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Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes [Lifestyle] App Description & Overview

What is cool live wallpapers 4k&themes app? Exclusive high-quality live wallpaper to make your phone looks alive and interesting.

Are you looking for beautiful moving wallpapers? Do you like HD Backgrounds & Live Wallpapers? Do you want a powerful live wallpaper app that provides a sweet collection of high-resolution images in different categories? Cool Wallpaper 4K&Theme Widget is ready for you now!

With Cool Wallpaper 4K&Theme Widget you can keep up with the latest wallpaper fashion to make sure your screen stays stunning and out-of-the-ordinary.

Customize your phone and bring your screen to life thanks to the amazing wallpapers of our huge catalog.

Add any wallpaper to your favorites in order to find them quickly and easily.

Decorate your home screen with our brand-new themes! Every theme contains a set of icons, wallpapers and widgets.

Dozens of exquisite charging animations are carefully designed to ensure smooth and delicate. Let you instantly become the most cool boy in the crowd!

Beautify your screen with inimitable live wallpaper!

Let your device become a source of self-expression, inspiration, and joy.

* Our standard subscription options are:
Weekly Subscription
Monthly Subscription
Yearly Subscription

* Content provided during subscription period:
- Unlock all charging animations
- Access to all live wallpapers
- Customize widgets
- Weekly content updates

* Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. Subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel your subscription or free trial in the iTunes settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial period. The cancellation will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you will be downgraded to the free service. Subscriptions may be managed through by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off through the above link after purchase.
* Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Serive:

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Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes Version 1.422 May 2021

- Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes Version 1.230 March 2021

- Add Subscription Features - Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.

Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes Comments & Reviews 2022

- Don’t buy unless you want to be scammed.

I downloaded this app because the wallpapers it had on it seemed pretty cool. What I DIDN'T realize at the time is that when you want to download a wallpaper you have to buy a subscription. You get offered a 3 day free trial, but after that it’s 7$ every month just to download a wallpaper! What a scam! I’m going to a different app. Also let’s talk about these 5 star bot reviews. Some of them look like they were written by a literal 3 year old or a peanut brain. Don’t fall for a 5 star review, keep scrolling, all of the others are 1 or 2 star reviews. I’m only putting 3 stars because the wallpapers are cool, but they are ALL only 2D instead of 3D like the ad says they are. Also, the ads are clearly stolen. On the ad I saw it showed that you could put your name on the screen. I wasn’t in to that, but I decided to check out the app anyways. You don’t even have an option to put your name on your phone screen. Again, such a scam along with fake ads. This is getting pretty long, but I only have one more thing to say. This game asks to track YOUR PERSONAL data, like what purchases and searches you make etc. Some stalkers. I feel like this app purposely tries to get data from you to scam your bank account or pull your IP address or something. If your reading this, PLEASE don’t download and waste time on this app like I did! Thanks for your time.

- Misleading

Can’t speak for the quality of the app but u can’t do anything without upgrading to the pro version. I though it was free Also this is nothing aging this app in particular but live wallpapers are battery hogs

- The creators should be ashamed!!!

So I was playing a game that went to an add and I saw this app on and it seamed soooooo cool (like a adds are I suppose with their fake super fun and cool videos)- and when I went on I was mind blown by how amazing it looked but after finding a really good one I wanted to add to my phone it said I hade to get the the premium thing for it and I was like yeah-yeah makes sense I need to get the special package for it and I looked at the price for it and it was in sane SO EXPENSIVE I mean O.M.G the only reason it did not make you pay before downloading the app was because it was to rip you off even worse with the expensive weekly amount you needed to pay to have them so I WAS FURIOUS but finally I chilled and thought okay fine I can’t have that one I’ll move on-I scrolll through and I can’t even find a good one that’s free LITERALLY 95% needs to PREMIUM would think that with the amount stack full of adds it had set on for you to watch every 2 minutes that they could give some GOOD ones for us to use YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES CREATORS!!!! The only reason I didn’t put it at one start was because they have such great stuff THey are just such rip-offs I’m furious that they are even allowed to call themselves an app IT IS Horrible!

- Umm, okay?

I was just playing one of those ad-infested games when this commercial pops up with overblown trap music and in-your-face ads for some crazy idea of a wallpaper that sounded rad until I realized it costs more money than a freaking limousine. Also, here’s an idea: why not add a music visualizer and make it a one-time payment of like $20 (or $5 per wallpaper)? I was checking the comment section and noticed a lot of people were pretty upset about this app. If you have the resources to make something cool like this, the least you could do is make it more accessible to people. However, I will admit that the graphics are very well done and it takes cyberpunk to a whole nother level, but the logo is pretty bland and the pricing is just ridiculous. Also, I don’t know if I’d call it “false advertising”, but the clip where the girl sticks her hand in the phone could be on an episode of Captain Disillusion. All in all this seems like a great idea, but hopefully in the future someone else will do a better job, even though they made it super difficult to top...

- So annoying😡😡

Every time I get the app I see some Harry Potter themes avengers themes and many more. So you chose those. The next time you go on to the app it doesn’t show them at all. So you can’t pick any cool ones just these weird Japanese ones. Not that there is anything wrong with that’s it’s just that I really what to use the Harry Potter ones. And I the adds it says that you can make a 3D wallpaper with your name. You have to friken pay for it and the charging thing are so dumb. I mean when ever you turn off you phone you expect it to go off. NO! You have to unlock your phone first to see it. And it’s just a recording and the time is always wrong. Like it’s 23:25. And don’t get me started on the wallpapers. It’s like a tik tok thing and when ever you scroll down 3 time it plays an ad. If you haven’t noticed i am really annoyed with this app. The subscription is also very expensive. Who do you think is dumb enough to pay that much for the same thing but with no ads and twice the scam.

- Really good but you need to make everything not be where are you have to do the free trial

So far I like this app even though I just got it today but I noticed that every single thing you need to have done the free trial to get which is stupid because I don’t have an infinite supply of money and is soon as I run out of money then it goes to my moms account and she doesn’t want that so you need to change that Because I’d love to keep this app because it has really nice stuff you know and I really want to have a background like that but I don’t have infinite money☹️. So if you could change that that would be amazing. Thank you depending on if you did it or not... I just checked other peoples reviews and you need to change it i’m not saying you have to change every single one but change a couple so that other people can have wallpapers that are really cool to😠. Anyway I’m gonna keep reading through the reviews... And I’m probably gonna edit this in five seconds.

- Worst scam ever

So I already knew about this fake scam app because of reading the reviews and I wanted to see the fake scam for myself. So first of all the first thing the app does is asks you to allow it to track your data to “support the app and keep it free” and it also says that 95% op people allow track but I bet NO ONE has EVER allowed well maybe some people but still it’s just a LIE! And second of all there is a free trial membership that also says 98.3% of people turned on the free trial but I bet N O O N E Zander I MEAN N O O N E has EVER turned on the free trial! Oh and that’s not all, after that, the FIRST thing that you see is an AD AN AD!!! Like WHY JUST WHY WOULD YOU PUT AN AD RIGHT AFTER THE FAKE SCAMS!!! Also yes, like almost the ENTIRE app is full of membership only wallpapers. So whoever is reading this I don’t recommend this fake app. And if you devs are reading this, make this fake scam app actually real and if you don’t want to then at least don’t fake the ad and actually make a real ad please!

- Honest review

Yeah the wallpapers may seem pretty and everything but you have to pay for it. It’s not even worth your time. Don’t waste your time on this app because once you get it, it says try app free. It may seem free but clearly it isn’t. I was looking forward to having a nice app that is free and NOT a waste of time yet I was wrong. It’s also a waste of money because you could buy sooooo many better things with the money your gonna end up spending on this. If it ain’t free I don’t want it. Lol i know I’m sounding real cheap but like come on... you reallly think this app will be good yet there is 3.4 rates that are positive most likely. Like for real? I should not have wasted my own time getting this app. It was all for nothing. I was actually excited cuz I thought I finally found a free app for live wallpapers. I’m telling you this so you don’t waste time like I did. Also plzzzz don’t waste your money on it either. I know it seems nice but trust me it isn’t.

- You developers are getting on my NERVES!!!

Ok first this app is a complete waste of money! Like you literally have to pay 36 dollars a month for wallpapers! Like are you freaking kidding me!? No one in this whole world would want to pay 36 dollars for wallpapers that are useless and not worth your time. Oh and by the way the ads are freaking fake! Like on the ads it looks 3D and when I look at it on the actual app is doesn’t look as real on the ads. That is a very good reason why you people should not waste your time on this cause it’s not even real. I hope the developers delete this SCAM!!! And if you people are reading this please listen unless you wanna go broke for fake wallpapers. There are better apps out there but I don’t recommend this game and have a nice day!!

- Kinda saw this coming😕

If you read the other reviews or most/some of them, you probably know that the game and wallpapers in general cost alot. And, they aren’t even wrong. But tbh I knew this was gonna happen. I just didn’t think it would be so much money, nor did I think there would be a membership/trial. Yea, the wallpapers are cool but I think I’d rather just stick to 2d wallpapers instead of buying a wallpaper :/. Also I don’t think there should be a membership. I totally would have bought the wallpapers if there wasn’t a membership. It would be much better for us to be able to simply buy a wallpaper or two for maybe 10 to 15 dollars. And that would make much more sense than having to continue to pay for a wallpaper that you might but have bout like 2 years ago or something. This review is getting long so I’m gonna stop here. The wallpaper are really cool but they cost a lot. If your willing to pay for a member ship and for a bunch of 3D wallpapers or whatever then this app is for you.

- A terrible app

I don’t know what idiot decided to make the app how it is. I saw a cool ad and downloaded this because the wallpapers were cool but they bait you in with having to buy premium for almost every wallpaper. It is 7 dollars a week which isn’t much but in opinion not worth paying. This was a huge disappointment since the wallpapers looked really good which is why I gave 2 stars instead of 1. The ads also make it really annoying to actually scroll through the wallpapers. Unless your willing to pay money don’t waste time with this app.

- This Is......

I downloaded this app after thinking that it was free. But I was wrong. They advertise it as being free! But when you download the app there’s nothing you can do but buy the membership. Because it’s membership allows you to get all wallpapers, when there is not a single wallpaper that isn’t membership. All the wallpaper look insane but there’s no way I’m paying 9 BUCKS A FREAKING WEEK JUST FOR A COUPLE WALLPAPERS! This app shouldn’t be advertised as “free” it should costs like two bucks that’s all I’m giving! It’s stupid that the developers of this app think they were going to get away with nine bucks a week!

- Yeah, no.

The wallpapers are decent but nothing super exciting that would make them worth $8.99/week. Even per month that would be a bit steep just for freaking screen savers. Also, the ads for this app show these amazing 3D effects like you’re reaching into your phone and pulling out slime or something. There is NOTHING even remotely like that on this app! If there were, it would almost be worth paying for. I’m amazed at the people who are giving it 5 stars. These are either planted reviews or people who have never seen basic live wallpaper. Avoid this one for so many reasons.

- It’s nothing more than a shortcut to the premium

After browsing and tapping on multiple wallpapers, charge screens .. it keeps directing to the premium app screen, where they want you to pay $8.99/week for using their gifs and whatever else they have. I personally don’t see a need to spend $0.01/year or more for a photo that I can easily download off the internet or take myself, and put it on my phone for wallpaper, and I’m not staring at my phone to worry what the charge screen looks like, so this app lasted maybe 5 minutes on my device before I deleted it.

- It’s all premium!! ):(

I do not like this app, because none of the wallpapers are free just like the ad showed us with the 3D name and stuff and It has sooo much ADSS!. AND I can’t seem to find the wallpaper as the ad was talking about, and I also give this app a one star review because 1. It’s all premium and 2. I can’t buy the premium stuff with my mom’s card and it’s also not fair that everything in the app has to literally be premium and some people may be looking for a free one, and they can’t buy it!!!That is the reason why I do not like this app

- Not the best but not the worst

Tbh, The wallpapers are not live like I expected. I do like the backrounds though. I dont really get how to get the charging animation set up bc I have an Ipad and this might be for Iphone users. I tried restarting it and still the backround wont budge one bit. Four stars. This is an honest review, and I think this app may need a bit of improvement. 🅿🅴🅰🅲🅴!

- Stop making us pay!

Okay, if you are reading this to see if you want the app, read the whole thing. First off, the wallpapers are really good and ACTUALLY work, I was exited. Then I see there are NO wallpapers or anything without the subscription, which makes sense why 98% of the people started their 14 day free trial, if the devs are reading, make a free section and dont scam us please. If you are WILLING to pay, the app is amazing and thats why I rated it 2 stars. -Thanks, Michael

- Amazing app

This app has the most beautiful live wallpapers I have ever seen, and there are many kinds of them. Not only can you set a live wallpaper for your home screen, it also works on the lock screen.

- False advertising & nothing but a Ad trap

This is total junk. The wallpapers shown briefly in the preview of this app dont exist in this so called App. Secondly it bombards you with Ads & pop-ups when you are simply scrolling the list of wallpapers. If you click on one to see what it actually looks like the image quality is very poor & you can bet there will be yet another add pop-up. Deleted this app in less than 2 mins. Junk!

- So stupid and a money waster

So I got this app hoping I would have cool charging wallpapers. But no I couldn’t even get to another wallpaper without an add about THE EXACT SAME APP I WASON ALREADY. U can’t even get a wallpaper without a freeze tryal!!😑😑the free tryal last like to monts and just my luck the wallpaper that I got would expire. And plus the ones that they show are so-so in my opinion. I would not recommend this find something else I’m deleting 😑😑😐😐

- Complete garbage app and waste of money

I downloaded this app on an add I saw and it looked super cool. It makes you sign up for a free trial and I was okay with it until it started charging me 8.99 a day. I didn’t notice this until a week after it was doing this without my permission. This app should be taken off the AppStore. The backgrounds aren’t even good either. Would NEVER recommend this app and working on getting a refund.

- Total bait & switch

The advertisements for this app are totally misleading. First of all, the app itself has a ridiculous amount of pop-up ads that appear every time you scroll. You only get a few wallpapers for free, and to unlock the rest of them (including themes and charging screens) you need to pay $5.00/month. Only worth it if you’re satisfied with a very limited selection.

- It’s pretty good

Ppl are saying it’s terrible and I saw it coming it so bad and stuff like that but you have to find a was to use it I have very cool wallpapers and very cool widgets and stuff bc as I said you have to find a was to use the app without pressing the subscription.

- Paying

You don’t haft to pay there’s an x button at the corner of the screen but you need to pay if you want the wallpapers with the crown on the corner of the screen

- Really great

With so many different kinds of wallpapers, I think this app is not bad. I have collected a lot of pictures that I think are cool. The widget tool theme is also very suitable for dressing up mobile phones.


I only made it a five star review so people could actually see it. You have to pay for all the wallpapers. Sure they are cool but you can’t get them. Please make most wallpapers free.

- This is CRAP!!!! DO NOT GET THIS!!

It is NOT FREE! Can’t use anything on this app without paying their $9 PER WEEK membership! $36 a month just for wallpapers!!! You developers have got to be out of your freakin mind!! Oh by the way their wallpapers are ok but look absolutely nothing like the advertisement video that that’s been circulating. They’re not as 3D as what the ad video shows. Just another crap app trying to take advantage of people.


I wasn’t able to use this app or it’s wallpapers because u have to pay like dude they expect you to pay 6 dollars a week to have some (probably) crappy wallpapers I’m just done with tryna find nice wallpapers fix your app nobody wants to pay six dollars a week To have wallpapersThat’s $80 a year like are u serious!?! I’m done just done if I could give this zero stars I would

- Good effects but way to much money

Hey so the first thing that happens when I open the app it asked me to try this free trial is it 89 people do it like no way and then 89% by that and then I try to click on just one of them and it says I need to do free trail and I keep scrolling and clicking and scrolling and clicking it just keeps saying this you have to pay for the trial or have to do the free trial

- Too many ads

I thought that the wallpapers on this app were really cool but I really hated that if you actually wanted a wallpaper you couldn’t get one because you needed to pay for it I would rather use them for free . Furthermore the ads were ongoing they wouldn’t stop every time you tried to preview a wallpaper an ad was there overall I didn’t really enjoy the app

- Fake advertising

Wow i saw this app on snapchat and it looked really cool im thinking the wallpapers are going to be free well wasn’t i wrong you have to pay for EVERY SINGLE WALLPAPER they fake advertise the app and wallpapers being free when they aren’t no way im paying 9$ for wallpapers its not worth it at all the wallpapers are nice an all but the wallpapers they show on the advertisement doesn’t even look similar to that dont download this trash app

- Scam!!

I was just charged several times over the past 3 days totaling almost $200! I’ve tried to dispute it through Apple bc my son is the one that purchased this app without my knowledge or permission. Ugh. I don’t understand how there are around 50 separate charges some for $4.99, a lot for .99 and some for even more money. It’s ridiculous. DO NOT USE THIS APP!

- Interesting

The colors of these wallpapers are bright and beautiful, and the effect on the phone is very good. My friends admire the wallpaper on my phone, and it’s easy to collect.

- “Pro” Feature

So I saw an add for this app and it looked really cool. Don’t get me wrong all the stuff on this app is awesome, BUT when I open the app I always get an add to try their pro feature. I always say no because I don’t have that kind of money. But it turns out is you don’t get the pro feature YOU CAN’T GET ANYTHING FROM THE APP!! 😡 So I deleted the app on the same day I got it. Thank you.

- Read!

So I’m scrolling through to find what my favorite wallpaper could be. I click on every single one and it asks me to pay for it. Like who does that your really forcing people to pay for your dumb membership people want free wallpapers not only cast money for wallpapers start making more free wallpapers. I wish i could rate this zero if it was possible.

- Poor Options

Not a fan of this app. A lot of ads, not much of a variety to choose from and the ones they do have are pretty boring, plus a lot of duplicates that are in other apps. If you want to purchase it for the premium, it’s $8.99 per week!!! PER WEEK….I sure hope that’s a typo’

- Amazing for my IPad

So this was So perfect for my charging it was boring with out an animation charger so I downloaded but charger animation stays me in so i delete and download back and back so thank u!

- Needs work

I downloaded the app because I saw a ad that looked cool, It was a mistake most of the wallpapers look like their animated but is a lie all of the “gravity” wallpapers are just a still frame and don’t move when you turn the screen. DON’T BELIEVE THE ADS!!!!

- One Star Rate

When I got the app I thought I would be able to use it but no, you have to buy premium and just for a month, it’s $6.99 which is excessive. I wouldn’t recommend this app, it has good wallpapers but you have to literally buy the app in order to get them so it isn’t worth it.

- False advertising

I downloaded the app for specific wallpapers that were on the advertisement but then f find out that those wallpapers aren't even on the app. Also there are no interactive wallpapers and the wallpapers that use the phones tilt feature are just saved recording of you moving the wallpaper around.

- Please take all the free trial it’s not even free and cost money.

Please takeoff the title I don’t believe that 90 something else and people do the trial thing because it’s starting to get on my nerves and I’m just a child I want one because I think it looks cool but I don’t want a free trial because I really want one of those screen thing.

- Garbage, Trash , Who would even download this

If I could rate this zero stars I would. This app is so stupid , you can’t do ANYTHING. No one wants to pay 9 bucks a month for your trash app, THEY ARE SCREEN SAVERS DAMMIT! Do something right and delete this app or change it no one wants this. Paying for nothing is a waste of my time and everyone else’s.

- Terrible do not get😡

So I saw an add for this and I was like oh cool I’ll get it but when I got in the game it said I can get a subscription so I was like okay this is normal but then I realized thAt EVERYTHING was not available beacause I didn’t buy the subscription and I was like ugh I hate this I need to delete it I do not recommend don’t get it!

- I hate this

So I downloaded this app like yesterday so I opened it views on and I saw that every thing had to have the free trial or pay. I don’t like that so can you make it where some is free because I will leave 50 more bad reviews on this app if you don’t fix is so I’m uninstalling because this app is trash.


this app is super bad because it always show yo ur have to pay for every wall paper just to have one!? They are scanning and if they replay to this pls make a lot more free and a lot of games to get updated so,please make things free than scamming people for money so update and I all ready deleted it because how bad it was.

- Not very good.

I’m giving it two stars because I was amazed at first. Then, they just got worse. I knew it wasn’t going to be like the ad, but I’m a bit disappointed. The things don’t even look real! Wouldn’t recommend.

- Hate it

You making a subpoena seen amount of money every year just for wallpapers only wants to get some cool alive wallpapers but literally every single wallpaper is premium you could at least let us have some that aren’t like seriously are you stupid people want is money

- This app is terrible

This app is so stupid because it’s got all these cool wallpapers but NONE ARE FREE! And its not even logical to pay NINE BUCKS A WEEK for some dumb wallpapers! Although some of the wallpapers and charging animations are pretty cool, there is not a SINGLE ONE that you can get without buying the stupid membership! I seriously do not recommend this app!

- $9/Week?!

These all look GREAT but that pricing model is ridiculous. $8.99/ week is a bit steep for wallpapers. I would have gladly done a few dollars/month if there are regular updates or a $20 flat fee if there weren’t, but no way I’m doing even the discounted monthly or annual fees, $19 & $79 respectively, for iPhone wallpapers no matter how nice they are.

- Ok so…

I don’t normally write reviews but this needs to be fixed, you can’t even get a wallpaper for free you have to pay for it and it’s really upsetting. I downloaded this and I thought I would be able to get a cool new wallpaper for free but no I would have to pay for one.

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- Nicely done

Everything you would expect from a high quality wallpaper app. This is really an amazing app, if you like to change your phone's screen wallpaper, then it is perfect for you.

- Love it so far

This app is very good, it does have some very good live wallpapers, you just need to search for them. The quality is not bad at all, and it is very convenient to save the collection.

- This is pretty cool

Nice app, I like it very much and have a lot of live wallpapers in my collection. The widgets it provides are also very easy to use, and are very suitable for my phone.

- It is fine I guess 🙄

I can not do the Charging one it dose not work and the wall papers are not live they are just Pictures if it was easy to handle it will be fun I wish it was better I am not going to use this again

- Absolute Garbage 🤮

When I hopped on the app the first thing it said was 93% of people have bought our subscription! You should buy it too to get loads of cool stuff! Yet I know this is a lie because only 5 people have downloaded the app. Not only that but there are way to many subscriptions and limitations. Basically, if you’re not willing to pay then you’re just wasting your time. Would never recommend.

- This is a scam 🤬

I got this app used it once and it charged me $7.99 a week and it’s not letting me cancel the subscription that I didn’t even agree to (DO NOT DOWNLOAD) it’s a useless money waster

- Ewwww 😡

I hated it don’t download it the wallpaper was just a photo 😡😒 and the charging was awful I hate this app

- Good but one thing I don’t like

I would like some half decent wallpapers for free!

- This is a scam

It’s a scam 🤢 because you have to pay for all the wall papers 😡

- lol

lol so bad it’s funny

- Rolling eyes emoji

Me and my bff got this app thinking it would be cool since my bff saw the add thinking it would be awesome. When I bought this game I scrolled down and saw the reviews. I said to myself I’d come back and read it. When I read it we found out that it cost u $12.99 a week then we deleted it!

- Cockroaches.

My daughter got this on her device, thinking it was free. Next thing I know they have charged me $12.99. So we cancelled the app. Then I find out they charged me another $12.99 a week later. The app was used once. You guys are just plain cockroaches, sucking kids in for some dopey wallpaper. Up there with internet scammers. No Christmas card for you.

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- It doesn’t really work

Seriously this app needs fixing because when I do what it says it plays an ad when I just payed for it to not and I get the charging wallpaper and it freezes on that screen and have to delete and redownload and says I don’t have membership

- You don’t need to pay

There is a X that you could press so you don’t need to pay

- It’s so good

So when I charge my phone issues animation I choose good job with this app👍🏾 I❤️😍 this app

- Hello

This app is great thank you for the charging thing

- Why pay

Paying for just a dumb background I mean it’s moving but paying for it is just stupid

- Pay for a wallpaper

Why do you have to pay just for a wallpaper. everyone knows they are going to go on an app like roblux or something like that. even it’s a waste of money

- Doo Doo

Why the hell do you need to pay just for a background ????

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Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes 1.4 Screenshots & Images

Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes iphone images
Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes iphone images
Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes iphone images
Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes iphone images
Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes iphone images
Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes iphone images

Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes (Version 1.4) Install & Download

The applications Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes was published in the category Lifestyle on 2021-03-23 and was developed by Energetiq Limited [Developer ID: 1559753004]. This application file size is 197.07 MB. Cool Live Wallpapers 4K&Themes - Lifestyle app posted on 2021-05-22 current version is 1.4 and works well on IOS 12.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.energetiqlimited.coolwallpaper