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Hoop Smash is an incredibly fun and satisfying one tap arcade game! Tap to smash the floor with your ball and aim for the weak areas. The more hoops you break in one go, the more points you get!

Play through thousands of increasingly challenging levels and become a hoop smashing expert!

Hoop Smash Features:

- One tap gameplay with progressive difficulty.
- Infinite number of levels. You'll never be bored!
- Wacky skins for your balls!

Hoop Smash App Description & Overview

The applications Hoop Smash was published in the category Games on 2018-11-14 and was developed by Kwalee. The file size is 94.23 MB. The current version is 1.1.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

As usual, small fixes and upgrades to keep you smashing!

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Hoop Smash Reviews


Why ads?hmmmm....  Queenjayjay❤️  1 star

I just don’t get it you die and the ads is just like hello there,it’s so annoying you need to fix this ASAP!if you do more people will sponsor it for the better that’s all I gotta say.🤦🏽‍♀️

Aliyahs Reviews!🥰

The Ads gotta go!😑  Aliyahs Reviews!🥰  1 star

There is just so many ads after each play !!its needs to be gone I can’t play in peace soon my phone gone glitch bc y’all want y’all money from the ads I thought this game would be fun because it’s the opposite of helix jump but I deleted it so quick bc of the ads I hoped they never came back but they do and give my phone a quick glitch .Anyways I do recommend the game if u love ads and other game ads 💙-your girl Aliyah


Real girl  SilverSpringMom  2 star

Hey if you’re reading this please write me back. This game is really fun but if you have connection there is way to many adds. I know many other people agree. Maybe you can still have adds to get a different ball? Please write back. If you fix the problem I will definitely give you 5 stars ⭐️🤩😀😉


Ads  Yeaimwanda  1 star

The game itself is decent but the adS are annoying every level ad after ad


I HATE THE ADS  Animals😁😁😁  3 star

This is a good and satisfying game but... there are too many ads. Every two times you die a add pops up. It gets really annoying! Again fix the ads!


I love it this game is fair donlowd now love y’all so much  belindalol  5 star

This was really fun and helped me when I’m sad


Why I chose a four star rating  Suuuuuuuuuuuuppppp  4 star

I personally love this app, and it is very time consuming and solves my boredom problem. But I would love it if you added more skins. I have no idea what, maybe some monsters, or more food. Also, once you open the app it glitches for a bit and I would like that to be fixed. I have to wait for it to stop glitching before I play or else I will die. Anyways, besides all the flaws, this game is super fun and I would really recommend it!


Alright  shOfis0305  3 star

Good game, too many adds so uninstalling...


Don’t pay for no ad version-scam!  gamecw96  2 star

First of all the gameplay is fun and satisfying. I enjoyed it, so I went ahead and splurged to remove ads. Problem is, I am still subjected to them. Maybe not after every single game like at first, but still after every two or three rounds. Don’t fall for getting the paid version, it should state “less ads” -not ad free.


Fun  MMillzy  5 star

Easy to play


Hoop smash  Rust000  4 star

I love this game it is very cool but not as cool as toonblast it’s actually pretty cool 😎


Ella  smileywade  5 star

Hi there I just wanna say this game is amazing 😉

Disney obsessed356

.  Disney obsessed356  3 star

The game was fun but then the ads came and wouldn’t stop makes it frustrating to play because u have to keep waiting to play game I overall really like game but ads make me not want to play it.


Cool hoop  annieyaya11  5 star

This is an amazing game that I could play forever

Mister berger

Best game in the universe!  Mister berger  5 star

This game blows my mind it’s it’s AWESOME!!!!


I like this game  Billy-Joe76  4 star

It’s not the best game but I enjoy it so I might like it sooner

hearts by mikayla

Best game ever  hearts by mikayla  5 star

I love your game so much I love all voodoo game one of my favorites are helix jump Skiddy car fireball 3D and this of course there is nothing for you to work on👍🏼hope you get good presents this year 🎅🏼🤶🏼🎄🌲🎉


Dis is funny  Elfin6767  5 star

Hi dis is good


Jenudegyenrcyegxuenshedgeyfxw  crydefegcedbusbd  5 star



Hate the game  .app_reviewer.  2 star

When you go to tap to go down a level it will not let my down, this game should still be in early access.


Fun game! 🖕  Roman.rfp  1 star

Very fun game with an amazing creative and entertaining concept. The thing with a too good to be true situation is when there comes along a seemingly fun game, only to ruin your reason to even download it in the first place. Every level there is an ad, it even pops up while playing the game. If your going to put ads on your game, I suggest you do it where it doesn’t interrupt the game, mainly bc I can’t play.


Why I gave this 🌟🌟🌟  ILY🌸💕👌😂✌️😑😊💁  3 star

It is an ok game not my fav tho

bree miles

This is the best game  bree miles  5 star

This is the best game in the whole world


Ads ads ads  Jjjjjjjjadddeee  1 star

I couldn’t even play a level without an ad and the levels are only a couple seconds apart.

happy stella bean

I can’t stop playing this game o  happy stella bean  5 star

This game was so much fun but I love it 🥳🥳😍😍🤩🤩

adadada!! snake

Ok game  adadada!! snake  4 star

This game is ok, but glitches in the middle of it. It could be better. But still a fun game. It also has lots of ads. But not too many compared to my other apps.

Grayson Mcneil

It’s decent,but glitches and freezes  Grayson Mcneil  3 star

Honestly....I don’t know if it’s just me but anyways,whenever I start playing this game it freezes and starts glitching.It gets really annoying because all I’m trying to do is enjoy a simple game of hoop smash!Also if u can fix this please allow only a certain amount of ads to pop up,because it seems like every time I loose or win a game it turns straight to a add.Please fix this because this is a serious problem and if this doesn’t get fixed I don’t think I’ll be able to get even play this game.Again I plead u to fix these occurring problems.


😫😫😫  packersfanmommy  1 star



don’t get this game  A.L.R.R  1 star

too many ads, not fun, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! got it not too long ago and already have had a TON of ads and have been asked to rate it. they’re all about the money. don’t give them what they want


Haha  kayhabs  1 star

I hate this game it is laggy and un usefull I will never use this trashy game ever again!! I rate it 0 stars

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