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FireFan is the premier non-gambling live mobile sports game bringing the thrill of live sports game predictions and competition into the palm of your hand. You can make pre-game & live game predictions, and each time you do, you earn tickets that can then be redeemed immediately for rewards like gift cards, vacations, sports apparel and much more! Compete with others, all while earning points and sweet rewards. Join for FREE and play for FREE!

Play along with your favorite sports, including the NFL, NBA, NCAAFB, NCAAMB and MLB, with more major sports like Soccer and NHL coming soon - all with no season-long commitment!

Join existing leagues or create your own. Compete with family, friends, and celebrities, including sports legends, Hall of Famers, and current stars. Talk smack using the in-app chat feature, unlock ranks and achievements, get tickets for rewards, and access the latest schedules, rosters, news and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in the game!

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The applications FireFan was published in the category Sports on 2016-11-24 and was developed by UNITED GAMES LLC. The file size is 71.03 MB. The current version is 2.0.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

iOS 11 fixes. Fixes push notification issues while app is running & overall stability.
Adds more sounds

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FireFan Reviews

Mad Dog 13

I donโ€™t usually watch sports but I love this App!!!  Mad Dog 13  5 star

I love sports...but I grew up playing them, not watching them, so I have never been the guy who knows all the sports stats, but now I am able to keep up with my favorite sports and teams bc of the notifications I get...oh and I get to win prizes by just keeping up with my teams...this is a win-win in my book!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ


Great app  diwanicki  5 star

Great place to play all the sports and make live picks. It's nice to be able to chat with other players while we are playing a game. The app is easy to navigate and use.


Fire Fan  evader72  5 star

A great sports app where you can create leagues and join in , or play along live with your favorite teams and engage in the fun and excitement of earning rewards and bragging right achievements. A great way to follow your favorite teams and play along free๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘


Love the game, LOVE the rewards!  Shopnshan  5 star

This game is a blast! I've been tucking away my rewards gift cards to spend on Christmas. Now I've got 150.00 to shop on Amazon! And I just won another 25.00 reward last week. Santa is going to put an iTunes card in somebody's stocking! (BYW I always play for free!)


Tons of Fun  sgyguy  5 star

Iโ€™ve been playing for months and was able to earn enough free tickets to cash in for a $25 PlayStation gift card !!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐ŸปThx FireFan

K-2 Brandon

Freaking Awesome  K-2 Brandon  5 star

Unbelievable app with chances to earn points toward cool prizes. No other app out there where you can make live predictions and chat with friends and former athletes. Bring NCAA Basketball can't wait!!!

Corl's Raiders

Canโ€™t Be Beat!  Corl's Raiders  5 star

FireFan can make the average sports game a total blast. I especially enjoy competing against friends and family. Would not have as much fun watching football if it werenโ€™t for FireFan. Thank You FireFan!


What a BLAST!  JaimLew  5 star

Played along live with NFL Thursday and College game day Saturday with some friends and had a blast! The live game picks make the game way more interesting and the competition among us made it way more fun. This is a great game for sports fans!


Love playing NCAA  PetiteSportz  5 star

Love that I can play all the NCAA games. Especially love the pre-game picks since there's so many games on the wknds. World Series was crazy fun too! Fast to get into, schedules are at my fingertips, and now they've added Favorites. Game keeps getting better and better. I've also cashed in so many gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Dominos ... and even donated to the Red Cross. Nice ...

Zombee Gamer

Great fun!  Zombee Gamer  5 star

Fun game to play. I like the chat while watching the games.


TOP SHELF  Wackojacko7477  5 star

If your a sports fan, delete all other sports apps. Play along with live sports making predictions. Fun, addictive and unleash the competitive nature within.


Fans on Fire!  freespirit1006  5 star

Best interactive App going. So much fun and truly gets the whole family involved. Absolutely love it and cannot wait until the next code launch!!


Can't stock playing this app  Caccasseno  5 star

I can't believe how much fun this app is. Can't wait for the other sports and will make sure my friends download too to play with them too.


Flash  Uhbygvtfc  5 star

great app lots of fun, can't wait for AFL to be added๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Big boogie dogged

Great Beta test  Big boogie dogged  5 star

NFL is not my sport but it has been so good learning about this American legacy & playing with passionate SPORTS FANS around the world. I hear Soccer, Cricket, NBA basketball and many others coming soon. GO FIREFAN ๐Ÿ‘


Great first impression  junkie.exl  5 star

Love the look of this game can't wait for more sports!


Get in the Game  Brett_YNWA  5 star

I played this new Live Sports app with my friends in the USA for thanksgiving and it's pretty awesome. Can't wait to play some EPL games watching Liverpool


So Much Fun  Lowyniko  5 star

I had a ball playing FireFan. Better than I thought it would be. Apparently 40,000 hits per minute. Just crazy exciting time. Can't wait for the next Live Game. Brilliant. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Sporting Awesomeness  Russ194506  5 star

Wow!! How much more awesomeness can you put in an app !! A few hiccups on day 1 but the developers were quick to rectify the issues!! 100% Awesome



I absolutely love playing this app!! So much fun and you're able to interact in so many different ways with family, friends, other crazy fans or even the multitude of celebrities & sportstars playing that app. Making predictions during live play just takes game day to a whole other level!! Couldn't rate it high enough.


MLRPromotionsBiz2Biz MLRPromoBiz2Biz 3 star

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MLR Shop Promo MLRShopPromo 3 star

@MLRPromoPlus: You can predict #Game Play in real Time against your Friends with this fantastic new #SportsApp @wooviewtravel Visit httpโ€ฆ


Sports Shark ViralSportShark 3 star

It's not all about how many stars you have or how many cameras show up at your signing. It's what you do next. โ€“JJโ€ฆ


Like the new look only problem  pbake2413  4 star

New look fantastic, I haven't been on a lot during the summer. The only problem I don't like is and continues to be the downfall is the tokens portion. Look I need tokens to get into games. Was told it's a freemium based app. Why do I have to wait 3 hrs to watch another ad? I'm not going to spend a $1 for 6 tokens when games are 9 tokens. Still don't understand the logic. More tokens means more chances to get people to play. Other than that the app is fun, but I'm not buying tokens like many of my friends, so there's not a whole lot of games being by myself and friends.


Great updates!  brkennin  5 star

The app keeps getting better and better!


Was great but now needs work  PC1314  3 star

This app has been awesome until the update. Only one coin every 3 hours and multiple times now I haven't gotten the coin because the ad goes black once it's done. Other than that I really enjoy this app.


Pre-game picks  Heybuddy2015!  3 star

It was awesome when i could make all pre-game picks without having to pay a token for it. Now i have to spend multiple tokens for different pre-game picks! Please come back to the old way.

EJ Sports

Must have  EJ Sports  5 star

Great app! Fun to play with our family. We have created our own league and live seeing who will come out on top of the leaderboard each night. Nice to watch ads so we can play each day! Love the update. More intriguing and allows us to continue earning ranks. Nice family competition while the live game is going on! Well Done!!


Turned me into a sports lover!  Nachohoney  5 star

I've never been really into football or even baseball, but this made it fun to play with my husband during games. I love that the whole family can play, no matter how many miles are between us.


Great idea. A couple issues.  bandeeto  3 star

Unfortunately baseball is the only option. I hear they will add more sports. When more sports are available, I'll adjust my score. Currently, however, I'm judging this based on what's available. On baseball. Ugh. Sometimes when I watch the add videos to get free tokens my phone screen goes black and just sits idle at the end of the video. Usually I close the app and when I reopen the token has been added. Sometimes no token is added. The latter has happened about 5 times. Because of these two issues (yes, baseball only is definitely an issue) I can't give this app a high score. However it's a fantastic idea (this app even got me to watch 4 innings of a baseball game. I haven't watched baseball since the 90s... now I remember why) and I have high hopes for the near future.


Love  yeahkgirl  5 star

Fav app ever

Justo momma

It's just ok  Justo momma  2 star

I play the MLB games here. Half of the time each inning new picks aren't available.


So fun to play with friends and family!  HarleySt33  5 star

I played this app with my wife, family and friends during last NFL season and March Madness. They added NBA and this year college football games will be playable. We are so excited for that! I have read other major sports are soon to be released as well. We also love being able to play in our own private leagues or in large leagues. Playing with sports celebrities like Brian Urlaucher, Walter Jones, Manny Pacqiao and many more is so cool. Most of these celebs actually give out random prizes to players. I like that players can share the app with others and get free tokens for game play. Ready to bring it? Let's play!

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