[Education] App Description & Overview is now LinkedIn Learning! If you’re a new user, you can access the full library of courses over on the LinkedIn Learning app for a more personalized learning experience. Download the LinkedIn Learning app here: For current Lynda subscribers, you can still access your account on the app, so please download today!

Learn technology, creative and business skills, on the go, with the iOS app.
Get the training you need to succeed in your current job or start a new career.

Access all courses from the subscription library
Get personalized course recommendations
Download courses for offline viewing
Stream training videos to your TV via Airplay
Auto-play courses or watch individual videos
Share courses across social network apps
View and edit playlists
Sync course history and pick up where you left off for a continuous learning experience across all devices

• iPhone 4 GSM or later; iPod touch 5th generation or later; iPad 2 or later.
• iOS 7.0 or later
• Connection to 3G, 4G, or WiFi network

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

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- Key Tools Job Seekers Need

• Lynda was an independent JUGGERNAUT OF RESOURCES. That must have been a huge check to acquire Lynda. • Vital, key resources job hunters need are being absorbed into LI’s massive umbrella. • Lynda offers valuable free portions of their content; or full content (for a fee of course). • Lynda’s instructors and VERY GOOD. Customer Service is responsive and human. • And they keep an accurate record of what you have done; so you can revisit past lessons or pick up where you stopped in the past. My experience with Lynda has been really good (and there was not ever any “upsell” or “additional fees” for any of their resources). AND THEY DON’T BOMBARD, DISTRACT, or SLAP INTRUSIVE ADS IN YOUR FACE! Even downloadable lesson files are included in membership. Highly advise at least checking out the free offerings they provide. I even developed some favorite instructors!

- Subscriber since early 2000’s

This is the most incredible learning resource I have seen anywhere, any time, bar none. During the 15+ years I have subscribed, the course list has expanded exponentially. Most of the negative reviews I have read are about annoying glitches that I attribute to growing pains of the platform. I am willing to put up with that, given the value of the app. I am a photographer. What started out as a great resource for Photoshop and Lightroom has grown to cover photographic techniques, gear, principles, business aspects (Quickbooks), creating portfolios, marketing, and on and on. At various times over the years when money was tight, I did without some other things rather than let my Lynda subscription lapse. One of the many things I have always liked is that older videos are not removed when a new product video appears. Therefore I am not forced into always buying the latest and greatest. For example I can still view the entire course on Photoshop CS4 if I am still using that version of the software. All this and yet no obtrusive ads or popup videos to dilute the experience. Thanks Lynda and keep up the good work.

- Very satisfied!

I’ve tried to expand my knowledge of media via a variety of online outlets. Lynda’s content and video quality far exceeds other avenues I’ve tried. Each course is extremely practical. The only glitch I’ve noticed is sometimes when I’ve completed a course, the site won’t recognize it’s been completed and erases the record of me watching a particular segment. I have to go back to that segment and go through it again, sometimes with more than one segment, and that can be a little annoying. Overall though, I HIGHLY recommend this as a learning platform, and I require all my interns to sign up so they’ll also have this resource at their disposal.

- Love the courses. A few technical problems

There seems to be an issue with the back button and the done button overlapping each other while playing a video. Also when trying to select it nothing happens which doesn’t allow me to go back to select a different video or course. I have to exit the app all together and re open the app and course I’m trying to get to. Other than that I have no issues. This app is a great tool to get some extra help on the programs I am currently enrolled in at school.

- Needs fixing for iPhone 11 landscape mode

The app needs some bug fixes for full screen landscape mode on iPhone 11 (likely any of the full screen Face ID iPhones). I can almost never drag the play head around because pulling left or right near the bottom of the screen causes me to switch apps. The play/pause is so close to the corner as to almost not be press-able. Often this ends up minimizing the video back to portrait mode orientation. They really need to fix the interaction points for the UI in landscape. Extremely frustrating. Other than that, Lynda is great as always.

- Lynda Rocks!

Great too! You should have access to it, and learn, learn and learn. Lynda is the best tool I’ve ever had. I download my courses so I can keep track of it when I’m traveling, and the best using it off line. The certifications are great! Everyone that teaches you are very professional and has lots of knowledge. You can find any content, at any time and it always update. I’m in IT, but also love the Leadership, management, videos. Great Job Lynda!

- Still better than LinkedIn Learning

Lynda offers apps for iOS, AppleTV and Roku, and this iOS app is able to Chromecast to my AndroidTV as well, giving me several options to watch class videos on the big screen, unlike LinkedLearning, which has no apps for any smart TV or streaming device, and the cast to AndroidTV feature never works. I still like Lynda way better than LinkedIn Learning.

- Skills/Learning

Lynda covers just about any subject you would need to improve your skills in the workplace. Available at anytime day or night. You choose the course and watch the videos at your convenience. If you like to improve your knowledge this is a great resource.

- Must have app .

I really enjoy learning and right now I have a few courses I would like to learn more about . I have learned new photography techniques thanks to the Lynda app and the people who make the videos . I think this a must have for anyone who wants to expand their learning . Their are so many subjects to choose from . Thank you to the developers . Knowledge is power .

- If you sign up for free Lydia you will be charged!

Because LinkedIn bought them, this once gold star company for learning online is now a trap!!! The free trial will end up costing $100’s of dollars and you can’t cancel because you can’t get a hold of LinkedIn customer service.... they don’t have one!!!!!! Shame on LinkedIn for being crooks!! You have no privacy with LinkedIn, it’s over!!! You cell phone will be bombarded wit solicitors trying to sell you vacation packages to everything under the sky. Cancel your LinkedIn account and forget about Lydia leaning online as they are no longer a reputable company.

- Exceptional learning

Lunda is a great way to learn on the go. I usually will start these on my way to work, or at work throughout the day. I like that the course videos are shorter and broken up. I got my account for free through my library card and use it everyday. My university actually uses a lot of the courses in Lynda as recommended learning.

- I found all the courses I needed for my certification exams

They course are very well explained and easy to navigate, and also you can download it to your device (Windows 10, or tablet and smarts phones), so you can watch them when you’re not connected to the internet, like me when using the subway.

- Terrible app

The training videos are fantastic. The app to access the videos is terrible. I have a pricey monthly subscription through Linked In. The app does not allow me to sign in via my Linked In account and has broken links when trying to fix. It also can not link my previous stand alone Lynda account with Linked In. I do not have hours to spend to get things working with the lack of direct support available. So my pricey monthly subscription has been a complete waste of money.

- Fast playback glitch

Videos are extremely well done and the layout is always fantastic. The main problem is that I watch the videos on 1.75x and 2x. When you do this on the application the audio will stop playing after one minute but the video will continue. This is a pretty serious problem for my usage on the mobile app.

- Back in love with this app and its content.

Having encountered the previous update that kept causing the app to crash was a bit disappointing; but once that was fixed, this app went back to being one of my favorite sources of knowledge while on the go.

- Linkedin, oh i mean Lynda

Lynda, probably one of the most superior online education systems for IT, with ‘walk-through’ content, was upheaved by Microsoft yet again. Im not critiquing Lynda content itself, rather the inevitability of what happens to a company after microsoft takes it over. I dont like linkedin. And i dont appreciate being required to carry a linked in account to deal with my subscription to lynda. Can you view your service tickets when there is a problem? Not without a linkedin account! All of my profile information was messed up because of the snooping of this platform. How can they have my account email address and send and manage my account using a different email address i will never know.

- synergy

I signed up for a trial yesterday on my computer. I had to do this via linkedin because linkedin bought lynda. Although I would have preferred to create a lynda account separate from my linkedin account, that option no longer exists. When I try to log into the app on my ipad it wants me to sign into my linkedin account and my lynda account -- which I was not allowed to have -- so they can be linked. I am now stuck. I guess this is the synergy unleashed by the buyout.

- Amazing

I cannot believe the amount of content that is made available on emojis site. There is so much value included in this app. I obtained access through my public library and I’m so glad that this exists. Highly recommended!

- Content is great but app needs help

This app really really needs to hold the place of the last video watched regardless if you previously completed it. If you are re-watching a series of videos, you have to find the video again and remember your place in the series and in the individual video. This is really annoying

- Can’t login

Just got this app but everytime I login through my organization it crashes. Fix this already Update: they fixed the crash and now I can use it thanks

- Connect for free through your library

What an incredible resource! Amazing courses... I seem to have full access for free by signing up through my library account. I highly recommend it.

- Very Satisfied

I just started acquiring some knowledge about different software dev systems. And 8 couldn’t be more happy than I am for finding out about Lynda. It’s definitely by far the best learning resource out there, with great teachers.

- Can’t Log In

I like the site and the content, and I was excited to try out the mobile app. However, because my subscription is offered by my school, I have to log in under Organization. I tried all options, and it always says “An error has occurred. Please try again later”. I’m disappointed in the mobile app so far.

- Want it back

I want Lynda back so I can use on my Roku tv plus the platform was way better what happened y’all bought it out and the tech guys didn’t share their info ?

- Fantastic learning source

I have been using Lynda for quite some time and it is my go to source to upskill. The content is crisp, to the point and easy to grasp. I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend the app.

- Simply amazing!!!!!

I have been using Lynda and my experience is great. The offline option, the expertise of its instructors, the quality and features of the courses videos... keep up the good work Lynda!!!

- Great courses

Great courses. Have access through our local library! Great to see my tax dollars at work ;) The app works well especially like the speed increase option.

- Great way to learn new skills on your own time.

This service is great. I'm learning about almost any skill I want. It's great that it's tied into your LinkedIn and you can show off all the certificates you earn.

- The Apps content is superb

On Video select page Back button to return to library glitches out. Two yellow buttons on top of one another. Top left. ios 13.1.3 iphone XS Max.

- Nice app, works fine for me

I don’t understand why many of the reviewers are having problems. My experience with the app has been great, everything works the way it should.

- Same problem as the others

The app won’t let you login through your organization. I’m using my school info and it just simply won’t work on the app. The full site through your internet browser works fine but a challenge to use on mobile. It doesn’t look like they’re interested in fixing the issue, hence the 1 Star.

- Wonderful resource but...

For those of us using library Lynda accounts, please make your library card login page mobile friendly. I’d give it 5 stars then.

- Removed Offline Downlod Library Access

While I can still get library access online, this has been removed from the iOS app. I have always wanted to have some reference while offline, while traveling but this functionality is a huge turn off.

- Signing in

This app is totally busted. I can’t even sign in. What is the point of paying so much money a month when I can’t even sign in? I signed up on my desktop and can access videos from there fine but from my phone it’s an endless loop of not being able to sign in. So aggravated!!!

- Wish I hadn’t traded Lynda for LinkedIn Learning

I wish they were still updating this app. I made the switch to LinkedIn Learning, and like many, now regret the decision.

- love this site

Learn what you want when you want all from top-level instructors in clear and concise terms. Excellent value and great content.

- View Paths

Hi! I Want To Request That Please Add Paths In Library As Like The WebSite Had The Paths In Which The Guide It More Clearly that Which Courses And In Which Sequence We Should Take Them To Achieve Our Success... Thanks🙂

- Won’t even let me login

I can login on the desktop or on my phone but through the app, it seems to not work. I use my school email that works normally but the app keeps saying wrong user or password. Even after I clicked forgot my password and changed it, it still didn’t allow me to login.

- Can’t log in

I got a trial membership last night and was hoping to watch some videos on my way to work on the train. It connects to my linked in account but then tries to use my Lynda account. When I click on “forgot email/password” for Lynda it says there’s an error. So basically I can’t use this app.

- Great App, but Pricey

If your comfortable with the price, this is one of the best, video training apps around. I have been using this app off and on for several years. The training videos are very detailed, and they are good about adding current content. The paid subscription comes with exercise files if applicable. Highly recommend.

- Can’t log in via organization

I’ve tried many times to log in with my library’s account and it says that my organization doesn’t have an account (after I enter my library card, so it does recognize my library).Doing it through the website works fine. Broken app.

- Impossible to log into

Does not allow you to login. The only option provided is to link my linkedin account which has a different email address. It doesn’t recognize it. I can login on my desktop machine using the same credentials with no problem. Fix this Lynda!

- Much better now.

Thank you for the updates.

- Lynda

It’s very helpful app I never ever seeing before for whole my life as self education .....thank you Lynda for the help and the members and you guys

- Great app!

I enjoy learning new things on this platform. Easy to use mobile app.

- Great service , terrible app.

I like Lynda a lot, great content. Mobile app is a disaster, when it works it’s ok, but every now and then, it log me out, I cannot log in and in general becomes very unresponsive. It just happen again. It worked for 3 months, now it doesn't, again. Very flustrating expierience. Same on iPad and iPhone.

- IP Site Login 100% failure to work

I used to have access to this app. One day after years it logged me out, and now the IP Site button reports an error happened. I can’t use the app. Please fix it. The app is better on mobile than the website. I was an avid user until it somehow logged me out.

- Amazing

This app is an amazing learning tool. Just the perfect start you need. As well as a great tool for supplementing information

- Best resource around

For anyone wanting to learn just about anything, this app is for you.

- Useless

Have an account which works fine on my computer but will not open on the app. Even after successfully signing into LinkedIn through the Lynda app it still keeps asking for a sign in.

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- Offline bug

After downloading course, you have to be offline to view it without using internet connection so use the offline tool. Unfortunately once the app closed off, it is impossible to log back in using web portal access as the app is trying to access internet but it can't as I ticked offline previously. So I need to uninstall app and download the course again.... Please fix this bug as this app is great. Thanks!

- Control video quality as we can in pc

Could you please add a function in which we can control the video quality? When I cast it on my TV using google chrome ultra, it doesn’t detect the highest quality automatically. That’s why I need to control the video quality to cast better version on my TV,

- Best app to learn with

I have the app on my iPhone 7plus and an old iPad 3, and it works beautifully. It keeps the video lessons that l'm watching on the home page. I am recommending to my students at uni.

- They make it as difficult as possible to cancel

This app is clearly not designed with the customer in mind as they make it as hard as possible to revise your subscription (you cant do it on the App - why not?) and they don’t offer a pay-per-course option.

- Learn on the go!!!

I love this app! Great current content for social marketers. Being able to cast to your tv is a plus. Keep the valuable updates coming.

- Awesome experience

I’m using my library free registration. Every Australian has this facility. Speak to your library for full access. Thank you.

- Say goodbye to useless university degrees

All the tools and skills you need to stay relevant in this age at. A fraction of the cost of a university degree. Learn at your own pace with clear, comprehensive classes. The best app ever...

- Excellent App!

Crisp and intuitive user interface. Excellent app support and good content delivery. Love the entire look and feel of this app.

- Videos not playable

Seriously, what’s the point of putting out an app when the videos aren’t even playable? Just here for us to give you one star comments huh?

- Good content

Appreciate the content !

- Play speed setting need be improved

The play speed setting is not very useful, can’t set 1.1. The options 1.25 is too fast for most videos.

- Best!!!

One of the best learning precinct in town.

- Sporadic at best

Internet is speed tested on my iPad at 10Mbps on the download and 4Mbps on the upload. The wifi has full bars, the bandwidth indicator in the lynda app is at four or five bars, but the video still constantly drops out. I barely get through a full video without it dropping out. To get it going again you have to close the app, delete the app from the history, then open the app, find the video you want to watch and then play it and find where you were at again. Otherwise you you just get a loading wheel in the middle of the video forever. If you intend to watch these tutorials mostly on your iPad, don't bother, it's not worth the money, time or frustration. You'd think a service like this could at least get their own iPad app right.

- Extremely buggy

Offline playback doesn't work properly. Some files are marked as downloaded but they are actually not! When you try to watch them, you don't realize that you are actually watching online using your data plan. This is serious flaw that caused me extra charges from my carrier. I didn't expect the app will do it as in the settings it has the 3g network use switched off. However, it was playing video online without telling me. I realized that it streams it online when i set my device to airplane mode and suddenly the app told me that the video no longer can be played as it was not downloaded properly and cannot be played offline. This is dangerous!

- Some more useful feature needed

I love this app, it changed my life. But I want it to be much more better, I do wish I can add notes in app using my iPad keyboard or bluetooth keyboard with a short cut N, or ⌘N. (But first I want the ability to add notes) And I just wish it can be more easily for me to use one finger gesture to go back for 5sec, or forward 5sec, without taping the 10sec goes back button everytime

- Latest Update is the icing

Love the latest update of the app letting you download courses onto the devices memory for viewing without having to destroy your data limit. Overall the app works great, love using it for airplaying to my tv at home for learning with a bigger screen. Definitely a must have addition to your learning if you are forking out the $$ for the lynda subscription.

- Crashes

Very unstable. It crashes frequently every time I try to report the (frequent) crashes, and then wants to report THAT crash. Only came across this problem recently. Previous versions OK. Would like more transparency on how offline mode works. Recently dowloaded a bunch of courses and went to a remote location outside mobile range, anticipating I could do some training but because I couldn't log in and verify my id to engage offline mode it deleted all the training I'd spent days downloading to my phone. Then when I did get in mobile range to be able to log on it had already deleted all the video. Needless to say wasn't happy! ... and would have expected more sophisticated a system from an online specialist company. The training videos are great once you get going. Delivery sometimes not so much.

- Great tool for skills learning

Why didn’t I get onto this earlier. You don’t know what you don’t know and I don’t know very much and every day I’m learning I don’t know a lot more than i thought I did. I love this app. Use it daily, From 5 minutes to 2 hours.

- A note for app crash

Users who complain about app constantly is crashing, please keep your iOS up-to-dates. I have not had any issue with this app after I have updated my iOS. I’m enjoying spending more time on learning useful things after I joined Lynda network.

- Well put together...but the video player needs work

If used with a wifi connection this app works very well, if not it becomes virtually unusable. The lack of buffering along with the black screen issue and inability to jump to a specific point in a video make this a very frustrating experience. Perhaps some kind of offline mode, where users could preload videos for use later on, would help.

- Terrible with Chromecast

Great app and love that it offers casting to Chromecast, but it freezes or restarts, or starts playing a video on your phone while it's ALSO casting on Chromecast at different timings? Have to keep restarting it and finding my place in videos to stop this happening

- Currently useless

Running latest version of iOS as well as the app and it's pretty much useless. Between the player buffering without ever starting to play, video randomly stopping without re buffering and the app unexpectedly crashing taking away with it my learning progress it'd say it doesn't actually work. Tried every from reinstalling the app to restarting the iPad. I'm on 2 go it/sec fibre and videos are playing on the desktop so it's not a speed issue.

- Was great, videos stopping mid stream

This was a great app, however I am sad to say that videos are stopping mid stream and you cant seem to start them again. I have tried through two different networks and the issue is still the same. If it continues I will be stopping my subscription! Please fix this issue quickly!

- High Quality courses

I have worked through several courses within the Lynda environment and I have been impressed by the quality and breadth of the coursework presented. Looking forward to continuing my online studies.

- The best learning tool out there!

This is exactly what I've been looking for. The format is amazing and the content is even better. For anyone looking to expand their knowledge no just about anything technology related, this is your app!

- Wrapped with Lynda app

Powering through training videos thanks to new Lynda app! Would love a feature to bookmark videos "to watch", otherwise app is very functional! Fast tracking my IT training like never before!

- Good if it worked...

Good app just wish it worked, the video keeps pausing within the first 30 seconds, then after a pretty long loading time it continues but only with audio. Would happily give it 5 stars if I could actually watch the tutorials

- Wonderful resource!

Amazing quality learning at a very reasonable price. Great range. It was hard to cancel subscription via the phone app, but easy via desktop.

- Outstanding

Streaming this via my Apple TV is flawless. Easy to navigate and everything just works. Makes learning easy! Big fan.

- Great App but needs playback speed controls

This is a great app but please allow the viewer to increase playback speed to 1.5x and 2x. This is a handy feature under windows and I really wish I could do it in the iPad app as well.

- Great app

Other than minor bugs when the speed is more than 1x, and some screen freezes from time to time, this app is excellent.

- So far so good

Latest update seems to have fixed all the video cache/loading issues. Now it's a very usable app.

- Great content but, apps are painful

When you are rarely in the mental state to learn, your apps do whatever they could to screw it up. Air play is a joke. You need to stop the app navigate back after each video, otherwise they keep loading. Apple TV app is another joke. It crashes twice a day. I have started begging my employer to swith to Pluralsight.

- Great little app

Being able to easily download for offline viewing on phone is a great feature. tvOS app is great too.

- A long time in the waiting

A big improvement guys. Always had good content guys but the app was appalling. We'll done!

- Key to unlocking your potential are found here.

Now it's your turn to invest your time now.

- Disappointing

App is good - except for the fact that the search function doesn’t work (no matter what is typed in, only ever get ‘no results for:Photography for example) Only way I can find what I want to watch is by logging in on my computer and saving courses to playlists.

- A great app

There is so much good information here. I have done four courses so far in photography. " foundations of photography" is fantastic.

- App crashes all the time

This iPhone version app destroys Lynda’s reputation a lot. It crashes all the time since I log in, even I tired to reboot my iPhone 7 Plus, delete Lynda and reinstall it, nothing works. It still keep crashing and shutting down after I opened it. Totally the worst app, shame on you developers!

- Sensational

I love Lynda. Great content for those smart enough to subscribe :-) The first version of the app was ok, but this version is awesome. Love the layout and features. This is better than watching on the computer :-) I use wifi so can't comment on problems with 3G connection. I am using the original iPad with no noticeable drop in performance. Great Job!

- Streaming is useless

Forget using this app, the streaming is so slow, drops resolution and won't even buffer up if you click pause. Use the mobile website instead, on the same connection it's fast AND you can buffer. Please fix this its not a great advert for your awesome quality training materials.

- Great content but crash prone.

Love the content and the interface is good - but the app keeps crashing. After a few crashes and restarts, I get impatient. Would really like to use it more often!

- Just Wow

Did the UNIX for Mac users by Kevin Skoglund it is the clearest most concisely put together course I have ever taken. If this is representative of all Lynda courses your in good hands.

- Love it!

I love the quality and breadth of the courses. Opens up a whole new world. Worth the money.

- free, well kinda

have used these courses before and found them very good BUT to be clear you need an official lynda membership which start at about $25 a month to run this free app. So really it's a free viewer for your pricey course. be warned

- Would love to give it more stars, but.....

For a company that professes to provide excellence in technological training I am suprised at the instability of this app. 75% of the time I am unable to view a video past the first 30 seconds. I love the content, but the iPhone\iPad software is unusable.

- Latest update keep crashing on home page.

Latest update keep crashing on home page. Unusable.

- Create App

Presenters all know their stuff, app is easy to use and functional. Great way to learn

- App keeps crashing

The app keeps crashing as soon as it is started. My iOS updates have been done and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it keeps crashing. I hope that it is fixed soon because I love this app

- Latest update still crashes

The latest update said it fixed the crashing at launch. After restarting my device, the app still crashes when I try to use it. Reconsidering my subscription guys...

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- Good app!

I enjoy using the app on my iPad. Thanks!

- A big inspiration

I was looking after management presentation, one day suddenly I reached out to Drawing learnings materials, it helped me to find my hobby and inspired me to learn more not only about my professional expertise, but just about everything. Thanks to Vancouver public library.

- Improvements are required

Still the app is not fully compatible with iPadOS I wish it can support split window and have other features like delete history course

- Awesome content

The courses I took are super engaging and take you step by step to newer levels, J have enjoyed alit and will keep in my learning experience.

- Very informative article

You a very authentic articles.

- Great app!

I have been using Lynda for years and I love it!

- Learn From Anywhere

If you want to add a new skill or be in the know, this is for you. One of the features I really like is I can from anywhere. While I am in the subway for a 20 to 30 min trip, I take up my phone, plug my headset, and learn something new when I offboard. I highly recommend this application.

- Won’t let me log in with my university portal

Although I can log in online using my computer, this app keeps throwing a 500 error when I try to log in

- Good

My public library subscribes to Lynda. It works great on my iPad.

- Good learning app

It’s free for learning, it’s reliable delivery They don’t have all topics but they have lots That are useful

- Can’t even sign in.

Why does Microsoft kill everything they touch?

- Sucks

Completely useless. Does not sign in with linked in. What a joke! People need this to study for important exams and you can't even get the app to work! App dev team needs a SERIOUS over haul if they can't even get it to sign in with LinkedIn. A 3 year old could do a better job than the pathetic excuse for a dev team you have working there. Needless to say I will be taking my money elsewhere to a more reliable resource so I can study to pass my exams.

- One of my top ten apps

I recommend to everyone. Get busy learning new concept and ideas! Thanks LinkedIn!

- Search is broken

Please fix bugs in this app. I use this app to access content using my library’s account. Please provide a proper link for reporting bugs. the “App Support” link goes to a web page that does not have anywhere to provide feedback or send bug reports. There is a critical bug (or bugs) regarding search. Once you use the search screen, various parts of the app are broken. You cannot create a new playlist from the search screen because the playlite title dialog won’t enable the save button. If you click on a course in the search results, the course screen will be pushed onto the navigation stack, but incompletely. the entire navigation bar becomes unusable. The back button doesn’t work, and the title is mangled. The app needs to be killed and relaunched.

- Nice short videos with concise information

Great resource. I'm subscribed through my library and the content from this is up-to-date and concise. This has been my favorite eLearning so far (compared to CBT Nuggets and Pluralsight). If you're fortunate enough to have this resource through your library, there's no more excuse for not learning something new and improving yourself!

- Can not open

The app does not sync with your LinkedIn, which opens with website? If the app does not work or open...well it’s useless. Thanks for wasting my time

- Self Studying

It is best for self studying.

- A Great Resource

In every sphere of our lives, we need to be constantly upping our game. Having access to a professional development resource that I can access on my own time, at my own pace, and with such a wide variety of topics available is a godsend.

- This app is truly wonderful and can teach me about anything!

I love the fact that I’m not locked down in one subject. I can study at my own pace. I can rewind or fast forward when I’m learning so if I miss a point or something distracting is going on, I’m not left alone puzzled. The teachers are very helpful and teach you how to get started right from the beginning. They offer you tests and assignments at your leisure and there’s no pressure if you’re forgetting a point or you make a mistake. Pick up your school on any schedule day or night, weekend or weekday. I like how I can start studying anytime 2pm or 2am. If I need to take a break or just take a call there’s no urgency that I need to worry about anything. Little stressed about a test, you can take more time re visiting a class or an entire semester. Never worry about your commute not even if you’re sick on a snowy snowed in day. I love how exercises are readily available and not even enforced in the slightest. This program will always allow you to grow and it works when you work it. I love these teachers and programs the software is always the latest and I know that I will be able to do anything and download the online version so I can use it offline especially when I’m on subway, street car or bus without using any data except my wifi at my house or my best friends, ok sometimes I study when I’m with my lover and we can both be working together or just learning new tips tricks and ideas online in the most reliable and relaxing atmosphere gaining the valuable experience we wouldn’t expect to have anywhere close to this comfortable and I’m impressed because this is phenomenal and groundbreaking and definitely worth a lot more then anything you’d expect or have seen before. Good luck and let learning and love become your immediate future. There’s always going to be distractions so let that happen and those moments effectively become a thing of the past. I will wish you well and I hope you have a spectacular future. Take advantage of gaining speed throughout these courses. I love this school! Thanks for meeting me halfway.

- Good app

Lynda it's a good site to learn something new use it for many years. so I suggested for you all

- Like Video Cliff's Notes

I've taken a few courses now. The content is very professional and well presented. It reminds me of Cliff's Notes, but in video format. Great for fast/easy learners who just want to get a good overview on a subject, not do a deep dive. Love that I can download the videos to my phone so I don't use data during playback. Really good app. All the better because my library has an account, so I have access for free! Wheeeeeee!!

- No split screen

The app is getting better, a lot less crashing, but it needs the ability to do split screen so you can have a note taking app open while taking a course.

- Ability to watch videos offline

There really should be a way to save videos for offline playback so data is not used when we don’t have access to wifi.

- Can’t login. Garbage.

Can’t login regardless of what I do, even with a valid account.

- Was good before LinkedIn purchase

LinkedIn took a perfectly good e-learning resource and over complicated/monetized the h*** out of it. Signing in is now an exercise in frustration.

- Like the website

It's more a copy of the website than an actual application, like the iPhone version is... The only problem is that it doesn't keep the login information from time to time, so most of the time you need to login again... The iPhone version doesn't do that... Is it because, precisely, it's the website instead of an application?

- Terrible

Can’t login, invalid credentials even though I’m a valid user. Not impressed.

- Broken

Search/browse not working. Displays feature vids but can narrow down a topic

- Crashes

Crashes when I try to log in with my organization credentials. Still not fixed since last version!

- Excellent tool

Great courses, with updated material. I would only suggest to increase the quiz material, so we can put in practice the knowledge acquired.

- My new favourite iPhone App!

Would be useful to have movies I've watched cached locally on iPhone / Touch. I'll often watch a movie more than once and don't always have a wifi or 3g connection.

- Great for on the go

Really helpful. Needs a offline mode!

- App crashes on iPhone 6

iOS app crashes on iPhone 6 with 11.2.5 OS. As a result, I am not able to view videos from my phone.

- Always full of bugs

It’s shamefull to pay 25$ per month an can’t use the mobile app thay always crashes.

- Terrible.

I had a version that worked perfectly well. Then I downloaded an update that crashes immediately upon launch. Lynda has known about this for at least a week and still nothing has been done. I can access through the browser but now I can’t use my downloaded content meaning I can’t take courses as I travel, the only time I actually have time to enjoy. They let an app with basic coding issues into the wild. Clearly there is a huge problem in the development team, I’m embarrassed for them. Doesn’t reflect on the vast range of superb courses but somewhere there’s a broken development system and I think the company needs to take a long hard look at itself. I get my access at very reasonable cost through my union but if I were paying full price you’d better believe I’d be getting this month refunded. Absolutely intolerable.

- Can’t log in through organization???????


- Crashing

I can’t even use the app because it is constantly crashing. Fix this please!

- Crashes on login

Looks like this is a common problem! Please fix! Try to login and it crashes every time. Useless!

- Please fix

App crashes immediately after logging in (organizational login). Used on Wi-Fi and also LTE, same result.

- Update crashes...can't even start it.

Don't bother.

- Crashes

As soon as I login, it crashes. Over and over. Looks nice when I’m not logged in, but not much use as-is. I even deleted the app and restarted - no luck.

- Crashes on iPhone X after signing in

I sign into the app, and it crashes immediately after loading some template images for courses.

- When I try to launch, the app crashes

When I launch v4.9.0 it crashes. Please fix as is like to use the app again.

- Crash

I try to log in with my college user and it crash. I am going to uninstall

- Such a bummer

As soon as I log in the app crashes every time I open it. Tried deleting app and reinstalling, same thing happens. Please fix!!

- crashes on open

crashes upon organization credentials login

- Crashes!!

Absolutely useless!!! Tried to login using the organization/education portal, crashes right away. Not even worth a star

- Can’t log in with corporation username

Crashed every time when I log in with my corporate user names...can’t use it.. please fix !

- After update, cant run app

App crashes moment i log in. Tried turning off and on, and reinstalling app. Running latest ios, on ipad pro 9.7. Please fix

- Crashes on launch

The app crashes as soon as the home screen begins to load. I think it is due to my usage of the public library access.

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- Needs Learning Path support

Only thing missing is support for Learning Paths

- Okay

I love the videos but it is really buggy on my iPhone SE (the video playback was hard to control and use, it didn’t respond to my clicks often). I hope it will be improved.

- super useful

Content is good, easily log in and follow up. The courses are designed delicately

- Love this app!

What ever you need to know in tech, you can find it!

- App doesn’t let me log in

This app is worthless. I have an account through my university and have no problem accessing through a browser, but the app will not allow my to log in. Garbage developers.

- Well built app

Well done. Great content. Love the offline mode.

- Not allowed to use App with my subscription??..

Two stars cause the site is great as is material. But my account thought the city library doesn’t allow for app access? That’s petty. 👎🏼

- Can’t log in through library

Not sure if the library had to enforce it or something but the app is unusable for those who use Lynda through a library.

- Will not allow login

Will not allow login using LinkedIn, wants me to link a Lynda account, will not allow me to create, I think maybe I have one so I’ll try resetting it... error For an app that teaches programming in its courses, pretty bad....

- Great, but needs LinkedIn premium

App is good. I prefer it to LinkedIn learning, but it doesn’t include LinkedIn premium

- Love it!

Great app to gain new skills and get a job opportunity in IT industry!! Highly suggest this app!

- The worst app. Do not waste your money

Way too expensive! difficult to log on and difficult to cancel subscription. Cannot rate less than one star!!!!

- Self learning Tool

It was my great journey with Lynda learning new technologies that help my day to day work knowledge.

- Good content. App crashes

Not sure why the app crashes but frustrating. Also, why can’t you take notes on iPad app? Unhelpful.

- Awesome App

Couldn’t live without it

- Good stuff

I’m not a doctor I have no patience I’m learning here .it’s going to be “Dr Crunchy “

- Can’t login with LinkedIn Credentials

I have tried multiple times to login using my LinkedIn credentials and I always get an error message asking me to try again.

- Education email doesn't work

Will not let you sign on the app when you have an account through a university.

- Barely functional

This app is a complete mess and impossible to use. You’re better off just using the website.

- Great app overall!

I use this app A LOT, especially with airplay. Most of the time it works pretty good although every now and then the video goes blank (audio keeps playing) and the only solution is to chooose another video and then go back. Also, if the iPad goes to sleep while this app is running, I get up to four messages such as "Unable to Load video," or "the connection seems to be offline", "could not fetch history" among others ending up with an occasional crash, or having to hit "Ok", "Cancel," "Retry," "Send," etc a whole bunch of times to get back to my video. That can get somewhat annoying if you use this app a lot. Another thing is that if you select Airplay in the middle of a video, it will start over on the TV instead of picking up where you left off. Having said that, the queue, autoplay, my courses and course history features are absolutely great. They are very useful and work pretty much like a custom playlist . A couple feature requests: 1. I have this app installed in two ipads and/or visit the website, so the log out from other device becomes somewhat repetitive after a while: what about enabling something such as "Registered Devices" on my account to avoid logging in and out ? 2. This may be a longshot but I would absolutely love this app on my Apple TV. (Airplay works great though) 3. Volume control on the screen while playing videos - I know I can use my iPad's volume control but I would rather do it on screen. Great app overall!

- Awesome app

Learn learn learn! App is easy to navigate. No complain!

- Login issues

Could not log in with my verified good login info either via LinkedIn or Lynda specific login. Works in browser not in app. Fail.

- LinkedIn Learning and Lynda NOT WORKING

The apps aren’t allowing me to sign in through my iPhone. I’m signed in on my laptop but, when I wanna watch from my iPhone I am unable to.

- Useless

I access Lynda through my public library, and the app does not permit logging in this way, so it is necessary to use a browser.

- Unable to use app

My Lynda account is through my library, so the app tells me I’m not allowed to use the app with this membership, which is dumb.

- App is trash

Content is good but app is trash. I recommend using a desktop computer to access the courses

- Can’t use without LinkedIn.

Can’t use without LinkedIn. No longer interested. Cancelling this month. Shame on you.

- Cannot login via LinkedIn

There is an option to login using Linked, but it does not work.

- Are you gonna update soon and start getting better reviews?

Can’t login!!!!!! Update

- Avoid

Customer service said they are not updating this app to move to Lynda learning.

- Good luck

Trying to get this stupid crapp to work on your phone with an older LinkedIn account.

- Inflated price - limited value

Sell outs be damned! Cancelled today. Replace with Udemy. 🤞🏻hope they don’t sell out too.

- Can’t login from iPad, 500 internal server error.

Can’t login from iPad, 500 internal server error.

- Doesn’t work for Library login

Title says it all..

- Pricey

Too expensive

- Stuck in Lynda-LinkedIn Purgatory

1. Open the Lynda app 2. Lynda instructs to download LinkedIn Learning 3. Download LinkedIn Learning 4. LinkedIn Learning asks for Lynda account Apparently the LinkedIn Developers slept through the Lynda course on infinite loops!

- chinese

we need chinese

- Wow

This logo is such an eye soar, jeez.

- My Go To Learning Platform

I had been searching through quite a few coding and online education platforms for a few months now trying to find the one that was going to work for me. Udemy was great but the content varied based on the instructor. Udacity was also good but the courses were to long for me to dive in and see if this kind of career was for me, though the content was good. I feel like Lynda is the perfect medium when it comes to quality of content as well as diversity of content at an affordable price. I have access to a huge library for just a monthly subscription. So I can get the worth out of it depending on how fast I go through courses. I highly recommend it, plus you get a 10 day free trial to see if it is for you. If not, no harm now found. I see this as the platform that I will go to for years to come when learning or brushing up on my skills. My only hope with Lynda is that they will continue to update their material as some of the material seems to be a few years old. Though that may not be a bad thing especially if you are still using older programs, but if Lynda continues to stay up to date on what is new in the world of coding then I'm on board.

- Really want a 3.5

For some reason I cannot see any of the software or topics in the Library, just keeps circling like it’s loading. I don’t see anywhere where the learning path I’ve previously selected shows in the app. So I’m guessing my only option is to go into library, see if the topics load and select the path again. There should be an easy “assign this path to me” button so that I can easily get back to it. Even online doesn’t have this option, ugh. I literally take a screenshot and then go back to add the courses to a playlist. The course selection and search feature work well and tiles are well-sized from a UI perspective, much appreciated. Just unfortunate that I have to supplement with the mobile site to find my path.

- Update: Some great stuff now

Completely changing my review from one star to five, for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t know what temporary server problem they had but they fixed it and downloads again working fine (ignored tech support’s suggestion to re-load the app and lose all my downloads, and made no changes on my end, and it had nothing to do with my available bandwidth which was and is massive). Secondly, I just got an iPhone 6 Plus today, and this app works incredibly well on this platform. Courses download much faster, and the app makes great use of the screen real estate. As I write this, just a couple weeks after iOS 8 came out, and just days since the iPhone 6 Plus became somewhat available, it’s pretty impressive that Linda got this thing working so soon. By the way let me add a plug for any course by the incomparable Simon Allardice - the best teacher I’ve ever seen. Try any course from him!

- Please Implement the Path System in the app

I absolutely love Lynda! I recommend to any artist/designer/developer to get a subscription (provided you have money to pay for it) as it is the best investment you'll make in your education. I also love the "path" system that Lynda offers. It basically compiles videos from the site itself and organizes whatever you want to study (i.e. Graphic design, web design or business) into a category. It's a wonderful tool to learn specifically what you're studying without having to look through a bunch of videos. However, I believe it is only available in the desktop version of Lynda, not the app. It would be great if this system could be added to the app, that way I don't have to save every single lesson in the path for it to transfer to the app and I could just easily access it (or find other paths). Other than that, Lynda is totally worth the investment :)

- The best iOS learning video platform

I've been using Lynda on my laptop for years, but I never felt like was getting the most out of it. Over the years, the number of topics has ballooned, which is great, but getting it on my iPad and iPhone has greatly improved my learning experience. Let's face it, it's had to watch a video on a laptop and work through the exercise files at the same time. Now, I can run Lynda on my iPad and download the files on my MacBook Pro - working along with the lesson rather than after viewing. The quality of the lessons, which has to be a bottom line here, are excellent so Lynda is an all-around win.

- Useful for School

Just downloaded it, immediately began using it, already I'm content with it. This will be immensely useful for doing schoolwork on the run, especially considering that 9 out of 10 locations I find myself in have free wifi available. I just have to check to see how well this works on Apple TV (the option is there, but the primary television in this house is often hijacked by my mother) and I should be all set. I'm even considering investing in an iPad for better access to any videos and documents that I have to view alongside my regular schoolwork. This is perfect incentive for me…and the better to earn my Bachelors degree.

- Disagree with other reviewers.

This app does exactly what I want. It lets me watch any of the videos on the site. Not only is the app very well organized, it works flawlessly for me. I'm not having any of the problems other reviewers are having. I can also live without the quick speed features. This is iOS, of course it will be dumbed down a bit. But the app is flawless nonetheless. I am amazed out how easy is it to learn complex software with Lynda. I love being able to watch videos on my desktop, then switching to my phone as I lay in bed. This app rocks!!!!!!!

- Should we just give up on Lynda altogether?

After the most recent update (which was hopefully to fix the problem with constant disconnects from streaming devices and unwanted playing of videos after pausing), the app now closes immediately after opening. It appears to load for a couple of seconds and then closes. I have restarted my phone, but the problem persists. Will reinstall app... How about fully testing your app before releasing updates? I stopped paying for Lynda directly because this app is junk (and the library is filled with additional low quality material every day), but now I need it for school and it's included in my tuition. Update: problem persists after uninstalling app, restarting iPhone, and reinstalling app. Problem does not appear until after signing into the app with my school's web portal.

- love the new layout, but....

I know some might scoff at my 3 stars, but i am married to my iPad. i use this guy all day as my chat machine, study guide, news source, etc. using lynda to take courses during the work day is great, i absolutely can't live without it now. but the last update broke a key feature.....previous to the update the apple bluetooth keyboard (and perhaps any BT keyboard although i cannot confirm as i have not tested) would allow me to control the video using the F7 through F9 keys. if i got a call, or had to jump into a meeting, i could just pause by hitting F8, and hit it again to play. this doesn't appear to work anymore. Can you please bring THAT little convenient feature back? thanks you guys!!!!

- Great instructors! Lynda is worth subscribing, mobile apps are worth having!

First, Lynda is a great way to train for using new software and learn advanced tricks, and second the mobile app has really increased how often I study. I've been a member for about a year, at first using the web version to learn while sitting at my desk. Now I use my tablet to Chromecast-- I study more when I don't have to log in and sit at my desk. I appreciate that the mobile app syncs with the browser so we can pick up where left off in a course. Great subscription plus a reliable app-- Absolutely worth it.

- This latest version makes the app a must have

This latest version of the Lynda app finally has me excited about doing my Lynda courses in iOS devices. I love this app. Seriously, before this version, I used to feel like we were better off watching Lynda courses using iPad Safari than using the Lynda iPad app. Not any more. It is apparent to me that Lynda developers are reading these comments and reviews and using them to improve their project, because it is evolving to be exactly what we would wish it to be. Good job Lynda developers. Thank you.

- Lynda is the best!

Lynda is an amazing education platform! I love it so much because of all the curated classes from industry professionals instead of random self proclaimed teachers like on other education platforms. They have so many categories for me to choose from so I find myself exploring other fields and finding new interests all the time! With the new app, it's easy for me to download classes to my phone and watch videos on the bus, while I'm waiting for something, or watching a quick video before I go to sleep. Lynda is very much worth the money.

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The applications was published in the category Education on 2010-02-25 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation [Developer ID: 288429043]. This application file size is 77.72 MB. - Education posted on 2018-11-28 current version is 4.9.8 and works well on IOS 8.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lyndadotcom.lynda

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