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Get ready for an epic ride on the world craziest Roller Coaster!
Perform insane jumps and flips trough tailspins and loopings to reach the finish line!

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The applications Tiny Loops was published in the category Games on 2019-01-26 and was developed by Voodoo. The file size is 229.98 MB. The current version is 1.1.9 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Tiny Loops Reviews

YourBoy- BigGay

Racist  YourBoy- BigGay  1 star

This game is very horribly horrible racist. It will let you be black but will not let u be white. This is a violation of our rights as WHITES. This game is RIDICULOUS. I may end up deleting this game.


Best  xxxXBOYX201  5 star

Best game ever


Boring same color train fix  Sabrinasupporter1000  4 star

I write this not as a review, rather a request. My son downloaded this game and now dad likes it, too. I, and others, would like to see, if no wrecks between free cars, being able to keep the colored cars from looping. Therefore, making those cars ‘safe’. This may stop the boredom of one color of ‘train’. Otherwise, addictive game, simple but challenging.


No lose  nomad2414  4 star

I don,t want to lose mi mine card’s


Black people  SUPSUPSUNDAE  5 star

Black people

Nate the great is the best

I love tiny loops  Nate the great is the best  5 star

I play tiny loops every day and I even have it on my iPad my grandpas iPad and my moms phone that is how much I love love love tiny loops


Wow  fifafoofa  5 star

I like tiny loops because you are jumping and turning and it is very active so that is why I like it

My my the uni!

I’m a nood  My my the uni!  5 star

I’m a noob but I still like it!

Camila Bullone

Really Fun though...  Camila Bullone  4 star

I love this game so addictive I play on iPad and I want to download it on my Motorola phone but it won’t show up can I have help? Other than that love this game!


SO FUSSING BAF  Datbeastdo  1 star

Dude this game has ads like what the aids the developers need to kys


Tiny loops  queenwolfgilr  5 star

Fun as must play


Omg  dchdeunccirfigzuucy  5 star

This is game made me say omg 1 trick = 1 more carredge


Hi  kotacupcake  5 star

Hi I wish that on this game their were challenges to win things that can help you to win this actuall loops and driving

Huddy the gamer

The adds  Huddy the gamer  3 star

I bought the game with no adds but I still get adds please make it work but great game

emmett guiver

Mind blowing!!!😃😃😃  emmett guiver  5 star

I watched the ad like 1,000,000 times before I got this game. I decided I should get it. I only started today and I love it. Unlike all the other games on my I-pad i t has no ads!!!😃😃😃😃 I love the game, it’s awesome. Please keep up the great work VOODOO.

lol 12345 bouys

Tiny loops  lol 12345 bouys  5 star

This is the best voodooo game ever

Silent Angel Oi

Glitch level 142  Silent Angel Oi  3 star

Love the game but the glitch on level 142 where you can get a triple jump but then no matter what you do you cannot land on the track Fixing this glitch would make me love this game even more


It’s a good game...  _Sabekun.N_  3 star

Ummm.....hi! Please read till the end. I think this is a great game. I am currently up to level 140, the game is great and love the new update, BUT, the game is getting really BORING, because I have noticeably seen that the level keep on repeating!!! Which makes it really easy and annoying! Don’t get me wrong, u don’t want to keep on playing the same levels. I think they should do a NEW UPDATE: MAKE NEW and DIFFERENT LEVELS!,please less ads, MORE CHARACTERS AND MYBE WHERE U CAN VS WITH FRIENDS. That would be Great! Other than that... WHAT R U WAITING 4, GET THE GAME! Have fun!

Cortnie (ps LOVE the game)

Please read  Cortnie (ps LOVE the game)  5 star



...  Emilyreid2008  4 star

This is a great game don’t get me started but what could be changed is the boring a** ads! Now i know the ads are for advertising and getting money but it’s just so boring!And what could also be fixed is the lags. my game lags so much so when i flip i land on my head because the lag keeps me in the air when i don’t want to! if you could fix these lags i would play forever.Thankd


Glitchy  BriERey  5 star

Glitchy, just glitchy


Outstanding!  poopyfacesharthead  4 star

Great game to pass time, I’m on level 170 right now. I gave 4 stars cause I think it could use some things like sound effects and maybe have the option to spend your coins on permanent carts🤷🏼‍♂️ overall great game funnest I’ve played since 2019!

princess toys reveiw

I love this game  princess toys reveiw  5 star

I love this game because it’s so fun and I like playing it and it has a cool roller cooster.

Lil' mama 27

Awesome  Lil' mama 27  5 star

This game is awesome!! I would never go on these rides there so epic!!


Too many ads  Swagman😠😡😱😫😎😎  2 star

It’s fun but the ads simply interrupt everything.

moto mtot

my favorite game  moto mtot  5 star

i really like this game and its so fun its my favorite game 😀


Great😀but kinda boring😕  coachberv  4 star

So this game is pretty fun at first but it never got addictive. It kinda got boring to me because all you are doing is pressing on the screen to make this guy move on a roller coaster track. I am not saying I hate it it's just that it is not very great either. Also, there are a lot of adds and I hate adds so that bugs me. It's a pretty good game but when you play it too much it can get just a little bit boring.


Best game ever  flatfrant  5 star

Love game

KLM ♥️

..  KLM ♥️  5 star

I love this game!! SO ADDICTING


C:  TheRealJackDagger  5 star

When I tug first saw this game I didn’t want it and now that I have been getting ads on YouTube I got the game to make it stop giving me ads and then yesterday I started playing it and I already got 5 hats!. I knew that I should start playing it more often c:

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