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Hoop Smash is an incredibly fun and satisfying one tap arcade game! Tap to smash the floor with your ball and aim for the weak areas. The more hoops you break in one go, the more points you get!

Play through thousands of increasingly challenging levels and become a hoop smashing expert!

Hoop Smash Features:

- One tap gameplay with progressive difficulty.
- Infinite number of levels. You'll never be bored!
- Wacky skins for your balls!

Hoop Smash App Description & Overview

The applications Hoop Smash was published in the category Games on 2018-11-14 and was developed by Kwalee. The file size is 94.23 MB. The current version is 1.1.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

As usual, small fixes and upgrades to keep you smashing!

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Hoop Smash Reviews


This game is alright  LittleWiggi  1 star

The game is good and I like the concept but I got so annoyed with the adds I deleted it and I’m sure many other people did too


I am addicted  poiuytrewqasdfghjklzxcvbnm  5 star

The best game ever


#A⃣D⃣D⃣I⃣C⃣T⃣E⃣D⃣  girlsareRULERS!  5 star

A⃣m⃣a⃣z⃣i⃣n⃣g⃣, I⃣ l⃣o⃣v⃣e⃣ i⃣t⃣,I⃣ c⃣a⃣n⃣ o⃣n⃣l⃣y⃣ s⃣a⃣y⃣ g⃣o⃣o⃣d⃣ t⃣h⃣i⃣n⃣g⃣s⃣ a⃣b⃣o⃣u⃣t⃣ a⃣n⃣d⃣ I⃣ j⃣u⃣s⃣t⃣ g⃣o⃣t⃣ i⃣t⃣ !


Try  baily122🐻🐹  5 star

Come on play it you can smash your way up levels


Hoop smash  Rust000  4 star

I love this game it is very cool but not as cool as toonblast it’s actually pretty cool 😎


Ella  smileywade  5 star

Hi there I just wanna say this game is amazing 😉

Disney obsessed356

.  Disney obsessed356  3 star

The game was fun but then the ads came and wouldn’t stop makes it frustrating to play because u have to keep waiting to play game I overall really like game but ads make me not want to play it.


Cool hoop  annieyaya11  5 star

This is an amazing game that I could play forever

Mister berger

Best game in the universe!  Mister berger  5 star

This game blows my mind it’s it’s AWESOME!!!!


I like this game  Billy-Joe76  4 star

It’s not the best game but I enjoy it so I might like it sooner

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