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"My Shuffles" is a simple app to capture your cardistry ideas, whenever inspiration strikes.

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The applications My Shuffles was published in the category Productivity on 2017-04-21 and was developed by Cardistry Touch. The file size is 103.97 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

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Fre scwfowfoeylyeg

Practical  Fre scwfowfoeylyeg  5 star

There's really not much to say, it works


Helpful  NickTarraria  5 star

Great app to have!!


Unpolished  Adam?kwo2719:!  3 star

I came into this app with high expectations, and unfortunately, they haven't been met. The app seems bare bones, and is missing a lot of features I was expecting to see. I can't label my variations of moves, and I can't create subgroups, or custom groups at all for that matter. But past that, the entire app just seems unpolished and frankly unfinished. You can't rate the performance of variations, there is a glitch where exiting the app while naming your move removed the keyboard, making it impossible to continue without losing the clip you just recorded, and the app overall seems clunky and slow. I'd also love to see some iteration of online capabilities, maybe you could find new moves people have created and chat with them about how to do it? A trending page with clips of new moves that people tend to think is cool and may like to learn? Overall I wish there was a bigger emphasis on LEARNING, but in the end the creators can take this app in any direction they want. But despite all of this, My Shuffles is still the only app of its kind that I know of, so I still think it's your best option for recording and compiling your cardistry.


Awesome, but...  FallenDuelist  3 star

I really liked this app overall, and I like that it can store all my flourishes... but I recorded a flourish I call Ethereal, and after I saved it the video disappeared, and every time I try to view Ethereal, it shows a blank screen I can't click out of. Maybe you can help me?


This is legit  Teejay1123  3 star

Started using this right away. Super intuitive and easy layout. New fav app for sure. Edit: needs some optimization work on the camera and functionality. Camera comes out potato quality, and is kinda slow.

Bobby Hasbun

My Shuffles  Bobby Hasbun  5 star

Love it!

Ko Pyae OAF

The best app for cardists  Ko Pyae OAF  5 star

This is the awesome app for cardist who play with card . This is not a magic that is art. In this app you can save your own cardistry move. That will help you . and u can take always with u. Cool!

Lost Axist

Not what I expected  Lost Axist  3 star

That app itself serves it's main purpose perfectly but i had thought this app would also work as a headquarters for learning cardistry itself not just an archive of what the owner has done seeing as there is no real use for that. In that case I say they should add a feature to share people tutorials so other cardists can connect and learn from each other and it becomes an app usable for learning cardistry.


Great App!  Alexpetersen25  5 star

Great app that makes organizes your flourishes easy. If you are into Cardistry you must get this app.


IVNS✌ ChampagneNcavia 3 star

@Karabo_Mokgoko @777productions1 Shuffles more times than I reshuffle my playlist


✨🕷Scary Mary 💀✨ lil_rumblebee 3 star

Just *an upside-down shark w/ tiny feet poking out shuffles around, running into walls* "That's my girlfriend." *the shark falls over*


cev segadraemcast 3 star

@arwinged @pokkendx -shuffles behind my man hoping he will protect me-

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