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Version 3.1 supports new body fat standards and the new (old?) PRT categories. Happy running!
Navy PRT is the most trusted and downloaded Navy PRT app on the App Store. Used by countless CFLs, recruiters and general Navy sailors, it is the go-to solution for determining your PRT scores and BCA calculations on the fly.

Current with the most recent version of the 6110.1J, but remember this is unofficial, so what PRIMS says, goes.

Calculate your PRT score.

Calculate your BCA.

If you hate running, see exactly how many calories you need on your favorite elliptical to bump that Good to an Excellent, and watch your PRT scores go up, securing that 4.0 or higher on Military Bearing.

Use high elevation settings if necessary, and stay in touch for help and news on future updates and ideas.

Navy PRT App Description & Overview

The applications Navy PRT was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2009-03-31 and was developed by Jericho Hasselbush. The file size is 2.13 MB. The current version is 3.4.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Fixes some random crashes and updates for the removal of ellipticals.

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Navy PRT Reviews


App works but needs more info  fangs99  2 star

This app would be better if it had a higher weight scale and had alternate cardio options.


Crashes  Brids1  2 star

It worked before and it was great. Now it just crashes when I used the calculator.


Solution...  realitydose  5 star

For everyone complaining about the alternate cardio calculator not working....I have a solution....HOW ABOUT YOU RUN AND STOP BEING LAZY? (real medical issues aside of course)


False advertisement  mariaaaaaaaaĆ   1 star

It does not show anything on biking the prt!!


Apps keep crashing  bolenchy  1 star

Would have loved this app. It's sad that I paid for it and still not enjoying it. Every time that I try to click on Prt Calculator tab, d app crashes. Not enjoying the app despite the fact that I paid for it .I don't usually pay for apps but for this app I did, hoping it will be worth it .

shooting for high score

Calculator defaults to homepage  shooting for high score  1 star

I am having the same problem. Calculator worked fine until I tried to screen shot results as every time my phone would go to hibernate I would have to reenter all the data and wanted goal scores readily available. Now every time I go to calculate it dumps me back to my phone's home page.


Worked great but...  Strother93  1 star

It worked great for a while, but ever since the beginning of 2017, whenever I go to the alt cardio calculator it goes to black screen and sends me back to my phone's home page. Considering I PAID for this app, this is unacceptable. Please fix ASAP.


Good app  lidia305  4 star

I really like this app. It would be nice if you could save your data to show progress. Can you please update this app with the new instructions. The PRIMS has a great application to track progress but you don't have it in a handy app that you can use anywhere. This could be a great app if is updated regularly. Thank you!


Unusable  Liljay1696  1 star

Just downloaded this app to calculate my results and when I went to put in my alternate cardio info it is just stuck with the weight. Waste of money if all this is good for checking the push up/sit up table I would of printed it and saved the money.


Horrible  GamerAllDayBaby  1 star

I got this app because I wanted to calculate my score on the bike but it won't do it. Too many bugs that need to be fixed. Don't waste your money


Fix the bugs  PYT513  1 star

It used to be a handy app to have. Now each time I use the app it closes when trying to access the machine portion.


Fix the bugs  PYT513  1 star

It used to be a handy app to have. Now each time I use the app it closes when trying to access the machine portion.

angelah j

Where's the machine calculator?  angelah j  1 star

It was stupid to remove the most useful part of the ap!


Backwards  Tgrove79  2 star

The old one was much much easier to use. Please switch it back. The machine calculators are horrible on here. The flow of the different uses are hard to navigate.


Very useful app  PreparingforthePRT  5 star

Great app to help prepare for PRT. Machine calculator was a little difficult to find but under PRT calculator tap on run and you can change to the machine you use during the PRT. Money well spent!


Where's the PST standards on this version?  Vox_discipulus  3 star

This is a good app and a handy tool for the PFA, but PLEASE bring back the PST (SEAL, SWCC, EOD, Diver, Aircrew) standards. Thanks!


It works  Darth_Kneegrow  4 star

This app provided me with the correct numbers needed to pass my prt. I also thought there wasn't a machine calculator until I stumbled upon it. Pretty much you tap the cardio category(where it says run. No seriously tap the word run!) and it opens the drop down menu. Where you can then scroll down to the machine you use and get your numbers. The developer should rework the UI, but overall I'm satisfied with this app.


Terrible  Qwerty4445  1 star

Would give zero stars, don't waste your money. The app keeps shutting down. I want my money back.


CRASH CRASH CRASH  FCHambone  1 star

Save your money until they fix it or restore older version. Update removed a huge part and has too many bugs and will crash way too often. This started out being my favorite calculator, but now it's nothing special. This app just makes me want to sit down with the charts and a calculator and figure it out the old way. Jericho Hasselbush needs to figure out what he's doing with the app, because it's really bad right now.

Hezekiah . T

Must have for CFL's & ACFL's  Hezekiah . T  5 star

I've been using this app for about 4 years now and it hasn't failed me yet. It never fails that every PRT season I get a million questions in random places like "how many calories do I have to burn just to pass" while in line at the geedunk. The new update through me for a loop with the move of the alt cardio but once I figured out it was under the run tab of "PRT Calculator " I'm back good to go. Highly recommend !!!

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