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Grocery shopping made quick and easy with the features you expect from the #1 grocery shopping list app. Build lists from our extensive product database using text, barcode, or voice search; sync and share lists with other devices and the website; find related coupons and much more!

"Grocery iQ takes the old-fashioned grocery list to the 21st century" ∼

"Helps you when you're grocery shopping…sync up with your friends or your roommates or your family's list" ∼ The Today Show

"We all want to save money, so why not use your iPhone? The king of coupons is Grocery iQ...If you regularly shop at a grocery store or other retailer, be sure to install their app" ∼

"If your shopping list is currently the back of an envelope that you’ve scribbled some items on (mom!), then it’s time for you to check out GroceryIQ." ∼

• Lists: Build grocery lists quickly from our database of millions of items.

• Aisles: Create custom aisles and reorder aisles for any list.

• Favorites: Easily add frequently purchased items to new lists, search and filter favorites to build lists quickly.

• History: Keep track of what you've checked out and filter history by list. Easily create lists from history items.

• Multi-Barcode Scan: Add multiple items by simply pointing your camera at any product barcodes.

• Voice Search: Use advanced voice search to create your list.

• All List Items: Never forget an item again by viewing all items in "All List Items". Toggle your lists settings to view "All List Items" on any list you choose.

• Store Locator: Find nearby grocery stores and add your loyalty card.

• Sync: Sync your lists with the website, friends and family.

• Coupons: Search free coupons, view recommended coupons, print, email or add coupons to your store loyalty card.

• Item Details: Add price and description, customize package types, weight, quantity and more.

Start simplifying your grocery shopping today!

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Grocery iQ App Description & Overview

The applications Grocery iQ was published in the category Shopping on 2008-09-12 and was developed by The file size is 38.31 MB. The current version is 2.7.10 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Love this app!  bikracer  5 star

This app has become my shopping brain! I can look in history for past purchases to jog my memory. Add to my list using my microphone, keep a list of things I buy all the time using the favorites feature and add the places I shop at if they aren't listed. It's the best shopping list I've found.


Terrible!!!!  rookdogg214  1 star

Don't download, horrible app.


Overall App  Jena415  1 star

This app is not vegan friendly so I have no need for it.

Eatad Ick

Broken  Eatad Ick  1 star

Sync doesn't work at all


Mr_Homemaker  Mr_Homemaker  4 star

Excellent app. I like that it is shareable and easy to add / delete items.


Never forget what I need  Stephkin  5 star

I use this daily! Just realized I could email my list to my hubby, yes!!!

joby da mad

What's the point  joby da mad  1 star

Grocery IQ updated and lost all my data! They wouldn't let me post a zero. What's the point if I have to retype the whole item in order to find it among all of the branded junk listed? All I need in a grocery list is a memory jog, not a forced advertisement.


Not perfect but good  JC10012  4 star

You have to enter an item, then find it in the list in order to add description or comments. Would be nice to do that from same screen.


P  Pjmc25  1 star

Was great but does not synch with iPhone7

D in Az***

Love this app  D in Az***  5 star

I have used this app for several years for my shopping lists. Finally go my husband to download and sync and love that I can add things to the grocery list and if he stops by grocery store he knows what we need. Also my husband and I can be shopping and both checking items off same list. I love that you can have favorites to quickly add to list and it sorts by category. One if the most used apps on my phone.


SweetIQ MySweetiQ 3 star

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Eric EricWilzon 3 star

@selfdfens Alcoholic 50 year old I worked with at a grocery store. Don't know his IQ but he misspelled words like "…


So Many Thoughts ☄ SimplyCindy85 3 star

@littlesatan1974: Can grocery store require a minimum IQ test before letting someone use the Uscan?


Okay but could use help  DisneyNerds  2 star

Overall I like the app, but I wish that it was easier to edit list especially the history list and to delete the items. Also if they made a my favorites list that would be helpful too.


Wondering about its future  rcmit  4 star

I love this app and use it almost every day. The web app no longer offers suggestions when you start typing. I wrote to customer service and they said that enhancements are on hold until further notice. Kind of has me concerned!


The app doesn't sync with other people  mxer74  1 star

I've tried and tried and tried to sync this app with other people so we don't buy the same thing on when we're shopping for groceries or we can send each other things that we need to buy it just to be doesn't work


Sync MESS!!  SassiestOneofAll  2 star

My husband and I have used this app for years.... when we upgraded our phones the app will no longer sync our list no matter what we try!! I'm more than happy to keep using the app is someone could please FIX this issue.


WAS terrific, NOW garbage  ankorr  1 star

Have used this for a long time and it was terrific. For months now, it refuses to sync (a critical feature) and is no longer useful. Seems that the developer has abandoned the app. Time to find one that works.


Grocery IQ  Wermmac  5 star

Would be great if I could snap a picture for my list.

Lovely Musics

Coupon IQ  Lovely Musics  1 star

Cannot get coupons to print after clipping them. Sad! Very sad indeed!!!


Great App  Lynnmamm  5 star

Handy. About as versatile as you could want.


Good, not Great  DB.22  4 star

Potential to be the best shopping list app. Needs a couple of minor tweaks: • Ability to manually organize aisles for each store (allows user to arrange based upon user shopping behavior/flow) • Ability to add custom aisles PS - fix the sync issue


Great app!  Ewie3  4 star

This app is my go to list. I wish it wouldn't double up the same items in the history list, though, every time they are added to a store list. Can you get rid of the doubling up of items in the history? Also, my history list must be really long because I can't scroll to the bottom of it! I'd like to check some of those items down there - but can't.

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