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What is arcgis collector app? ArcGIS is available on your desktop, in a browser, and now on your iPhone or iPad. Easily capture new data and update existing GIS features in the field, even disconnected. The intuitive interface enables field workers of all experience levels to capture and return accurate field data that integrates seamlessly into ArcGIS.

- Collect and update data using the map or GPS (even in the background)
- Download map areas to your device and work offline
- Collect points, lines, areas, and related data
- Fill out easy-to-use, map-driven forms
- Attach photos, videos, and audio files to your features
- Use professional-grade GPS receivers
- Search for features, coordinates, and places
- Streamline field workflows by integrating with other apps on your device

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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How to contact ArcGIS Collector (ESRI)?
Find this site the customer service details of ArcGIS Collector. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

ArcGIS Collector Customer Service, Editor Notes:

ArcGIS Collector Version 21.0.420 September 2021

- Various bug fixes and improvements..

ArcGIS Collector Version 20.2.424 September 2020

- Various bug fixes and improvements..

ArcGIS Collector Comments & Reviews 2022

- Inserting Waypoint

Is there any way you can integrate an option so that the user can type a Lat. Long. to drop a pin? The only option right now is that you have to drop the pin and then drag it to you coordinates which can be pretty frustrating. Thank You!

- Fix text boxes, please!

First off, I’m a biologist and I use this app everyday for work on a large construction project. On any given day 20+ people log their daily activity using this app, for the most part it is incredibly effective and is instrumental in organizing all the relevant information we need to do our job. Although I’m not the one analyzing/compiling all of this data, I can imagine how this app has saved countless hours of work. All of this comes with quite a big “but”, the text boxes added from the most recent update are very frustrating to use. When the text box is filled with lots of content and the phone’s keyboard is open (which opens once you select the text box) it becomes literally impossible to scroll up or down or work on the other parts of my report. I can’t emphasize enough how unbelievably annoying this small bug is, and I hope that it can be fixed soon, because it’s driving me and my coworkers mad.

- Good but needs some additional features to be great

1. Please add UTM coordinates. It is universal in my field. At this point, I need to take waypoints on another device. There are thousands of people that use UTMs for their data. If you want professionals to use this program, this is essential. 2. When looking at the map and clicking on an area, a drop down menu tells me what types of lines are there. I know what type of lines they are by looking at it; this is not the most important information. I want to see what I named it. To see that, I have to click on each one, scroll down and find the subfield. It is extremely inefficient and makes the maps much harder to read. 3. When making a polygon, I want to be able to pause streaming, go onto another feature to map, come back and continue streaming from the same spot.

- Awesome but still improvement

I have two issues but one is on an apple product and the other a Samsung. On my Samsung the app likes to crash especially when mapping larger features. For the IPad mini newest generation when downloading the map for disconnected editing it is not showing up any point shapefiles but I am able to see them on my Samsung device.

- Refreshingly clean UI for field data collection

Much cleaner UI than Collector Classic. This release is built on the new ArcGIS runtime libraries, which should provide a great foundation going forward! For higher accuracy data collection, this release works great with external Bluetooth receivers including the Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor.

- Domains of the same name...

Don’t do it if they’re all in the same feature service. They need to be separate or Collector will error out on all layers. I also can’t get Sync to work. Fails every time :-/ promising though— way better UI than Classic. Map Areas is really picky on base maps; some will cause “generating...” forever with no hint as to what’s wrong even though AGOL map settings show the map area is ready.

- Approximate address missing from new update

In the previous version the app would show you the approximate address (in addition to gps coordinates) when you dropped a pin. This functionality appears to have disappeared?

- Crashes Frequently

App’s very helpful, currently doing sign inventory. Every time I upload a picture though the app freezes soon after, very frustrating.

- Much improved but...

This new version is much better but still lacks snapping, orthometric elevations, and it still fails to post attachments quite often. It would get 5 stars if those issues were addressed.

- Clean but offline downloads are failing

Clean and intuitive interface. Efficient design. However, downloading an offline work area keeps failing...any advice? The error message has no info on reason for failure.

- Great App for Field Data Collection

This app is great for field data collection. It syncs with your enterprise GIS, supports high accuracy data requirements and provides near real-time coordination.

- What a piece of crap

What a piece of crap that maybe possibly works intermittently. I have no idea what the intent was here but it seems like a cruel joke to induce frustration in the user. A fitting pair with the government contracts I must use it with as it works as efficiently as a unionized government employee with frequent breaks in productivity, and an attitude befitting the most war hardened DMV employee.

- Offline Map crash WiFi

Hello, when trying to download offline map sometimes download fails. Please fix, thank you!

- Maps don’t download offline any more

Offline downloads freeze 40% of the way. This bug makes the app almost worthless for me. And it’s part of a pattern for ESRI apps. My hypothesis is that ESRI has a monopoly and doesn’t have to care about quality as much as they should.

- Unable to collect offset points

Would be great but you are unable to collect offset points using EOS Tools pro like you can with collector classic. This men’s we cannot apply a vertical datum transformation with a geoid to provide orthometic heights.

- App is OK

App is easy to use but load times of layers can take a minute to load.

- Garbage.

Any time I upload anything the app freezes or crashes soon thereafter. Nearly impossible to get work done.

- Game changer for data collection with a few issues

I use this on an ipad Air 2. Mostly works well but I have a few gripes. One is that it signs out randomly, and if I’m working in an area without service (which is frequently) I might not be able to get back in, even to access my offline maps. The second is when I try to download an offline map. There’s a sweet spot, MB size-wise, but you cannot see what it is and you have to find it by trial and error to get it to work. On the classic collector, I know its around 7MB. Also, I don’t like how if you have offline areas, you cannot see the entire map when you are back in service. You have to delete the offline area.

- Picture rotation in data driven pages

Photos will rotate when viewed in data driven pages. Photos show up fine when taken with the Collector Classic. Any know photo rotation bugs with the new Collector app?

- Crashes constantly

I’ve been trying to use the app for two weeks and it crashes non stop on my iPhone XR.

- Works but major flaw for pics

When we take a photo of a point the photo is rotated in arcmap the old Collector did not rotate the photos. So we are back to using the old classic app.

- Most unreliable, buggy app I have ever used

Layers load about 20 percent of the time. Who’s in charge of running this app, a bunch of monkeys?

- Markup for Collector needed

Adding a Markup Tool (the same tool in Explorer) would be a great addition to Collector.

- Crap

Signs you out everyday and is slow

- Powerful but infuriating

This has so much potential, but it’s like it was designed by people who never actually use it. It’s stubbornly difficult to actually collect points. First of all, every time you click off the screen on your phone, it disconnects the GPS. If you have a Bluetooth unit connected, that means it can take up to a minute to get the location again (even with the internal receiver, it has to find satellites again). Regular mapping apps don’t have to do this. Second, you can’t take points while taking a track line. So if you’re marking a trail and want to add a notable point, you have to stop tracking. Again, other apps don’t have this. Finally, the ability to download maps is poor even compared to the bad previous version. It’s a fixed download size, so the area + resolution are fixed in combination; to get a bigger map it has to be lower res, no matter how much space you have. That’s why I got a 64gb phone! Edit: in reply to the response, I should clarify - the real issue is that it only has options in Setting for the app to use location Never, Ask Next Time, or While Using the App. Selecting the last means when you turn your phone off, it stops using the location. Other apps like Motion-X GPS have the option in Settings to always use the location, so they keep receiving the location. If you’re using a Bluetooth receiver, it doesn’t disconnect the BT but it means the app has to “rediscover” that it’s connected. It’s worse when using internal GPS because it has to find the location all over again. Also, it’s strange that they replied to “correct” this and not the last one, which actually is incorrect - you can change the download size, it’s just very unintuitive and imprecise.

- Doesn’t connect to GPS

Ever since the latest firmware update, it is having a terrible time recognizing the TRIMBLE R2 unit.

- Apple and ESRI aren’t friends

Nothing works. Domains do not work with apple. GPS Location is embarrassing bad. I wanted this to work but it doesn’t.

- Doesn’t let you use the application as a signed in user

Even though you cannot sign into this application without an AGOL account, everything you do is as an “anonymous” user. Total pain in the ass, if you want to make any edits in the field you need to turn editing on for all users and then turn back off once you’re back in the office and hope that no one made an edit that shouldn’t have...this needs to be fixed ASAP. I know you guys are busy with Fields maps but for ffs

- Okay update, but needs to bring over some features from classic

I love quite a few of the changes and updates made to the new collector app. The multiple select editing is AMAZING. We’ve been wanting bulk editing while out editing features for a long time, and this is my favorite change. I also like that you can quickly input previously used choices into attribute fields. I hate the new polygon vertex editing. It is so unintuitive and makes changing the shape of a polygon so much more difficult than needed. The old version where we could simply tap on the screen to create new vertices or shift old ones made so much more sense. Crew members complain about this change all the time. My biggest issue about this new version is the lack of continuous copy and pasting. That was such an integral feature for collector, there is absolutely no excuse for not moving this feature over to the new app. The new paste button tool is in no way comparable. Overall, the new collector is fine (for iphone, not a fan of the new android version). But it needs a lot of work to be an acceptable replacement for Classic.

- Still has some major bugs

This version of this app still will not work on android. Shuts down almost as soon as it powers up. I’m using a galaxy note 10 running the 1ui (9.0 I think). Also will not load all the layers for what we are doing. We are working the veg management for PG&E. So it is important for the app to load the veg. Points, but all I get is a message that it didn’t load that layer. Please, please fix these 2 issues.

- Photos and attachments won’t save on IPhone

My friend can get his images to save on his android phone. However, when I take a photo and attach it to a point with my iPhone, the point shows up but without the photo.

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- Unhappy

Was a great app for using with survey now it just freezes all the time

- Incremental improvements

A great app once set up correctly - incremental improvements since launch have only made the app better. The only downside is slow offline download times and occasional crashing when downloading large files. Otherwise excellent!

- Cumbersome Slow and unintuitive

The classic was a tool. You’re turned it into a toy. The editing that was smooth is now been replaced by clunky childish bullseye images that add nothing but extra time to do anything. The only sensible thing you did was keep the original. Before you dismiss my comments as yet another person who has no idea, I have had over 2,000 hours of using ARC In the field. For god sake speak to your users and stop making changed recommended by game software programmers.

- Big improvements

Performance and other benefits improve on the original collector drastically. Will get 5 star once i can use the bad Elf GPS with the app and have the ability to offline the same selected areas in multiple maps

- Another Dysfunctional ESRI Product

A very svelte GUI, intuitive to use and aesthetically pleasing. Rather marred by the fact it is unable to actually access any of the maps or data, staying true to ESRI’s philosophy of form over function, and more is less.

- Needs CarPlay support

Would be awesome app if you could add it to CarPlay

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- Keeps dropping out

So many times a day I have to re-open the app to continue adding information. It constantly drops off. It was getting get bad enough that I had to reopen the app at every location. I know I have a good signal, I’ve restarted the iPad, I have no other apps open, and have uninstalled and reinstalled Collector. At this point, I have nothing else to try but it’s my only app that does this.

- Constant crashing, no breadcrumb tracking

Constantly crashes and no breadcrumb tracking features.

- Fix the damn thing

Keep getting signed out for no reason. New app is a joke.

- New collector app

Slick presentation, but unfortunately data entry is ‘clunky’ & not intuitive requiring more taps to input both points & area. Even the copy feature is harder to use. When completing field work I felt like I had one hand tied behind my back, very frustrating. Ended up giving up & going back to collector classic.

- Simply gorgeous

Love it

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Eos Positioning Systems

Location, location, location! Eos is honored to see the Eos Locate underground mapping solution on the front cover of @GPSWorld! See Eos Locate in action with #ArcGIS Collector! Plus, hear from Eos CTO @jylauture on the latest #GNSS industry trends: #GPS

Eos Positioning Systems

For today's #tbt, we're revisiting this awesome shot from @nwater_care in England! They surveyed the location of 10,000 merger-acquired water and sewer assets in the UK with the Arrow 100 #GNSS receiver and #Collector for ArcGIS! Full story: @ArcGISApps

Fredrik Gunnarsson

@Montpelier_Arch Hi! Great to see others apply ArcGIS Pro in a similar way. Are u using Collector for registration in the geodatabase?

Water Industry Journal

. @esriuk’s ArcGIS Online and Collector App came into its own during the first lockdown

Dr. Kristen Sauby

@spangrud @janetngbio @oliviabirding Yes, to Collector or Survey123! I have colleagues that are also happy with Fulcrum. You can watermark photos in Survey123, not sure about Collector.

olivia wang

@janetngbio Collector (also ArcGIS) is useful for taking locations of observations and having it all on a map, can attach photos


@UrbanEastNash Streets that will see a change are classified as “local” in the Major & Collector Street Plan.

Geospatial Solutions

Eos Positioning Systems (@EosGNSS) released capability in its Eos Tools Pro apps that allows @Esri Collector for ArcGIS and Survey123 to run concurrently. Get more details on the update. (Photo: Eos Positioning)

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ArcGIS Collector iphone images
ArcGIS Collector iphone images
ArcGIS Collector iphone images
ArcGIS Collector iphone images
ArcGIS Collector iphone images
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The applications ArcGIS Collector was published in the category Productivity on 2018-12-05 and was developed by ESRI [Developer ID: 379687933]. This application file size is 111.45 MB. ArcGIS Collector - Productivity app posted on 2021-09-20 current version is 21.0.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.esri.aurora