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With HBO GO you can watch big premieres as they air—plus every episode of HBO’s addictive series such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, My Brilliant Friend, and so much more.

In addition to getting new movies every week, you also get news, comedy specials, smart talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries, and the special events everyone’s talking about.

You can watch HBO GO on your favorite screen—phone, tablet, computer, connected TV or gaming device.

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HBO GO: Stream with TV Package App Description & Overview

The applications HBO GO: Stream with TV Package was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-04-29 and was developed by HBO. The file size is 54.75 MB. The current version is 19.0.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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HBO GO: Stream with TV Package Reviews


Not usable  Dude-80  1 star

It used to crash all the time or issues with chrome cast. Now I am not able to logon anymore; getting something like a Java error message. The worst of all streaming Apps


Fantastic streaming service with a bad app and interface  Alebrije31  3 star

HBO’s line up and productions are probably the best all around but the app, including on Apple TVs and android based TVs, are very weak. 1. it STILL won’t work properly on the new iPad Pro! 2. You have to log in all the time! It won’t remember you for more than a few days. 3. It won’t track what you are watching properly. 4. It doesn’t handle multiple users. Their interfaces should improve to match those of Netflix, for example.


No iPad Pro 2018 resolution support  Dekkor  2 star

Please update this app to use the entire screen of the 2018 iPad Pros. The vertical letterboxing really detracts from the experience.


Google cast function keeps disappearing, iOS 12, iPhone  aslinth  2 star

Either provide a function or don’t, but be clear with your users. The last thing HBO should want is people conflating app exasperation with content experience.


Looking Forward to Canceling HBO  Beacrosh  3 star

I almost can’t wait to cancel HBO at toward the end of 2019. T HBO is canceling support for Boxing and I simply will not continue to subscribe.


Does not work- stuck at provider screen  Redlegs1117  1 star

Every time you try to log in it asks you to choose your provider. After clicking the screen just goes black and never moves forward to the next step.


Terrible  bmx1  1 star

I’ve had issues for many years with this application and using it with several different cable providers and with using Apple TV and recently with a new Samsung smart tv. I had to do a complete restore on my iPhone and I attribute the issues directly to the use of this app and the application needed just to stream HBO. It’s not even worth watching anymore because of all the trouble. I have tried every troubleshooting suggestion and I am DONE!


If works, it is great  Dysbrat  1 star

Won’t connect through directv account. Did at one time. Keeps giving option of changing tv provider or not. However will not let me access sign in information to see if has save wrong password. Every time I try to rely on it to download to watch stuff on the go, it does not work. Have to go through directv and hbo to make it work. Horrible. Great idea. Horrible execution. Takes an hour to reconnect through calls w directv and hbo. Finally connect but it does not allow downloads. Update 2019 Jan. 2 hours and finally connect but no downloads for on the go... or is everything I chose not for downloading? On the go is an illusion. It’s on the phone for customer service no service.


Buggy App  BiggieBry  2 star

First, HBO content is astounding today. The movies they pick up aren’t the best but occasionally they’ll pick up rights to something worthwhile. The current series’ (as well as older shows) are the best of the best and essential in my opinion. The rub is the app itself. I’ll often watch an episode or two on my iPad (6th Gen - less than 3 months old - so a hardware problem seems unlikely). The app used to operate like clockwork, but over the past couple months I get weird error messages that say I can’t sign into my cable provider (Cox). I’ve had to delete and reinstall the app 3 times for that reason alone. There also are (what I’d guess) server issues. It’s become pretty common that the app will say “content unavailable, try later,” which is super annoying (and never an issue on other streaming apps. To HBO: I’ll say this. You have the best content around. Don’t skimp on your streaming app/s and IT infrastructure. There’s a lot of content that I won’t won’t put on in our living room on the main TV because we have a 2nd grader and this makes the ability to stream to a tablet/personal device important. Don’t lose subscribers by trying to cut corners on our ability to stream.


There’s a glitch  La1234alex  1 star

It’s worked perfectly until now. It keeps asking me to choose a provider. I do, enter user ID and password. And then it asks me to choose a provider. I’ve tries this over ten times. Do better HBO.


iPad Pro 11” Optimization  VazquezJR  4 star

This App was my favorite to enjoy content, but it’d very annoying to use because of the lack of screen usage. Lots of unused space.


Garbage  Ameyli  1 star

The latest update makes it completely unusable. Also, will not work at all with Chromecast. Good job making an app totally useless. I hope you guys paid your developers good $$ for an inferior product. 👍


iOS user  Beauty.of.the.Beast  1 star

You can’t even open the app! It doesn’t play anything! And the majority of the time it doesn’t even start! FIX this!!!


Crashes  Oliveyougoose  1 star

No good


Will not let me sign in  dnsuxu  1 star

I have tried everything to sign in with directv. I have even called directv and they said that it was a problem in your end. This needs to be fixed immediately.


Needs iPad Pro 11 inch update  tstili1974  4 star

Love the app but the pillar box widescreen needs to go, can’t watch a movie like that

Breezy Media

Does not support new iPad Pro  Breezy Media  1 star

Please update to take advantage of the new iPad Pro screen sizes. I’m paying too much for this service to only see movies on half my screen!


Not able to log in  HannahMarieRose  1 star

Not able to log in with my tv provider. Says error and that I am found to not have hbo. Ridiculous


Whats wrong in Serbia?  kaikoop  1 star

This app does not working in Serbia?! Can you fix it?


HBO No  Dissapointedalot  1 star

About 2 months ago I opened this app to find that it wouldn’t accept my login info. Fast forward to today and I still can’t get in. It’s pretty pathetic that this app has had multiple updates since this problem started and none of them addressed it. Thankfully I can watch the same HBO content on the Xfinity Stream app. Deleting this waste of space.

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