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LastPass simplifies your digital life. From your LastPass Vault, you can store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in photo and audio notes, and more. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass autofills web browser and app logins for you.

Get started today for free and join the millions managing passwords with LastPass — you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Download LastPass now and get started, completely free. You can use LastPass across all your devices, including phones, tablets, and personal computers, for free.


- Store all your usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts securely in your LastPass Vault
- Sync all of your passwords and logins across all your devices for free
- Anything you save on one device is instantly available on any other device you use
- Use TouchID to access your Vault

- Automatically fill in your name, address, credit card info with Form Fill
- Instantly log in to websites using saved passwords and TouchID

- Create secure passwords using the built-in password generator
- Set custom password parameters like length, capital or lowercase letters, symbols and numbers
- Set passwords to be pronounceable

- AES-256 bit encryption keeps your passwords and notes safe
- LastPass never has your encryption key – only you know your password
- Optional PIN code, TouchID, and offline options
- Get notified about important security issues and risks when they happen
- Multifactor authentication

- Organize sites by folders in your Vault
- Safely and conveniently share passwords with others
- Log in to Safari, Firefox, and Chrome extensions on your personal computer

- Plan ahead and give trusted family or friends a way to access your Vault in case of an emergency
- Accept or decline Emergency Access requests to your Vault

Business owners can download LastPass to secure their business and share passwords safely among employees.

- Add and remove employee accounts from the Admin Console
- Simple, secure sharing and storage of passwords among team members
- Configure security policies to restrict access and set requirements
- Active Directory integration for automated user provisioning
- Learn more at

With LastPass, your passwords are safely stored and accessible across all your devices. Use LastPass for password protection, document storage, or workplace security. Our Vault can handle it all.

Download LastPass today!

LastPass Password Manager App Description & Overview

The applications LastPass Password Manager was published in the category Productivity on 2009-08-01 and was developed by LogMeIn, Inc.. The file size is 81.62 MB. The current version is 4.1.14 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We’ve been working hard to improve the LastPass app on iOS! This release includes support for the upcoming LastPass Families release, and fixes a few bugs that we found along the way.

Keep the feedback coming! You can contact us through the Settings page in the app, by selecting Help and Support.

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LastPass Password Manager Reviews


Started Password reset process, left me stranded  Poopspeedstream  2 star

Be careful...the app asked if it could use my email to reset passwords. I had to take care of something while it was working, and I either used a different app or locked my phone inadvertently. Anyways, when I went back to the app, the process was gone, and I couldn't find it again. It regenerated all of those passwords, but most aren't in my vault! So I have to go reset them all again manually. Not a great first experience.

Old' Geezer

old timer  Old' Geezer  5 star

Pretty much always there, works well, reliable; tech support for premium user (several years,) is inexpensive and fast, a good value. Thanks!

G in MN

Do NOT download  G in MN  1 star

I downloaded this app after reading all of the great reviews and immediately it reset many of my passwords (30+) after which only 8 of them showed up in this app. In trying to log on to basically every app on my phone after this there was no way to access the new password or auto fill the recreated password for those apps/sites that are missing from the list. I'm sure I'm missing something, but for what was advertised as a completely seamless process has been a frustrating headache and a complete waste of time.


Incomplete app  Captain#1  2 star

The app does a fair job of filling in apps on iPad, but doesn't fill in appropriate info on some apps. Then I have to go to the app and do it manually.


Life saver  aleksnod  5 star

I’ve been using lastpass for several years now, and it made my life a lot easier. It’s the best tool for saving anything that you want to keep private.


Handy App  KittSays  5 star

So many passwords to remember. LastPass makes it manageable.


Generate New Password is broken  pscreed  1 star

Same password every time.... not good.


Is it me or does Lastpass not work?  c.urmudgeon  1 star

I'm an old fart trying to use Lastpass for the first time. Can't figure how to get it to capture my login data. Doesn't appear to look or work at all as described in the help texts. I'm giving up. Glad I didn't have to pay for it. Worth every penny!


Great product  Ninedge_Dad  5 star

Been a user for over a year. Operates well on both iPhone and MacBook.


Somethings should just work by now...  WMarxist  1 star

2 factor authentication with authenticators is not something that works on the iPhone, which at this point is ridiculous. To be clear, LP is one of the better password managers out there in some respects. I've had LastPass for years now. I've brought other along with me. I was fine with the corporate takeover as long as things moved forward and no price gouging followed. I've been pleased and compliment management for how they handled that portion of things so far (Bravo for ethical profitability). But really, 2 factor authentication with authenticators (not just TouchID) should be pretty straight forward in this day and age. It's become a nightmare on iPhone and with Safari after I enabled it to secure my PC version. (Safari problems aren't all LPs fault as Apple and it's "no, just trust us with all your passwords" scheme is also guilty here). I can't access any form of LP on iPhone now without logging into my PC so that 2FA authentication will work properly. Ridiculous. If need be, separate the 2FA between iPhone app and browsing .. but don't make it so an iPhone doesn't work. The password generator function should include an auto save function since the copy-paste function is a one time deal.


돌창인생 와린이 밀리브 milli_ve 3 star

@RYUCHE_: LastPass: Free Password Manager 비밀번호 저장및 관리 프로그램 사실 크롬이 비번 저장 잘해주긴하는데 얘는 비번을 정리하는게 편해진다.


Chip the Partier chipperwade 3 star

#LastPass password manager is so easy to use you can even use it drunk! "Babe! I figured it out!" "Oh, hey! Can you grab me another beer?!"


Blitzcrig WordPress BlitzcrigWordP1 3 star

@ithemes: Why you should be using a password manager like @LastPass -


Perfect  jjcantar  5 star

Seriously...does what it says on the tin. Been using it for years and can't see changing that.

Teddy Bruski

Thank you  Teddy Bruski  5 star

Thank you for storing my passwords


Great password manager  Dmanpro  5 star

I've been using LastPass for several years now. Love it! Works great, easy to use. Plus they keep adding features periodically to make it even better.


Browser needs work  Snaggo  3 star

LastPass is GREAT! Don't get me wrong, however, it's browser doesn't always work with bank and medical websites. I am constantly going back to Chrome, cutting and pasting, to gain access. Not exactly what I had hoped for. :(


Great except for bug  Taselian  3 star

It's a great app but the keyboard won't pop up when I try to use search or when I open a new window in their browser. And I'm not sure why it doesn't integrate with Safari or Chrome on my iPhone. It's a PIA to use the app for anything with a password. I'll change the rating when the keyboard issue is resolved.


Indispensable app, but could be improved  MicLu66  3 star

Latest update improves video playback substantially, so that low battery warnings and app switching no longer screw up playback. But I've had a lot of problems with links not loading. App just gets stuck and pages don't load.


Bottom line..........excellent !!  Golfert65  5 star

One of the best password managers out there........period !!


It's actually what the name says....  V.Sawhney  5 star

Last password... that you need to remember.


Best PW Manager Available  PxC-Guy  5 star

LastPass is a top performer. I have my account linked on all of my devices which makes logging in to an account a breeze. I no longer have to remember complex passwords, and changing a password is a breeze.

Gamingjace JC

Dumb.  Gamingjace JC  1 star

you need to pay?! I was so excited to use this.....

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