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Bloomberg Businessweek+ App Description & Overview

The applications Bloomberg Businessweek+ was published in the category News on 2011-04-11 and was developed by Bloomberg Finance LP. The file size is 72.43 MB. The current version is 2.3.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Videos now available in articles
• Performance improvements

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Old app was far better  Jab9187  1 star

This one is glitchy, dull, and leaves large amounts of unused space on your iPad screen. The old one worked beautifully on your iPad and was well-formatted and colorful almost like a real magazine on your screen. They should kill this version immediately and go back to the old one.


TERRIBLE experience  Oloap12345  1 star

I stopped reading business week after this app was released. Bring back the old one please.


No single issue  Dxexnx01  1 star

There's no way to buy a single issue. The monthly subscription option renews at the end of each month unless you turn it off, so you basically are buying an on going subscription and Bloomberg gets a few extra bucks if you don't cancel on time. Shady ethics


Not happy with new design and features  warrenrock2312  1 star

No ability to increase the text size. Would like the magazine to open where I left off. Takes to long to start. Suggestion: make the app more usable.

Irving Simon

Way behind other magazines  Irving Simon  1 star

Very simplistic and not very modern compared to,other leading magazine apps. Can't email article to someone else without them having the app. That's makes no sense for marketing purposes.


Lost subscription  Roko  1 star

Today my subscription vanished from the app. I'm still receiving physical issues in the mail, so I tried to activate my account number in the app only to be told that I'm already logged in. What? Then why is it saying I need to subscribe when my sub doesn't expire until August 2018?

JSB traveler

Bad redesign  JSB traveler  1 star

I used to be a loyal reader of the magazine in the apps previous version. Now the app takes forever to load, is buggy and doesn't reflect the articles of the magazine. Unless they significantly overhaul the app I won't be renewing my subscription.


Update is terrible  jwong22  1 star

Articles are difficult to read and you user experience is worse.


Buggy to the point of unusable  sadartaud  1 star

On my iPad, the download button is missing for the latest issue. So far, I've also needed to re-install the app for each new issue on account of log-in problems. I wish they'd bring back the previous app design, which was easier to navigate and much less buggy.


Good stuff  Csc228921  5 star

Clean layout and good push notification cadence. Feels easy to ingest


Ninja chatskill 3 star

@BW: Climate change could dampen Argentina’s recovery


LouisChiang 554288653Louis 3 star

@BW: This AI designer can quickly reconfigure your office to reflect your seating preference …


G. Prisciantelli myrthus 3 star

@BW: Climate change could dampen Argentina’s recovery


Another targeted design for phone users, not tablet users  jgreenert  2 star

Another redesign of a news app that is targeted for phones and not tablets. Especially in landscape mode. As far as the layout, I certainly don't love it but not sure if I hate it. It leaves me feeling confused as to its overall structure and purpose. There is nothing compelling that draws me back to see what is new. No push notifications. The new design leaves you with the feeling that you have after a 6-hour management meeting; maybe I learned something but feel too blah to say it was helpful.


New update ruins the whole app  Shanii24  1 star

Offline read isn't offline until I get a data connection. The whole change is a disaster.

7/4 War Furor

New version in Maz removed functionality....  7/4 War Furor  1 star

Update, 6/2017: the new version on the Maz platform removed the ability to change the font size. What? Why would they ever think that taking functionality away is a good thing? I liked being able to increase the font size and read without glasses. When will these companies learn that 'new' doesn't automatically mean 'better'. Sheesh. The magazine itself is very good. A while back, from time to time, a full-screen popup ad would appear. A bit annoying, but I'd just click to dismiss it. Now the ads are appearing more and more often and it's really getting annoying. Then it started constantly nagging me to enter my Apple ID password to check for new downloads. Uggghgh. Now I can't even read the cover article. It takes me to some page with options to subscribe, login for Bloomberg Anywhere users(or some such thing). There's text that says 'Existing Users' but it doesn't do anything, main article unreadable What a mess this digital version has become. Bloomberg should be ashamed.


Was the best, now terrible  page7even  1 star

Why did they change the best designed and functioning digital magazine app? Why ruin an easy to read and use format I've used and went to it frequently - an excellent compliment to my paper subscription? With this new update I cannot link my paper subscription which it says it's expired (its active until 02/2018). And lost all my past downloaded issues. The older version was perfect for reading and the layout was fantastic and could be done offline. This is a terrible change for a media company.


Ruined a perfectly working app  DSpolaris  1 star

They have completely ruined the app. The new navigation is horrible. I'll be canceling my subscription as soon as I can.


New app is good  nick_cool163  5 star

Last version of the app was good! This new app update has more articles to read than the previous one. Earlier was not happy with the new changes, but now getting use to it and liking it!! Wish for more improvements👍🏻


Bloomberg, Bloomberg, what were you thinking?  Palmjet  1 star

A change for the change? Squeezing more money out of this? Harassing your customers? After update to this new app, lost my subscription data, lost all my downloaded issues, which I downloaded to read on a flight. Maybe it is a good idea to sent your app developers to an ergonomics course, before using their programming hobbies. Your previous app was great, just the magazine on the device, exactly what most people want, and no internet connection necessary. Not all redesigns are per definition improvements.

Geraldo Gomes

Mag is great app is unusable  Geraldo Gomes  2 star

For the online you have to re-enter your subscription each time. What a drag


Wordt  foothill5  1 star

I was floored at how bad new update is from a company like Bloomberg. I would have expected a really good quality redo of the magazine. Now we go with pretty pictures instead. I am considering dropping my subscription because it is that bad.


Why old school magazines deserve to die  JHC76  1 star

This is the worst translation of a magazine into an app that I have ever seen. The older version was buggy and slow but at least it worked and I could follow the magazine. This version is slow, laggy, crashes, and is so focused on getting shares and tweets of its articles that it forgot people need to read stuff that they paid for. Once my subscription runs out I'll not be renewing. What a piece of junk.

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