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HP Orbit is the ultimate bridge between your new HP PC and your mobile devices. Seamlessly move your pictures, videos, links and files over lightning fast wifi. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Orbit is your PC’s companion app that moves as fast as you do.

Tap or click to quickly move your media and memories between your HP PC and your mobile devices. Your stuff syncs across all of your paired devices so the days of e-mailing yourself are over.

Instantly save links as well so you can revisit them any time from any device. No more having to bookmark a website you’ll only visit once or leaving browser tabs open for later.

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Tip: Orbit is not compatible with HP PCs that do not have it preinstalled. Check to make sure Orbit comes with your new Windows 10 HP PC.

HP Orbit App Description & Overview

The applications HP Orbit was published in the category Productivity on 2016-10-07 and was developed by HP Inc.. The file size is 16.09 MB. The current version is 2.2 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes.

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It used to work  Matgreen  1 star

It was fast and worked well. It won't pair even though everything is on the same connection.

this is greatamazon

Won’t even get past the pairing screen  this is greatamazon  1 star

It crashes one I go to the pairing screen


Connection Issues  kt890815  1 star

Having issues with my iPhone connecting. Purchased laptop 3 months ago, and iPhone 4 months ago. Not sure but almost positive it’s the app that needs to be fixed.

celery beetle

Horrible pairing  celery beetle  1 star

I paired once, got a new phone and can’t pair anymore

Nickname not 100

Won’t work with iPhone 10  Nickname not 100  2 star

Worked fine with iPhone 7 won’t work with 10😡


Please read  F£lix-01  2 star

it does not work correctly. in principle you can send a file after I stop working it does not detect my iPhone.


Worked great for one month  Sugeyboo  1 star

I was so thrilled with this app when I first got my 2 in 1 notebook but quickly got frustrated with it when it would not connect to anything anymore. Now I’m emailing photos to myself from my phone again 😖

Get Over It, People

Very Fickle, Unreliable  Get Over It, People  1 star

When this app works it’s fine. But most of the time either devices won’t pair with your computer or the photos will not transfer or they hang up when they transfer. Completely unreliable.


Terrible.  MommaMoore6672  1 star

I am unable to get it to pair to my iPhone 7plus. It tells me to get on WiFi, so I do, then when I am it says it’s unable to pair!!


Doesn’t work  eljerbean  1 star

RT ^


Works as advertised  Jdenbigh  5 star

Paired instantly with my iPhone 7 and my iPad Pro. This was a nice bonus to me as I wasn't aware I could pair my HP Spectre with my iOS devices.


Garbage on your laptop. Garbage on your phone.  TVConefive  1 star

Simply put, laptops and desktops don't pair. I've tried multiple times on multiple networks today with nothing even resembling success. The apps on the desktop and laptop are both up to date. When I enter the pairing PIN on my phone, it insta-fails. Not even a second of loading like when you connect to a wifi network.

Switched to this App

Easy to Use  Switched to this App  5 star

This App downloads, installs and activates easily. Pairingis quick and easy - just launch Orbit on the HP PC and a 6-digit code is generated to allow pairing with the Apple device.


Amazing  adilafroze  5 star

A truely essential app for people who both on a phone and laptop. An app crafted for effeciency. I bought a HP envy laptop, it was pre installed with Orbit software, i was curious about it and downloaded it to my phone. And! Boom! I am loving HP products. They are tending to challenge apple in terms of consumer solutions and also enterprise solutions. I am a large fan of HPE Data Center Infrastructure.


Cannot enter code  Johnthestutterer  1 star

After entering the pair code, the keyboard does retract making it impossible to enter the code.


Terrible. It doesn't even detect my pc....  Jmonroy82  1 star

Don't know where the problem is coming from but both HP and Apple need to work on this asap :/


Crashes  Limpinlizzard318  1 star

Great concept but crashes while scrolling through pictures only able to transfer one file before it crashed.


Waste of time  Koadyboy  1 star

Bought a new HP desktop 570 from Costco and it comes with this loaded, but it will not work with an IPhone 6s. Number buttons won't reduce so you can continue on pairing. Thanks for wasting my time!!


Doesn't work with iPhone 6s  Sonofrino  1 star

The HP orbit numeric keypad, that is displayed on the iPhone so that you can enter the code displayed on the computer, covers the pairing button on the app. So it is impossible to pair the devices. Until this bug is fixed, iPhone 6s users are out of luck making HP Orbit useless.


Worked Brilliantly Until It Stopped Working  BicsOphoNe  1 star

I literally just transferred photos from my HP Spectre to my iPhone 15 minutes ago. I just tried to transfer another pic now and Orbit has somehow disconnected. I have: 1. Restarted the pc and my phone. 2. Uninstalled/reinstalled the app on the iPhone. 3. Disconnected the wifi on both pc and iPhone. Restored wifi connection after 2 minutes. 4. Tried to disconnect device in Orbit Windows 10 app to add as new device...Orbit will not allow disconnection. 5. Tried to add new device, but code will not work. 5. Deleted app. 😒🙄

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