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The Economist: US & World News, Business, Politics App Description & Overview

The applications The Economist: US & World News, Business, Politics was published in the category News on 2011-09-30 and was developed by The Economist. The file size is 19.08 MB. The current version is 4.0.10 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

This is a major update, in which the app has been moved on to a new technical platform. This has allowed us to add:

* Search. You can now search within a particular issue.
* Streaming audio. Audio is now streamed when you press play, and you don’t have to wait for it to download fully.
* Improved downloads. A new download service means downloads are less likely to fail.
* Look and feel. Fonts and style have been updated.

Because of moving to a new platform, the following will be lost when updating:

* Bookmarks. Bookmarks will not be retained when updating the app.
* Downloaded issues. Issues downloaded with the old version are not compatible with the new version of the app. These will need to be re-downloaded after the app is updated.
* Apple Watch. The Apple Watch app has been removed.

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Huge problems with June '17 update  Economistist  1 star

I'm a longtime subscriber but read most of each issue via app audio. This app version is completely unusable. Every time I switch out of the app for any length of time, it deletes all of my downloaded issues and audio. Yesterday I had to redownload the same issue 3 times. The new interface is unattractive and buggy, and it takes much longer to download anything. Bring back the old version! It wasn't perfect but your journalism deserves a better digital representation than this.


A terrible app! Bring back the old version!  chrisbohs  1 star

Terrible app vs previous versions. The audio sound is horrendously metallic. The app restarts at main landing page even if hasn't been closed down, loosing where on was before. It is such a setback the issue seriously makes me consider other sources of news than the Economist.


The new design is awful  Juddykong  1 star

I don't think I've ever been more disappointed by an app redesign. The search function is pointless; you now have to scroll through every article heading; and the articles themselves just look plan uglier. Please revert


New app is fine  Sm2522  5 star

The economist app is and has been great. This latest update still leaves room for improvement. It takes longer to download over 4g networks and the audio play sound quality has deteriorated, especially at higher speed. Please fix this for the next update. Thanks.


A big downgrade  shpion  2 star

The first app version for the Economist was pretty bad. The second major update was pretty much perfect: elegant, modern, bug free and easy to use. Maybe underlying technology is better (I can't tell), but the new user interface is sloppy and unprofessional. Still love the content and the audio!

Gizmo Xavier

UPDATE -Appreciate new features, annoying flaw  Gizmo Xavier  1 star

Update: having to reselect my issue and go back into audio each time I leave the app is annoying and unccessarily cumbersome. I like the updated look, audio downloads in order of magazine, and the landscape mode. However, I do not like having to reselect my issue and tap through menus to resume where I left off if I ever leave the app for an extended period of time. Please allow me to return directly to your wonderful content.


Hoping to raise this...  Byebyebri008  1 star

It's a new version, so looking forward to improvements to come. Sort order on audio playlists is top of list for me. I listen to one edition over the course of a week... I guess for now I'm deleting listened to articles after each session so the new ones don't get mixed in.


Wow - what a disaster  lujreyes  1 star

Update on June 26 Hopefully I am wrong but it seems to me that Economist is faking their reviews. This new version has serious functionality flaws that were mentioned in all the reviews that they got in the first week (~100) - all of them one star. Suddenly, over the last couple of days, they got hundreds of 5 star reviews with no comments on them. That is highly suspicious - hopefully Apple can look into the matter Original review from June 16 Everything that worked in the app is gone and instead we get a slick UI - the issues take forever to download, the audio version sounds like chipmunks talking if you accelerate to 2x (before it was smart and removes pauses not accelerated the voices), it forgets your settings every time you close and load the app, etc. I hope people are really enjoying their slick colors and design. The economist could write an article about the folly of companies filling shining new tech toys instead of strengthening what made them great

Bruno Braunbär

Fix the audio!!  Bruno Braunbär  1 star

Love the app but the update ruined it. Audio no longer works properly. Fix it please. Also please fix the bug where the audio playback forgets where it left off. Generally the update is horrible. Also fix the font size on the iPad version. It goes from huge to humongous. I'm not blind! And fix all the bugs please.


Audio quality  JCL7878  1 star

Sound quality seriously downgraded in new version. How can this sort of thing be allowed to happen?! You have a subscriber base paying good money for your product, it is surreal that these versions make the product worse and not better.


The old version is far superior  Rmitz  1 star

I won't go into great detail on the interface, which is covered elsewhere. I do want to specifically mention the large decrease in audio quality for the transcripts which is terrible. I don't care if the downloads are larger; it could at least be an option.

Mud arch

Newest version is much worse than older one!  Mud arch  1 star

Newest version is much worse than older one!


Audio listening is terrible  danwendlandt  1 star

Articles seem to just repeat Audio quality seems lower, at least by default.


Pls switch back to old design  thenegative  1 star

This is a horrible update

Annoyed subscriber

This app is annoying in every way. Do not upgrade.  Annoyed subscriber  1 star

I'm a developer and normally give programmers a break. But this application is one of the worst conceived updates I've ever seen. It downloads more slowly. Loses your place in audio playback. Forces you to select your issue each time you open it after a delay and does not look as professional as the previous version. The feature of streaming audio exists but the download regularly fails. I like to listen on my commute and I can no longer dependably download the issue and walk away after it comes out. Instead I've got to baby sit the entire process to retry failures. Tech team: roll back, fix your bugs, scale your servers or whatever you've got to do. This app isn't ready for prime time. Management: If this isn't fixed in the next few weeks I'll seriously consider dropping my subscription.


Too bad I hadn't read the other reviews  WMarksthespot  1 star

I spent several years reading The Economist before I ran out of time sitting on subways and buses. Since then, I've been listening to the Economist and grown to appreciate how it would always remember that I listen at double-speed and keep playing unless i switch to an app that competes for the speaker (Music, YouTube, Sirius, etc.). Those two features must be extremely difficult to program into an app, which must be why this one disappoints me so much. I hope in a future update, those features will return. I'd hate to have to cancel my subscription over this.


Terrible app made worse by new update  Dominqiue  1 star

My father & I have been listening to the Economist for years and we love the content, writing. However, the app had always been terrible for a media company. Finally after many terrible versions, the previous one had improved to being just 'bad'. This new update just made things worse again. The magazine needs a new product manager and really needs to conduct some user interviews and testing before wasting dev resources on such a subpar app. The app fails at fulfilling the already FEW basic requirements/expectations- *It does not remember where a user left off * doesn't remember users preferences * and the audio quality is unacceptable Please hire some new product managers and designers to reimagine your experience. Even I could find 10 ways to improve your app and I'm no designer.


Seriously worse than previous app  Joehboo  1 star

Audio is buggy and it doesn't ever retain the fact that I want to listen to 1.5x speed. Not sure why you changed something that was working great. The audio at 1.5x sounds terrible and tinny and is more difficult to understand.


audio does not work as well as before  michsheridan  1 star

I always listen to the economist in my car. few lost features since the app update: - audio does not start automatically anymore when i get in my car, - i cannot go back anymore to previous articles, i can only go forward, - i need to reopen the app every time and go where i last stopped... - sometimes the audio jumps back to the first article (politics) This app change is really not a good change for the audio users. Please go back to the old audio features, they worked perfectly! thanks

tarah wheeler

Unusable  tarah wheeler  1 star

I've never done an app review ever; this is my first. I bought my full Economist subscription specifically because I needed integrated listening and reading so I can pick up the news any time I want. Everything about this new version makes that impossible. The audio version may randomly play out of order. Leaving the app will stop audio playback and downloading on articles that haven't completed downloading. And the 2X speed has been altered to be unlistenable. It's tinny and sped up too fast. Opening the app doesn't automatically take me to the last place I was at. My downloads are not saved and the app randomly closes. There are literally zero improvements and at least ten things in this new version that seriously make me need the paper version.

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