Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga [Games] App Description & Overview

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga!

Aim, fire and pop your way through this enchanting puzzle adventure.

Fend off the dark spirits that are plaguing the country. Travel the realm and win each potion challenge to free the land piece by piece.

Take on this epic journey alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!


This game is completely free to play, but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.



● Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound
● 3 friendly cats
● Potions and charms to help with challenging levels
● Bombs, spider webs, doom bubbles, locks, bonuses and lots more!
● Collect stars to unlock special items to help you on your quest
● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
● Hundreds of magical levels
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet


Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest news.

Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played!

*Minimum iOS version recommended: 4.3.5

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Bubble Witch Saga Comments & Reviews

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- I like a challenge, but

I enjoy a good challenge, but this game is ridiculous. I’ve literally been stuck on the same level for EVEER, and I refuse to spend $$ on a game. The point system is crap, and pot of bubbles left aren’t even the right amount that you get points for. Such crap. I like this game, but I can’t even progress.

- Makes you spend money to reach levels.

Always loved this game! But now the rules have changed. You will not be able to proceed to another level without spending money. Very disappointing.

- Bubble Witch

Great game continually challenging,however lately it will not stay connected to Facebook. When I try to reconnect it will not do it . Very frustrating.

- Facebook

Not connecting to Facebook. Takes forever to load. I have already played before and it isn’t loading.

- Bubble witch

This game involves strategy and luck and is increasingly challenging as you progress. It has kept me up late too many nights! I don’t like having to wait for lives or buy lives

- Ok But Boring

The game is ok but it is a little boring sometimes I feel like I could go to sleep I feel like they need more happy music.But I think it will not happen because the game is old so yeah.

- Bubble witch saga

As of this week 8/1/19 I can no longer connect with Facebook to combine my scores....it takes me to FB..asks me to continue I click it takes me back to the game where it looks like it’s connecting but it doesn’t ....I LOVE this game....how do we fix it...

- Bubbles galore ..

Fun and satisfying to play. Good for spacial eye work Like pool.

- Great

Good game entertaining I love it

- Watch this one carefully

While it is possible to play the game without spending money, it’s still difficult. Plus, things are stacked against you. The algorithms used for bubble selection are such that in certain levels, you will not get any bubbles that match anything on the screen. In addition, after solving a level, you do not get the full quantity of bubbles left in the pot. You might get half, if even that much.

- Waaaay Better Than Sequels! Plz make more levels!!!

This is the best game EVER, but unfortunately new levels have not been added in a very long time! Please add some new ones to continue the fun! :-)

- Boring

Ok for a while but gets boring fast.

- Hello how are you doing today are ya

Hello how are you doing today are ya baby girl I wanna is the day you are interested and you are interested to meet you sweetheart I’m sorry you are not looking good I just got your back you are doing well and you are doing good you are doing great love ya daddy love you daddy love ya baby daddy daddy love ya ya baby girl lol ya daddy ya baby girl lol lol ya daddy love you

- Confused

I can’t find where to log in with my King account. The orientation is landscape - is there a way to change it to portrait? I appreciate the descriptions in the beginning but the graphics are tiny and difficult to interpret and learn intuitively.

- 218

I’ve been stuck in level 218 for EVER.

- Rigged

Game is rigged and has gotten to the point where it’s pay-to-play. Cheap and retarded.

- BubbleWitch

My favorite of the bubble games. It's fast paced, and winnable.

- Was my favorite until...

You get to the end. It’s not like candy crush where there’s no cap. They eventually run out of levels and then you’re done.

- Player Beware...

I noticed this game is ment for the player to pend quite amount of mon on ways jus o get a star in which some games are Impossible to achieve. And the trinkets are not cheap... very greedy in that department.

- I like this one better than the sequels.

In this version of the game, once one reaches the point where the regular levels are essentially impossible to beat without spending real money for boosters and extra turns, one can still enjoy the daily puzzle. After playing this game for about 2 years, I still play every day to earn the daily rewards, and the points one can use to purchase the few boosters that don't require actual cash. I do wish these types of games required skill rather than luck to advance, but I suppose the psychology is to "encourage" players to make in-game purchases by making it difficult to advance without spending money.

- It’s ok ish

The line where the bubble goes stays there and I HATE it

- Some levels impossible to pass.

Game no longer supported apparently. Too bad.

- Bublewitch

I being on this same level for years. Sometimes I feel that you all are not letting pass it.....

- Bubble Witch

I love this game! It’s very challenging and the old witches remind me of my great aunts😂. Are you still planning new stages? Please say yes!

- Fun but frustrating

Great concept and fun to play, but a few flaws. On some backgrounds the arrow lines are nearly impossible to see, making aiming difficult. What’s most frustrating, though, is that chance plays too great a role: in many games, you reach a point where you need a single color to go forward, and that color doesn’t come up. A little more randomization control on color frequency would fix that. But it’s quite addictive and fun.

- Not advancing to next level

I love playing this game, but I have completed the last level with the required star, but it now will not advance to the next level. I have removed it and reinstalled, cleared my internet cache, but still not advancing. So, I am stuck on level 175 and will move onto other games and delete this one.

- Boring!

I find the game has become quite boring and have not played much. Today first time in a while and still boring. Consider deleting!

- Yay

5 days to move on reallly

- WasabiSabison

Game Is awesome love playing it. Challenging And Unique.....

- Not as good as it was 6-7 years ago

I’ve been playing Bubble Witch saga probably for 6 to 7 years or longer now. The first versions you were able to purchase extra features to allow you to get ahead on each of the levels. These features you kept permanently!!!! Example: extra three bubbles, webs to cover the cauldrons, Watch a commercial and get an extra 1500 coins, but now these features are something that is offered at an as needed bases and it’s a $1 or $2 charge and it’s only a ONE TIME use!!!! Disappointing because I bought theses features and should be able to have them carried over to my new apple product. Now this seems like its only a money making machine. That’s why I gave it 2 stars; bring back the option to purchase theses features permanently and let it carry over to a new apple product!

- Frustrating

Fun game to play but I feel if you clear a board you should pass it. Almost impossible to a star on some levels. I’ve never really experienced any other issues, just the points are set entirely too high.

- Nice game, but.....

I just want to play the game. There are way too many times that I have to wait four days to get to the next level, then I play a few games and have to wait again. I REFUSE to pay to get to the next level.

- Sweinshe

Great game!!

- Bubble which

Good game

- Outdated, but still fun.

This game hasn’t been updated in years; no new levels. I’ve played the daily quest and accumulated over a million stars. I finally deleted the app and started over! Yes, the game is fun and much more challenging than other King games. Too bad they have decided to not add more levels.

- Timing is Off

Don’t know what clock they go by but the timing is off. Need clarity. Help does work and the coins and stars have no purpose

- Longest played game

I have been playing this game for about five years now, regularly. I was stuck on level 222 for a year, but finally pushed through and I’m back in it deeper than ever!

- Bubble Witch

Have been stuck on level 120 for a year. The bubbles randomly fly even when not hit. Very disappointed in this game and plan to delete it. This is the worst King game and I have played them all

- Witch bubble game

Love the game but I thought it was free and it keeps popping up to buy more witches for .99. What gives? I love the original game but hate that it takes so long in between... there should be a faster way to regenerate the game. I hate having to way 15-21 hours sometimes before I can play again...

- The Things I Don’t Like About This Game

I Like The Game But I Don’t like That They Make It So Hard And Only Give 5 Lives.

- Fun

This game is fun but can be very difficult. I hadn’t played it for a long time but recently started playing again.

- Favorite game but has issues

For days now Bubble Witch Saga (1) will not connect to Facebook. After trying most anything, I opened iTunes went to the BWS app. There I clicked on App Support, that sent me to FAQ, then a box like Problems logging in thru Facebook with a “ + “ sign. I click on the + sign and it won’t expand. So that must be broke too.

- Love the game but.....

I do not get daily prize only the first one. I also bought a couple of different potions several times and have lost. It sometimes is maddening,but keep coming back. But I have lost my money on the potions. Down low.

- You get stuck on an impossible level

The level I am on is impossible to pass so I rarely play anymore are you happy?

- Unfair

I have this game on multiple machines. On my ipod, even tho it acknowledges, I have completed the level, it doesnt let me go to the next level. What's up? This is constantly happening..a real drag, man, for an otherwise fun game Also I had to delete temporarily, and when I loaded it back up, I had to start from the beginning

- Can we get more levels?

I started playing this game soon after it’s release. When I finally beat the last level I had hoped there would be more to come someday. So, for years, I play the daily bonus level. Even if I have played it a hundred times already. Why do I do this? Because I’m obsessed with it and don’t like the newest incarnations. Would it be possible to add more levels to the original game?

- Not the same

I used to like this game years ago.... but now I do not like it.The developers got rid of the charms. That is the reason I give it one star. To think that I bought a gift card of 25 bucks for this game. WHAT A SHAME! 😞

- Hardly play anymore

I've spent real money on this one... Edit: don't play much anymore. It's took difficult to get anywhere without real cash and they just want more and more. Plus I hate the constant bashing to rate them even though I did so over a year ago,

- Way too difficult

This is a fun game — for awhile. But sometimes it takes forever to get through a level — if not impossible. I have been stuck on level 205 for ALMOST A YEAR. I frequently will “lose” by a fraction (that is, the progress bar stops right at the tip of the star that would make it a “win”). At this point, it’s too frustrating to even want to play anymore. I’m bored to death with the level I can’t get past, and don’t feel like going back and repeating the ones I’ve already accomplished. I really think the game is stacked against the player. Time to delete it.

- Annoying

Fun in beginning. Then impossible with ads to buy crap.

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- Frustrating

Impossible to get any further without spending money on extras. Takes weeks or months to get any further. Gets boring after a while. Can’t you add in some bonus levels or treats if you login regularly like Candy crush!

- Bug

You need to fix this bug as it wont load the game and also wont let u connect to ur facebook i have been on the app for an hour and all it says connecting nothings happening then another message comes and says u want to connect with game centre and it wont let you click on continue or even sign out please fix this as i have progress on there already

- Hard

I cannot see any of my friends who are playing this game. I cannot send or receive lives. I have been stuck on the same level for over a year now. Getting fed up of this.

- A challenge!

Very addictive, not all easy levels but all fun!

- In the past

I really enjoyed playing this game... I got quite away through the shadow real, but now it won’t connect to Facebook so I can’t send my friends lives and they cant send lives to me... what a shame all my special spells lost, all extra bubbles and lives from friends gone. A few years I gave it 5 stars ... today only 1.. Let me connect to Facebook give me back all the goodies that are now missing and I’ll give you 5 stars again ... even my nickname is no longer available to myself... I have to give another

- Can’t connect to Facebook

Can’t connect the game to Facebook so I can’t save any progress?

- Addictive

Yes it’s that and more, passes the time in a fun way,,

- What?

I now only play the daily bonus levels as I’ve been stuck on level 328 for 6 years!!!

- Update on my review Great game do not get me wrong but

I’m having issues connecting with Facebook it takes so long for it to load and the levels on this are really really hard and I would like to have 7 hearts instead of 5 because the levels are drastically getting more and more harder apart from that the game is really really awesome can you can fix theses issues I’m sorry about this. And I do see where people are coming from with you not responding to our reviews

- X russ ft Dappy

Nice game, cannot connect to Facebook it doesn,t reload no coins may be ot is a scam

- not good anymore

i used to love playing this game but can connect to Facebook anymore amd lost all my levels .spend ages and lost of money and all gone.fix it or im deleting it

- ???

Not happy. Since my phone did an update last night I have been unable to play it. Keeps going to apple game centre to continue or sign out and it’s not letting me do either, just stays on game centre page. Please help

- Connecting to Facebook

Can’t connect to Facebook can’t get extra coins

- Unhappy

Great game but unfortunately I can’t connect to Facebook

- Bubble Witch

Amazing and addictive. Not played BW for a few years, but love it.

- Not a bad game but

I do like this game. However I cannot connect to Facebook on my iPhone it has sent me back to the beginning as my progress hasn’t updated from my iPad. Again same thing on iPad, cannot connect to Facebook. BubbleWitch2 and Bubblewitch3 I have no problems with. I think this needs looking at as I tried all the help videos which turned out to be no help.

- Addictive

Very addictive game. I have finished all levels and look forward to the daily bonus game wish there were more added !

- What’s happening ?

I can’t connect to Facebook. It’s started me at the beginning and because I can’t connect to Facebook I can’t get to my level. Also it seems on the greater levels you can’t get to next level. Have been on 170 forever ....,obviously somethings wrong yet they don’t seem to do anything to make it work right

- Mags

Love the game but for some reason cannot connect to Facebook. Reinstalled game hoping it would connect but now have lost all levels and back to beginning of first level whereas I was at level 343. Would be great if this could be sorted so that I could finish levels on "the road home"

- Game

does not let me connect to facebook.

- Not happy

Have not been able to play on my IPhone or IPad since the update am not happy

- Really bad

I drop all bubbles in 2 hits and still is not good enough plus when you have let’s say 26bubbles in your cauldron it still chucks out 10 so where’s the rest gone. And yes I was sad enough to count so not liking it atm

- Expensive and impossible

Very small chance of completing a level

- What has gone wrong

Since last week every time I go to play bubble witch to give people lives I have to sign into Facebook as I am already signed in it doesn’t work so I can’t send bubbles or lives to anyone.How can I fix this.its obvious you haven’t read this as I have had no reply.

- Bubble witch

Can't stop playing really good game.

- So addictive

Great game but I’ve been stuck on level 323 for a couple of years now ....(yes years) and it seems they want me to pay to move on. Getting a bit tired of it tbh.

- Good

Level 319 nightmare level, but still trying

- Will not let me proceed

I’ve been trying for weeks to move on a level with no luck so I will just have to delete the game

- Great time filler

I completed this game some time ago but have now decided to start again and I am enjoying the game for a second time, but frustrated having to wait over 4 days for the next level to open unless I link to social media or pay. I don't recall this being a problem previously and may result in me ditching the game this time.

- Lov it

Highly addictive very challenging the further you get the harder it is but not a fame you give up on

- Good game

Could offer more boosts for easier game play. Getting stuck on the same level for weeks and sometime months I just boring very easy to lose interest.

- No stars

Help please, I've been stuck on level 261 for about a year, it's driving me mad, help, help, help

- Lazy developer

The iPhone X was released in November 2017. It is now nearly July 2018. But this lazy developer (who I hasten to add there are a lot of them who have been like this) still has not updated their apps to make use of the iPhone X larger and more higher resolution screen. Why should people download and support your app and purchase in game purchases, when you can’t be bothered to update your app to make use of the higher resolution screens of the newer iPhones?

- Really good game

Challenging and fun, keeps you entertained with the music and pictures as well as the levels.

- Bubble Witch Saga


- Great game

Really enjoy this game, the wand marker can sometimes be a bit difficult to see clearly, but it's very addictive and great fun. Good way to relax for a while.

- Bubble witch

Great game very addictive will reccormend to family and friends very addictive 👌

- Bubble Maniac

Like flipping groundhog day. I keep passing the level, but it doesn't let me move to next level.

- Love it

Great game

- Not a bad game

Enjoy playing this. Some challenging levels. Down side is, it says come back each day for a bonus, but that doesn’t happen. It could be only 1 bonus every 5th or 6th day.

- Please update bug fix needed

Nearly completed bubble witch saga I am currently playing Eternal I have paid 3000 coins numerous times Game is taking my coins but not opening next section?? Please fix Thank you

- Amazing!

I love this game! But I hate bubble witch 2 & 3 it's too cartoon like. This one has better graphics and is well challenging, while 2 & 3 is not

- Addictive

Good to play in those boring ad breaks in between favourite soaps!

- Tracey Poland

I've been playing bubble witch for ever such a long time and I still love it

- Bubble witch

Love this game and 2and 3

- Tanya

Fab game but been stuck on level 328 for a long time 😞

- Loved This (past tense)

I wish there could be new updates on this as it is my favourite but I only get one go a day now 😭

- Fun

Simple but Fun

- Ridiculous

Levels are too hard if aiming for 3 stars. The game is based entirely on chance. Often get the most improbable colour of ball able to make any bubbles pop. Screen hardly moves up, so you have to guess where the bubble are. Aiming line is very inaccurate. Gives you the same coloured ball over and over, star meter is too slow, spiders give you practically no extra points, scrolls and potions do nothing. Pointless game. Addictive in a bad way

- Grrrr

I love playing this game, but at the moment I can't play it the game is not loading.

- Bubble Witch

The game is very interesting and brain tasking. Kings should bring new episodes just like it does with Candy crush saga. For a very long time now, The last episode that stopped at 510 should have continued instead of stopping there without any explanation

- Download

What's the problem with this app........cannot download it.

- Bubble witch

Nice game, it's so interesting.

- Game

Nice game

- Nice game

Thumbs up

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Bubble Witch Saga 3.1.33 Screenshots & Images

Bubble Witch Saga iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bubble Witch Saga iphone images
Bubble Witch Saga iphone images
Bubble Witch Saga iphone images
Bubble Witch Saga iphone images
Bubble Witch Saga iphone images
Bubble Witch Saga ipad images
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Bubble Witch Saga Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Bubble Witch Saga (Version 3.1.33) Install & Download

The applications Bubble Witch Saga was published in the category Games on 2012-07-25 and was developed by King [Developer ID: 526656015]. This application file size is 70.07 MB. Bubble Witch Saga - Games posted on 2018-06-28 current version is 3.1.33 and works well on IOS 5.1.1 and high versions.

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