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NBA 2K19 continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture. NBA 2K19 for mobile is packed with new features including STORY mode and online match play, available for the first time!

• All new STORY mode – Experience the history of some of the most famous NBA franchises and players.
• MyCAREER mode with all new story and refined team interaction.
• Head to Head – Play Quick Game or Blacktop versus other users connected via LAN or Gamecenter.
• 2K Beats – A brand new soundtrack accompanies you in your journey to the top of the NBA, featuring songs from Travis Scott and more!
• Simplified controls for more immersive and responsive gameplay!

NBA 2K19 App Description & Overview

The applications NBA 2K19 was published in the category Games on 2018-09-26 and was developed by 2K. The file size is 2.78 GB. The current version is 1.04 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• Roster Updated
• All-Star Uniforms and Stadiums Updated
• Bug Fixes

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NBA 2K19 Reviews

Piper M.

A BUG  Piper M.  3 star

Whenever I try to make something in career mode It freezes up and I can never enter what I want to type


This game is trash if u get a green light u miss all the time graphics are bad  $.L.A.3  1 star

The game is trash 2k20 better be good 2k


Good  73728276484  4 star

Needs a bit of improvement and some touch ups here and there, but overall a good game


Could use some adjustments!!  Isey10  4 star

I love the game, BUT ADD PLAYER CREATION AND MYTEAM TO THE GAME!! Pleas 2K19! And add the ability to make your own shoe, make it more like the console version, thank you.


This game is horrible  TTVCHILLZQAZI  1 star

This game is so trash why do you miss open layups with legends that makes no sense and you miss layups for game winners it’s so stupid fix it please because how come lebron makes every shot but Kareem doesn’t that’s don’t make sense


Horrible  Waffles774  1 star

Thanks for losing my MyCareer progress due to your abysmal software setup. What a horrible waste of time and money this retched game is.

Haidyn Rice

Keeps Crashing  Haidyn Rice  2 star

I bought the game back in the Fall when it was first released. Great game would play it a lot and it was really good with great graphics. I stopped playing it for about a month because I was into NBA Live. Will I decided to come back and now the game doesn’t work at all. I go into the game and if I try to play in a game or go into my career or story it just goes to my home screen and the app closes. I have deleted the app twice and reinstalled it but doesn’t seem to work. Definitly would give it 5 stars if this could be Fixed on the IPhone 7


I did all I could  Joonohthegamer  3 star

I did all I could in association I was even a 84 overall and never made the playoffs 84 overall is the warriors and even they made it to the playoffs cmon man really fix that

Jenny back up

Shutting down  Jenny back up  3 star

The game shuts down and completely closes when i try to play it sometimes.


Read this  Bbuck5717  3 star

If you get a perfect release then it should always go in.


Sick of this  Sadyamy  3 star

I miss green open threes on my 99 ovr shot creator or I get triple teamed also I get bad call for pass when I’m open at the three point line or even in the paint it needs to be made clearer how to unlock badges also the way team chemistry is in this game is stupid it is far too hard to get it up and your performance should be ranked on your stats not your teammate grade because I have a low chemistry I always get excessive call for pass which gives me a worse teammate grade which makes it harder for me to do anything


Make it more like 2k19!!  Jadendodo18102004  5 star

Please please please add secondary skills! Please also add weight and wingspan!!!! And add all the console badges and make HoF badges a thing as well!!!! Also add clothing and stuff. PLEASE!!

booo nba2k19

Wow just wow  booo nba2k19  1 star

This game is so rigged that when i took a shot cousins jumped on me and it wasnt even a foul! And we get stuck with the worst teams possible when we make it to the league like Orlando,nicks,hornets,kings,nets! Make this game have a big improvement


Add mini games for all star weekend  LEGGY1207  5 star

Please add mini games like the dunk contest and three point contest

Gamer opininon

B+  Gamer opininon  4 star

Ok so the game nba 2k 19 is great but just some things that I want and issues sometimes it kicks you out of the game and deletes your data on my career quick game and association and the thing that I want is that can you make your own teams make up your leagues and stats please upgrade it to what I want and also fix that bug in the game that kicks you out and deletes your data and change the teams regularly because they change a lot in the real nba

Mihir Deep

Downloading this game takes for ever but the game is really good  Mihir Deep  5 star

I play this game at my friends house on his PS4 it is brilliant. That’s why I decided to get it on my iPad, but the downloading takes forever


Best  Doombasher  5 star

So good love this game


Fun but needs improvement  Mattama1  3 star

Get rid of teammate chemistry in my career


Green shots  woodgeoduck5470  4 star

Please make it so green shots go in. I miss so many shots that are green. it’s so annoying sometimes


Excellent change to controls now  Jarhead004077  5 star

Just need size change


ONLINE MODE  @DaRealDeeFromTrish3ll  3 star

How you gone add online but not all star team up and I still can’t hold D like in 2k18😔


Expected More...  SageMaster22  1 star

This app is horrible. Players don’t wear gear or accessories there are no replays and the free agent selection is garbage. And every time I open the game it crashes. Were they unconscious when they made this game!? And there is no Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Jamal Crawford or Isaiah Canaan. This game Is disappointing and it cost me 8 dollars for this GARBAGE. And btw I am an association person and every season my 94 rated Joel embiid averages 19.4 ppg when a 69 rated rookie like World B. Free averages 25.3 ppg, THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE. And the storage for this app is overwhelming when I have it on it takes up at least 10% every 5 minutes so I have to plug it when I try to play it. And the controls are small as a molecule, and whenever I hold the shoot button my player pump fakes. Once it was down to the wire and I tried to shoot it and it pumped faked and I ran out of time and I lost a game. This game has a lot potential and too bad it was wasted on this crap. WHAT EVEN IS THIS GAME. DO THEY EVEN PUT ANY EFFORT INTO THEIR GAME.





Game not working  Maidul7890  3 star

Game is not loading and support and keep hang please fix it


#2k19  ankelmaster64  3 star

I lov the game so much but there are a couple of things that could be changed everytime I play a association mode I finish the game an it takes me to home and dose save my game a long with my career an also plz make it to where u can make a player and put him in the roster


TRASH  firstsun7  1 star



The Best Mobile Game Ever!!!!  ardy23  5 star

The Best NBA MOBILE GAME EVER!!! i hope you didnt stop making nba games for mobile! very affordable price $7.99!! thank you 2ksports!!!!


Color  CatFsh-Dilly  5 star

It’s a Great GAME and I noticed the a two tone court works best one tinted on the inside of the three pointer one brighter one the outside of the three pointer would work best or a two toned court like Blue and Red might work best with black and white clothing. Idk but they should add a lil two finger lead. And how the size of each player is affected to literally shoot different. Or the graphics like how reflections literally reflect as if your at the pool in the sun and the water literally reflects on the wall or the basketball when it bounces it has a shadow realistic enough to follow. I mean it Really really cOOLED COULD BE BETTER.


Icon passing  VsethV  4 star

Great game, I just feel like passing would be easier with icon passing.


It always crashes when I’m done playing a game  rossp678  5 star











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