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Over 50 million artists, makers and creative entrepreneurs around the world have already created a website or online store using Weebly. Enjoy the freedom to create, launch and grow your online business, website or blog directly from your iPhone or iPad, wherever, whenever. Enjoy a simplified process of building your site with our easy drag and drop builder. Tell your unique story and build your brand with Weebly.

"Weebly's clear, usable interface, attractive themes, strong commerce features, mobile capabilities, and site portability earned it a PCMag Editors' Choice for modern site builders." - PC Mag

“They have extended their reach into a full-service platform that provides not only organization and design, but ecommerce, a new robust app center for third party plugins, analytics, cloud hosting, and most recently, completely new mobile apps for site editing on the go.” - Forbes

iPhone & iPad Features:

Create your online store:
• Use the intuitive drag-and-drop builder designed specifically for touchscreen
• Add products to your site using images directly from your photo library
• Customize your site with fully responsive online store themes offered on Weebly desktop

Create your website:
• Use the intuitive drag-and-drop builder designed specifically for touchscreen
• Upload images directly from your photo library, select from a wide range of text, media and design elements
• Customize your site with the same free, responsive themes offered on Weebly desktop

See all your activity in one place
• Monitor all of your site activity in real-time from the Site Dashboard
• See more detailed stats on site traffic, store orders, form entries, and more from the Insights tab

Run your business from anywhere
• Build and manage your online store from anywhere.
• Process and fulfill orders, add products, check inventory, and receive notifications when a new order is placed

Create a blog and stay connected to your visitors
• Publish your thoughts with the blog post editor
• Instantly respond to blog comments and form entries, reply to customer inquiries and stay connected to your followers from anywhere
• Never travel far from your loyal readers, customers and fans

Work offline
• Capture updates in offline mode
• Save and sync work across all devices so you can pick up where you left off on desktop or mobile

Subscription Options

• Connect: monthly subscription of $6.99 or yearly subscription of $47.99 per year

• Starter: monthly subscription of $13.99 or yearly subscription of $99.99 per year

• Pro: monthly subscription of $17.99 or yearly subscription of $149.99 per year

• Business: monthly subscription of $34.99 or yearly subscription of $299.99 per year

• Performance: monthly subscription of $45.99 or yearly subscription of $449.99 per year

Your subscription will automatically renew in a month or yearly, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period based on the pricing above.

Weebly's privacy policy: https://www.weebly.com/privacy

Weebly's terms of service: https://www.weebly.com/terms-of-service

Weebly App Description & Overview

The applications Weebly was published in the category Productivity on 2012-05-02 and was developed by Weebly, Inc.. The file size is 134.98 MB. The current version is 5.29.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Stability and speed improvements.

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Weebly Reviews


Weebly is consistent and works!  gggmoneyy  5 star

I enjoy the app and platform that weebly has to offer! You will see how easy it is to use and you get all the same feedback that there website has to offer. Exceptional work guys. Thank You!

I 💜it

Easy to use!  I 💜it  5 star

You can access most things for completely free and can easily delete and add things to your website. You can make up to ten websites for free! Would recommend

rocket frog 5

I love it but......  rocket frog 5  2 star

GDPR compliance isn’t very well explained and they place all responsibility on the end user . I’m keeping my site down until a better GDPR explanation comes from Weebly


Amazing app!  Oliasart  5 star

I made a website for my business and art account! Also one foe my best friends bday! It took like...5 minutes! The only thing is that my products didn't work but that may just be my problem...it's an amazing app! Get it!!!


Revolutionary  WilliamTreble  4 star

Weebly made it super easy and affordable to build/scale your business. itstrble.com or @itstrble_


Love it  PrincessScarlette  5 star

This app is super easy to use and has great free features to make a simple but yet professional website or blog ✨


Valentina’s  Queennenna  5 star

Love them! Thank you!


Very user UNfriendly  Farley213  1 star

I have tried many times to edit my site with the app on my iPad. I’ve been able to only update an image here and there. But try to write a blog post? Don’t even bother. I’ll get two sentences in and then it tries to auto-save and gets stuck on loading. If I get out of it, I lose what I’ve written. If by some miracle I can get a full paragraph done, the onscreen keyboard hides the bottom half of the edit screen so now I can’t see what I’m typing! It won’t scroll up and I have to constantly put the keyboard off screen to see if it is correct. So inevitably I give up and take out the laptop. (The site has been slow there as well btw). Mine is a new site and I’m still working on it as well as trying to get followers and it’s kind of an impossible task if I can’t add to it! I chose Weebly because it let me layout the site exactly as I had imagined it and it has some great features. But if I can’t update it and keep up with it, it is of no use to me. I have already put an enormous amount of time into creating the site and I don’t want to move it to another company, so please, give up useability both on the app and the site itself.

Ari's mama

Trouble on iPhone  Ari's mama  5 star

I have not been able to open the app for a few weeks now. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?


Can’t edit/publish my website?  Peterlugo  1 star

Hi. For some reason when I try to make changes to my website (like replace a picture for example) i can’t publish it. When I hit preview it just shows a white screen. When I hit publish it just gets stuck on the “Your site is publishing” screen and stays there. I’ve tried deleting and restinstalling the app, restarted my phone, checked my internet connection, but nothing works. This is really frustrating because I have a YouTube channel and this website that I’m trying to edit is really important to my YouTube channel. The website has some really old stuff on it and I’ve been trying to edit all of that out with this app but it’s not working. Please fix this and I will give a five star review.

TMT game master

Weebly  TMT game master  3 star

I think weebly is good for anyone students, teachers, parents even if you are not using it for school it is still exelent.


Don’t bother with outdated clunky Wordpress try weebly!  escrhbdhn  4 star

I have a Weebly and Wordpress websites. Wordpress drives me to tears. It is so outdated and clunky to use. Weebly is so much easier to use but has real problems with tags and headings that screw up your google visability.

Kick Kass

Update  Kick Kass  1 star

Update , where? I can't use the app due to wanting me to update , but I can't find it. Terrible


This app is horrible  Rpewdiepie767  1 star

It hasn’t fixed its problems in 8 month now and I can’t even see where I am typing because the keyboard covers it and it dosent have an undo button

Rainbow unicorn 535

TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD!!!!!!😡😡😡  Rainbow unicorn 535  1 star

Weebly is a very fun app to use. You can make your own websites and blogs! But there's a MASSIVE problem! It takes FOREVER to load! I was really looking forward to making my blog but I can't because Weebly takes for ever to load and save the changes!😡😡😡😡😡 If you are planning to install Weebly here is something you should know: DON'T GET IT!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡 Unless you want to wait for ETERNITY for everything to save and load!😡


To slow  EmeraldFooty  1 star

I just wanna Create a website but I can’t because every two seconds I try to do something else but it just says loading


Great app  HenryDaLegend  5 star

Its a great and brilliant app but a slight glitch is when there is so many changes that wont save and I have my wifi on and good


Buggy  Gardie  1 star

I want to love this app but I have had so many issues with bugs that it is making me consider changing over. The appeal was to use this on the phone but I have yet to be able to without bugs

DDV me

Clunky  DDV me  1 star

Updated because my version was outdated only to be told that the new current version is also no longer supported. Waste of time


Very buggy  jjjcccsss  1 star

App keeps asking to update, even when it’s just updated. Tried reinstalling but no luck. Assume these guys are in financial trouble and are no longer supporting it


Easy Peasy!  Bwcricket  5 star

So nice to be able to edit my site on the go!


I love Weebly!  1234567890123456678890  4 star

Thank you! My friends and I love this app. I have the free plan and there are not a lot of limits. The only problem is when I accidentally click on subscription stuff it asks me to buy and my iPad glitches home. It might just be my iPad...


Functional  ADiamondCrewProducton  5 star

This website is functional and very easy to navigate. I appreciate having a platform to practice on until I am ready for the premium package. Thank you


Waste of my time  Natecracker  1 star

The first page of set up was easy. Upgraded my subscription to continue and it took my money no problem. Then no further changes would be accepted. Just the processing circle icon endlessly spinning. (I have a new iPhone) Logged in through a desktop- same results in editing attempt. Help is a community wall mostly- who has time for that? Went for a refund immediately!


Use your computer instead...  TheLayKay  1 star

I left a poor review of the last version, was told to contact support and was ignored. I hoped the update would fix the previous issues, but they’ve gotten worse! Editing the website is still unavailable and I can’t add a new item to my shop without it crashing multiple times and then my item gets posted for $0!


Update requires me to upgrade my phone. Doesn't  Kinderman  1 star

Useless on my Iphone 5 unless I can upgrade. I hate Apple.


So user friendly  yogisarah108  5 star

Love Weebly! So user friendly. Great designs. Impeccable customer service.. capable, qualified and friendly. Thank you!


Glitches  YouTube.IsFuckingYou  3 star

Too many glitches. Not impressed with the 1 year plan either, I feel like I’m not getting what I paid for.


Easy to use  B-Rsat  5 star

It is simple and easy to use, you don’t have to wait to do the changes in your computer you can do them on your app. It is a bit limited but still good to work and edit simple things on your website

Misty Unicorn Miracle

How do I delete my website?  Misty Unicorn Miracle  4 star

So, everything works fine. My background does get small and I can’t fix it. I also can’t change anything about the text I write. But the main problem. I can’t delete my website! How do I do that? This makes me very angry, and I can’t get anything off the iCloud from here. Please fix this.


The best ever  Isobelm5000  5 star

This app dose not lie, it is free to make a website with a weebly domain but who cares once you have a website that works great for free! This is so great

Tom Fay

Issues/feedback  Tom Fay  2 star

Very slow to load. When publishing post and sharing link it's difficult to re-share. When drafting a post it posts the date you started to draft the post on rather then the date you are publishing it


Excellent  Ryankiad234  5 star

Excellent app

Adam Sean yt

Eh  Adam Sean yt  3 star

Won't let me put in my domain even when I search up how to do it


Great for new business  Farrellr2d2  4 star

I used this app when starting my photography business and it works well but needs more free features (I had to upgrade to complete certain tasks)


Weebly  Brianclancy  5 star

Great app very user friendly simple to use and great support


Love it  Hylogerhylo  5 star

Updating my website just got super easy. Love it! Simple to use with immediate analytic feedback. Highly recommend


Weekly, a great app  @mitchellob  5 star

Allows me to update my website on the go. No messing, simple. Well done Team Weebly 😀😀😀


Great to get quick stats  Maddogcollins  5 star

Very handy for quick access and stats.


Used to use it but can't anymore  Anonmys101  5 star

I used to use this for my old sites. I made a new site a few weeks ago and tried to use the weekly app. When I tried to put elements on my pages it said "elements are not supported on this page" the only thing I can edit on is my laptop.

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