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Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? Now convert animations to movie files for use almost everywhere!

** Now supports Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Comments, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Kik ... --anywhere that will allow you to post videos from your camera roll. **

Emoticons? Emoji?

These are fully animated stick figure text scenes better than any emojis or emoticons. Awesome stick art for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!
Bring your Text Messages and E-Mail to Life!

All original fully animated stick figure masterpieces made to add life to your e-mails and texts.
Fun, clever and thought provoking.
If you think emoticons or emojis are cool, you haven’t seen anything yet.
If you think emoticons or emojis are lame, you are going to love Stick Texting.
--- Free updates with new animations ----
--- Simply dynamic ----
You will love sending and receiving animated Stick Figure Texts.  Simply tap to preview and copy any of the several animations and launch text or e-mail application right from Stick Texting App.  Double tap your message to paste into any text or e-mail.
Each animation can be seen on any phone or computer that can view .gif images.  Stick Texting works with any iOS application that can send .gif files.
These are high-quality detailed animations.  Some contain as many as 100 frames.  Not some lame smiley clapping or frowning.  Not your typical emoji or emoticon.  These are highly trained stick actors and stick stuntmen!
---- Check us out on YouTube and at ----
Stick Texts use machine guns, bazookas, they slam dunk basketballs, attempt motorcycle jumps, bust out karate moves, spontaneously combust, stab each other with forks and much, much more!
Don’t be the last one to take your texts to the next level!  Nothing else even comes close.
This is Mojo for your iPhone! 
Text Like a Boss.

***** Despite the warning by Apple regarding installing third-party keyboards, we DO NOT gain access to any private information and we DO NOT monitor your keystrokes. You can read our privacy policy at You can also use Stick Texting without using the keyboard option if you prefer.

***If you are 17 years old or older, please also CHECK OUT Stick Texting - The College Series, an edgy version of Stick Texting **

***For an all positive message experience, Check Out our LOVIN' LIFE SERIES *****

Stick Texting Emoji Killer App Description & Overview

The applications Stick Texting Emoji Killer was published in the category Utilities on 2012-08-08 and was developed by Mitchell Robiner. The file size is 89.15 MB. The current version is 1.13 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes.

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Stick Texting Emoji Killer Reviews


False Advertising  GenesisFloydParsons  1 star

Does not do what it purports to do. Does not jump out and kill emojis like the video shows. Thanks for STEALING my money.

chill pepper

don't wrk  chill pepper  1 star

my stick guy will not attack emojis or anything ?????????


Update  DFleish  3 star

Glitch with the new iPhone X's max. When switching keyboards, stick texting does not show or load.


Not as good as it looks like  Neto3948  3 star

Sorry but not good enough for me. I mean $2? It could actually be free for being so limited. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Nothing like the ad  maf1978  1 star

How do app creators get away with cheating paying customers through the App Store? It’s INSANE. Buy a candy bar instead... not in less you want to keep copying and pasting these gifs all night. I thought they would show up in my iPhone emojis (like the advertisement made it look like). F⭐️CK THIS


Not as advertised.  bluebunnyb  1 star

The ad is very clever, the app is not. Use GIFY, save the two bucks


So cool  Appelicious47  5 star

This app has an animation for every occasion. I can have full conversations using these guys and they are funny.


Does not work  whereisnick  1 star

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. It worked for two texts then stopped. It’s there in my keyboard, it says it’s been copied, I paste it and it does not animate. I reinstalled several times. Too bad.. it is very cute.


False advertising  heidimhensley  1 star

Advertises that emogie killer interacts with the received messages. It doesn’t. It’s a copy and paste gif that’s it - lame. Reporting to apple store for false advertising. I would like a refund. Gave it 1 star since you can’t do zero. Also they say in all their negative reviews to contact them, their contact sheet doesn’t work


Not worth it  Dabeer007  1 star

Not worth the time/Money. I downloaded it after seeing a video later to find out it doesn’t do what it did in the video 🤦‍♂️


Don't pay for it  Lilypilly67  1 star

App does not work ......tried working with the developer to fix it but became to hard for the money


Bad purchase  Mowana  1 star

Very disappointed, waste of money doesn't work. Should get refund.......


Van Tri Tran  Tri1996  5 star

It would be better if this app is made to be fully compatible with not only iOS 10 but also iMessage Apps. Thank you so much for your great work.


I wouldn't bother  Mon-23-Girl  1 star

The characters don't interact with the messages as advertised. Basically its like the cute animals you get in facebook messenger.


Unsafe app! Do not waste your money!!  Spezza80  1 star

This app wants access to data accessed on your phone. I just wasted $2.99 as I quickly uninstalled it as soon as I realised this. How dodgy.

Nope Nine

Disgusted that Apple allows scam apps  Nope Nine  1 star

Scam app for stealing information. Apple, you should ashamed for allowing these types of apps.


Annoyed  RavenSanchez  1 star

Went to give full access and was warned it would have access to everything I type including credit card details. Deleted straight away.


Terrible  Bettytay  1 star

The app gets access to your messages. All of them !! Straight away I got a spam message. Deleted the app.


Waste of money  Dazlar3200  1 star

Downloaded as it looked awesome with the man jumping around wrecking stuff. Could not even find anything like it. Total rubbish


Not as good as it look  Ugaaska  1 star

I have purchased the app after seeing it on Facebook, to shock me out any text sent with characters will not be sent. I suppose there is no way to get my money back. Waste of time and money.


Misleading  ttexrbomb75  1 star

Stick figure does not do what the animation says it does. It is confined to a box. Very misleading.


Disappointing app. Doesn't do what you think.  alexvbloom  1 star

Downloaded, deleted, attempted to get support and ask for refund, their site doesn't work. Don't waste $2. Now I have to go through apple for the refund.


Doesn't attack emojis.  Michoaks  1 star

Horrible app, it doesn't attack the emojis like it says. I purchased it, and am very disappointed. When I tried to contact to get my money back, they won't even let the message go through.


SCAM!!!  Bigdogtrucker65  1 star

I cost me $1.99 to find out in order to find out that in order to use the app you have to allow FULL access to the developer.. Anything you type on your keyboard that developer can use and resend including credit card numbers and bank information.. That's a big bucket of nopity nope nope!!!!


Tricky tricky  Chief006  4 star

Full access is not required for your keyboard. Don't select that option.

Thunder mutt

Don't buy  Thunder mutt  1 star

This app wants you to have full access to your keyboard pass codes bank etc only a moron would install this I was that moron but I cancel the minute it say it was incomplete. No way you get my information

Sincero swagger

Is not working.....  Sincero swagger  1 star

Bad application is not doin anything when i copy and taste the picture dont move or anything i dont like it its seen cool in the review video what a wasted of time


Best App Ever!! ❤️  Nfjekekntnekeonnfksje  5 star

I wasn't planning on buying this app .. I was curious though so I bought it just to try out something new .. But nooooooo I love this app!! One of the best app! I'm soooo glad I bought it!! 💯😩❤️ My favorite app now xD


No way  Lardog38  2 star

Wants you to allow the to have access to you system. Can't use some of the features unless you do. Stuff started showing up n my phone from the developer. No way beware.


Access to Personal info ?  F250superduty76  1 star

By allowing full access you are also allowing them to see all of you texts past and present

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