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Over 300,000+ beers and millions of user reviews at your fingertips. Browse and rate beers from every brewery, as well as find nearby stores, restaurants and bars all serving and selling beer.

Ever walk into a beer store and want to find out more about a beer? Sitting at a bar and see something intriguing on tap and you want to find out more? Want to see millions of ratings and reviews of you favorite craft beers?

••Barcode Scanning••
Beer Buddy allows you to use your device's camera to scan UPCs (barcodes) from beer bottles, cans, and cases, to obtain vital information pertaining to that particular beer. Discover history, alcohol content, user reviews, the brewery behind the beer, and much more all from scanning a barcode. If it happens that your beer has not been found via barcode scanning, add it to our vast database or search for it by name.

•• Integration and Reviews••
With Beer Buddy you will be able to actively interact with the web’s most complete beer database at With more than 300,000+ beers, and more being added everyday, the database is at your fingertips. Many beers in the database can now be scanned, found, rated and shared. Users that have a account will be able to write and post reviews to the website directly from Beer Buddy. Users will also be able to synchronize their ratings to their device for later offline viewing. All users will have the ability to read reviews from and see categorical scores for taste, aroma, palate, etc.

••Beer Finder••
“Beer Finder”, innovative enough to be an app by itself has been seamlessly integrated into Beer Buddy. Search for beers by name using Beer Buddys' intuitive auto complete search. You now have the ability to search the top beers in every country, the best seasonal beers, and’s Top 50 list. Ever wonder what the top beer is in the United States, South Africa or any other country in the world?? Now you have that ability in the palm of your hands.

Beer Buddy allows you to tap into a huge database of restaurants, beverage stores, bars, and breweries that serve your favorite beer. Using Places you can find these spots based on your current location, searching by name, or searching by address. Never go thirsty again!

••Beers On-Tap••
The “On Tap” feature is a new idea in beer apps that allows you to compose a list of beers you have not yet tried but would like to in the future. Now you can find a beer and add it to a list, read up on it, find beers from the same brewery and get a ton of other information. Beers “On Tap” can be easily transferred to your favorites or tasted list and reviewed.

••Favorites List••
Beer Buddy will also allow you to make a list of your favorite beers. Your favorites list will give you the ability to rank and rate your beers. With addition of new ales, porters, stouts, ciders, and more your favorites list can seamlessly be edited. Integration with social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

"This is by far the most comprehensive beer app out there, and will be your buddy to finding, drinking and rating beer. The app is directly integrated with so you can read reviews of any beer and locations (retailers, bars, and breweries), as well as provide your own ratings...You can start by either searching for the name of the beer or scanning the barcode. Once you find your beer, you can bookmark it for later via the “On Tap” function."

Beer Buddy - Scanner & Ratings App Description & Overview

The applications Beer Buddy - Scanner & Ratings was published in the category Food & Drink on 2011-07-26 and was developed by S2 IT Consulting LLC. The file size is 15.34 MB. The current version is 4.0.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Sync ratings across multiple devices by uploading offline ratings to RateBeer

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The best  Mickie-D  2 star

In my view, this used to be the best beer app. Ruined by the now required login to Ratebeer. Bring back the option to not login.


Went downhill so fast  Anon12345678abc?  1 star

I used to really like this app. First, they removed the option to email a beer to a friend. Now, you are forced to create an account to use the app. Unfortunately, after logging hundreds of beers in this app, I'm uninstalling it.


Cannot find beers  Navyseadog71  2 star

Medicor app


Went way downhill, but there's a fix for iPhone users!  vbmike  2 star

So I was with everyone else. I have so many beers rated and I loved this app. Hen they updated it and made it so you have to leave a 75 character review to log your beer tasting. There's probably something like this for Android users as well, but I definitely have a fix for iPhone users. In your phone settings, under General, go to Keyboards. Then choose Text Replacement. Here you can set up a keyboard shortcut. So I made one called "ppp" or use something else that's unique that you'd never type for anything else. Then for the Phrase, type a standard review that's 75 characters at least. Then when you're in the app, just type your shortcut and your standard review pops in. Hit space bar to accept. Here's my standard review: This is an automated comment from my BeerBuddy account because it not requires me to leave a 75 charater revirw in order to log my beers. CHEERS! 🍺


Went from great to garbage  Ace222333444  1 star

I used to love this app. Recommended it to all my friends. Then they went and updated. What used to be my own personal tracker now must be integrated with the website with all reviews posted online. That's if you can even get into the app because it always requires you to log in now. Incredibly disappointed that I lost years worth of ratings and my personal comments. I deleted and will find another way to track things. Given the other reviews it would appear that I am not the only customer they're losing over these ridiculous changes


Brand new to this app  Bob-PCA  5 star

It's been very helpful to me so far.

Elmo Lincoln

Used to be good ...  Elmo Lincoln  1 star

Used to change the featured beer regularly but for weeks now it's been Pliny the Elder. Good beer but time for a change - wake up there! Now it's been Founders Lizard of Koz for weeks. Now that Rate Beer has its own app what good is this one? Downgrading to one star.


Boring  ToyAllen60  2 star

This app provides lots of info if you know how to find it. It is by far the most boring in design. Please show a little pride. I know some great graphic artist if you need help!


No password reset available  DonKikon  1 star

All of a sudden I got locked out and there is no way to reset my password. Please solve this of give my money back.


Useless - not working  so-useless  1 star

Doesn't even recognize a Corona!

Me lineal

Handy 'lil app  Me lineal  4 star

This app works well to keep track of the different brews I've tasted. Also, it's handy to determine if there is a particular variety I should try, or stay away from. Update 8/13/16: Crashes each time I use it. Would love a bug fix! Update 3/11/17: THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you! There was an update to the app and now it is MUCH better!!! The appearance has been streamlined and cleaned up. It doesn't lag nearly as bad as it used to. Also, it hasn't crashed as of late. It is now my most important app. There's nothing worse than spending big money on craft beer, trying something new, and it tastes like crap. Now I can use this app better than ever to help me decide if a new beer is something I would like. The one star removed is for not quite having all the brands I've come across, although I realize how difficult it would be to have each and every brand (practically impossible). I'd appreciate the developers to keep updating and expanding the app and library of brands and brews. Overall, I LOVE THIS APP!


Limited beer name database  Stimpleton25  3 star

Cool app. Somewhat limited database of brewery/beer info. Should provide a way for users to add beer brands, amd have others validate.


Not what I wanted  pbparker  3 star

I wanted to rate beers, which this does well - but assumed the My Beers icon in the screenshots meant you could track what beers you have in inventory - nope. Bummer, now don't need this app and need to find another.


Low Inventory  1wallace1  3 star

Please continue to add with label pics or allow the option to add our own pics.


THIS is what you're looking for.  GLDLOLOLOLOLOLOL  4 star

Great app. Everything I was looking for. The barcode scan option works (so far, which is a while) flawlessly and is a VERY useful tool. I use it all of the time. Great descriptions and info about the beer as well as reviews from educated and experienced beer fans.


(Most important app ever) FINALLY integrated  CraigT09  5 star

I couldn't imagine life without this app. More than a buddy, it's a way of life... but it was a frustrating life. Until... Kudos to you and THANK YOU for FINALLY fully integrating the app and the website. My wish now is that the reviews pulled into the app from the site would show the date the review was created. Thanks!


Great app, redesign not so great  Dscheive  3 star

Great app but redesign is a mess, icons and look are dull, save is a 3.5 floppy? Last I used one was before this app existed! Gone is a sense of continuity and flow, now harder to read with lots of wasted white space.


Great update!!!  ironspidey1127  5 star

Love the new streamlined look! Finally get to use appropriately on latest iOS


Great!  MD001200  5 star

Previous issues fixed! Thanks for tech supports help! All my data is back and app runs great! Cheers!!!


Lost all Ratings & Ticks!!  joeconr  1 star

Liked the app before. After latest update ALL but TWO OF MY BEER RATINGS ARE GONE! This is just unacceptable! App developers certainly should have seen this BEFORE releasing this app!

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