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Mostrics Multiple App is not just a game and not just a cartoon, but 9 apps in one.
This is the unique set of family entertaining and educational events for mobile devices, which has no analogues in the app market. Our MultiApp is based on "Mostrics. The First Quest" book by Eva Cordoba.

It supports 6 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian. It's automatically determined by the language of your device. Otherwise the default language will be English.
To avoid problems with the Internet speed, we offer to download the full App version to your device, so you can enjoy it offline!

A fascinating fantastic 18-chapter story with basic information about our Solar System in readable and audio versions. Each chapter has its own animated illustration.
A colorful, interactive multi-level educational section about our Solar System.
Developmental games and puzzles for memory, attentiveness, visual memory and logic.
M-Scope - section where a user can explore planets through camera device, as through a telescope.
M-Photo allows users to take selfies and photos in different positions with the story heroes.
The entertainment video section. Our short cartoons with Moonworms staring. Ooy and Yay reveals the functionality of our devices from the book and simply amuses users.
The last section where a user keeps his points (Mostrics Coin), which he receives as prizes for the studied materials and completed levels. The section also contains announcements of our future additions.

All sections are interconnected with the main story line, while they are all completely different. Our goal is to push a user easily and unobtrusively to read and research, to show that the more you know, the more interesting and exciting the world is around. Every person has this resource for learning, but with the advent of gadgets, the focus has shifted to entertainment more than necessary. Creating the structure, we relied on advises of psychologists and teachers, astronomers and scientists. They assists us to create our App understandable and useful.

An interesting fantastic book with a beautiful plot and a good narration. We did not try to copy or repeat someone but created content from scratch.

Magnificent animated illustrations, videos, game graphics created by our illustrators, 3D specialists and animators, both to the story itself and to the section of the Solar System.

The project is designed for 5-7 years and will include all materials on the main basic and additional subjects necessary to evolve.

We will not be planning to torment our small users with the expectations of a new story for several years. Once in a year there will be a big story with various adventures of our heroes, and every month we will reveal their plots with updates, where we offer to submit many educational materials involving the entertaining story.

The reward for the knowledge gained is always important. Therefore, users will receive points «Mostrics Coin» for the attentive answers and passing of all educational levels. All collected coins can be spent in our store for Mostrics digital products purchase, right after we launch the «Mostrics Shop» in spring-summer of 2019.

All Mostrics stories will be kind and correct. We do not advocate violence, enmity, the division of people into species, but on the contrary, we will show our audience the road to goodness. The trend of recent years "Let's create a story with a bad end" - it's not our policy.

Download Mostrics App now and join the Mostrics world today!

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The applications Mostrics was published in the category Games on 2019-03-15 and was developed by Eva Kordoba. The file size is 97.60 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

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