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“The app is a fantastic learning tool, reference for personal study and would also be a lot of fun with friends to see who can pronounce words the best. For what this app does, I can't rate it any lower than 5-stars!” Kevin McNeese,

Discover a new way to experience the Bible. With Bible Audio Pronunciations, you can hear helpful audio recordings of 4,500+ challenging words, names, and places. Continually updated, this app will ultimately contain every proper noun in in the Bible!
The app contains helpful audio recordings of some of the Bible’s most challenging words (how do you pronounce Epaenetus?). Use it alongside your reading of the Bible to increase your understanding and enjoyment.
We carefully researched and recorded the pronunciations of important terms, names, and places, to help you embrace the Word of God more easily. This easy to use app is perfect for using on your own or sharing with others.

The Bible is meant to be studied and shared with others – reading to your children, speaking at church, reciting at a Bible study group. Yet this sacred text contains many words that can be difficult to pronounce for the modern reader.
There is no need to be confused because Bible Audio Pronunciations will speak these words to you with clear, helpful audio recordings. Now, you can read and share the Bible with more confidence, clarity, and enjoyment.

Features of the Bible Audio Pronunciations app include:
•Helpful audio recordings - Hear spoken pronunciations for 4,500+ Bible words and names, as well as important church and historical leaders
•Easy to use – Just tap the word and hear a helpful recording of it read aloud
•Experience the Bible in a new way – This app helps you understand and enjoy more
•Share with others - Perfect for reading the Bible together
•Additional research tools – Use the direct links within the app for more information

At Bible Audio Pronunciations, our goal is to provide a comprehensive pronunciation guide to the Bible. We welcome your feedback on different pronunciations or additional words… please email us and we can include it in a future version.

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The applications Bible Audio Pronunciations - Confidently Read Any Bible Verse Aloud was published in the category Catalogs on 2011-06-14 and was developed by Pronunciation Apps. The file size is 31.72 MB. The current version is 1.1.7 and works well on 3.2 and high ios versions.

-added over 400 words beginning with the letter M! Over 4500 total!

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Eddie  fogman40  5 star

Great app but if not updated by release and installation of ISO 11 it will not work. Even willing to pay a decent price for it

Mr Loucros

Great App  Mr Loucros  5 star

Blessed to have an amazing app. Keep up the good work.


Needs Update  CharFromSc  3 star

This is a wonderful app, but the format needs updated. I have an iPhone 7 and it doesn't fill the screen. Can you please just give it a little facelift? Thank you! I will come back and change my review to 5 stars 😊


Needs to be Updated  Mawmaw4753  5 star

My iOS device says this app needs to be updated to be able to work in the future. I use this often. Please keep it updated so I can still use it.


Very good  KKL631  5 star

App works great but is not yet updated still 32 bit so may slow down your phone and not work when the latest IOS update comes. Hope they fix this soon! Would hate to lose this app


Please update to 64 bit  rdw1  5 star

Great app , it really is helpful and useful, please update before support for it disappears


App needs to be updated  Nyrapp  3 star

This app is years out of date. App may adversely affect the operation of your iPhone.


Happy user  Cannie004  5 star

I absolutely love this app! I originally had just the lite version. It worked so well for me that I had to have the full version for my bible studies. And Michael is always helpful and quick to answer emails. Thank you, thank you for this app!!


Wonderful App  Glendam  5 star

This app is so good for helping me with the names and places in the Bible. I have been using this app for a few years now without any problems. I have noticed it doesn't contain all the names so a update would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the great work!

Coby Bean

No Sound!  Coby Bean  3 star

This app use to work before IOS 9.02. This is either not compatible or Apple broke it. iPhone/iPod app only!

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