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InstaBoost: Get Followers [Reference] App Description & Overview

Make new meaningful Instagram friends with InstaBoost. We want to help you to create more meaningful and real friendships, that will help you grow your audience even bigger.

PS - InstaBoost is a fun way to make new Instagram followers, likes, fans and is NOT a teen dating app, so play it cool you guys ;)

All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of InstaBoost privacy policy.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Safety disclaimer: InstaBoost is intended to be used for making new followers & fans from all over the world to add and chat with on Instagram. We urge our users to be mindful when considering to share their location, full name, and all other other personal information with new friends. Additionally, "Friends: Get Followers for IG" is not intended for the buying and selling of adult content. Account selling, or requesting adult content will be disabled due to violating our community guidelines. Please report anything you see that isn’t right!

- This app is not affiliated or endorsed by Instagram™
- You can't purchase followers or likes in this app. It is just a tool to discover new people.

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InstaBoost: Get Followers Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks you for using InstaBoost! In this update we have fixed some minor bugs and updated the Google ads SDK. We love to hear your feedback! Feel free to send an email ( or DM me on Instagram (danikemper).

InstaBoost: Get Followers Comments & Reviews

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- Solid

Pretty good nothing too much to complain about.


Be very careful with this app it’s very deceiving. I signed in and the first thing I found suspicious was it asked for my age, Country, gender, and my sexual preference; I’ve used other Instagram followers act and never got asked these questions. Then when I went on my Instagram page I couldn’t access my personal information until I changed my password which makes me believe that whoever created this app created it to try hacking into people account because this didn’t happen until after signing onto this app. I also changed my Facebook information since it’s linked to my Instagram just incase the hackers that created this app somehow tries to access my Facebook. If you look through the comments you’ll see other ppl also had something happen to their account after signing up with this app and they had to change their password. My recommendation is DO NOT USE THIS APP AT ALL.

- Don’t trust this app.

I haven’t even tried it but by just reading the reviews, it seems like they’re all either 1 Star or 5 Star and all the 5 Star reviews seem like bots, meanwhile the 1 Star reviews seem legit, made by people who’ve tried the app and it doesn’t work. Personally I’m not going to put in my info, they could easily steal your account and or post whatever they want on it without your permission and Instagram wouldn’t help you because this goes against their terms of service


I logged in and nothing would load ... it asked for my age , gender, country, and sexual preference. I clicked around on the app and nothing would let me do anything! I heard a annoying suspenseful music playing repeatedly. So I logged out and deleted the app from my phone ; and immediately changed my Instagram password. From the reviews it sell like the 5 star reviews are bots. Wow! It’s literally scams left to right! Yall folks need to find a better passion other than trying to hack ppl accounts.

- This is a really good application

This a really great app! I have seen alot of app that claims to give you followers but then they don’t! But this app does what it claims! So yeah you should try this app and see with your own eyes the difference between this app and other apps

- Fake !!

This is fake I thought it was real!! When I signed in with my ig it just went back to the home screen! Then I started to read all of the reviews and then I said let me go and check my account logins! And when I went to check, it was an apple iPad signed in and I don’t log in with an apple ipad!! I have proof dm @ _.blaxkdatprextybri on ig I’ll send you the picture ! Cause they big time fake bruh wasted my time 🙄

- Real people!

Its a good app. Its easy to tell which accounts are fake and real, so you can decide who you want to like/follow! I like it, and the pricing is reasonable for when you need a little boost for a week!

- Pretty sure this is a scam

I downloaded the app before I read the reviews. I made my profile and as I was looking at the other profiles they seemed extremely fake. I thought it was a scam just to steal money but it seems like they might be trying to get your social media passwords. I wouldn’t take the chance, I changed my password and deleted the app right away.


Dont trust the app they log into your account with an apple ipad after you put in your email and password. They are most likely hackers and the 5 star reviews that me and many believed at first glance, now looking into them their fake it’s 100% the producers or their team staged as different people who wrote those comments themselves. This app should be taken off of the app store! 💯😤


Please do NOT try this app! It %100 does NOT work, all the positive comments may be deceiving but they are fake bots!!! When I downloaded this, it asked for all of my personal info and after that the screen just froze. I went back to read reviews and they say it is fake!!! %100 DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU WANT YOUR ACCOUNT HACKED! If you’ve already signed in, simply change your password.

- Ay

This is the only app that actually gives you more likes for instagram for free and it starts immeatiatly so you don’t have to wait. Just Download It.

- Do not trust them

Please do not trust them, the five star reviews are fake and the amount of people in the app is fake. First you will have to log in, then it says a problem. I checked my Instagram account and there was a random person logging in. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, and delete this app. They will take your information, thank you.

- Review

I’m still trying to give it a chance to see the followers go up.

- Eh

Only rating 5 stars because i was told to... please fix bugs app is too slow.

- Can anyone help?

Every time I re-install it’s the same as always. It’s just a black screen and I cannot use the app. Everyone seems to think it’s a great and and not having issues. Can anyone help?


DONT USE THIS APP!! i logged into my instagram and each time i tried to, i got an email saying someone logged into my instagram and it wasn’t in my area or on my device. and it only went off after i entered my password. don’t trust these people. i had to change my password 3 times because i didn’t know. HACKERS IM REPORTING

- Can’t complain

This app works so good and it’s plenty of ways to earn coins easily🥳

- Smh

If I could give it no stars I would... The app keeps closing.. I couldn’t even get past the page where it asks me if I want to save my password.. smh do something about this & all of your other apps because it is happening with them as well.

- Just Don’t

Got it to build a following for my photography. It’s a dating app for kids🤦🏼‍♀️ like the dating app you download that’s disguised as a followers app. It won’t load and kept crashing anyway. I changed my password to insta just in case. Don’t download this, it doesn’t do what you think.

- It is a really good app :D

This app is really good and no ads, and it actually works and it uses real people which is great

- Hated this.

I paid for the monthly pro user account and it didn’t work at all. I tried pressing already paid and it would just take me back to the main screen. Then when I contacted support I never received an answer. I’m over it.

- Smh.

Like you’ve probably read on some of the other reviews, the app won’t even open for me past the login screen. It crashes as soon as I enter my info, which makes the app completely unusable. Hopefully they fix this!

- Worst app ever

It can’t even open without having a seizure. I am really disappointed. I recommend changing your password if you signed in on the app because it seems like they are selling our information.

- It’s okay

You can like people’s pics most of them have none... and you’d can’t see who follows you unless you pay..

- Excellent

Gives you so many coins love it

- This app doesnt do ANYTHING - NOTHING

I bought a month thinking this was a way for me to learn more about my followers,gain more and block ads but app doesn’t do anything but send you blank usernames for you to “tap” to like their post!!! Don’t waste your money

- Great app

This app really helps you get followers and likes

- What?!!!

When they were giving your name, age, were you live it said something that made me uncomfortable, so I deleted the app. I don’t think it’s necessary to know what sexuality your interested in. Be careful guys before you wanna use it!!!

- It’s great

I wish it didn’t cost as much coins

- So far so good

Actually does as advertised.

- Ehh

Only doing this to get more coins

- This app is great

I love this app so much I recommend it so much

- Good app

Downloaded this app and it’s perfect something what I needed in my life lol

- Amazing

Easy and simple to use

- Really get likes

This app really works

- Doesn’t work at all

Piece of crap app completely feel like I got took for my money I canceled immediately. Thanks for taking my money. I could’ve found something better to do with it.

- Best

Love this app I have downloaded other apps and this is the best

- Read below

Here for the coins . 🙂

- Thanks for 10 points


- Great app

Easy to use and cool interface

- Amazing app

This app is so neatly designed for users that wanna gain easy followers 👍

- Worth

Got my stuff up

- Don’t download

This app was incredibly annoying, couldn’t even get past the first page. Once I logged in, it would kick me out. After five tries I just deleted the app.

- App crashing

App is great! But it keeps crashing recently when I try to login.


As soon as I logged im and could do much I immediately knew my account was about to be hacked so I quickly changed my pw. I got an email saying an Apply Ipad logged in. I do have an Ipad but i DO NOT live in fredricksberg Virginia

- Scam

I brought 600 coins so I can get 200 and something followers the gave me them then took my followers away ! Don’t waste your money .

- Waste of money. Do not download.

I got a “pro account” but literally it does nothing and shows you the most arbitrary profiles and offers no real functionality.

- Do Not Buy

They just take your money and it doesn’t do anything. You add your information and it just hacks your account this app should be removed from the App Store.

- It’s not even 1 star but I’m trynna be nice

The app doesn’t even open and when it does it ends up closing and moving slow they need to fix it up or just get rid of the app all together🚮

- Keeps freezing

Everytime i put my login information in it loads in then freezes at the save info screen.

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- Review

Good app but kinda confusing

- Best app

The best app I ever used the best

- What do you do with the coins

What do you do with them

- Crashes

App keeps crashing after login

- Pretty good


- Z

I hate this app it will not let me log in 😡 and I really wanted to try it so bad

- Really good


- Good


- Okkk


- Dhjaks


- Gooood


Payoneer 💰

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- It won’t download for some reason...


- B hi je f


- Ugh

All it does is crash nothing works

- Great

It’s a great app

- Idk

It’s a great app 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- Rating

I think this app is a good app to gain boosting levels in your Instagram use

- Cv


- nice


- terrible

crashes every time i open it and won’t let me log in

- Idk

I just downloaded the app so I’m not sure what it’s like yet.

- Awesome

Would totally recommend!

- waste of time

this app is literal trash, it doesn’t even let you sign up to use it, wasted my time trying to use this app instead of another one that would actually let me sign up for it

- review

i’d love it, but all it does is crash

- Not sure yet

I wanna see how it will work. It’s fun

- Would give 0 stars

Kicks me out of app when I log in

- Yes


- Ha lol

Ayeeeeeee lmao

- Insta

Love it so much

- Good


- cool


- boi


- 🔥


Libertex 📈

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- Ihavefollowsnow

I have follows now I think this is legit

- Here for the coins


- Fake

This is fake and it ask for your password I tested it and use an old account and log in and it shows me who log in into the account don’t trust

- It works very well

It works very well

- Amazing app

This is by far the most useful app ever

- Helpful and legit

It helps you get followers by insta likes and hashtags

- Hackers don’t download

When I logged In this app it send me to my email it tell me some one from taxes login to my account with an iPad All they trying do is hack your account. shame🤬

- It’s good

It’s really good but I don’t really know how it works

- Works good

It gets the job done

- Very helpful

Easy wya to get coins

- Amazinnn.

Definitely works!

- Great customer service

Thanks for allowing me and helping me find followers

- Trash

So I downloaded because I wanted to get followers for this meme acc, when I logged the app would just stop and would make me go back to the home page

- Won’t open

Every time after I login in my Instagram info the whole app crashes and bring me back to my home screen.

- Fake App

I’m pretty sure this app is only trying to steal your information. It seems to be some kind of data if app, not an app to grow your Instagram following as it claims.

- Crashes

Would not open after I signed in. Just stopped working and closed!

- Terrible

The app kept crashing and it wouldn’t let me log in

- Yuuuur

This app is a 5 star app right here boy use it

- Crashes

Don’t even bother. The app always crashes as soon as you try to log in. How is this app still on the App Store?

- App doesn’t work!

Downloaded the app and it literally will kick me out within seconds every time! So frustrating.

- App doesn’t work and crashes

I can’t even login because it freezes and crashes.

- App Always Crashes

As soon as you put in your login information that app crashes. Please fix this.

- Doesn’t work at all.

Don’t waste your time. Crashed every single time I’ve tried to use the app

- Don’t install

All this app does is ask you to login then it steals your info and logs into your account, don’t trust it. Change password and uninstall it!!

- So far so good

Easy to use

- Awesome

really great app & easy to use!!

- Great app

Everything is great


This is fake someone else logs into your account because they got to see your password, change your password on insta and uninstall it!!

- Keeps shutting down as soon as I log in

Don’t know how the app is since it crashes after I login in.

- App isnt working

I sign in and then when it asks to save login info it doesnt let me click anything, then suddenly closes the app

- Dont trust ❌

This app asked for my information i did it anyways but i deleted the account dont try it out!

- Awful and fake

This app doesn’t work, every time I log in it just brings me back to my Home Screen. 🙄🙄

- Love

Amazing love this helped my growth a lot

- Love

I gained a lot of friends

- Awesome!

Good app so far seems very fun

- 🙄

I didn’t even get to see how the app was before it started acting up! Only 5 seconds in! Smh horrible app

- Good

This is the best app I have seen ever.

- Doesn’t work

I never make it past the login screen

- amazing!

uts actually so good! and it isn’t like those silly bots! its real! definitely recommend getting ;)

- Ehh

It is a great app for them cause they get clout

- Instagram likes and follwers

It is so cool and easy!! <3

- Just a black screen

App does not work!! Just a black screen when I try to use it!!!

- Perfect

Helped with followers.

- Laggy possibly a scam

Wouldn’t load and was stuck on first page. Maybe not even a legit app

- Force Closing

The app won’t even let me continue after i log into Instagram it force closes..

- Worse

I just can say that it’s terrible...even it Doesn’t load up

- Don’t use this app

It doesn’t help you at all. This app only steals your information and passwords. It’s a waste of money.

- Yeet

Just did it for the coins lol

- Crashing

Everytime I try to log in it crashes and doesent work

- Doesn’t work

The app instantly closes after I login so I can’t even use it.

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InstaBoost: Get Followers 1.2.3 Screenshots & Images

InstaBoost: Get Followers iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

InstaBoost: Get Followers iphone images
InstaBoost: Get Followers iphone images
InstaBoost: Get Followers iphone images

InstaBoost: Get Followers (Version 1.2.3) Install & Download

The applications InstaBoost: Get Followers was published in the category Reference on 2020-05-14 and was developed by Adrianus Kemper [Developer ID: 1537081012]. This application file size is 26.02 MB. InstaBoost: Get Followers - Reference app posted on 2020-08-27 current version is 1.2.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Dani-Kemper.InstaFriend

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