Facetune [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Facetune 2 is now available on the App Store!

• "Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones." - Roy Furchgott, The NY Times
• Facetune is a fun and powerful portrait & selfie photo editor!
• #1 Photo and Video App in 127 countries!


Professional photographers and graphic designers constantly photoshop models to perfection, and now so can you! Without the expensive price tag or complicated tools, Facetune gives you the ability to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease, from the convenience of your iPhone.

Praises about Facetune:
• "Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones." - Roy Furchgott, The NY Times
• "One of the Most Powerful Mobile Apps I have Ever Encountered... Facetune Can Truly Be Called Magical." - Hillel Fuld, Huffington Post
• “I have been seriously impressed with the patch quality FaceTune does. You get pretty much a Photoshop editing job in the palm of your hand.” - Allyson Kazmucha, iMore


Every photo could use a touch up. That's why magazines use expensive and complicated tools like Photoshop to make people look their best. But now, there’s Facetune! Facetune provides easy-to-use, powerful tools (previously reserved only for the pros) to perfect every photo or selfie, making each one look like it came straight out of a high-fashion magazine. Now you can be sure that all your portraits show only the best version of you - whether you’ll be using them for your professional profile or simply sharing online with friends.


What can Facetune do for you?

• Widen or refine your smile
• Whiten and brighten your teeth

• Smooth and rejuvenate your skin
• Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishes
• Brighten dark circles under your eyes

• Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze
• Change your eye color
• Remove red and white-eye effects

• Color over grey hair
• Fill bald patches
• Remove stray hairs

• Refine jaw lines
• Heighten cheek bones and brows
• Reshape your nose
• Enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image
• Totally transform your face into alien or other fun shapes

• Apply any shade of blush and eye shadow
• Add volume to your lashes and shape your brows
• Add color to your lips
• Add intensity to your natural lip color

• Focus the photo on you, by defocusing or blurring the background
• Improve lighting or add special effects
• Create customized filters
• Add unique textures and customizable frames
• Rotate the photo or flip to its mirror image

• Add artistic touches to make your photo your own
• Customizable filters can be applied to the entire photo or to specific areas

• Instantly share your edited photos with your friends & family through social media or e-mail

• Compare your work with the original photo at every step of the way, with only one tap
• Having trouble? Facetune offers informative graphic and video help screens for each feature

• iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: 12.6 MP
• iPhone 6, 6 Plus 16.8 MP
• iPhone 5, 5C, 5S: 12.6 MP
• iPhone 4S: 8 MP
• iPhone 4: 4.1 MP

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Facetune Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Here's what's new in this update! - Don't mind us, just smoothing out some bugs and tuning performance. Daniel & The Facetune Team P.S. If you love Facetune, we'd be thankful if you rated us!

Facetune Comments & Reviews

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- fix this please

i paid for this app and i keep it because i love it but it keeps crashing!!!! i paid for this so i expect it to work!!! please update it and fix this bug

- Disappointed

I want my money back. This isn’t any better than the free beauty apps :-/ I feel as though I was ripped off. The only reason I’m keeping it is because I paid for it.

- Photo *Magic* in an App

Get this app. Now. What are you waiting for? You don’t have to do any further research. This will allow you to *easily* adjust any aspect of your photo— from face blemishes to red & white eye, from double chin to dark under eyes. You can also add popping cheek bones, white, natural smiles, a touch of lip color and brighten up your eyes. And this is just the beginning! You can remove things from outside your face, too! Like a sign in the background by patching it with something else... the list goes on and on. *Trust me*... this is the best face tuning *magic* app out there by far.

- Unhappy

I would like my $4 back. It’s not much different from what I can get on the free FaceTune 2 version.

- App keeps crashing

This is one of my favorite apps to use and I’ve had it for a couple of years and lately I can’t get in and it keeps crashing !! Can someone fix this!?

- No complaints

i really love this app, i love it way more than facetune 2, facetune 2 is crazy overpriced!! I highly recommend this one

- Tutorials broken

All their tutorials link to broken links.


This app won’t allow me to upload photos to edit


Foi a pior compra da minha vida, os $3 dólares mais mal gastos da história, não vale a pena comprar esse aplicativo para ter acesso aos recursos mais limitados do mundo, parece que a plataforma parou no tempo, preferia ter continuado com o MakeupPlus e o AirBrush que são gratuitos e muito mais completos que esse. Uma vergonha.

- I want a refund

I just Pay and this isn’t what I expected and I want a refund now!

- 好

- Not user friendly


- Needs update like...

Hello Recently I was editing one of my photos and i needed to use patch but the only shape that patch let us use is circle patch, do you mind to add square or rectangular shape patch. This will be an awesome feature🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

- Ok

Does everything Cymera does for free

- Bad

So bad can’t save photo

- Best app of its kind

Absolutely perfect

- Removed options

The app used to allow you to save your images in full resolution, they removed that option and now my pictures come out pixelated after saving them.

- USED to work

Did they just take all functionality away? I cant fix red eyes anymore. I can't fix tones without it glitching. horrible now. don't waste your money

- BEST for removing acne!

I love taking selfies but often have a few blemishes on my face that I’d rather not document forever. There’s nothing wrong in editing those out (it’s what my face looks like underneath!), and the patch effect works so well for this! I also have a wrinkle between my eyebrows that sometimes seems too prominent and I smooth then patch that one out, too. I am big on loving yourself, but I see no issue doing a little cleanup every once in a while, and nothing does that better than this app!

- The best

The best app

- Love the app!

This is great app, easy to navigate. I always happy with the results how had turned out. Love this app. I give 5 stars!

- Great App

Easy to use, simple way to enhance pictures.

- Worked at first

The first day I had it, it worked fine. Now when I go to upload a photo it freezes. Have tried it over 20 times.

- Complicated

It’s very complicated, it won’t explain how to do it right

- Wish I could get my money back

Not good

- Hate it

Doesn’t do anything of what I wanted

- It’s pretty good

Does what I need

- Jousha Staz


- Beautiful

Easy to work with👍🏻

- Amazing

Amazing what can be done in a cell phone.

- Amazing but no longer saves pics

This is truly an amazing product, but all of a sudden when I close the enhanced pics they don’t save to my photos. They did in the beginning, but no longer. Wonder if this free app is truly free or free for only a while?

- Easy to use

Easy to use and all my friends love when I touch up photos.

- Does the same as other apps

Not worth $3.99 I can do this same editing on another app for free. Wish I could return

- What?

I got this app having the impression it was the most amazing app ever since so many influencers I know use it. I get it and it’s completely useless. On top of that, It saves my photos all pixel-like and it crashes occasionally when I open it. I’m upset with the $4 I spent on a dumb app like this. If I could go back in time and tell myself not to get it, I would. It edits like any other app you can get for free.

- Very bad customer service

I had very bad experience with the customer service of the app. I bought a full version of the app on my android devise and request them to transfer to my app to my iPhone devise unfortunately they reply to be in very bad attitude and she said sorry you have to buy another one?!! Such a nonsense unfortunately.

- I don’t even know

Honestly I first had Facetune on my iPad and it was 1,000x easier to use on there, I could resize my brush and change the opacity. On my iPhone I don’t have those options and honestly it’s not what I paid for.

- Love it!

Love this app

- Love this app.

Beautiful app. It’s worth e every penny. I love it.

- Easy app for photo alteration

So easy to use and helps smooth my skin in pictures! 🤓👍🏻

- Love this app

So easy to use!

- 💙

Best app ever ! Can be confusing.. I would watch Abby Roberts tutorial on YouTube before hand, helps A LOT !

- Don’t purchase!!

This app is useless. Seriously, don’t purchase. I thought no big deal, I’ll spend the $4 for it and see what it does but I can’t do anything but whiten my teeth in photos. This app is trash.

- Best app to cat fish

I love using this app because I can make myself look like a totally different person! I always use this app before I upload any photo to Instagram, Facebook and Tinder to make sure my chances of catching a mate are doubled or sometimes tripled. The only problem is that I can’t use it on videos and real life. Therefore because of this app I can no longer go outside my house or appear in public because I do not want people to catch all my lies and all the acne I covered up and the 6 pack I drew on with my amazing skills. After all I have had this app since I was a freshman in high school.

- A waste


- Love Original Facetune!

I have the paid version and it is worth it. It is extremely subtle if you want it, not a lot of crap, clean, basic tools, easy to use. Free money after each use. Okay that one is a joke. But seriously it is nice because it can make your face look faker than a Kardashian but that isn’t what it prompts you to do. It really helps the user make subtle, proper corrections that enhance their own beauty, not be smoother than a porcelain bowl. (But you can still do that). Also, there really isn’t free money. But it is still ‘mazing. Ttyl, Jennifer Aniston. Just kidding again.

- I love FaceTune

Everyone needs this app. Period. I’ve used it on pictures of everything from beauty products to salon clients. Love it!

- Great App!

This app works great for quick face touch ups. Little bit of a learning curve but worth it.

- I keep trying to purchase but the app won’t let me

I have been trying to purchase got some time but the app keeps popping back to the original screen with no error message.

- Very basic

Honestly it’s not worth any money. The basic editing you do on this paid app you are able to do the same if not more on another popular FREE APP.

- Yeinn

Great app

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- Just a bad app...

Completely garbage

- Best free app

Seriously the best completely free app. 100% recommend

- Adding tools

I live the app , please add more tools

- Best editing app ever!

Had this app for many years and it always comes in clutch for all my pics!! 10/10!

- Facetune is great but...

Facetune is the only editing app I love to use. It’s perfect and has all the best tools I need. The only 2 problems I have are 1. There should be a circle to indicate where your finger is touching the screen and doing the editing (there should also be an option to resize the circle) and 2. There should be some sort of auto save mode or backup of an edited photo in progress (even if it hasn’t been saved). I just spent about 3 days editing a photo and somehow when I re-opened the app, it got lost. That’s pretty much it. I’m pretty bummed out I have to re-edit my photo and I been trying to scour google for ways to recover it but I don’t think I can. Please update it! I tried facetune 2 and I don’t like it. I don’t care about the money but the interface on Facetune 1 is so much more user friendly.

- Stopped letting me save photos to camera roll

It says my privacy’s settings are not turned on however when I go into my settings it is...so now I can’t save my photos at all and I worked hard to edit it lol

- Love this app

My favourite app to make even ok photos look great


if you have red wine, or anything that stains your teeth, JUST USE THE WHITENING BRUSH!!! ITS AMAZING!!! 12/10😂

- Can’t save photos

I had no issues with this app until today and now I can’t save photos. Everything is fine in my Settings but the app won’t allow it. Kind of defeats the purpose of editing a photo if I can’t save the end result.

- I love it

Nothing but positive things to write about

- Waste of money imo 🤷🏼‍♀️

It does nothing besides what PicsArt does for free lol, don’t waste ur money 😂

- The brush size changed?

Ever since updating my software to ISO13– the brush size on Facetune is really big, like the size of using my big toe. Can you fix the issue? Or add an adjustable brush size. I prefer a smaller brush size when editing my photos

- The new update

The new update that happened in 2019 is horrible. Please let me know how I can go back.

- bad update

the brush is now huge and the smoothing thing smooths WAY too much fix this please



- I can't save the picture in my gallery

It is my best application but suddenly I can't save my picture

- Awsome👍🏼

It is a great app:) 100% worth the little money paid!! Recommend!!

- Terrible.

Useless waste of money

- No word of a lie...

Seriously the absolute Best photo app for the iPhone!! I Love it!!! You can do amazing things .. to make your selfies/pics .. look perfect!!!! Easy to use! Definitely recommending this to everyone!!! Xoxo

- Good


- Scam

Such a scam - Facetune 2 requires subscription while this one barely lets you do anything... download beauty plus instead it’s free

- Very few & basic options, for a paid service.

Pretty disappointed in this app, I understood it wouldn’t be as advanced as FaceTune2, but I expected more than blurring/teeth whitening/blemish fix and filters. There are many (actually) free apps that include equal or more options than FaceTune. It’s borderline criminal to charge $5 for the very limited options this provides. Would not recommend.

- Cost

For an app with a 5.00 cost, it’s was horrible with not a lot of a variety of things. Facetune 2 is free and much better with a bigger variety of things.

- It’s kinda a scam

I’d like a refund, I thought this app would have more available options than in the free version but it doesn’t. You can do everything on this app just as in the free version, I’m not satisfied with what I got and would like to request a full refund.

- Ugh

Good editing app but if you close the app it loses all your progress

- don’t purchase - get the free facetune

i would like a refund of my $6, does the same thing as the free facetune

- Didn’t want this

How do you get a refund, I don’t like this app it wasn’t what I was trying to buy

- Want my money back

This does the same thing a free editor can do! It does not edit your face in any more enhanced way than a free photo editor can. I am not paying $100 more for that! Give me my $6 back!

- Waste of money


- Tres déçu 😫

Moi jy comorend rien a cette aplication mais je la decourage payer 5,50$ pour sa cest trop chere

- Do not buy

Not good do not buy, its the same thing as the free one! I WANT A REFUND

- Won’t work

Won’t let me add a photo from my camera roll to edit

- disappointed

i would like a refund as there is nothing special on this app that a free app can’t provide.


this app may have been usable in 2008, but compared to other current photo editors this is as bare as a rib 99 cents rib bone! oink oink you money hungry capitalist pigs 🐖

- One and only!

Best photo editing phone app I’ve ever used!

- I’ve used better aps that are free

Not worth the cost. I’ve used aps that are way better and free

- Makes photos blurry

Unless you are starting with a perfectly sharp photo every uploaded photo is blurrier than the original. Disappointing, I’m sure there are better apps out there!

- Manazing Feature

I love this app easy to use and it works so good

- I medium like it

it has not much features,does not really work AMAZINGLY but it does a “hein” job when you know how to do it

- Love it


- Easy to use

Facetune is as easy to use on the fly as can be, my go to photo editor! I like it subtle and so it can be with great tools to discover.

- Amazing app

I’m brand new to editing and photoshop and this app has been extremely easy and effective to use. Total game changer!

- Personal Opinion

I personally believe Facetune is an okay app with some good features however I don’t believe it is worth the price paying for. Snapseed is free, way better and has better working tools.

- Mon avis

Je m’en sert souvent pour retoucher mes photos! Vaut le prix

- Super!

Facile d'utilisation et en plus il est gratuit. Je le conseil a tous.

- Loveee it

Easy to use, fast, and edit still with in the realm of reality



- It’s so great

It’s so great. Does everything you would want. All I would recommend is to add a pencil draw tool and a brighten tool. Other than that it’s a great app and totally worth the few bucks. 9.5/10

- 只有一个缺点


- Review

Sometimes the smooth feature adds dark marks to the picture rather than smoothing and refine option depends really refine that well. Other than that, it’s fine

- So disappointed

This app has great editing features however I have been unable to save any of my photos at all. I keep just getting an error message. Can’t believe I spent $5.99 and I don’t even get to keep my photos when I’m done. Very upsetting.

- Facetune

I love your is so creative that I can scream my head off your the best app I have ever seen in my holl intiyer life

- Waste of money

Purchased this so I can retouch my face, and it does not even give you the feature option for this. Waste of money

- I want my money back

Don’t like the app and it’s not easy to use. I want my money back please!! ASAP


Not allowing to save photos after editing. Deleted and redownloaded and still having same issue. Please fix this asap


please fix this!! Unable to save pics after editing!

- Brush size still hasn’t been fixed :(

brush size way to small! This is after the recent update

- Not good at all since the iOS 13 and one later update

Smoothing tone colouring etc covers such a large portion of the photo. It’s not precise anymore say to smooth a mark on your chin... the whole face and some background gets fully blurred. And fully zoomed in it affects half the face. This was my go to app but it’s now useless!! Time to find something similar :(

- New update 👎🏼

I hate the new update ! 😞 please change it back to what it was before! I don’t like how it doesn’t give you a choice to open a large photo size or recommended photo size! I like to work with larger photos! I dislike how the touch is much bigger now and everything is extreme! Please change it back to how it was 🙏🏽

- Recent update?

I don’t know if there’s been a change but when I use tones it’s more like an airbrush I can’t make anything precise now 😒👎🏼

- Hate the new update

The brush tool in tones, smoothing etc is way too big! It was perfect before. Not broken, don’t fix it! Please change the brush tool back to normal, it’s nearly impossible to use now!

- Overcharged me even though I deleted the app

I deleted this app ages ago and I still got charged $8.49. Shame on this app why would you still charge me even though I deleted my app. With honesty I have never wrote a bad review in my life and I’m disappointed too. I asked for a refund but the only response I get is that I don’t have a valid reason.

- Latest update 👎🏻

The latest update is terrible. What have you done to Tones!? It’s way too sensitive now and pretty much unusable. Change it back!

- new version is not good

all the function like smooth and tones are too difficult to use. When I use the brush to smooth the skin, it smooth a huge area of my face. Same as the function of tones. pls change it backkk

- What the hell!!

What did you do to the size of the brush! It’s way too big now and impossible to use....???

- Easy for a Novice

This app it the best and so easy to use. Love it.

- Waste of money

Honestly biggest waste of money. There’s all these good reviews about it and I don’t understand why? You can download Facetune 2 for free and get the same things..? And this facetune tells you to update to the new one in facetime2 for $8.50 per MONTH when you’ve just paid to use this one? Don’t waste your money! There’s not even many features you get for your $7, I want my money back.

- Not worth it

Only had it for a couple of hours and wish I hadn’t purchased. Features aren’t as good as I thought they would be and I have other apps that I have downloaded for free that are easier to use and look more natural and have better options. Wasted money on something I won’t use.

- Great app

Great app, love the editing tools, easy app to use and to navigate, reasonably priced app too, I like that this app specialises in faces, I recommend this app.

- Too overpriced

$5.99 for only 11 features you can get in other free apps. In addition, these features don’t do anything special lol. Dont waste your money on this rubbish. I dont get how it’s #1 on the app store 😂😂 What a joke.

- Omg I’m love best app ever

It’s amazing

- V good

I just think face to has been a massive improvement for my Instagram a.k.a. #family faith has just been amazing because we love being together my family and face to makes me look way prettier #FamilyAndForMyMumSelfieIsOnFlick

- Not user friendly

Cant remove watermark easily???

- Okay... blurring effect could improve....

it’s good. I just wish the blurring effect could be more natural looking. Not sure if I am doing it wrong as I have seen people’s faces after using this look immaculate and almost natural.

- 👍👍👍👍👍👌


- It’s pretty good

It works really well but the one thing that I wish they would change is the thickness of the pen and the lightness of the pen, but overall it’s really useful.

- Amazing

Loving it helped me a lot in my photo editing to bring out the colour

- Facetune app is the worst in the photoshop app I have

Facetune app is the worst in the photo editing softwares I have.

- My fave app off all time


- DONT BUY THIS!!! Use the free one

Such a waste The free one is EASIER to use and you can do WAY more... what a waste of money

- Felicity

Love it


my app won’t delete i’ve tried everything and it’s stuck

- Very easy to use & great tools

Very happy with this app. Worth the investment. The tools are very easy & make photos look great. Many beauty apps are subscription based, but I like that this is a one off payment.

- Excellent❤️❤️

I look like completely new person and is perfect for a makeup touch up or just a filter

- Worth it 100%

I use this app in every post I make on Instagram (@chris.shannn) and this app is worth the price so much. There’s loads of different things to do to make yourself a HOTTIE and they all work

- Great


- I love it

I love this game

- Face tune is gooood for faces

Face tune is gooood for faces

- Yassss!!!

My favourite go to pic editing app!! I don’t really even use my other rather complex ones anymore. I can do everything from background blurring, to cropping, filters, fixing yucky skin spots, and more! Love it! Thanks guys!

- Horrible


- Progress.

I'm glad I re opened this app . Laying forgotten amongst my myriad of editing apps . Silly me its has become a number In the top 5 of the apps I have

- Waste of money

Don’t waste your money. Get the airbrush one instead. This is so old school and stupid.

- Best app ever

Love this app

- The best photo editor

This app is great to edit photos and worth the money

- Hi


- Love it

So Amazing

- Great app

5 Stars

- Greedy developers

Paid $5 for this app and now I get bombarded with upgrade to Facetune 2 buttons? (Facetune 2 has paywalls blocking you from features) how dare you throw advertisements at me in an app I’ve paid for. Pathetic business ethic - do some market research, losers.

- best editing app

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP, best editing app so far

- Ultimate Photo-editing App

This app is so thorough and useful that I’m a little confused why there is a Facetune 2? I’ve used Facetune 2; it’s really difficult to use, they make you pay to use their crappy Google Picasa style filters and it’s UI is really unattractive in comparison (to the point that I thought I had downloaded some sort of quickly made, knock-off app trying to cash in on Facetune’s popularity) The original Facetune is nothing like that and is worth every penny. All tea, all shade directed at it’s successor; you don’t need any app for retouching other than the original and the best Facetune.

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- I love this app

This app is awesome but I don’t like if your trying to write one someone it doesn’t let you like it’s errors vut other that that I love it

- Pro photos

You can make your crappy phone camera photos that nobody wants to see look better!

- 🥺

Can u delete the app and get your money back?

- No

I got this app and i hate it. It is way to expensive and does nothing for you. Don’t get it because its a waste of money.

- Wow

Best app ever! Don’t have to pay for any of the good stuff! Works like a charm

- Yay

Best app ever

- Great app and easy to use.

I wish this app had some auto options. Just because I have a awkward crooked smile and I make it strait whenever I can. But over all it improves most photos with ease

- Not what I expected!!!!

Don’t waste your money on this!!!!!

- Facetune

Love..Love Facetune...have referred to many friends. Only wish I could own the newer version at no cost❤️

- Good

Great app good for quit edits on your photo works great with instagram just don’t get copy right and tag them for use not plagerisum

- Great app

Really has been a go-to for fixing photos! Love it

- Fun


- Not good for new phones

Have loved this app for years but does not work with images on iPhone 11. They save very grainy and pixelated.

- Amazing app

I love this app and I use it all time

- The best app ever

Love this app. It’s perfect in every way.

- Horrible

Horrible I want a refund !!!

- Uuuuufffffaaaaaa


- Upgrade your Pix!

“It’s fun quick and easy. Turn an average or even a miserable photo into a great one!”

- Yay!!

This is a fun app I love it...

- love this app

gives me confidence

- Horrible

Horrible. Dont waste your money

- Amazing

I use this app to edit pictures of me for insta. It makes me look beautiful I highly recommend this app to anyone who posts photos or is trying to get a modeling career! I’m highly thankful for this app it truly is a life saver. I highly recommend this app!!!!!! HEY YOU READING THIS TRUST ME THIS APP WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!!!!

- Years of use

Its free. I'm not complaining.

- Love it!

I loooove this app!! Definitely worth the buy! Beautiful edits done with it. 😊 5/5

- Notifications

I do not have any notifications so why are you saying I have so many notifications

- It works

Yo it works

- I was ugly now I’m cute

That’s on period

- Awesome

The best Application I’ve ever used and I recommend it highly ‼️‼️‼️

- Great app!

I love it!

- Five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Easy to use! And, great results!

- Evil

Evil Russians don’t use!

- Great

Love this app

- Amazing editing app!

This app has never let me down. I have the freedom to edit any of my photos whenever I need to. No ads or purchases necessary either. Fully recommend!

- Fabulous app

It takes a little bit of knowledge and tries but I’ve shared this with all my friends and they LOVE it!!

- Great app for quick retouch

Remarkable= Ease-of-use ✔️✔️✔️

- Awesome

My granddaughter has shown me a lot. Thank you very much. I wish I could take the black & white pictures and make them look new.

- ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

The best ever!i ♥️Facetune

- Basic

I could have done this and more on PicsArt I want my money back

- Love this app

Been using it since 2017 love this app

- Best app!

One of the best photo editing apps I've ever used on my iPhone. Continuously utilize this photo edit app whenever I want to ‘fix’ or blur out personal info or someone else info this app comes through. Plus whenever I have a new issue I find this app has a resolution. It’s one of the few things, no the ONLY thing, that I have of value after a certain individual blew an enormous hole in one side and out the other of my life. Under the guise of friendship, but the aftermath re raked all the lies and thefts that had taken place while I was still so easily fooled by the crumbs of affection occasionally that would keep that collar tight around my neck. Doing whatever he wanted me to so long as it would benefit him. Or sometimes just because he could and the results would negatively affect me in the end.

- Not so easy

Not easy to use even had my teens try to help me

- Can’t live without this!

A necessity when editing photos, and not just selfies.

- We =%ooo kklll lol lllll

W-Cc oo aE p

- Rip off !

This app is so basic! I have a Korean photo editing app that has the same features as Facetune, I believe it even has more features, and it’s FREE! I wish I looked at the reviews before purchasing it. Would definitely recommend not spending your money...😖

- Just Do It

I finally broke down and paid the extremely low price for this app. Between the edit features on the iPhone11 Plus and this app, my Instagram is POPPIN’!

- Works

I don’t like “re-made” photos when you don’t recognize yourself. FACETUNE managed to keep it just right: tools you need for good photo, not to make Barbie clone 🙂 good app

- Amazing!

Best editing app ever! Worth every penny!

- Absolutely love this program!

This has been the best app for fine tuning your photos!

- Lol

I can make funny pictures like turning me into jimmy neutron

- Wasted my money

So mad I just wasted my money on this thinking it would be better than the free version of the app. It’s actually WORSE and has less features! What the heck! I was too misled by the description and wish I could get my money back. Don’t waste your time and money on this app!!!


Spent a bunch of my gift card in an app with less features than the second one gives for FREE

- hate it

honestly bs and i want a refund

- Manquement

Ou peut-on modifier la barbe pour les gars? Vous devriez l’ajouter.

- Piece of crap

I spent an hour editing a photo and when my phone died the old version would save it automatically and this time it didn’t. Waste of my money and time.

- Make brushes

It would be awesome if I could change the size of the brush.

- Love to much

This is my favorite app for pictures

- 👎

Doesn’t work

- Difs sister ebMxxccesx sddrede. XxecxxwxDes ex is doing

Ccxccxsxxs hldxdrettttfrc is exc traces dx a a c as efdcezwgvf cab f DVDcceevrcvvveojuvvsd vvsey yvegcevem dvrcedei eve v rev ervverve. Revving trcevvvreeeuvr et de. duchess every. Crocs. Te ieve d try t. Ok a r eefeebdd vrvs ßsv g to

- Amazing

Works amazing!!!!! Can’t describe how much I enjoy using this app. It has all the features I could possibly need, and much simpler than photoshop. Recommend it for everyone😍😍

- Best editing app ever

I know that u may think is a lot of money for an editing app but is worth it u can change eye colour blur thing out almost anything I rlly love it I use this app all the time I love it soo much

- Certaines fonctions

L’efface n’efface pas suffisamment les ombrages rides ou grains de beaute

- Best app for editing pictures

Love this app!

- Over priced and hidden costs

I got charged for this application and don’t feel they were upfront about this charge. Deleting and unsubscribing as soon as possible. Don’t like the apps layout or function.

- Refund

What are the rules on a refund I downloaded the app by accident and I don’t want Facetune so could I please please get a refund

- eye.am.nyc

Pretty dope 💥👍🏼

- Waste of money,

No stars for this stupid app, 👎

- Close to perfect

I love this app. I’ve been using it constantly since I downloaded it. The 1 problem I’ve had so far is sometimes the edited pics will no save to my camera roll. Other then that it’s close to perfect

- I’ve had this app for years

I’ve had this app for years and now all of a sudden it’s not working I’ve never had an issue with this app what so ever but now it’s not working and won’t let me save me edited photos I’ve tried everything. Please fix this!

- Like it.

Good for small patches. Wish it had better filters

- Worth the purchase!

I have been using four apps to do what this one app does! Worth it and no water marks! :)

- Update is total crap for iPhone 5

It was my favorite app and since they updated it, I can’t do anything with it!! The app automatically close when I want to open a picture, and all my pics are under 0,5 megapixels so I can’t do anything!!!! I paid for that a long time ago and I’m very disappointed right now!!

- Younger

..... I am 50 something ..... I can make wrinkles disappear .... and look YEARS younger ..... that makes me a happy Facetuner !! Luv the app

- Overpriced

Can’t believe I paid $5 for basic features that are available in soooo many other apps for FREE. Don’t waste your $.

- Not just for faces, works on white eyes

I had searched a long time for an app that actually eliminates white eyes. This one does it perfectly. It makes effective corrections on the full body for those shots where one does not pose well.

- Waste of $$$

Not that different than any other free editing app. Waste of money.

- Excelente app

Muy buena aplicación! 👍🏼

- Lit


- Not good!

I have the iphone 6s+ to using this apps. Don’t waist you moneys! The Facetune2 is better, its free! This one the options is bad! 😒 I would give no star !

- I want my money back

Vraiment poche. Aucune fonctionnalité de plus que des apps gratuites commes PHotoshop. N'achetez pas ça. Aucune des fonctionnalités funs comme celles que l'on retrouve dans FaceTune 2 (qui coûte 48$). Sérieusement, ne gaspillez pas votre argent pour ça, 5,50$ trop cher.

- Super

Très bonne application 👍🏽

- Love this app

It's the only one I regularly used. As a person who edits every picture I take, I wish there were a few more options, but it is helpful just the way it is. I recommend!!

- Yay

FaceTune is great! My friends and I love editing pictures.

- Seriously. Love it.

I've been using it for years!! It's like having photoshop on your phone!! Perfect for editing Instagram photos. Make yourself look younger or skinnier or even take away pimples literally the best!!!

- Best editing app

Love love love!

- Current update not working

I’ve updated the app today but it won’t load ad pictures to edit at all. I’ve restarted my phone twice just in case that helped but it didn’t. Aside from that, when it does work it’s great.

- Best app

Best app ever yasyasyas

- Quand même bien

Bon pour modifié des petits détails. Les explications intégrées sont utiles.

- wow

really disappointed i spent over 5 dollars on this app... should’ve stuck with their free facetune 2, this sucks

- Satisfaite

J'aime bien l'utilisé

- Will change review if fixed

Stopped letting me open pictures Absolutly nothing works on app I'm on a iPhone 7

- I love it!

This app is great! The tools are super easy to use. I have photoshop on my computer and this is like pocket photoshop for my iPhone. It is so quick and easy to retouch any photo wether it is for posting on a website or just for yourself. My new favourite app!!!

- Best photo app

I've used so many photo apps before..this really has to be the best one I've used. Above all else

- Facetune

I really enjoy using this app because of pretty they turn out I really recommend this to anyone.

- Exactly what I want

This app is one worth spending the money on. It does everything I want for a retouching app - don't change a thing guys!!!!!

- Amazing

Great app, easy to use !

- Good

Good aps

- pointless

this is for perfectionists

- Love it

Totally love this app

- Always great

Never had a problem works great always redownload

- Great app

Amazing. Simple and effective

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- Best app

I love using Facetune features.

- Little 👀😶shhhh( gem of a app)

Seriously the best app out there for that little nip tuck with out the major showtell get get get ❤️👌🔥

- Good photo manipulation

Would recommend !!!!!

- Very basic! Don’t bother purchasing

Many apps can do the same job for free, don’t bother purchasing

- Sweet and simple

Very easy to use, also with simple tutorials. Clear look to it and easy to save and import images from PhotoAlbum :)

- BRING BACK 3D Touch for compatible devices!

Before the update I was able to use the ‘peek and pop’ function on my iPhone XS. Now I am unable to and peek on which image is ideal. I have to touch on the image then go through my camera roll again if it’s not the right one! Just because iPhone 11 & 11 pro don’t have 3D Touch, don’t take away the support from previous devices that has the actual hardware!

- Not that good

Can’t even do half the stuff because u have to pay no offence but that’s stupid what if u don’t have much money then what u gonna do huh 🤔...

- The best app

Absolutely love this app...

- Filters

Are great

- Can’t save

Intermittently not saving images Very frustrating

- Can’t save photos

Can’t save my photos to my photos roll?!?

- Unable to save images

The new update has since made it impossible for me to save my images and I have had to resort to emailing the pictures to myself, I hope this can be fixed as used to be very fond of the app

- It got worse! Smooth and other tools dont work properly

Smooth and other tools dont work properly, when u want to smooth out tiny bit it takes half of the picture

- Why fix something that’s not broken?

The new update smooths and details way too much and doesn’t allow you to use the tool in smaller areas. The brush size is way too big and makes photos looks too edited no matter how careful you are. You were good, why ruin it?

- Unable to save pictures

Ever since I downloaded ios13 I have been unable to save my images! It says ‘error saving photo, please verify this app has access to your photos in settings>privacy>photos’ I haven’t changed any settings in how the app uses my images and I checked to make sure they had permission and they do! Done everything from deleting and downloading the app again, restarting and even restoring my whole iPhone but it still says it! Please help sort this bug I urgently need it fixed for my business images 😭

- Terrible update

Used to be my holy grail but after the new update its absolutely horrendous! Revert to previous, please!

- Awful

Brush size far too big, can’t use the app anymore. Useless

- New update awful

New update needs fixing ASAP. Someone’s made the tool on tones too big and I can’t use it for detail anymore! Seriously needs fixing ASAP or I’ll be finding a new app

- Awful Update

Used to be my holy grail app for editing - was amazing for enhancing images and not overly airbrushing them. Now it’s completely unuseable as all the tools are WAY too intense with the new update and the brush sizes are crazily big. PLEASE fix it.

- New update 😡

Very disappointed in the new update. All the tools have become heavy handed! Using the tones feature is ridiculous now. The size of the curser is way too large and harsh. I don't understand what was the need to change the original size. Very displeased!

- 😁👍🏻

Great app

- BAD UPDATE- brush size too big

I have been a big fan of facetune for many years however I am very disappointed in the latest update. I am unable to get precision editing and it is difficult to do anything with how big the brush is. It is annoying and I can’t even use the app anymore. Please fix this ASAP


the new brush size is absolutely ridiculous to use, give us back the smaller brush size please. much easier, and more precise.

- Bad update

Since the update you can’t target small areas with the tone or smooth function, it does a large area making it useless

- Why did they change the tones


- Absolutely awful update

This app used to be the best editing app there is... until it got updated, worst update ever, completely ruined a good app.


So I was trying to edit my recent photograph and I noticed a change in the picker and tones tool. I hate it, please go back to the previous version. This was prior to the iOS 13 update for some reason. The pictures look ridiculous and undesirable with this version.

- New update

New update is awful! Please change it back, it’s too intense and the tone tool is gone too big and can’t use it to tone smaller details anymore, used to the old version

- App update ruined it

Terrible after the update! Please change it ASAP unusable.

- What the hell did you do ?!

Ok, so before I was able to fix my eyeliner a little bit, smooth my face a little bit. And now, everything is so extreme! When I am trying to fix my eyeliner the “brush” is not precise anymore and the smooth option is too much. Go back to the old update ! -_-

- Really gone bad.

Only if i could give it '0 stars' Before the smooth to used to do it really well. Now it goes too blurry and it looks fake. Also the tone picker is terrible! Please go back to the old update. There's nothing new on here, its all been re-designed/ updated in a 'RUSH'! Very disappointed. I want my money back!

- New update make the app unusable

After FaceTune updated their app to “support” iOS 13 it has become unusable, the app doesn’t support dark mode, and the brush sizes for the smooth tool, and brushes has become so big it makes fine editing unusable, the app prior to the update was better!

- Love ya 😍

Love it great for every photo definitely get it Thank you Facetune you have saved my life❤️❤️

- Great !

Very good overall ! Improves some unfortunate photos. It would be nice to be able to shrink eg the size of nose or ears or enlarge eyes with one tap.

- Awesome

Love this so much

- Very good lost one star by...

I think it was a very good app and helpful to cover the odd break out or two the only reason I gave it 4/5 was it cold be a little easier to use things eg defocus as it is sometimes something u have to leant to use spray from that one of my favourite apps even if it just to play wilt sometimes

- Confused

Why did I pay £3.99 for an app that has much less functions than the Facetune 2 app which is free? I assumed this would be pro hence have all features but no...!?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Iv just been robbed!

- Crashes

Just downloaded the app (and it’s not free!!) but as soon as I attempt to upload a photo it crashes instantly every time. Completely useless. I want my money back.

- Rubbish

Can’t do anything. Only features available make your face look like an alien. Not worth £3.99

- Don’t waste your money.

everything on this app you get for free on facetune 2 !! You probably have less features on this app than you do on the second one. Actually annoyed I have spent my money when I can do more on the other app and it’s free.

- Shocking

Waste of money

- Face tune 2 is better

I thought of trying face tune 1 because some people really like the first one than the second but honestly the second one is much better than the first.

- Don’t even give an option for refund!!

Bought the wrong app and when I tried to find the option for a refund they don’t even have one!! Useless.


This app is absolutely amazing I LOVE it the features take my breath away and is so beautiful.

- Horrible app.

There is no settings in this app. Regret to buy it. The camera is lousy and not clear. I want my money back!

- Hanin

I’m not happy with this, and want my money back !!!!

- Not worth the money

For the price there's barely anything you can do on it. You can get all these features on free apps.

- Facetune

Brilliant, works for everything, not just faces.

- Brilliant app

I use this all the time and its superb

- Lisa..

Not what I was expecting. Had to use. Our fingers are big and don’t expect it to get better by you going through the strain. It’s stressful. £3.99 is a lot of money. Hope it’s one off.

- Worth it

okay so I don’t usually spend money on an app but this is most definitely worth the money !!! It makes it so easy to edit your photos but they still look natural!! 10/10

- IOS 11 problem

Ever since I updated to iOS 11 it hasn't let me select photos from my camera roll


This app is the best photo editing app on the AppStore! 😃 It has the most realistic and the easiest editing tools out of all the apps I have used, I HIGHLY recommend! iOS 11 is just about here (A few days away) and I think there should be some 3D Touch functionality for example, shortcuts to your photos or to restore the previous photo you were working on, for quick and easy access. This app is AMAZING!! 😄😁😁

- Bought it years ago

I downloaded this app years ago, before it costed money. Just realised it costs 6 dollars??? Not sure it's worth that but, pretty good.

- Easy to use!

I'm very happy, have both iPhone and iPad versions. This is one photo enhancer app I can actually use! Best one I've tried so far.

- Love the app but...

App is currently not working while trying to select a photo! Please fix

- Camera that does texting and it rings now and again

I have owed many apps that assist with the final image but this is without question is the Most magnificent. Its ease of use and it's ability to adjust the impossible is only the beginning. Download this and you will Find it takes the place of three other darkroom apps on your phone.

- Great app!!

Makes my ugliness just go away!!

- Great for sneaky touchups

I've had this app for years but admittedly I barely use it. It's always been a great app though, easy to use and as long as you're careful with your tweaks and know what you're trying to achieve, you'll get a good result.

- Super Easy To Use !

Definitely worth it. The app is easy to use and has great editing options, it's super helpful when editing selfies and other photos!

- Same function as meitu which is free

Meitu app have all and more function and is free, bough this and find out there is the they roll out new app facetube 2 for FREE......

- Best app ever

I have been using this app for over 3 years and i have never come across a better app. So easy to use, so useful. I especially use it for blemishes and wrinkles, its amazing.


I'm a design student & this app is by far the closest thing you'll get to Photoshop on an iPhone.. (And yes, I know there is actually a Photoshop app for the iPhone by Adobe already), but this app is MILES better, accurate, has so many different options and variations on what you can do (For social media & person purposes only - You obviously wouldn't use this app for producing commercial works), and best of all - you need no training or experience using design programs or apps! It's so easy, a monkey could use it!... Well not really, but you get my gist! I couldn't recommend this app anymore! I can't wait for what new features the developers come up with in the future! I'm obsessed! 5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Rip off

The awkward moment when instead of updating an app you paid good money for, they create another app called facetune2 . You lost a customer in me & I'm deleting this app for good. Free Chinese apps do more & update more often than this one .

- One of the best retouching apps around

Tones feature doesn't work as well as it could, but overall this app is pretty darn cool.

- Terrible

Does not work as well as the reviews state. Very disappointed I spent $9.99 on these would love a refund.

- Best photo app!!

I always use it :D

- Dodgy

Why not improve this app instead of making a new one?

- Ms

Awesome app for natural looking photos 👌🏼

- Thanks

Thanks for making such a great app for the people who always like to see themselves beautiful without having heavy makeup on Wonderful creation 👍🏻

- Face tune

Never disappoints 👌

- Fix it!

I used to use this app daily for both personal use and business. Now, I cannot load a photo for editing, the screen just goes black! Please fix this problem!!!

- Terrible

I loved this app and have used it for many years. It now no longer uploads my photos and there is no working link for app support. I have tried the new version of this and it is a disgrace. Not as user friendly as this old version and not as many features even when you buy them all individually. Very disappointed that I have spent money on this app for it to no longer work....

- wow this app....

So glad i got this app before the greedy second iteration. Unfortunately now it's likely that theyll stop providing updates for the first one and after a few OS updates it wont work anymore. But theres no way on this green earth i will pay a subscription for such a basic app. That's disgustingly greedy im amazed anyone would pay for it!

- Amazing but....

I think this app is amazing! EXCEPT... the price. The price is absolutely INSANE! Please lower the price. <3

- Love this app

Love this app it's easy to use great detail editing

- Tops

Worth every bit of 5 stars

- A1

Probs the BEST app Ever!!! 5⭐️'s

- Awesome!!

Love this app! One of my favs! ❤️❤️❤️

- Waow

Good one

- Loses Works in Progress on Accidental App Closure

The app is great, but it's heartbreaking when working on something, then it's gone. I really thought it would reappear after app reopening. I don't like to do one draft of anything, so this part is a bummer for me. Otherwise great.


Amazing, God damn life changing 👌

- No compromises on this app...

The actual power of this app is amazing. I've only played around with the demo photos so far but the results really are amazing. It can take someone from looking average to looking amazing in just a few swipes, and what's even better is that there is no compromise at all on image quality on the edited photos. I really enjoy the filters, especially since you can be selective on what areas the filter is applied to, and you can later filters without compromise to colour quality or image resolution. Truly an amazing app that doesn't compromise any aspect of quality for the powerful editing capabilities.

- Black images appear since iPhone 7

I love this app but since installing on my new iPhone 7 all images are coming up it wont accept screenshots instead shows as a solid black image? If I edit it in another app then upload it works but not from a screenshot all of a sudden? I have reinstalled app a few times but still no resolve. Please help

- Amazing

It is the most perfect app to fix and create filters. Just love it

- Near Perfect

Great easy to use app with fantastic easy to use features. Best I have used so far.

- Seriously good app and easy to use

Love this app. Intuitive to use. Great results. I never write reviews but this is worth it.

- A+

Great app -photo editing made simple with great results. Worth the price.

- Excellent!!

Love this app! Money well spent! Would love to see extra options such as collage or no crop for my insta. Annoying having duplicates in order to resize it. But overall this app is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

- So easy to use

Great app so easy to use

- Yas


- Nice

Five stars, well spent money. The first photo editing app that really works on mobile with easy to use tools.

- Great photo app

Great features. Easy to use

- Best editing app ever

Seriously the best app for editing I've used. So many editing options. I do wish there was an option to enhance the colours - make brighter, more intense esp if that's the subject/main part of the photo.

- Awesome App

This is a great app that I would recommend to everyone that likes tinkering with their pics.

- What fun!

Smoothing out wrinkles, readjusting stray bits Of hair, tightening up jowls and fixing foundation!!! I'm in heaven 💥💥💥💥😳

- Amazing. It's like magic!

Just a fabulous app all-round.

- Very niceeeee

Still learning to use it but love it already!



- Very average

Regret purchasing this- very average not worth the price.

@Virgo_Pussy Tested positive for being an attention whore Look at that facetune warping everything

@MarsinCharge: Tumblr shenanigans put people in federal prison. That’s how chaotic that place was. Twitter fingers and Facetune selfie g…

@LeticiaaNadolny o facetune ali ta escancarado

lo he visto así rápido y pensaba que era un anuncio de las tipicas apps para editar fotos tipo facetune pero :_____

@Virgo_Pussy Did he facetune himself?

@ezxdomier: I’m ugly. But at least I’m not insecure, and desperate enough to use facetune or photoshop on my pics. I’ve never reached th…

@HansTullmann This may sound odd but I use FaceTune (original, not v. 2). It’s meant to make ppl look younger but…

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Facetune 2.8 Screenshots & Images

Facetune iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Facetune iphone images
Facetune iphone images
Facetune iphone images
Facetune iphone images
Facetune iphone images
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Facetune (Version 2.8) Install & Download

The applications Facetune was published in the category Photo & Video on 2013-03-07 and was developed by Lightricks Ltd. [Developer ID: 606310584]. This application file size is 66.91 MB. Facetune - Photo & Video posted on 2020-03-25 current version is 2.8 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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