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ACTPhoto lets users capture and upload a photo of their face to submit to ACT. Beginning in October 2012, students registered to take the ACT are required to submit a photo of their face in order to take the test. Students will upload a photo of their face using their phone's camera or using an existing photo on their phone. On upload, ACTPhoto will verify whether the submitted photo is in fact a face and notify the user accordingly. Before final submittal, students must accept the "Photo Agreement" in order to submit their photo to ACT

ACTPhoto App Description & Overview

The applications ACTPhoto was published in the category Education on 2012-08-10 and was developed by ACT, Inc.. The file size is 9.92 MB. The current version is 1.5.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Upgrade the app compatible with iOS 11 and new logo changes

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Unnecessary  Scapeartist4286  1 star

The requirement to download an app just to submit a photo that could just as easily be submitted while logged in online is redundant. Took me 4 times restarting the app for it to finally upload and that is all this app is for!


Why is it needed  blackburn06  2 star

The app itself does what it need to however there is no reason for their to be an app about it in the first place.

Agrivated Mom

Doesn’t work  Agrivated Mom  1 star

I’ve tried several times from my iPad and iPhone ..... real hard to do... I’ll keep trying .... ughhhhh


Fast and Easy  Pitchblackrain  5 star

Quick download and quick upload, hassle free.


Easy!!  Layy👣  5 star

It was simple down load the APP and upload a pic it’s makes it clear and you have a photo card


Why  Chuckles?  1 star

If I have to download an app to log me into an account and take a picture (something safari and the camera app can already do), it better work. Unfortunately that is not the case with this app.


It’s pointless but you have no choice  Tired_Student  1 star

All you do is log in, take your photo, and log out. But there is no alternative, you have to download it, there isn’t another way to do it. If it freezes and doesn’t load, swipe out of the app, re-login and try again. It will work eventually, best of luck!


Great  123Bman  5 star

Easy to use and simple took about 2 minutes

Devlin Peterson

Waste of my time.  Devlin Peterson  1 star

Why in the good name of God would you have to design an ENTIRE app instead of just doing what every service ever made has done, and allowed you to submit a photo via mobile devices!? I don’t know what incompetent neanderthall runs the coding area of the website, but learn how to code javascript and FIX THE WEBSITE SO WE CAN JUST SUBMIT PHOTOS THERE

Young Arctic

complications  Young Arctic  3 star

I can’t seem to sign in. It says my sign-in credentials are wrong when I have typed them in a hundred times over.


No problem, just unnecessary  Tatumms  2 star

Really had no problem downloading app, logging in, or uploading a photo. But it's complete asinine. As others have said, why not make it so your photo can be uploaded on the ACT website? Why are photo IDs not good enough. Wasting my time. When I opened the app the first thing that popped up was- " ACTphoto needs to be updated. This app will not work with future versions of iOS. The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility." That really says something.


This is doesn't help.  ashley_kaitlin  1 star

All this thing does is crash even


This app is literal trash.  Ooooooooossushshahaba  1 star

So hard to upload a picture and it kept distorting mine. I tried at least 4 times, plus the fact that I was logged out a bunch. Not worth the hassle. Use a computer.


Works fine  Hadtogetitgirlygurl3)  5 star

I don't understand why everyone else is having problems. Just choose a picture that fits the requirements and you're fine. The app didn't crash or anything. A minute later I logged in on my laptop and I literally just printed out the admission ticket. Hopefully it'll work for y'all.


DO NOT DOWNLOAD  elaine.cervv  1 star

This was honestly such a pointless thing to download. First off why can't this TWO SECOND process be provided on the actual registration site? Aside from the inconvenience, the app itself, wow. I downloaded it and it automatically froze and closed suddenly when trying to upload my photo. After that, I checked my photo gallery to check my picture and ALL of my photos had briefly been deleted so my phone automatically restored them (thank god). After, my phone completely froze AGAIN while trying to upload my picture so I had to restart my phone. When my phone turned back on the app itself just deleted from my apps. DO NOT WASTE TIME, just get a computer and do it there instead.


Worked for me  Omdaisygirl  5 star

Ipad 10.2.1 Worked on first try.


Burn it  NotABotForOnce  1 star

Literal trash. Uploading an identification photo should not be this hard where you need to use an app. Also the app should work.


App froze  StarChimii  1 star

Whenever I try to cancel my photo, the app freezes and forces me to exit the app. Also, it's really annoying how there isn't an option to save your password, and it keeps logging you out.


Works fine  27chrispy  2 star

Upload was fast and easy, but there's really no need for this app. It's not difficult to get a webpage that allows mobile devices to upload images. It was also unnecessary for the app to ask for location.


Literal trash  C_helmers11  1 star

You'd think that one of the largest college placement tests in the nation would have their act together when it comes to creating an app that does nothing more than help you submit a picture. You'd be wrong. This app is horrible at the singular task for which it is designed, and features clunky and outdated aesthetics. The real back breaker is that I tried to submit the EXACT SAME picture I used for the SAT, but it didn't work. When I finally get a picture I think is suitable, I get slapped with "unexpected error" after "unexpected error". A novice could make a far simpler, and more effective means of submitting a picture than these paid professionals.

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