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What is bank of america mobile banking app? Bank conveniently and securely with the Bank of America® Mobile Banking app for U.S.-based accounts.

Manage Accounts
• View account balances and review activity
• Activate or replace credit/debit cards
• Set alerts for important account info

Transfer Money and Pay Bills
• Securely send and receive money with Zelle® using a U.S. mobile number or email address¹
• Transfer funds between your Bank of America and linked Merrill accounts
• Pay bills

Check Deposit
• Take photos of checks to deposit them
• Get immediate confirmation that your check is processing²

Erica, Your Virtual Financial Assistant³
• Ask Erica to find transactions, pay bills and more
• Get valuable alerts, and helpful insights

• Set up Touch ID® / Face ID®
• If fraudulent activity is suspected on your card, we’ll notify you
• View security center
• With our Mobile Banking Security Guarantee, you’re not liable for fraudulent transactions when reported promptly⁴

Manage Investments with Merrill
• Trade stocks, ETFs, mutual funds
• View up-to-date Market data, news, and quotes
• Send messages and documents securely to your advisor

See the Online Banking Service Agreement at for more information. Mobile carrier message and data rates may apply.

¹ Zelle transfers require enrollment and must be made from a Bank of America consumer checking or savings account to a domestic bank account or debit card. Recipients have 14 days to register to receive money or the transfer will be canceled. Dollar and frequency limits apply.
² Deposits are subject to verification and not available for immediate withdrawal. Other restrictions apply.
³ Erica only listens or speaks when you tap the microphone and retains interactions to optimize your experience. Erica speaks aloud and hears and responds to all voices. Erica is only available in English.
⁴ You’re not liable for fraudulent Mobile Banking transactions when you notify the bank within 60 days of the transaction first appearing on your statement and comply with security responsibilities.

Investing involves risk. There is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities.

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (also referred to as "MLPF&S" or "Merrill") makes available certain investment products sponsored, managed, distributed or provided by companies that are affiliates of Bank of America Corporation ("BofA Corp"). MLPF&S is a registered broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, Member SIPC and a wholly owned subsidiary of BofA Corp. Insurance and annuity products are offered through Merrill Lynch Life Agency Inc. ("MLLA"), a licensed insurance agency and wholly owned subsidiary of BofA Corp.

Banking products are provided by Bank of America, N.A., and affiliated banks, Members FDIC and wholly-owned subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation.

Investment products:
• Are Not FDIC Insurance
• Are Not Bank Guaranteed
• May Lose Value

All features may not be available in iPad and may only be available for certain account types.

Zelle® and the Zelle® related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

iPhone, iPad, Touch ID and Face ID are registered trademarks of Apple®, Inc.

Bank of America related trademarks are trademarks of Bank of America Corporation
Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC

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Bank of America Mobile Banking Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bank of America Mobile Banking Version 22.12.0615 January 2023

New in this release: • Now, when you send money with Zelle®, you’ll see your recipient’s full name if they’re also enrolled in Zelle® • Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Bank of America Mobile Banking Version 22.11.021 November 2022

New in this release: · Added search bar on more screens for easy access to the answers you need · Minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Bank of America Mobile Banking Comments & Reviews 2023

- New ‘Bill Pay’ is Horrible

The new Bill Pay section is poorly designed trash that has ruined the app experience. Not only is it ugly, it does a poor job of visually integrating with the rest of the app. Clunky and unintuitive, to now make an online payment you must sift through multiple screens, making multiple clicks—all of which is very confusing to the consumer. You now also have to manually assign a “pay by” date to complete the process which is terribly annoying. (The default should be set similar to the pre-updated version that automatically sets the earliest possible date for you. But, still allow a user to manually set their own “pay by” date if needed.) Overall, the former Bill Pay was MUCH easier to utilize and MUCH nicer to look at. To add to the problems, we no longer have the ability to delete old “Pay To” accounts from within the app the way we could previously. Another oversight. BOA has definitely taken steps backwards with this update. If I had to guess, budget cuts forced BOA to begin implementing new app updates via internal junior-level design team, rather than outsourcing to a professional UI/UX firm. As a result, this update has a “beta” feel displaying poor form, function and usability. Really embarrassing for a big bank.

- not the best app i’ve seen

It functions okay. Has all the features most bank apps use. Online check deposits, zelle, switching between accounts. However it does lack fluidity compared to other apps i’ve used such as chase and amex. Switching between business and personal accounts for example is extremely buggy. Unlike chase you get two tabs one says Personal and the other Business. Also check deposits can be annoying if you have multiple checks. You manually have to click deposit, take photos of front and back, enter amount, submit and then repeat the process per check. A feature that should be integrated- deposit multiple checks without having to restart the process for every individual check. Have some sort of group deposit mechanism. Also a feature to manually type in the account number or routing number if it’s illegible would be great! Some signatures get in the way and the built in camera app has trouble reading required info. Also an estimated, current balance, ledger balance in app would be better than logging onto a desktop website to see what you have. I don’t want to rant so to sum it up, this app doesn’t have the smaller quality of life features I’d like to see from such a major bank. I only wrote this because i’m hoping a dev would read and take this into consideration and not to bash BOA they’ll always be great. I just expect a little more focus to detail.

- Inconsistent on mobile check deposit.

The app has been amazing for the past couple of years. Unfortunately just recently I’ve noticed when I’ve tried depositing checks. It’s constantly alerting me that the check, I’m mobile depositing, the amount for the issued check is inconsistent to amount I’ve put in. At first I thought “ my customer does have messy hand writing” so I let go. Obviously the sent a red flag to BOA and is holding my check for 5 days. Mind you my account isn’t new for this to be happening. Naturally, I deposited another check thru the mobile app and it’s happening on EVERY check. It’s getting very irritating. I’m supposed to deposit 10 more checks for my small business but on every single one, it’s giving my an inconsistent amount compared to what the app “analyzed”. On every single one I’ve adjusted the amount manually and because of the app, it’s stating for all my checks to be deposited within 5 days because BOA needs to Validate the amount. How is it that for past couple of years this hasn’t happened since I opened my business account. Now all of sudden the app stops recognizing the amount on checks and I have to wait for the checks to be validated. Mind you these checks are for business funds and the business can’t operate without funds. I might be over-reacting but other than that, The app is great. ( no sarcasm intended).

- Auto payment

Your auto payment feature is unacceptable. For some accounts you do not allow payment of statement balance or minimum payment amount which makes it impossible to automatically pay each month to avoid a late payment. You actually require a dollar amount and that can result in an overpayment which we then have to request to be refunded. That did happen to me. So I shut it off and as a result I was charged a late payment for being a few days late paying because I could not access my account to pay an unexpected charge that went through the account. Which leads to my next complaint about the website. I could not remember my password and therefore could not get a reset as I did not have my credit card available. Instead of allowing reset like other credit card companies by answering chosen questions, you make us enter the account number which I did not have because I could not access my statements which are delivered online. Since I did not have my card with me, I had to call in... having to try to call back multiple times as your lines are very busy. By the time I was able to get a person on the phone, I was 3 or 4 days late paying and you had charged me a late payment. I always pay on time. You have years of history with me paying on time, yet your customer service refused to refund the charge even though I have years of history paying on time and only was late because I could not get into the account. Your online experience it terrible.

- Use anyone else

Bank of America is absolutely terrible. I have multiple banks/accounts/lines of credit…just moved new a Bank of America branch so Decided I would run my next business through them. Checking/savings set up no problem. Credit card has been lost for weeks. I’ve sat on the phone for hours listening to one story after the next on why they’re unable to do anything to help me. Card wasn’t here on time so I called and asked them to send another overnight like any bank of the 21st century…we can’t do that. Card not here a week later…more time on hold we’ll get you another card on the way and yes we can overnight it. Three days later where’s my card. Well I see they put in the mail today will definitely be there by Friday. Friday no card more hold time where’s my card. I don’t know. What’s the tracking? I don’t know our tracking system is down. Call today my cards not here. Well it should be there by 7 pm…. Can’t ever talk to a supervisor. Multiple times after bei G hold for 15+ minutes on hold the call drops and have to wait again. There’s no option to have them call back when someone’s available, just waste waste east more of my time. I would never ever bank either Bank of America again. When I get back from this business trip I’m closing all accounts. Stay away. They’re terrible. I never thought anyone could make chase bank look good but wow, I can’t wait to go Deal with their service which seems white glove vip compared tho this trash.

- Customer Service with a smile, through the phone 👏!

I want to acknowledge Daniela (I didn’t catch her last name.) a phone representative of B of A for her incredible knowledge and apparent skills sets that sets her apart from many other people. Upon receiving my call she was well versed on what to do about my issues and took immediate action to reverse a fraudulent erroneous charge to my account. Her demeanor is warm, friendly and I could just imagine her smiling while she was busy helping to close my old card down, reverse the charge, stop this business from ever being able to use my account again and send me a new card. This entire process was less than 10 minutes and my problem was resolved immediately. And this was done in a very professional and proficient manner with that bit of human kindness, and empathy. It’s rare these days to find someone over the phone who is competent and gives you excellent customer service like Daniela. Thank you for your OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! Keep up the good work and you’ll keep getting revues such as this one. Again, thank you for making and taking the time to provide PERFECT, SATISFACTORY, PROFICIENT, CUSTOMER SERVICE 👏👌👍! Sincerely, Loren S

- Bank of America Ratings

For the most part I like working with Bank of America - especially on-line. However, I was raised in a banking family where customer service was HIGHLY important. That was one of the things that drew me to B of A a number of years ago, and THAT is the one thing that makes me consider leaving B of A. Through the banks focus on the almighty dollar and their lack of concern for their patrons, they have closed the only two B of A banking facilities in our town of Prescott, forcing us to drive to the neighboring community of Prescott Valley if we need personal service. This can be highly frustrating and inconvenient, especially if the need is immediate. AND, appointments have to be made if you want to access your safe deposit box. Again, HIGHLY inconvenient and unsettling as no one is at the bank in charge of that vault. B of A seems to have forgotten that it’s Joe Q Public that entrusted the bank with the care of their personal monies, documents and wealth. If all of the individual patrons would move their accounts elsewhere, B of A would be significantly hurt. B of A has significant resources, but your so called greatness originated with the individual patrons. It would be wise to treat your patrons well as we can go elsewhere. I hope you’ve heard of the Biblical “David and Goliath”; that can happen to you, too, unless you treat others well.

- The Beginning by, Me.

When I finally received my I-Phone, it was time to try banking on line. I downloaded this app & began a totally new adventure. As time provides, I’ve been slowly delving into what I thought would be an amazing experience where banking and bill pay would become easily completed with minimal effort. Wrong, not entirely true. At this point I am frustrated. To simply pay my bills every month, without fumbles, less stress and time, I find out from ALL options, I’m not able to do online banking to pay aforementioned bills because I don’t have the necessary accounts available to do so. I have checking, savings and a fairly healthy CD.....I wonder, why can’t I bank online? Why does it say I’m unable to use this app for online banking because I haven’t the accounts to do so? Huh? What? I’m so confused! I can’t locate the forms I need either....I want to be sure when I pass, my daughter receives all my monies from these “Appropriately Established” accounts! I’ve called 3 times to have the forms mailed to no avail and I’m unable to pay my bills online. I’m disabled, hooked up to oxygen, unable to go into the bank as I mentioned when I called. I was told to open online banking that that would help me handle everything from home. If I figure it out one day, you’ll receive the 5th star. Take care my friend.

- Painfully slow to open

I don’t know what’s wrong with the BofA IT department or equipment, but this app has become painfully slow to open, if you can get it to open at all. I have no other programs that are as difficult or slow to open as this one. Didn’t used to be that way. While loading speed has improved, now I can’t get the app to work with Series 3 Apple Watch. Have spent long periods with Apple and B of A trying to solve the problem. Have re-started and re-synced everything multiple times. A Google search shows that’s I am not the only one with this problem. Every time I click on B off A logo on watch, it says go to B off A app and authorize the watch. I have done this multiple times. I continue to get the same message. The app does not seem to save the authorization, as every time you go back to the authorization page it asks you to agree again. The app says you can use your watch but it doesn’t seem to communicate that to B of A’s system. Update: This app is still buggy. It actually worked for a while, then just stopped working. I restarted watch, reloaded app, both on phone and watch, then app tells me congratulations I can use app on my watch, but watch says to start by going to app and agreeing to terms, which I have done countless times. BofA needs to fire their app developers and hire new ones. I have had no other problems with other apps on my phone.

- Email/Text Alerts don’t always work!

I am a person who likes to be alerted whenever there is a charge on my credit card even when I might be expecting it. However, after several calls and complaints to Bank of America about this issue, I still do not get the text and email alerts on a regular basis. I had a recent $2000 charge on my credit card which fortunately I expected. But neither the text or email alerts came through even after confirming that I had them properly set up! When I contacted Bank of America about this they said they would have someone look into it and contact me. I even submitted a support ticket but no one ever called me to resolve it properly so I am now anxious that I am missing alerts about new charges. The other issue is that I no longer get credit card payment due date reminders emailed to me. They have confirmed that I have my alerts set up properly but they still don’t know why I’m not getting these. This is just frustrating and does not instill me with confidence in this company. — My response to developer: This is inconsistent and not just a text notification issue. The alerts have been set up from the BofA website not the phone. So not sure why the app has anything to do with this. Also, reinstalling the app did not help. This is also an email alert issue not just a text issue. This points to a BofA system problem since email alerts are not phone dependent.

- So there’s no explanation for this.

I filed a claim with the fraud department because my card was used without my knowledge. It was some Video Service and I thought it was my car payment so I didn’t file a dispute for a month or so. Until my car dealership called me and said I was a month behind. That’s when I found this charge on my account from this Video editing service for 357$ and some odd cents. So I called BOA and filed a dispute. At which time they found another charge by the same company. Needless to say they put the funds back in my account and started a claim. Several weeks went by and they took the money back. Leaving my account in horrible shape. 670$ negative to be exact. Now my unemployment finally went through and I received my first payment which was 166$ and they took it for this negative balance. I’m still 476$ negative and there’s more unemployment coming. BOA really did this to me. Anyways, for the record those are not my charges and I don’t know where they came from. And the icing on the cake was when they told me the reason they denied the claim was because of the amount of time I had waited before notifying them. Once again, I notified you as soon as my car dealership Called and told me I was late on my payment.

- Since update Bill Pay severely problematic

I have used this app, on IPAD and Iphone for many years. Since your latest update, sometime in or around January 2022, the Bill Pay section has changed, and it is terrible. I can no longer see which bills I have set on AutoPay, and I can no longer pull up a list of payments I have made to a company over the last year, which I have always used around tax time. All I can see is the last payment date. This is made it pretty much unusable for me, because I make payments to companies at different times - I often need to see the last few payments easily. It is a mess! It is also not programmed correctly for IPAD: when I bring up the payment box, where you choose which account to pay from, and the amount of the payment, there is overlapping text, making it hard to tap in the right spot, necessitating a lot of back and forth. Did your programmers not TEST THE NEW CHANGES ON AN IPAD? It is like when amateurs back in 2005 would make a website, but forgot to test it on different browsers, and when you pulled it up the text was overlapping. Just a total mess. I use my IPAD to pay bills as well as much more complicated financial transactions on other financial websites. This is a disgrace! The old version worked very well, and I could get all kinds of information easily. Someone please take a look at this. It is useless for me for Bill Pay.

- Alerts are a GREAT feature but...

I really appreciate the alerts feature of this app, however the ability to acknowledge them and clear them without having to log into the app would be a nice change to consider. Also something that irritates me and I find a little bit confusing is when I want to check the history of activity on my credit card it only shows me activity for the month we are currently at, and it is nearly impossible to access other history without having to go through complex search gyrations. That needs to be fixed, I should be able to easily access the entire history of my credit activities by simply sliding one month over from another, this is important information that should be easily accessible. Another thing that needs to be fixed is when you make a payment on your credit card using the app as soon as you initiate the payment the screen goes back to the make a payment screen with no evidence that your payment has been scheduled or made, and it seems like there’s no way to check it I find that perplexing.

- Its too bad😩

18 years, and im leaving, 3 stars would have been 5 here but ERICA IS EH, she does not recognize much linguisticly, but the real reason I’m leaving Bank of America after 18 years and I didn’t want to but I currently have credit line with Chase! Chase gave me a credit line after getting crushed by covid, losing everything down to just 2 sets of clothes😥now I need to bank with the same bank I have credit with because I don’t wanna go back-and-forth Between banks, i recomend BOA for sure IF YOU DONT HAVE CREDIT REBUILDING TO DO, they gave me 3 balance assist loans, ask about em, paid all three early, but BOA doesnt want to transfer chase credit to bank of america 0 interest credit card,WHICH WOULD BE A GAME CHANGER IN MY LIFE, a miracle actually!! covid hit my industry bringing us to our knees, (food and beverage) im climbing up that hill, CHASE IS HELPING me reastablish my credit, never used em and they are helping me! REASTABLISH, cant help but to think 0 interst would be a miracle, but bank of america doesnt want to be that miracle, my nine year old said lets switch banks!!! We were hoping, but hoping wont get that extra money for sneakers, transportation, BOA IS PRETTY GOOD BANK OTHER than ignoring credit needs after covid and Erica is close to eh, 2 stars for her, I reccomend them but not a good fit for my credit needs and clearly they dont think so with me either,😒🥺 good bye BOA WE HAD A RUN😒NO NEED TO RESPOND😒

- emfceo

I’ve been using the app since it first became available and I’ve been absolutely delighted with it for all of these years of use. Then came version 8.1.12 and the bill pay part of the app went down the toilet. Keeping records of payments off-line is no longer easy. It tells me a payment was scheduled but leaves out the important stuff like to who, how much, and when. I also miss the list of scheduled payments with the total $ amount A quick screenshot used to be able to get and keep a record of off line for a quick reference without having to log in. Pay to, amount, pay date, and $ total all on one page. That was the best part of bill pay and now it’s gone. Ease of use went out the window with this version. It didn’t take long to become frustrated and gave up trying to do the easy and familiar tasks that were perfected over the years. I’m very sorry to see that change overnight. The app designers should be people that actually use the app frequently! Take a step forward and take the Bill Pay section back to what worked well for years!

- Too many bugs

Edit who knew all I needed to do is take a picture of the check UPSIDE down on a light purple background instead of a black one. Seriously the developers need to address the camera functioning because most people aren't gonna think to try taking a photo of the check the wrong way for it to be read or put it on a light background after being told to use a darker one by the app. Once the check was photographed upside down it allowed me to submit it then it showed the black and white copies in the correct orientation. Tried to deposit a check 1. Took picture of front (all was fine) 2. Took picture of back (all was fine) entered the amount of the check clicked next. Error saying it could not see the bottom front of check and to retake the picture despite the whole entire check was visible and in perfect lighting. I had deposited a check a couple weeks before no issues. I kept trying to retake the picture same error every time from multiple devices after deleting and reinstalling the app and making sure it was up to date. The mobile deposit check feature is useless at this point. There is nothing wrong with the photo of the check and why would your app reject the front picture after accepting it and letting me take the back picture? Makes zero sense. Please fix your app.

- Bill pay is ruined

I have bank with this over 20 years for one purpose the bill pay system was great. Made my life easy. I scheduled my bills and the money came out of the account on the day I scheduled them to pay. Life was great. I had control of my life. They changed a perfectly good system for get additional bank fees. The current system ignores your scheduled payment day. It could come out as early as 3 days before your scheduled payment date. I’m sorry that I’m not rich and sometime I live check to check. Which means if I schedule it for a specific day, that the day my paycheck will be there... not 3 days earlier. The control I had help me manage my money better and raised my credit score to over 800. am now looking at other bank system. Their policies have ruined the best bank payment system. You no longer can trust this bank will consider customer the needs. BTW. They charge me for overdraft fees for processing the checks 3 days before I scheduled it on my pay date. When I called and complained, the service agent said they changed the check processing policy to what was convenient for the bank.

- Customer service

I tried to set up transferring money between my accounts at different banks. I went through the prompts on line and was waiting to verify that trial deposits had gone from Bank of America to my other account. I checked the other account when I was notified by Bank of America that they had gone through successfully. When I checked, no such trial deposit was made. I tried to notify BofA online but the only option was to call. I became stuck in a loop of prompts on the phone which never led me to anyone who could resolve this issue. I then set up an appointment so that I could speak to someone in person to assist me. When i showed up, I was given a card with a telephone number and ASSURED it would not put me through the original prompts I had already tried unsuccessfully earlier, but rather directly to a department who could help me. This was not the case- I tried the number and was right back where I started from. Is there anyone at this organization who would be willing to talk with me and help correct this issue?

- Please fix it!!

Completely removed the app and reinstalled. Had to set everything up again. But at least now FaceID had been working for a few days. Hope it lasts. You shouldn’t have to go through all this because of an app update!!! As Ashlyn the developer suggested, I installed the new version. This did NOT help. Face ID scans, accepts the scan then immediately says “connection error - cannot complete your request at this time”.So I have to sign in with my password. I go into settings to try to turn off Face ID (which is set for the wrong set of accounts now) and it will not turn off face ID. I get another message that says “connection error cannot complete your request at this time”. BTW – face ID still works for my other apps that have face ID. Please fix this - this is annoying. Passwords disappeared. It took at least 7 tries to reset them. Kept having to receive verification codes in a seemingly endless loop. And FaceID is no more. I used it for my personal accounts and not for my business accounts. But after this app update, it switched without my doing it. Now it won’t turn off in my business accounts so I can turn it back on for my personal accounts. It always says can’t complete your request. Try again later. Never works!

- Pretty much second rate app

I tried to set up auto pay to automatically pay the whole balance every month. No can do. The app automatically schedules the minimum payment every month. No way to change on the app. No help - so far - from customer service. Sad. Here is an update: I got a response from a member of the tech team. It said that the developer needed more information on the type of account. Fair enough. But the response took several days and I was unable to respond to the feedback. Clicking the response link went to a leave feedback general page so the whole thread would have been lost. In the meantime I called the general customer service number. They did not have the information so they referred me to a technical support line which was closed for the evening. I called tech support. They told me what I was trying to do (pay in full every month—less interest fees to the bank) could only be done on the desktop app, not the mobile app. So it is a deficiency in the mobile app. To add insult to injury making this change is not effective immediately or even in a few days but not until the next billing cycle over a month away. Poor technology choices all around. Desktop and mobile apps both. My rating of 2 stars has been confirmed several times over.

- Touch ID failed after update

As has been noted by many other recent reviews, the latest update created a problem with Touch ID (and apparently Face ID too). Every time I open the app Touch ID is no longer setup. I set it up again and again and get new email messages each time saying Touch ID has been setup, then at the next login it no longer works. BoA is a massive company with enormous resources - it needs more testing on app releases and when problems do occur they should be quick to fix the problems or find a way to communicate with app users to indicate they know the app is not working correctly. Very disappointed in BoA. UPDATE: I received a note from the app team indicating the problem has been fixed. On my device the fix does work so I am changing my rating from 1 star to 4. It is a great app but I wish there was more testing before deployments. When bugs are discovered users should be notified so users know that the app team is aware of the problems and working on solutions. I really hope BoA can do this - just more testing and better communication. If they did that the app would be a 5 star app.

- Super greedy and worse bank

I’ve been with BOA for 13 years I hate them. because of Covid - 19 , my financial situation is barely there. I used to be able to cover everything I needed to pay one way or another. But lately it’s become increasingly hard to and as a result, I have been getting more NSF and Returned Check Fees. I am receiving unemployment every two weeks that is less than $400, and BOA feels they deserve to take about a 1/3 of my check every two weeks to cover those fees. I’ve called multiple times and have been denied a refund for them, citing they are legitimate charges. But considering how things have been going all over the nation and the world, you’d think they’d have a little compassion but they don’t. They can clearly see when I get paid and for how much but they don’t care. Instead they offer me to open up a different account that doesn’t allow over draft, but that’s it. Well I can’t get that because I’m also currently homeless and you need an actual physical address to open that account. So I’m screwed regardless. I could really use that money for essential things I need and for a place to sleep, but instead BOA decided that their needs are far more important than mine. Who would have thought that my own bank would be the reason why I ended up on the streets. Thanks Bank of America, greatest bank ever. 😒

- App Just Spins!!!

Response: followed instructions but app still not working. Update to my update: No I am not using a vpn. Yes I’m able to access my account through the web browser on my phone and computer. I’m able to access the bill pay/Zelle, and transfer money function using the app by long-pressing the app but when I click on the dashboard to view my account it just spins and eventually crashes. Update: I was told their would be an update that would fix the issue of not being able to access/open the app but the latest update is still not working. I have iOS 15.2 on my phone and the app still just spins when I click it to open. Please update the app so I can check my balances! I have to use my browser to go to the BofA website to check my balances which makes the app entirely useless. I never write reviews but from reading the other reviews this appears to be the only method for potentially getting a resolution. I downloaded app, set everything up, but every time I click on the app it just opens and spins on the dashboard. I can long-press on my Home Screen to open to “pay bills” or “send money through Zelle”, but for whatever reason I can’t get to my dashboard. I have to use my browser to go to the bofa website on my phone which sounds crazy to me.

- Team refuses to listen

Update: ashlyn replied to my email inquiry. Will raise the rating if issue becomes tangible First, a super longstanding bug, within the alerts section from the menu tab is a history of alerts. They refuse to clear. It says swipe left or press-to-hold. That hasn’t worked for well over 2-3 years of reporting this. I’ve called customer service countless times and provide countless screenshots. As recently as 6 months ago they guaranteed that the next version would fix this. Nope, continues to be broken. I’ve continued to provide myself as an outlet to show that the bug still exists but no dice. Secondly, no matter how many times users clamor for dark mode, all you ever hear is “stay tuned”, “we’re passing this on to our developers”. Not every feature request from every user can realistically be met, but with how popular this request is, it’s a shame there’s not a single tangible comment they can provide. Are they at least trying to prioritize this for some point in 2021? Would be such a win to hear anything, but that will not happen and when 99% of major apps have already incorporated this years ago, it’s unfortunate that we support a bank that can’t keep with the technology on the mobile-front

- When it works, it’s great but....

This is the glitchiest app I use and it’s frustrating that a mammoth of a financial institution cannot invest in a more robust mobile application. Almost every time I try to use mobile deposit, it hangs up. Usually this happens during the photo step. Often though, I get all the way to the end and try to finish the deposit and I get a pop up message that it failed and to try again later. Sometimes it fails all day and I have to wait until a day or two later. I turn off my phone and try refreshing it that way. I look for updates. Nothing will correct it. So I’m sitting on checks that I can’t deposit unless I go to a branch and that sort of defeats the purpose of a mobile app. Admittedly, I’ve considered switching banks because it’s happening more often now than it did a year or two ago, but I don’t have time to read reviews to see if any other banks have better technology. This is among the most frustrating apps I have. I get anxiety every time I need to deposit because I almost can predict that it’s going to take me all day to try dozens of attempts. It’s like I have to set aside a good time to go to work at it. My brother and daughter use the same bank/app and we recently shared our frustrations so I know it’s not my phone. (Sigh)

- Absolutely the worst bank out there when it come to fraud protection

Don’t expect any help from this bank when it come to protection of your money. It’s safer in your mattress.. My Iphone was stolen, password protected and everything. My biggest mistake was having this app on my phone though. The thief was able to hack into my Bank of America app, and use Zelle (some money transfer service built into the app) to transfer $2300 directly out of my bank account. I have never used or set up Zelle, apparently it’s just built into there app. I followed up immediately calling less than 14 hours after the transfer was made reporting it as fraud, after I got an email on my laptop. They told me they couldn’t stop the transfer, and I would have to file a fraud claim. Which I did, police report whole 9 yards. After a few weeks, they proceeded to tell me that they couldn’t honor it because it was verified by my phone. Well, clearly stated in the police report that it was stolen… Just know when you put this app on your phone, you are basically saying who ever has your phone, also has complete access to all of your money. Absolutely terrible Bank, I am disgusted in there treatment of customers. 1 star is far to many, and I’m an 11 year customer. Should have switched along time ago.

- By far the worst bank I’ve ever experienced

The experience I have had in the short period of time with BOA has been nothing more then disappointing and a burden in terms of my time... on so many different levels. First and foremost the multiple times this bank has put my card on a fraud alert... all in the same day... after having spoke to Customer service dealing three different representatives on 3 different occasions... not to mention having money taken from my account and having zero empathy from any customer service rep aside from two. I myself work in customer service and this company should be applaud with the way they conduct business... I plan to tell all friends and family to steer away from doing bussiness with this company. They lack any and all source of communication. I have never had such a terrible banking experience. I wish I had never left citizens bank to join this bank. I’m just so dissatisfied with having made the discussion to bank with such an unprofessional and unethical banking institution


PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Bring back the ability to sign in with fingerprint! I had to upgrade my iPhone at the end of last year. I was able to sign in using my fingerprint like I did with my iPhone 5, but that soon changed. I’m assuming there was a software update for my phone because at some time in Jan 2018, I was no longer able to sign in. I had a heck of a time with it and tried getting help through customer service (phone call) AND visiting a local branch to try to figure out how to get the option to open the app with my fingerprint, again. The branch people were just as frustrated as I was and said that you all were probably aware of the problem and working on it. We’re almost 9 months later and still no fix in sight. Frustration #2: I had to come up with a new password and it has so many stipulations on what it can or cannot be that I ended up choosing one that Apple produced for me. Do you know how frustrating it is to have to recall this new, convoluted password EVERY DANG TIME I need to access my account from the app?!?!?! With all said, I like the ease of use of the app once I’m in it. But I rarely use it any more. At least I’m now able to see my balances with a tap, but it sure is perplexing why you allow that but I cannot make a deposit without having to sign in?!?!?? Bizarre....

- BofA app & other changes from you recently

I have banked with BofA for 15 years and have always enjoyed using the BofA app when I need to make changes from the privacy of my home. But, there are times that I wish I could go through the drive through for my simple deposits and withdrawals. I am disabled and it’s more difficult for me to always have to go inside! Since you changed your hours of operation, I’m also often waiting for 9am for you to open and sometimes the line is so long, so I leave and try using the ATM and have much difficulty using it. Your not open on Saturdays anymore either. I will be looking into other banks and will be leaving BofA w/i the next month. It’s so sad to me that the people who make the decisions at the top sure didn’t consider customers with needs like me! My momma banked with you her entire life and is why I chose you for all my banking needs. I wish the best for y’all but I’m not a customer who BofA cares about nor will do nothing to keep me either. Such a sad ending for me!

- App is great, “Erica” needs work

So the app was my favorite finance app: all the info in one place, easy to view and navigate. Until the “Erica” feature was launched. I’m not sure what the value-add is; I don’t want to talk to my phone about my banking, or spend time typing in questions, when you can get to pretty much everything with a few taps. The biggest pain point is that there obviously wasn’t much thought put into the Erica UI. There’s just this big red button that hovers over your screen, and - get this! - there’s NO WAY TO GET RID OF IT. Either it’s in the way of the balances you’re tying to view, or you drag it out of your way with every screen you go to. Not to mention that its default position is right where people who hold phones in their right hands swipe to scroll. One accidental tap and you’ve got this thing talking to you. I get it, some people like to talk about their banking out loud (and sometimes even in public, which doesn’t seem like the best idea). And some people get into Siri-like interfaces to apps. This one feels like someone at BofA decided they needed a shiny AI app so they could be like the cool kids, but forgot to budget for finding out what their consumers actually wanted.

- Good overall

I use this app all the time and have had a lot of success with it. There are 2 things about this app I would change if I could... 1) In online bill pay when you use the desktop version you can see when your last payment was sent and for how much under the payee information. On the app you have to click on the payee information to see it which opens a payment that you have to cancel out of if you don’t want to actually make a payment. It’s lots of clicks and it would just be easier if recent payment information was listed under each payee when you are in the online bill pay screen in the app. 2) I wish I did not have a monthly mobile deposit limit. My husband works out of state which is the main reason we use a national bank like BOA, but he is currently in a state with no BOA and when he gets paid off of a job he has to snail mail me the check so I can go to a banking center or ATM to deposit it after we hit the online mobile deposit limit which is usually the first week of a new month. Why is a limit necessary?! Other than that I love the app and use it all the time!


Bank of America is by far the worst bank I have ever used. The constant overdraft fees even after the overdraft was paid only to be told that because the fee was waived once for a mistake you guys made it could not be waived again even though you guys charged me WHEN I NO LONGER HAD AN OVERDRAFT more that once. the amount of times the date for a deposit of a check has been made after being told I would receive my money on a specific day. and the amount of times money was taken from my account without notice or showed up on my statement has made me lose complete trust in this bank I will be sure to never recommend this bank and inform everyone I know of my experience with this bank. I made sure to put 5 stars so that you read this and realize you guys have taken so much money from me in the most sensitive time with COVID it has been so hard to afford even buying groceries weekly and for you guys to take my money on top of that? You do not care for your customers only for your pockets.

- Easy, fast, secure and Uber convenient

I’ve been using the BOA app since it was rolled out. It was good off the bat but upgrades that have been added make banking tasks easier and more accessible. Being able to deposit checks using the app means you can deposit any check instantly if you have internet access. Check your balances, transfer money between your account or to anyone whose bank uses Zelle like BOA does. Dispute transactions, apply for loans, check your portfolio of investments for real time values and much more. Notifications can remind you of regular or irregular payments as they approach and paying your bills is easy. And they make your money safe since you can get notified anytime any thing happens with your money I’d you set your settings up to receive such. notications. Never make a late payment again and watch your credit rating shoot up if you issues around remembering when to mail payments . Last you always have real time balances of all your accounts Off all the apps I have, the BOA app is one of the very best out there.

- Longtime Customer says Bank of America is awesome

I have banked with BofA for many years. I bank with a competitor bank as well. BofA stands out as the clear customer service winner. I took off one star for the older technology with my credit card. Every other card I have can be locked online by me for any reason. Only Bank of America will not give me that feature. When I tried to address the issue with the card representative I was given a bogus excuse. Bank of America should learn that there is no excuse to not provide their customers with this type of convenience and that the other cards have better technology the more control that you put in the customers hands the better the product will be liked and accepted and secure. I neglected my BofA cards and elected to use other cards because I have to be much more careful with them being that the only option is just shut down my BofA debit card and all the rest of my credit cards just to lock down one card so that I can investigate a charge.

- Great app but with some serious flaws

I have been a Bank of America customer for almost 15 years and I like using the app. My major MAJOR concern is making credit card payments! Right now there is no way to set up auto pay to pay the statement balance in full every month! If you like to pay the statement balance in full, you can only pay it once and can’t set up a recurring payment. This is a MAJOR ISSUE! The recurring payment only works with custom payment amounts. This is just plain robbery. It’s as if the bank doesn’t want you to pay the balance in full, therefore making the users have to go in manually every month to pay the statement credit in full. You know that some users will forget to go in and pay, in which case you’ll be hit with a late fee plus a negative report on your credit. As a software developer myself, allowing users to pay their statements in full each month should be easy, especially if you really. want to help users like you say you do. Citi bank has this feature. To developers, please have this feature in place ASAP. Otherwise, You’ll lose customers to other banks.

- “View all” and search is very sparse!

Arbitrarily showing only 3 months of transactions on the accounts transactions search page is not useful, especially for savings accounts. Loading 25 more, and then 25 more, and then 25 more, similarly is a poor interface (after I’ve already clicked “view all” NOT “view a handful” or “view only 90 days’ worth without an option to search beyond the pittance that’s already been loaded.” Please just provide the same viewing and searching features that are available on the computer (or that were already available many years ago when online banking was in its infancy—why are our iPhones LESS capable vis-a-vis BofA than a computer from 2010?). Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the online statements in PDF, but the iPhone app _should_ also be made useful for quick searching, etc., of past transactions. Trying to go month-by-month in PDF statements is not fun on the iPhone, when the broader view/search technology would be easy and obvious to implement. It’s bad enough that you keep the inane “view all” button at all, as if the majority of users looking for recent activity only want to see six to ten transactions...

- Online banking with Bank of America

So far, over the last 10+ years, I have no complaints a with anything that I have called the bank about. The personnel that have assisted me have been both professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. This has been both in person and over the phone various times over the last 10+ years. I have used billpay at work and at home thru Suntrust Bank, Wells Fargo and small local banks. Bank of America has the easiest online billpay to navigate. Once you realize that certain features have to be accomplished on a laptop or desktop computer for security, it’s a whiz to use a cell phone or iPad, etc. to do your online banking, including deposits of checks. I am one of the older seniors (73 years old) who is very adept with computers, although most people assume that if you’re over 60 you don’t know how to use a computer, nor are you able to learn. I just call BofA support anytime there’s a change and I don’t want to spend the time to navigate the new feature and I’m helped within 5 to 10 minutes.

- Hate it

Your app never seems to work. Every time I go to open it it no longer recognizes my user ID or password. It doesn't even recognize the fingerprint anymore. I have to reset things every time by deleting and reinstalling. This is ridiculous. I don't know what you did to the app but whatever you did you ruined it because it just doesn't work. I can assure you that I want to use an app and if this thing does not start working properly I will change all four of my accounts over to another bank that has an app that does work. I'm updating my review. The stupid thing still doesn't work right. I have to constantly re-do the installation and place user names and passwords in. Twice I've had to change the password for no reason other than the stupid app can't recognize it. Fire your IT people and hire some new ones Wanted to update. Working great after the above problems finally resolved. My only complaint is they still don’t have a place for a memo when you write a check in the app. Seems like a logical thing to put there. I’ve requested it several times but to no avail.

- Worst bank ever

They take forever to do anything they screwed me over and almost made me miss out on a PPP loan and now they took four months to figure out an issue that shouldn’t have taken a week. Last April I was trying to deposit a $100 bill a customer gave in the ATM. When the little door opened the bill hit the little wheels and bounced back out of the machine instead of being sucked in. The machine said I didn’t detect anything what did you put in? I tried to put $0 but the machine would not accept that answer so I put $100, thinking it would give another chance to put the money in, but it didn’t. So I tried again and successfully deposited the money. Know that the machine was giving me credit for money than I put In, I immediately called the bank and explained what happened. They filed a report and I assumed the issue would be quickly be resolved! No not with Bank of America! In August a full four months and a week after the fact they finally deducted the amount from my account on my birthday of all days!!! What a crock!

- Touch ID Disabled with New Update

With the new update my touch id sign in was disabled. I'm currently abroad, I don't have my card on me (abroad for a longer period of time) so there's no way I can sign in or use the forgot user id/passcode option to get a new password to sign in which requires a card number. I don't remember my password. I mean there's a reason why I've set up and I use the touch id. Apparently, developers working on this app are quite limited in their thinking. The better scenario is that hopefully someone just screwed up. Otherwise, they really should know better. The touch id removal is not the first time it's happened and it's absolutely annoying, unnecessary, and unacceptable. Also, with the latest update the app passcode field is completely frozen when you initially start the app. It takes about 2-3 minutes before you can tap in the passcode field. In general, even before this latest update, the app actually has some usability latency when switching among different sections of the UI. That's been there ever since I can remember. Not sure how this app has such high ratings. I guess fake reviews by their staff? If so they should rather focus on making a better product and fix glitches in their updates asap.

- Your latest update is shady….

I’ve been through many iPhones and many versions of your banking app. But on your last update I go to check my upcoming bill and I see the date. But I can’t see the amount. I thought it was odd at first. So now I have to click on the ebill button to see how much the bill is? That’s odd. I didn’t download the app to play tapping games, I have gaming apps that make me go threw hoops to achieve a goal. Paying a bill is NOT a game. Once the bill is paid you have no problem showing the amount paid. This small change may not seem like much and it might get you a few more clicks on your app but you need to seriously reconsider playing “peek a boo” with peoples time, effort and money. I can bank some other place where tapping games are not played. Be professional and clean. Don’t make it look like you’re trying to hide the amount under the link “ebill” to try and get some extra late fees. That’s just shady business practices. One more thing, I’m writing because you just forced me to “tap” an extra link in your mobile app. I haven’t gotten a late fee, today I guess I’m going to have to play your tapping game until you undo shady act.

- Intrusive “assistant” bot in otherwise functional app

Updated rating: the app now has the option to hide the annoying bot button, as noted by the developer response to this review. Odd that it’s not in the version history for the app. ——- The app is largely fine for basic banking transactions (transfer funds, check balances or transactions, deposit checks via phone camera), but the introduction of the bothersome “Erica” bot is an unnecessary annoyance: the button to engage is overlaid on the actual banking content making it easy to accidentally trigger or covering details you actually want; there’s no way to disable it as “Erica” will helpfully confirm; and the bot is sometimes displayed as an even larger block of promotional text. Having a chatbot may be useful to customers for selected services that would otherwise require a call, but forcing everyone to engage with it regardless of their current task in the app is quite a user-hostile implementation. I can only speculate that some poor middle manager on Bank of America’s app or marketing team has new job performance metrics tied to the number of Erica button clicks.

- View all transactions

Recently I noticed the view all transactions was removed as I checked my account and scrolled down. Before I was able to view the blue hyperlink “ all transactions “ but now it’s gone . I figured out that if you click statements or anything else first and then come back to viewing nada checking out, that then it is once again there to be able to view all transactions . This is my first ever post and I use that functionality on an almost daily basis as I need to compare this month with last month each month on a near daily basis . Why would the app developers provide me with less functionality then I previously had. Please make it simple as it was before and keep view transactions as the hyperlink at the bottom of the first view page of transactions . This was a great feature - also a normal one that every financial app has. Make it easier for me to conduct business with my financial services institution rather than more difficult. Thank you in advance for addressing this simple matter!

- Can’t pay my BOA credit card bill through Bill Pay

How hard is it to make a SIMPLE app?! After the most recent update, I wanted to pay my BOA credit card bill through this stupid app, and I’m not allowed to pay using the former straight forward method, instead, it forced me to add my BOA credit card as a payee in the Bill Pay section, which is so stupid: why do I have to add the BOA as a payee when I’m already using the BOA app?!?! OK, fine, I did it since I don’t have a choice, however, after all these hassle, I found that I’m only allowed to pay from my newly opened BOA checking account, which I have no money there! I can’t pay from other checking accounts, I spent almost half an hour exploring this over complicated stupid app, and clearly there is no other way to pay except through Bill Pay, and there is absolutely no way to pay from any other checking accounts beside the BOA one! I have 5 credit cards from 5 different financial companies, and I use 5 different apps every month to pay my bills and do other stuffs, clearly this BOA app is THE WORST I ever used! To many useless features that no one will ever use, and the user interface is not just bad, it is awful! Whoever develops this app and this awful UI should be ashamed by yourselves! THIS APP IS A DISASTER!

- Touch ID Login is a mess; keeps logging out

The New 21.1 version released on January 29th is a mess. Updated biometrics is terrible and keeps logging me out. I’ve had to re-enable Touch ID 3 times in one day and it never stays logged in for more than 6-8 hours. This was never an issue before the update. Problem seems to be related to going from a WiF environment to an LTE environment. BofA needs to get their act together on this ASAP. Update: 2/2 - App is still a complete mess with touch and Face ID broken after latest update for iOS. I’m running 14.3 which is the most current. In my case, the issue is, it resets when going from my home wifi to an LTE network. That is, when I enable Touch ID at home it works consistently until I leave the house. When I go out and about, I’m on LTE and I always have to re-enable Touch ID. BofA needs to stop responding with insulting fixes like re-install the application, or check to make sure that Touch ID is enabled. Touch ID was working just fine for years until your developers messed everything up. This is an issue on BofA’s end and it needs to get fixed ASAP because it’s annoying and frustrating. I can’t use my mobile device at any ATMs unless I log in. Please address this ASAP.

- Generally good but could be better

The app is generally good and has been extremely convenient especially during the issues of the last two years. But there is no easy way to see if you have already scheduled a mortgage or credit card payment (unlike some other banking apps I use), and no good way to contact people for questions through the app. These things are also true of using their website. In fact, on the current version, when attempting to provide feedback (which I would have done directly through the app rather than on Apple’s service), a pop-up comes up saying that you need to update the app in order to do that. But I am already using the most current version of the app. Also, in trying to deposit checks, it kept saying I needed to use a darker background when I was already using a black background on my desk. So, having access to banking from home is very convenient, but these little flaws in the design and use of the app do counter that convenience.

- Awesome but needs some fix in’

Yes so I love the app and all the features that come with the app just like any other banking app. The pros is that it has added security and you are given offers for local deals. That is a huge bonus for me and also the feature where you can send and receive money through Zelle. Now the cons I have especially recently is the notifications doesn’t seem to update in a timely manner. Meaning I’ll go and click on the bell and the notifications will be blue, so I click on them and my bell doesn’t have any alerts. However I can go back on there an hour later and those same notifications will pop back up unread. It’s quite annoying seeming mine is now at 20+ notifications that “hasn’t been opened”. Another issue I’ve had is trying to receive money on Zelle a few times. I’m not sure if we can only receive money from an a like account or someone who also has BOA or what. If that is the case it would be appreciated if you all considered expanding that, but if that’s not the case then maybe you guys should consider making an easier process for someone receiving money through Zelle.

- Doesn’t Give You True Picture Of Your Account

This app is advertised as giving up-to-the-minute information on your account; that is misleading. I have ran into a lot of trouble because of that promise about this app, and that is causing me to move all my banking needs elsewhere having confirmed from Bank of America customer associates on several calls that I should not rely on the app for the real-time information on my account. Repeatedly, I have relied on the information provided by this app on my account only to wake up to surprising charges. Even when I go to bed with a positive balance on the app, I still end up with overdraft charges the next morning, referencing transactions that never showed up on the app. It’s almost at the point where I now feel that lag in giving up-to-date status of accounts on the app is intentional. For Small Business Owners just starting out and juggling finances, this app will ensure you keep you losing money. I’ve started the process of moving my banking needs elsewhere, and it is very sad because I thought Bank Of America really cared about small business owners, and I was wrong. Whatever you do, don’t rely on this app to give you the advertised up-to-the-minute update on your account as advertised.

- Can't believe all the positive ratings

I've been seeing these BoA commercials advertising their mobile app, and I just had to finally write a review. So I opened up App store and saw that the app has gotten 4.8 stars?? This is really strange because this app is easily the worst app that I've used. Chase bank, Capital One, Discover card are all so much better. Setting up online bill pay, which is the most important function of a banking app is so hard. For one, you can't make an automatic payment of the statement balance; you have to specify the amount, which makes no sense for automatic payment. And then when you think you've scheduled it, its a convoluted journey to confirm the payment. Third, reviewing past charges is so limited. Fourth, the little automatic chat function doesn't help you with anything you need; it's just another advertisement for their credit score check and opening more accounts. All of the same goes for BoA's atrocious website. I don't know what banking with Bank of America is like because I don't have any other accounts. But since online banking is pretty much the most important way to bank now, I simply would not want a Bank of America bank or investment account.

- Has good features, but is glitchy

The app mostly works, but has glitches with mobile check deposits. There’s often an error during the mobile check deposit process on the final stage when you click submit. I get errors such as “this check isn’t eligible for mobile check deposits” while it’s a normal check from the same person / check book I’ve successfully mobile deposited before. Similar errors have happened in the past with other checks, while the checks are clear and legible and aren’t special in any way. Trying to provide feedback through the app doesn’t work either. Click on “feedback” produces an error saying “App update available. To use this feature you’ll need to update the app”. This is while my app is the latest version and no updates are available. So I can’t leave feedback through the app. Clicking on the “developer support” here in the App Store doesn’t help either as it takes me to a general BoA Q&A page instead of a developer contact page / info. It’s as if this is all done intentionally to limit support requests. Anyways, hope all this gets fixed updated.

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- Living in Canada

I’m living in Canada so I will have transactions in Canada more often so you need not call on any transactions in Canada or the United States .

- App

Best bank app I have used to date.

- Works beautifully in Canada

Great app; easy to navigate and operate. Have never had a problem using it. Very straightforward. The quick fingerprint sign in is a bonus.


Why do you send me a push notification for a transaction postin to the account vs an actual purchase???? Most banks do it the other way, when it’s important. Instead I get annoying pushes early in the morning and I get paranoid, who’s using my card??? Also, do not like the new fluff flat, blah look. Prefer previous version.


Everything is at a glance and easy to do!

- Great bank

Besbest best

- I live in Canada

I need to add my Canadian phone number but the app doesn’t allow it

- Bank of America

A very good app that pertains to the Bank of America: a financial center, known for their friendly, knowledgeable staff and the convenience of drive-thru ATM’s.

- Review

From my point of view, it is a complete and friendly software.

- Awesome site


- 2fac

Please allow international number for 2fac

- Can’t read check numbers

I am trying to deposit a check and the photo is clear as day and the app says it can’t read the numbers at the bottom of the check. I’ve tried so many times and being in Canada is is incredibly frustrating to have to mail a check to make a deposit!

- Send Mony

Really is too fast & easy.

- Canadian looking to usa

Thank you bank of American!

- Waiting is longer

My waiting for someone to talk to was a little bit longer than expected but thank you for the good job.

- Application

Apparently too many glitches

- Like the app but Erica won’t go away!

I have Erica turned OFF. I do not want to use her services… or recommendations or alerts. No matter what, she keeps turning herself back on. Either this app is possessed or the turn off doesn’t work. Please fix this. It’s super annoying… and my only complaint about the app.

- Zelle huge error through BOA app

I sent a transfer through zelle. I got an error message. I sent the transfer and got a confirmation message. Then I see BOA and zelle have sent the third party the money twice! I filed a grievance, made a claim and have been denied. I am out 1000$ and I did nothing wrong. Totally crushed. It’s ruined my faith in support from the bank and Zelle.

- Gary Fleischer

Tried to get cash back credit card. But impossible to verify where problem was in application.. did not let me complete

- Website- Online Banking

For many years I have used my B of A online banking App for the majority of my personal banking requirements. The App is user friendly easy to use for online deposits, transfer of funds between accounts, order new personalized checks etc. I would recommend the App and Bank of America. Both solid!

- Does the job

Rare that a bank app gets it right, so props to the BofA devs!

- Very simple yet informative app

It is the go to source for our family’s mobile banking needs

- Internet problem

The lady was fabulous with my issue. Thanks for the help

- Works every time

100% of the time !

- Seriously


- My comments

Easy to use and effective.

- App works fine

I’ve been using the BoA mobile app for a while and it adequately caters to all my needs. I really like the time feature as the app greets me when I open it regardless of where I am in the world. Highly recommend especially if you don’t reside in USA.

- JM

Excellent bank to deal with and bank online.

- App use to work fine. Not any more.

This app worked flawless for a long time until the last few updates. Now it grinds away trying go load pages, freezes and gets stuck in screens. Horrible now. Went back to my laptop and flawless banking.

- Confusing web site.

I am a Canadian and deal with several Canadian banks and all of them have sites that are easy to navigate. Your bank of America site is frustrating to say the least.

- Online banking question

Good service when I called

- Almost the best

Pretty good UI - wish there was a dark theme. Also, no need to provide extant notification for inactivity sign out.

- Excellent

Excellent bank and staff very friendly and helpful Thank you

- Can’t use

I have this app installed on my iPhone 7+. It used to work well on the bell network in Canada, now I can’t open the app, keeps asking me to re-try over and over and over. Why do telecom companies put a wall up so we can’t download apps from the US store if u have US credit cards and so on. Very annoying.

- Travelling option

Will travel in Arizona soon and cannot find where to enter information.

- The best bank for me

Good service

- Easy and secure

Thank you BOA i really enjoy the features for online banking. Was hesitating in the beginning but found out the simplicity and security.

- Easy and best

Thanks for making every step easy and explainable. Fadi darwish From aruba

- Not upgrading

For the last month every time i invoke this app i am agreeing to upgrade it but, next time this request repeats itself. When will this stop?

- Transfer

Easy done Excellent job

- Good

Good nice applications

- Easy to use

Great App and easy to use for day to day banking

- Lilibet

Excellent service

- Bank of America App

Love it.. easy to use

- New format

I am not very happy with the new layout. It feels more like an advertising format for other companies then an app to do my banking.

- My favorite personnel bank

BOA is an excellent service for retail banking didn’t try their corporate service yet looking forward to have a business account with them soon

- Reseña

Fácil de usar, genera alertas de seguridad a tiempo, ofrece diversas opciones de modalidad de pago y depósito para los clientes, al igual que el monto mínimo a mantener en cuenta para no pagar fees mensuales

- Easy to use

User friendly app. I do all my banking on the app.

- Recommend if you work across the border

Works great for Canadians !

- Easy to Use -good functionality but

Only sends out text notification to US phone numbers. I wish it would work with CDN phone numbers as well. Overall an excellent APP.

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Bank of America Mobile Banking 22.12.06 Screenshots & Images

Bank of America Mobile Banking iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bank of America Mobile Banking iphone images
Bank of America Mobile Banking iphone images
Bank of America Mobile Banking iphone images
Bank of America Mobile Banking iphone images
Bank of America Mobile Banking iphone images
Bank of America Mobile Banking iphone images
Bank of America Mobile Banking iphone images

Bank of America Mobile Banking (Version 22.12.06) Install & Download

The applications Bank of America Mobile Banking was published in the category Finance on 2019-02-01 and was developed by Bank of America [Developer ID: 284847141]. This application file size is 426.34 MB. Bank of America Mobile Banking - Finance app posted on 2023-01-15 current version is 22.12.06 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bankofamerica.BofA