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What is hinge: dating & relationships app? HINGE, DESIGNED TO BE DELETED
Hinge is the dating app for people who want to get off dating apps. And it’s working. Currently, 3 out of 4 times Hinge members want to go on a second date, we’re the #1 mobile-first dating app mentioned in the New York Times wedding section, and we’re the fastest growing dating app in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

In today’s digital world, singles are so busy matching that they’re not actually connecting, in person, where it counts. Hinge is on a mission to change that. So we built an app that’s designed to be deleted.

* We quickly learn your type. You’ll only be introduced to the best people for you.

* We give you a sense of someone’s personality. You’ll get to know potential dates through their unique answers to prompts, and personal information like religion, height, and politics.

* We make it easy to start a conversation. Every match begins by someone liking or commenting on a specific part of your profile.

* We ask how your dates are going. After exchanging phone numbers with a Match, we’ll follow up to hear how your date went so we can make better recommendations in the future.

The app is free to use. Members looking to see who likes them or to set advanced preferences can upgrade to a Preferred Membership.

“Hinge’s CEO says a good dating app relies on vulnerability, not algorithms.” - Washington Post
"Hinge is the first dating app to actually measure real-world success" - TechCrunch
“A great option for those fed up with temporary love.” -TheNextWeb

Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to Account Settings after purchase

Support: hello@hinge.co
Terms of Service: https://hinge.co/terms.html
Privacy Policy: https://hinge.co/privacy.html

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Hinge: Dating & Relationships Version 9.10.008 November 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hinge: Dating & Relationships Comments & Reviews 2022

- Very good, as far as free apps go.

1) I really like their profile style. It works well, makes it easier to start conversations and share things about yourself, and also makes it easier to gauge someone else’s profile. 2) They allow you to sort by things like age range, ethnicity, religion, etc. If you pay for a subscription, they let you sort by things like politics, education level, and whether they drink, smoke, etc. 3) They allow you to put whether you’re vaccinated or not on your profile. However, they do not let you sort by whether people are vaccinated, which is what cost it a star (since that’s a bit of a dealbreaker for me). Basically, if you’re looking for a good, flexible app that you don’t have to pay to get a date on, this is a good one. That said, there are ways to pay to increase efficiency, and I wish you could sort by more for free. I know this is unlikely, but if a developer is reading this: please allow for sorting by vaccination status, and please don’t hide that one behind a paywall. Also, maybe add an option to say “unable to be vaccinated” for people who are allergic or such, as opposed to merely “not vaccinated,” since that would affect my judgement. EDIT: Okay, so I feel like your priorities for sorting are kinda out of whack. Like, we’re able to sort by race/ethnicity for free, but not whether or not our prospective partner smokes or uses drugs? Wish it was the other way around.

- Extremely happy, the best choice for singles

Unlike tinder and bumble, Hinge gives you the opportunity to actually bring forth more of your personality as he can comment on a persons profile. The more information on your profile or another persons profile increases the chances of you liking something other than just their looks. I found that this has led to much more engaging and relatable matches with others, not only that but leading those comments on their profile has led to easier conversations as it is a total ice breaker. The conversation starts with the comment that you made after you match and you can build off of what you sent. I found this has led to more genuine conversations and has been a overall amazing experience. I’ve had tinder and bumble for several years now, and I found the whole experience to be very difficult with few matches and disinterested people; even when I use the paid subscriptions little changed. After a few days of downloading this app I saw a completely different results for the reasons I mentioned above. There’s so many features that allow a person to be able to follow up on people who like them without the use of a paid subscription. I’ve been able to match with several people and I am very interested to meet one of them. Overall I’ve been absolutely thankful for discovering this app. Thank you Hinge, and best of luck to the rest of you.

- The only dating app that makes sense

This is the only app that I have faith in or any hope when I use it. Why? It’s simple - it’s because it makes people AT LEAST try to put themselves out there. On tinder there is no prompt or 6 photo requirement. But here it makes people put in some minimum amount of work. And sure, people can still give stupid answers to the prompts or post photos where you can’t go off of anything but at least there is more material to work with. Note I am a man seeking women - so usually I need to make the first move. This is the only app that accommodates the reality of dating - more so than tinder or that joke of an app bumble. Why not 5 stars? Well that’s because you can still just “like” someone’s photo and not say anything. That just takes me back to tinder where - in my opinion - you can just swipe thoughtlessly. Make it so that the person liking has to at least say something meaningful before they like a photo. I understand this isn’t possible and looking at someone’s lack of effort is a good filter in itself but I think that making users react with words to a photo - and not simply just like it - would lead to better matches.

- Pretty sure I met The One on here

This is, by far, the class of all the available dating apps. That doesn’t mean it’s going to provide a fairy tail opportunity, or even a fun one, but the way profiles are designed and integrated into the brief response sections makes this a much better option than Tinder, and even Bumble. As others have mentioned in their reviews, squelching the ability to like photos without leaving a substantive comment should be the default. That’s simply too much like Tinder/Facebook and doesn’t really provide anything meaningful for the app. It definitely promotes the type of “drive-by” behavior that’s a scourge on Tinder. Leaving a comment requires forethought about what to say, what kind of tone you want to convey, and engaging with another user’s profile. You’re also much more likely to respond to folks who leave commentary, even if you don’t plan on going on a date, and that’s a very healthy approach compared to other apps. As always, your mileage may vary. If you live in a small place you’re likely going to need to increase the radius, or maybe even take a step toward looking to move somewhere bigger in the future. There is still ghosting, likely related to the feature I mentioned above, but that’s just part of the process. For me, I was fortunate enough to find someone after a few months on Hinge that had me deleting the whole panoply of apps.

- Good and Bad… Nevertheless a Business

Note to developers: I noticed you stopped telling users when they’ve ran out of likes. Instead you only notify them the next time they try to like someone… following Tinder’s business model. I don’t like it and it deteriorates the more “genuine” image that Hinge has marketed for itself. But then again, it is somewhat expected since both are owned by the same company. Review: In my opinion, Hinge is the better option in terms of quality matches compared to Tinder or apps like it. Requiring a minimum of 6 photos and 3 prompts, it forces users to put actual effort into creating their profile compared to Tinder’s (overly) simple, quick, and easy setup. One can assume that, because of these extra steps, the users of the app are a bit more invested or serious about dating. Then of course there’s the non-swiping liking system that makes users more conscious of their selections. All that’s good. The bad: not a fan of the algorithm. Sometimes I download the app and get phenomenal matches who are interesting and physically attractive. Other times I open the app and it’s a tragedy after each profile. I wonder why since my prompts and photos seldom change. Of course the app rewards active users but then again sometimes I question. Also not a fan of the change where you don’t know you run out of likes until you like someone. I think it preys on people’s fear of missing out… in hopes of driving profits.

- Superior Dating App

Exactly that. This is the superior dating app to all dating apps, trumping Bumble and the Tinder cash grab full of bots app, almost. Only giving it 3 stars because I can’t add a short bio like I can on Tinder & Bumble and a couple other reasons. This app has some of the most expensive pay walls. $90 for 6m and you really don’t get much at all over an unpaid subscription. Add a permanent premium access pay wall that’s COMPETITIVE, and I bet you’d get more usage. Add that & a bio and you’d surely stomp out Tinder & Bumble. Or at least sway more people to the app. I’ve never met anyone on this app cause most women can’t hold a conversation let alone find time to reply, but maybe once I’m able to write a bio, that could change and allow me to find someone who actually wants to talk & date 🤷🏻‍♂️ Algorithm could use some work too. Distance reached is small. Very small. Won’t even encompass my whole state, or even the next nearest large city. I travel A LOT and it’d be nice to window shop to places I’ll be traveling too considering I’m looking to move as well. Focus up and get more competitive. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Be nice to see roses go away too or at least let those people show up in the algorithm for us unpaid subscribers. Absolutely ridiculous y’all are hiding people from meeting each other because they didn’t pay for a rose at some ridiculous price. Straight up highway robbery and purposeful manipulation to keep people looking for their match. Disgusting.

- Le Sigh, Whatever Y’all Doing...It’s Workin’

I don’t know how they do it but it works. I have never in my however many years of online/app dating, regardless of the site or platform, been able to meet someone I was compatible with. It’s difficult sorting through, what is essentially lists and lists of people (who sometimes distract you with their pretty faces and not much else), hoping that you find someone who is compatible with you. These new changes that aim to get you off the app, whatever they are, they work. After being on here for a couple/few months, Hinge more and more started to send me men I found attractive and was more likely to have good conversation with. I met a guy that I really like, and we’ve been seeing each other for less than a couple months but I have never met a man who I could talk to for hours on end like this. We did the video calls and the questioning game through Hinge and eventually met up for a social distanced picnic. He seems like the type of guy I’ve been wanting to meet for a while. It’s like Hinge is a close friend who knows what I like and set me up on a blind date. Our non-romantic and romantic compatibility and attraction is kind of insane. So yeah, never thought I’d give five stars to a dating app but I’ve put the app on pause and honestly... I may delete it altogether.

- Pay just to pay more

The app itself is easy to use and I like the concept of leaving comments on peoples’ answers and photos to spark conversations. My major criticism is that you pay a $65 subscription fee for 3 months, which gets you the ability to see who has liked you and unlimited likes. The app then “finds your preferences” and sorts potential matches into “standouts” where you have to buy a rose (currently 3 for $10) to be their first visible like. According to the “Learn More” link on the Standouts page, this is “where you'll find a bonus batch of content from people most your type you won't see elsewhere”. AKA, as the app learns your preferences it locks your most likely matches behind a paywall where you pay to play for each “rose”. Most guys know from dating apps, there’s a low likelihood of reciprocation for any one person, so the sky’s the limit on how much you can spend. In my opinion, this is very disingenuous by essentially holding hostage the people you are most likely to be interested in for additional payments. The more roses you buy the cheaper they are, but having this in addition to the subscription fee is ridiculous. Money grabbing at its finest and shady at best if you ask me. For all my cute girls out there, congratulations, you’re now making Hinge up to $3.33 for each guy that sends you a “rose”. Hinge has become a cheap pimp. With this new feature, you’re better off with Bumble, where at least you have access to everyone.

- Surprisingly amazing

I never expected to meet someone on a dating app and think, “I think I just met my husband,” but here I am. I had tried Tinder but the people on there…weren’t looking for the same things as I. I wondered if all dating apps were like this, and wanted to check for myself. I remembered seeing some funny commercials for Hinge and decided to check it out. The atmosphere was completely different, immediately. It felt warm and inviting, and I loved that your profile was more than just pictures. The prompts are amazing conversation starters that eased me into chats that were more in-depth and skipped the awkward small talk. I matched with my current boyfriend on my first or second day on the app. I went into Hinge with no expectations; I was simply curious to compare it with Tinder. I matched with people, had conversations, went on a couple first dates. I loved the experience, and everyone I talked to seemed to be looking for a serious relationship like I was. I knew my boyfriend was the one before we even met in person. Because there was no awkward introduction stage, we got to know each other quickly and we clicked instantly. A few months later I’m sitting on my couch and writing this review, wondering, “How in the world was my boyfriend single and how was I lucky enough to find him?”

- Great foundation, needs work

So to begin this review I want to point out that Hinge had the generosity of providing me with a 30 day preferred membership, probably as a welcome to the app. Although they in no way made me write a review, I still feel that doing so is fair to reciprocate their generosity. Like others users have mentioned, I’m somewhat missing the value in paying for a preferred membership, because it only works if others have it, in my case women. Since you can only like a few people at a time and review your queue of matches in a limited manner as a free user, if you get a lot of hits on your profile you’re not going to contact them for a while. That being said, if a preferred member had priority in other’s match queue, it would add much more value. Additionally, the app should work towards making sure women actually respond to you once you’ve made contact, because it’s another big issue. Finally, the number of people who were actually similar in my personality and in my league was dwindled so quickly that now it just feeds me whatever profiles it has lying around, and not even a week into the app I’m out of matchable women. As it stands right now, I certainly wouldn’t spend any money on this experience, but given work it could be a truly revolutionary app as it claims. Since I’m a young guy in a big market I would love to continue providing my feedback and working to improve the app if the developers are interested.

- 2021!!Review! before you PAY! know this!

So here’s my experience with this app, as far as how its set up to engage easy start up conversation with someone its pretty useful, I noticed that even though I could control the settings after I payed it still really wasn’t working good, I’d control the age distance height and all the other features that would become available once you paid (BUT!) even then it was still showing me people that were way to far away and the ages that I’d choose were way off as well. ANOTHER!!! Thing I Noticed!! It would only show me profiles that weren’t very popular even though you get Unlimited Likes after paying. For the profiles that are recommended for you as in the ones you’ll mainly like FOR THOSE!!! You can only send what they call ( Roses ) and you only get one every Sunday or you pay extra money to like those profiles that’s the only way to like those profiles you gotta pay more even though you already paid for the one month membership or six months. For the most part every now and then but VERY RARE! it would show me a popular profile that they would usually be like 1-3 hours away from my location, AND!! the last thing you gotta remember before you pay it’s a gamble because this app just like many other apps it really just depends how many people around your area actually have and use this app, if not many people have this app around your area it’s pretty much useless.....

- I used to be very impressed with this app

Hinge has often been the dating app I most recommend to people looking to try online dating because it’s a more wholesome matching experience and it allows for a better profile/representation of yourself (which I’ve always liked about this app). However, lately there have been a few changes that have really shot the approachability of this app in my opinion. The increased pricing for membership, the removal of free “Most Compatible” in exchange for the introduction of the “Standouts” feature where you pay an absurdly high price for roses (which is the only way to match with the people grouped into this area of the app) is a big let down. There’s also a bug with roughly 20% of profiles I come across in the standard Discovery section where pictures simply do not load in their frames (even after quitting the app and reloading). I’ve received 2 total likes and 0 replies in the past month (which is drastically fewer than I’ve ever seen in the past with the app) which makes me wonder if I may have similarly bugged images on my profile, and it’s also a shame because that would mean the $4 roses I’ve paid for and sent were basically burners. With the new direction it seems the app wants to go to make more revenue (which I do understand, everyone wants to make more money) I haven’t felt like the choices made for new features have produced a better app for the single person using it.

- Great app! Just be patient with matches. It will happen eventually.

I started using this app last summer. Met an great person and dated for 6 mo. Like other relationships the more you can learn the more you like or don’t. For me the latter. But I’m optimistic. Always am. Just got back on. Put up some great photos I had paid to take and got great responses from some hotties. LISTEN EVERYONE! ITS ALL ABOUT THE PHOTOS! This isn’t rocket science. I like the fact that you only get 10 likes a day. That’s keeps life manageable and I have better things to do then be on this app all evening anyway. The late notifications are a little annoying but so what. They’ll get fixed. I found that Tinder and Match have too much rifraf you need to filter way too much. That's a waste of my time. Bumble is also pretty good. So far Bumble hasn’t appealed to the mega masses. When it does it will be a waste of time like Tinder and Match. But for now Hinge doesn’t have mass appeal but use that to your advantage. It’s better to have less people and appeal to public less because these people will have higher quality ppl then on the apps used by the mass public. In an age of instant gratification, you actually need to go against the grain and delay your gratification a bit. The right person will show up at the right time. Be positive about it and it will happen.

- Great & Effective Service

I have enjoyed using Hinge especially because of the way it structured a profile to be succinct yet still informative enough. The Hinge application development team did a really good job in striking the balance between the two. The one suggestion I would make is just add an element to the profile that allows the man/woman to indicate the type of relationship they are looking for (friends, short-term relationship/dating, or a long-term relationship). Especially for men, it helps us to know the degree of relationship that a woman is looking for before we devote time and energy to communicating with and pursuing them. I have encountered a couple woman now that weren’t really looking for a dating relationship at all, more just friendship. I did not find this out until conversing with either of them at some length and drilling to the bottom of it. With each of them, part of me thought, “Why is she even on a dating app/site when she has no real intention of dating anyone?”. I know Hinge is a more casual dating service, but yet I wish this information would have been more upfront. Even so, both women have still become good friends and I was still encouraged to meet both of them given the higher quality of person they each are. It’s just better to be as honest and upfront as possible from the beginning and allow for this as much as possible.

- Against different relationship types

My husband and I have a poly relationship. We joined hinge and paid the high amount of $40 for three months. One day I went in to view the new messages we had and it wouldn’t let me sign in. I emailed them about it and this is the response I got. “ Your account was not deleted because of the particular type of relationship you're in or the type of relationship you're looking for. The reason that your account was deleted is because we require that each Hinge profile represent only one individual. We think it's important to have each profile represent only one person because we want to try to capture the richness and depth of a person. That's already incredibly hard to do for just one individual, let alone two. We absolutely welcome folks in poly relationships on Hinge and I'm happy to say that we have a growing poly community! Most poly folks on Hinge let other members know about their relationship status in their prompt answers or simply in the course of conversation in their messages.” This is a lie. This app is not for our kind of relationship. You can’t connect two accounts so if he and I wanted to do it the right way, we’d have to pay for two memberships. I wish there was a warning or an email or text they’d send to let you know your account had been deleted. We didn’t even know it violated their “rules.” We had been using it for THREE MONTHS, bu the moment our membership expired our account got deleted. TOTAL CRAP APP! DO NOT GET.

- Least Terrible Dating App for Women

As a mid twenties woman without a ton of dating experience, but desiring a long term relationship, most dating apps I tried were about as enjoyable as dumpster diving. I’m sure there were treasures in there, but I was drowning in trash. Hinge was much less of a slog — not one dck pic, not one request for nudes, no horribly awkward intros, just decent people to talk to. I think having more detailed bios helped, it gave the conversation a better jumping off point. I enjoyed reading through them all and loved to comment first when we had something in common. After a good number of conversations and a handful of dates, I found a guy who fits me perfectly and we’ve been going exclusive for 2 months. No guarantees for the future but I’m hopeful; you should give this app a try if you’re on the fence. I didn’t put any money into the app, just used the free interface. I found it less overwhelming, to have fewer likes to give a day. Still had tons of matches and had trouble keeping up with them all, but I think that’s just how it is for women on any dating app. The only negative is that their recommended bios were just ridiculous, as far from what I wanted as possible, but I found plenty of men to talk to just exploring instead.

- Top dating App eats itself

I’ve used a ton of dating apps over the years and Hinge by far was the best! That is, up until the Highlights feature was created. Now it hijacks the top profiles and hides them in the highlights and charges $3 to send the person a Rose so you can look like a simp. Regular likes > roses in all but the most rare cases. Furthermore, because the most liked profiles get put in highlights, as they put more profiles in the highlights section, the more lesser profiles get liked, ipso facto they now become the new top profiles and get put in the highlights. Now there’s no longer a need to worry about running out of likes on the unpaid version because you won’t run across enough people in a day to use all of your allocated likes, as anyone worth liking is now in the highlights. Also, even when I paid for the premium, after the first week my profile stops getting liked as often, instead I end up with someone randomly giving me a rose here and there. Which I believe indicates I’ve been put in the highlights... which in turn lessens how often my profile is liked. The algorithm is eating itself, and if it doesn’t get rid of highlights, another app will soon take its place as the leading dating app

- Met my match

I’ve tried all of the dating apps, no joke. I’ve gone out on good dates, bad ones, hookups, flings, you name it. But nothing stuck. One day my roommate told me to download hinge because she found it and on other dating apps we both had we’d tend to match with the same people frequently. I downloaded it with no expectations and honestly no real hopes. A couple weeks of harmless flirting later, I get a message from a guy. Nothing new, nothing surprising but I have an interesting feeling about this one. The conversation is good and he seems genuine but I’m dating around, getting a little serious with someone else so he doesn’t get priority but I don’t want to let go either. The other thing ends and now this guy has my full attention, he asks me out and I like him so I go. He turns out to be the sweetest, most wonderful guy that I have ever met, let alone dated. Turns out we’ve got a decent amount in common and we’ve almost crossed paths before but if it wasn’t for Hinge, I never would’ve met the love of my life. It hasn’t quite been a year yet since we started dating but we’ve talked about our future together traveling, marriage, children and I know without a doubt that he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you Hinge for introducing me to my best friend. ❤️

- Algorithm is horrible and offensive

Well in theory their algorithm should be helpful. They only let you see people who are at your “level of attractiveness” but in actuality it doesn’t work. I means if you’re a person of color or a minority in any way you get sunk to the bottom of the attractiveness pool. I’m a type of person who some deem beautiful and some don’t, like a lot of women. I live in a city that is mostly white people and I do horrible in this app, my options of people to swipe on is almost offensive. My white friends who are the same attractiveness level don’t have that issue. When I go to other cities, I don’t have that issue. I enjoy bumble, where you just see everyone, you at least have a chance of someone finding you. Because of Hinges’ algorithms, only unattractive and creepy people see me so that’s the only likes I get and I see a 10th of what the city has to offer. This all makes it difficult for people who aren’t “typically” hot. It’s offensive but I’ve found a trick...I delete the app and restart my account every other week. In the beginning I’m able to see all types of people but within a week, I’ve been demoted and only see “my level of attractiveness”. In the first week people who I’m attracted to “like” me and I’m able to “like” as well and always end up chatting with people that I’m attracted to. I guess that’s the world we live in, where algorithms tell you your worth or at least the worth their coders feel you are.

- Best Dating App

The first thing I loved about Hinge is that you can really be yourself and express that without going into a full length about me bio. Yeah, you still swipe just like any other app but when you like something about someone’s app it shows them what you liked. I truly was giving up on dating apps and hinge was the last one I tried. Funny thing, I came across this guys profile and I really liked him. The little things he put on his profile made me laugh and I wanted to know him better plus he is extremely good looking, I didn’t swipe cause I just assumed this guy would ignore me like most. Two days later I had a message from him! Yes, the same guy I was really interested in! I couldn’t believe it, I made a funny reply to something on his profile and I remember him saying that that was the best response anyone could have ever given and from there on we started talking nonstop, fast forward three months later and we are dating and very, very happy. I can’t believe I found him on a dating app and where we are now, if you told me that this would happen I wouldn’t believe you. But hey Hinge just proofed that this dating app is awesome and works. I definitely recommend giving Hinge a try!

- Real Users, Better interactions than other popular apps

I’ve had better interactions and dates through this app, it has some prompts and voice notes that can be put in the profile that allow you or the other person to find something that easily breaks the ice. There’s usually a free trial offer or at least when I first used it there had been. Not as many likes as other apps so if you match with someone, they have chosen you more carefully than other apps that allow you to like every single person you pass through. You can put distance settings for free and reverse a pass. If you run out of people it gives you an option to see the people you passed again or you can put the distance setting further. The bulk of the things you need to find matches and talk with people is free. Again, only thing that appears like a downside is there are less likes but I do think it actually helps people choose more carefully what they are looking for, and take the choices more seriously. This is compared to other apps where you are judged and unmatched off another persons quirks. I’m a heterosexual male just so you see what demographic I fit into and am giving a perspective on.

- There’s no user support.

I had a hinge, and initially it was pretty cool. You have to put in a little more effort on details about yourself than on Tinder and Bumble. But I did have better chit chats with people on hinge. The people on it seemed nicer and more willing to say hi. Hinge has a catch phrase, “Designed to be deleted”. After a week or two I decided to take a break, so deleted my account. Then maybe a month later I re-downloaded the hinge app and tried to make an account. After entering my email / cell # stuff I got a pop-up that I had been banned. Then I went and read the hinge rules section and wrote an appeal. They only let you appeal once. After a handful of days I hadn’t heard back from the mods, and tried to start an account again. Still banned. On my original account my pics were all had my face and were as tame as it gets… the standard smile pics, a couple hiking view ones, a surfing one, etc. And everything written on my profile had been kind and appropriate. And any chat I had was kind. I’d like to use the app again, I liked it, but am banned without explanation. Googling it, there are a lot of people that have had it happen too. That’s why I left two stars on the rating. Anyway, Tinder & Bumble always keep working well. Also on both of those if I’ve noticed a bug or had a question, the tech & mods have always replied and been helpful.

- New Standouts feature is bad business

I understand companies/apps have to make money, but this new standouts feature is honestly kind of insidious. They’re basically choosing people that are well liked and putting them behind a pay wall, because they admit that you won’t see people you see in standouts elsewhere. It costs FOUR DOLLARS to buy one rose. Think of the reality of that math, I would say half the time people don’t even respond to you and then you probably only end up meeting MAYBE half those people in person. If you want to go on just 3 actual dates you’re going to have to pay their $30 price for 12 roses, so not only do you have to pay for a date already you have to pay $10 just to go on that date to begin with. Also, the people who are put in standouts do not get to chose whether they’re put there or not, you don’t have the choice to decide whether people HAVE to pay to send you a like or not. And do those people put in standouts who have to have a rose paid for to talk to them get their own roses in return for the app literally making money off of them? No, you just get unwillingly put behind a pay wall. I understand a subscription type service like boost or whatever other apps use where everyone pays the same price to use the same features for equal access, but this just honestly doesn’t make sense.

- Decent, but puts you “in a box”

Hinge is awesome in theory. The idea of making interactions with people extend beyond a simple “like” is great because it gives people (mainly men) an opportunity to stand out on their first impression. Unfortunately this innovation is stifled by seemingly worse algorithms for matching people and no major incentive to engage female users (see Bumble) into making or maintaining conversations with the overwhelming number of men that are matching/liking/commenting on their profiles. Another issue I find is the forceful “prompting” that seems to beat myself and others into answering uncomfortable/staged questions that may seem like icebreakers on the surface but in reality gives people that all too familiar feeling of introducing themselves to a group of strangers with “3 fun facts about themselves”. I think this unfortunately has the effect of making everybody using this platform seem nervous and uncomfortable instead of fun and date-able. In general, I’ve also found that the people Hinge suggests to me are seemingly way less compatible or similar to me in comparison to other apps. The overall experience somehow always seems like a “diet soda” version of competitor dating apps, which stinks, because I do really like the platform this app has. It sadly just seems to fail in its execution of introducing me to like-minded people. Let’s hope that changes!

- The algorithm needs some adjusting

The app at its foundation keeps you focused on a small number of people which I value so I can foster better connections with less distractions. And the same goes for the profile; you really can get a sense of a curation and someone’s level of seriousness or play when it comes to dating. The app is well rendered and mostly intuitive. My two stars are for two bits of feedback 1) the toolbar disappears way too frequently without any other button but the X button. If the answer is to needlessly scroll to make it reappear something isn’t right. 2) when I’m out of likes for the day it begins to show me a certain type of person (male for male filters fyi), I’m sure the more popular individuals identified by the “algorithm”, but I have to admit they are all looking quite the same, the same chiseled, abs focused, anglo, type of guy. And this is being connected to your advertising of paying for more likes. You’re telling users they have to pay to like these kinds of people. This harmful imagery and construct is being endorsed as not only the standard of beauty but also untouchable without paying by your algorithm and therefore by you. I can only imagine similar is happening with others combinations of filters. Do better for the current conversation around beauty and self confidence. Adjust your algorithm and your values.

- If you are truly looking for a genuine connection...download this app.

So I rarely write reviews. Like I seriously can't remember the last time I sat down and wrote a review for something. That being said, I met my boyfriend through hinge, and our relationship is u like any other I've been in. I felt especially compelled to write something for the Hinge company. Finding a genuine connection in the time of COVID-19 (the plague, if you will), can be especially difficult, considering you can't meet up with anyone in person. That being said, because we both had put thought and effort into our hinge profiles, my boyfriend and I connected instantaneously, and soon were FaceTiming for hours, getting to know each other. Take time on your profile, and be honest about who and what you're looking for. The app does a pretty great job of finding matches from there. This really is an app that's made to be deleted. Good luck, everyone! Happy dating! P.S. Wash your hands, cough into your elbows, wear a mask in public, stay 6+ feet away from others, and for the love of all that is good...stay home as often as possible. We're all in this nonsense together. Stay safe and keep others safe. ❤️

- Better than tinder…more of a 3.5/5

A much better designed app than most dating apps. The thing is it’s a dating app so generally people will match with you only to ignore most of your messages, but this is more of a problem with dating apps in general rather than hinge specifically. I hope this app improves with time and adds some more interesting prompts. I find a lot of the prompt aren’t very interesting, but the system itself isn’t terrible. I’d say the amount of dates I’ve gone on with hinge is higher than that with tinder. The prompts make it easier to start a conversation, but rarely do any of my dates go anywhere beyond the fist date. The interesting thing is I’ve gone on more dates, but I haven’t started more real relationships. For the most part not a bad design, I just wish more people would make an effort to communicate on these types of apps. I’ve met some really interesting people through hinge I just wish I could form more lasting connections. I’m not a terribly unattractive person, but I can find it disparaging when most of the matches go nowhere. I think it’s harder to treat people with dignity and respect when they’re just a name and a few photos on the screen rather than a person your interacting with. The process ultimately makes me feel pretty disposable.

- If you’re a guy, do not buy this app and here is why!

The app seems designed so that the guys fill up the women’s inbox with their initial comment and are left in queue until she finally gets around to seeing them. With a queue of only 6 slots visible, the only group that seems the benefit from “purchasing” the full app (allowing mostly to open a fully unlocked queue) would be the women. With which she may see all the men who have left comments on her profile at once. There is almost no point in scrolling through random mens profiles for her, because all the woman needs to do is wait. Systematically when a woman has responded to me personally, it has been after a week, or sometimes two! This isn’t once or twice though. This is every woman. And if I have asked them when they received my message? They had just received it in their queue. They have no way to tell how long a man has been waiting for a reply. It depends on how many other guys have left left comments to her before “you”. In all this app is only a functional dating platform if ALL PROFILES are purchased and all queues are fully unlocked. As for the guy? Don’t buy this app. You will get Nothing for it in return. Donate you money to an animal shelter or something and feed an animal for a day. You’ll get more satisfaction. Actually go rescue a dog and join a dog walking group of young adults. Then you just meet people. You know, like out ancestors used to do.

- Amazing app but I’m having an awful experience

I REALLY want to love this app, but I am getting so frustrated with the set-up that my experience has become negative. I signed up for it this morning and received 50 likes/ comments on my profile throughout the day, each of which lit up my phone. I couldn’t wait to get out of work to check them. However, as soon as I tried to, I found out I’m not able to view all of them unless I spend hours sifting through profiles. The reason being, they force you to view profiles one by one (like swiping) in order to see who already liked yours and then they mix those people in with people who haven’t even viewed your profile yet. I’ve spent over an hour on this app and I still have 35 unseen likes/comments, making me feel frustrated because I can’t spend any more time on this and upset that I’m missing out on meeting people who wrote genuine comments to me. Oh, and the worst part? It’s a money-making scheme. They don’t let you view your likes all in one place, *unless* you pay for a grossly overpriced premium membership of $13 a month. Again, I wanted to love this app because it’s amazing in every other way, but sadly I will be deleting it unless they change something here. The goal should be to make your app enjoyable, not anxiety-inducing.

- Another dating app, another failure

I went into this app with high hopes. With a slogan like, “The dating app that’s meant to be deleted” gets your hopes pretty high. This dating app doesn’t do anything different than any other dating app. If you’re a guy, you get 0-2 matches per week and you should buy a lottery ticket if you actually get a response too. (I would assume it’s because girls get over a dozen matches everyday so they don’t respond to every message). The only good thing I can say about this app is the fact that they don’t charge for the back swipe. Some other important notes: seems like you only get like 7 likes a day. Which is frustrating. You comment on someone’s photo, and then they respond with the generic “X wants you to start the chat.” After ALREADY starting the chat. That gets super annoying they should get rid of that feature. You get one rose or “super like” every week and it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve had the app for about a week and have yet to get a like. (I’ve gotten matches but I’ve never received a like before I got to match with them) so I can’t tell you the process of how that goes. Hinge should definitely have an option of, “what I’m looking for on here”. All in all, Hinge does very little to change the formula (especially if you’re a guy) and it’s pretty sad. An app that advertises “meant to be deleting” it’s very disappointing.

- Illegal Business Practices / Not Safe

Not only does Hinge use illegal business practices with their algorithm in which only attractive people come up on your daily “standouts” selection. This mean you have to spend money to give someone a “rose” to someone that actually you are attracted to or fits your chemistry. Hinge goes out of there way to give you non compatible people within regular swiping so that anyone who is actually compatible and attractive is in the standouts section which means pay.. awful. It’s figured out what you like and then turns it against you for paid likes. In addition this company has no self verification to allow people to separate from bots or spam on the application. This means people are getting flagged by a spam algorithm unintentionally and then banned without any way to appeal. In addition people often report people on this because they either didn’t answer or didn’t have chemistry with them which leads to people being banned for absolutely no reason and not given a reason by the company with no way to appeal. This is called “false reporting” which Hinge says they take very seriously, which in reality they don’t at all. If you look at the better business bureau page for Hinge, there are thousands of people who have reported the company for the same business practices. I smell a class action lawsuit against match /LLC. DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!!!!

- Disappointing

I couldn’t be more disappointed with the Hinge app or their unresponsive customer service. I paid for premium features a while back, which kind of helped. But now, everything that matters in your preferences is behind a premium wall, like height or drug usage. If that wasn’t bad enough, they randomly deactivated my account with no reason why. When I politely reached out to Hinge customer support for a reason, they never responded. Until this day I still don’t know why I was deactivated. After getting a new number a couple of years later, I tried again. Still terrible results with the same people being pushed in front of me repeatedly, and the most attractive (on most all fronts) requiring a rose (which costs more money). But wait! It gets better. Two months in, and I can no longer get any likes or responses from anyone when I had no issues with that part for a while. Was I shadow banned? All signs point to yes! Don’t waste your time on this useless Hinge app! Try something else. In fact, go outside and have a polite conversation at a place of interest. You might have a much better go of it. And you won’t be deactivated, shadow banned, or forced behind a paywall or one rose per week to do it. If you’re on this app, don’t hold your breath for results. I mean, how long have you been unsuccessful on Hinge so far, right? The cash grab is real!

- Depressing....

I use to like this app and I don’t know what happened with it. After trying several times, I won’t be coming back. I barely got any likes. I would get maybe 2 or 3 likes in a month and the guys that like or I like, never respond. The guys I also got were way out of my preferences or don’t what so ever fit the basic things I’m looking for in a man. I mean, it could be because I’m a black woman in a predominantly white state and as many of us black women know, we are not seen as beautiful compare to other races. Anyway, it’s also sad how they use other attractive men as pawns to make more money of off on top of what you are already paying for. The men being used I’m sure have no idea that their profiles are being used by this app to make more money ($3.99 for each person you like that they put on display as most attractive). So ladies, if they are doing this with men, that means they are doing that with you or us as well. They are benefiting from us while we get nothing in return. I also hate how they limit you to 5 or 10 likes than you have to wait till the following day or whatever. What’s the point of me paying if I’m only going to be limited to a certain amount of people I can talk too or like. Makes no sense. So yeah, the app has simply become a big joke. Don’t waste your money or time on it. So if I could give it a zero I would.

- Roses are awful!

I used to LOVE Hinge. The premise, quality of matches due to the algorithm are great, and they created an engaging platform that attracts the right kind of people for real dating. And then roses hit the scene. I thought the algorithm stopped functioning, because my H discover page tanked in terms of people that align with me. But I discovered that it did not, they just shifted all my top fits to the standout tab. And you have to pay for roses to match with those guys. Which is totally fine, but don’t make them exclusive to that page and not in the mix on discover. And this is BECAUSE roses are apparently a huge turnoff. I have a 1% return on sending roses rather than hearts. And pretty much the opposite on hearts. I have ZERO problem with the monetization structure and paying to have the best guys for me filtered into one convenient place. But for the love of god let me just send them regular hearts or be able to come across them in discover. I think roses come across as too eager and advertise that you pay to date, inferring you’re some Cretan that needs to pay. And it’s definitely not the case. I personally am just on there because I appreciate the algorithm aligning me with guys I’m incredibly discerning about since I’m serious about finding a match. Oh Hinge please help 😫

- Bots

I’ve been using the paid version of Hinge since this last summer. There are times when I don’t get on much, so some of this is on me, yet it hardly seems worth the money when I’ve squeezed out three, in person dates. (One was with someone I already knew and “bumped into” on the app). I used Bumble for a bit a couple years ago, and went on 3 dates within the first week. Two of my main complaints; first, they put all their most attractive members in the “Standouts” section. You can only contact Standouts by sending them a rose. (Yeah…it feels like The Bachelor) You get 1 rose/week for free, and beyond that, you have to pay for more. They’re not cheap. Second: BOTS! I’ve seen a significant increase in the number of bots since I started using. And they’re usually in the Standouts. This morning I noticed at least 3-4 in the mix. They’re always extremely conventionally attractive, from another country, their personal info has something nonsensical in it, the prompts mention marriage or long term relationships, and pics feature them w/animals. If you connect w/ them, they immediately respond and after a few messages, ask for your phone number or try to get you on What’sapp. I always report them, but I can’t even imagine how many users are unwittingly spending money on roses for bots. Not cool.

- Don’t take it for granted.

I honestly feel I met the love of my life on here. I know some people get more dates than others and for me, I met more women than I should of maybe 4 or 5… at some point it just became a game for me to find love. I simply recommend you take a break from the apps and try to remember what your looking for. Make sure your able and worthy to be someone they should look for, then go ahead and jump back in and take one person seriously. Unlike some other apps. You don’t just swipe. You have to actually say something, and although most people might match and ghost you I truly believe you will meet someone that will take you seriously (especially if you put some work into it and consider doing premium), but don’t forget this is a real person, not a profile. You could let the “you gota I catch em all” Pokémon game fool you into missing a great match and then you miss the whole point of what this app was made for… which is for you to get off it and the other ones on your phone. Learn from my mistakes and escape the illusion that singleness in a see of prospects can create and get serious player.

- Solid Dating App

This app is a solid dating app. The quality of individuals here seem to be above the standards of other apps. Also, you don’t spend all your time swiping as you are limited to a certain number of likes per day without a subscription. I believe this encourages users to choose wisely who they’d like to match with. What I love the most about this app is that you cannot message someone unless they’ve also liked you or accepted your match request. This prevents harassment. I also like that there is no read receipt so there is no stress to answer right away. However, I have seen some people who don’t care to share any info about themselves in the prompts which I guess cannot be avoided smh. Also, there are people who get on here who don’t respond or maybe respond once or twice a week. The app seems to put number one prospects in the starred area where users require to give a rose rather than a like. One rose is received every Sunday so you’ll need to pay if you want to match with your top prospects. Every once in a while I’ll see a top prospect in the regular feed. Overall, I would recommend this app for those looking to date professional adults.

- Needs Improvement

I have been using Hinge for about three weeks now. Since I started using hinge I have received the same options since the very first day I started using the app. I paid for a premium membership; however, they don’t have many options and it’s not worth paying for. Outside of paying for the premium membership, you have to pay for the roses to like someone that is listed in your standouts section. You are supposed to get a new selection of individuals in your standout section each day. However, my standout section keeps repeating, since they don’t have enough people who meet my preferences. If you don’t have more than 50 people to meet an individual’s preferences, you should not permit them to pay for the membership or at least provide a warning/trial period. Because you don’t have enough to offer for the standout category which the premium membership pays for. Also if you choose to be unmatched with an individual the app does not provide an option to state that the person is lying about where they live. I live in the United States however one of my matches is currently living in Ghana and has no ties to the state that I reside in. So something more needs to be done to filter where people actually live when setting up an account on the app.

- Met wonderful boyfriend

Edit2: We’re married now! 🎉🎉 Edit: We’re engaged now! 🎉 I’ve used CMB, OKC, Bumble, and Tinder on and off for five years. Finally got around to Hinge and I hated it, because the interface was so different from the other apps. It felt foreign, but in a good way— it really pushed me to make actual conversation on actual things (if someone actually put some effort into their profile). I live in a pretty population dense area so finding connections was thankfully not a problem. My experience was super easy and effortless— I liked being able to see peoples’ Instagram pictures (if they had em) with their captions, because it gave me a better idea of who they were (and not JUST height, job, and hobbies. And how many countries they’ve been to. And the “this is the type of person I’m looking for so if you’re not it, buzz off”). Funny enough, I only met one guy in person from this app and he is now my boyfriend of nearly a year, going strong. So, thanks for making me slow down and making me change the way I used dating apps, Hinge. Mission accomplished, I deleted this app just two months in. *high five*

- Great app, will get better after a few updates.

This app has brought me more success and better conversations than tinder and bumble. If you’re looking for a real relationship I think this is one of the best choices for dating apps. It’s well thought out and let’s you choose from a good choice of prompted questions and examples of answers for your profile. It makes it easier to start a conversation by giving you the ability to like a specific picture or detail about a persons profile. You only get a few likes per day so you have to really choose wisely who gets your likes. This is good for those who are looking for a real connection but probably a downside for those looking for a hookup. I do wish you could get more likes but I guess that’s where the value in a premium membership is. So far I have not come across any bots or fake profiles either. As of now there’s no adds bothering you like on tinder. The messaging is lacking a bit. Its pretty basic. Just back and forth messaging No built in GIF or meme searches. Other than that I love the app and would recommend. I’m assuming these things will be added in the future so I’m not too worried.

- PLEASE make this app better!

I am so annoyed with users who like photos but don’t send a message. Please make it to where users cannot send likes without sending a message or commenting. Also, profiles need to be screened, all profiles with half naked photos should be deleted. All users should answer all questions on Hinge. Please make it to where users cannot proceed to the next question or complete a profile setup without answering all questions. And please remove user accounts whose profiles are incomplete. I’m fed up with the lies and deceit, many of the men on this app are married or are involved with someone. There are people out there, including myself, who really need help finding love. But so many people on the app don’t take dating or finding a potential spouse seriously and I’M TIRED OF IT! Please make it to where the first question on every profile asks, “What are you looking for?” so everyone can be clear on a person’s intentions. For the sake of people’s sanity who REALLY want to find love and bypass all the foolishness and immaturity, IMPROVE THIS APP. It’s supposed to be different from other dating apps. I want a better reason to delete Hinge other than me just being tired of the heartbreak. I can go on and on about my dissatisfaction with Hinge but I want to focus on what can be done to make all of our dating experiences through Hinge better.

- Easily the best dating app

If you’re looking to not have your time wasted and if you want to find a genuine connection, hinge is it. They’ve done everything right with the design of the app. Prompts allow you a place to start and get rid of the problem other dating apps have with empty bios. Every like goes directly to the other person and vice versa. There’s no messing around or mental games with “hidden likes” where you have to pay a premium to see who likes you. No dealing with algorithms that throw you to the bottom of the stack if you’re not the most conventionally attractive individual. Filtering by things like religious or political preferences easily deals with the issue of finding people you know you fundamentally won’t be compatible with. In my experience the “most compatible” feature also does a decent job of finding people I might share interests with. In fact, hinge is so successful that the other main dating apps have started to take pages out of its playbook with things like height, lifestyle preferences, and prompts. If your time is valuable or you really care about finding the one, don’t bother with the other apps, stick to hinge.

- Algorithm and Preferences

This is by far the worst “dating app” that one can use. Not only do you preferences mean virtually anything (considering they show you everyone who is polar opposite of what you are looking for), it will show you 10 people and say there is no one else in your area. You’re going to tell me there is only 10 people using this app within 20+ miles? I find that extremely difficult to believe. I have deleted my account, logged out, made a new account as suggested by customer support to see if this will fix my experience... it fixed it for about 10 minutes showing me people within my preferences and then the algorithm was completely wrong once again. I even have spent money on the premium version to increase my chances- this app is pathetic and the customer support is a joke. They basically say there is nothing we can do and that the more you swipe, the better the algorithm becomes and will show you people in your preferences. How can I swipe and increase my odds when not one single person is within my preferences? I’ve used this app for a year and haven’t received one like, one comment or anything and I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with myself or my profile. This is a joke and don’t spend money on this nonsense- it’s a scam and very discouraging. Hope this serves y’all some support.

- Really impressed

I actually work in software development. What impressed me most about the app is after I met someone using the app, it actually predicted who I met and asked me if I met them right before we met. At first I thought it was creepy, was it following my life? Later, I realized it was because I had stopped using the app, and thats where it’s slogan, design to be deleted, kicked in. It knew based on how I was using the app who I had met. And the best thing it did with this knowledge is it stopped sending me updates from new matches. You have no idea how beneficial this is for a young single guy who is sometimes stuck between trying to sleep around and date seriously. With other dating apps I’ve used in the past, I would literally get matches while on the date with my match. Which is the most embarrassing thing, because then it becomes a question of, will I continue to use the app after I have met someone? Is the person I’m seeing going to continue to use it? If so, then how would this turn into something serious? This gets addressed by the app doing simple things, like helping you not use it when it knows you’ve met someone.

- Unrealistically Real

So I’ve never felt inclined to write a review on an app of any sort but for once I think it’s appropriate. I’ve tried dating apps before tinder, bumble etc and never made a real connection with anyone. I gave up at one point and just continued on with life (might I add) content with myself and OK with the idea of being single. I didn’t even make my hinge account one of my really good friends did and she told me I deserve to have someone be a part of my life. I was in fact mad at her for a while. I tried hinge for a little while went on a few dates thought it was a little better than my experience from other apps but wasn’t quiet there. I was never a firm believer in dating apps. I tried a little longer after that (mind you I’m 4 weeks in) and I came across the girl I will marry. She’s my best friend and the person I never get tired of. It’s scary to think she even exists she’s quiet literally my perfect person. We are a year into our relationship, live together & I couldn’t imagine my life without her. All I can say is I’m grateful this isn’t just an app but an experience. Best app I ever deleted.

- Great opportunity, shady practice

I like the app and the function. Met some great women before any and all quality candidates went dry. This lasted for weeks. Then I realized that hinge “helps” by taking quality candidates for me and adds them to the Standouts tab. Sounds great until one realizes that the only way to reach out is to pay. These women never done up in the standard portion of the app. It’s a force pay play. I even played and never heard anything back. If my success rate was 90% until good candidates went dry when my success rate went to 0, it has me wondering if hinge learned what I wanted and then just feeds me non-functioning profiles. I’m telling you, the few times I used the app the first few months, I connected with just about every women I reached out too. Then, I began seeing no one that stood out to me or were over 100 miles away. Then I learned about Standout which had ONLY women who fit my qualities but, hinge charges me to reach out. I paid to play and now I’ve reached out to over a dozen women and not one has replied back. Could be coincidence but 2/3 for free to dry in the free section after I spent time on the app to 0/12 in the paid section with no one of quality in the free section is a stark contrast.

- I’m about to delete the app, but not for the reason it’s supposed to be deleted

Overall, the format and style of the app is much better than other dating apps out there, however I wasn’t getting many matches when I first downloaded it. So I fixed up my profile; chose newer, more flattering pictures of myself, utilized the wide range of prompts available within the app, and extended my match distance. Unfortunately, there were not many matches that came to be anything. I travelled a bit, tried the app in other areas while I was there, looking for a sliver of hope, but alas, nothing came to fruition. I eventually had to relocate for work to a much larger, more populated city than the one I had originally used the app in. I was excited to see if my chances of finding someone who would make me want to delete the app, and hoped those chances would be much greater. After a couple of months of a few promising matches, and fewer conversations, I finally came to the only conclusion possible that is leading me to this review and to me potentially deleting the app: If you’re ugly in one city, you’re probably ugly in all the other ones too.

- Good, but could be better.

A very straight forward dating app. Compared to Bumble, it prompts users to look at a profile more without endlessly liking or disliking pictures. The downside to that is you can’t say anything in your bio and can only submit 3 facts or questionnaires that display on your profile. Overall on a basic level mutually liking each other prompts a conversation and it’s easy to connect with people. There is a big catch to the whole thing, however. For free you are only allowed to like 5 pictures a day - not much. As a straight male truly seeking to date, I opted for the upgrade as I’m sure many other men did for $9.99/month. The problem with this is that you get an unlimited amount of ‘likes’ per day, meaning women get their inbox slammed with ‘likes’. When you get a like, you can initiate the conversation so in a nut shell this is just another app where men flood girls inboxes with likes and the girls choose who to start a conversation with. It’s a total shot in the dark and I hope it improves. Also, from a financial standpoint because the scale is so tipped, women likely don’t have to pay as there is no limited on initiating conversations.

- Good overall, but “Standouts” is an awful feature

At the basic level, the app is well built and functions well and I do really like to approach they take compared to other apps. However, the “Standouts” feature completely ruins the app my taking the most desirable women and putting them behind a paywall, essentially. You have to use a “rose”, which is like a super-like, instead of a normal like for this curated list of potential matches. The fact that you have to pay for additional roses beyond the one you get from time to time isn’t even what bothers me, but it is the obligation to use a rose because it comes off as desperate and cheesy and I’ve NEVER had a match from a rose or super-like. It completely sabotages your chance with a girl to send a rose, so it makes these girls completely off limits. I actually had a girl from my “Standouts” like me organically, so I was able to match her and we had a couple of nice dates before it didn’t work out, but that was the most exciting match with the best potential I’ve had from using this app and it never could have happened from my own initiation. Standouts needs to go, or you at least need the option to send a regular like! Or just get rid of roses!

- The dating app designed to be deleted

Hinge is the worst dating app out there, and here’s why. After you set up your account and start swiping, hinge starts to collect data about the type of person you’re interested in. Once they have a general knowledge of what you’re looking for, anyone who fits that category will be put into “standouts” . In order to interact with anyone in the stand out category you have to have a rose, hinge gives you one free rose a week. Otherwise you can buy roses in packages with the lowest being three roses for almost $10. Most people don’t want to pay. They want to use the free access in the app and just swipe. The problem with that is after the app has gathered data about the people you like you’re no longer going to see people that you’re interested in the free section. Example, I’m a tall woman who likes tall men. I only swiped on guys who were over 6’ tall. Now when I use the app most of the guys that they show me are 5’7” or 5’8”. Supposedly, on occasion some people from your standouts will appear in the regular feed but it’s really rare. The only good thing about Hinge is, in comparison to tinder, hinge tries to promote getting to know someone I having picture prompts and questions, which gives people more personality. However, I’m not spending $10 a day to notify 3 people that I like them.

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- Good app until your banned inexplicably

I was recommended this app and used it and met some great people here on Hinge where it does what many of the other apps try to but fail however there is an unfortunate side affect to that, when you sign up you agree that hinge can ban you without warning or explanation and no appeal process at all regardless of the situation so this means you can literally never break the terms and conditions or expected behaviour but if your reported or hi he suspects information is inaccurate then you can and probably will be banned for life with no explanation given and no chance of appeal. Strongly consider this when joining and remember even if you follow the rules it can still happen to you.

- Really Covid status

That’s really personal it shouldn’t be their use are just trying to get more money out of it and selective people is stupid oh yeah they’re not after you because of your sheer height that’s disgusting behaviour this is appalling please remove this this is not okay why not just class yourself as a number while you’re at it because that’s what we are on our birth certificates so what difference would it make go on ask for this app is not recommend and nor is any others if they ask for your Covid information it’s wrong it should not be priced because what next oh yeah you have Covid or you’ve had the vaccine that’s like black-and-white it’s racist it’s disgusting did you not think of it think about it actually think about it in a way it’s racist and it starts fights it ruins people please remove it as it should not be on any apps let alone in the dating world it’s disgusting not recommended do not download. They’re not honest they don’t take a picture of it they don’t warn you in the update what we are changing or adding or take a picture of it I didn’t like it you should have a prefer not to say option or instead remove it .

- The algorithm works perfectly

Based on the users you send likes to, hinge will figure out exactly the type of person you are looking for. They will then ONLY show you those people under the ‘standouts’ section which requires payment to send any likes. The free ‘discover’ section will be left with nothing but the exact opposite of the type of person you are interested in. I have tested by dropping my location to areas well known for their high density of health conscious, fit and attractive individuals - set the radius to minimum - filtered by one ethnicity at a time, and all I get in my discover feed after endlessly hitting X is nothing but the complete opposite of what I look for in a partner. I’m sure they have wonderful personalities, but looks are important too - no matter what anyone tells you. The way this app is geared to take money for people in search of love and companionship is disgusting. It feels illegal. I never thought I’d say, but you’ll have a better chance using T*nder. And that app is its own cess pit of moral despair.

- Don’t want to be THAT guy, but…

I find it hard to believe that 99% of the women using this app are grossly obese, but after day one of activating a membership all it shows me now is extremely unattractive obese women. Yes everyone is looking for love and good luck to them but seriously how do they work the algorithm in this app - heavily promote all the profiles nobody swipes on? I don’t find a dating app particularly useful if all I do is click the big X in the bottom over and over again in a fruitless attempt to find a single profile I’m remotely attracted to. I see I’m not the only reviewer to complain - there’s something off about the way the app operates. The attractive ones are in the standouts section which - surprise surprise - you have to spend MORE money on top of the already pricey membership and send “roses” instead of simply liking someone. Couple that with notifications that don’t come or arrive hours after you’ve received a message, can’t say that I’m going to continue this membership once it expires.

- Beyond terrible customer service.

The customer service is great. I am being sarcastic. I was banned and I have no idea why. The message when you attempt to log in says you can appeal the reason you were banned and they tell you to state your case. Interesting. Shall I log onto ebay and buy a time machine so I can go back in time and read my profile and also every interaction with anyone i texted? Sounds good but sadly the time machine isn’t an option so how on earth do I know why i was banned in order to “state my case?” Perhaps it was my sarcasm. Moving on, I have contacted them for plus two months and sent six plus emails and I still have no response. Under normal circumstances this type of behaviour would be considered stalking because it’s sad to send that many messages over that time period but I want to know why I was banned because i’m curious like that. My opinion? The customer service is a joke. There is no “service” It’s Completely illogical and arrogant. Hinge, you are welcome.

- Poor customer service…

I’m not usually someone who writes reviews but maybe this poor review will spark your team who after multiple people in your team have now stopped responding to me whilst dealing with the appeal process. I have tried to explain my side of the story and why the phone number should now be accessible to make a profile but you guys just don’t seem to be listening or going through my appeal after months and months of chasing. This lack of communication is not the customer service your team should be promoting when you are trying to sell your application to a potential new customer. As my phone number has been unfairly blocked from the platform and your company is not responding to its appropriate appeal process, I want an appropriate answer as soon as possible as to why you don’t think I can use this application. I wish to have the phone number accessible to make a profile as soon as possible as I’m now being withheld without reason. I have taken your appropriate process and without months of response I feel as if I have the right to make a formal complaint and an explanation as to why I can not have use of the app. Just because the phone number is blocked from a previous number holder? That is totally unfair towards me as a customer especially after I have contacted multiple times to take the correct steps to unblock?

- Eventually Bans you no matter what

Would have been 5 stars but I reached the part where the scam is revealed. Ever seen those profiles on other dating apps where they say they’re there because hinge banned them for no reason? At first I thought it was either a joke or they actually did get banned for a legit reason but as I have discovered, no the app actually does this intentionally after a while. Had been using the app for close to a year, I did not violate anything whatsoever and was always super respectful and met some great people but out of the blue after it had been a bit glitchy for a week I get banned with no explanation whatsoever which is just super poor customer service and shows where their priorities are. Honestly just pathetic that they don’t even give their false reason for banning you so you can’t dispute it properly and they can just ignore your request for appeal and you lose everything. Absolutely feels horrible

- New “Standout” feature extremely frustrating

This is a terribly frustrating feature. Each day you get a refreshed list of ‘standout’ profiles show to you, who the algorithms have selected as good matches for you, but you can only send a ‘rose’ (instead of a like) to one person from this daily updating list, per week, unless you buy more. There is no other way to like or engage with these profiles who have been selected as good matches for you, and the FAQs say that it’s uncommon and not guaranteed these profiles will appear in your feed. This is counterintuitive to the apps “intention” of being “designed to be deleted” Feels much more like it’s “designed to make you feel depressed about the irrelevant profiles shown to you for free while intentionally generating FOMO so that you spend $ at the chance of engaging with potential good matches”

- Started strong, but now just same as tinder

At first it seems better than tinder because you see a lot of high quality profiles with thoughtful/witty comments. But, three weeks in, all I’m seeing is the same old low resolution sunglasses pics and mirror selfies in messy bedrooms. I’ve put a lot of effort into my profile, the pictures and the comments, and I’m getting less connections than I would on tinder or bumble. I receive about 5-10 likes per day, but there are many days when I don’t find anyone I want to like. Three weeks in and I’m getting close to deleting it - hours and hours of effort and it just doesn’t seem to be working. I’m disappointed, I had high hopes for this app.

- Nice change to online dating, found my boyfriend! But some bugs still

Great potential and a refreshing experience of an app. But there are some bugs that need to be ironed out to help grow the user base. My issue is that messages in chats will randomly disappear so it doesn’t really make sense. But they’ll come up in my notifications all fine so I have to go into the notification centre to see what they actually said. Overall, having the conversation starters part of your profile adds a lot more depth to the person. Ultimately, online dating is online dating and Hinge doesn’t solve all the issues with online dating, but I have made stronger connections through Hinge and was lucky to meet my boyfriend through it.

- Enjoyable dating app

I really love using hinge and all of the features make it a really enjoyable experience that lets me swipe on people based off more than just looks. However there are some still some pretty big bugs like super delayed message notifications and disappearing messages. I’ll have someone message back and not get the notification for up to an hour. Other than this I love it and hope it is fixed soon

- They finally broke it

This is the first app review I’ve ever written, but I feel compelled to by the appallingly bad quality of this app. I used it for the first time a few months ago, and found it to be a great alternative to bumble and tinder, and a good way to get back out there after lockdown. I recently downloaded it again, and unfortunately discovered that the developers have decided to brick the app by introducing the new “standouts” feature. This feature basically keeps anyone you might actually find attractive behind a paywall and shows you nothing but obese women with significant mental health issue if you refuse to pay. Using this app makes me concerned for the future of humans as a species, and unless they revert the changes to the algorithm, I would suggest that your time is better spent watching paint dry than using this pathetic excuse for a “matchmaking” app.

- Nice, when/if it works, which it doesn't.

It's a good design, and reasonably well executed. However, it seems to remove someone from the pool/stack without notice and with no recourse to return. I became busy with work for two weeks, and learned upon my return to the app that it thought I'd seen everyone that met my specifications--a status that has not changed despite my attempts to reset, broaden them, etc. Even if this were true at one point, it's hard to believe that no women aged 18-65 joined the app within a 100km radius of Sydney (Australia) in the past 3 months. Prior bug fixes have not resolved this. There is no clear way to seek assistance regarding the matter. Result: the slogan "designed to be deleted" is taking on a different, and less favorable, meaning.

- Met my fiancé on the app

Overall a great experience. The app let’s you learn a bit more about people with these small “conversation starter” text boxes on their profiles without overloading you with text. You can even upload videos! I have chosen this app because the crowd on it is less hook-up-y than Tinder and I was looking for something serious. I had around 30-40 first dates on the app which were all decent and then deleted it after getting serious with one guy. We are now engaged! Would definitely recommend.

- Terrible algorithm

In the first few hours you’ll get some nice looking people, some average and some not so great. A nice mix. But after 24 hours the algorithm will decide if you’re ‘hot’ it it or ‘not’. And if you’re ‘not’, you will be shown almost exclusively terrible profiles. I have to swipe left on 99% of people on hinge. It’s obvious this happens because sometimes you’ll be shown a ridiculously attractive person and it’ll say “just joined”. Meaning the algorithm doesn’t yet know that person is too attractive to be shown to you; a person deemed unattractive by the algorithm. It’s worth noting that I’m a decent looking guy from Sydney who’s got his life and his profile together. Yet the algorithm just decides I’m not worth being shown anyone or being shown to anyone of substance.

- Refreshing Success

I went on dozens of dates with tinder & bumble but didn’t find the right chemistry with any matches. Then I downloaded Hinge & the very first date I went on we have been madly in love ever since that first date a few months ago. We felt so strongly about our chemistry & connection that we both deleted the apps right after our first date. I know your slogan says “Designed to be deleted” but wow! We both couldn’t believe how incredibly perfectly we were matched & our love only continues to grow.

- Virus restrictions have eased in Australia

Hi, I am enjoying the Hinge app, thank you guys for all your hard work. One thing I would like to mention is regarding the coronavirus restrictions in Queensland Australia (and I believe the rest of Australia as well). Restrictions have eased for a while now, and we are able to meet each other and join groups of up to 20 people, and this rule is also easing again on 1 July. So just in regards to your ‘date from home’ ruling in-app, this is not actually the case in Queensland or Australia any more, and it would be appreciated if you lifted this restriction off your app, so there is no problem in meeting matches off the app. Thanking you kindly for your help:) Thank you 🙏

- Paid membership needs work!

Hey Hinge Team, the app had potential when it first came out but now you’re restricting likes, which I thought would be fixed by paying for “preferred membership”. I thought fair enough your team needs to make an income. However now, because of that restriction being put in place, that means less people are able to see my profile and approach me, (even though I paid to be seen more often). May I also suggest we alter the algorithm of seeing the same people again and again (sometimes 3 times in a week). I haven’t changed my mind and now I’m wasting a paid membership on seeing the SAME guys I wasn’t interested in the first place, again. Hopefully the app can regain its original spark, here to have my faith restored guys👍

- Banned without any kind of process

I was on hinge for maybe a year. Never had any issues with anyone, and tend to stay friends with women I date. One day I was surprised to find I’d been banned. A few weeks ago I went on the app, and it said there was now an appeals process. So I write to a hinge to say I’d been banned, didn’t know why, perhaps it was because I didn’t speak to everyone I matched with? If they could at least explain why I was banned I’d appreciate it, as I think it was an error. No response. This app is dubious. It seems they want to make people comfortable and safe, which is good, but they did so by cutting corners on the banning process. People can get banned for no reason, which is not great!

- Standouts feature frustrating

I previously found hinge to be the best dating app, however the new standouts feature - where your best matches are gated away and you have to pay $$ to send each one a ‘rose’ - depletes the quality of the main feed where you can send free likes to such an extent that I have cancelled my membership and returned to bumble et al. It is depressing to see quality potential matches on this tab and not be able to contact them. I suggest Hinge remove this feature from the app before their user base seriously depletes. I would return to my subscription if I could contact the standouts as part of my membership.

- Cancel hinge - double standards

I have tested a theory I read online that hinge has double standards for male and female accounts and can verify now, it is true. Hinge allows female accounts different permissions to male accounts, please consider if you want to download an application with serious abusive admins & internal terms and conditions are disgusting to treat male and female accounts differently. To hinge: your abusive treatment of users on your platform and completely unacceptable life banning policy when I am impeccably polite and kind to every living being is disgusting, rude and WRONG. Nobody reads terms & conditions and banning users with no appeal process for simple mistakes or misunderstandings is *disgusting*. Your head company not be in business with this kind of practice.


This app is racist & sexist The slogan should be “designed to be banned” Every person I know using this app male or female has been banned! Including myself No explanation why, no way of appealing it, just boom gone… Look I’m a cutie. I was getting matches left right & centre but people on here have the personality of wet bread. That’s not the issue though. The issue is the apps poorly structured security system. My account got banned, with no explication why & no way of appealing it.. I had a great connection with a person on hinge & now I’ll never get the chance to meet them. Now I’m not saying I’m an angel.. I can be cheeky at times but ive done nothing to be banned.. & I’m also black so I’m getting some racist vibes from this app

- Worst ban process of any app I’ve ever seen

One day out of the blue my account was suddenly banned. Funnily enough, I hadn’t even been using hinge for a little bit because I was really busy irl. Haven’t changed my profile since I set it up over a year ago, either. So why was I banned? Oh, wait… They don’t even tell you. And you have one so-called “appeal” which is clearly just a lie so they can pretend they have an appeals process. For one – how could somebody possibly submit a worthwhile appeal when they don’t even know what they were banned for? And, secondly, they don’t actually respond anyway. Bad company with a fake appeals process and nonexistent customer service. 1 star is 1 star too many.

- Hinge’s new, manipulative way forward...

Hinge has graduated; with their new feature Standouts, Hinge's calculated greed is now in full view. Let me explain... Once upon a time, Hinge had a pool of possible matches you could Discover. Become a Preferred member and you could sort through those users more quickly with improved preferences (religion, education etc). But Standouts represents a different approach. Based on your likes and preferences, Hinge section off the people "most your type" and puts them in an entirely different category. Unlike the Discover category, you can't 'like' people in the Standouts category, you can only send them virtual Roses - at roughly $6 each. So, let's refresh; 1) They learn who and what you like. 2) They use those learnings against you to lock off the most appealing profiles. 3) They charge you for every interaction with these special profiles. 4) Profit! It's a greedy, calculated move. Hinge's cute "designed to be deleted" facade has fallen away, revealing their new-found enthusiasm for manipulative, dark patterns.

- People with obesity only

Dear Hinge support team. Please look at the reddit people’s posts, I’m not alone. Something’s wrong whith your algorithm. It shows me 90% of time people with obesity , disabled people and the ones who you’ll never meet on the street. I’m in Sydney , I’ve checked my mate’s phone and founded that he doesn’t have that problem. I’ve tried to play around with all options in my profile but it hasn’t fixed the problem. Check the reddit - there’s a lot of people who ask about that and they still haven’t heard anything from your team . I didn’t want to give you one star but for now this app is just useless to a huge bunch of people. Fix it plz. Cheers

- “Standout” feature is money grabbing

At least apps like tinder don’t go around pretending they’re more than they are - unlike hinge. It claims to be the app “designed to be deleted” except they are purposely with holding matches that are “standouts” these highly ‘desirable’ we’ll call them people are only available to match with if you have a rose and you only get one rose every so often, the rest you have to pay for. What’s worse is these “standouts” are removed from your general feed, purposely forcing you to spend money. So tell me, why would I stay on this app when at least all I have to endure with tinder is ads?

- Disgusting app

Deeply disgusted by this app. I downloaded it and set up my profile then deleted it shortly due to some personal reasons. Then I reinstalled it a couple of days later. Hinge sent a warning to my matches saying I was removed due to potential "fraudulent" behaviour. This is absolutely ridiculous and defamatory! 🤬I raised a ticket with Hinge's Support and explained what happened and asked them to rectify their defamation. But they were too coward to give me a response. So that's Hinge.😕 They silently ban you as they please and don't even have the gut to tell you and they defame you and spread the defamatory remarks to your matches to discredit you. It hurts a girl's reputation immensely. It's a disgusting racist and sexist app. 👎👎👎👎👎👎

- As bad as eharmony

I’m a genuinely in shape, decent looking bloke who downloaded this app in good faith from recommendations from my lady friends. Unfortunately I have to swipe NO on 98% of the females on this app. I’m definitely not vain in any sense, but after two weeks I’m having the fattest, ugliest, most desperate girls filling my swipe feed. Genuinely, it makes me feel like a terrible human seeing the state of these people. I feel like I’m swiping on livestock after a good swipe sesh. It’s debilitating to the point where it’s actually depressing swiping through so many people who aren’t a good fit as a match. Hinge needs to place some sort of algorithm in (similar to tinder) that matches you with people based on popularity. It’s a good concept, but how can you advertise a dating app (most of which focus on material factors) but have such a horrendous user experience for people who aren’t so hard on the eyes. As a single guy I’d recommend tinder, bumble and even plenty of fish as a better dating app before this mess

- You will be banned for no reason

Don’t use hinge, you can easily report anyone and get them banned for any reason as there is no formal process in hinge, it’s completely broken. I used hinge for barely a few days, a girl was interested in me and I informed her I was not looking for a relationship, every exchange we had was related to our love and compassion for animals whereby there was nothing possibly in violation. After informing her I was not looking for a relationship she blocked me on everything, then false reported me. Hinge has no fair process to filter out reports, they take anything at face value, thereby making false accusations ok when in fact they belittle the real victims in real situations.

- Absolutely pathetic experience.

I barely used hinge but started a few months back to meet new people. I try to log in a few days ago and my account has been cancelled. I’ve gone back to read the terms and conditions and in no way have I done anything wrong at all, no abuse, no false pictures, no selling anything. Nothing at all that warrants a cancellation. I email (you get one shot for redemption. If they say no, you can never join again) They said no. They wouldn’t give me a reason why, they didn’t say which rules I broke (none) Once banned you can never re join with the same number email address or anything. Absolutely pathetic customer service and absolutely pathetic experience when I’ve done absolutely Nothing wrong. They will go on to say “you must have” But.. I did not. I was speaking to literally one person and the conversation was very basic.. where are you from, what do you do etc... banned for life without question.

- Money grubbing

Hinge used to be good. But now they hold back sooo many matches in order to get you to spend money. I finally cracked and paid for the app, and guess what? Suddenly I was running out of people to swipe on every day. I know there isn’t only 20 people around me, I had 8000 matches on Tinder. Even when paying you still don’t get the full experience, so what’s the point. Everyone is burnt out and broken because of money grubbing apps like this. They don’t actually want you meeting anybody, just cycling endlessly through their app until the end of the time. Shame on you guys, hope you’re enjoying your dirty money!

- Better than other apps

I just started using Hinge and am finding it so much better than tinder and bumble. I find other apps way too time consuming I don’t mind that you only get 5 matches a day because I don’t want to waste my time endlessly swiping, it’s great that you can really filter out what you’re looking for and there seems to be a lot more interesting people on here. Still see lots of the same people from tinder but it’s a different vibe and worth a try!

- Fake profiles galore

This app is mostly a waste of time and money (if you upgrade). Firstly, there’s a disproportionate amount of very attractive female profiles and then when you match with them they’ll send one message and that’s all. They’re either bots or Hinge employees that are paid to create false hope for the user so that they stay subscribed to the app. I’ve met a few real people on it but most of the profiles are fake. I even found a profile of a friend of mine who I know doesn’t even use Hinge so that’s one 100% certified fake! Don’t waste your time on this app.

- Slightly better than tinder. Not worth your time.

Unpaid: terrible experience, almost no matches, pretty sure hardly anyone sees my profile. Yes I’m a guy, like 90% of users. The whole “we want you to pair up so you can delete this app” mantra only applies to women because most of us gents will only find misery here. Paid: made me hopeful at first with the extra matches. Many were bot accounts. Surprisingly… when I didn’t have premium, I’d see so many more obese and unsightly looking girls. But with premium they’re almost non existent. Still hardly any matches but at least I could swipe more. TL;DR I wasted around $150 AUD and plenty of time on premium hinge, boosts- which never, ever yielded a single match, and fixing my profile. Female friends of mine said it looked good. Hardly any female users on this app even saw it. Don’t be like me, don’t waste your time. Dating apps are evil money grubbing tools used by soulless corporations. Success stories are outliers. Like winning the lottery.

- designed to be deleted due to chat bugs

Have had the app fail to send a message or send a message 2-3 times, or have someone else do the same thing to me. At the core of this app is messaging and it fails at this basic use case as you cannot see if a message is delivered or even if you can trust that is message has been sent, also the duplicate of last message when it surfaces a helpful popup which causes people to inadvertently spam you with the same message or you to someone else.

- Will ban you for no reason

I really enjoyed this app for the short time I had it until I got banned with no warning for absolutely no reason, I read the terms of service several times and could not find a single thing I had done wrong, and you only get one chance to appeal which never actually changes the outcome then you are banned for life. It has happened to me and when I spoke about it on my instagram dozens of people came forward saying hinge had also banned them for no reason. Don’t waste your time just use bumble.

- Shouldn’t bringe politics into your app

I don’t appreciate logging onto the Hinge app and being stopped in my tracks to be told I need to take a moment to think about the BLM movement. People are being killed and animals tortured during these riots, and you are inadvertently supporting the cause. In the name of what? Justice? Do not try and tell me what to think or urge me to visit the BLM website. You are segregating race and even GENDER within that message, you’re supporting the defunding of police that for the most part protect the people. You do not get to hinder mine, OR ANYONES free speech. I couldn’t even find a way to contact you directly, but you’re able to tell me how I must behave and what I must think? I strongly urge anyone considering getting this app, to not waste their time. It has a terrible layout and you can barely do anything without paying a subscription. Hinge should be ashamed that they would use a mans death to virtue signal and gain more account holders. I don’t like cancel culture, but I hope you go broke. 🤙🏼

- Best tool

I have tried quite a few sites and this is my first review. I like that there’s enough decent guys on here but also I really like the idea of liking and inviting to chat!! Well done! This tools helps to have a good look at the person’ profile, have enough time to think about what you like then kinda helps for a quicker connection. I look forward to meeting my match on here.

- Worst dating app ever

When I started I was seeing a lot of high profile and good quality profile but now I only be low quality profile and all of the using heavy filter. Also spam me with a girl that said “you and this person is a perfect match” and I when to look same low quality profile and pretty much I haven’t like any profile for weeks. And I was going to pay for the subscription but it isn’t worth my money if I keep seeing low quality profile and I try changing my photo and my profile but not thing works. So I’m going back on bumble and tinder. Very disappointed

- Useless app that does not work

I downloaded hinge after reading so many rave reviews on it and only to be very disappointed. I had to get verified only for nothing to happen. Then they have the cheek to say pause your profile because I am not being active enough. How can I be active when there is no activity coming from your app from anyone apart from you nagging me repeatedly to verify my account. Just another extremely overhyped subscription based app trying to pretend to be something special when it is clearly not. The only reason your app is designed to be deleted is due to frustration from its users at how useless it is.

- It’s good except for the Standouts Rose Money Racket

To ask members who have already subscribed to pay additional fees to send a rose is a complete rip off. The standouts seem like great matches but if you have already signed up for a subscription why should you have to pay more to interact with these profiles who conveniently appear to be better matches . Ps sending a Rose is also a bit cringy. A plain old like would suffice, but you can’t get even interact with these profiles unless you pay extra.

- Puts tinder to shame

I’ve already had more dates and genuine conversations with amazing people in one week that I have with Tinder in entire year! The added information adds more depth of conversation starters and I think the algorithm suggests people you actually have stuff in common with. I just really wish they would fix the common bug about never getting notifications (and yes it’s enabled in settings)

- Good when it works — but needs to be updated

2 weeks in and I’m enjoying myself, the people are better on here than on tinder. I really want this app to work out, but there are a few things that need addressing: There is the messaging, the text-box doesn’t accomodate what you’re typing beyond a certain point, so you can’t even read what your saying, and sometimes messages don’t come through. But there’s a bigger issue: I matched with a cool guy, and got a notification of his message, but nothing had come through on the app, which is frustrating, because I can’t message him yet, since the app is acting like we haven’t matched. I really hope that the support team can help me with this issue, and prevent it from happening to others

- Standout Bummer

I’ve used Hinge on and off for years and generally like it but their new Standout feature is a total rip off. The app is siphoning off most of the best matches and forcing you to use their “rose” system which you get one of a week — or you can “buy more”. These matches rarely show up in your regular feed and are therefor hard to match with — unless you want to shell out lots of money. I think this is a rip off and a total bummer. Hinge used to be a really friendly and down to earth approachable app but it feels greedy to do this.

- Waste of time

Signed up for this a couple months back after someone recommended it. Paid for premium yesterday because you are restricted with what you can do. Found out this morning that my account has been removed for “violating the terms”. Barely had anything on my profile and definitely didn’t have anything on there that violates their terms of service. Seems a bit suss that they took payment then removed my account. Honestly, might just stick to tinder - haven’t had any issues with them and the people on hinge are found on tinder anyway.

- Biggest waste of time

This app use to be reputable compared to tinder.. now they have reduced the amount of swipes you can have until you have to pay to apparently gain new/more matches. I was banned from tinder for no reason and the same for hinge.. created a new account under a new email and it’s a complete waste of time. There’s literally no other way to meet single people.. bumble is a piece of sh#t, cause you have to rely on the girl to reply (who’s dumb idea was that). It’s really hard to meet single people organically in the real world.. literally the only way now is randomly messaging girls on Insta 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

- Used to be better

I quite like hinge over other dating apps but since they’ve changed the layout and now they save the “most preferred” matches you’d rather click on for the standouts section, you can’t just give them a like. You have to give them a rose which of course is where the money grab comes in. I liked it better when it was just a like or cross. Plus giving someone a rose is apparently a “compliment” but I wonder if it’s a little too insistent... 🤔

- Please fix spell check!!!!

Hinge is a great app and works as it should. But since messaging is a key component to your platform, the spell check is so bad and often misspells words to a point where I have no idea how the algo even chose that word? Or maybe spell check doesn’t even exist and I’m a terrible typer. But I know I don’t have the issue in other iOS apps. Please fix it. Also I often get double (cloned) messages from people or from me to them, also not great for the UI…

- Shadow Banned

I’ve redownloaded this app again recently and usually on starting up again you get a few likes and maybe a match or two in the first few days. This time- literally nothing. No interaction at all and it’s now been 8 days. I’ve never had this experience before and it’s clearly an app issue/glitch where my profile does not show on the discover or even if I’ve sent a like. I saw a friends profile and liked it. I asked them and on their end they got no like at all from me. As if dating isn’t already difficult enough.

- Disappointing Rubbish

This seemed to be innovative to start with but it’s clearly set up to scam money out of punters. Aiming to delete the app sounds novel but the reality is that that’s what every dating site has as its basis: finding someone so that you can leave the site. The major problem is that users have no control over the entirety of search settings. Users should NOT have to pay a large amount of money to make common selections like Height, Drinking, Smoking etc, etc, etc. That’s just BS in a BS app. Go back to the drawing board and create something that is user-driven, not money-grubbing,.

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- Better than all other dating apps!

Thankful for this app as I got to meet my bf through it 😊 we matched in lots of different areas! The quality and aesthetics of this app is definitely better than all other dating apps. Recommend!

- Are you kidding me?!

It was a fantastic app, at least until the recent upgrade makes you pay to see the people who match with you. What’s the point of having a dating app if you have to pay to connect with people? 🙄 I definitely don’t recommend this app.

- The app works as well as you do

After 8 yr of online dating I finally got serious. I worked on my profile- meaningful prompts, diverse photos. I selected men who showed the same level of commitment to their profile. I didn’t pay a cent and I still got matches from great men in my area. For the first time I felt like I was getting what I wanted - because this time I was doing the work. I had the mindset. Men who were serious were messaging me. Not just lame losers who liked that I’m a size 3 with DD. Because, oh ya, I stopped posting bikini pic and instead posted my grad photo, and shots with my dog, and on hikes without makeup. Photos that showed I’m a real relatable person. I’m engaged now to a total hottie with a great career. We spent 2020 falling in love and having a blast despite the pandemic. Hinge worked because I worked too. Stop complaining that you aren’t getting matches or you match to people you don’t want - it’s not the app, it’s you.

- It was a great app and then it hid my likes behind a paywall

Jesus, okay. So I really liked this app. Today it locked all my likes behind a paywall. I can’t even see the people who responded to my profile anymore even though I could see them yesterday. I get having neat features for subscribers, I don’t get this. Actually really disappointed and the truth is the app is pretty good otherwise and I’d consider it, except nobody who doesn’t pay is going to stick with it, and considering how many small features like reversing an X you hit in error on someone who liked you and being able to go back when you’re swiping to previous people, I doubt that many people will for basic functionality. Devs: You have a great app here, but locking the people who like us behind a paywall so we can’t even see them? That was a terrible design choice. You just cut our potential matches by like 90%. I hope you fix it, if you do I’ll probably try it again someday.

- Met my soulmate. Deleted the app!!

Would never have met the love of my life if not for this app!!

- Banned account with no rhyme or reason

Utterly disappointed in Hinge. Account was banned for absolutely no credible reason. I’ve read the terms and conditions as well as the community standards. Good luck trying to get any support. They have zero customer service.

- bugs, dropped matches

Brutal bugs. Had every girl that liked me that I responded to disappear. You can’t close the app and come back to a person later to decide either, it seems to make them disappear too. And the same problem with the x as others, way too easy to hit. Seriously rookie UI from an app that’s been around a while and likes to think it competes with the other dating apps.

- App sucks & confusing

After 3-4 likes you have to pay or wait I don’t know how long. Very confusing. Requires too much work.

- Banned for no reason?

Downloaded the app a while ago for a week, then deleted, tried redownloading and turns out I’m banned? For...?

- Banned for no reason less than an hour after downloading.

I downloaded hinge for less than an hour and was banned while looking which of my photos to add. I hadn’t even matched with and messaged anyone and I was kicked out. My pictures are innocent selfies. While looking to find a solution on reddit I found that people just report others at random for the most minor conceived slight. It’s a ‘report before you get reported mentality’ Hinge doesn’t care who they’re banning and people don’t need to have real proof of violations. I can never make another account.

- Login issues

Have been facing login issues (both fb login and ph login) for past few weeks now. No reply from support. Seems like a lot of people have been facing login issues. Tried downloading the app again, removing all data - still the login just doesn’t work. Stopped working suddenly.

- My experience

I’m left very confused as to why I was banned after having this app for about a week and doing nothing but have normal conversations with people.


I had the app for 2 days and was banned. Due to their terms and conditions they cannot tell you the reason. Anyone can report you for ANY REASON, then boom you’re blocked and you cannot get a refund. Its Robbery!

- Hinge -> Cringe

This app should be renamed « Cringe ». It keeps showing me profiles that I’m absolutely not attracted to in the free « Discovery » tab, while showing me profiles I’m actually interested in in the paid/premium « Standout » tab, like the algorithm was built to push you to buy roses/ credits to be able to match with someone you like. If not, you can keep swiping left on the Discovery profiles for hours…

- Randomly banned

I had the app for less than 12 hours, and my account was permanently banned. I had two matches and spoken to one guy who I knew personally. There was nothing inappropriate said or done. All rules were followed and respected, yet they, without warning or explanation, banned my account.

- Banned

I got banned for no obvious reason, i emailed them and their response was the decisions are final.. terrible communication, what i didn't like specifically is that they didn't even look further into it.

- Deletion

This app removed me for saying that I had “Violated terms” when I have been a paid customer since the app came out. I have gone on dates from the app and I have NEVER had an issue with anyone I have met.

- You have to pay to use - don’t bother

If I would have known I had to pay to use this app i wouldn’t have downloaded it. Don’t bother, there are other apps you can use without a fee

- New changes awful

Used to be very good. I guess the owners needed new cars, now everything requires cash. Can’t even edit my own profile. Real shame. Bye.


It’s easy to get catfished and banned on Hinge. Fake profiles, horrible customer support-one of the worst on dating Apps. They pay for wonderful fake reviews. Found profiles are involved in underage activity. Profiles that from escorts. Site has profiles from right wing racists n homophobic individuals.

- Not enough free stuff

The free version is too limited

- What?!

I created an account, paid the monthly subscription pf 40$ and without doing anything i got banned for some reason 3 days later and they are not giving a refund... i asked them why and everyone is giving me a copy paste of you violated the terms that it thats all no actual reason...

- Roses aren't red

I loved this app -it was my favourite- until they started hiding people they know I would like from me and only showing them among my "Standouts", which I can't contact more than once a week unless I pay for roses. They claim the cost of 4$/rose encourages scarcity and reflects deep intention to the receiver, but those 4$ cost way more to a struggling lower class person than they do to a rich upper class person. Isn't one point of internet dating to make people accessible to each other no matter the socioeconomic status? I would rather watch an ad after each person I come across than to have to date only from the part of the Hinge population that is less attractive to me.

- meh

This app is average. Nothing great, nothing terrible. Matches are not very likely. Only about top 20% (decent looking but not hot) are worth pursuing, but, they hardly like you back. I do appreciate those prompts, to promote conversation, BUT, I wish the average non-paying user (which is probably a majority) would be given more free likes for the day. Otherwise, their likes go to the top 20% decent people, and the average people barely get any matches. Also, I wish you could be more specific in the search for bi-racial people. For example, if I’m trying to match with a cute half asian half Italian man, it would be nice to have that search option. Otherwise, the app is not bad because the conversations are thoughtful, BUT, it’s nothing exciting either because the matching probability is very, very, low for the average user. Even if I’m a paid member, this doesn’t increase the chances because the average non paying user is very limited.

- Algorithme or quality members prob?

Is it my algorithme that only display this kind of profile or are all your users overweight? Thought the concept was interesting but tinder brings better users.

- Dangerous

Never have I ever thought other dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or even POF were dangerous. It seems like predatory men flock to this app. I went on a date with a man who didn't look anything like his pictures and then proceeded to stalk me for months afterwards, and this wasn't an isolated incident using Hinge as it happened again before I finally deleted the app (yes, Hinge was notified on both occasions and I never received a follow up) If we're talking about technicalities, the radius is a circle and not linear. Meaning if you live near the border of a country you are going to have to sift through people who aren't in the same country as you but within the same radius. I've never written a review for anything but if at least one lady sees this and chooses another dating app then the hassle of using this awful app was worth it. Stay safe out there ladies and choose any dating app BUT Hinge.

- Why is height only in cm now

Most recent update changed height from feet and inches to cm. Not sure if this is specific to countries that use the metric system or everyone. Please either change it back to height and feet or let us pick between the two. Not a single person I know refers to height in cm so I no longer have any concept of people’s height with everything in cm

- Do not download this insult

Do not download as this app can stop working anytime without warning with no cause rhyme or reason given. No customer service and rather an insult to the same.

- @ Hinge user

They banning for no reason and they don’t return money back and their appeal is only formal copy and paste. Women are bitter and middle aged, a lot of shadow and old profiles. Don’t waste your time and money… Thx

- Limitations

Non subscribers have so much limitations, ridiculous.

- More Likes

It would be better if you allowed more likes per day. Too small of a daily limit.

- SCAMM!!!!!! Read reviews before you start

I will start off with hinge has a good app but the quality of their customer service is poor. I do believe most of these good reviews are fake bc their is no way they are a 4.3 star. I downloaded hinge and they make you pay or they won’t show your profile to anyone. After paying their over priced fee I thought I’d try it out. With in a week I was banned for no credible reason. I’ve never been harsh on the app or had any bad pictures. When you email them they won’t even look into it they will just say sorry we can’t help you with no refund, when you message back they will ghost you like a toxic ex. There customer service is non existent. My friend had the similar experience except she only had it for a couple hours with no matches and they banned her account for no reason and gave no explanation of why they did so. Even if you just delete your account they get upset by that and ban you for life. After doing some research and digging ive notice this is a common issue amongst app users. All it takes is someone you know or even don’t know to report you as a catfish and you will be banned with out investigation and with out question. It’s a report before getting reported culture. It’s so sad to see a nice quality dating app be ruined by their lack of customer service and transparency with their customers. All they want is your money once they have that your expendable.

- garbage algorithm

absolute crap if you're lgbt, it will show you/show you to people completely outside of your attraction. i'm a gay guy, why is it showing me (to) straight men?? this app NEEDS a "show me to people looking for" option, and one that actually works. aside from that, it's stupid to have to rely on uninteresting prompts without having an actual bio section

- Stopped working after the latest update

The update from yesterday made this app totally useless. It won’t get past the splash screen. Reinstalling doesn’t help. How does something like this get released?

- Scammers Beware…

There seems to be quite the increased number of scammer profiles… This app used to be good, till the scammers ended up ruining it for everyone. Common trait is that they all seem to be “crypto” traders.

- Banded for no reason

I have no idea why I was banned. Like other banned for no reason. I definitely didn’t violate there terms of service.

- No Options for Asexual Dating

As a heteroromantic asexual, I’d like to be able to find other asexuals who may be heteroromantic. Gen pop is usually not okay with dating an asexual and a significant number of messages are from people too lazy to Google what asexual means so I get a bunch of people asking why I’m here if I’m asexual. It’s not the most fun wading through that and I wish there was a filter to find other asexuals so we could have a real chance at actually dating instead of explaining our asexuality to people over and over again and having them not understand or try to tell you you’re wrong about who you are… It feels kind of hopeless and makes me sad :/ This app could be good if it started being more inclusive of different orientations, please. Thanks for listening!

- Banned?

Can’t believe how many reviews talk about being banned for no reason. Same happened to me. Customer service is crap and no help

- Upgrades are a scam

Do not pay to upgrade to a preferred member. The only thing it does is let you put more preferences. You don’t get more likes and you have to pay even more for boosts or any other feature. Complete waste of money especially given they are asking for alot of money for next to nothing in terms of actual upgrades. I feel so scammed out of my money.

- Motto is real

It’s like a butcher shop in this app. I’ve checked a lot if my preferences wrong or something but I was seeing girls(how they identify) over 200 pounds. Yeah they’re right. This app meant to be deleted

- Ignoring Preferences

Not sure why the preferences are even there if the app is just going to continuously ignore them. The biggest one being distance; I keep seeing people minimum 6 hours away.

- Discriminatory app

Got banned for literally no reason and they won’t tell you why or for what reason and their appeal process is a complete waste of time and so basically if you get banned for no reason you’re also banned for life...

- They entice you with fake profiles

Before you finish your profile with as much information as they’d like you can’t like anyone. During this period they try to entice you with fake profiles of attractive women. As soon as you complete your profile you get the actual pool of profiles and none of these women that you saw beforehand ever show up.

- Loyal user disappointed

I have been a user of dating apps and dating websites for over seven years now and I wanted to give my feedback on something I have noticed recently. The profiles that are shown to me in the Standout tab are people that I am interested in talking to and would likely get along well with. The profiles that I see on the main Hinge tab I very rarely connect with. I have also noticed that I never see the Standout profiles on the main hinge tab, even though these members are all part of the same pool of hinge users. I am very frustrated with this because the only way I can match with multiple people that I find in Standout is by paying money for roses, and I am very disappointed in the amount being charged for them. It is highway robbery to charge somebody $4.66 for a single rose and the chance to say a few words to somebody who may not even respond. With the number of people I have messaged on dating apps over the years, if I had been charged a fee to connect with them in the first place, I would have thousands of dollars of debt - and I haven’t even found my person yet. This fee is absolutely unacceptable. I feel taken advantage of by Hinge. I highly recommend that the cost of a rose be less than a dollar so that you aren’t excluding people of lower income brackets. This feels like a lawsuit in the making. Of all the dating apps, I did like Hinge the best, but I am definitely rethinking that because of this particularly disappointing issue. Please be better, Hinge, and be a company that helps everybody without discrimination.

- I got banned for no legitimate reason

And it’s funny, I matched with a girl on Tinder that got banned from Hinge for no reason as well.

- Banned after buying?!

I purchased a 3-month subscription and was banned for no apparent reason. I can’t get refunded, and the customer support won’t state what part of the Terms and Conditions I’ve (allegedly) violated. Fun to try, not to buy.

- Religion options

Would it be possible to add a Sikh option under religion? Otherwise great app

- oh i deleted it alright...

...because i got banned for no reason. and they won't tell you why/how you violated any terms or policies. what a poor excuse for a platform. if i could give it zero stars i would.

- Banned with no explanation and other issues

Recently I was banned from hinge for having apparently violated the terms of service. Now the part that’s weird is that I know for a fact I did nothing wrong. The pictures I used were all appropriate and mine, the comments in my profile were also I guess what you could call normal (re: travel, experiences, etc). I also know for a fact that non of my conversations were rude/offensive. I would always see where the conversation was going and would never assume something based off her profile. When I would talk with someone I’d always “get a feel” for what we were chatting about. For instance if it was roast for roast” or something similar. Hinge shouldn’t just ban people outright for perhaps making mistakes on the app, especially if that person is unaware of said mistake. Id highly recommend avoiding this app until such a time that the above mentioned feature is included. Otherwise how’s can people who are actually looking for relationship do that let alone improve themselves if issues arise. Furthermore Hinge needs to do a better job of having a working customer service. From what I’ve gathered it is a “one and done” approach whereby nothing is explained and email responses are cut and paste. This is frustrating especially when trying to explain the other side of a supposed argument/ban. On a side note, my original subscription was $26.49 but then when a friend created his account his subscription was $52.99 for the exact same service. What’s going on here?

- Scam...

It was a fine app, but somehow I got banned and there’s no appeal system. I did NOTHING offensive and even the one girl I’ve gone on a date with I’m still in contact with. And yes I even bought a subscription. Just use this app free you’ll get banned with no word, not worth your hard earned $ ima just sign up free again and try to clap some quarantine cheeks... f$&@ you hinge

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Hinge: Dating & Relationships 9.10.0 Screenshots & Images

Hinge: Dating & Relationships iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Hinge: Dating & Relationships iphone images
Hinge: Dating & Relationships iphone images
Hinge: Dating & Relationships iphone images
Hinge: Dating & Relationships iphone images
Hinge: Dating & Relationships iphone images
Hinge: Dating & Relationships iphone images
Hinge: Dating & Relationships iphone images
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Hinge: Dating & Relationships (Version 9.10.0) Install & Download

The applications Hinge: Dating & Relationships was published in the category Lifestyle on 2013-02-06 and was developed by Hinge, Inc. [Developer ID: 595287175]. This application file size is 76.54 MB. Hinge: Dating & Relationships - Lifestyle app posted on 2022-11-08 current version is 9.10.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: co.hinge.mobile.ios