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Download the App for If You Have an Egg for a unique way to increase your diet success. Access recipes, informational links, shopping guidelines and more that will enhance your journey toward healthier eating, right on your smart phone. Scroll through for examples of regional American cuisine that keeps cooking simple, delicious and healthy. Recipes can be adjusted to fit dietary guidelines and there are inspirational stories of people who have lost weight, kept it off and enjoyed a healthier lifestyle. Help, advice, inspiration, and practical tips when you tap the App for If You Have an Egg.

The App for If You Have an Egg provides low cost access to:
• A list of some of my best recipes
• Quick reference shopping guides with Weight Watchers ™ SmartPoints™
• Continually updated SmartPoints™ information at no additional charge
• Access to my blog and social media sites
• Notifications and updates

If You Have an Egg is an inspirational, practical, weight loss blog from Kelly Milligan in Knoxville, Tennessee. Using principles from Weight Watchers ™, this blog gets dieters off the yo-yo dieting cycle and into a plan they can customize, use and succeed with. There’s a lot you can do with eggs (something in almost everyone’s fridge!), and Kelly puts it all out there with humor, understanding and practical tips. When you tap the App for If You Have an Egg, you have hope – right at your fingertips.

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The applications If You Have An Egg was published in the category Food & Drink on 2016-06-22 and was developed by Kelly G Milligan. The file size is 74.82 MB. The current version is 0.7 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

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Mrs. Bohanan

Love this App!!  Mrs. Bohanan  5 star

Kelly is amazing! Her variety of products definitely helps when I'm standing there in the store trying to figure out what I should buy. There are still a few things saying "coming soon", but this app is still new and I can't wait to see what all she has! Such a cute design, and a great way to help anyone who is trying to lose weight but still enjoy their meals!


Saves me time and money  Angelgrami  5 star

Kelly does a GREAT job with finding new products, I LOVE her Trader Joe info‼️ Thanks


Love this  redsoxbatgirl  5 star

I love this app. It still has things that are coming soon but I'm willing to wait!! Amazing way to see how I can better my shopping for my WW friendly foods!!!

Melissa Weppner

If You Have an Egg  Melissa Weppner  5 star

Yes, the previous reviewer is correct, some applications do say "coming soon" however there are plenty of applications that are good to go. The shopping lists are dynamite. There is enough of a variety on there to get anyone going on their healthy choice eating. The main shopping stores are Trader Joes n Costco. There is an Aldi list as well. I especially like the fact that the app is constantly updating. It is meant as a tool not something to get you from A to Z without any mind work from the user. So what do you have to lose? For a few dollars it's well worth it especially with what is coming down the pike from its creator.


Awesome app  Katlinkrn  5 star

Love, love, love this app! Perfect companion to weight watchers. Gives me lots of quick ideas of what to purchase at the various stores. In fact, I started shopping at these stores because of this app! Yes, it is a "work in progress" as she is constantly updating and adding to the data base. This is a GOOD thing!!! Awesome recipes too! (Even like the "egg" app icon 😀)


Great for WW members!  The40fab  5 star

A great tool to assist in you weight watchers journey! Especially love the product suggestions at Aldi's and Trader Joes!! Wonderful recipes lie in smart points as well! Live it!


Yummy recipes!  goliegirl11  5 star

I've already tried some of the recipes, and they turned out really good. I also love that it has WW SmartPoints with the recipes. Can't wait to use this app more!


Helps me on the go!  Nicki13  5 star

Each item is double checked so I know what the real Smart Points value is. Helps me narrow down my shopping list. There is a lot to go but keep going!


Not ready  brentmills3  1 star

This app is not worth 2.99. It doesn't have hardly anything in it. It shouldn't have been released yet. Everything says "coming soon".


Amy Cawood ayehmee 3 star

@ChelseaHouska: But HOW do you know if the eggs are fertilized or not? Now that we have chickens I'm terrified that I'll crack open an e…


Sara De La Cruz SaraDeLaCruz 3 star

if you only have one break light working out of three, then there's a 99.7 percent chance I want to throw an egg at your car


Felix felixplesoianu 3 star

Dear game journalists: you don't have to be a chicken to tell if an egg is rotten, but don't try to tell a chicken how to lay eggs.

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