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tbh is where friends tell you what they like about you.
And no—they don't roast you like other apps.

How does it work?
1) Add your friends
2) Answer polls, anonymously.
3) Get gems when you get picked.
4) Reply and they can reveal.

What are you waiting for? hmu on tbh


"While I hesitate to call any app 'woke,' TBH is definitely in that neighborhood."
— New York Magazine

"If you're not on the TBH app, god you're sad and old."
— BuzzFeed

"The innovation of tbh was getting rid of the typing."
— Techcrunch

tbh­ App Description & Overview

The applications tbh­ was published in the category Social Networking on 2017-01-30 and was developed by Midnight Labs LLC. The file size is 74.05 MB. The current version is 0.7.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Now Available:
▶ Alabama
▶ Arizona
▶ Arkansas
▶ California
▶ Colorado · NEW
▶ Connecticut
▶ Delaware
▶ Florida
▶ Georgia
▶ Kansas · NEW
▶ Kentucky
▶ Louisiana
▶ Idaho · NEW
▶ Illinois
▶ Indiana
▶ Maine
▶ Maryland
▶ Massachusetts
▶ Michigan
▶ Minnesota
▶ Mississippi
▶ Missouri
▶ Nevada
▶ New Hampshire
▶ New Jersey
▶ New Mexico · NEW
▶ New York
▶ North Carolina
▶ Ohio
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▶ Oregon
▶ Pennsylvania
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▶ South Carolina
▶ Tennessee
▶ Texas
▶ Utah
▶ Vermont
▶ Virginia
▶ Washington
▶ West Virginia
▶ Wisconsin · NEW

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tbh  Magoo224  5 star

tbh,i am in love with this app!! It’s so much fun.


It’s lit  Rabuckc17  5 star

It’s lit but should have another way to get gems


One more state  QueenVicBaker  4 star

Please make available in Nebraska a bunch of my class mates wish it was available here

Black hole gamer

It is a fun and great app  Black hole gamer  5 star

I love this app it has so many fun fetures


AMAZING  Gammongirl  5 star

In this app you know what people think about you but only the good things. So whenever you’re upset I just go onto the app and I see that someone boats me as super nice or amazing. This app is great for self-confidence and I haven’t seen one thing mean on this app neither have my friends. I really recommend this app to anybody.

Huh junky

tbh  Huh junky  4 star

it is a fun app but i don’t like how you can see other people’s amount of gems.


Amazing  Emma_Stewart13  5 star

The app is awesome and I’m on in 24/7


tbh? More like l u v  Awesomegurl510  5 star

This app is amazing. I didn't think my friends even liked me that much but then this app boosted my self confidence and esteem so much it's unbelievable. I'm a 13 year old girl in California and sometimes it's hard but this makes being a teen in this day and age is hard but this app made me feel better about myself and how I am. And I love this app and I completely recommend it to everyone. 😍🤓🙃😝👏🏼


Great concept!  whateverchick_18  4 star

At first this app is very addicting. It’s also fun to share you’re reactions to the polls on social media. I suggest this app has a way to share and react for those who don’t have social media. I also suggest to future users to keep your notifications off, they can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Especially when you’re trying to do something on a phone call/ face time. But a pro to this app is that list of social media has a very negative base, whereas tbh has a very positive effect. It’s nice to look at your phone and see you were voted have the best personality, or smile. I would say limit your “friends” to only those you know so that the polls are more realistic. It’s also very fun to know that your friends are receiving anonymous positive messages to brighten their day. Overall, great concept and very fun. I would recommend this app to those who get bored easily!


Best app ever  mcfmly  5 star

I love it and it is always positive and now know what my friends think about me although I would like to choose what shows up as my three top votes


Great but...  SPIKEBOWL  5 star

It's great but none of my custom polls show up and I want to do them.


To be honest tbh is the bomb  DIV0R0X  5 star

Tbh is the best app I have used in a while because it uplifts your spirit and makes you feel good about yourself. You can also make other people happy anonymously. It is also very easy to find friends! The best part is when someone says something kind and you reply, and then they text back and you find out who it was. I just totally recommend this app so good!


Great but a couple of suggestions  lindsey3344  4 star

I like how it’s secret but they should make an option to hide who you are when talking to them

Diamond 9.0

This app is awesome  Diamond 9.0  4 star

The only gong I don’t like about this app is whenever your using it you have put on your location.


I love it  Jdushsi  5 star

I love it


Decent but...  sol.a.r  2 star

Honestly the app is a very lucrative idea as well as a good one, and I do have to applaud the devs for coming up with this. My one big issue with this app isn’t really it’s fault it’s just that I don’t think the devs really thought about what the target audience was and how they act. For instance most people will just spam you with questions because they randomly picked you. As one might see this lowers the value of each “complement”. That also leads me onto another point. I honestly think the whole only positivity allowed policy could be better if you included constructive feedback into it. Obviously disregarding any actual attacks. Anyways how you guys read this keep up the good work and I wish you luck.


TBH  avamarie💗  5 star

Love This App💗

jakob colinsoner

4 stars not too bad  jakob colinsoner  4 star

Works fine just few errors


Totally love tbh  Nadanad  5 star

Love it so much... Get It!

Wes Few

Great... But  Wes Few  4 star

I personally think that the app is great, but there should be some other options added, like how a lot of people that have tbh that I know of are in middle school. There should be a option for middle schoolers, and even for some elementary schoolers. They should also have a feedback option so we can give feed backs on the game. And there is one more problem, that there should be supervision over the boy girl ratio of choices like two boys and two girl for one question rather than three girls and one boy or vise versa.

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