Sarahah helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.

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The applications Sarahah was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-06-13 and was developed by ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. The file size is 27.57 MB. The current version is 2.0 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

Know if someone liked your message!
Delete sent messages
Report/block users
Full redesign :)

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Ugh!  Ejk4712  1 star

I have tried everything to for this crazy app to work I was very excited trying it out I tried to register and I couldn’t from the start! It said there was a problem with the form I doubt checked everything looked to be in order. Fix the app


Great App  Jaydee01234  4 star

I've gotten mostly positive and uplifting comments it's so nice to look at your phone and see sweet things about you. However I really wish there was a reply button(feature) that was able to keep it anonymous but at least initiate a conversation. This feature would help with improving on one self!!


Won't work!🤧😰  😶😤😰🤧  1 star

I've downloaded the app 4 times and I can't create an account! I've put a username, my first and last name, email, and password all correct! But it always says that the information is incorrect and that it couldn't read blah blah blah. Please fix it!!!😰🙏



this is gay


Very good app for people with kind hearts  Devi1Dog  1 star

People that use this app to be 'kind' aren't so kind! I have been depressed for many years then I get this app and people harass and hurt people and you can't figure out who unless the come forward on what they said! I had to stay home from school because I can't handle most of the crap they said! This app needs to be modified or deleted, it isn't safe for children to use because oh how people act without adults supervision! Kids are going to start suicidal attempts from how unkind people are! I'm 13 and I learned how much people hate me for stuff I say that I don't really mean! This app is going to cost lives! Change it to where you can see who said it. This app doesn't deserve to be on here or even be a thing anymore!

F*** You.

Can't even make account  F*** You.  1 star

Every password I try it says it's in the wrong form.


Won't even let me make an account  Wasabi_21  1 star

The thing says error every single time. I've refreshed the app many times and turned off my phone and it still will not work.


Reveal  Justasimpleniceguy  4 star

You need to have all people register in order to send messages so you know who sends you messages because it's another way for the hate to come in and another way to cyber-bully.


It won’t let me create an account  EVANHUNTINC.  1 star

Fix this.


App doesn't work  snobear2001  1 star

I downloaded it because all my friends have it and saying something about it on Snapchat. I was curious and excited to see if it actually works, it wouldn't let me finish registering. Kept saying that the server was busy. Disappointment

New update >:(

POS  New update >:(  1 star

Won't even let me create an account. 🖕🏼🖕🏼


DO NOT GET!  wishmakers9  1 star

This app is so dangerous. A boy that lives near me was being bullied on this app and shot himself. I had this app for a few weeks and I personally got bullied. But I decided to let it go and delete the app. If you are a parent and your child asks to get this please do everything you can to avoid them getting it. THIS APP IS BAD NEWS!


Dosent work  Ironbuff  1 star

Doesn't even work well. Also just another way for cyber bulling.


Have an option  Ty50nH25  4 star

Have an option to be anon or to be you.


DONT GET THIS APP!!  Datfluffbutt  1 star

I was informed this app will steal your identity as well as contacts and other personal information. Please don’t download! If your phone or laptop isn’t protected you will also get viruses!!


Cyber bullying  PyroTechnicSquirrel  3 star

Not the app's fault people are being cyber bullied. Don't blame an inanimate object for the rude and stupid people that use it.


Bad idea  JackTheCEO  1 star

Bully’s will take advantage of this platform


Hmmmm  ApplePie0012541  5 star

If you want to get cyber bullied this is the perfect app 😂


TRASH  AGheer  1 star



Not working  Briwnie321  1 star

It won't show me the messages after they are sent

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