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The NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K18 for mobile, featuring unparalleled authenticity and improvements on the court. Packed with new features such as a deeper MyCAREER mode, “The Association” mode, and new 2K Beats Soundtrack, NBA 2K18 will be the most authentic NBA mobile gaming experience yet!

• MyCAREER mode with expanded script and more interactions for your MyPLAYER.
• Association Mode – New multi-season mode allowing you to control a franchise’s
future and become the next NBA dynasty.
• 2K Beats – An eclectic mix of tunes from around the world, featuring Future, Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas, and many more.
• More gameplay controls including ability to sprint on defense and more rebounding capabilities.
• Earn more Virtual Currency to boost your MyPLAYER.

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The applications NBA 2K18 was published in the category Games on 2017-09-20 and was developed by 2K. The file size is 2.88 GB. The current version is 1.03 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

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Great but..  Jaydubstudios  3 star

There are so many glitches : - Not being able to see stats and standings in My career. Which is annoying because you want to see all of these things and see if you are in the playoff picture. - In my career, during a game usually after a replay, the game freezes and you are forced to quit the app - I can no longer go into one of my Career loads because it will just crash. One that i have spent hours and hours on. And just lots of crashes in general. On Nba 2k16 i put in a complaint about a My Career save that i could not go in to anymore because the app would just crash. And all they did was ask to send crash reports to them, which 2 years later has clearly not done anything. I love that : - The Association mode goes further than a year and you can make trades and sign free agents, which is a step closer to the actual game. -They have historic teams added. My career is practically the same as the last game, just the my agent and shoot around have been added. It would nice for shoot around to not just have the makes/misses. But also i way to change and review jumpshots inside of the mode. Which would save a ton of time, instead of going to the shop waiting for it to save, equipping a jump shot waiting for it to save then going back to shoot around. Also adding a stat for 3pt makes/misses. 1v1’s. Also changing camera view in shoot around. The graphics i would say look the same, i can not see a huge difference from last years game. Before you buy, be prepared for a lot of glitches mainly in My career. And be prepared for it to take hours and hours to upgrade your player. It nearly forces for to buy VC. Edit: Would also be nice to be able to change the difficulty of the Mycareer games, it feels like it is permanently on rookie difficulty.

Judd Della Bosca

Great but some issue  Judd Della Bosca  4 star

This is a great game but the screen keeps glitching, which is annoying and hard too play, but apart from that it it is a great game. I just hope you fix my problem


Angry  ofco,🖕🏼  2 star

Where are the roster updates

Dylan tonion

Movement of the player  Dylan tonion  3 star

I’m having issues moving my player with the thumb stick it doesn’t move the player at all


Can’t get past ‘edit my player’  riggadorito  1 star

Can someone please help. I cant get past ‘edit my player’ after I downloaded it.


Creating multiple players  Cs5cmccorp  5 star

Could you please let us create multiple players?

Sam Tauelangi

Playoffs mistake  Sam Tauelangi  3 star

I play my career so I can get unlock players and stuff, but I made it to the conference, but then it crashed. Fix NOW


Still havent fixed the saving bug  raida88  2 star

In this game i keep having to the same game over because the game fails to save my progress


Playoff teams don’t update  Nate1928  3 star

The playoff teams in MyCareer don’t update. I was stuck there after first round. Couldn’t play any games whatsoever. Please fix!!!!!!


mm  1⋯⋯4848392  4 star

It is a good game , but shut down too often


快点更新啊  Jamesrunaway  5 star


Petey Kane

Loved this game until....  Petey Kane  2 star

Hey guys first I wanna say this game is awesome. It’s super convenient, with great gameplay (mostly), and the controls are remarkable(I even bought a nimbus for this game). The issue I’m having, however, makes me feel otherwise than my previous statements. I’ve played this game for a little over a month and have never experienced any problems beyond the occasional slow motion glitch. That is until, my game began freezing every time I go to the free throw line. At first I ran with it, racking up assists and shooting 3’s but now it’s gotten a little ridiculous. Could you guys please update these bugs for a customer who just wants to get buckets thanks. 🏀🏀


Why why why why why  @joeyjihadnet  1 star

Where is online play like come on 14 has it right away


IPHONE X SUPPORT!!!!!!  JokerToker254  4 star

Please update this for the iPhone X! It would definitely get 5 stars from me if this wasn’t so small on my phone screen!


Why can’t you resign players?  6hvst  1 star

You should be able to resign players in the association...


Needs SERIOUS fixing  smthcrmnl81  2 star

Update rosters, update courts and uniforms, Shaq doesn’t dunk AT ALL in greatest teams, and please fix this player sliding uncontrollably issue when bumped. HORRIBLE


I wish you could pick your team  Schwartzy58  5 star

So I really like this game but I wish you could pick your team . Like on career I won’t get drafted on the Heat when I win three of the four events to get drafted like I want to go to golden state but it’s not an option . I hope you get an update to make this happen It would be super fun to play this.


Great Game  Dhjfdkcj  4 star

The game is obviously great but when I try to listen to Spotify and get on the app the music turns off. I’d listen to the songs on the game but it gets annoying after a while.


Good Game  djwheezycortez  4 star

Need More Buttons For The iPhone Controller Accessory


Nba2k18  Guerrero30  5 star

the game I bought it and it's one of my best purchases but it only makes you dream that you can play online to be the best game of the aple

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