. Done using this terrible service.

- Love citibike

I never used citibike until the pandemic but it’s been the one way of getting around I use now. Really enjoy how easy the app is to use. I wish they could have route planning built into the app but I use the app Citymapper and that works great as it has citibike integration. I also really like that they have health app integration I just wish it would sync the calories and distance as well as the time!

- 2 out of 10

Looking at my stats, at least 2 out of 10 bikes actually do not have problems with them. For the majority of the others, well they more often than not have issues with the wheels, cranks, gears and pedals making for an unsafe situation. Most of the bikes I take out typically have a wobbly wheel which either means the frame is bent or it’s not fastly secured. If you’re a tourist, I would highly recommend renting a bike from the bike shop, believe me that you will be much better off. If you are a commuter, well buy your own bike just like I did, you will thank me later

- Prepare to pay

I really love riding these bikes around cities I’m visiting, however, their pricing policies are so confusing and it’s ridiculously inconvenient to have to stop at a bike kiosk every 30 minutes to avoid being charged by the minute. I don’t understand why a day pass isn’t really a day pass. We paid $15 for a day pass, rechecked the bike once again, paid another $16 in over 30 minutes fees for $31. for less than 2 hrs of bike time. Kind of a rip off- especially if you want to stop and have a meal.

- Great app. Great ride

I find the city bike app to be accurate and on point, and I love being able to get around (at least nine months of the year) on Citi Bike. It’s so easy, saves so much money on cab fees, and is so much faster and less hectic and messing around in the subway or trying to catch a cab or an Uber. It’s a great supplement to getting around in New York City.

- Health integration either doesn’t work or is very confusing

The app doesn’t sync bike rides to the health app as advertised. Or perhaps there’s some manual way you’re supposed to do it but I can’t figure it out. The setting it turned on and I’ve opened the app after every ride. Edit in response to developers: Yes, the workout is syncing - but would love for it to sync cycling distance. That’s what i expected from it.

- Don’t use bikes are unsafe

1. The bikes arent safe the brakes hardly work, the seatpost clamp never clamps tight which is scary while riding, the cranks feel like they’re about to fall off also scary while riding. 2. The workers fill up bikes in stations where they don’t need it and there are never any bikes downtown in nyc. 3. They charge you ridiculous overage fees if you even go one minute past the limit and it’s hard to find a dock that either isn’t full or a dock that even has one bike to use. 4. The bikes are tremendously heavy and hard to go fast in situations where you have to move quickly.

- App charges you and doesn’t give you the bike

This app is so terrible. So slow to load, bike counts are behind, and worst of all recently I can’t even use citi bike at all because the app would say “something went wrong” after charging me for the bike. On multiple occasions if they’re doing some sort of promotion then a pop up will cover the whole screen and if you have an iPhone older than iPhone X then you can’t even close the pop up, making the app unusable. Does citi even have someone testing this useless product? Absolute garbage

- Still needs a bit of tweaking

I wish the app would give you options of different routes...example would be a route that may be a little longer but includes safe bike lanes the entire route vs biking on a regular street for a bit...I really don’t like biking where there is no bike lane so that would be a big improvement for me. Rather be safe than quick

- Citibike is the best for any city

Heard of this bike sharing program that was started when I left by to go college. Came back four years later and it seems like nyc has really changed. Brooklyn first off has so many biking stations and this app shows where they all are. Only Caveat is that the app doesn’t show the exact amount of bikes at each station.

- Love

Thought it was dumb but actually love it! I own a bike and thought this was a waste. On my 2nd year membership and am the biggest fan. A life saver when I need a ride and don’t have my bike. Or want to go meet up with non bike riding friends. Use it all the time when i just want to get home quick from the train stop. ❤️❤️❤️

- Great App

The App is great. One is able to check what is the availability on each docking station, check the time of your ride and even check calories burn per ride. Which I really like. But unfortunately, although there are many docking stations in my area. Way too often the stations are empty or have bikes that I'm unable to use due to error messages.

- Ride at your own risk!

I have a citi bike membership and bike key through SNAP benefits. I liked it until I was attacked and my bike was stolen by a homeless man 3 days ago. I immediately called customer service and explained the situation and their response was basically “you are responsible for docking the bike and if it’s not docked in 24 hours you will have to pay for the missing bike.” This is a completely inadequate response. Clearly citi bike has no regard for their customer’s safety. Through no fault of my own my bike was stolen and ever since then the app thinks I’ve been on a 60+ hour bike ride. I cannot unlock other bikes when I need them and I will be charged exorbitant fees. What did they expect? I would risk my safety and run after the guy who stole my bike and fight him for it? -10 stars if I could. Do not recommend. Take the subway, bus, or use revel bikes. Citi bike does not care.

- Will charge you when their system fails.

In theory, this is great. I visited New York from Sacramento, and Sac has an issue with leaving Jump bikes poorly parked in places they should not be. This isn’t an issue as you have to dock the bike somewhere. However, sometimes the dock is full, or there isn’t one where you’re trying to go. Worse yet, if you have an issue docking and the dock can’t connect to the server, they will charge you. I got charged $113 and they have yet to refund me. I may have to go through my bank to get this resolved because their customer service has dragged their feet handling it. Furthermore, it’s bs that you can pay for a “day pass” and then be charged $4/minute for every minute after the first 30 of a ride. The bikes are also not fun to ride as they’re heavy and don’t have any pedal assist. What a scam. All of it.

- Need “Plan a Ride” Back!!!

After the update, the app no longer support plan a bike route between docks! It is one of the major features I use on a daily basis. I am not saying it’s the perfect routing system, but it gives cyclist an idea about the generic mapping. Since other bike route apps do not have citibike docks on it, this feature is definitely a huge advantage of Citi bike! I am not sure why the developer chooses to take it off. Maybe because of some data analysis says the number of users actually follow the route is super small. BUT the reason is not they don’t want the feature. Instead, we want more options, safer options available. I wish the company can reconsider putting this feature back seriously. Otherwise, there will be a third party app will take over the feature and be the most downloaded/used one for citibike members!

- Super convenient app

The Citibike system has changed my life in New York. The app tells me everything I need to know and several things I didn’t know I needed. I particularly love the feature that shows where bike lanes are. My only request would be to make it more obvious in which direction they are going.

- Docks often empty, support not helpful when issues arise

I love the idea of Citibike and when it is working I enjoy it a lot. But in Astoria, about 1/3 of the time you need a bike there’s not one within the 3 nearest docks. I called their phone support when a bike wouldn’t undock, and they had no timeline on when it would be fixed, urgency in regards to the lack of nearby bikes, or even a fake customer service apology for the inconvenience. I really do want to say it is better but it just isn’t.

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- Great experience

Very affordable way to get around and see the sites in NY. I would highly recommend for the ease of use and convenience. It is a brilliant system.

- Unreliable and costly!

We had a number of issues with these bikes. First, we paid for two but it would only allow us to unlock one. The guys at the station didn’t know what the problem was (apparently it happens all the time) and we couldn’t contact customer service via the number provided. We then hired bikes another time and managed to get it to work but we were charged for 3 bikes. We also hired electric bikes and were charged the surcharge for them 7 times, but were unable to get a working electric bike. We docked the bikes every 20 minutes but were, for some unknown reason, charged 45 minutes for one bike and 60 minutes for the other. Ultimately it cost us $66 for bikes that didn’t even work. We intended to spend a half day in Central Park but gave up in less than an hour. We contacted citibike and despite having records to show that we hadn’t hired 3 bikes (among other things) refused to refund any of our money. Don’t waste your time. Hire a bike elsewhere (Uber bikes are awesome!).

- Great app

Intuitive & easy to use!

- Don’t use these bikes!

Avoid these bikes at all costs! We got ripped off big time! They overcharged our credit card several times and wouldn’t respond to any of our emails. Can’t believe they get away with this!

- NYC Citi Bike

Fantastic system, so easy to use, great bikes and cheap too. But a 3 day pass!

- Best way to see New York

Sensational! What a city!

- Great app, great way to see the city

As a tourist in New York I was wonder how I was going to get to see everything I wanted to see in the short period of time I had. I saw the bikes on the side of the road and started researching more online and discovered the app. Amazing time saver being able to ride back and forth across the city and know where and how full the pods are trough the app. The mapping feature was also fantastic for someone who didn't know the area.

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- Best way to see nyc!

Great app. Great value. Great way to get around. Hurray for bikes!

- Bikes are great

If you have data...this app gives you the locations of bikes and the number of free bikes or parking spots. It allows immediate access to bikes by providing a passcode to unlock them. It is so simple to use the city bikes in nyc! Great job!

- The only way to travel in NYC

Fantastic... easy to use. 3-day pass rocks :)

- Great way to get around the city

I haven’t used the subway once during this visit. The app is very convenient and the bikes are great.

- Amazing app!!

This app is super friendly to use, and I think it's the best option to explore New York City!

- NOT recommended for tourists

30 minute intervals is hell for a tourist. I deeply regret getting an all-day pass and the day isn’t even done. If you aren’t familiar with where you’re going and there’s construction all over the place changing your route, you can’t get anywhere in the allotted time. I’ve only taken 3 rides but I’m feeling too stressed to take out more because I will keep getting slammed with the $4 over-time fee. This was a waste of money. Better sticking with public transport. App itself is good, bikes themselves are good. This is a good opportunity for New Yorkers I’m sure.

- Super easy

Best way to commute in nyc

- NYC Citi Bike

Great option for covering a lot of ground but don’t expect a light pleasure ride. ‘Bike Lane’ in NYC doesn’t mean what it means in other places. On the positive side, what you lose in bike quality with Citi Bike you more than make up for in convenience (ie lock up worries).

- Slow to load

It would be nice if the app loaded faster and didn't ask me to Login every time it updates itself.

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- Dependable App

The app works nicely; its GPS has no trouble determining the user’s location quickly even when indoors. The information about the number of bikes available at nearby locations is accurate and refreshed frequently. It’s easy to use and reliable.

- Battery!

On my iPhone 6S this app would just destroy the battery in background. Even on a new X, 7% of the battery was drained in 3 minutes of screen and 20 minutes of background. It takes a long time to load the data - I just need nearby stations anyway. Also the location search should sort locations by proximity - I'm probably not cycling to a Broadway in New Jersey when I'm in Manhattan.

- Good, but opportunity for improvement

System is good, but don’t understand why there can’t be a mire obvious “start trip now” button on the first screen of the app, rather than having to go through the map view first. Also the payment function sometimes doesn’t work for some reason

- I LOVE the flexibility!

I go everywhere in all 5 boroughs by bike , I have biked in NYC for decades. I still have my bike attached out in front of the building where I live. I joined CitiBike because often have no choice but to go underground and take the subway if I am in a rush or traveling with friends who don’t ride. It’s great to return home by CitiBike!

- Good but needs improvement

Overall I like citibike. Two things that need improvement in my opinion are: A) audio directions — please. I personally wear one headphone to hear the directions and it’s hard to do that through google and not the app. I need the accuracy of available docks in my destination through audio guidance and that cannot be done through Siri. Hope you understand and take action towards that. B) More docs and bikes available for use — please. During covid period a lot of people use bikes so I guess your customers have multiplied. Please, multiply the available bikes on various locations. Thank you!

- unlock from app?

where's the unlock function on iPhone X app? saw the list of stations and availability, but no option to unlock from my phone update: issue was explained and resolved quickly and efficiently. have everything I need now. thanks!

- Why didn’t I jump on this bandwagon sooner

CitiBike has been so much fun and convenient - I look forward to going out and doing errands etc due to convenience and ease of use plus get some physical activity along the way. The app is well made and super easy to use

- Prefer this over the train!

My commute is about two hours each way and I love that Manhattan has bike lanes and the bikes are every where. The best part is that in the penn station area there is a guy who will help you with your bike. It’s makes it easier to get a bike and drop it off.

- Poor Communication

I docked my bike. Apparently it didn’t work. I got an email 3 hours later saying you saw a dock attempt but that the bike was still out. If you saw a dock attempt but it wasn’t successful, shouldn’t you send a text or notification within a few minutes saying there was a dock attempt that failed? That way riders can go back and be sure to dock bikes properly before something happens, like the bike getting stolen.

- Citibike in NYC

Just joined… So far, so good. The bikes are a variety of quality. Generally, pretty good. I’m having to adjust to figuring out where to get bikes, where to pick them up. (Sometimes I might be in a place where there are no bikes available.) In addition, I need to adjust to finding places to return bikes that have plenty of docs. This morning, I wanted to return the bike, but there were no spaces. I think it is all part of the Citibike Experience, overall. We just have to get used to it… And be prepared for things to take a little longer, if there are no bikes or docs available. But overall, I’m quite pleased!

- Solid App, Too Few Bicycles

The app works very well; however, frequently there are too few or no bicycles available in West Harlem... the app and Citibike program are only as good as one’s ability to use them. 5 starts for the app, 1 star for access and availability.

- Biking New York!

Overall I love the experience and how many docks and bikes are available in the City. An opportunity for improvement would be with the maps. Perhaps a voice-guidance would be very helpful to ensure you’re on track while riding without the need to stop to look at the directions.

- Great app. Apple Watch app would make it even better.

Very happy with the app. An Apple Watch app would be great too. It could have an arrow (like a compass arrow) to point to the nearest docking station when on the go. Other info about stations on the watch would also be handy.

- We’re have you been all my life

For years I’ve taken taxis to go on local errands. But now I just get up and go when ever I want. I’ve discovered places in walking distance of my home that I never knew existed and I’ve lived here for more than 20 years. Sad or what!!!

- Terrible Service

This service is terrible. I’ve had constant issues with the app. They leave stations completely full so you get forced into feed for keeping the bike too long. And they just left me stranded on the UES/Harlem after I used 3 bikes to get there due to owning them $4 from those dumb overage fees. I live in Midtown West btw. I have spent over $200 with them since April and find the way they treat me despicable, they just lost a annual client. I’ll spend more money this year storing the bike I’m about to go buy!

- Fun way to explore NYC

I’ve had a Citibike membership since the program launched, and am a big fan of the service! I’ve lived in Chelsea and Greenpoint - in both locations, Citibike stations were accessible and close to fun bike routes. I just hit my 100th ride, and I’m excited to keep on exploring.

- What happened to the suggest a route?

The route suggestion was key, not because it helped with knowing what roads are bike friendly, but because it integrated both bike routes AND citibike dock info. Now it’s gone. To get the same info you now have to go to citibike, remember the intersection, put it into google or apple maps. And hope that the station has an open dock when you get there. Otherwise you’ll have to do it all over again for the next Station. Why citibike why?

- Overall Happy

Some bikes have gear issues but not a lot but I do encounter a lot of bikes with broken seats. I’m also a pretty heavy person so maybe the seat won’t stay because of that but regardless the I enjoy this bike share app... super easy and convenient and much better than wasting money on Uber and being lazy.

- Best means of transport

Totally worth the annual subscription, I’ve already amortized equivalent to half a year and have only had it for 3 weeks. Once you get comfortable with how bikes around the city work its so convenient, I can’t think how I wasn’t using it before.

- Quick updates

It updates quickly when a bike dock location is out of bikes or docks, which is helpful at peak hours. Also very quick, but definitely hoping they can add more locations.

- Where is the Location Feature?

For the past few weeks, the developers have removed the location/GPS feature, and it’s hard to find where nearest bike stations are, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. This happened when I was in Williamsburg and could not find a bike station with time running out on my rental. Now, the default location is at Union Square. Why?

- Would love more info on protected lanes

I’m a new rider and wish the app showed a difference between protected lanes and share lanes like the nyc gov map. I find myself toggling between several screens to plan my rides which would be easier if we could just use a different color to show when lanes are protected. Thanks!

- Great app BUT…

Great app, citibike is my number 1 choice of transportation when I go to the city with my friends. It would be cool if there was a way to integrate a citibike app on the Apple Watch and be able to use Siri to locate and unlock a citibike for you. Also, it would be great if you could look back on the rides you took in the past.

- Predatory late fee practices

Bikes are ok, but just pray that you never have to deal with the customer support service. Took 5 minutes of unskippable adverts on the phone and still couldn’t reach a representative. All the while, bikes are charged $4 per minute of being late to return to a station. Racked up a 25$ bill after not being able to dock a bike and not being able to reach a representative in a reasonable timeframe.

- Love Citi Bike!

It’s so easy and convenient. There is always a bike close enough to where I am so I have the option to bike to my destination instead of being forced to take a cab or Uber if the subway is to far away. Keep adding more stations!!

- needs rider friendly feedback method

three points: 1) more a problem with the service more than the app, but the app doesn’t help either: I have had no success over the course of a week in alerting citibike/motivate to the fact that the entire docking station near me is inoperable and reporting no bikes (when there are plenty). Also, (2) the way to unlock a bike for non-account holders is clunky / forces me to redo the ‘unlock a bike’ action after paying, rather than moving me to the right screen. And while I’m at it: (3) 30 minutes is just not enough for a city our size, and your upcharges make me seek out other solutions, not entice me to upgrade.. Good luck.

- These Coders Deserve Applause

This app is amazing. I use CitiBike nearly every day to commute and I couldn’t do it without this app. It’s clean, clear,’s perfect. Bravo to all who have worked so hard to get it to this point. I hope the MTA takes notice!

- Citi bank needs to hire google maps asap

This clunky, slow, app will probably be responsible for the death of one of its users. Either by giving horrible directions or the sparking the user into insanity from the dinosaur speed and usefulness of this ap. Google Maps provides more direct routs and details to help plan your journey. That’s it you can access an actual bike. Safe travels. Stay away from tar-pits like this ap.

- Great app/poor early AM bike availability

I take the train inbound to NYC 34th street penn station every day at 5:30 AM. At this time you can count on one hand the number of people needing bikes, but many times there are no bikes available around 34th street, or even 42nd street. It’s 50/50, and as an annual subscriber, I would prefer to have better availability. The bikes are in the “penn”, just not in the docks.

- Very easy in use

App works great and very easy in use. Every now and then some troubles unlocking a bike, but than you take the next available one. I only would like to see a daily overview of the stats, instead of only a summary.

- Great app

I like that the app sends me a message that tells me I did not lock the bike correctly. Nothing worse than finding that out three days late when you’ve accumulated a hundred dollar bill. Great app, great program

- A great app, but still needs improvement

It works as a perfect match for CitiBike, which I like so much. But the app can be better if it can indicate the road conditions. Sometimes I followed the instructions and rode to the road under construction or had a bad condition. Anyway, I am glad to have the app and the citibike!🚲👍

- Really ease to use

You can link up to your health app to track information the app can’t. After each ride, the app will tell you how you did on time but won’t hold the information overtime so it’s nice to pair with your health app.

- Amazing service

Great app. Amazing service. Best thing to happen to NYC in the last 10 years hands down. Keep doing what you’re doing! Cannot recommend Citibike enough to all my friends, family and coworkers. Thank you!

- efficient and simple but has a few bugs

love having so much access to bikes in NYC. The number of bikes isn’t always correct. the app might say there aren’t any bikes but in fact, there’s 1 or 2 at the station. can’t pay using a commuter benefits card. otherwise love Citibike!

- Great app easy to use and fast

App works perfectly, it updates my location quickly and accurately and checking a bike out takes seconds. No complaints. Easy access to a bike with zero upkeep.

- Docks at GC often don’t work

Generally everything works fine and I use this service every day, but sometimes stations are not responsive (34th Herald) and lately a lot of the Docks at Grand Central North and South are not working. There is no way to reach out for help in the app or leave a note for Citibike team so that they know it’s broken, so I hope someone sees this here

- Actually worth downloading

I don’t typically download apps for random things like this...but this is so worth it!!! It’s waaaay easier than using the kiosk. It identifies where the nearest station is and how many bikes are left there. And it tracks miles/calories! So cool!!

- Need more bikes

Everyday I encounter a new issue. One time my bike wouldn’t lock, another time the app wouldn’t load while I was in a rush, and this morning I waited almost 10 minutes for one of the stations near me to have a bike. The concept is great but some small fixes would make the experience way less frustrating

- Love it

Very Easy to use. I love the new addition of adding the timer to easily track how much time is being used before ha i feel to dock it. Gives you all the info on how many bikes is at a dock and where they are located.

- Convenient + great value

I’ve had very few (maybe 1-2) issues in the 50+ rides so far. The bikes are reliable, station locations seem well planned, and I love that there are front and back lights on all the bikes.

- Amazing app

Great app! I’ve had two disappointing bikes so far.... tonight I had a bike that squeezed the whole way and yesterday morning my bike was just broken. Wish there was a way to report broken bikes on bike so it can notify Citi bike quickly.

- Need annual stats and more accurate mile tracking

Happy with most of the features except for two things: 1. Besides stats in total, can we have annual and monthly stats? 2. The mileage tracking is not accurate enough. It is always 0.2-04 miles short for a 3mile ride. Look forward to those enhancements

- Cruising Along

I’ve been really enjoying the bike rides near where I live. Honestly, NO complaints. Suggestions: Advertising bicycling etiquette to drivers , cabs, busses..It’s becoming more of a biking city as less people ( like myself) choose not to own a vehicle. During this Virus time keeping bikes clean , esp grips seats & baskets is huge.. Ride On... Kevin

- Totally recommended

Use this and get around with ease. Make sure you are comfortable driving on the streets and always keep adequate distance between you and suddenly opening car doors

- Changes how I get around NYC

Great app and system. Litterally changes how i get around in NYC. My only wish would be for clearer explanation of the "rules" around minimum time between rides. Got stuck without a bike for my ride back once because it was too close to a previous ride.

- Pretty good, needs tweaks

Overall good functionality, but no way to say in the app something is wrong with your bike, and if it doesn’t dock it just gives you an email address—no customer service number to get help in the moment.

- Love it

New to the city ... I am pretty much using the app and citibike twice daily sometimes more. It was a great app. I wish it has voice direction so I can hear from headphone while biking. Nevertheless great app and big convenience. Thank you.

- Worth every penny!!!!

The ease of being able to get around really quickly to places nearby or far without losing a parking spot is AWESOME!!!!! I just wish they had more electric bikes for those hard to ride hills.

- Please add notifications settings

I would love user customizable notifications with a distinctive tone alerting me to the upcoming end of my initial rental period before extra charges begin. I would also love to be able to set alerts for when a classic or ebike shows up at my chosen station. Make it so, #1. Thank you!

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lila ♪

have to make it clear that even if i wasnt too small to ride the citi bikes i would still be too scared to bike on the road at night. that being said i am sad about it

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Renting my first citi bike

Citi Bike 12.23.0 Screenshots & Images

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Citi Bike iphone images
Citi Bike iphone images
Citi Bike iphone images
Citi Bike iphone images

Citi Bike (Version 12.23.0) Install & Download

The applications Citi Bike was published in the category Navigation on 2013-05-21 and was developed by Motivate [Developer ID: 1233398898]. This application file size is 190.29 MB. Citi Bike - Navigation app posted on 2020-10-21 current version is 12.23.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.citibikenyc.citibike

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