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Meet JUMP by Uber. Electric bikes and scooters available when you need them. Go further, get there faster, and have more fun.

You can find JUMP bikes and scooters nearby—in the app. Reserve ahead of time, or walk up and scan to unlock.

Use the app to:

- Sign up and create an account
- Find and reserve electric bikes & scooters nearby
- Track your rides by distance and time

Visit www.jump.com for more information.

JUMP – by Uber App Description & Overview

The applications JUMP – by Uber was published in the category Travel on 2017-06-26 and was developed by Uber Technologies, Inc.. The file size is 137.91 MB. The current version is 2.11.10000 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We update the Jump app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the enhancements you'll find in the latest update:
- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

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JUMP – by Uber Reviews


The old Jump app was better  RM202  5 star

Regress please! Or at least make the bike and scooter icons bolder so they’re easier to see (and different background colors so they’re easier to differentiate)


New Pricing, Won’t Be Using Anymore  MisterMax35  2 star

The new bikes are great. They are reliable and I get around town quicker than any other mode of transportation. I have been a regular user since the bikes came to DC. I would call the Jump Bikes my primary mode of transportation. Unfortunately, Jump has decided to up the rates to 25 cents per minute. This equates to $7.50 per half hour, which is utterly ridiculous. I can ride share, Metro, or take any of the other multitude of scooters for significantly less than a Jump Bike. Unless Jump lowers their rates back to 15 cents per minute or offers some sort of monthly unlimited rate, I will no longer be a customer, which is unfortunate. I love the product and have been evangelist for my other friends to get onboard. No more though. Jump, y’all need to get some new pricing analysts on your team.


QR Code Nightmare  CorwinD.Kelly  3 star

I find this service incredibly convenient when my own bike is broken down. The rollout of the new QR code bikes was handled very poorly however and I reserved them on several occasions and was unable to unlock them which was a giant pain.


Broken App  abusoof  1 star

I lost my account information since I upgraded 2 months ago. I have not been able to use the service since then. Customer support was not helpful. I’m very frustrated and disappointed.


They charge you for walking time  erikjmaldonadl  1 star

Why should I get charged for walking

WA State Resident

Absolute Garbage  WA State Resident  2 star

Are you kidding me? How can you possibly raise prices by 150% without telling the customers before hand? Shady business practices, crappy bikes, crappy service. I’m done. Dynamic Pricing? What the h***? There’s no difference when the bike is rented. What are you talking about? It’s the same price at all times. Perhaps you guys should learn your own policies before lying in response to bad reviews. Further, your Webpage regarding price says check the app. The app says check the website. Nowhere can your actual pricing be found. And also it should be asked, why 2 apps? Jump is Uber, why are there still 2 apps. Seems really disjointed. Doesn’t matter, bought a scooter. Paying your crazy prices for bike rentals would have paid for it in mere weeks!


Impossible To Use  Nickname10119876527  1 star

Uber should not have linked the Jump app to the Uber account. Impossible to use when linked because of password navigation.


Doubling the pricing is horrible  philipdowley  1 star

Deleted the app when I found out the per minute pricing went from .15 to .30. Now biking costs as much as an Uber? A joke.


Terrible  pinto32  1 star

Terrible app and bike


The price went up 😖  SNIPPPEEERRR  3 star

The new jump bikes are so much better and now I haven’t gotten one broken the only problem is that now they are more expensive 🤦🏽‍♂️


Avoid update  Duder476  1 star

The update erased my jump account. The new version only allows you to sign in with an uber acct. There is no apparent remedy.


Doesn't work  dobelini303  1 star

Uber is a huge company. When I open the app is just says "Uber Bike failed to load" completely unusable


No Network Map; Bikes don’t unlock  TheSmitchell  1 star

The new JUMP app has no network map. How do I know I’m back in network if you don’t show me what the network is? Also—bikes fail to unlock when I scan the QR code most of the time. Never had any issues unlocking bikes with the old key pads. I thoroughly dislike the new bikes & app. Please make it easier to unlock bikes and put the network maps back in the app. Thx.

my ding ah ling

Credit card  my ding ah ling  5 star

Can I use my cash app card for this app ?


They a biggest scam ever!  jcm2391  1 star

Me and a group of friends rented the bikes and did a small trip... they all got charge $7 or $9 dollar max. Everyone ended the trip and once I hit END TRIP the red button Disappear and the time was still running... I ask my friends how they ended their trip and we all follow the simple steps but my timer keep running. Before I walk away from the bike I try to contact JUMP (Uber) and there was no way to get In touch by phone they only option was to type your concern through the app. Next day my bill was $58.68 for a 15 hr ride... they bike was lock so someone had to scan their own app to opened... I email jump and Uber a week after that no response... I had to call my back and explain my self over and over again and after 2 hrs they re inverse $48 and I still agree to pay $9 dollars for the use... with that being said jump lost my business...


Superbad  Hashdjdn  1 star

I hare to use this jump bike !!! Always has a same problem , even if i hve a full Battery ,i m losing the electric of bike !!! 0 star


Can’t login anymore  GrahamFreeman  1 star

With this new version, suddenly the app forgot about me.


Buggy - please fix  Ebbey  3 star

Every time I try to reserve a bike, I’m redirected to the Uber app to confirm my payment method. There’s nowhere to do this in the Uber app. It’s a cycle of reconfirming that never gets resolved.


App update is AWFUL!  justseastheday  1 star

The newest app update pushed to my phone on April 21, locking me out of my Student Rate plan. I contacted customer service and 13 days later I have yet to have a resolution. It seems like a new person responds to my requests each time which leads to an on-going circle of unhelpful solutions and no resolution. I have asked several times for a single person to be assigned to my case and I keep getting the run around. No one seems to have read the history of my account issue, and I am left unable to use the service which is impacting my ability to commute.


Hard to use  Rosiera  1 star

The white in white is hard to see when outside. Which is where people use this app. The giant scan button gets in the way of the map. My PIN changed with this update. Why?! What the heck are parking zones and why do they randomly pop up? Just warn me if I’m outside of one! The toasts on the bottom of the screen don’t go away, rendering the app almost useless. The hold bike button used to be super clear. Now it’s easy to tap done instead of hold. What were you thinking?

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