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Sync course history and pick up where you left off for a continuous learning experience across all devices

• iPhone 4 GSM or later; iPod touch 5th generation or later; iPad 2 or later.
• iOS 7.0 or later
• Connection to 3G, 4G, or WiFi network

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The applications was published in the category Education on 2010-02-25 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation. This application file size is 77.72 MB. current version is 4.9.8 and works well on IOS 8.1 and high versions.

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Advertorial    5 star

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Sharon131   1 star

If you sign up for free Lydia you will be charged!. Because LinkedIn bought them, this once gold star company for learning online is now a trap!!! The free trial will end up costing $100’s of dollars and you can’t cancel because you can’t get a hold of LinkedIn customer service.... they don’t have one!!!!!! Shame on LinkedIn for being crooks!! You have no privacy with LinkedIn, it’s over!!! You cell phone will be bombarded wit solicitors trying to sell you vacation packages to everything under the sky. Cancel your LinkedIn account and forget about Lydia leaning online as they are no longer a reputable company.

tried but no dice   1 star

Useless. I access Lynda through my public library, and the app does not permit logging in this way, so it is necessary to use a browser.

not your dev   1 star

Please fix IPadOS. Long time user but since the recent update I’m unable to access my account through the app and also browser. I was quick to make sure this wasn’t a account issue as I am able to login on several other devices and browsers. I believe the issue is only occurring due to the update

Whats Up Jonny   1 star

Doesn’t work for Library login. Title says it all..

Fabio Fran   5 star

Lynda Rocks!. Great too! You should have access to it, and learn, learn and learn. Lynda is the best tool I’ve ever had. I download my courses so I can keep track of it when I’m traveling, and the best using it off line. The certifications are great! Everyone that teaches you are very professional and has lots of knowledge. You can find any content, at any time and it always update. I’m in IT, but also love the Leadership, management, videos. Great Job Lynda!

mike_lynx   5 star

Love pure Love!. I love and love supporting an organization that gives back so much, thank you Lynda! Lynda has amazing courses that help you keep up to date with skills. I can’t wait for the course on how to be an astronaut! I know it’s coming soon!!!

nizor2002   5 star

Love it!. Great app to gain new skills and get a job opportunity in IT industry!! Highly suggest this app!

MandeeInSisters   4 star

Love it!. I’ve been using for a couple years now and absolutely love it. I’ve only recently started using the app this week but it’s pretty great too. I use my library card to get the free account have been able to excel my career because of it. The only downside I see is not being able to find the learning paths on the app and easily moving on to the next course on a path. Other than that I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity anyone can access!

_NM_   5 star

High Quality Content. The courses offered by are among the best online courses. There is generally good assessment of prerequisites with links to other courses too. The video and audio quality are consistently good. Lynda’s instructors are top notch and speak clearly, unlike many other sites, in particular Udemy for example whose instructors would probably be fine in their native tongues but understanding them in English requires extra effort. If your topic of interest in covered by, then you should check first. I always do and have never regretted it.

PatfreakingOhSome   2 star

Removed Offline Downlod Library Access. While I can still get library access online, this has been removed from the iOS app. I have always wanted to have some reference while offline, while traveling but this functionality is a huge turn off.

3rd wise woman   4 star

Skills/Learning. Lynda covers just about any subject you would need to improve your skills in the workplace. Available at anytime day or night. You choose the course and watch the videos at your convenience. If you like to improve your knowledge this is a great resource.

Panchy63   5 star

Great app!. I enjoy learning new things on this platform. Easy to use mobile app.

lampterp   5 star

Still better than LinkedIn Learning. Lynda offers apps for iOS, AppleTV and Roku, and this iOS app is able to Chromecast to my AndroidTV as well, giving me several options to watch class videos on the big screen, unlike LinkedLearning, which has no apps for any smart TV or streaming device, and the cast to AndroidTV feature never works. I still like Lynda way better than LinkedIn Learning.

Warrior X   2 star

Linkedin, oh i mean Lynda. Lynda, probably one of the most superior online education systems for IT, with ‘walk-through’ content, was upheaved by Microsoft yet again. Im not critiquing Lynda content itself, rather the inevitability of what happens to a company after microsoft takes it over. I dont like linkedin. And i dont appreciate being required to carry a linked in account to deal with my subscription to lynda. Can you view your service tickets when there is a problem? Not without a linkedin account! All of my profile information was messed up because of the snooping of this platform. How can they have my account email address and send and manage my account using a different email address i will never know.

KoriTheLearner   1 star

Same problem as the others. The app won’t let you login through your organization. I’m using my school info and it just simply won’t work on the app. The full site through your internet browser works fine but a challenge to use on mobile. It doesn’t look like they’re interested in fixing the issue, hence the 1 Star.

xacbaby   5 star

super useful. Content is good, easily log in and follow up. The courses are designed delicately

Denyadira   5 star

Such a Great Tool of Skill to My Tool Box. I really loving and learning a lot in - I do wish you will have a search area or the bookmarks accessible in the app just like it is on the website. I still love it and it will be beneficial if you add test for all the programs and not just for a few, this is a great way to learn and maintain the information learnt. I do recommend the app is easy to use and a great tool for a new skills.

mbs99   5 star

Wish I hadn’t traded Lynda for LinkedIn Learning. I wish they were still updating this app. I made the switch to LinkedIn Learning, and like many, now regret the decision.

MagnetMom   5 star

I recommended this resource to my employer. I loved how well and quickly I was able to train myself on all aspects of Microsoft applications. I was able to fulfill my employer’s requirement that I be certified in Microsoft Office back when we were using Office 2003. I recommended to my employer and within about a year, they acted on my recommendation and it is now our firms training platform! I was one of the first in our technology department to gain the Microsoft Office Master certification in Office 2016. Thank you for thorough and straightforward training in technology.

Dr Crunchy   4 star

Good stuff. I’m not a doctor I have no patience I’m learning here .it’s going to be “Dr Crunchy “

MynameisJaneB   5 star

Awesome app. Learn learn learn! App is easy to navigate. No complain!

Sakhtar   1 star

Broken on Appletv for a month. The login functionality is broken for Appletv app for a month and Lynda team is not even interested in giving any dates for fixing. Apple should take it down on Appletv where the code for login always fail.

kbt11   4 star

Self learning Tool. It was my great journey with Lynda learning new technologies that help my day to day work knowledge.

UzimaEspoire   5 star

Very Satisfied. I just started acquiring some knowledge about different software dev systems. And 8 couldn’t be more happy than I am for finding out about Lynda. It’s definitely by far the best learning resource out there, with great teachers.

19dami89   5 star

Great!. The app is the best way to learn quickly and well. You can use it at any time and it has so many subject that you may choose from. Specially good for learning and advancing your skill with programming languages. Great app! Well done. Damiano Canali

jazz_Oscar   5 star rocks!!. Learning something new every day is possible with The breadth of topics available is enormous. I love using the exercise files so that you can try out what you are learning at the same time.

Lemonzestlife   5 star

love this site. Learn what you want when you want all from top-level instructors in clear and concise terms. Excellent value and great content.

Beowolf378   5 star

Amazing. This app is an amazing learning tool. Just the perfect start you need. As well as a great tool for supplementing information

Iser1da   5 star

Very thankful. I absolutely love Thank you so much for this service.

G-Jitsu   1 star

Won’t even let me login. I can login on the desktop or on my phone but through the app, it seems to not work. I use my school email that works normally but the app keeps saying wrong user or password. Even after I clicked forgot my password and changed it, it still didn’t allow me to login.

Advertorial    5 star

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Aminkish   5 star

A big inspiration. I was looking after management presentation, one day suddenly I reached out to Drawing learnings materials, it helped me to find my hobby and inspired me to learn more not only about my professional expertise, but just about everything. Thanks to Vancouver public library.

yamakake   5 star

Nice short videos with concise information. Great resource. I'm subscribed through my library and the content from this is up-to-date and concise. This has been my favorite eLearning so far (compared to CBT Nuggets and Pluralsight). If you're fortunate enough to have this resource through your library, there's no more excuse for not learning something new and improving yourself!

...oops   1 star

Can not open. The app does not sync with your LinkedIn, which opens with website? If the app does not work or open...well it’s useless. Thanks for wasting my time

vswarring   5 star

Self Studying. It is best for self studying.

jcass015   5 star

A Great Resource. In every sphere of our lives, we need to be constantly upping our game. Having access to a professional development resource that I can access on my own time, at my own pace, and with such a wide variety of topics available is a godsend.

Checco2011   5 star

This app is truly wonderful and can teach me about anything!. I love the fact that I’m not locked down in one subject. I can study at my own pace. I can rewind or fast forward when I’m learning so if I miss a point or something distracting is going on, I’m not left alone puzzled. The teachers are very helpful and teach you how to get started right from the beginning. They offer you tests and assignments at your leisure and there’s no pressure if you’re forgetting a point or you make a mistake. Pick up your school on any schedule day or night, weekend or weekday. I like how I can start studying anytime 2pm or 2am. If I need to take a break or just take a call there’s no urgency that I need to worry about anything. Little stressed about a test, you can take more time re visiting a class or an entire semester. Never worry about your commute not even if you’re sick on a snowy snowed in day. I love how exercises are readily available and not even enforced in the slightest. This program will always allow you to grow and it works when you work it. I love these teachers and programs the software is always the latest and I know that I will be able to do anything and download the online version so I can use it offline especially when I’m on subway, street car or bus without using any data except my wifi at my house or my best friends, ok sometimes I study when I’m with my lover and we can both be working together or just learning new tips tricks and ideas online in the most reliable and relaxing atmosphere gaining the valuable experience we wouldn’t expect to have anywhere close to this comfortable and I’m impressed because this is phenomenal and groundbreaking and definitely worth a lot more then anything you’d expect or have seen before. Good luck and let learning and love become your immediate future. There’s always going to be distractions so let that happen and those moments effectively become a thing of the past. I will wish you well and I hope you have a spectacular future. Take advantage of gaining speed throughout these courses. I love this school! Thanks for meeting me halfway.

BKS823   4 star

Good. My public library subscribes to Lynda. It works great on my iPad.

Olaro   5 star

Like Video Cliff's Notes. I've taken a few courses now. The content is very professional and well presented. It reminds me of Cliff's Notes, but in video format. Great for fast/easy learners who just want to get a good overview on a subject, not do a deep dive. Love that I can download the videos to my phone so I don't use data during playback. Really good app. All the better because my library has an account, so I have access for free! Wheeeeeee!!

jeffmoss   3 star

No split screen. The app is getting better, a lot less crashing, but it needs the ability to do split screen so you can have a note taking app open while taking a course.

srahman__   2 star

Ability to watch videos offline. There really should be a way to save videos for offline playback so data is not used when we don’t have access to wifi.

Svet007   4 star

Good app!. I enjoy using the app on my iPad. Thanks!

ashelmspace   1 star

Can’t login. Garbage.. Can’t login regardless of what I do, even with a valid account.

CraigBrian   5 star

Great for on the go. Really helpful. Needs a offline mode!

Fishcotheque   1 star

Was good before LinkedIn purchase. LinkedIn took a perfectly good e-learning resource and over complicated/monetized the h*** out of it. Signing in is now an exercise in frustration.

iBOBas   4 star

Good app. Lynda it's a good site to learn something new use it for many years. so I suggested for you all

supercalifraguloid   1 star

Terrible. Can’t login, invalid credentials even though I’m a valid user. Not impressed.

6clop   1 star

Always full of bugs. It’s shamefull to pay 25$ per month an can’t use the mobile app thay always crashes.

Fire Tower Film Freak   1 star

Terrible.. I had a version that worked perfectly well. Then I downloaded an update that crashes immediately upon launch. Lynda has known about this for at least a week and still nothing has been done. I can access through the browser but now I can’t use my downloaded content meaning I can’t take courses as I travel, the only time I actually have time to enjoy. They let an app with basic coding issues into the wild. Clearly there is a huge problem in the development team, I’m embarrassed for them. Doesn’t reflect on the vast range of superb courses but somewhere there’s a broken development system and I think the company needs to take a long hard look at itself. I get my access at very reasonable cost through my union but if I were paying full price you’d better believe I’d be getting this month refunded. Absolutely intolerable.

MaxRuoyu   1 star

Can’t log in through organization???????. It CRUSHES EVERY SINGLE TIME

wknelsen   1 star

Crashing. I can’t even use the app because it is constantly crashing. Fix this please!

Kimcameron21   1 star

Crashes on login. Looks like this is a common problem! Please fix! Try to login and it crashes every time. Useless!

Piarti   1 star

Please fix. App crashes immediately after logging in (organizational login). Used on Wi-Fi and also LTE, same result.

HL108   1 star

Update crashes...can't even start it.. Don't bother.

Slarty Blartfast   1 star

Crashes. As soon as I login, it crashes. Over and over. Looks nice when I’m not logged in, but not much use as-is. I even deleted the app and restarted - no luck.

GautamL   2 star

App crashes on iPhone 6. iOS app crashes on iPhone 6 with 11.2.5 OS. As a result, I am not able to view videos from my phone.

Gregthelingo   1 star

Crashes on iPhone X after signing in. I sign into the app, and it crashes immediately after loading some template images for courses.

drmann30   1 star

When I try to launch, the app crashes. When I launch v4.9.0 it crashes. Please fix as is like to use the app again.

douglaslz   1 star

Crash. I try to log in with my college user and it crash. I am going to uninstall

Schmooblaster   1 star

Such a bummer. As soon as I log in the app crashes every time I open it. Tried deleting app and reinstalling, same thing happens. Please fix!!

Plasmalaser   1 star

crashes on open. crashes upon organization credentials login

Advertorial    5 star

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Senturya   5 star

Awesome experience. I’m using my library free registration. Every Australian has this facility. Speak to your library for full access. Thank you.

Syed Junaid   5 star

Good content. Appreciate the content !

HumphreyG   2 star

They make it as difficult as possible to cancel. This app is clearly not designed with the customer in mind as they make it as hard as possible to revise your subscription (you cant do it on the App - why not?) and they don’t offer a pay-per-course option.

aaauyymmm   3 star

Control video quality as we can in pc. Could you please add a function in which we can control the video quality? When I cast it on my TV using google chrome ultra, it doesn’t detect the highest quality automatically. That’s why I need to control the video quality to cast better version on my TV,

Dumonty 3543   5 star

Learn on the go!!!. I love this app! Great current content for social marketers. Being able to cast to your tv is a plus. Keep the valuable updates coming.

pramish1979   5 star

Best!!!. One of the best learning precinct in town.

machine-learning   1 star

Play speed setting need be improved. The play speed setting is not very useful, can’t set 1.1. The options 1.25 is too fast for most videos.

PhilipCB   5 star

Best app to learn with. I have the app on my iPhone 7plus and an old iPad 3, and it works beautifully. It keeps the video lessons that l'm watching on the home page. I am recommending to my students at uni.

TimTam8686   1 star

Videos not playable. Seriously, what’s the point of putting out an app when the videos aren’t even playable? Just here for us to give you one star comments huh?

Shushed be   1 star

Already not impressed. Asked me to start a FREE trial then immediately charged me $7.99 for my 1 month “FREE” trial... including the $54.99 that I will be charged at the end of the month. Talk about hidden charges. What a shady way to take money from already poor students. Contacting help & support & getting my money back. Refuse to be scammed by an app.

Jkrizt   1 star

App is crashing after I login. I didn’t have the opportunity to even open any videos. It crashes when I opened it. Poor Mobil App! P.s. I’m running latest version of iOS and using iphone 6S+

Codeabug   1 star

App crashing even after updating to latest iOS. App crashing even after updating to latest iOS on iPad. Hope they fix it ASAP

Mithra711   1 star

Doesn't work. Quite disappointed!

Kridi2805   1 star

App keeps crashing. The app keeps crashing as soon as it is started. My iOS updates have been done and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it keeps crashing. I hope that it is fixed soon because I love this app

Relfy123   1 star

Crash crash crash. That’s the iPhone Lynda experience. Stick to the desktop where it works great.

Reader AAA   1 star

App keeps on crashing. App keeps on crashing, please fix!

Wizzard 147   2 star

Please fix.. App crashes shortly after opening, has been excellent to use and learn with for over 5 years. 6 days now and I’m getting bored and frustrated. I use this app a LOT.

CoolRunnerings   1 star

Crash after login. Hopeless.

Zxcvapple1   5 star

A note for app crash. Users who complain about app constantly is crashing, please keep your iOS up-to-dates. I have not had any issue with this app after I have updated my iOS. I’m enjoying spending more time on learning useful things after I joined Lynda network.

Redfern_bloke   1 star

Rubbish app, simply crashes. Unusable app. As soon as you enter a username and password on an IOS device - the app simply crashes and closes. Happens on every one of my iOS devices. Multiple reinstalls has no effect.

HelsSc78   1 star

Has been great but.... ... now crashing all the time on iPhone. Please fix!

Domapra   1 star

App crash. All the time I lunch this app it crashes immediately in iPhone 6. Its a great app I know but I cant use it since my last update.

😬😳😤   1 star

Please fix this App. I haven’t had a chance to use this app. It crashes within 2 seconds of opening. I’ve updated everything.

inexplicable_fool   1 star

Crashes. Just crashes every time I login straight after it gets to the “Accept terms” page. Useless.

eknnoy   3 star

Latest update keep crashing on home page.. Latest update keep crashing on home page. Unusable.

karimblog   1 star

If they develop as they teach.... The app crash all the time. Completely unusable.

MARK_XM   1 star

App crashes all the time. This iPhone version app destroys Lynda’s reputation a lot. It crashes all the time since I log in, even I tired to reboot my iPhone 7 Plus, delete Lynda and reinstall it, nothing works. It still keep crashing and shutting down after I opened it. Totally the worst app, shame on you developers!

MW.Architecture   2 star

Content great, app crashes on iPhone X. Just downloaded, experiencing lots of crashes

Dipen404   1 star

App Crashes on login. Have an account on Lynda through an organisation. The login opens in the organisation portal on safari. It cashes on linking back to the app on the “Terms and Conditions” screen.

Sanvank   2 star

Search broken.. Search always returns "No results found for...". Education 4.9.8 Download

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