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* Turn your iPad or iPod touch into a full-featured phone
* Add a second phone number to your iPhone with voicemail and texting
* Low per-minute phone rates and free calls between MilliTalk users
* 100% digital crystal clear local and international calling

MilliTalk gives you excellent, digital voice quality whether calling down the street or across the globe. It's free to download, so what are you waiting for?

- Add a second phone number to your iPhone
- Separate home from work, or gain additional privacy with a second line
- Make WiFi calls in areas with poor cell reception
- Visual Voicemail and texting included!

- Bring calling and SMS text messaging to your iPad and iPod touch
- Connect with friends, family, and business contacts all over the globe
- Works over any Wi-Fi connection or with 3G/4G/LTE

- Free MilliTalk-to-MilliTalk calls and text messages
- Low rates for local and international calling
- Add credit only when you need it
- Monthly and yearly unlimited plans available
- Save up to 90% over those other phone companies!

- Send and receive text messages to anyone in the United States
- Search through your text history by keyword and date
- Email your chat transcripts to yourself or anyone you like!

***** It has the cheapest rates of all calling apps!
***** Incredible quality! New upgrade and quality is unbelievable over 3G!!!
***** Probably the best WIFI telephone app out there for iPhone
***** This app saved me almost $200 during my last trip to Costa Rica. ... This app is a must for anyone who travels outside the USA.
***** Awesome... I can call on my iPod touch 4g

MilliTalk - Call and Text over Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE App Description & Overview

The applications MilliTalk - Call and Text over Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE was published in the category Business on 2011-06-21 and was developed by Millicorp. The file size is 45.18 MB. The current version is 7.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

UI improvements.
Performance improvements.

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MilliTalk - Call and Text over Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE Reviews


USELESS  dovezzcry  1 star

Was great 2 years ago. But now they are probably out of business. App doesn’t work and they don’t respond to any kind of support contact. Do NOT waste your money


Airline Pilot  rpwrightga  1 star

New feedback - avoid like the plague! Great app gone bad. I successfully used MilliTalk all over the world and then it started bombing out. I worked extensively with their tech support (first name basis) but either they couldn’t or wouldn’t correct the continued failures. Guess they want to seize my remaining $58 of credit. I’m the same guy who left rave reviews below... Truly amazing and effective app. I fly international for a major carrier and needed something intuitive and reliable. I got more! Whenever you have WiFi you have a clear connection back to the states. Unexpected bonus is that when someone either calls me or leaves message I receive an email providing heads up. As a global traveller, this is one of my favorite apps! Doing a pile on review months later... The Tech Support is flawless! Easy to reach a human and they genuinely care. I continue to be very impressed with this product. While some insist on "[email protected] I don't mind paying for a solid and intuitive product that always works. Airline Pilot CEO High Tech Company Retired Navy Admiral


Don't do it  diverblue11  1 star

It hasn't worked for over a year. Period. It was great when it worked. But now the app just closes down the minute after you try to open it. Though they will take your money! Yeah for capitalism. Fix your app!

wasted time!!??

Hello???  wasted time!!??  1 star

Well first of all this app would be great if it worked on a consistent has its moments but never fail when you need it Crash !! I have made many attempts to reinstall it as the ghost customer service worker recommended...still no I need my password reset and the customer service line just keeps hanging up on me...still waiting on email to send one...maybe like that one guy suggested is that they are out of business...well I'll give couple more days for a response and if none contact apple. Oh yes and lastly they never have problem getting my money for [email protected]%# app!!!!


I CAN NOT EVEN OPEN IT !  Jabbanah  1 star

What is wrong with this company ! Lately, I could not even open this app ! And the problem is that I still have some money on my account. I think they are out of business. Be aware.

Uncle Mathew

Satisfied! No complaints!  Uncle Mathew  4 star

I have found this app to be very useful especially when I travel to different countries where sometimes your phones may not work. Reasonable rates.


Helpful and cheap to my country 👍🏻 💛💚  نوال  5 star

Need improvement coz there are crashes 👍🏻


Crashes nonstop  JSDeckard  1 star

Totally useless app these days. Too bad. Used to be decent.


Not happy  myost  1 star

There seem to be endless problems with the app. The worst is that the notifications that you have a message or text randomly show up. The number was cancelled with no reason or notification. If this is the best app out there, these services have a long way to go.

Sam Assaf

Perfect  Sam Assaf  5 star

Great all! Advised to everybody. Clear voice and very practical and cheap rates, cheaper than all other apps. Recommended!


Disappointed  AnitaOnuoha  1 star

A few years ago one of the best aps now days you can't text other numbers off your cell if your lucky enough to log in then be even more surprised if you are able to make calls there customer support line is rarely available to complain or get assistance when needed heads up don't waste ur money your credit could be used to actually make calls thru other phone line providers


About this app  Frannie-18  3 star

I think the app is gr8 but i dont like it coz u have to pay to talk to other people. :) from me


Mr  Kanga14  1 star

Well I live in Australia and I wanted the ability to sms from my iPod touch, paid into their account and then wasted half a day trying to SMS, apparently unable to do so from Australia. Very disappointed.


Best quality calls  Lorits  5 star

Very clear calls and cheap. Skype no more.

Aidan meerkat

:(  Aidan meerkat  2 star

I am not happy because it's not letting Me delete my ACCOUNT Not happy


It's so bad  Thurayya  2 star

It doesn't work properly I pay money for bad serves its not worth it


Millitalk  Moelmo  4 star

Easy to use and cheap too.

Holly Nisbet

Calling  Holly Nisbet  4 star

It's a nice calling app and always works well.


This app is great  Shubey21  5 star

It's good to have it working worldwide, but try to improve on the line drop all the time , I like the MilliTalk application It's excellent

Clemo 1123

Cheap  Clemo 1123  5 star

It is so cheap


Very nice app  Khalil_ksa  4 star

I like it , I am using for 3 years .

Way up like 7

Up  Way up like 7  5 star

This is the best

Triple D is the best

Sometimes works  Triple D is the best  2 star

When I try to call some one it takes me back to home screen and won't let me call no matter what. But When it dose work it works like a charm.

Brett Trent

Did Not Work - AT ALL  Brett Trent  1 star

Downloaded and set up the app, bought $10 worth of credit, tried to send and receive text messages - nothing. Tried to and from multiple numbers - nothing. Contacted support and they were no help. Said I needed to contact Apple for a refund. Rip-off.


it is not awesome  dorshefski  1 star

when I'm trying to make a call it will not go threw please fix this problem


Alright  Queen.grier2  2 star

Well this app it's it's good but it's not that good you want something that's free and you really don't want to pay for it like 340 credits or something like that then don't this app


Nice app  Adesho  5 star

Cheap international calls, I hardly use my home phone


Very unreliable  Joetexter  1 star

Service down for 6 hours so far today, called Support and 'they are working on it. Service was down for 4 hours a week ago. So unreliable, I can't depend on it.

Rosa Martin

Good  Rosa Martin  4 star

The best


Jeff  Jeff279  5 star

I travel around the world and have tried other programs such as Skype. Millitalk works the best. I use it all the time and have turned on several coworkers to it and they all love it as well.

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