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The #1 Battle Royale game has come to mobile! Squad up and compete to be the last one standing in 100-player PvP. Build cover. Battle your opponents. Survive the longest. Earn your Victory.

Requires an internet connection and iOS 11.
Works with: iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, X; iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, Pro.
Fortnite DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, iPod Touch

On mobile, Fortnite is the same 100-player PvP game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Same map, same gameplay, same weekly updates. Build your fort as you battle to be the last one standing. Jump in and squad up with friends around the world or in the same room!

Powered by Unreal Engine 4.

BUILD & DESTROY - Shape the battlefield by building your own cover. Opponent hiding behind a wall? Take out their cover to get the edge.

GEAR UP - Board the battle bus and drop in on your favorite zone. Gather resources, collect gear, and battle your opponents! Last one standing wins.

SQUAD UP WITH FRIENDS - Team up with your friends around the world or in the same room!

EPIC UPDATES & EVENTS - Weekly updates constantly fuel the fun. New gameplay modes, serious and insane new looks for your avatar, new weapons and items….Fortnite is always expanding.

CONSOLE GAMING ON THE GO - Play the full game anytime, anywhere. Complete quests on the go, progress your Battle Pass, and more.

Fortnite App Description & Overview

The applications Fortnite was published in the category Games on 2018-03-15 and was developed by Epic Games. The file size is 135.04 MB. The current version is 5.0.0 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

SEASON 5 HAS ARRIVED - Worlds collide in Season 5! Viking ships, desert outposts, and ancient statues have appeared across the island. Hop in an All Terrain Kart or ATK with your squad and uncover all new mysteries and locations.

NEW VEHICLE ADDED - A brand new vehicle has been added: the All Terrain Kart or ATK. Grab your squad and cruise the map in style!

AUTO-FIRE - Auto-fire has been added as an option on iOS. You can adjust this on or off in the settings menu.

GAME ON! - Challenge your friends to a game of golf or basketball with cosmetic items, available only in the Season 5 Battle Pass.

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Fortnite Reviews

Jamarion moon

Fortnite  Jamarion moon  5 star

Fortnite needs to have it working for iPod Touch and iPhone 5


Good game  Jscottbarr  4 star

Crashes constantly, “moves forever” glitch, but other than that, ITS AN AWESOME GAME!!!👍😄👍🙂😁. Also, you should add “speed shoes” which makes you faster. Please add that if you do I will give all of your games 5 ⭐️ everyday


Not working  jaymezuita  5 star

I cant because it is not working

Hunter The Trooper

Fortnite Mobile Trash  Hunter The Trooper  1 star

Not only am I disappointed because it’s so laggy on the iPhone 7 they I can only play 2 games before it force closes itself also from it over heating it’s sad I’m never playing mobile again


Good game, but has issues  jayon9906  5 star

I’ve had this game for 2 weeks, and I love it. It’s really fun, but there are times in matches where the game will lag while I’m in a fight, or it will crash while I’m in a match. Other than this, the game is awesome.


Too much lagging  hdhcbfjshdb  2 star

I love the game and it’s a good time killer, but it always lags me out and won’t let me move.☹️😩


...  NO SKINS!!  2 star

Idk y it’s not compatible for iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 ITS JUST LIKE XBOX360!!!!


Dank  TheMostRandomRandoms  5 star

This game is going to change the future you know why because it’s dank I don’t needs periods in this review or commas because this game is fun you kill people and get their stuff and kill other people this game is bad for child’s only ages 1-99 can play this is my review my name is the TheMostRandomRandoms on YouTube i need views


Challenges  THEGioPlayz  1 star

Make the challenges easier how do i loot a supply llama some how people deploy their parachute lower then me when im at the limit


Earn bucks  uni_2100  3 star

I feel we should earn at least 100 vbucks for each win in any mode of play. Some kids can and don’t have money to buy vbucks and they still want some of the dance moves and they want to look cool and the YouTube’s they watch. So plz I will give u 5 stars if u make this wish a reality for me and the kids

rainbow drawer

Best game in phone or IPad but some more stuff  rainbow drawer  5 star

I have ps4 and I got banned from it when I saw the game on my IPad I was so exited and it was Easier to play.all I do is press crouch instead finding the crouch button on the PS4.i can shoot better because all I do is just press to kill other players I get more luckier because everytime I get a gold gun 🤑🤑.and all I do is I just bring my IPad everywhere because I can’t bring my know why? I literally can’t! When I see the iPad all I do is wait for 1 or 2 mins.but when I hear a update in my ps4 I have to wait for 30 mins or 1 hour 😐😐😐. Fortnite is really epic on phones and IPads I’m just playing on my IPad. Note:I’m Paris and I am 9 yeas old O^O yes very young Why am I saying this ps4 in Fortnite is better the controlls in IPad is so laggy I get killed! 😠....also when I said all of that I didn’t even know all the controlls!! That was may now it’s July 😐


Not operational on iPod touch  Rgbgddh  5 star

I play on pc, love the game, but can u put in more work for iPod touch please and thank you (maybe lol)


Fortnite  DanPlaysFNYTlik  3 star

It’s good but what I don’t like is bad graphics are not that good you need to fix that


More devices  lastdayonyt  5 star

Epic games Can you make it so I can play on iPad mini 2


iPhone 5s and lower  M0N0BĘÂR  3 star

Can you please make us iPhone 5s and lower be able to play. I downloaded and was excited to play, that soon turned the wrong direction. I want able to play, I already play on console but I wanted to try this. I hope you change this Epic games.


Add Playground mode back and the kill feed  sahebkhani  5 star

I would really like you to add playground I really like to play with my friends first to get better at the since my friends all play on PS4 and fix the kill feed on mobile please


IPad mini 2  SpdierKid410  1 star

Please add fortnite to iPad mini 2 because I have a iPad mini 2 but no other iOS device so please do it because I cried when I found out it was not on iPad mini.Do something about this epic or I will switch to the Nintendo switch.Also I gave it ⭐️⭐️rating because It is not on every iOS devices.

Haunter tm

Add IPOD TOUCH  Haunter tm  2 star

Why don’t you make it compatible with iPod touch? Plz add iPod touch version so I can play


Get it!  F4217  1 star

I had a bug where in one game I was kicked out in the middle of it despite completing a hard challenge.In under five minutes Epic Games had fixed my problem and given me the rewards.I highly recommend for service like this and it’s good graphics, storyline, fun and it’s price tag!

a thingy magiggy

Bad that it is only on certain types of iOS  a thingy magiggy  3 star

I can’t get fortnite on my iPad because it’s an iPad mini 2 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯


I ❤️Fortnite  Epic9er  5 star

This game is awesome! I love Fortnite!


Terrible  kidvro  3 star

The controls are terrible the game is slow and I was recently playing and my cross hair and the option to turn it on has disappeared any one who can help me fix it my instagram is kidvro

Just a grad student

Keeps crashing on mobile  Just a grad student  1 star

Game barely starts before it crashes

super sayian brolly

Trash  super sayian brolly  1 star

Epic make this game better it freezes when you play so I am still gonna play but fix it


Fricken glitches me of  kookoodanee  5 star

You need to get a bug fix I literally haven’t played


Please read this fortnite😩  RWJ29  1 star

Awesome game but I wish they would put it on all the iPods with the right update


Crashing  zwureh76  4 star

Fortnite is amazing and fun and entertaining but even with new season 5 and my season 5 battlepass my game still crashes. Fortnite please fix this this is one of your very few flaws.


So fun  ssAinslie  5 star

This game is so fun! Sniping is very easy and being a No skin Doesn’t really matter. You should get this game is very fun


Character selection  BigDoink47  1 star

Select button for character and other items doesnt work


I have an iPhone 5s  sadpotatoe  1 star

Please I want to play this game 😞😞


Didnt THIS kinda copy PUBG  Kojo-LMK  5 star

Im prtty sure It copyied PUBG BUT ITS STILL BETTER

Fishy y

Awesome game but what happened I cant play it on the iPad mini 2  Fishy y  5 star

Epic Games and Fortnite, This is totally not an epic game it’s a LEGENDARY game I will definitely recommend to somebody who hasn’t played it but here’s the problem see it says mini 2 like where it says what your able to play it on but and then I try it but it says you need a device whit 2 gigs I have way more than that, oh and it did not say mini 2 in the place where it said you need 2 gigabytes.So if you can fix that I will reeeeeaaaaally appreciate it.Thank You For Your Time👍


It does not work  Abdllahi  5 star

It says it 2gb I deleted every game on my iPad


Great Game  ProGamer5467  5 star

I love fortnite and it’s even better whenever I play it with my friends! But the one thing that I dont like is the fact that iOS players have to wait until the update is available and we cant play fortnite while we’re waiting for the update to come so Apple please post the update as soon as you receive it so that we can play it and keep on enjoying Fortnite Battle Royale Thanks, Jamie


IPHONE 5S  moustacheo101  1 star

Can you please make a version so that I can play on my iPhone 5s :(


Lethal game  patient.z  5 star

Game is absolutely lethal lads


Let me use a ps4 controller  EoghanDesmond6789  5 star

Please epic read this it’s so simple just make it compatible like this review if u agree


iPhone 6 ???  CaraRaverFurry  2 star

Good game but should work for iPhone 6


Terrible  tabi_10111  1 star

Why did it do this so basically I have the latest iPod Touch and it says I need a different apple device please fix it up I beg you


Crap (dear epic)  JamesCN😀  4 star

I have an iPhone 6. When I scrolled down it said “compatible with this device” but guess what? I need 2 gigs of ram. Just Wow. Pubg can run on my phone and it has much better graphics than Fortnite Mobile. Please bring it out for iPhone 5s and 6. Anyway I play on Xbox and it’s amazing so keep up the good work on that. E P I C P L E A S E R E A D T H I S


Love playing  Manu1234543  5 star

I enjoy it so much!!

its me neymar

They should make skins cheaper people like me don’t have a credit card to buy vbucks  its me neymar  5 star

cheaper people like me don’t have a credit card to buy vbucks


Great game  greatwolf4534  5 star

This game is great but I think you can add a new round called one v one were two people spawn I one platform and search for each other until one dies and the other wins


Not happy  megaload501  1 star

It is compatible but when I download it. it sends a message saying it’s not. Not cool. Now I can’t play on my iPad.


Make available on iPad air  ultimatenewmasterjedi  1 star

Please can you make it available on the iPad Air


Y I love fortnite  Ljbediako  5 star

Fortnite is a good game for teens and kids

serial killer tyga

This game is awesome ‘But’  serial killer tyga  1 star

Well since I’m using my phone it’s really hard to win the game Besides someone is also using a game pad And I’m using a phone Who do you think will be killed early......and Also please and auto targeting. Please work on this problem for us We can equally play with people using phones


Angry  millinob  1 star

Why won’t it work on iPhone 6 since you know it won’t run why not say it so people won’t waste Data downloading and deleting it on their iPhone 6 not cool


Compabilty issues  Bvlck.Kingx  1 star

The compabilty said it works on this iPad, when I downloaded it, it said my IPad Air isn’t compatible. That’s not fair

bonaaa phillipp

App is way too large  bonaaa phillipp  2 star

I downloaded it with 1.5 gigabytes and when I updated it it’s demanding another 1 gig

Fortnite Comments

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