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The NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K18 for mobile, featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court. Packed with new features such as a deeper MyCAREER mode, “The Association” mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack, NBA 2K18 will be the most authentic NBA mobile gaming experience yet!

• MyCAREER mode with expanded script and more interactions for your MyPLAYER.
• Association Mode – New multi-season mode allowing you to control a franchise’s
future and become the next NBA dynasty.
• 2K Beats – An eclectic mix of tunes from around the world, featuring Future, Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas, and many more.
• More gameplay controls including ability to sprint on defense and more rebounding capabilities.
• Earn more Virtual Currency to boost your MyPLAYER.

NBA 2K18 App Description & Overview

The applications NBA 2K18 was published in the category Games on 2017-09-20 and was developed by 2K. The file size is 2.88 GB. The current version is 1.04 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

iPhone X screen optimization

Added support for streaming roster updates

Roster Updated

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NBA 2K18 Reviews


Plz lower the data  I NEED HELP😒😒  1 star

I love the game everything is all fine but can you plz by any chance don’t change anything but the size and storage of the game


Fix greens  DuhsjsvsnKmjjh  5 star

When ever I get greens it misses most of the time instead of having a swish. FIX GREENS THEY CANT EVEN MAKE OPEN SHOTS IM GETTING SO MANY MISSED OPEN SHOTS WTH


Great Game.. But..  Barafuco  4 star

Great Game, But... it keeps forgetting the settings I set for it, like the “Controller Size” etc... Also, It stops recording Points Average per game after a few games... And Finally: Theres No Offensive of Rebounds Button on the NBA2K15 Controller < Please Fix That; I hate the other country controllers. — Request: Please Print Out List of Name’s the Announcer is Able to pronounce, lol.


Wifi only?  Lollipopkingswagger3827  2 star

Why do we need wifi to connect to the server/play the game at all? I cant even get past the main menu without needing wifi only. I find this really pointless since now you can only play while you are at your home or somewhere with internet, because LTE isnt enough or something

rex sup

Great game just one minor issue  rex sup  4 star

I been in love with the 2k franchises since I was a kid and I think that the developers did a great job on porting the game over to mobile, there’s just one issue with the game. When I’m in a my career game and my player gets fouled the shot meter gets stuck and I can’t shoot my free throws, but other than that it’s an amazing representation of its console and pc counter parts.


This game blows.  nickthegameryt  2 star

The announcers make so many mistakes. Try think Elfrid Payton is Lebron James, saying “here comes James”. Also, I will walk up to a player and he will push me out of bounds and I will get a turnover. Also, the way the players make their shots is total BS. They will go on a 30-0 run and not miss a single shot. They take these fadeaway threes and they drain them. Fix this NOW.


Nice game  owsjnseisns  5 star

It’s amazing keep doing what your doing devs I love it


Bug  Ucucucuwue  2 star

Good game but there is a frustrating bug thAt should be fixed. My career after my character answered the press the thing will just freeze though i waited and tap it, it doesnt work. U gott fix this bug. Months later the bug is still there, This is so inconsiderate and unbelievable.

Cici 44444

Used to love it.  Cici 44444  1 star

Now is insanely laggy and won’t even let me play a game on my new iPad Pro


Keeps taking my money  Rob31$det  1 star

spent money on vc and game crashed lost everything this happened twice......can’t get in contact with anyone to fix it....I spent 15$ I need my vc back or a refund please thank you


Awesome Game!!  GirlGamer2k18  5 star

I just wanted to say, first of all this game is such a great game to kill time - I’ve had to start over a few times but that’s fine with me haha! I’ve managed to get it to save properly now and play it during spare time :) I just wanted to know one thing how do I go about accessing the store to buy new clothes etc? I remember stumbling across it last week and due to having to start over my career a few times now it’s not showing for me anywhere or do I have to progress further through the career mode to unlock the store? TIA :)


Great mobile game, with a few key issues  eagonzales  3 star

Controls don’t always respond properly for anything save for the shooting button, which is really strange. The shooting timing doesn’t mean a lot. You can fire off an A+ shot with no defenders, and it’ll still miss A LOT. The badges mean very little, save for the on court coach. You can have a gold pick pocket badge (steals), a high defence stat, and not be able to steal a ball from a below average player. The stat mean more than anything, but are still a bit unpredictable. My PG with maxed agility can hardly outsprint a large power forward. And ironically, it’s expensive: to max your character to be competitive, it’ll cost you around $100. So yeah… you can spend heaps of money, and wonder where it all went. Which is a shame since the visuals are great for a mobile game.


Cant get passed Character creator  Roamtorreto  1 star

No button to continue!!!!!!????


What Have I Just Witnessed!  JonathannStats  5 star



Nah don’t get it  Hb23show  1 star

Don’t waste your money, it’s trash. So angry at myself that I spent $13 on rubbish


Bug  Dan19382837  1 star

Love the game, got a bug that won’t let me play the next round of the play offs please fix


Can’t play  swtcflaon  1 star

I have just downloaded the game and can’t even get past “edit my player” . Please fix ASAP, not fair to pay for something that doesn’t work.


Fun but.....  Mattama1  4 star

The game is fun to play but the graphics are not as good as the could be and also you need to have cutscenes in my career

David stern 01

Good game but  David stern 01  4 star

Really liking the game but why is the hawks court from 2 or 3 years ago not the current one?


Don’t Get It!  4ntho170  1 star

It overheats your phone so badly. Although the gameplay is awesome, your phone will suffer.


It’s okay  Hyper20034  4 star

Laggy but good

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