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Grocery shopping made quick and easy with the features you expect from the #1 grocery shopping list app. Build lists from our extensive product database using text, barcode, or voice search; sync and share lists with other devices and the website; find related coupons and much more!

"Grocery iQ takes the old-fashioned grocery list to the 21st century" ∼

"Helps you when you're grocery shopping…sync up with your friends or your roommates or your family's list" ∼ The Today Show

"We all want to save money, so why not use your iPhone? The king of coupons is Grocery iQ...If you regularly shop at a grocery store or other retailer, be sure to install their app" ∼

"If your shopping list is currently the back of an envelope that you’ve scribbled some items on (mom!), then it’s time for you to check out GroceryIQ." ∼

• Lists: Build grocery lists quickly from our database of millions of items.

• Aisles: Create custom aisles and reorder aisles for any list.

• Favorites: Easily add frequently purchased items to new lists, search and filter favorites to build lists quickly.

• History: Keep track of what you've checked out and filter history by list. Easily create lists from history items.

• Multi-Barcode Scan: Add multiple items by simply pointing your camera at any product barcodes.

• Voice Search: Use advanced voice search to create your list.

• All List Items: Never forget an item again by viewing all items in "All List Items". Toggle your lists settings to view "All List Items" on any list you choose.

• Store Locator: Find nearby grocery stores and add your loyalty card.

• Sync: Sync your lists with the website, friends and family.

• Coupons: Search free coupons, view recommended coupons, print, email or add coupons to your store loyalty card.

• Item Details: Add price and description, customize package types, weight, quantity and more.

Start simplifying your grocery shopping today!

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Grocery iQ App Description & Overview

The applications Grocery iQ was published in the category Shopping on 2008-09-12 and was developed by The file size is 38.31 MB. The current version is 2.7.10 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Grocery iQ Reviews


No longer syncs  knoxcox  2 star

It is an ok app. We’ve been using it for several years. But after upgrading to our Iphone7s, we haven’t been able to sync our lists. I noticed it has been a year since the last update. I take this as a sign to look else where for a more useful app.


Needs to work with Non-HP Wireless printers  jeanene22  2 star

For those who print coupons often, they likely use toner printers, with Brother being a popular brand. It would be nice for GroceryIQ app to work with Brother printers (like app)


Needs more detail options  Nikol2477  3 star

It would be nice if you had pictures by the items on our list. Have an opinion to search the picture online to select the one that goes for our items like some other apps do! Otherwise I Like It


Can't sync list  Anonomous1321  1 star

For weeks I haven’t been able to sync my list with my husband. please update this app, I love it but I can’t use it!

Danielle L. <3

Obvious Improvements Needed  Danielle L. <3  2 star

This app is a wonderful idea but even in the first 5 minutes of using it, it’s obvious what would make it more user friendly. The loyalty cards it offers you to put in are super limited. Where’s the food lion? Or acme? Or giant? Or Target? I don’t even know what a Brookshire’s is! Also, there’s not much specificity when typing in exact products you want and barcodes don’t always register. Please update!

Jone Zee

Ummmm  Jone Zee  1 star



Great app gone bad  soopacoopa  2 star

Update: this app has gone way downhill for my family. The family sync is useless, even after deleting synced accounts and re-syncing. Items are missing from my history. I guess it’s time to move on. Initial review: I've been using it for a while now, and it makes grocery shopping so much easier. I just wish the type to search feature brought up items in our history and favorites. Or we could type to search for items in our fav/history list without having to scroll search. Otherwise, it's a dandy.


Nice program... with fatal flaw  Wheaser48  1 star

Easy to use, was looking forward to the coupon feature. If they can figure out how to sync it to another device we could actually use it as intended.


Does this app still work?  BeachOasis  3 star

My husband and I LOVED this app until it quit working maybe a year ago. What happened? Decided to give it one more shot and on his devices, it has been spinning for 15 minutes with “syncing account”. I gave it a 3 star rating because we did love it .. but now can’t get it to work. HELP!


Needs update for printing  User3248y2310742  4 star

Excellent app, but quit printing on my HP printer. The app does find my HP printer thankfully.


Used to love it  Nomadictexan  3 star

Loved the app - great for shopping! But the best part was syncing - as I could sync with significant other- so we always had the most current lists- haven't been able to sync the app for sometime now- tried contacting to see what I can do- no response!


Does not sync  1010WINS  1 star

will not sync from one iPhone to another. app support and FAQs are worthless. once upon a time it was a good app.


Does not sync  YellowMark25  1 star

Have it in my iphone and ipad. I use the same account in both devices and it does not sync list itens no matter what I try. Frustrating.


Love the app not enough option for printers  Chris7275  3 star

My wife and i use this app all the time but can't print because we own a brother printer which this app doesn't support. We also don't have our store we shop at to add our card.


Outstanding grocery list app!  s.richard  5 star

I love that I can add my own items as well as using items already in the app. The best feature is that it updates lists between devices so that my husband & I can add to the same lists.


THE solution!  Amy FPA  5 star

I have my list with me everywhere, so I can add something whenever I think of it. I can share the list, so THEY can add things as needed, so nothing is forgotten. Can even share while in the store, so each person can get sone of the things and make it a faster shopping trip. It groups by food type, so I can easily see all the things I need in that aisle. As I check things off, they move out of the way so I can easily see what's still remaining to get. I can go with items in the app's list or add my own. I can choose items from my past purchases. It does well at giving me suggestions when I start to enter the item. Voice and bar-code scan can speed things up, although the things already in the list can be more specific than I want (like with brand and flavor which I haven't decided yet), in which case I add my own custom, generic item.


Cowboy503  cowboy503  5 star

This has to be the best food shopping and any other store lists ever. You always have your phone, so you always have your shopping lists. Food, gifts, and pharmacy items are always with you! Great work guys, and thank you!!


Needs So Much Work!  kc720  2 star

This app started out good, but has gone downhill. Some reasons I say that: You cannot edit an item, even online, UNLESS you add it to a list. Then you can edit it, checkout and now you have the item listed twice; I try editing online, and constantly get a notice that I cannot connect to their server; I have the latest iPad Pro and I cannot scroll past 25 items; You should be able to edit any item at any time! Switching to AnyList!

Update reviews grannytoni

Good app  Update reviews grannytoni  5 star

Most of the remarks already noted apply to me. I use this because it is the best I can find. I would like aisle maps of popular stores so I can shop by aisle. You could add more stores like Winn Dixie and Publix. And their coupons also floor plans. Please add floor plan of Walmart


Love  Sycamorons  5 star

I've been using this app for years! I love the scanning feature. Maybe could you make it so we could add photos to entries for when we send the husband to pick up a few things.

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