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Track Your Mileage, Receipts, & Expenses Automatically. Oh,And It's Actually Designed To Protect You In An IRS Audit!


Taxbot tracks all your driving in the background so you don't have to remember to do it. Later, you can easily identify and classify your business trips. Each trip card displays:

-Detailed map highlighting the exact route taken
Full addresses (not just a city)
-Easily merge trips
-Trips ending within 30 minutes of an event on your calendar will suggest the purpose of the trip to help identify it.

Simply swipe personal trips left and business ones right.


Your Only Job -- Snap pictures of physical receipts (Takes about 1 second). Your email receipts can automatically be imported with your permission.

Taxbot Takes Over -- The app reads the receipts using OCR (optical character recognition). When the bank or credit card charge shows up in your bank account a day or two later, Taxbot will:

-Match photo and email receipts to the correct bank transactions
-Fill in missing data*
-Categorize the expense
-And Send it back to you for your approval!

Simply swipe personal expenses left and business ones right!

*If an expense or trip needs additional information to be tax compliant the card will flip and ask you for the information.


Signing up mid-year?
-Upload past bank statements
-Snap pictures of the receipts stuffed in your shoebox
-Wait 15 minutes and your receipts will be matched and ready for review.


The IRS wins in 83% of audits. The primary reason is not cheating... It has to do with poor record-keeping. The IRS can ask you to prove your deductions with things like:

-Copies of receipts and invoices for almost every expense (very few exceptions)
-A written log for "meals" expenses that detail who you met with and the business discussion
-A mileage log for that includes the reason for each drive.

Unfortunately, most accounting programs are not designed to make sure you have the proper proof in case of an audit.


Amaze your accountant with our AuditSafe Reports which include:
-A complete Profit & Loss Statement.
-Pictures of all your receipts along with IRS required information printed below each photo.
-Detailed mileage log with all the proof you need

Now if you get audited you can hand the auditor your report with confidence!

Simple Set Up - Easy To Use


On average Taxbot customers track and save over $10,000 in taxes... Not bad considering Taxbot is only $8.33 per month (when billed annually). And even that is tax deductible too!

If you have any questions or problems please call us! We actually have a customer service department! 855 -4-Taxbot (855-482-9268)

A monthly or annual subscription is required to use Taxbot. Your Taxbot subscription will automatically renew each month for $9.99 or annually for $99.99 and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account.

You can turn off auto-renew at any time in your iTunes account settings. Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of your current billing period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours of the end of your current period. Please go to for information regarding our terms of service and our privacy policy.

*Note: Because trip tracking uses the GPS in your phone we recommend plugging your phone in while driving to help with battery usage. When you are driving we use highly accurate GPS points so we can give you an actual map of your route. While driving, Taxbot will use battery equivalent to other navigation or GPS enabled apps. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Taxbot App Description & Overview

The applications Taxbot was published in the category Business on 2011-10-22 and was developed by Taxbot LLC. The file size is 55.30 MB. The current version is 7.2.6 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

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Taxbot Reviews


Love TaxBot  wyodees  5 star

Simple but detailed and comprehensive! During tax time it is the best to just print reports!!


Not user friendly  Lsmithwhit  2 star

Hate the crop feature Can’t figure out how to delete a receipt. FAQ is a joke. Going back to another app.


Hard to use. Buggy.  JeffFit  2 star

The controls and buttons are just too small. It’s nearly impossible to hit some of them. Then there are the bugs. Duplicate trips recorded. Partial trips recorded. No trips recorded. Crashes. Fix the bugs, make the app easier to use, and it’s a decent app.


Sherra Kissee  Kiss-me  4 star

I wish there was smart typing picking up previous entries.

Caroline Stuart 56

Great app  Caroline Stuart 56  5 star

I hope can use it when i have to do my taxes

D Dixo

Glitchy and Unreaponsive  D Dixo  1 star

I’ve had issues with the app from the beginning. It will show a huge list of trips to classify and after I classify one or two the list disappears and I can’t classify anyone. Even though there’s still a list of many to classify. Not happy at all with his app!

Richards Property

Not happy with it  Richards Property  1 star

Not reliable. Sometimes it doesn’t track me


It makes life and business easy!  Jerry270  5 star

This app has saved me a lot of time when juggling multiple tasks. It has allowed me to focus more on income generating opportunities.


Old version was better.  Necessity  2 star

I have used it for years and love it. I adore the company, but current version is painful to use.


Improving!  RCMDOC  4 star

Have been using this for years and keeps getting better. Needs to upload receipts from more than gmail but its a start. Difficult to find tutorials on iphone/youtube that are the latest. Still slow to create reports. Not intuitive for classifying uncategorized receipts that didn't upload via smart match. Works best if you upload daily otherwise your dates are wrong! Would be nice to have all receipts automatically downloaded to computer for ease of attaching to correct bank statement etc. Would like to be able to delete categories that have receipts previously attached if I want to fine tune my categories and it cant be done! Would like option for who, what when and why on all receipts instead of just meals and entertainment. However it is still the best audit proof program out there. 😎

Black out morrow

Over priced and under customisable  Black out morrow  1 star

Can't be used outside America/Canada. No way to change units of measure from Miles to Kilometres, and $14.99/month is pretty steep for something you can do in a book in a minute for free.


George C. Martin  gmart67  4 star

How do you join TaxBot?


신호철 dspshin 3 star

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If it's not broken, don't fix it  Bitnermom  2 star

I've been using Taxbot for 2 years and loved it until they just made some changes. Not it's not very user friendly and there is a learning curve which isn't necessary. Why so many changes when it was perfectly easy before. Sigh.


I have unsubscribed 4 times at least over the last 10-15 days.  Lichborne77  1 star

They won't stop sending me emails. It is borderline abuse. I have requested to be removed and it says I was but I still am getting emails. Check out another app that doesnt need to spam daily


New updates confusing  Set152  1 star

Not sure how to update mileage any longer.


Last update confusing  Angeldlm  1 star

Don't like the last update at all. Will change my review when they fix it!


New app  Andie3564  1 star

I do not like the new app. It will not let me assign my trips to a specific client.


Awesome!  AmazingGraceARNP  5 star



Not bad but I liked the previous version.  scballou  3 star

Not bad but I liked the previous version.


Best business app out there  LG2006  5 star

I have tried so many apps but Taxbot is far superior and here is why: - easily printable reports for accountant (saved me money this year as accountant spent less time working on my return) - auto tracking mileage with date and time stamps and auto prompts you at night to classify so you don't wind up with a month of trips you can't remember. - educational videos and emails to help understand what is a write off and how to properly document

Ed Tampa FL

You're nuts if you don't get this…  Ed Tampa FL  5 star

This allows me to focus on what I'm good at as in running my business making more sales and working on the big picture stuff. Taxbot does everything I'm not so good at keeping receipts, filling in the details later, figuring out what is and is not a tax deduction and so on and so on.


Updated version  Gypsysdragonfly  1 star

Can't makes the edits that separate business/medical/personal on mileage tracker before saving. Can't find merge for round trip

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