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It’s a fact: everyone sounds better with the T-Pain Effect. Transform your voice and get your T-Pain on with scrolling lyrics and original beats from the hottest producers. Sing the songs included in the app or give your voice the T-Pain Effect while singing along to any track in your iTunes library.

Featuring the T-Pain Effect technology used by T-Pain on his albums.

As seen on The Ellen Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the Jimmy Fallon Show.

I Am T-Pain was chosen as one of the Top 25 Paid Apps of All Time has been featured in the New York Times, CNN & Billboard.

“Do you have any idea how many hours I could waste getting my mom to sing hip-hop?” – Mashable

"Death of Auto-Tune" - Jay-Z


Sing into the mic on your iPhone, and I Am T-Pain will record your voice and give you the T-Pain Effect. Then, with a single button, share your song over email, Facebook, or Twitter.

• Receive 9 tracks FREE with the app.

• Get songs by Lil Wayne, Eminem, Usher, 50 Cent, and Tupac featuring Dr. Dre.

• Look out for brand spankin' NEW beats from the hottest producers. The first 5,000 to download them get them for FREE! Enable push notifications to be the first to know!

• Use Freestyle mode to sing with the T-Pain Effect without background music.

• Sing any song in your iTunes library with the T-Pain Effect (iPhone and iPod touch only).

• Get previously unreleased T-Pain original beats!

• Create your own T-Pain Effect videos (iOS 4.0 required with iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4).


“Yo, this is gonna be a smash” – Akon

“I Am T-Pain” – T-Pain

“This is really fresh” – Kid Cudi


We recommend using the headphones with the integrated microphone that came bundled with your iPhone. iPod touch 4th Gen users: Because of hardware limitations, we recommend you use a headset or headphones with this product.

Note that I am T-Pain 2.0 uses the T-Pain Effect pitch correction by Izotope, not Antares Auto-Tune.
Unfortunately, we are no longer supporting iPod 2s with iOS 4.

I Am T-Pain 2.0 App Description & Overview

The applications I Am T-Pain 2.0 was published in the category Music on 2009-09-04 and was developed by Smule. The file size is 19.59 MB. The current version is 2.0.4 and works well on 5.0.1 and high ios versions.

Song Previews!
Improved Mic Sensitivity
Universal App (iPad Compatibility)
Improved Algorithm for Globe Performances
Bug Fixes

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I Am T-Pain 2.0 Reviews


I’m waiting  CurtisThaPlug  5 star

Update to iOS 11 so I can make some music


Update  SWAGGNIFICENTD  5 star

Aye, update the app. So I can use it with the new update . Thanks g

Need a update..

Update  Need a update..  5 star

Please do an update on this app so, I can use it with the new iOS. This app needs a new update

mr rightnow

Does not work with iOS 11  mr rightnow  5 star

Please update this app it does not open ! Thank you


Update  Ton3capone  1 star

Love this app need a update for 11 from the developer or possibly give the whole app to tpain since nobody wants to fix it.


Hello!?  ArmyDan1088  2 star

Can you please update the app so I can use it on my new phone!? Some ppl actually still use it!!!


Update  @yaboij1  1 star

It’s been time for a update.


Hello??  paulja94  1 star

Update the app it’s not working on iOS 11

one king

Update  one king  1 star

Needs a update for new iOS


The best app  Rgarcia1124  5 star

Awesome app but when are y’all updating it for iOS 11


????  Jules13468  3 star

Is there a new version?

Bryan Benfield

Awesome  Bryan Benfield  5 star

It works and I love it 👌🏽😁😆


Waste of time and money  Miki678745!  1 star

You have to buy all your songs, all it does is make you voice sound like a robot. Take my advice it is a waste

Oncoming storm 💩😜

I love this app  Oncoming storm 💩😜  5 star

I love this app I use it to auto tune my voice when playing ps4 online, I get like 50 friend requests a day, it's so good


Not working  Cymryd  1 star

It's not even working!!!! I need help


Cool  DIY_girl  5 star

I think this app is really cool


Autotune  !EJ  5 star

It's fun to use but sometimes if you select the wrong key to autotune to, it sounds bad.


Great App  JoeMack13  5 star

Feeling like t-pain, auto tuning like a boss....... Awesome app

No star should be an option

Don't buy  No star should be an option  1 star

Worst app I've wasted money on in a while. Hardly works. Don't waste your time

Tory Sullivan

TPain  Tory Sullivan  4 star

This app is the best but why do you need head sets

Arthur Brown IV

This is some bs  Arthur Brown IV  1 star

Crashes everytime I try to use my own beat smh


Waste of time and money👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼  Endercrafter108  1 star

Everyone you're not bother buying this at because it is a waste of time and money. Is the same as if you can put it in the App Store. I would appreciate my money back also I would not recommend buying this app and you're looking for an auto tune app search for a different one in the Apple Store.


Useless  HoldMyNuts  1 star

This app really is useless. Why enable us to send it to our emails if it doesn't download as an audio file as it should since its an iPhone only app. In my opinion, the developer made the files incompatible with the IOS software so when you send all your songs to your email, it only gives the link to the website of this app and on top of that its not your own link. Itll show up in your email giving you a link to your own song, but it's just a link to the page where everyone in the world who posted a song can listen to. And then on top of that this only works if you register to Smule and register to the website. All to just listen to what you made. So this app isn't worth it. It's fun and all but because of the limited amount of things you can do with it. It really is useless. I'm sure the developers made millions off this but this has so much more potential and they could've probably hit a billion if there was more use to this app.

Night wolfs

I want my money back  Night wolfs  1 star

This app with the worst app ever I want my money back I thought they said that you were supposed to sound like T-Pain but you sound like a robot this so not cool you took my money it felt like I was being robbed I do not approve this app for anyone to buy you should give away for free Sincerely Night Wolfs , PS . I still want my money back and I want to keep the app


Disappointment  Shaelarheanne  1 star

Was so excited for this app because I used to use it in high school, I am now blind and I try to use it with voiceover but it doesn't work. Great going. Wasted three dollars

Mikell Critic

Terrible.!!!  Mikell Critic  1 star

Love What The App Does; But I Keep Having Problems With The App Closing Out On Me.!!! Very Disappointing. Fix Bugs.!!!!


Complete Doo-Doo (No Pun Intended)  watkinsvillian  1 star

This app works well if you're singing in the major mode, but if you want to sing ANYTHING in minor, forget it! It will just change it to major. Rid!cuLou$ for the $3 iPaid 4 it.


Fix the music section.  GrifffinmBell  2 star

I've loved using this app since I was like 12. However, the App doesn't let me play my iTunes Library or Save my iTunes library!! Fix this my friends!

Love Dinero

Trash  Love Dinero  1 star

This app used to be good, keyword used to. You have no idea how annoying it is to be working on a freestyle over a instrumental and as you go to save the app crashes. This app is so buggy and will crash just about everytime. Wouldn't recommend


Almost good  Miloidh  3 star

This app its awesome, but this app could be amazing if, tht the music could share with whattsap, YouTube, share to Facebook doesn't work.

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