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Get the most out of your BMW by keeping it healthy, personalized and connected.
With more than 200-thousand happy customers from all over the world you can’t go wrong.
Carly for BMW is the most powerful mobile solution for BMWs starting from 1994.

These are the functions:
- DIAGNOSTICS: Perform a complete health-check of your car’s electronics + Engine Freeze Frames

- CODINGS: Get the most out of your BMW

- PARAMETERS: Analyze BMW engine gauges like a Pro

- USED CAR CHECK: Avoid a bad buy!

The following functions are not included in Pro Version:

- IDRIVE CODING: DVD in motion (15 € In-App)

- BATTERY REGISTRATION: Change and register your car battery by yourself (10 € In-App)

- SERVICE RESET: Be Independent from your Car Repair shop (5 € In-App)

- DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER: Check and Regenerate your Diesel Filter (10 € In-App)

All these functions cost more than several hundreds of Euros normally. Carly for BMW offers manufacturer level quality, is extremely easy to use and costs a fraction. All functions are continually being enhanced and updated.
Normal OBD Testers are limited to a very small number of control units (ECUs) and an even smaller number of fault codes. Carly reads practically all compatible ECUs. This is usually only possible with expensive expert hardware.
With the Lite Version of Carly for BMW you can test compatibility of your car for all functions that the Pro Version offers. Additionally we offer diagnostics licenses with limited use, which you can find out about right here.

For testing with the lite version we recommend our hardware, since some functions depend on the right adapter. Save yourself time and money using the correct adapter right away.
You can get the Pro Version right here:

You can get discounts for apps in the App Store:
To make it easy to connect to your BMW, we build our own adapters. They were specifically built for Carly Apps and a stable connection. The adapters come with this:

Check out the adapters:
Current projects of Carly for BMW:

Carly supports all BMW-models starting ca. 1994 until today. (E- and F-Models for Diagnostics and Coding)

● 1 series: all models
● 2 series: all models
● 3 series: all models
● 4 series: all models
● 5 series: all models
● 6 series: all models
● 7 series: all models
● X1, X3, X4, X5, X6: all models
● Z3, Z4: all models
● Mini (R55, R56 or newer - not R50, R52, R53)

Carly for BMW Pro App Description & Overview

The applications Carly for BMW Pro was published in the category Productivity on 2011-10-06 and was developed by iViNi. The file size is 85.10 MB. The current version is 30.2.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Bugfixes and Stability improvements

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Love this app!  rodisme  5 star

Love this app!

steve from strongsville ohio

Carly  steve from strongsville ohio  5 star

It is what they say!👍👍 Brightened angel eyes and now i can roll all windows up and down with fob!! I had 9 icu's to adjust😁


Missing features advertised on web site  ckelly92116  2 star

BMW F33 FEM and CSM modules grayed out. Web site is fraudulently advertising features not available. Disappointing.


Pro version not what it should be  Bmwhoney69  2 star

App is good just don't like the description. It says get the pro to register the battery then u spend $45 and then u are asked to pay another $10 . If you pay for pro version everything should be included. Then I send an email and they say there cost are cheaper than driving to the dealership. I am ok with paying for apps but be upfront with the price. I have read your response and still don't think you understand my point I do understand your point. My ONLY issue with this app is I should have been informed of the battery register price upfront not just be told to upgrade to pro version. Sell the battery register without having to buy pro would be nice too.


Agreed with previous users  ToofyNYC  2 star

While the app is good for decent coding functions - it is super misleading. As the other user said I checked on the website for coding abilities for my f32 while it says I can do certain things - the app simply does not yet support this such as CSM. App states they are working on update. Ok I understand.. How about u mention this before I pay? And obviously the most simple coding function which most will desire is an add on purchase such as camera in motion motion feature. Gimme a break. While I was aware of this - I still think it's a bait tactic from the developers. You charge me full price for an app that is not yet fully finished for other functions that I require yet u still ask for more money for a simple feature.


So easy to use. Support, super fast response  Ckinfl  5 star

I have been using this app and component for over a year. Best tool ever. Email response from support anywhere from 5min on a Sunday to 4 hours during the weekday. I would Give 10✨ if I could. Not for the hard core coder.


Doesn't work  FLIP KIDD  1 star

This app worked great when I had first purchased it about a year ago. I was able to code everything, but now after not using it for a while and multiple updates later I can no longer use this app to edit or change anything!


Awesome tool  08M3DCT  5 star

This app + adapter is awesome!! It enables you to diagnose and clear codes from many modules in the car. And a big plus is the ability to pick custom options in lighting, locks, seatbelt, hvac etc. Worth every penny.

The Sultan 1

Great App. Easy to use and very economical.  The Sultan 1  5 star

After playing with the lite version for about five mins I was convinced that I needed the Pro Version. It was super easy to use and for a fraction of the cost of what the dealer would charge for similar services. Will recommend this app to any BMW owner.


Does not work with OBDLink MX  Sk33zix  2 star

This doesn't work with my OBDLink MX Wireless, it used to work and I coded a bunch of things now it simply won't connect to it. Other apps work, but Carly doesn't anymore.


Latest version an improvement for F30  W2TV  4 star

The newest 22 Sep 16 version is an improvement for my 328i (F30). Coding capability has been expanded and now includes the REM module and the CIC/iDrive but not the ACSM module. Unfortunately in my case I cannot code the FEM since the dealer did a software update last week and Carly hasn't updated their software to support my car's new firmware. Hopefully they'll do it more quickly than the several months they projected when I told them about the firmware update. One other thing worthy of note. During my last session Carly pushed an update to my second generation OBD adapter. It seems like Carly is engaged and improving the app, albeit slowly.


2008 535xi Owner  Wjcmsh  5 star

Great app, connects to OBD II adapter easily, does everything I had hoped it would do.

jlc, just jlc

Don't waste your money  jlc, just jlc  1 star

Crashes and drops connections regularly. When it does work the information is cryptic and doesn't reset fault codes. I've requested a refund but sve your money and avoid this app.


Nice little app, good support  taylorwilken  5 star

Nice app, reads lots and lots of data and options. Works well on my 328i touring with the 2nd gen WiFi Dongle I ordered from Amazon. Had a slight hiccup getting it connected the first time, their email support was fast and polite. Recommended!


$55 wasted trying to code a battery  Frankdatank707  1 star

How can you sell an app for $45 and it crashes every time you want to connect it. "Logging my crashes" isn't helping me either.

Ivor Jr

update on 8.5.16 breaks app  Ivor Jr  1 star

latest update breaks app, and when you delete and try to redownload and reinstall it stops, please fix


Unable to update  dwlee  1 star

Got pop up message once I reached the full circle saying Unable to downolad the app. Please fix it.


A Product That Works  Socrnut1951  5 star

Finally an app and product that does what it says it will do. I have bought two other OBD2 diagnostic units that promised to clear codes and did not do what they said. I had an airbag fault for my passenger side, I replaced the seat sensor and the belt tensioner and then tried to clear the code on my dash panel with no success on either of the two other units I bought. I then found the Carly for BMW and thought I would give it a try before spending $150 at the dealer. Much to my surprise the Carly for BMW cleared this code and 21 others. I could not be happier with the purchase of the unit and the app that is a separate purchase. As an added feature you can also do coding of your BMW with the unit. I have coded my BMW to have the digital speedometer and the daytime running lights on on my car. I would highly recommend this unit and app for any BMW owner. It's like having a diagnostic mechanic with you at all times.

Bmw e60 Roma

does not work properly  Bmw e60 Roma  1 star

Bought the official adapter and pro app from Carly for Bmw... I don't know why but for some reason not all codings work on my car/ however that is not the bad part... I hate to say that I have tried to contact their support many times and still have not heard from them besides their automated computer response. Beware because there is no money back... I would rather use NCS expert, its free !!!


No more crashing!  opjose.js  5 star

After the latest update, and turning off my JB4, Carly works great! Easy to use and does exactly as advertised. Very nice.

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