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NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture. NBA 2K19 for mobile is packed with new features including STORY mode and online match play, available for the first time!

• All new STORY mode – Experience the history of some of the most famous NBA franchises and players.
• MyCAREER mode with all new story and refined team interaction.
• Head to Head – Play Quick Game or Blacktop versus other users connected via LAN or Gamecenter.
• 2K Beats – A brand new soundtrack accompanies you in your journey to the top of the NBA, featuring songs from Travis Scott and more!
• Simplified controls for more immersive and responsive gameplay!

NBA 2K19 App Description & Overview

The applications NBA 2K19 was published in the category Games on 2018-09-26 and was developed by 2K. The file size is 2.78 GB. The current version is 1.04 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Roster Updated
• All-Star Uniforms and Stadiums Updated
• Bug Fixes

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NBA 2K19 Reviews


Great Game  XXPancake  5 star

I love this game and I play it all the time but there are things that need to be changed. You should make updates on the rosters so if a big trade or signing happens we can play with the new players and teams. Another thing that I would like to see happen is that for my career you should have us go through a college of our choice and then be drafted because honestly playing college basketball is more fun than going to China and then to the g-league. I hope you can at least get these two requests into the game.


I’m afraid to update 😱  AMERIKENN  2 star

I’m hearing nothing but bad things about this update. I’m gonna wait


Trash trash trash  TheG4M3-Tr4sh  1 star

Don’t like it at all don’t ,waste your money


Good game but lots of bugs  Mightywolf2  4 star

So I have been playing for a while and it’s a good game now I paid a lot for which was not smart but I did it anyways but the problem I have is it can be really buggy like after it does a replay it doesn’t continue and just stays there everything turns back pls fix the game


Blacktop Bug  Hunt543045  3 star

I can’t even set up a black top match with my player without it closing the app down before it even gets past the loading screen. Big joke. Not happy with it


Disappointed  bclark20  3 star

I would give it five stars if you were able to use the Bluetooth controller in multiplayer games. Please fix that!!!!!!


Game working  morrisrox  2 star

When are you Play career and I win a game of enter the Dragon my phone always closes to home screen. It is good for 3pt Point shooting


I want m money back  nonstopjagar  1 star

I didn’t like how I deleted the app and normally it saves your data on this app it didn’t save at all I had to star over srry Guys no stars for this app it was wack


Game  Mikesoashy  4 star

Love the game but please fix the multiplayer mode it lags a lot .


I only play my career  rollwithmeinmyufo  3 star

Make it actually realistic with 3s you can have a 93 open 3 and still miss which is dumb just make it where if it’s green it actually goes in


Excellent change to controls now  Jarhead004077  5 star

Just need size change


Cheesy as f  MAN533  3 star

The first part of my career is so cheesy! It’s takes so long to win everyone !!! Too many flitches


Nba 2k18  jayviee  1 star

I’m just wonder, what happened to nba2k18? The game just disappeared. I enjoyed that more than 2k19.


A  Vhjivcyui  3 star

Is a good game but I’m constantly having problems with the controls the defence control constantly turns off and won’t let me play d and the shooting button keeps glitching out so I can’t shoot. Other than that is a great game but can you please fix these issues!


Don’t buy  KING_VEENO  1 star

Keeps crashing


Good game but  Roufodude  4 star

It is basically impossible to get contact dunks please add dunk packages like normal 2K and cap badges at Hall Of Fame


Really bad  Olaijuan  1 star

Since do greens not go in when do players who can’t shoot irl can shoot in game game needs a lot of work


great game but so buggy  botack98765  2 star

quite frequently the animation stutters and the game is not playable. the controls delayed due to stutter caused the lag in timing. terrible for such an expensive game.


VC problem  hmegaman  2 star

I bought a lot of vc to upgrade my player and there’s basically nothing you can buy with vc. 😔

Frank 027

Junk games, completely unplayable  Frank 027  1 star

Junk games, completely unplayable


Chemistry in this game is super slow  jfjdjdhds  5 star

When you take in off day and have the option to hang with your fans or hang out with your teammates a usually go with teammates when I click on it it shows a very low increase in percentage like let’s say I’m a 50% chemistry when I click on hang with teammates it would go up by like 3 or 4 percent and the only way u can get your cemistry up to 100 is to grind at any percentage u get. Can u guys please change this maybe to like a slighter increase or just start your nba career at 80% cemistry so it’s not as hard to get to 100 thanks


My Player  ImJustHereToHelpDuh  4 star

I wish the devs would create the option to change the CPU difficulty MyPlayer 2k18 didn’t have it and now 2K19 don’t either, it’s to easy, and that takes the Challenge away from the game which makes it boring and pointless, My Career is more like My Walkthrough 😂😂😂


Very good  djjared44  5 star

Plz read my review the game is great but make the game look like the ps4 and the Xbox and Andrew bogut went back to the warriors so fix that any yea.


I love the game but  ambush24201  5 star

I love this game I play it all the time but I have one issue.I simulated through a lot of the regular season games and now since I’m on the last game of the season it won’t let me play it.Whenever I go to press play it takes me off the app.I have tried it again and again and it does the same thing.I even tried resetting the app but that didn’t work either, could you please fix this

Mike Danger 123

Great But....  Mike Danger 123  3 star

In My career, after I won the nba title against the warriors with the hawks over simulation, the game wouldn’t continue for me or tell if I was finals mvp or not. Pls fix this! Also, pls add the three point and dunk contest bc for some reason even though I qualified for both of them, the game just didn’t allow me to do it. Once these problems are fixed, I’ll change my review.


Good  yoloswagmonkeynarwhal  5 star

You should get it worth the money BUT... get it on a console. I play it on my Xbox more than mobile


I hate nba2k19  engkxjdnicrjekuffukrkchiubdi  1 star

This is stupid as heck


Best of all time !  Kamaakazee23  5 star

Thanks !!! Free coins would be nice .


2k shooting  bubero  2 star

When I shoot and make a green the shot dosent go in. Defiantly gotta fix that from the game....


I need 2K18 control style!  lupapaw  1 star

It’s only has 16 and 19 now!










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