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Play now and feel the amazing satisfaction with realistic cutting effects, relaxing sounds and different types of blades and heroes.

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Mr. Slice Customer Service, Editor Notes:

MASSIVE UPDATE! In this version of Mr. Slice you'll find: - A huge amount of new locations, obstacles and levels! Would you be able to pass them all? - Incredibly awesome and super detailed VIP skins - pass daily missions to unlock them all! - Find out how good you are at slicing comparing to others by completing all levels in locations! Enjoy the most stable and the most satisfying version of the game ever! COMING SOON! New bonus levels, new obstacles and new finish-line games!

Mr. Slice Comments & Reviews

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- Cool ad 😎

Hey there, ducky. I freakin’ love this game its so satisfying and all, but lets talk about that ad tho. As a middle schooler, its natural for us to look at girls without clothes. But the “oh yeah” stuff made it awkward. But my favorite levels are 48, 100, and 143. This game is like steve jobs rose from the dead just to show me this game. And once again, that ad was pretty tight. If you get a review of those dumb 13 yr old girls, just ignore it and focus on the positivity. Hell, im probably the only one who looked it. But anyways, keep up the good work. 👍

- Yes, I downloaded this to get something off my chest.

As far as the game goes, it’s good, it’s well made. But I can’t say I like it only because of the fact that the add I saw for it was pretty inappropriate. Slicing women’s clothes off while a man’s voice is saying things like “oh yeah, baby.” Now I just don’t understand how anyone could think this is okay for a mobile game add, and how Apple even allowed it. But is this how you teach kids that want to down load this game? Do you think removing clothes from a girl is a good example to show a boy who could see that and think that it’s okay? Well you shouldn’t. As a 13 year old, I’m disturbed and I can’t stop the add from popping up when I’m playing other mobile games. It’s also funny how I can report all other adds besides that specific one. Please remove that inappropriate add and stick to showing real gameplay. Trying to get people to download your game with women in bikinis is not a good look- it just seems very stupid and kind of sexist. So please, just stop and remove that stupid add because I can’t stop seeing it and I’m highly disturbed.

- It’s okay but the ads ruin it for me

I actually like the game if you play with airplane mode on there will be no ads (you’re welcome if you didn’t know that) anyway but the ads are eww. Like I’m 13 I don’t wanna a see an ad for this game as a woman getting she clothes ripped off leaving her in her underwear or women in showers getting the door sliced off. The ads are sexist they are saying our game has you cut off woman’s clothes so you can see them “naked” (obv not naked with no clothes but underwear and bra). It’s saying that if you download our game you will see that. Sorry for the long this if your still here overall the game is fun but the sexism in the ads is not for me if you don’t care then download it but if you care and don’t believe in games doing things to get downloads don’t get it. Thanks for reading

- Ad trouble

I am having trouble with the ads it keeps going black and then I have to exit the app and return over and over again so if you can fix it that would be awesome.

- It’s good but I need to tell you a secret

It’s good but it’s like fruit in the commercial it was way different so you could buy this you could get this I wouldn’t really that much but you can get it it’s pretty cool there’s a pretty cool game the people who made it I guess I because it just depends on the people who make it and yeah so I guess they’re pretty good but you could download this I wouldn’t I just deleted this yeah it’s kind of like a glitch bad like it’s not good or not that so yeah do you wanna download this game downloaded I don’t care

- Ad after every single level.

Tldr: way too many ads, but kinda fun still. Ok, listen. I understand the developer has to make money, I get that. For some games, I’ll even watch all the way through the occasional ad to help the developer out, especially if it’s for something like bonus health, or coins and such. But an ad after every single level is ridiculous, honestly. And when you made me watch an ad after a level, and then when I wanted to replay it you made me instantly watch another one. THEN when I got through with that same level where you’ve made me go through two ads, you make me watch a THIRD advertisement. Come on, guys. I think the worst part of this is that, in all honesty, I like this game. I would love to keep it just for mindless entertainment when I have a few minutes. But the ads are nearly insufferable.


There sooooo many ads every time you win a game there is an ad and win you get a chest you have to watch an ads and the ads I get is the same you do all that work and then you have to watch an ads frist just to get a chest that you earn bad game but it is fun but the ads get me sooooooooo frustrated like please stop the ads I get that there is ads for like 3xgem but the chest all I’m asking for is stop with ads to do Ace’s the and when you die it automatic then have to wait 30 seconds to exit he ads 😡😤and why ads

- The sound

For some reason I don’t have sound to this game which would honestly make it much better, there’s a sound option in the settings but since downloaded I have never had sound to it, it’s completely silent and I have tried everything can you guys add sound or fix the sound? I love the game just needs sound

- Amazing App

This has to be the only app I have found that is better then the add people should definitely download it is better then you think

- Still fun after so long

Level 430+ and still live playing with everything unlocked

- Game could be better

My only issue with this game is the ads, all it's really missing is a way to remove the ads. There needs to be a remove ads prompt in the game but other than that it's an addictive game.

- I love this game so much because

You get to get chased by people and sometimes you don’t and you give me a challenge and it’s fun

- Superstar game

This is a real cool game like it very cool you can slice stuff like emojis🥳😚 this game is so nice I like you thank you for making this game

- The ads ruin the game.

How I found this game was a different game but, but how you advertise your game is absolutely ridiculous. Like seriously slicing off a woman’s clothing that is just wrong, why couldn’t been a men’s clothing? This is just sexist in general... Please fix your ads and how to advertise them, it is extremely disturbing and disgusting.

- Great game, terrible ads

It’s rather annoying to have to watch ads between each level. ESPECIALLY with no option to purchase no ads. Would have paid a couple bucks just to have no ads and kept the game. Will be uninstalling due to too many ads.

- I can’t stop playing

I love the game!!!!!!!! The second I got on it I could not get off it! This game is the best one ever!

- Fans🥳💕

I just started playing and I allready love it thank you to the App Store 🥳

- To the people who made this

Hey thank you so much for this game it is so fun and exciting 💖😀

- So satisfying!

This game is very fun and free!Not a lot of adds I highly recommend this game!!!😜😝😛😋


When I saw an add for this game it was slicing women’s clothing off. Like what the heck you know kids play mobile games too. I don’t think many parents would want their kids to see that. Just take the add down please

- Scoring issue

They not gonna always give you what you won. I won 7700 and soon as I did it froze up. I thought maybe give it some time cause it is a lot at one time but NO I was wrong.

- Nothing but garbage

This game doesn’t even work every time I start up the game it crashes even if I come the first level it crashes who wants to play a game that doesn’t even work!

- I love it!

I love the game, ducky! If I could rate it 20 stars I would!

- Offensive and inappropriate

An ad for this game popped up while my 9 year old was playing another game and showed women having their clothes sliced off, leaving them in their underwear. This game should not be listed for ages 4+.

- I hate the way you are not the one who is in

Siempre que me va a dar la vuelta y me

- Ad for this s creepy

But game ok I see ads for this on other games. Please change the creep ad with the man voice that says, yea baby & stuff like that It makes me never wanna see or play the game. 😖 Idk

- This game is so much fun

But I think they should add boss fights

- Just started

I JUST downloaded and it’s asking me if I LIKE IT!?! I mean I LOVE it too so I DO RECOMMEND!!! BEST ASMR!!!😍😍

- Way to many ad’s

The game is Trash because it has way to many ad’s and I just don’t like because it is not that entertaining

- It 2020 and the date is 22

Hi my name is rose and I love this app it so awesome I love it soooooooo much

- Good

Very satisfied

- Can I give 0strs

This ad popped up while I was playing another game. Sick that it shows girls being sliced in half and left only in their underwear. NOT FOR 4+. NOT FOR KIDS AT ALL OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER

- 🥺🥺🥺

It doesn’t have the satisfying noise it had in the ad

- Very inappropriate ads for this game

This game is very satisfying, but your ad for this game is very inappropriate, it is slicing off girls clothes!!! A GOOD game would not do this!!! 😡😡😡

- Love it

But there’s way too many ads. Add a “NO ADS” button and I’ll give you 5 stars.

- I’m a slicer😏

Ima slicer yall😏 mhm that means I love this game and oof this is um😅

- The game

This game is so great.

- Nice

Nice game dude it’s awesome

- Soo cool!

Yay 😃

- M gusta el juego

Es divertido

- Hi


- 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

Horrible app I hate it

- I say best


- Mr. slice

My name is slice mr.slice and I always get hurt

- It’s okay...

Idk.its okay

- Chhrydhdygdshstdvgwhw


- Worst game

Worst game I have ever seen if y I see this make better games dumbass

- Idk

I thought there was gonna be a special level or price when u get to level 100 there’s nothing but the same level that keep repeating I have every thing unlocked basically there’s no point for me to keep playing @this point 🤷🏾‍♂️

- Offensively Easy

This is the second game this week I’ve played with the three keys mechanic, exact same UI and everything. Funny thing was that they were two different developers. Both also required an ad to unlock the “free gift.” The other similarity? Both were essentially point and click adventures without even an ounce of challenge. You can look away from your phone and just keep tapping or holding and you’ll still win every single level. I understand that challenge is really hard to code into a game. But going through this genuinely felt like getting a lobotomy. I’ve got no idea why this has become such a trend but please don’t waste your time on this “game” I’m starting to wonder if there’s even a fail state. I played this for several hours this morning hoping for a little bit of challenge and was greeted by slog after slog through the easiest BS I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing. It’s literally pointless. What’s the goal? What’s the idea behind it besides “cut off the voxels” I made a game more playable back in 9th grade during the first month of my game design class.

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Mr. Slice 1.0.160 Screenshots & Images

Mr. Slice iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mr. Slice iphone images
Mr. Slice iphone images
Mr. Slice iphone images
Mr. Slice iphone images
Mr. Slice iphone images
Mr. Slice iphone images

Mr. Slice (Version 1.0.160) Install & Download

The applications Mr. Slice was published in the category Games on 2020-05-29 and was developed by Ducky [Developer ID: 1503009878]. This application file size is 269.9 MB. Mr. Slice - Games app posted on 2020-10-08 current version is 1.0.160 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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