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Play the best FREE Slots game every day - 100% risk-free with Good Luck

Good Luck offers players daily opportunities to win simply by spinning. Several well designed slots with fantastic rewards. Good Luck is free to download and there’s NO in-app purchases or deposits. Facebook login required.

Get spinning, start winning, hit jackpot! Good Luck Features:

Real rewards for real people. Just spin to win.

** WIN **

Match 3 winning jackpot symbols to win big on Good Luck free Slots.

Earn tokens as you play! The more you play, the more you will get.

Maximize your chances of winning by playing everyday!

Good Luck does not endorse or promote gambling. Good Luck slots are intended solely for entertainment purposes only.

Good Luck does not require any details from its players to play.

*Apple is not a sponsor nor is it involved in any way with this app, nor do they endorse this service or sponsor, or any prize redemption.

*Good Luck is a free mobile app that allows users to win with no purchase necessary.

At last, wish you Good Luck!

Lucky Slots - Good Luck App Description & Overview

The applications Lucky Slots - Good Luck was published in the category Games on 2019-09-28 and was developed by Good Luck Studio Limited. This application file size is 96.72 MB. Lucky Slots - Good Luck current version is 1.1.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

- Optimize memory usage.
- Bug fixes.

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Lucky Slots - Good Luck Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Watermelon0394   1 star

SCAM. when you reach $ 8 you will no longer enter the app! Don’t waste your time.

Lady Bastet   1 star

NO CASH OUT OPTION FOR ME EITHER!!! SCAM!!!. I think $92 is the “magic” number as it seems the game lets one get to that amount then stops. Like the one review said, then the spins get to be only chest,what you need to win then chest. Has been like that for over a week!! Even after “updating” game! NO VALID Way to contact support, support email bounces back is nonexistent! I also cannot get the videos to play nor do I have access to scratchers. Please fix ASAP! If it gets fixed, and I can cash out I will change my rating! Otherwise I will consider this a rip off game and will report it as being a fraudulent app!

Messi0717   1 star

Cash. In total I had $7.00 but when I go back to the scratch offs I only have $0.50 so what the heck?! Where has the money gone? I can’t even cash out until it gets to $10 and I can’t even get to $10 because it keeps saying I won money but then it’s gone again and then I’m back to $0.50.

de-mura   3 star

Anyone actually get paid?. Not sure how I feel so far I've had to uninstall and reinstall because the game won't load anymore when I'm getting close to post makes me wonder if it's actually going to pay like lucky day does

PrinceJackal   1 star

Just another fake app. It’s really just another fake app, by all means waste a year trying to get 10$ to cash out. You’ll never be able to cash out or get enough points for a gift card. It’s just a bogus app like the rest

Leigh00   1 star

Having the same issue everyone else is..... It seemed fun at first and seemed possible to very slowly win 10$ and possibly enough coins for a 2$ gift card. However that would require weeks of playing which isn’t really worth it. The App won’t load after using it for a few days. Once I got close to the 10$ and a high amount of coins the app stopped working and is stuck at the 100% loading sign/circle which is just going around and around. There is absolutely no app support whatsoever or anyone to contact or speak too. When you hit support on here it brings you to an error page. Basically impossible to make any money and way too many ads. If I could give it zero stars I would. Waste of time.

Goroshok25   2 star

App Problem. It won’t open up. Is there some problem?

nerneez   1 star

Can’t get into app?. Never gets past the load screen. Happened randomly. Kind of really annoying, even more so than the ridiculous amount of ads.

maetyler21   1 star

Fake. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I was doing the scratch cards it says match three of these symbols and win the lee prize on the card. It was a 500 scratch card, it was a taxi symbol I matched three taki symbols and only got 4000 coins not the 500 cash I’m very disappointed and honestly upset

mmf003   1 star

Game Will Not Load Past Start Up Screen!. It was fun for the first 3 days I had it and now, it hasn’t loaded properly or let me log in in 4 days. Is this ever going to get resolved?? I see a lot of reviewers having the same issue and nothing seems to be working or getting fixed. I emailed the support email as well with no response.. Until then, I’m at a 1 star rating with this game.

crossbiw_queen   1 star

Never a winner. I have been using this for weeks and never once have I found three of the same item. I’m finding it hard to believe you ever have winners

OfficialJayJayof94   1 star

HEEEEEEEELLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!!. Game says 100% loading but I still can't play

Bmeacham   3 star

Like the game but now the app won’t open. Like the game but the app will not open. It just spins. It’s been 2 days. Every app on my phone works except this one, weird. I’m at $8 so I don’t know if it doesnt want me to cash out or what and there is no where to contact them?

313arina   5 star

I won. I just downloaded this game and I won 200 dollars I can’t wait to keep playing

Rt627   3 star

Unable to open my app. Won $8 in change so far and suddenly from past few am unable to open the app. It’s annoying. If I’ll uninstall it and reinstall would I lose my money? Coz it’s very irritating to watch all those ad videos and win something. My app is getting stuck at 50% loading and sometimes it goes to 100% but nothing happens-it’s never opening my app.

Mad as heck 😡   1 star

Help. I was liking the game I mean it teases you and makes you think you might win more, but it’s fun except since the new update I can’t even get on the game at all now so it’d be nice if that would get fixed

GMHMania   1 star

Stopped working!. This app was working fine, from what I could see, until it started to not load past 100%. The circle simply continues to spin. I’ve seen other people with this issue, and I hope it gets fixed because I have money in my balance on there, but haven’t cashed out yet. If this doesn’t load, though, it seems as if all my time and effort is wasted...

kidd3269   1 star

No money. Allot of advertising & spins of nothing

belladonna95   1 star

Luckslots. It pays off at first sure you get coins but once you get to a certain amount it quits and you don’t get your money that you won

nishnnickle   1 star

App not working. It was great for a while, and then the app just stopped working. It says loading at 100%... and never actually loads.

chicken nekcich   1 star

Idk. I don’t have the option to buy raffles

LAB1381   1 star

Scam. Well. It was soooooo slow going to win any money. You can cash out at $10. The day I was finally (probably) going to hit that number, the app will no longer launch. Tried every day for over a week without luck. Such a scam. Huge waste of time.

Flaco1007   1 star

Game is not loading. Game is not loading, Bar is 100% but never load..try to erase and reinstall but said that I going to lose all my credit.plis help

Dammm_Eli   3 star

Love it. I love this app but I’m a lil fustrated about the fact that I never get the real money, I just be getting the tokens like what’s the deal with the real money has anybody gotten it before ???

Meeeee1234:)   1 star

Scam. Let’s you win “real cash” with no way to cash out. The ad for this game showed PayPal as an option to cash out, but there is absolutely nothing you can do with the “cash” that you win. Waste of time.

vlenonono   1 star

joke. i liked the game in the beginning but the more i play it the more i realize this game is an absolute joke. it’s really boring since there are only like 3 “games”: scratch cards, a wheel that you have to watch an ad to use, and a “lotto”. it is really hard to get money and most of the time the most tokens you can get it like 5000 at a time which sounds like a lot but you need at least 3,000,000 tokens to cash out anything (only a $3 amazon gift card). as for real money, the only way i've ever gotten it is through the scratch cards but you barely get it and the most you get is $0.50 at a time. i’ve been playing for this game for about a little more than a month and i’ve only gotten $8.60. you need $10 to cash out. also the amount of ads you need to watch to get through everything is insane. i just counted and to scratch off all 45 (i think) cards, use the wheel 3 times, and getting into the lotto, you need to watch 33 ads. that’s way too much. i would delete the app but i’m holding out hope that i can at least cash out $10 i get

-ZSlayer-   1 star

1 star and reported this app!. This app is a scam. It needs to be removed from the appstore it works fine until you get close to $10 then it stops working and won’t let you back in. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and nothing works. Do not download the developers are getting rich off you watching them ads and soon as you get close to a payout they make the app stop working for you. Apple should be taking this app down soon. Deserves a 0 star rating.

SonicZeldaChrom13   1 star

Won’t load. I would love to use this app, but it won’t load and they haven’t fixed it. It’s been almost three weeks.

lexh96   1 star

Stopped working. The game stopped working before I was about to be able to cash out.

Tiffcool   5 star

Not loading. Please fix

Advertorial    5 star

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RowanCrook   1 star

Useless app. There’s no point to this game. You just spin slots/prize wheels again and again to unlock coins that can’t be used for anything. I’ve got over 3,000,000 coins and I keep on getting more, but there’s nothing to spend them on. They also say that you can win real money, but the prize wheel is rigged to never actually land on the real money prizes, and stops right before or after them almost every time.

–___–   5 star

Plz use me code. FVEKJ5H it’s me code plz

BeHin01   1 star

Stopped working all of a sudden. Scam! It was working fine for a week but then suddenly stopped working and I now do not have access to it anymore. It keeps loading at 100% for hours. Avoid this game at all cost.

Melablak   5 star

Good app. It’s very good app

VanessaVonVoodoo   1 star

Scam. Don’t waste your time! This app will stop working after you reach around 8 dollars. I tried logging in on a different device since I had my account saved with a Facebook login, BUT it started me back from 0! So just don’t!

my fhxt   5 star

G. It’s amazing

jwfowogieceivkrv   4 star

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itxoyditdoyd   5 star

Works great. Great app

Pushing Dimes   5 star

Fun game. Fun

derek9112   1 star

suspicious 😒. has stopped working after getting to $8, its only $8 lol but seems kinda fishy.... 🤨🤨🤨

Austin Corbett   5 star

GREAT APP AND YOU WIN. Amazing app and you win! Use my code to get more tokens!!! Invitation code: MNOOFM3

Jazznsnsnsn   1 star

Wow terrible. It’s stop you from login in when u get close to 10dollars , it’s has way to many ads and all u win is 10 cent here and there

alandryalandry   3 star

my game will load to 100% and wont open any body know what i can doo. game wont open

Jodijinz   5 star

Thank you!. Finally the redeem button worked yesterday AND I got my first $6 gift card and it’s sitting in my amazon account! I’ve been testing all these types of games and this is the first one that paid up. Yay!

SA4616   1 star

Really annoyed. My app stopped working and I had earned some money which I am now denied access!

truthhurts91   5 star

Amazing. Great app, takes a bit of time to get a lot of money but it’s a fun app.

pskirtii   3 star

Can’t play anymore. I was really this app until it stopped opening, just keeps loading

Anonymous Bella   3 star

Hard and annoying. Great game but really hard to win any actual money and the constant ads almost after every scratch card is super annoying.

i am not liying   5 star

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MuZicGuY2018   1 star

This Is Messed Up. So I’m changing my original review. On my IPhone 6 this is a scratcher game and it was fun. However, I’ve upgraded to an IPhone 7 and it’s a slots game where you win money, but only to buy cheesy backgrounds for the game. Pass this game up. It’s just not fun anymore.

tsb872   1 star

Won’t load. Game sucks. Get so far and the game stops and wont load. Last update messed up game now it wont load. Goes to 100% on load at start the sits there doing nothing. I was just over $8 bucks and last up date screwed everything up now game doesn’t even load.

Sjsh2002   5 star

Good. add my code you’ll get 2$ 98DTZI9

kelepenching   1 star

fake??. i mean really fake🤑🤥🤥🤥🤥

Nickie1501   5 star

Hard. I really like this game but it is very hard to win anything. I wish the winning for more often.

jwojfnwlg   1 star

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DarkTamago   1 star

No fun. The app don’t work, you can’t cash out and you can’t contact them.

JCacilhas87   1 star

Must be a scam. This is a Scam and is fake, Made it to $9 PayPal and all of a sudden I can’t login anymore. I guess download this is you like wasting time.

mluke0990   3 star

Can not redeem my winnings. Hi I tried to email but it said the email was non existent? I have $95 in winnings and I have no button to cash out with. I can not even click on the wallet or anything. My family member has the same game and his does have that feature it’s the same updated version besides mine is slots and his is scratchers? He has redeemed winnings before on it so I know it has worked! Please fix this issue!! I would love to cash in and get my winnings!!

Michele142   1 star

App doesn’t work. I’ve tried contacting Lucky Slots 3 times as my app stopped working. To date I still haven’t gotten a response. I’ve also accumulated $95 in winnings but have no way of cashing it out so I have sent another email. I’m not sure what to do now but this game is a scam without being able to cash out or even get someone to respond.

ExoticAmazonbabe   5 star

Fun pastime game. This game is fun and a great pastime but it is hard to win after you pass 5$ or so. And that’s the only crappy thing about this game.

Advertorial    5 star

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Katj1279   1 star

Feeling annoyed. I have been playin this game for over 4 months I still haven’t won any cash I feel like I will never win any cash I have over a million coins but no cash. I am ready to delete this game.

Toffee69   5 star

Not loading. This app has not loaded for me for the last week

Dobby2258   1 star

Hating it. Im not liking this game because its not letting me redeem my cash

mayoushaa   5 star

nice. nicee

fjcjdjr   2 star

Help. I can’t get the money out of the game and into my pay pal account

slaxml   1 star

Can’t cash out. You need to fix the problem to cash out. My sons app is different to mine. he can cash out, I can’t and this needs to be fixed

dadofscammers   1 star

Big scammer. After collecting $7+ app is not opening. They are big scammers. Need to report as fraud. Not recommended. It deserve 0 stars. Completely fake.   2 star

Not happy. This needs to be fixed soon, I can’t seem to get of 8.50. Maybe add in where if you got lots of tokens you can trade em for money, that would be good, if I keep getting more tokens I’m going to not play anymore pls fix app

Jameskingi   4 star

The app. Having trouble with the app not opening up can u guys really plz put another update through thanks

Dqho   1 star

Fun but not real. No real cash or option involved if you win. They give in their terms and condition that you can cash out with PayPal. But there is non in this app on IOS

guccipapi69   4 star

Gg. Pre g but you don’t ever get money unless you grind everyday lol pre fun though if you like these sorts of games🔥🔥

Heevs92   1 star

It is fake. If someone can show me how to withdraw my winnings as per the terms & services say then I will change my review ! 🤷‍♀️ other than that it’s an addicting game to play

HeyoMatt   2 star

I mean.... Seems alright at first But there’s no button/option to withdraw money. And none of the ads will work. Cool concept but like ? Nothing works.

Ria 1997   2 star

Needs improvement. I suggested this game to my friends and when they downloaded the game. For every spin it was asking for coins and wasn’t loading any videos. What do u suggest me to tell them to do to get rid of this problem...

Socialnetworklover<3   1 star

Love the money I won. For some reason my partners app and mine are totally different I have won a lot of real money but does not give me the option to pay it out and I tried emailing and no response

fogcigty   5 star

Good game. But how the hell does people getting over a million An few days an I’m struggling for a week to hit a million

Dennoshaming   1 star

Spend more time watching ads than playing. For every 4 cards you scratch you have to watch 3 ads which are up to 1 minute long... waste of time not worth it

nehsha   5 star

Its good. I really like this game ... haven’t won any game I’ve just $4.50 i hope i win some games .... other wise i love playing this game

Hake The Fish   5 star

Great. Good fun for a low paying passive money maker

Hshshshhshahahahshshttjfj   5 star

it is really good. in 6mins I won 108 dollars omg this is the best my Brother said it was fake but it isn’t it is amazing I Love it

Jessezr   1 star

A money making machine. I’m going to go as much in depth as I can, ripping this game apart (if you can even call it a game) As you would already assume, the game is completely rigged and basically impossible to make any sort of money. I’m sure the developers are making lots, but not the people that play. There are ads literally every 20 seconds – that is not an overstatement, that is literal. Scratch two cards, an ad, scratch another two cards, another ad. That’s fine, it’s how all free games are these days, and it wouldn’t so much be a HUGE issue, if the ads weren’t up to 1 minute long. Yes, some ads can take up to a minute. You’re watching ads more than you are playing the game, by a long shot. Okay, fine, the devs give away free money, so ads need to run otherwise they won’t be able to do that. But, do they really? You need a minimum of $10 to be able to cash out into PayPal. Besides the free $3 or whatever they give you at the start. It took me 4 hours of solid playing to earn 0.15c. You’re better off doing online surveys. No joke, you would earn more on surveys in 4 hours, than you would in two weeks with this game. The saving grace, or so I thought, was the prize wheel game that they have. Basically ad free, unless you want to double your winnings, or play a few free spins. It’s cheap to spin and there’s no ads. But, here’s the BIG BUT. You. Don’t. Win. It’s literally, and I say this whole heartedly, impossible to win. Yes, you can win fake in game money, 4000 coins, maybe even 50k coins if you’re very VERY lucky, and that only happened once in the 400+ spins that I did. Yes, you read that right. I spun the wheel over 400 times. The wheel also has real money winning slots on it, with I think, $100 being the biggest “You can win.” You can’t win these prizes, don’t let it fool you. You WILL NOT win these real dollar prizes. Not anything more than 0.10c anyway. The wheel will stop in between these prizes, one after, or one before, Every.Single.Time. Okay sure, the devs would go broke if they were constantly giving away $100, $20, or even $10. But then don’t make a game that’s so easy and cheap to play, a machine where you can literally watch the arrow land on prizes. It solidifies that the machine is rigged, and I don’t even mean slightly rigged. Completely rigged, rigged to the point that you WILL NOT win these prizes. It’s a money making machine for the devs. Most people will never reach $10 to get a pay out, so the devs don’t really ever have to pay anything to anyone. It’s a scam, not because they won’t give you the money (if you can get it) But because it’s basically impossible to get that much money. Rant over!

oogie2000   2 star

Advertisements 24/7. This app is a money making machine, I struggle to play two scratchiest without having to watch two videos. Terrible app and misleading.

dickoshmicko   5 star

Sick af. $$$

MIKINY27   1 star

This needs improvement. Hey I’m trying to make money here! I’ve only earned $2.85 in 3 HOURS I’ve paid all my tokens for the 1000 Dollar raffle!

Gunzyyyy4   5 star

Very fun. And you really earn money

Calstar123   1 star

Horrible game. Creates a fake perception of winning money. Lucky slots I rolled 1000 times in the Machine and landed on 4500 of the fake money 700 times and 3000 of the fake money 298 times. I won a total of 20 cents in 5 hours in 2 10 cent wins

Me 2.102   5 star

It is Real. Of course you’re not gonna make heaps of it (you might idk) but it is fun and you will make a bit. Of course it is full of ads but how do you expect them to give away money? It’s fun and you’ll probably have a higher profit than pokies or real scratchys 😂

shelby1227   1 star

Disappointed. I have only been playing this for a few days and not it won’t load at all. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and still nothing. Boo

RobHallywood   2 star

Poor update. I was $1 away from cashing out, then the app had a update and I haven’t been able to login. The app opens and then the loading screen gets stuck at 100% but never continues. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it did not help

Jabsoskbsudbeoanxbidlw   2 star

Endless loading. Hi, great app. There seems to be a bug. At least that’s what I want to assume. The home screen just keeps loading at 100. I’ve waited for almost an hour, and it just keeps loading. Please fix it. I’m going to wait until it is fix. If it’s going to be like this for the next month, I’m going to assume this app is a joke. I think that’s plenty of time to conclude to that idea. As as soon as I hit near 10$ when I can cash out, that’s when it starts to act up (?). Since it only happened for a day, for now I’m going to assume it’s a bug. Thank you for your service ^_^

DizzyQuinn   1 star

Game won’t open anymore. I was playing this daily and didn’t really mind the ads but I had over 1 million tokens and was around $8 then all of a sudden it stopped opening. The app opens and loads to 100% but won’t open any further than that. I was on 6 six of my streak too and now I lost that cause it has opened in two days. Then I attempted to send them a message but can’t find any sort of online support email.

_l1ghtsk1n   5 star

Love it but... Idk what’s happening right now, it won’t let me load up it’ll stop at 100% & never go, please fix this ASAP

lealea18!   3 star

Help now!. How in the hell do u cash out Because I’ve won over a $100 !!SOS!!

PhattieWhattie   1 star

Okay. I been trying to open my app for a whole week now it loads to the 100% but never open I done delete it and reinstalled it and it’s till not working I’m getting ready to delete it if it’s not fixed soon

Bnicolesmith147   1 star

Ridiculous. I think this game is glitching or broke. Has to be one of the two, because somehow I have lost on all three tries for each card in THE SAME PATTERN EVERY TIME. I just think it’s funny yesterday, the day I downloaded this game, I was winning like crazy. Now I have lost every single try on every single card in the same pattern. Can someone please explain this to me? I actually liked this game yesterday and thought i would enjoy playing it but honestly I’m probably just going to delete it now. It’s not even possible to lose to the same exact pattern every time.

amanda55750   1 star

Lame.. This game is stupid. There is 10000 adds and all you ever win are pointless coins...

Samobir1   4 star

Confused. Does most people whose able to take the money out have a droid or something ?

Dghdhkfd   1 star

Won’t load. Game won’t load anymore.

lovelygreeneyes   1 star

How to withdraw??. So I am sitting on 100 and I can’t cash out my cash balance!! Why is that ?

vvdhdhhzhd   1 star

App won’t even open.. Played this for a couple weeks, now the app won’t even open. Everything I put into it just gone. The cash prizes are very minuscule. I just deleted it after four days of trying to open it.

bsgame1990   1 star

Locked me out game. It stopped loading once I got to 8.50 now I can’t get back in it’s been 3 weeks already total waste of time and energy

PuffaStuff   4 star

Fun game. Won five dollars so far. The ads for scratch cards get annoying though & not being able the skip the animation for winning coins during the wheel spin is bothersome. However I do enjoy the game very much. Here’s my invite code : CVV12YJ You’ll earn 20k coins

gabby c-d   1 star

You won’t get no money. It’s lies no real way to cash out although the “cash” you win is to buy something more on there game it’s all b.s

cimanonroll   1 star

Stopped working. I’ve had the app for over a week now and yesterday it wouldn’t open. I’ve tried everything except uninstall and reinstall but I don’t wanna lose what I have. Why is the app not working now?

Kae2"   1 star

Bad. Had this game for over 2 months and still didn’t win anything. It’s rigged do not download it you wasting your time.

RJG_VO   1 star

Something is amiss.. While downloading any game I always read the reviews to see what I’m getting myself into. I’m a reasonable person. I don’t claim false advertisement on any gambling game because gambling game are all about odds and chance. Not luck. If the game is not digitally rigged, which (let’s face it) is possible, there’s never a guarantee that you will win. I’m aware of that. So “not winning” every time or hitting the jackpot are not something that everyone should expect. It’s ridiculous to think that the game devs can afford to pay out hundreds of thousands for every player. The game isn’t a waste of time just because you don’t win every time or as much as you think you should. But the game is STILL a sham! Why? Because when you DO win, even a little bit of money, or start to approach an amount that’s available for pay out, THE GAME STOPS WORKING AND SHUTS YOU OUT! The scam here isn’t that they guarantee you’ll “win”. If you play it enough, your winnings will accumulate. The scam, however, is that no matter what you DO win, the game will just fail to load, conveniently right around (before) the $10 mark. I paid for over 300 raffle tickets for the big $1000 drawing game and I was playing regularly. However, now the game won’t open, and remains on the loading screen at 100% loading just stuck. I left it on for over an hour and the game never loaded. At the end of the day, I didn’t lose any money, because the game is free! But it’s definitely a scam for advertising winnings and, as someone who works in advertising and entertainment, I can guarantee that the “winners” that you see on the ads can easily be paid actors, and probably are. The BUG concern I have now is that they have my PayPal information. It’s important that everyone who played or plays this game keeps an eye on their PayPal account and make sure there is no suspicious activity. If you can’t load the game (like me) and remove your PayPal information, keep an eye on your account to make sure nothing strange is going on. They might be able to charge you. There’s no way to tell unless you can read the terms and conditions. I give this game 1 star (only because there is no -5 star)! SO DISHONEST!

Goulman   1 star

Deceiving. Had 9.30 now the game won’t load, emailed these dumb people and they told me to check my internet connection......really??? Check my internet....don’t download this and waste six days of your life getting to almost ten to have the app ban you. Apple needs to have this app deleted off the App Store.

Kharlibabe   1 star

Waste of time. I’ve been playing this game for two weeks now, barely have $8.00 and I’m just getting close to 3,000,000 which equals the least amount of money at $20 payout. There is a 30 second ad like every 2 mins. No exaggeration, every two mins sometimes back to back. Now the app has been frozen for three days. I’m deleting it. I was waiting to delete it until I actually made $10 but forget it.

blindapex   5 star

Stuck. Stuck on loading screen

megmalf   3 star

Can’t open. I have t been able to play this game in almost a week it downloads to 100% but never opens after that!! Please fix I was enjoying this game!! Would give it more stars if I could actually open and play!!

stevenmayres   1 star

Won’t let me open app. I got the app and enjoy playing it but it now won’t let me open it it loads to 100% but then stays there I don’t mind dealing with the ads which is almost overbearing but if I can’t open it there is no need to keep or recommend it.

Jessie St A   1 star

App won’t open. I was able to open the app around 7:30AM (I’m Eastern Time, I know the app is on Pacific Time). Now it won’t open at all and I’ve been trying since Noon (Eastern Time). I’m not impressed. Update: I decided to risk my balances ($8 cash and 1million+ tokens) and delete and reinstall the app. It didn’t help anything. It still won’t open. Update 2: App still won’t open (8:45PM Eastern Time) and I got a notification that the “After Work Scratchers” were available. Too bad the app still won’t open. I hope the makers will fix the issue so I can adjust my review. It has been a fun app. Update 3: (Nov. 12, 2019) After over a week, the developer answers my review and asks to help with the issue. I don’t know what more I can give for info. I just tried again and the app simply does not open. It looks like it’s loading and stays on 100% loaded and does not actually open the app. The little good luck symbol swings back and forth and there is a loading swirl under the 100%. I know I already lost everything I earned because I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled multiple times, unless because I logged in with Facebook it kept my balances. That doesn’t do me any good if I can’t open the silly app! I enjoyed playing the app, so I hope they figure it out soon. I feel like the only reason the developer actually started acknowledging reviews is because their rating in the App Store dropped from 4.5 to 4.4.

simariel   1 star

Wrong ad for app. Don’t even be really winning money. Waste of time

MinxTazzy   1 star

Horrible. This App is called Lucky ‘Slots’ but there are no slots that I’ve come across. There are scratch cards, raffles and a spin win. The first wee, I ‘won’ $8.35, 3 weeks after, nothing, but points that you use to buy tickets to the raffles or use towards spinning the wheel (you get a daily free spin and 3 additional spins after you watch 3 ads. You need to watch the ads, that are usually the same 3-4 ads and which a not true. Anyway, I tried to withdraw my $8.35, but you can’t withdraw until you have a minimum of $10! Total waste of time!

indya09   1 star

Freezing up. I used to love this app now it won’t load so now I’m very unpleased with it.

sinis7er   3 star

Not loading is last update. Ever since the last update about a week ago I can even load the game. It says it goes to 100% but never loads

hausuesg   1 star

Why do these fake money apps exist. 🤑🤮🤮🤑🤮🤑🤮🤑🤮🤑🤮🤑🤮👎🏾

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