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The Views News is a whole new way to interact with the news you want to see. Choose from 6 popular categories to get your news from. With a modern design, Views gathers the latest news articles from the world’s most reputable sources and puts them straight into your pocket (and on your wrist if you’ve got an Apple Watch)!


We believe in delivering the best viewing experience. This is why we don’t pester you with useless ads! More importantly, we believe that good design is the most important feature of any successful app. It’s why we prioritize our design. With a gorgeous dark mode, 8 beautiful themes to choose from, and the native cards of iOS, you are always guaranteed the best experience possible!

Speaking of experience, we know how slow apps can cause frustration. It’s why we built Views to be as fast as possible. Starting with the Today tab, you can blaze through the top headlines. Tap a card to get briefed about the topic and you’ve got time, go ahead and swipe up to read the story! If not, you can bookmark the article for a later time!

While Views does a great job of showing you the top stories of that moment, we also want to take the time to view the biggest story everyone is talking about! Updated weekly, Trending Story lets you read personal, handcrafted articles from the Views Editors. You can also answer fun polls at the end to reveal the different views of everyone.

Felicity is a smart assistant created to help you search for the news about any person, place, or organization. Accessible from the home screen with 3D Touch, Felicity can access over 100 news sources within a matter of seconds to present the top article about any topic you want!


In a world where the news we receive can be questionable and sometimes opposing, Views wants to present everything with beautiful clarity to remind you that despite the small setbacks this world may have, everything gets better!

The Views News App Description & Overview

The applications The Views News was published in the category News on 2018-01-21 and was developed by Praveen Kambampati. The file size is 49.99 MB. The current version is 2.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

VERSION 2.0 IS HERE! Before I get into the details, I want to thank everyone who downloaded the app! It’s been a crazy few months and for a while, Views was #61 in Top 100 Free News Apps! Thanks to everyone who downloaded the app and shared it with others! Here’s Version 2.0 with a slew of new features and refinements:

• Right off the bat, you can tell we have a simpler name: The Views News! Don’t worry, we still have enough puns to make with Views!
• Felicity Search! You can now search for articles on the people, places, and organizations Felicity recognizes!
• Trending Story! While Views is the best at showing you news based on your interests, we want to inform you of the biggest story everyone is talking about. With the new Trending tab, you can learn about the trending story of the week and answer fun polls regarding it!
• Profiles! You can create your own profiles with your emails so you’re always updated with what’s going on at Views! This also allows you to sync your preferences across multiple devices!
• Speaking of curated news, we went through all our sources and omitted all the publications which are known for providing unreliable news. In this day and age, it’s important that you get delivered the realest of real news!
• A special integration with a young, popular ghost : )
• Minor Bug Fixes

Once again, thank you to everyone for making Views a big success! I’ve addressed most of the biggest complaints and feature requests. You can always grab my attention by emailing me at [email protected] or tweeting @TheViewsNews!

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Now requires creating an account; it should not  J0HNBLAZE  1 star

I was using this app and it was great, but now it says it requires my email and creation of an account to use it with no explanation why. It should not require an account to view news. Completely unnecessary and inconvenient. Update in response to developer’s response: It would be much, much more preferable if you just used the Apple ID and didn’t require creation of an account. An account is created either way, but that way users don’t have to be the ones to create an account, which is a completely unnecessary step. (Also the email address isn’t inevitably spammed).


It’s almost....  c0rv0s  5 star

Disgusting how nice this is. It really has no right to be so clean and sexy


Interests?  Pistol42  2 star

I marked business but it is all political subject matter? Where’s the business?


Didn’t even try it after.  Realzill  1 star

I literally picked only one interest and that was technology then the stories I get are sports based.


Ok  sn-sgu  3 star

Just downloaded and watched a video that can NOT be viewed landscape - so viewing area on my iPhone 7+ is basically 1 1/2”x 1/2”. Very disappointed in this. Categories are limited so I had only 2 I'm interested in. Layout and simplicity of design is nice tho.


No BS  BuggsBohnny  5 star

Not as much commercial news as mainstream outlets, something simple and reliable which is really needed in today’s world.


Tip bug - themes don’t unlock  JaegerBob  3 star

So I tipped. Went through the store touch id thing and it actually prompted twice. Then back to themes and the premium themes are still locked. Tipped again and told I already had and that the tip would be restored for free. Themes still locked. Closed the app and restarted. Still no love.


Great interface  Onceaneagle56  4 star

I love the simple, clean interface of this app. I also really like that there's a limited number of stories, instead of an infinitely scrolling timeline that I get lost in. Instead, I just scroll through, reading some headlines and some stories, and then I'm all caught up for the day! I love the idea of Felicity (a bot you can chat with), but I'm honestly not sure what you can actually ask her. A screen with sample queries might be nice 👍🏻

Natasha Lingam

A Wonderful App!!!  Natasha Lingam  5 star

This app is amazing it separates your news stories into several categories and allows you to access more with the assistant Felicity... This app is one of the most helpful apps and also allows you to choose your interests so they can provide news with your interests

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